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 My son unfortunatkley around the same time, had found something he shouldn't have hanging on a tree. It wa a small sack, which inside of it contained ashes of a dead cherokee chief indian. One of the psychic ladies had put it there for safe keeping. My son finds it, opens it up, and all the ashes but a few fell out. He brought it inside , where the remaining ashes fell out,thinking he found something I would be proud that he found, like cocaine or something illegally put there. My mouth went open, I siad, didn't do that, you were not supposed to disturb those ashes of that old  Indian chief. That was on the same day as the night my daughter and her friend had been in that dark room with the ouija board, when I heard her friend screaming that something or someone was talking to her in her ear. I immediately took that board away from them, turned on the lights, and had them go into the part of the old general store we were living in that was the house. As soon as I walked back to the house, I saw in my kitchen the demone which was of total black color , it was shaped like a ghost. I thought, do I ever have a problem on my hands, first the ashes, now a demon. I took the ouija board and the thing that makes it go around to make words come together to burn it. I have sense heard it's not good to burn one, this is what happened. It took over 2 1/2 hours of me pouring gasoline, lighter fluid, the fluid you use for a charcoal grill, it would just not catch on fire at all. I put newspapers under it to try to get it to at least start burning, but it still would not ignite. I had so many things that would ignite into a ball of fire, but the board didn't want to burn. I drove to the convienece store to get more gas, and after trying for 2 1/2 hours it finally caught on fire, that ouija board burned very slowly and burned for hours and hours, that was one of my first actions to do to get the demon to leave. I demanded it to leave our home. I told it that it didn't not belong here, we all wore a crucifix, I being the only adult out in the middle of nowhere had to try and act brave for the sake of the kids.I burned sage, walked everywhere throughout the house praying and asking the demon to leave, as for some reason sage is suppose to keep evil away according to the physics I used to work with. I burnt that and walked around the house with it for a week. My pyshic friends and I made our own holy oil to sprinkle all over the house and the old general store as well, as  that is supposed to make evil go away. After doing it for about  a week, there was no more demon...Thank goodness. The night we burned the board was the day my son got into that Indian Chief's ashes, he had his own bedroom, he awoke out of a dead sleep that  night, and saw a male figure floating across his room. Unfortunately he has the same power as I do, but not nearly as strong. He came running and screaming into my bedroom, jumped into my bed told me about that male ghost floaing across his room. I told him it could have been for disturbing that man's ashes. He was really frighented , poor kid. We still have our ghost, my son tries to talk to it, sometimes tries to get it to do specific  things. He is mean to it and makes fun of it sometimes, so it's picking on him instead of me now. I had asked a preacher to bless my house, but he was so afraid after me telling him about the ghost and the things the ghost was doing, he about ran down the driveway of my house saying, I don't do demons or ghosts lady, sorry ! So much for that. I will try the salt, and I am putting my house up for sale. I am hoping the ghost won't be knocking on the walls like it does when people come to see the house, have no excuse for that kind of noise. It kept my son awake early the other morning, just kept knocking for 5 minutes staight right on the wall of his room. He lucked out, it did that to me for at least 20 minutes straight. I would like to know who it is that died in this house, someone has to of died here. Ghosts don't just go visiting from house to house. I had already tried most of the suggestions every one has given me. Looks like we might have a keeper here. I had a stoke last week, I live with way too much stress, and this ghost is not helping, so selling my house and praying to God to let it happen as quickly as possible will make me a much happier lady. One thing I wanted to ad, when I predict that someone is going to die. The feeling of death, just slaps me in the face out of nowhere. Boom, the thought is in my head, it like floats through the air, into my head and then shortly after, could be 2 days up tp two weeks, someone dies that I know. If I get a cahnce to talk to this ghost as it is focusing on aggrevating my son now, I'll try and get it to go to the light, whether it will or not , I'll have to keep you updated. I saw my mothers spirit a few times after her horrible death. I told her that I loved her, and that no one could ever hurt her again, that she needed to go to the light, she wanted to be with Jesus, so she finally did go. I still talk to her though like she is still with me, she had a tortured life, I was the only one that grieved for her when she died. That is really sad. I hope that from heaven she knows that. Love ya mom. Thanks for listening everyone. These stories are very insightful, and it's good to know other people such as myself. When I tell people I see dead people, they really look at me in a weard way.

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WOW YOU DO HAVE A LOT GOING ON April 16, 2007 3:25 PM

     OUiji boards create much evil entry with the innocnece or unknowing of those who use it to "play"

     Destroyibng awouji board does not nessarily close the ddark gate which the demon or other dark spirits or ghosts enter through that ws closed unitl the operators of the ouji board ot other actions (that are often done unintentionally)

     The ashes of the indian chief are just another good example.   Just being a boy but distrubing something sacred without realizing he was doing so.

   Does anybody else have any stories of remidies of any fo the things she described above ?

   As for trying to send all spirits into the light ?

That willnot always worka s the light is not available to the evil spirits or those demaons who do seem to always appear to be black.   OFten when the entry and exit points can be seen they are dark or balck also. 

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hi sweetheart April 16, 2007 10:25 PM

hey sweetie im sorry to hear about everything thats going on but hopefully i can help a little . you need to find someone who can come and do a cleansing and blessing on the home and all who reside in it , whether this be a preist or whatever , if you know any wiccans or so then i would have them do ( if charged of course ) a banishing ritual for you and your family . in the meantime , where sage is god i agree but maybe try to get your hands on some dragons blood incense go through your home and say a prayer for all evil and negative energy or beings to be removed from you family and home and that love and light fill it . i would burn half a stick or so in the rooms where you are having the most trouble ( you can go through the whoel home and leave a half a stick in all rooms if that makes you feel even better ) then i would use the white sage , again going through the house with prayer . now as for the light thing ( im sorry its 130 am and i didnt read all of it ) there are limited lights barers out there and the statement of evil cannot enter is very true , but if this one is actually not evil and there may be a chance of him passing through then i would have you friend ( the psychic ) try to see how that would go . mostly make sure that he is removed from your home and family though , the rest will take care of itself when it is time for that ok ? hope this helps hun and im around on and off if ya wanna talk blessings be to you and yours Silver Moonstar  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 April 25, 2007 11:38 AM


Thanks for sharing that story!! Yeah the Ouji boards open up a lot sometimes!!! Its just weird how it took forever to burn!!! wow!!! I wish you well on your house search! Take care and again, thanks for the post..was very interesting! Christina

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EVIL USES FIRE April 25, 2007 5:54 PM

     DO  YOU THINK IT WAS A COINCIDIENCE THAT THE FIRE WHICH IS uSED BY EVIL OR OFTEN REPRESENTS EVIL LIKE THE PICURES OF DEVIL OR DEMONS IN OR NEAR FIRE nearly did not destroy the source of the entrance of the evil entity by the girls invitation?

   I really would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on this?

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hi wolf May 15, 2007 6:07 PM

it is a possibility that the reason those things nearly didnt destroy them is bc of the symbolism , the elements can be controlled by the evil ones and therefore would make it very difficult , not to mention dangerous , using those sources . it has happened to one of my people before so yes i believe a very strong possiblilty blessings be all ( oh and lol im back finally lmao ) silver

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Welcome back Silver May 21, 2007 4:36 PM

    I have been away from online,much,  for quite a while myself !

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thank you June 01, 2007 5:21 PM

yeah its been busy busy busy in this part of the world lol but im glad to be back i get on as much as i can well come back to you as well blessings be silver  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 November 18, 2007 12:52 PM

bringing this back up per requested  [ send green star]
THANK YOU PAMELA April 10, 2008 9:58 AM

     I am very interested in getting the imput of others or your expereinces of what you know or have heard about Ouija boards and there use ?


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