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10 years ago

Here is the link to the last thread. I changed it because it was running very slow for me, and I have comcast. The photos in that thread are gorgeous.

The Glorious Dandelion
10 years ago

Dandy Lion Blossom

YOU - HOO!!!  WAKE UP!!!  RISE AND SHINE!!!  Where is everyone?!  Sleeping in!?  This lowly dandelion, in all its glory, is being sent as a "cheer-up" in this nasty winter weather.  Its over-cast here and cold!  So - think spring!

Deb - thanks sweetie, but the rules are for me as well.  Your icicle is great in blk & wh!  Innovative, artistic mind!

Lila - your mud puddle shot is art!  Super colors, excellent shot, and very creative!  I love the reflection!

Donna - thanks for the new thread!  And thanks ladies re moon, will pass it along to Harry, he'll love it!

10 years ago

From the bedroom window today

Winter 02-22-'08 005.jpg

Winter 02-22-'08 007.jpg

 But inside, we have the harbinger of Spring.   The first of my Gerbera daisy's

Gerbera Daisies 2008 (6).jpg

And on an entirely different subject.  Yes, Meralyn I have a bead machine, but don't have clue how to use it.  I'd been making it the either way for too long, so the machine sits in a box.

10 years ago
WOW Sunny!!!  Gorgeous snow scenes and that daisy is SUPERB!  Great macro work!  With your dig cam?!  I'll bet it is!?  What bead work?  I got lost somewhere!  Maybe I took too long a nap?!
10 years ago

Meralyn-Nice and colorful photo of the dandelion,it looks so pretty.You captured it nicely in this photo.I won't lie,I think I have always taken dendelions for granted even when i was a kid we would pick them and play with them.When I saw your picture,I now look at it different.It's calming,peaceful.

Sunny-I have the same view right now out of all of the windows in my house!! I may complain when it snows but I always enjoy the view as it's snowing and once it has stopped and layed that white thick blanket over the world.That is a pretty view that I have always enjoyed just looking at and admiring.It also brings back may memories of my childhood and coasting with my friends in our little wooden sleds!!! See,I'm taken ya back now huh,yup I said it-WOODEN SLEDS!!!! I do miss the 70's!!!

Thanks to you both for taking me back to my childhood with your pictures.


Dandelion Seed Head
10 years ago

Dandy Lion Seed Head

This is a seed head of the lowly little dandy-lion!  I love things like this, dried up sead heads, etc., as you find the most fascinating and elegant textures and designs in them!

Sunny - Great work on the Primrose blossom !  Loved the examples of different aperature settings, too!  I just bought eight of the little beauties to plant in my half-barrel planters, if I can get out to do it between rain storms!!!???  Were your flower shots hand-held?

Oh - so you have taken up bead work along with bread work, LOL!?  Oh dear Lord, I really, really  needed a good laugh!!!

Christine - thanks!

10 years ago

Sunny I love your photos especially the flowers.  Meralyn I do not know if I like the Dandelion or the seed head better.  They are both fabulous.  Sorry that I was not around yesterday but I FINALLY got my new photo software there is a lot to learn but I love it. Here is a photo that I took before it started raining.


10 years ago
No new pictures here, but I wanted to tell you all that your photos were great. IMeralyn, your dandelion seed head looks like a fireworks display after they whistle through the air and then go "bang". Sunny, I just love primroses! Your photo portrayed their daintiness perfectly, and your scene outside your windows looks like mine!! Are we neighbors??  And I cannot have gluten, either! But I am not allergic - I have Celiac Disease. Don't know which is really worse. Lila - your clouds and that blue sky are gorgeous. You can see the dark cloud coming in. I'm going to try to get some new stuff tomorrow. Good night all.
10 years ago

Lila - that sky shot is absolutely beautiful!  Wow, what color!

And thanks ladies re dandelion "fluff". 

Sunny - could you tell us what shutter speed you used on the primroses?  Also ISO and settting, like Auto or Portrait?    We can learn from you!

I'm trying to get some hummy pix signed, resized, and loaded so it will be awhile before I have anything to post.

Have a great day and happy posting, if you can get out in the weather?!  Harry & I planned a trip up the coast to shoot daffy-dills today, ITS RAINING AGAIN!  STILL!  DANG! 

10 years ago

  Dandelions.  Pretty in pictures, but if I find one on my lawn, it's one dead sucker  I love photos of them going to seed, but I don't want it here

Ah, the Primrose.  How's a 1/6th at f8, and a 1/50 @ 2.8 sound.  Tripod (mini) of course.  Speed 200, camera set for tungsten light, no flash, indoors on counter top,  since I would have cooked that  thing as close as I was using the flash.  Even if I turned the flash as far down as possible.  And manual focus too.   I cheat a lot.   I think maybe I should have switched to daylight for the sepias though.

Well I have to get to my beading class with GARY  Maybe even some needle point or quilting in the future

10 years ago

Everyone's pictures are so beautiful!  Thanks for sharing! 

Yeah Chrissy remembered her camera!!! 

10 years ago

Oh wow!  all are beautiful!  Can we 'borrow' some of these to use in our posts?  I think that dandelion would make a beautiful Good Morning picture!

Sunny I see enough snow here!  They are pretty pictures though I think I will go back and see them again when it is 90 degrees with 100% humidity.  I go back and look at mine then.

I got my old 35 MM cameral out.  I won't take as many pictures with it as I would have the digital, but I will take a few now and then.


10 years ago

Chrissy you captured the quiet serene feel of a snow cover field very well done.  Sugar I can not speak for any one else but feel free to borrow any of my photos.  All I ask is that you mention this thread.  We always like it when some one new joins in.

Here is a picture of grass I have been trying to get a good shot of this for three weeks.  Persistence payed off I love the way the leaves turn red.


10 years ago

Hi All - I bushed!  I had a wonderful hike out at Cape Ferrello to Lone Ranch Beach Hills this afternoon with Harry.  Got lots of pix but nothing I'm really happy with yet, have to edit.  I'll come in tomorrow morning and chat and post, right now I need a very long, very HOT bath!!!  Lord, I'm sore, I need another glass of wine!!!The Old Girl ain't what she used to be but dear God it was such a beautiful day, and about time, too!!!

Sugar - You may use the dandelion.  I dont mind if people ask first.  Of course it depends on what they are going to be used for, too.

Take care and have a good night all!

10 years ago
That is really something Lila. I have never seen colored grass before, and it looks more like flowers than blades of grass. Pretty
10 years ago

Lila-Thank you so much for the compliments on my pictures.I enjoyed taking them and it is just so peaceful and serene your right.I love your picture of the grass.I too,have never seen that before,just beautiful.

Thank you-hugs-Chrissy

10 years ago

Sunny, I'm surprised! You are missing really great eating if you're not HARVESTING your chemical-free dandelion leaves and chopping them into sauces and gravies and anything you'd like a bit more flavor for, and they're great for vitamins and minerals. Good eating. And dried dandelion roots are good for urinary tract health (people, not sure about kitties, that would take some research), they stimulate the kidneys. So try some, brown them a bit in oil with the onions you use in a dish, guaranteed pleasure!

Chrissy's golf course shots
10 years ago

Spectacular, and I'm jealous of your lovely place to go for walks with Phoenix! Wow!

10 years ago

GOOD MORNING ALL!  I'm sorry but I was really tired and out of it last evening!  I really didn't mean to pass over people but I sure did!  Please forgive me?!  That hike really took a lot out of me!  Harry is used to it, I am NOT!!!

Sunny - thanks for the info, very interesting!  I wish I had a table-top tripod but only have books to set my camera on.  Have fun with your new hobbies, LOL!

Chrissy - those snow scenes are so beautiful.  Lovely place to walk!

Lila - Great shot but I think that is a weed, not grass.  I have it here, too. Excellent photo!

I didn't get my Primroses planted.  If I had they would have had raindrops on them, so I cheated and flicked water on this one, set the pot on the railing of my back porch, and hand held the camera.  Not as clear as Sunny's but passable.

  Red & Yellow Primrose

I used Portrait setting (Auto) with super macro.  60/3.2, ISO 125.  No flash.  The ISO is supposedly approx. the same as ASA in film.

10 years ago

Meralyn-Just beautiful,what color.


10 years ago

Thanks Chrissy!  Your comments are much appreciated!

10 years ago

Chrissy maybe Frank was ready to go home but it did not look like your dog was.  Thank you for your comments on my weed.  Meralyn photography is an art and there is no cheating when you are setting a seen water is water tap or rain.  Thank you for pointing out that is a weed not grass I am not a gardener so I use both terms interchangeably.  I hate to miss word things or call them by the wrong name so thank you.

I took thees to day I do not know what they are but they are the first wild flowers to bloom in the spring.



10 years ago

Lila - GORGEOUS MACRO WORK!  And I love the vignettes, too!  I have no idea what the little white flowers are, maybe the other is a daffodil starting?

Dont worry about terminology, I get things wrong too.  And I can't spell worth a damn!  So I work with a dictionary right beside me!

10 years ago
Meralyn thank you, I did the vignettes playing with my new software.  That  is a daffodil starting I thought that it made the perfect back ground.  You are not alone I can not spell either I love Google's toolbar because it has a spell check button I am afraid I am going to wear the poor thing out . 

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10 years ago

 You guys!!!! These are all great. Of course, I am a bit partial to close up work  But, Chrissy, you did a great job with those snow shots - so serene. Lila, why worry about words??? Everyone on this thread knows they are interchangeable - just ask Sunny!!  I have been spending alot of time with the family - they are only here another week and then will be gone for 3 years to Alaska. I wish I had been taking my camera on the road trips. So many gorgeous shots out there beginning to melt away. But, I am so looking forward to Spring!!

10 years ago

Thank you everyone for the nice comments on my pictures!!

Lila-You are so right Phoenix did not want to leave and it was tough getting her to comeback to me for her leash because she knew it was time to go!!


Cape Ferrelo, Oregon, Feb 08
10 years ago

Cape Ferrelo, Feb 08

This is a photo I took on my last hike with my friend to Cape Ferrelo which is about 12 - 14 mi's from where I live, further north.  An awsomely beautiful and very rugged area!  I will post more pix from this hike later.

Deb - thanks!  And where in Alaska is your family going?  I have a son living in Anchorage.

10 years ago

He's been stationed at the Army base in Fairbanks. They are talking about finding a place to live in North Pole. That shot is really pretty, Meralyn, and makes me miss Oregon so much!!

10 years ago

Wow Deb, living at the North Pole just doesn't sound possible!  I couldn't take Ancorage all year!  And thanks re pic.  I'm working on resizing a few pix that I shot of a memorial on the hill over-looking the ocean.  Its rather a spiratual place. 

Happy shooting everyone and take care!

Memorial at Cape Ferrelo, Or., Feb 08
10 years ago
MemorialatCapeFerrelore.jpg Memorial at Cape Ferrelo, Or, Feb 08 picture by merjonard
10 years ago

Meralyn your photos of Cape Ferrelo are wonderful.  I like the first one best it just draws you in.  Now I have a question where is everybody?   I guess I really can not say much since I have not posted in 2 days.

Here is anther crocus picture I took today I liked the profile best because you can see the flower and the buds but I thought that the close up was nice so I superimposed the close up on the profile.


10 years ago

Lila - Very beautiful work!  Love the clarity & color of the crocuses.

The Memorial shot was a leader for the other pix I took there of various plaques, jars and rocks that people had left in momory of their loved ones.  I do think its for more then one person.  I like the first shot best, too, this is just to show the Memorial site.  I'll try to get the others loaded and posted tomorrow.  And thanks. 

And - yeah, where IS everyone?!Maybe its the miserable winter weather?!

10 years ago

HI!! I am here. I just haven't had time to load new pics to care2 and then post. Meralyn - my son is going to live in a town called North Pole - not at THE North Pole . It is just outside Fairbanks and I've been told the weather is not as cold as Anchorage. Hi Lila!! Keep posting - I love seeing your art. When my house clears out I will be posting again. I miss everybody!!

10 years ago

Hi Deb, got quite a laugh out of the North Pole thing, LOL!  And thanks!

Chrissy - Your photos are great!  Thanks for sharing your trip with us and shots of your yard.  March came in rather confused here today, sleet and then sunshine than storming again !

Memorial Dedications at Cape Ferrelo
10 years ago

MemorialRockatCapeFerreloFeb08re.jpg Memorial Rock at Cape Ferrelo, Feb 08, re picture by merjonard

MemorialSiteVaseFeb08re.jpg Memorial Site Vase, Feb 08, re picture by merjonard

MemorialPlaqueCapeFerreloFeb08re.jpg Memorial Plaque, Cape Ferrelo, Feb 08, re picture by merjonard

These beautiful dedications were left by family members and friends at the beautiful site on a hill at Cape Ferrelo, Oregon.

10 years ago

Well, my post didn't go in, I'll try again!

Thanks Deb!  Got quite a laugh out of North Pole!  And thanks!

Chrissy - your pix are great!  Thanks for sharing with us!

10 years ago

Amazing photos everyone!! Wow!! You guys are all so good!

Meralyn, I teared up at those memorial pics. They are very touching.Just Beautiful!!!

10 years ago

Meralyn,I removed the one double post. Care2 has gone crazy with more glitches! Our posts keep disapearing, then re-apearing again!

10 years ago

Sandy - Thanks so much sweetheart!!!  Since my first post disappeared I re-posted, jeesh!!!

I was afraid the memorial shots would get to people, that's why I posted the warning.  And thank you there, too.

10 years ago

I am speechless.  We have so much talent here at the Cat Lover's board.  Thanks Lila for the offer.  Don't be surprised if you see one of your photos some where.  I will always try to give credit to the photographer.  I love your plants, or as Meralyn says, your macros. (?)  did I get that right.  And Meralyn the next sunny morning I want to use your dandelion to wake everyone up! 

Chrissy I love your snow pictures.  Really snow makes for a winter wonderland.  It just gets old fast when you live in it.  Is your dog a lab?


10 years ago

Looks like Chrissy and I had the same though today.

Out the front door

Mar 01-08

Out the back door

Mar 01-08 (2)

And not 15 minute later the sun was out.

Be back gotta go eat.

PS Sugar, a macro is another way to say  close-up

Better run the wife is yellin'!

10 years ago

Ah.. the true harbinger of spring, crocus in bloom.  It'll be a while before they come up in these parts though  Nice shot, and nice color.  Helps shake off the late winter blahs.

I was thinking once of putting up photos I took at the Vietnam War Memorial, but they can be a downer   I had taken a slight detour once on our way to Va Beach so I could look up someone.  For me it was a very upsetting thing, but then again it was personal

Hey Chrissy!  Cityscapes, cool.  I have some pics of the Boston skyline some where, but old scatter brain doesn't have the slightest idea where they are.  I took them from a whale watching boat out in the harbor.  Can't find the whales either.  Although it was  overcast at the tme  and it really didn't do them justice.  Of course the skyline if I recall was nice cause the sun came out on the way back into port. 

While I'm here,  Here's hummer I messed around with last year using that Serif photo program to give it the grainy look.

Hummer 02ars

Yup. the original was take with a Nikon film camera, 400mm lens @f5.6 with a 1.4x converter(=560mm @ f8)  on  a tripod.

10 years ago

Boy oh boy everyone was very busy to day.

Deb it is good to hear from you. I thought the "North pole" would be a great place to live having Santa for a neighbor and all.

Chrissy I love the photos from your trip thanks for sharing.

Meralyn the photos from the memorial site are very touching. It makes me wonder how it got started, I remember you saving that it was not all from one person.

Sunny your hummingbird is my favorite. I hope that the only snow I see for the rest of this year is here although last year it did snow in March so I am not safe yet.

With the problems care2 has been having I think I will wait until tomorrow or Monday to post new photos.

10 years ago

Oooh, Sunny! I'm loving that bird pic! The snow was are great too!!

Meralyn, If you are worried a post didn't go through, then go ahead by all means post again! It's not a problem to remove one of them. It only takes a second. I'd rather do that than lose one of your beautiful posts.

Hi lila!!

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10 years ago

Sandy - thanks so very much!  Your a doll!!!

Sunny - interesting snow scenes.  Do you want to know about our weather, ummm, dont think so!  Lovely hummy.

Lila - thanks.  Yes, I do believe the memorial is for more than one person.  Perhaps one person started it and others added to it.  We havn't been able to find out anything about it yet.

Good night all and I sure hope care2 gets its $hit together soon!!!

Wild Strawberry Blossom, March 1-08
10 years ago

WildStrawberryBlossomVigsigre.jpg Wild Strawberrry Blossom, Vig, sig, re picture by merjonard

Wild strawberry blossom, which in real life is quite tiny.  I found just a few yesterday on my walk and had to fight shadows, as it was fairly late in the afternoon.  I got down on my hands and knees to shoot this, bracing the camera against my knees, as I shot this on Super Macro, which is what its called on my camera.  It will focus as close as 1cm (o.4 in.), IF I can hold the camera steady, brace it, or use a tripod!  And yes, another name for macro shots is close-ups.  For some reason macro is easier for me to say.  Also Focus Field is easier for me to say then Depth of Field.  I really dont know which one is technically correct.  I am not a pro.

Great shooting everyone!   Keep it up !  And have a wonderful sunny Sunday so you can get out there!

10 years ago
I assume the Care2 gnomes are stealing your fine photos. I strolled back thru the thread and so many are missing... Sad... sorry folks - I look forward to appreciating more of your work!
10 years ago

Hi Kent - I surfed back thru the thread and didn't see any pix missing, strange!  But care2 IS DOING SOME STRANGE THINGS!!!  Thanks for your concern.

10 years ago
Oooh, that is beautiful, Meralyn!
10 years ago

Sandy.  Meralyn I love your wild strawberry.  It is so detailed great job.  In the spirit of wild flowers this is a violet that volunteer this year.  I guess a bird planted it because it sprouted in a pot that had not been used for them. 


10 years ago

Thank you very much ladies!

Lila - Love your flower!  Gorgeous color!  But I'm wondering if it coulkd be a pansy judging by its shape, color, and leaves?  The little ones, violas, look a great deal like violets.

10 years ago

Meralyn it could be a small pansy I thought she called it a violet.  Here is a couple of photos I have been trying to take of days.  Some times I have a very difficult time getting my camera to focus on what I want it to when I have it set to macro.  I do not have any manual settings.  One day I would love to get a new camera but I do not see that day being any time soon.



10 years ago

Hi lila! Wow! what great photos!  I love the color! It just pops out at you! Great work!

This thread has become one of my favorites here on Cat lovers. I always feel so good after coming here and seeing all this beauty. Thanks to all of you!

10 years ago

Hi everyone! Finally got a chance to upload a couple new photos of a sunset that had the most gorgeous colors. I played with aperture and speed to get a different look, then turned down highlights on the computer just a bit.




I really like your macros, Lila! Love the Hummers! The memorial close ups were really touching. I am with you Sandy. I love coming into this thread to see what  new photos the cat lovers have taken!!

10 years ago
Oh, Deb! Those are fantastic! How beautiful!
10 years ago

Today, Meralyn, they're not missing... This is a strange place...

INCREDIBLE sunsets, Deb - Thanks!

10 years ago

Oh boy.  All these beautiful colorful flowers and sunsets, and along I come to spoil it all with BLAH-ck and whites.  

I can't remember the name of the flower right now, I will come summer but it will be too late.  Anyway it looks just like a mini Pansy, so I'm kind of leaning toward Lila's as some sort of violet.  Just my  opinion not a botanical certainty for sure.

Gee I knew those sunsets had to be from that area of the country.   I was off the e east coast  exactly once in my life to AZ and they had gorgeous sunsets there.

Gee Meralyn where do you come off having  flowering wild strawberries.  I had wild strawberries when I first bought this place and they never bloomed.   But then like the violet, my neighbor told me that was what they  were so maybe they really weren't

On to the BLAH-ck & whites, or how to take the same  photo and make it look different each time.

(sorry 'bout the lousy scans)

Clinton Falls 03.jpg

Clinton Falls 02.jpg

Clinton Falls 07re.jpg

Enough of those.

On to closer views.

Clinton Falls 01.jpg

Clinton Falls 04.jpg

Hee, hee.  You guys go out to take photos, I rummage around the house.  Closets, empty bedrooms, shelves, the basement.

Taken in Clinton NJ in June 2001 and there should be color versions but  dip switch can't find them 

10 years ago

Sunny you are so funny! I love your posts!

And, the pics are fantastic! I dont find them "Blah" at all!

10 years ago

FANTASTIC FOTOS EVERYONE!!!    I love the macro work, the sunsets, and the blk & wh's are NOT blah!!!  SUPER WORK GUYS & GALS!!!  Keep em com'n!!! 

I'm trying out the new Fuji S8000!  Havn't made up my mind whether it is better than my Konika Minolta Dimage Z6 or not even though it has 8MP and get this, 18 opticals!!!  Its small, very light weight, ergonomically good in my female hand, but  -----  we'll see.  I called Harry and told him I had found it today (on sale!) and he roared right out here and we took it on a walk in a freezing North wind on the fields and beach, brrr!!!  I may post something from it for your interest.

P.S.  Violets have rounder leaves. I'm a gardener but not an expert.

10 years ago
Meralyn! Congrats on your new camera! SmileyCentral.comCant wait to see those pics!
10 years ago

Beautiful pictures! Meralyn, at the risk of sounding stupid, what are the memorials for in the Cape Ferrelo pictures?

just call me stupid!
10 years ago

Meralyn, the new camara sounds great - call me stupid, though - what is meant by 18 opticals?? 

Sunny, I did the same thing with my sunset - that is the same pic - just really close up on first one, and then cropped a small corner out of it for the last one. I've got lots of shots of the sunset in different stages, too, though. It was radiant, and I ran into the house, got the camara, set it up and just started pushing the button. The colors changed so fast. Your BWs are not blah!! I really like the close up of the water wheel.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I like to share something that was so beautiful - no one in my family appreciates photography or gets excited over a sunset.

10 years ago

Alright girls!  Listen up!  Neither of you are stupid, OK?!

Amy - The memorials were dedicated to loved ones lost, thru accidental death or old age, I do not know.  Harry & I havn't found out anything about that yet.  It is just a way for those left behind to express their love, grief, and loss.

Deb - I'm sorry no one in your family likes or appreciates photography.  Just come in here, we love you and your work! 

The opticals in a camera, digital, are what comprise the telephoto power.  I'm sure Sunny could explain this much better than I, and hopefully he will - HEY SUNNY!?  My little Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 that I've been using, has 12 opticals which is the equivalency of 420 zoom in a 35mm film camera.  It is 6 MP.  This new Fuji S8000 is 8 MP and has 18 opticals which is equal to approx 500mm in a 35 mm film camera.  That would be one heck of a big zoom lens on a film camera!  Now we'll see what the resolution is like with that much zoom?!  You lose some resolution with a long zoom in digital cameras.

I hope this helps?  Gotta hit the sack now, worn out from all this excitment!  God I love getting my hands on a new cameral!!!  Sweet dreams all! 

10 years ago

That's really cool, Meralyn, I thought maybe something happened there that I should have known about and didn't.

My son and I made a stepping stone in honor of my dad and put it out by our garden and we keep flowers on that....neither one us can stand to go to the cemetary, it kills us both, so we decided he really was here with us more than he was at that cemetary, so we just made a memorial at home for him. 

10 years ago

HummiesfemalesfightingFujireMar5-08.jpg Hummies, females fighting, Fuji, re picture by merjonard

Hummy females fighting.  They are not breeding!  I had four or five fighting over the feeder this morning, early! I believe these two nasty little witches are Allen's hummingbirds.  I shot this thru my filthy kitchen window with the new Fuji camera, which I'm testing out. I havn't made up my mind on it yet.

Thanks Amy, and I agree with you wholeheartedly!  The cemetery is NOT where are loved ones are!  Lovely idea you had for your dad.

I welcome any & all opinions on this photo, too. 

10 years ago

Meralyn - thanks for the info about opticals and putting it into 35mm talk!! That I can understand!! I kind of thought it had something to do with the zoom, but wasn't sure. I like the hummer photo! The clarity is good - the feeder itself is super sharp, so it looks like it focused on it and not the hummers - but, they could be just a bit fuzzy because they were moving?? Can't wait to see more from it.

10 years ago

  An 18X optical zoom and no digital  How cool is that?!! 

Here read all about it:

Most are 3x optical and 4 x digital equals 16X.  But is you don't have a  lot of pixels to play with that 4 x digital can ruin a photo  My first diggie was only 2 mega-pixels with a 5X digital zoom.  Translation= Useless  In reality it could only be used in it's widest setting or the photos would show the pixels  Actually a lot of my food picture are still being taken with it.  And how's this for macro 12 inches!  My Canon goes down to .39 in super macro.   Which reminds me, didn't someone ask something about macros???  Darn, I can't recall if I answered it, but macro or as Nikon only calls it micro, and trust me that confuzzled me for a while also, is just the ability to focus very close in.

OH!  There was something about Depth Of Field (DOF) too right?  I'm not a 100% certain if it's still called that since I heard (saw) the term Depth of VIEW being batted about a few years ago.  Seems VIEW is more politically correct these days than FIELD.   And you know we need to be politically correct so some 3rd grader will not come home one day all confused

Anywho. DOF has to do with the area of focus (view)that will actually be in focus at a particular f stop.  The smaller the f stop, which is actually the larger the number, yup f8 is smaller than f2.8, the more area, depth wise,  the lens will keep clear and focused.  Confused yet  Questions??  Ask you'll never learn if you don't ask.  I can even explain, and in English no less, what Hyper Focal Length is

And Deb don't feel too bad about the family.  Mine doesn't have any interest either.  Not even allowed to  have anything enlarged and framed and hung on the walls.  They are "dust collectors"  Thats also why they are still in the envelopes they came in.  No one want to look at them.  And I'd rate your sunsets a lot more interesting they changed as the coulds moved, My blah-ck & whites, just lay there like lump.  I really need to find the color versions  I  do like the wheel though too.

And Meralyn could you please return my hummingbird feeder.  Although I have another 2 months before I see a bud like Lila's in these parts, so no hummers until very late April early May.

Hummers are b-i-itch.  They fight with each other all the time.  You wonder how they ever mate    That's cool shot with them at each other   I don't think Ive ever seen two of them that close  before.  Well except in flight where they try to knock each other out.  They're like Harry Potter and the gang playing Quidich

Oops.  Way too long.

10 years ago

Hi Sunny - Nope, its not too long, its greatly appreciated. I am fighting insomnia again!  I'll be posting some pix of flowers in a day or two after I get them edited, from my new camera, which I've not decided to keep.  I may return it and send for the new Panasomic to test out.

Yes - Female hummies can be little bitch-es and the males SOB'S, extremely aggessive!  I've caught two in my hands down south to stop their fighting, boy did that shock the little buggers!!!  I'm having to fill their feeders constantly right now as they're migrating!  And they'res one little female stuck in my shop, up too high for me to get, hopefully she will find her way out, it breaks my heart!

I need a High Speed card for this camera, I think, at least that's what my friend, Harry, says!?

I've had a small glass of wine, now going to try to go back to bed and sleep! 

Talk to ya later, Meralyn   P.S.  Hopefully when my brain IS working!?

Redwood Violet
10 years ago

RedwoodVioletWildFujiPicSigreMar5-0.jpg Redwood Violet, Wild, Fuji, Sig, re, Mar 5-08 picture by merjonard

Wild Redwood Violet, photographed with the Fuji S8000 camera that I'm trying out.  I sharpened this a little and also enhanced a bit, but not much.  The camera did a pretty good job, the problem is me!  I can't hold the camera steady when squating down low enough to shoot these beautiful little violets!

10 years ago
Wow, Meralyn! Gorgeous photo! And, I really like the hummie pic too! Beautiful shooting!!
10 years ago

Cool shot Meralyn, but then again when haven't you shown up with the cool stuff 

Sorry to hear about the in-so-mania.  I can relate, I was at the docs Monday and got a script for 90 Ambien CR's.  That should hold me for  awhile, that is once I actually get them (mail order).  Meanwhile he gave me samples of Lunesta

Which Panasonic are you looking into??  In an odd way I'm glad you are thinking  at another camera.  Too many people  buy cameras then find out  they aren't suitable to what they want to use them for.  An 18X it great for  sports since  it can bring  everything in close, but is it also the answer to macro's which you do a lot of.  Are there  trade offs involved? is weight a factor?   Is the macro better in one than the other?  all questions you  have to  consider when you buy a digital or a new lens for  an SLR or DSLR.

A few years ago I got my daughter Kim an Olympus digital that was a good all around camera at the time.  A friend of mine, the one that does those  collages for me and added the bunny ears to my avatar was also looking for a camera so since I got Kim the Olympus she figured she would get the same  one for herself.  To say the least it didn't work out for  her since  she did a lot of macros and the Olympus couldn't get  the close ups she wanted.  It suited Kim fine, but was near useless for  my friend needs.   Although part of it was due to an error in the Olympus  specs.  They  converted centimeters to inches wrong on the  macro end. The specs were wrong in the owners book and on their website.   The centimeter distance was correct, but the inches was far more than it said.  That's when I found this site,   Handy to say the least.

Longer story short, she wrote Olympus pointed out their error, and they eventually swapped the camera for one that really could do  macros.  I think she  paid a little more for it but not the full difference since it was a higher priced camera, but it was their mistake.

10 years ago

Deb I love your sun sets. My family is not to interested in my photos either. My Dad likes photography but he is more in to landscapes. I only show them an occasional shot, when I think I have got something really great.

Sunny I love your B&Ws I never was big on B&W but now I am seeing it appeal.

Meralyn congratulation on the new camera. I love the violet (now I see the difference in a violet and a viola), the hummingbird picture is great. If you still have that one trapped what we have done a few times is cover the windows and open the door and the bird will naturally head for the light hope this helps.

Here are some daffodil pictures I took:



10 years ago

How pretty, Lila! What great pics! Just look at that color too! Wow!

10 years ago

WOW Lila - great daffy shots!  I love what you've done with them, too.  And thanks.  Unfortunately I have a fiberglass roof on my shop, and adjoining garage ,and the poor little bird-brains see the light coming thu it and think that's the way out!  Sometimes they figure it out, sometimes they get tangled in cobwebs and I can then reach them, clean them off and set them free, but sometimes Smokey gets them.  Its sad but not much I can do except keep the doors shut except when it gets too hot in there in the summer.

Great shooting gang!  Keep it up! 

Sunny, I can't remember the name of the Panasonic camera that I want to try, and I loaned the mag to my friend.  Thanks for the site, I'll check it out.  Harry says I need a high-speed card for the Fuji to get high-speed shots out of it, like sports!  Hmmm?!

10 years ago
10 years ago
Meralyn one more thought with your hummingbird problem,  I got Cookie a laser pointer and the package listed other animals that play with them birds was on the list along with fish that one still puzzles me.  Back to the subject at hand if birds do play with them maybe you can lead it to safety.
10 years ago
Lila sweetie, thanks, but she is gone.  I dont know whether she got out on her own or not, really dont want to think about it too much.  Sweet dreams!  P.S.  I have held them in my hands, a gift from God!
10 years ago

VincaFujisigMar5-08re.jpg Vinca, Fuji, sig, Mar 5-08, re picture by merjonard

Vinca or Periwinkle - a lovely ground cover that I photographed at Lone Ranch beach park.  The rocky knoll, or tor, with the patch of daffodils sits above this place.  And above that, on a very high hill, is the memorial.

This was shot with the Fuji camera that I'm testing out.  I sharpened this a tiny bit but no enhancement.  Not bad!

10 years ago
Meralyn I love the periwinkle, it is very captivating some photos just hold your attention longer than others.  Hopefully I can get out side today and get some new photos, it is such a beautiful day and I have so much I have to do inside.
10 years ago

Care2 has just been sooooooooo much fun lately! Anyone else get locked out of the site??

I love coming in here to find all these gorgeous flowers! Lila, your daffodil shots are really pretty and Meralyn - that little vinca/periwinkle is a beautiful shot!

Sunny, your B/W's are not blah - they are artistic, to say the least. I am so glad we have all been able to come together on this thread seeing as how our family's are not into photography!! 

Here's a red tail hawk that was circling above me last year. I took this on a 35 mm and scanned it so clarity isn't great.


10 years ago

Hi Meralyn, Another stunning pic! Just love that color too!

Hi Deb! Great pic!!!

10 years ago

Deb - Great shot of the Red-tailed Hawk!  Lucky you!  I can never catch up with birds in flight with my digital camera, frustrating to say the least!

And thanks ladies!  P.S.  I'm doing my insomnia hing, have got to go back to bed and try to get some sleep!  Good nite!

10 years ago

Thanks Meralyn - the shot wasn't that great, itself, but the idea that he was so close to me was really neat! Here's one I took at a car race - this guy just sort of came out of nowhere!


10 years ago

WOW DEB!  What a wonderful photo!  And yes, I feel that way when I can get shots of birds, too!  Usually at a distance and although I have a fairly powerful zoom in my dig cam the photos lose resolution so rather grainy, but its still exciting!  Keep up the great work!

I have others to share but have to re-size, load and post, really tedious to say the least!!!

Hey everyone, get out there shooting !

Wild Strawberry Blossom, March 1-08
10 years ago

WildStrawberryBlossomFujisigreMar7-.jpg Wild Strawberry Blossom, Fuji, sig, re, Mar 7-08 picture by merjonard

This strawberry blossom pic I took with the Fuji I'm trying out.  The camera does fantastic macro work but I dont think this photo is quite as good as the other one I posted shot with my Konica Minolta.

10 years ago

Meralyn, Ray bought me a camera.  It is a Sony Cybershot.  I took one picture of Annie and downloaded it and here it is....

Annie getting older

I can't wait to take some more with it!  Tomorrow my house work will suffer.....I spent all afternoon reading the directions and wow....there are sure enough.  I can do the basics right now.  I can't wait to take one at the night setting with no flash.  I can't imagine what it looks like.

My Annie is getting older, the white on her muzzle and on her toes.  Also she has a few white hairs here and there from all her surgeries.  She used to be solid black.  One thing I noticed with this picture, usually Annie without strong light is just a big blob.  This was taken without any flash and there is a hint of detail.  So that's good.


10 years ago

CONGRATULATIONS SUGAR!!!  HURRAY!  And your photo of Annie is great!  Great hubby you've got there, too!!!

P.S.  What model Cyber Shot is it? 

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10 years ago

Congrats Sugar!!! Now you can join us on this thread and become a photo nut!!

Meralyn - I tend to agree with you about the other picture taken with your other camara but, I still like the photo from the newer one. The other seemed more crisp.

It is finally warming up in our neck of the woods, but with all the snow we had, no I have nothing but mud and dirty snow everywhere! I'll keep looking for old photos of mine that I can scan until we get some green around here!

10 years ago

Work was CRAZY this weekend and my co-workers were crazier so I was to tired to even turn on my computer when I got home I would just crash but to day was much better.

Deb I to can never get a bird in flight other than hummingbirds. I love the sky diver you nailed that one, it is simply beautiful.

Meralyn I love your strawberry I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite version.

Sugar congratulations on the new camera Ann looks like a sweat hard she reminds me of one off our dogs.

I got home in time to get my camera out and there are lots of daffodils blooming now I will post more tomorrow there are all kinds and lots more that have not even started to bloom.


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