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sleep paralysis or spiritural ??? April 25, 2006 8:45 AM

hi all,

             I'm new here, I have reason to belive my home is
 "haunted", as I've caught "orbs" on my night vision camcorder,
 most nights, and have caught some paranormal /polterguist
 (cant spell it lol) activity.
anyway my question is....I've been having these strange
 experiences since last september,that all sound rather simular
to suffering "sleep paralysis" how do you determin that it's that
 or its something more spiritural?

 if anyone would like to read my experiences,
drop me a line and i'll email them to you, to read, thanks Terri : )

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 April 27, 2006 5:23 AM

Hey Terri,

Thanks for joining..that is really wild, I think its more of paranormal than anything, I have caught stuff on tape as well at my dads house, and I believe they can get into your sleep and mess with ya.  Yeah I would like to hear more of your stories. Thanks! Take Care Chrissy

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 April 28, 2006 11:22 PM

Hi Terri,
What are you experiencing specifically?
I deal a lot with spiritualism and with Spirits/Ghosts.
Welcome to the group, btw.
Sandie  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
christina April 29, 2006 2:44 AM

Hi Christina,

                         thanks for the message, yeah i'll mail you my experiences in  full no problem : )

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sandie April 29, 2006 2:46 AM

Hi Sandie,

                     thanks for your message,unfortunatly my "experiences" were way too long to post on here : ( but if you would like to read them in full, i could always mail the to you?

terri : )

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Terri April 29, 2006 8:51 AM

Thank you for the Add!!!

If you would like to send me some stories, I'd be more than honored to read them.
Here is my email address. Also, my URL to a couple of spirit pages to view pictures and read a few anecdotes on spirits.

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 November 07, 2006 2:53 PM

  I have invited Terri back to ttell us more of his experiences so I  (excuse me ) WE can help Terri

  If you would all write him a personas intriduction and encourage him to do the same it may help?

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hi all November 07, 2006 6:32 PM

hi all

(wolf, I'm actually female, well last time I looked anyway hehe).

for the past 14 months I've been experiencing lots of different phenomenon,(I have lived here for 14 years).

it all started on september 6th 05,

 my b/f was already in bed asleep, I got into bed around 3:10am,was lying there (on my side,with my eyes shut) a few mins passed and I heard this strange wind type of noise,that seamed to be about a foot above my head,I then felt this poke by unseen fingers to my side of my body (the side I was laying on) 3 more pokes followed, and on the 4th poke,my whole body went icy cold & goosepimply,with that, the "wind" traveled to the left and dissappeared.

after that I had simular experiences, particularly hearing the "wind noise" and always experiencing strong bodily vibrations. I have also heard voices on some of the occasions,for instance:

female voice saying "you'll be fine.follow me"

seperate female voice say"comunicate with me" (she repeated this 3 times)

male voice say "help me (he repeated this lots)

another female voice say" I'm going to wake you from your sleep", (but I was awake lol)

anyway since my first post here, I've been reading alot about obe's and astral travel,and I'm more inclinded to belive that my experiences are "obe's" & also occasionally "spirit communication" !!! rather than "sleep paralysis" what do you think ?

other things I've experienced are:

seing orbs & small flashy lights, with the naked eye, and on night vision camcorder.

video'd footage of objects being flung/moved/thrown, aka cigarette packets & lighters & tv remotes.

being touched & tickily sensations on my head.

1 or 2 odd unexplainable smells.

hearing footsteps & bangs.

occasional doors opening/closing by themselves.

on 3 seperate occasions I've woken up with strange scratches/marks on me that wernt there when I went to bed.

another occasion I've come out of my bedroom,and I heard a noise,a book that was on my bed, was now on the floor.

in bed,on 2 seperate occasions I've felt an unseen arm around my throat.

another occasion I senced a presence in/on the bed with me, moving rather fast back and forth (quite angerly) and senced someone/thing grab my right breast and move it quite violently !!!!

and in may this year I saw my first ever apparition,I was watching tv around 11pm,went to the bathroom in the add break,lol, came back down,turned around and I saw a middle aged man stood about 8 feet in front of me,I was seing him as a balck & white image,and could only see him from his waste up,he stared at me, I stared back, untill he liturally dissappeard into thin air.

also in the past month or so, I've been occasionaly hearing this odd noise with my left ear,It's like a low humming or frequency type of noise,it doesnt sound like it's coming from within the ear,and I have no pain or discomfort with it,I usually hear it in my bedroom, or at my mums flat. my doctor looked inside and found nothing, he said i might have a touch of titinus (sp) which is associated with ringing in ears, I told him it's not a ringing noise tho!!! anyway he did'nt seam too worried about it.!!!

well I think I mentioned everything,lol sorry its such a long post,hehe xx

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RE: Terri November 08, 2006 7:53 AM

Oh My Terri, I do not know how you keep up with it all, and live like that daily!! I think I would go crazy.  I did not know they can touch your breast, or have their hand around your throat..thats horrible!!!!!!! Can you send them back or tell them to leave???   Do you watch Sylvia Browne??? She has great info on stuff like that usually.    Dont worry about posting a long post. It can never be too long!!   Thanks for sharing, its soo interesting!

Eden Foods
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re christina November 08, 2006 6:07 PM

Hi christina,

                       yeh,it can be a little hairy living here at times,lol, but not all the time. I guess there has only been those 3 occasions in the past 14 months (the arm around throat twice, and the breast thing) where I felt totally uneasy and worried, other than that I've just got on with it and excepted it.

admittingly since seing the apparition (back in may) things went a lill dead (no pun intended) for a couple of months,and I assumed it had all stopped,I wasnt even seing any "orb's" through my night vision camcorder,but when september came it all slowly started again (ironically it was september last year when it all started in the first place)!!

the last time I felt a presence and heard a voice was on the 9th of october (the voice where a female said"I'm going to wake you from your sleep"). and I've had 2 obe's recently as well.

but when I go to bed I do very often put on my night vision camcorder, in a locked off position ,and view it via my t.v  whilst trying to drop off to sleep(sad I know,but a habbit now I think,lol) and most nights see orbs,quite a few some nights.

other than that, nothing major has happened recently.

yeah I've heard of sylvia brown, allough I havnt seen any of her shows (dunno if they get aired over here!!) but I have seen plenty of simular british shows.but I wouldnt know where to start to try and "cleanse the house", or whatever you wanna call it.

and In all honesty, I dunno whetheer I'd want it stopped, allough I would like to find out who is here,and why? I think things happen for a reason, perhaps I'm experiencing all this for a reason,but I'm obviously not gifted/tuned in enough to find out/work out myself?

what do you all think?

~Terri~ xx

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THANKS TERRI AND SORRY November 10, 2006 2:53 PM

     Was not trying to talk you into a new gender (LOL)

     Very interesting expereinces; First of all it is not uncommmon to not see feet in ghosts or abarations.  Even in the most famous old paintings of Angels (what was accepteble spirits for them) DO NOT HAVE FEET!

    The best thing to do with an appearance is not to directly stare atthem but lok indirectly and begin to talkk to them.

   LEt them know that you consider yourself as shairing the place with them and would be very interested i helping them if you can?

   They often have unfinished buisness or just do not grasp the fact that they have gone or have other options so remain where they has last spent the majority of thier time?

    I would like to heare much more about those vioces you heard?

     I have some intersting ideas that I get from what you said so far and include those feelings like the being held around the throat by an arm or whatever other feelings you physically feel, Terri?



      You probably have not changed sexes just becasue you have not checked for a few weeks Terri

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 November 11, 2006 9:32 AM


   I can not send you another introduction because I already sent one this week.  I am really interested in this much as for heling as for solving this pieces of the puzzle I am getting that may bring rest to your visitors and in turn you also.

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hi wolf November 11, 2006 6:07 PM

hiya wolf,

               (not sure what you mean by sending me an invatation?).

yeah I'd love to find out more about who's here and why? not sure I want them "moved on" I think i'd miss the quietness,lol.

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 November 13, 2006 12:45 PM


       I was referring to "INTRODUCTION" whichis the only way to write to someone who is not a frined of yours on care2!

     You only get 250 characters to do so and if they don't click on "reply" and write you back you can not write to them for over a week after sending that first "introduction"

    The spirits do not nessarily have to leave and if you wish them to remain we can work towards that goal.  I need more information but soundsl like they are kind of stuck reliving old events that happened to them with is quite common for old spirits still remaining.

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oh ic November 13, 2006 6:26 PM

Hi again wolf,

                      oh ic, I get you now,lol,well you've added me now, so that's not a prob,hehe.

what extra info do you want? I'm happy to answer anything, here or privatly


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TERRI November 15, 2006 11:00 AM


  Reason being that others may learn from the esperience or remember or share of things they have experieced or know of others who have or have read sbout some things which these sessions or postings bring tomind so that we all can share and learn and have fun while doing so?

   Tell me in detail bout the expereinces with the voices heaing them etc.

  WHAT ALL was happening up to the point where the top half man (spirit) materialized in front of you?

    Describe how and when the cholke or holds or preassure around your head or throat occured?

   Take several posts and each day tell us more of what you remembvered or sepertate occurances of different days so I do nt get them all mixed up.


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voices November 15, 2006 5:29 PM

hi again wolf, ok I get ya, lets see.


my 1st paranormal experience happened on the 6th sept 05.

but my 1st voice experience happened on

 "saturday 29th october 05" (the 3rd paranormal experience I had).

I was in bed in the middle of a dream, when it "stopped",and I awoke, (allough I still had my eyes shut), I could hear that familular "windy" type of noise above me, and then it felt as though someone pushed my right shoulder back quite hard,and with that I heard a female voice say "comunicate with me" she said it in my right ear and repeated it 3 times. I opened my eyes,and told my b/f (he was already awake, it was

thursday 3rd nov,05.....3:20am

only been in bed a few minutes, was lying there with my eyes shut, I felt as though someone was walking around my bedroom, at first I thought it might of been my daughter (but it wasnt). I was lying on my front, when I felt someone leaning over me, to the right, again I heard a slight "windy noise" and another female voice said (in my right ear) "you'll be fine.follow me" .  I got up, and made a cup of tea, and wrote it down (as I do with all my experiences).

mon 26th dec 05, 2:00pm (was in bed ill).

was again in the middle of a dream when it got "interupted/stopped" and I heard a young man say " my name is james and I'm a teenager" he seamed to of dissapeared and I then felt a presence or some sort of preasure creaping up my body from my legs to my neck, (this was the fist neck thing i got). it felt uncomfortable.

sun 1st jan 06 (not sure of time)

I was lying on the sofa dozing, when I heard a man say "turn around you f****g  b**ch" a couple of seconds later I turned around,no one there.

thursday 7th sept 06...3:20am

again in a dream when again it "stopped" strated getting the body vibrations, I was lying on my front, when I felt as though someone was on/in the bed to my right, I strated hearing some heavy breathing, and then a male voice say "help me"  he kept repeating this, it then felt as though "he" was hovering above me and he repeated it again, with that, I saw (with my eyes still shut) a black & white mini movie clip, I cant remeber what it was though, and just after that I saw a still black & white image of a skelatal looking male's face, his mouth was wide open and he had horrible pointy looking teeth, I didnt like wat I was seing so I opened my eyes. (and it all stopped).

monday 9th oct 4;45am.

again dreaming,when it stopped,I felt a bolting or a jolting sensation above me, I then heard a female voice whisper in my right ear "I'm going to wake you from your sleep" (which was abit odd, cos I was already awake !!!). I then went back to sleep.

I've also heard the odd 1 word occasionally whist watching tv.

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the apparition November 15, 2006 5:39 PM

k wolf,

 the apparition tues 9th may 06, 11;10pm

was watching tv,went up to the bathroom in the add break,I came back down and faced the sofa, to have a glance at the tv guide.

after that, I turned around to look at the tv to my right, but oddly enough I did'nt do that, instead I faced exactly forward, when I saw this apparition of a middle aged man stood approx  8 or 9 feet infront of me, I was seing him as a black & white image, and only saw him from his waist up, he was of medium build, and may of had a moustache,he stared at me, I stared back, untill he just dissapeared into thin air,I probably saw him for around 5 or 6 seconds.

I then ran upstairs to tell my daughter, I then text my b/f and he came around,lol.

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the choking sensations November 15, 2006 5:59 PM

k wolf, (not sure why my fonts are so small when posted, I'm using font no 2) !!!

choking sensations:

mon 26th dec 05.....2:00pm

as explained in previous post about the teen boy called james, felt a presence/preasure/force , move up my body from my feet to my neck,where it felt uneasy and uncomforatble for a good few seconds.

tues 6th aprill 06, 9:20am

woke up from a dream and remebered that it was the 6th (lots of my experiences happen on the 6th !!)

so I thought to myself, "oh nothing happened", and whith that I then felt a male presence (can't describe why I asumed it was male) stood by my bed, I then felt and heard a strong windy/breeze (stronger than ever before), my head was half under the douvet cover, but the wind/breeze seamed to be so strong it was lifting the douvet up,(I could see/sence this,even though my eyes were still shut). I then felt a large arm around my neck, it was'nt tight, but it was a little uncomfortable and scary,and then it all stopped.

mon 11th sept 06:

I don't know if this was a dream or real !! (cus I did'nt get up and wright it down after,so I'm only going on what I can remember).I was aware of a male spirit in bed with me,it started to grab at my right breast, even though I was lying on my front!!! I could'nt feel a hand as such, just the feeling of it happening, it was being tugged at, quite hard and violent,then it stopped, and the presence seamed to be angrily moving all over the bed (under the douvet), back and forth,back and forth, it stopped and I felt paralised.

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kk wolf November 15, 2006 6:02 PM

k, I've posted the 3 subjects you asked about, hope this helps. looking forward to yours/and other peoples thoughts.

if ya wanna know anything else just ask, and I'll be happy to reply, I can refer back to almost everything I've been through cos I keep a journal of it all.


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*bump* November 30, 2006 6:17 PM

bumping this topic,lol where's wolf lol he asked me to post more info and no one has responded  [ send green star]  [ accepted]



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 December 04, 2006 4:55 PM

I am here againa and was just reading when the lobrarian told me sshe is shutting these down so will talk to you later.


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SLEEP PARALYSIS December 04, 2006 9:02 PM

Hi everyone. 

I don't know the grammer of posting or intruding.  My name is Carol.  I Thought I posted sometime ago but I really have not been good at this but I am trying again.  I am in Mediumship classes now for two years and I love it,  I love spirits.  I love the paranormal and If you would like me to explaine some of the going ons that I have read on this group sight.  I would be more than happy to share with you what I know.  I don't want to step on anyones toes though (ok)  Please let me know if I am out of bounds but I would love to share in this group discussion type. Since this is my life long passion.

Love ya all


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aww wolf December 05, 2006 3:47 AM

lol poor wolf,

                     its ok, in your own time, I'm not going anywhere,hehe

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hi Carol December 05, 2006 3:50 AM

Hiya Carol,

                  welcome to the group,any info,& replies to this topic (or any topic lol) would be greatly appreciated,looking forward to reading them,


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OK JUST A FEW MINUTES LEFT AGAIN December 05, 2006 2:54 PM

   Read my toher post which sends you to my other groupand gives you mmoreinfo on why I am not around as mucha sI owuld like to and also is a groupabaoutr myother passion!

     YES carol aka  "ANGEL ON CEMENT"   always would olove to hear about yor education in this field and yor stories.  POST THEM WHEREVER YOU THINK EACH ONE IS MOST APPROPRIATE OR STATRT YOUR OWN THREAD BY CLICKING ON    (start new topic)


          the vision or abarition yo say is not ucnommon to see them without feet s in the spirit world they have no need for legs or feet.    

   (ODDLY enough though and contraty to what I just said; many spirit experiences include heairng foot steps ) so you can always espect teh unexpected when spitits are involved.

   Terri, I am snesing some good spirits in your descriptions but just have a feeling that here is a bad experience or a bad spirit ther inthe while mix so not wanting you to be afriad but proceed with caution, please!

     PLese try to describe the clothes the man was wearing or go to a librarie or fasion person snd this willhelp you distinguish the era of when those kind of clothes were popular.

  This is the best way I know to get an era to start to research for finding out who it may be like a niamd and history becaue it will most likely be a fomretr owner or tenant of the dwelling but you need to find the right century to reserach first!

   I have had experiences with spitits whispering into my ears also and they can whisper into one persons ears with your b/f or someone else right ther beside you but only one person hears the vioce.  IN my esperienc eshe woudl take turns whispering to each one of the two of us on differnet nights while we were in bed.

   The othe never could never hear the spirit woman but the one that could woudl finally get up and check on the children or the house to try to trakdc down the sound to expalin it away but we never could until I figured out and saw her (the previous owner "WOMAN of the house") which was the spirit we heard individually while only a foot or lessa part and yet only one person could hear her?

     Sorry it took so long to get started addressing your experineces here , Terri,  please keep them comong I am now answering from what I read yesterday so will re-read again and be back another day with more answers or explinations or suggestions as best I can soon as possible.

     The preassures you experienced upon your body are not unheard of.   In the one it sounds like the onespirit layed right on top of you?   They live in their world and we just share a part of it with them.

  What I mean is in the spirit workd they have more dememsions than we do here in highth, width, and length.  

   Ihave found that spirits are ofte creatures of habits (POOR CHOICE OF WORDs BUT HOPE YOU NOW WHT I MEAN?)    

     IF that was that spirits bed then when it sits or lays down on it you very well may feel that preassure that you are describing.  They also have the abilit to move or push on people but this is avery advanced ability that most spirits I am familiar cannot or donot do with people but may very well do with objects.


     The ghost that I mentioned that use to whisper into my ear from a distance away, one day slammed a door in my face and the door not only closed but latched!  

  This was very odd becaue it was a door to the childrens two bedrooms and we never coculd get to latch but she (the spirit who had previously lived there & still did) was reacting to some things I ws aaying about ther just jokingly but were not nice things and she slammed that door and it latched firmly!

   I immediately appoligised loudly and clearly to her and then tried to recreate any other way that the door could have closed!

   We opened all the windows of the houseand turned on all the fans directing them at the door trying to creat another way to expain the slamming door but to no avail.  It defenitely was her (the spirit woman who previously lived ther when she was alive)  she slammed and latched the door and I never said things like that about her ever again!

   NOw her is some adivec but proceed with caution?

 Many very young or very old spirits are jsut kind of lost and remain where they were or knew best bdfoer and once you tellthem that you acknoledge their existance and welcome them to live there by saying "WE WILL HSARE THIS HOME WITH YOU!" & "YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!"

   NOw the catch is that you must first be very very sure that it is a kind and friendly entity becaue you never ever want to invite a bad or evil or even angry entity to stay as some of thoem must be driven out by special procedures and aninvitation may make that removal very difficult later! 

   Personslly I am a very srong christian and have not had much problems with bad spirits or entities but this is no reason {  NOR IS IT A CHALLANGE TO ANYO  [ send green star]

WOW October 31, 2007 9:12 AM

   I guess I really wrotre a lot for only a couple minutes


                  Wolfgram MD

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anonymous  May 12, 2008 10:06 PM

I just joined this group tonight. I had a weird paralysis experience myself.

It was at a time where I was going through some rough days with my daughter, who is disabled. I cried myself to sleep while praying and I was pretty much at the end of my rope. I almost couldn't go on, if you know what I mean. This happened about three years ago.

I was almost asleep and when I opened my eyes, I saw a man standing next to my bed, someone who I didn't feel afraid of. During the whole experience I could not talk or move. Then he disappeared. Whoever it was made me feel at peace. It was very strange. I am thinking he was a guardian angel or my spiritual guide. I haven't seen him since.

Nice to meet you all,


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 May 27, 2008 7:42 PM

Welcome Jonie, yes I too believe if you felt at peace with the spirit by your bed, that they were watching over you! Thanks for sharing!

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 May 27, 2008 7:39 PM

Welcome Jonie, yes I too believe if you felt at peace with the spirit by your bed, that they were watching over you! Thanks for sharing!

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THANKS JONI July 21, 2008 12:05 PM

     Many more of the spirits are here to help us than there are which may be harmful to a few people.

    Often those spirits watch over us whith our rarely or never know that they are watching over us such as old friends or relatives we loved and cared dearly for or about who are no longer living.


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SORRY I HAVE BEEN GONE SO LONG November 06, 2008 10:03 AM

     WE had floods and tornadoes here about may or JUne so lost computers and home and much more so internet time is almost unable to get anytime for me for a while now?


                                                Wolfgram MD

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Thank you all July 21, 2010 12:41 PM


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 September 19, 2011 3:06 PM

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