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10 years ago

Hi everyone, I just opened this thread for the wonderful photos we get in this group. If there are going to be any rules for this thread, they will come from Meralyn and Sunny, as they are the experts here.

This thread is for beautiful photographs.

10 years ago

Hi Gang!  Wow!  This is a surprise!  A neat one!  At this point I would rather not put up any rules 'cept keep it clean!  Post any photos of your own that you wish to.  Now - that is if Sunny agrees?  How about it "pro", LOL?!

10 years ago

 I just know this is going to be one of my favorite threads on Cat Lovers! Awesome idea!!

Congrats Meralyn & Sunny!

10 years ago

Simba close up 2

At first I thought the thread was just for Sunny and Meralyn to post their own photos and opened it to take a peek! This is a great idea  we like sharing photos but they do sort of take up a lot of space on the chat threads - especially for anyone on dial up. Can't wait to see more pics!! 

10 years ago
Hi Deb - I was afraid people would feel that way!  So glad you posted and WOW!  Gorgeous shot!!!  Thanks for sharing!  And yes, taking up a lot of room on the Chit Chat thread probably had something to do with Donna setting this up, LOL!
10 years ago

Hey Sunny and Meralyn-Just stopping by to check out your thread.This is gonna be a hot spot-gonna love this.Great idea!

Deb G-Love the picture of Baby Simba!


10 years ago

Here is a picture of my Dante.Each morning he sits with me on the computer desk while I type away.And each morning it's  fight because he wants to lay and the more he lays the more my keyboard is closer to the egde! But as longs as he's comfortable right?

Picture 416.jpg

10 years ago

Dante again

Picture 415.jpg

10 years ago

These are my two furangels that have crossed over to Rainbow Bridge-I still miss Twinkle and Peabody.


10 years ago
Hi Chrissy!  Glad your posting here!  Dante is gorgeous and I'm so very sorry about your loss and please forgive but I had a rough night and I just blocked their names!  Oh crap!!!  Sorrrry!!!

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10 years ago

Meralyn-Don't worry about I know how easy it is to forget names especially when we all have so many fur babies-these were my two Twinkle and Peabody, they have both crossed to Rainbow Bridge.I love your new little thread and plan on chillin here alot!


10 years ago


This was taken Christnmas eve 2007. Cropped out the geese, and some of the backround. Looks like they are ready for a swim meet.

10 years ago

Janie-That is a beautiful picture of the ducks and your right looks like there gearing up for a swim meet or something! That is so nice to look at.See I love photos like that of nature and wildlife and my favorite thing to do is to go feed the ducks and geese.That is a great picture thanks for sharing.


10 years ago
Thank you Chrissy. 
10 years ago

Janie - WOW!  Great shot of the ducks, love the colors & perspective!   I live right on the Winchuck River, in fact if my house were any closer it would be a house boat!, so I get to watch & sometimes shoot (w/cam of course!) a large variety of ducks.  But they are wild and wary and I can NOT get as close as you did!  Thank you for sharing with us!

Chrissy - thank you so very much for being so understanding sweetie!  Now, I have a favor to ask of you - could you use a little smaller font as I have to back up from the monitor with your posts, my tri-focals, you see, old granny! LOL!  Also it will take up less space.  Thanks again and I love having you join in! 

10 years ago
You got it Meralyn!Smaller font from here on going forward,now I just need to remember that!I will.
10 years ago
Very Nice photos Deb, Chrissy & Janie!
And Wow!! Janie, the color on your pic is fantastic. Great work Ladies!!
10 years ago

Ok, this is a picture of my living room but can you see the two furangels in the picture?

My living room

10 years ago

Ah Sunny-I believe you have my couch in your living room! I love the portraits,just beautiful.I love your couch too!


10 years ago

No Meralyn,

I didn't want to start this thread to keep the chit chat shorter. I wanted to keep the scenery type pictures in a thread that won't get lost. Like pics of flowers and oceans and trees etc and the moon. You can still put photos in the chit chat. I just wanted to not lose any. This is why I said you might want to change the title to another name maybe.

10 years ago
Orange Lily 01
10 years ago
Oooh, Sunny, what a beautiful flower pic!

10 years ago
That is very pretty Sunny.
10 years ago

Thanks Chrissy - your an angel girl!

Donna - I do understand.  I just think some others didn't.  And thanks a million for doing this for us!  I think its going to be a popular thread!


I think I can see the kitties, Chrissy, LOL!?

And thanks Sandy!  You guys are really pitching in here, that's great!

I took a nap and woke up with an f'n headache, you know, one of those brain-busters, going to check out now!  Have a great night!  And thanks all youse guys & gals!

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10 years ago
I think maybe this will get straightened out on the next thread  when this gets too long. We will keep a blue pin on it. The birds were more of what I was hoping to see in this thread, and the flower too. It is my fault for not making the title right.
10 years ago

more snow again

Took this last year. We've got just as much snow this year. I love the ducks!! And that flower!! This is a great idea for sharing these kinds of photos, guys!

10 years ago

Sunny-What a beautiful flower!

Deb G-I love the picture of the snow.I think it looks so beautiful when it comes down and puts a blanket over everything.That is beautiful.Thank you.


10 years ago

Meralyn thanks for the comment on the ducks. Most of the time they are close enough to touch. they will take bread out of our hands. the geese does too.

Sandy thank you too !

Sunny, Good job on the couch I just wish my living room was as neat as yours. The flower is very good, love the close up work.

Deb G, Love the snow picture. Its so beautiful.

10 years ago

  GOOD MORNING ALL!  Hope your not all frozen?!  Great pix everyone!  I LOVE the participation here!!!

If any of you would like help with your photography, whether taking pix or cameras, I will try to help.  As I've stated before, I'm not a professional, wont have all the answers, but I'm sure our pro, Sunny, would be willing to help, too.  How about it Sunny?  Is that OK with you?

And Donna - thanks dearheart for setting this thread up for us!  Everyone is enjoying it immensely!

does tihis count?
10 years ago
Find the banana bread recipe at Sunny's page..., get it while it's hot!
banana bread's ready.jpg

Tribble, mind your manners!
10 years ago
Mamacat, Rascal, instructs her daughter....
Mind your manners...

Brushing is important!
10 years ago
Proper brushing is important!

Tribble here....
10 years ago
Workin' on her molars....
Proper brushing II

sharing the remote....

more brushing!
"Brushing is important"

so is helping out...

and celebrating Christmas...

and lunch time...
10 years ago

sunset in hesperus

I took this a couple months ago (pre-snow) from our deck. I'm big into sunsets! Thank you for the comments on my snow pic!  Pennie, your furbabies are soooooo cute! Chrissy and Sunny, love the couch pictures  (actually, I did see the furbabies, Chrissy, and Sunny - those portraits on your wall are stunning!)

10 years ago

Sunny, I thought the couch shots were really . . .  ummm, abstract??? (just jokin' wicth ya!) Your portraits are really good. What do you mean she's "ugly"????? She's beautiful, and I bet you did nothing to the photo! I love photography - I tend to see almost everything as if I were looking through a camera lense.I didn't touch anything on the sunset - I couldn't believe how vibrant the colors were when I looked out my door and saw it - had to capture that one!


Okay, now everyone has been rainbowed!

10 years ago

Hi Gang - I'm late getting in here!  Had to kick-start myself with a LOT of caffeine this morning!  A stick of dynamite might have worked better, placed you-know-where, LOL!!!

Pennie - hilarious pix of your kitties!  Great shots!!!

Deb - Very beautiful rainbow and lovely sunset!  I have a thing for them, too!

Sunny - WOW!!!  Gorgeous daughters!  And, you ARE a portrait photographer!!!  I think its one of the hardest things to do in photography!

Thanks for sharing guys & gals!  I have a few shots I'll share with you after I get them edited, loaded, and posted.  Take care and carry on with the great work!

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10 years ago


This is hard:

Flame Calla 02

This is easy,

(forgot her name  )


Can you guess why???  Take a shot as to why, and then I'll stop putting them up.  It's getting boooooring.  And no one likes a show off anyway.  In fact I'm thinking of removing them.  It's not what I had in mind for this thread when I discovered  it was  here.   Donna gets me into all sorts of things now doesn't she.   I get volunteered at times And without me knowing about it too

Meralyn, Sunny, Chrissy, Janie, everybody...
10 years ago
Your pix are WONDERFUL! Sunny, that Mr. Wilson pizza shot doesn't look THAT old, your oldest daughter is 32? OMG, come to think of it, my son just turned 43! Where did the years go while we were having FUN? love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago

Pennie-I love your pictures of your babies.Rascal and Tribbles look so cute-


10 years ago

Pennie, that was taken on 12-28-07.  I asked Kim to take a picture of me,  and the pizza dough got jealous and  jumped off the counter and we started to wrestle.  Needles to say the pizza dough won. 

Daughters.  April will be 35 in April and Kim will be 32 in April also, but 11 days after April (the daughter not the month).  Gee do we have enough Aprils in that sentence.    I guess stay away from me in July huh.   Or is it the wife I should stay away from.

And of course there's my adopted daughter Sandy.  You may know her, she kinda hangs out here now and then.

10 years ago

Well gee, Sunny, I can't even beginn to guess why portrait shots of gorgeous gals is easier for you than flowers, LOL!!!

And I think we both got volunteered but, hey!  Its fun, too!!!

I've posted a shot of my littlest granddaughter with a tiny gecko in Alyssa's Wildlife thread.  I didn't take the pic, although worked on it, so its there.

And I think your flower shots, as well as all others, are super!!!  Figured that was you hiding behind he pizza dough!

10 years ago
Sunny, here I am ! It's so nice to have two Dad's! And, yes, I do hang out here quite a bit!
Great photos gang! I'm loving this thread!
10 years ago

Sunny you have very beautiful daughters.

Sorry hope these don't get boring, just let me know if they do ok. We feed the ducks and geese every weekend.


10 years ago
Janie, your photos are fantastic!  How could we ever get bored of them! They are gorgeous!
10 years ago

Last one of the geese for a while.


10 years ago
Thank you sandy!!! 
10 years ago
Hi Janie - If the damnded pix ever load, I've got dial-up, I'll be able to enjoy your pix!  I LOVE GEESE!  You are NOT boring us!  Right across the border in California they have an Annual Aleutian Goose Festival!  The geese land in the river here, flocks of them in the farmers fields, they rise off an island off the coast a little ways early in the morning, they are awesome!!!
10 years ago
Wow, Janie! They just keep getting better & better! Fantastic shots!
10 years ago
Beautiful duck and magnificent wild goose!  Yep!  They finally loaded!!!  Keep sharing!  I LOVE your work!!!
10 years ago

TheHeavenlyGulls.jpg The Heavenly Gulls picture by merjonard

This is "The Heavenly Gulls", my first prize winning photo.  Ever so often I drag out the neg, reprint, and sell it again.  Stangely enough it keeps doing so, whether in cards or just prints, framed by myself.  Its one of those chance shots that you could never duplicate if you tried for the rest of your life!  I had my husband holding up french fries, that I had talked a reluctant restaurant owner out of (!), and luckily neither my husband, me, nor my camera got shet upon, LOL!!!  The photo also made the Power Co Annual Calendar contest, also my one and only time!  This is a scanned film photo. 

10 years ago
WOW!!!  This took my breath away, Meralyn!! I actually gasped!! GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS photo!!
10 years ago
Nice pics all! I love sunsets and snow too, I got a snow pic of my backyard that I will try to post this week. Sunny is your pics of your daughters from the 80's? I'm asking cuz of the hair! Janine are they nice geese? My sis is afraid of geese, they have chased after her more then once! lol!
10 years ago
wow, gorgeous Merelyn!
10 years ago
Thank you sweet ladies!  I'm going to go take my bath now and hit the sack, bushed!  Have a good night all!
10 years ago

Meralyn   What a shot!!! I've never, ever seen a photo like that. Ever think of painting it??

Janie, what kind of camera are you using? Can you get that close to them or are you zooming?  They are gorgeous!!

Yurok Elder
10 years ago

MerkSalmonFestival.jpg Merk, Klamath Salmon Fest. picture by merjonard

Yurok elder at the Annual Klamath Salmon Festival, Klamath, California, 2003.  Every year, for many years ,the Yurok tribe of Klamath have put on a feast of salmon which they catch in the Klamath River.  It is a wonderful, very special, event. This handsome gentleman gave me permission (I never photograph them without permission!) to photograph him and have done so for several years.  His face was red from cooking the salmon on stakes over an open fire, very busy,  but kindly posed for me.  He considers himself the King of the Yuroks, much to the amusement of other members of the tribe, but he truely is magnificent! 

I did a black & white version of this photo and it won in a very small show here.  And I have given copies to this special person as well as his family members.  I always do.

  KlamathSalmanFestival03.png Klamath Salmon Festival,03 picture by merjonard

Yurok elder attending cooking of salmon being cooked on wood stakes over an open pit, Klamath, California.  This method of cooking salmon has been used for thousands of years.

Thanks Deb!  Yes, I considered painting it but somehow felt it would take away from the photo.

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10 years ago

Excellent shots Janie.  Keep it up.  See it's not boring to us since we've never seen them before.  It's like to me my kids are boring, the pictures are about 10 years old and I've seen them way too much.  Of course trying to get them in front of a camera now is just about impossible.  They spent there teen and  early twenties trying to duck out on me as much as they could

  Christine, I'm sorry to read that Twinkle and Peabody are no longer with us.   I totally missed  what you had written  about them. 

Meralyn  It's about time you  showed us some of  your work  I love that  seagull shot.  Like you mentioned it's a  shot that sort of falls in your lap, just need to be in the right place at the right time.  If you think pros take one or  two pictures of that type of  shot, never happen.  As soon as I saw the  Indian fellow I  thought, B&W would be awesome.  It kind of yells  B&W.    And I'm coming  out your way for some of that salmon Nothing like salmon(lox), on a bagel with   red onion and a shmear.  You now what a shmear is, right.  I dab or  two of cream cheese.  If you eat  that and then die, you go straight to heaven since you're already half way there.

Laura, as mentioned most of  the picture of my daughter are from the  90's.  And speaking of hair, that's their  natural hair color.  April is a real blond, and Kim's hair streaks with the blond highlights.  Probably from swimming in chlorinated water in Kim's case.  April has MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) so she doesn't even go near anything with any scent let alone  hair dye.

Pennie, Tribble and Rascal keep reminding me I still haven't gotten around to starting a thread  of my ferals, Felix and Shadow.  Felix is a B&W and Shadow is all black.  There's another I call Babe but it stays far away so no picture of that one yet. 

And the answer to why is it easier to do a portrait than a flower.  You control the light, what  it is going to light, where the shadows will be, how many lights you use.  After all the definition of photography is " to paint with light".    He who controls the light control the end result.

No less that 4 lights to light this one.  

Kathleen 02

With a flower, you take pot luck.

Now I'm on strike until we get more pictures.  My pictures are boring.  I want to see some more of  other peoples.  So come on  get that camera out and show us your stuff.

10 years ago
Oh, ok, Sunny, but I didn't mean the hair color I meant because it was teased
10 years ago

Sunny - as I've stated many times, I am not a professional like you.  Your way over my head on the lighting thing.  I've never had lessons, mostly self-taught, read magazines that I bought and books I checked out of the library and taking many, many photos and bracketing a hell of a lot with copious notes.  I did that for so many years I hate to admit to! I have never done studio photography. I've never heard that phrase on lighting, but I like it.

Thanks for sharing so much with us and hopefully you'll do more, your an excellent teacher.

Oriental Moon
10 years ago
OrientalMooncroppedSept.png Oriental Moon picture by merjonard
10 years ago


I used to volunteer with a Mustang Sanctuary and loved photographing them. This one's name was "Blaze"

Another rescued Mustang

and this one is "Dakota". I like messing around with different tones.

10 years ago
Got a double post again!! I'm sorry guys. Maybe someone can get one off.  Meralyn, that is a gorgeous moon shot!
10 years ago

Wonderful Photos!!

Meralyn, I especially like the Moon photo. It's very beautiful.

Deb, those horse photos are very pretty!

Hi Sunny Dad!! Your daughters are so beautiful!

You guys are all so good!

10 years ago

Deb - Wonderful shots & effects of horses!  I love to mess about with different tints, too!  And I was a horse NUT for many years so love horse pix!

Thanks girls!  The moon was out in its glory last night and I tried shooting it, again, without luck!  Sometimes it works for me but often it just does not!

10 years ago

snowy tree

Hi every one I woke up to a winter wonder land and I thought I would share this photo with you.  I love photography my favorite subject is normally Cookie and the dogs.

10 years ago
Lila - nice shot! Love the clarity. I woke up to snow, too, but I wasn't lucky enough to have any sunshine to go with it. It is still snowing in my corner of the world!
10 years ago
Deb G. it is still snowing here to that was A lucky shot I think the sun was bigger news than the snow.  This is the second day this week I have been snowed in.
10 years ago

Lila - Very beautiful shot and the clarity is wonderful!

Re - Lighting - I forgot to mention earlier that light is quite important in outdoor photography as well as indoors, whether in your home or studio.  If your shooting outdoors its best to do so in the morning or afternoon, fairly late, as over-head light creates too many shadows.  And of course the direction the light is coming from can make it or break it! I'm sure most of you know this, though.

Carry on!  Love the response here!

10 years ago
10 years ago

Janie-Beautiful shot of the sky opening like that! Amazing!!

Lila-I love that picture of the snow on that beautiful tree-winter wonderland photos are my favorite to look at then again anything outside i love looking at!

Thank you ladies both for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!


10 years ago

Thank You Chrissy!!!!

Sandy, Love this cat she is so cute and cuddly. Thank you on the comments on my sunrise.

Love Ya Janie ashleigh Tippe & Nosey

10 years ago

My goodness,I love all the beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them, I really enjoyed looking at them.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Princess Bella. I love the look on her face and the way the lighting turned out.

Bella 63.JPG

10 years ago

I had to add a picture of Cookie.  Choosing just one picture of my baby is hard but I really like this one and if you look close you will see a muddy dog print on the out side of the window.  She had just finished playing with one of our dogs they love to play through the glass.

10 years ago

Janie!! That photo is breathtaking!

Lila - Cookie is absolutely adorable! I love the way her head is sort of cocked.

Anna - that is a great photo! Love the lighting, too.

Sandy - Daphne is precious! Those photos are really beautiful of her!

10 years ago

Janie - Awesomely beautiful sunset, WOWEEE!!!

Anna - beautiful pic of Princess Bella!

Sandy - Hey girl, "bout time!  Great photos, top quality!  Post all you want to!

Lila - Cookie is so very pretty! Love that face!

Thank you ladies for sharing!  This is so much fun! Got to close now and hit the sack!  Fed Harry, watched movie, sent Harry home, (yes!!!) now bushed! 

Sweet dreams all! 

10 years ago
Thank you Meralyn and Deb on the comments of the sunrise pic. This was taken this fall outside of where I work. They know if I'm a few min. late I'm in theparking lot taking pics.                                                         Love ya  Janie
10 years ago

WOW! What a fantastic thread! I kept "meaning to" stop in and finally took the time - what a treat! Photography is such an excellent art form and we sure have some fine examples here! Thanks Donna for starting this and to all our talented constributors - starting with Sunny and Meralyn!

Wow - what a group!

10 years ago

Deb G.,Meralyn, Chrisy, and Sandy: thank you for the nice things you said about my snow picture other than animal pictures I am a little shy about sharing my photographs especially here there are soooo many amazing pictures.

Cookie is so easy to take pictures of.  They say cats have nine lives and I think she was a model in one of them.  She is not modest every time I post one of her pictures I have to read the feedback to her.

Janie: I love your sunrise that was amazing.

Lila and Cookie

what a fun thread!
10 years ago
Everyone has such great pix! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!
10 years ago

OldFencePostDigitalJul07.jpg Old Fence Post, Digital, Jul 07 picture by merjonard

An old fence post on the bluff above the beach where I usually walk.  There are fields here, once cut for hay, now just left wild, with old barbed wire and rotting posts still standing in places.  I tried unsuccessfully to shoot this danged post I dont know how many times with my digital camera!  I did capture it nicely with film.  I finally woke up to the fact that my camera could not handle the backlighting, always walked in the afternoon, so shot it in the morning and hey, it worked!!!  Yes, lighting!

Dont every be shy about posting your pix here!  My photos are never perfect, I really have to work at it!  Thank you very much Kent and ladies!

10 years ago

Ana & Lila! Wow!! Such pretty babies you both have! Great pics!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Meralyn, That photo is gorgeous!

10 years ago

Here is another one of my pictures.  This one combines two of my favorite things beading and photography.  This is the best I can do at the pro thing.  If Sunny ever saw my uh-hum "studio" he would be .

10 years ago

Oooh,  how nice things are looking here

Deb, I like that shot of Blaze.  It's really cool how the background goes fuzzy from panning the camera.  Makes Blaze pop right out atcha.

Daphne, what big eyes you have.  More better to see the photos with, says she

Sunsets, snow in the trees, and cats in a basket, who could want anything more.

And then there's Meralyn, in  a league of her own.   And by the way, you sold a photo????  You accepted money for a photo you took????  YOU ARE A PRO by definition if nothing else.  The only difference  between being a pro and and amateur is amateurs don't  accept money.  Just think about the world oldest  profession.   And "studio"  what studio.  Those picture were taken in my living room.   Somewhere I have a picture of  what it looks like, but darned if I know where it is.  It's all perception, just like  in the movies you only see the actors and what you're supposed to see.  You don't see a crew and  booms and the like right.  

Now I have  to turn the house upside down, but I'm going to try to find that picture..  And please don't laugh too hard if I do find it and scan it.   I don't any body to roll on the floor and hurt themselves

10 years ago

Ooh!  Look what I just found in the  wrong album.

It's momma, dad and the cygnets.   So now we have ducks a goose and swans plus a gull or 2

Our Swan Family

10 years ago

Lila - gorgeous pic!  Love the vignette!

Sunny - oh my, swans!  I've seen them in Europe but never here.

So I'm in a league of my own?!  You didn't say what kind of league that is?!  Pro from selling a couple pix and cards, nope, not here!  It has to be a certain amount in our club.  Oldest profession in the world, well hey baby, ya can't live on quarters, LOL!!!

I went for a walk on the beach late afternoon hoping for some nice shots but no luck.  Checking out for the night, talk to you-all in the morning!

10 years ago

 I know this little girl isn't beautiful scenary or a cat, but she is just soooo cute! Couldn't resist putting her pic in here.

sasha and her ball

la platas

These are the La Plata Mountains from my driveway.

Thanks for your comments on the Blaze picture, Sunny. I took many to get one that had the background blurred and not the horse!!  Lila, your bead flowers are gorgeous - I like to do beading, but have only dabbled in jewelry. Meralyn, the fence post is really artistic! I just love the coast - miss the ocean. Good night all! I have my grandkids with me for the weekend so I may not get back in until Monday. If not, have a great weekend everyone!

10 years ago

Deb G-Ahh,who is that beautiful cute adorable angel with the tennis ball?What a love so glad you posted it.

La Plata Mountains what a view Deb and that is from your driveway?I love it!


10 years ago

Deb G, Love the pics of the snow, the sunsets are so vibrant,I like rainbows too. I also like the horse pics , nice action shots. The puppy pic is so cute love her eyes great expression. What a wonderful view to have, just love it.

Lila, Loved the shot of the snow covered tree. Cookie is just basking in the sun, shes beautiful. Wow you must have a lot of patience, the beading is so lovely.

Sunny, I wish we had swans,  this is a very good shot. Also love all the pics of daughters and the food too.

Meralyn, you have the most wonderful photos. The gulls are so perfect.

 Pennie, thanks for sharing the pics of your furbabies they are so cute.

 Anna H,  beautiful pic of Princess Bella

10 years ago

Deb - Adorable dog and gorgeous mountains!

And thank you ladies! 

 I'm NOT awake yet, boy do I need more coffee!!!  I'll come back in later after getting my cats and I fed, maybe I'll feel half-way human by then?!

Wow stuff!
10 years ago
Meralyn, I KNOW that fence post! sigh, here you go making me homesick again! Great tips on lighting and technique, thanks, Girl! Sunny says you're SELLING??? Way to go, Great One!!!! I'm in an arts club too (when I remember to pay my dues they actually send me the newsletter--amazing how that works!). Lila, your beadwork is breathtaking! I've never seen anything like it before! Wow, what art! Sunny, are those YOUR swans? Beautiful! Awww, Deb, what a pretty puppy! What's her name? I LOVE your mountains, was that a sunrise or a sunset? What a pretty place you live in! Do enjoy your grandkids this weekend! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago
The birds are beautiful. So are the mountains.
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