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10 years ago

Link is to last thread.

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10 years ago

DogwoodBlossominG.jpg Dogwood Blossom in G.P. Pk,07,re picture by merjonard

A new thread everyone!  Thanks Donna!  I guess this is #7?

Dogwood blossom is the original photo I took last year in the park in Grants Pass, Oregon, while poor Harry was being tortured in the dentist's chair!

Happy shooting everyone and have fun filling up this thread!

10 years ago

Meralyn, this picture was taken by Ray through the family room window.  I think the flash came on and made a misty look.  He likes the camera too.

Ray's deer

I am going to open a window sometime soon to get some pictures of the squirrels, but it is too cold right now!

I mentioned in the chit chat thread that I didn't take my camera with me on Tom's walk and I was sorry.  I saw a slow moving snake and some teeny white flowers on the hillside.


10 years ago

Sugar - Even though Ray's photo of the deer is misty its lovely!  I think its wonderful that he likes the camera, too.  It is a shame you forgot to take it with you on your walk but you can go out again.  I've done that several times and always kick myself later because it seems that those are the times I see something terrific!

Is your knee better now since you could go walking?  I hope so!  And thanks for sharing with us, too.

I got a few pix on the hike yesterday, but most of them I didn't like and I was having problems with my arthritis so couldn't seem to hold the dang camera steady!  It makes me mad!!!

10 years ago

I have been busy this week and have not had a lot of time to do much of any thing.  I just finished reading the last thread and there is to much for me to address each photo individually so I will say wow amazing work every one.  I hope to have new photos ready to post tomorrow.

Meralyn I love the dogwood the ones here are not booming yet which means we are not done with the snow almost every year it snows on the dogwoods.  Strange but true, only in VERY dry years dose it seem to miss them.

Sugar the misty look from the flash on the glass gives your deer a dreamy look.

OK this is totally off topic, Meralyn my sister also has arthritis she was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis in the 5th grade.  She is like you and dose not lit it stop her.  A friend told her a old home remedy of sorts is to take 2 spoons of honey every day.  She says this works better than ibuprofen Aleve or any thing else she has tried.  I have a bad knee so I tried it after a week or two I could tell the difference it keeps the nagging pain at bay (it lets me know when I miss a dose).

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10 years ago

Lila!! It is so good to hear from you. Thanks for the info to Meralyn about the honey for pain. How big a spoonful?? Like a tablespoon? I'm like you and have been too busy to really get photos and post much. Maybe in the next couple of days I will be able to get some. I just hope that Sunny doesn't delete them. he he he   Sugar, what a neat picture of the doe. You are so lucky that they come into picture taking range! And please tell Ray we'd love to see more of his photos!!! Glad he feels up to taking them and is having some fun with that camara. 

10 years ago

Thanks for the compliments on Ray's deer.  I will tell him and maybe that will encourage him to take even more.  A new hobby maybe?

Lila, I wonder if the honey would help my knee?  I just might try it too!  I know honey is good for many things.  So thanks for the hint!


10 years ago

Greetings everyone - Sugar, yes, it would be good for Ray to develope an interest in photography and we'd love to see his pix.  Harry has some neat ones of shore birds and I'm going to ask him if I can post a few in Alyssa's Wildlife thread.  I have before and Sandy was asking for more.  He spends a lot of time in an area where the birds hang out, they have become used to him so he can get close enough to shoot them, with a camera, LOL!

Lila - thanks for the info on honey.  I'll try that and my question, too, what size spoonfull?  I've heard vinegar helps too, but I forget.  Honey would be easier as I love it and use it on my yogurt.  Especially lately as the antibiotics for the dang spider bite messed up my system!

I have some pix resizing and loading and must go get them now to share with you-all.  HAPPY SHOOTING!  P.S.  My new camera may be here today, I'm so excited!

10 years ago

HouserockOverlookviewofWhalesheadMa.jpg Houserock Overlook view of Whaleshead, Mar 22-08 picture by merjonard

Houserock Overlook looking north to Whaleshead beach in the background.  I had a lot of trouble with the camera that day as it was hazy and the camera wouldn't focus very well, also lighting was a big problem.  The pic looked good on the camera screen but dark, gloomy, and poor color when loaded!  So I sharpened a little (it went a bit grainy!) and enhanced a bit to bring up the greens, consequently ending up with a little yellowish cast to the sky!  But when I backed off on both I didn't like it, either!  So what ya see is what ya get, LOL!  It does give you an example of the fantastic, rugged beauty of our Northwest area.

ManzanitaBlossomHouseRockTrailMar22.jpg Manzanita Blossom, House Rock Trail, Mar 22-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Manzanita blossom.  There was a small manzanita bush growing on the south slope of the Overlook next to the trail.  I was surprised to find it there as manzanita likes a warmer, dryer area.  But this side is protected from the cold north wind and gets quite a bit of sun.  There were quite a few wildflowers blooming there, also.  The south trail zig-zags down the steep hill and then along the mountainside to Cape Ferrelo, a rather rugged trail.  It just about totalled me but didn't faze mountain goat Harry!

10 years ago

Hi all first off I just use a regular teaspoon but the great thing is this is one medicine you cant take to much of good thing because I love it with peanut butter.  The thing to remember is be patient you do not see results over night.

Now here are the new photos I promised.


2 more

A couple more varieties of daffodils and there are still more ready to bloom.

10 years ago
Lila - Great shots of the daffodils!  They are so beautiful.  Also, thanks for the info on the honey, if I can remember I'll give it a try.  And good for your sister for not letting her arthritis stop her from living!  Really rough having it from childhood!
Panasonic DMC-FZ18 Camera Test Pix, March 24-08
10 years ago

PanasonictestPicHarrysCrMar24-08re.jpg Panasonic test Pic, Harry's Cr,Mar 24008,re picture by merjonard

Creek on Harry's property.  Auto, 60/3.2  ISO 100.

SmwaterfallfastshutterSpeed500-32-3.jpg Sm waterfall,fast shutter 500-3.2-320,re picture by merjonard

Close-up of small waterfall.  Fast shutter speed (Sports setting), 500/3.2  ISO 320.

Smwaterfallslowshuter30-32-100re.jpg Sm waterfall, slow shuter, 30-3.2-100,re picture by merjonard

Close-up of small waterfull, slow shutter speed (manual), 30/3.2  ISO 100.  Too much white-out at bottom of photo!

These photos were taken down in the gully at the back of Harry's property, very beautiful area with ferns, myrtle wood trees, and alders.  Shady, no sun.

This Panasonic camera has twice the shutter speed of my little Konica Minolta and handles these situations much better.  I tried the slow shutter speed settings with the Minolta and it grossly over-exposed the shot!

I didn't boost the lighting as I wanted to see what the camera could do on these settings.

10 years ago

Meralyn those photos are amazing you did a great job and the camera appears to take wonderful photos the clarity is amazing.  I am eagerly awaiting more.

10 years ago

Meralyn I am impressed AGAIN!  Oh what a beautiful spot and you captured it wonderfully!  You, the location and the camera are winners!


10 years ago

Here are some new pictures I imagine that everyone is getting tired of my daffodils so I am giving you a break.

s. g.

This is a snow glory it is supposed to bloom before the crocus but always blooms of the the daffodils.


I posted thees on the last thread but the picture was not that good I finley tricked my camera in to doing what I wanted it to and got a good photo.

10 years ago

 Lila!  That white flower, some kind of Lilly?, is very beautiful but that last one, the purple flower, is just out of this world!  Great shooting and good for you for tricking your camera into cooperating!

And thanks ladies!

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10 years ago
Meralyn I do not think that it is a Lily all I know is it is called a "Snow Glory" or "Glory Of The Snow".  I did find the Latin name "Chionodoxa luciliae Alba".  You are a gardener so you know what this means, I am hopeless.  Thank you for your comments, I wish that I knew what the purple flower was.  Maybe some day if I find the time I will go through our wild flower books and then we will all know.
10 years ago

Lila, I love the little purple guys!! The snow glory(?) is beautiful, too, but there is something about the purple ones - just love them. Meralyn, I like the 3rd one if only the bottom wasn't that white. Love the way the water looks. Looks like a nice camera!! I walked a bit today, and almost got down on the ground to take a photo of a blade of grass because that is the only thing with any color growing around here!!  But then I decided that was a bit too desparate.  I will be taking the train ride from Durango to Silverton next week!! Hopefully, I'll get some good shots. I've been told it is gorgeous.

10 years ago

Meralyn, these flowers were so little I didn't even know there was red in the center.....they were on the hillside next to a fallen tree.

flowers 2  3 25 08.jpg

flowers 3 25 08.jpg


10 years ago

Sugar - Those little flowers are gorgeous!  I wonder what they are?  I've never seen anything like them before!  Did you shoot them on macro?  The camera really did a great job in the first pic.

Deb - thanks, I agree on the white-out.  That's a problem with a lot of digital cameras.  This one takes great pix when I can figure out how to use it, the menu is really confusing and its not like I havn't used other digital and film cameras before!  Its frustrating!  I'm going to have Harry look at it as I can't understand the directions in the manual, either!

10 years ago

Hi Meralyn I don't know what happened with the second picture.  I had it set on macro, because I am not kidding, those flowers are very little.  I wish I had put something beside them to show that.  They are all along the trail in one section.  I don't know what they are.

Well I am so very sleepy, I think I will do the dishes and go to bed very early today.


10 years ago

CherryBlossomPanenhanMar25-08sigre.jpg Cherry Blossom,Pan,enhan,Mar 25-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Ornamental Cherry Blossom - Taken with the Panasonic camera on macro, yesterday, March 25, 2008.  I sharpened this a tad bit and cropped a little.

Sugar - I'm having trouble with the macro on this new camera, too!  Sometimes it works for me and sometimes not!  Dont know why, its more complicated than my little Minolta, I've got to learn more and practice more but the weather will NOT cooperate, its just $hitty!!!

Is there anyone around you that might be able to identify the itty-bitty beauties?  Gotta run, Harry's cooking dinner for me again tonight.  Ulteriour motive, nah, not Harry!, LOL!!!

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10 years ago

I don't know, is it safe??We had a  lot of incoming missiles from Colorado hit this area in the past few days.  wonder why.

We're still waiting for our daffy's to come up  here, so I'm really enjoying seeing Lila's work.  It's not only pleasant to  see but it tells me it won't be long now  I like those little pumple guys too.  April couldn't  pronounce purple when she was a tike so I've called it pumple every since.

Meralyn I like the  slow shutter speed on the   falls best.  Of course this is my own personal point of view but it just doesn't look right  for water  to be standing still on a  water fall no matter  the size of the falls.

Yeah aren't the manuals getting harder and harder to understand.?  I though computer ship were supposed to make things easier to  operate.  I get little  boxes in my screen, anywhere from one to 4 of them and no where in the manual does it tell you what the boxes mean!  And they can be like anywhere. Haven't a clue  why.  It's not a focus point either, that I'm certain of.

Sugar I would attribute the blur in the second shot camera shake, as in  the camera wasn't held as steady as in the  first picture.  You have to  take into consideration how close you are to the  subject, the closer you are the more steady the camera has to be or the faster the  shutter speed in order to freeze movement.  Same when you use the zoom.  And tell Ray to  keep up the good work.

Meanwhile I wasn't exactly sleeping so here's a African Violet or  two for the collection.

African Violet 03-22-08 (7)

I just took all the color out of this one.

African Violet 03-22-08 (2)

And guess what?  I can crop them and blow them up  without pixelating.  Thank you Deb for reminding me I wasn't using my old 2 meg camera anymore and that I had 8 megs and SUPER FINE to work with.  This just  does not work with a 1600x1200 image.  But a 3200, no problem.  Deb.

African Violet 03-22-08 (7)crop

One more of the violet

African Violet 03-22-08 (1)

And just  for fun, another view from the pillow.   Were I spend entirely too much of my time

The View

And come on Amy, get that camera out, I know you can do it.  Doesn't matter how expensive a camera is, it's the nut  behind the  viewfinder that  takes the photo.   And I'll prove it to you , next time around.

10 years ago

This is something that I wanted to share with you, i know the picture is not so good but well. It is a tree at my house  and it never blossomed like that it used to have a parasite hanging all over and this year the parasite gave this beautiful yellow flowers, the workers told me it happens every 2 years, so I guess last time I missed it or it didn't happen. It lasts only 5 days and the leafs start to fall, i didn't have my camera when the leafs flew, it was so beautiful that when i saw it i got the goose bumps  (misspelled?).

Imagen 080.jpg

Imagen 081.jpg

I wish i was one of you so I could have taken great pics of this beautiful tree, but you got the idea, right?


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10 years ago
Hi Sunny & Lilianna - Wonderful Pix!  I'm going to put off commenting till tomorrow as I'm exhausted this evening! I went ona shoot with Harry up the coast, had lunch at Gold Beach Harbor, then on the way back we did a 2 mi hike on a cape, or groan!  I'm beat!  I'll talk to ya tomorrow and try to edit and load a few pix for ya.  Good night all.
10 years ago

Wow - Sunny - that sounds really dangerous! Missiles?? From Colorado?? Please be careful while out on your photo shoots, okay? I just felt like  posting something from my GARY period, but I did it in an antique instead.  


Wanted it to look real old - it is actually the tire swing my kids played on when we lived in GP, Oregon. I guess it is old, come to think of it! I scanned the original and then antiqued.

I have noticed that the manuals are harder to read/understand, too. Can't help but wonder if it is age or just the way they are written??!!  Sheesh, Sunny - I don't doubt that your camera is a hard one to get to know - with a computer ship built right in!!  I just love your typos! Please don't take my joking as any kind of an insult!!!  Your little African Violet was wonderful!  You are most welcome for the suggestion - glad you were able to use it.

Meralyn, I do not know how you do it, girl??!! Gorgeous pics, 2 mile hikes, dinner with Harry, and who knows what later - all in the same day!  You GO girl!

Liliana, that tree is beautiful! And I saw nothing wrong at all with the pic itself. Keep taking pics and posting, okay?

10 years ago

Thanks everyone for the comments on my purple or umm.. pimple flowers.

Sugar those are interesting little flowers

Meralyn I love that Chery blossom your new camera seems to be amazing.

Sunny the African Violets are fabulous. I have a question what kind of camera do you have?

Amy Sunny is right my camera is a 4 mega pixel 3X zoom and dose not have any of the features that are standard on most cameras today it is about 4 years old and I don't let that stop me.

Lilana that is beautiful please feel free to post any photos you like we would love to see them.

Deb your Gary periods have produced some fantastic work. I am looking forward to seeing some of your more colorful work.

As for camera manuels be glad that your camera came with a full manuel my Dad just got a Kodak Z712IS and it came with a getting started guide that was about 10 pages you had to view the manual online. Let me tell you that one did not go down well with him. Although I am the one who should have been throwing the fit he dose not like electronics so I had to figure the thing out then show him wile he having a hissy fit.

Please forgive me if this post looks like Sunny typed it my fingers want to move in the wrong order you should have seen it before spell check.



10 years ago

Lila -   . . . as if Sunny typed it!  Love your Daffys!! They're beautiful! Thanks/re GARY period work. I'll post some color after the 3rd when I've gone on the Silverton train.

10 years ago

Wow, what great pictures....The ornamental cherry blossom, Daffys, violets, beautiful trees (a great picture of your special tree Liliana!) and all the other great pictures.  Sunny, violets should be blooming here soon, hope, hope.  We have several colors of them blooming everywhere.  I do try to keep them out of the flower beds because they just take over.

We had a break in the rain yesterday so I snapped some more pictures of my deer in the early evening.

Deer watching across the creek

Chowing Down

It's Shedding Time

And here are some Ray took from the back door on the deck.  He took them yesterday.

deer 2  3 26 08.jpg

deer 3 26 08.jpg

deer 3  3 26 08.jpg

Eventually we will have different things to practice taking pictures.  Right now the deer are the prettiest thing around here.

Sunny some time I will take a picture of what I see as I open my eyes.  I can't do it when I really wake up because it is dark outside!  I will go back to bed sometime when it is daylight.

I hope I haven't bored anyone with all of these.


10 years ago

I forgot to ask, can anyone tell which is the young buck?


10 years ago

Sugar,how are you and Ray doing? About your knee, if you have eucaliptus,make a strong tea, let it cool, mix some drops with honney and clay in powder, spread it on your knee and let it stand for about 15m. Wash it and put anny hydratant creme as the clay get your skinn quite dry; the best time would be when you go to bed. I hope it helps...

 I think the youngster is the first on the left?...

10 years ago

Hi Sugar - those are great pics! I sure can't tell which is the buck. Unless they've got their antlers or are older, they all look like does to me!!  Here, if we feed deer like that we'd get the book thrown at us. Not legal at all, so we rarely get them up close to us. Except at night - then we'll catch them up by the house but as soon as they hear us they take off.

10 years ago

Hi gang - I'm moving a little slowly today, brain isn't much better, but not all due to the hike yesterday, didn't sleep well last night.

Sugar - I think Sunny's violet pix are of an indoor African Violet.  Great deer pix.  A suggestion for Ray, lean against the door frame and steady the camera against it.  I'm having to do these things, too. I'd say the buck is the little guy with the bumps on his forehead?!  Great pix and thanks so very much for sharing and please tell Ray that, OK!?  We want more from him, too!

We found some beautiful tiny purple (ultramarine blue) flowers mixed in with the yellow violets yesterday on the Cape Sabastion trail.  Harry got some super shots, mine were blurry!  DAMN!!!  I'm having a hard time steadying the camera, more so the older I get, too!  I need to take something along but most tripods wont go that low and a bag of rice is just another pound to pack!

Great daffodils!  Good for you not letting the camera stop you Lila!  Your doing a wonderful job and thanks for sharing with us.

"Nuff from this old bag, but yeah, "YOU GO GIRL", Thanks Deb, your a sweetheart!  And yeah, it IS a pain in the arse as that is where it hits the mostest!!!  But -

I hope I havn't skipped anyone or anything.?!  I'll come back in later and re-check.  I'm trying to get my pix edited, resized, and loaded, jeesh, another royal pain in the keester!!!

Great shooting all and keep up the good work!!!

10 years ago

CherryBlossomsintheRainPanMar28-08s.jpg Cherry Blossoms in the Rain, Pan, Mar 28-08, sig,re picture by merjonard

Ornamental Cherry Blossom in the Rain.  Panasonic photo, taken this morning in the rain.  I shot this from my little back porch, to protect the camera, used the tele-macro lens, tree is a couple yards from the porch, and it was raining!  This is straight out of the camera, no sharpening nor enhancement of any kind.

10 years ago

You picked out the yearling buck Meralyn!  He is the third picture down with the little bumps in front of his ears.  I think the rest of the yearlings are does.  The mama's to be will soon be going into hiding to have the new crop.  It's that time of the year.  I should have recognized the African violets.  I have 2 of those, but they aren't blooming right now.  They will probably bloom about the time my yard violets start.  Your blossoms are beautiful!  The raindrops enhance the flower.  Also the way the weight of the rain pulls the flowers into a hanging configuration!

Isabel I only have the honey or I would try it tonight.  I thank you for the suggestion and for being so thoughtful.

Hi Deb, I am so glad I get to feed my deer.  They are so fun to watch.  Is it a legal or just a neighborhood thing that you would be in trouble with if you fed them?  I know in some neighborhoods now you can't even hang out the laundry!  And there is a push to save energy!  Hah!


10 years ago

Sugar your deer are great we used to feed them to until they got to tame and demanding I actually had one chase me because I was getting the mail not feeding her. Now they come around once and a wile and that is good they were getting destructive they even took the rags off our pipes on our pump to make a bed, and they were getting in our garbage we were blaming the pore cats and dogs in the neighborhood.

Meralyn wow that is a amazing photo. So far are you happy with your new camera?

Here is a photo I took a couple of days ago I finally got it edited to suit me and after fighting with care 2 for hours  I gave up and used Picasa. I wanted to lighted the moon some and could not get along with Serif's dodging so I used the eraser and just turned the opacity way down. It worked.


10 years ago

Lila - Wow, neat photo & effect!  You really did a good job with it.  I'm fairly satisfied with the new camera 'cept for the seascapes but Harry's big, more advanced Fuji, didn't do well, either.  The lighting & atmospheric conditions were not good.  I have till Monday to make up my mind.  I'm getting it figured out better and getting some pretty interesting and good pix with it.  Took a few last night of Bella playing with a ball and I'm going to post them in their own thread when I get them down-sized and loaded.

And thanks ladies re blossom pic.  Have a great Saturday and happy shooting!

Hummy, Male Allen's, March 27, 2008
10 years ago

HummyPansigre.jpg Hummy, Pan, sig, Mar 08,re picture by merjonard

I shot this little guy outdoors, leaning against the crabapple tree, to steady the camera, in which the feeder is hung. Used the sports setting (fast shutter speed) and the tele-macro.  I was surprised, as well as very pleased, with the wonderful detail the Panasonic grabbed!

10 years ago
!!!!!!!! Meralyn, tell us more about this Panasonic? What a gorgeous shot!!
10 years ago

Lila - that night shot of the moon is really pretty!!!! I keep trying to get one, but I need to get out my tripod and keep it outdoors so I don't lose my shot when I see it. Meralyn - I forgot to say how much I love that cherry blossom!! How'd the background get so dark?

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10 years ago

Your camera is doing great Meralyn!  Thanks for reminding me of the sports setting.  I can use that around here.  The Hummer is gorgeous!  I am going to have to lean agains something for lots of my pictures!

Here are a couple of pictures of Thanksgiving Cactus which are still blooming.  They bloom just about all year.

Red Cactus.jpg

I will have more later, incoming phone call!


10 years ago

Sugar - Very beautiful shot of the cactus blossom!  Mine didn't last long, it only blooms once a year.  Books, camera bag, or whatever in the house help keep a camera steady, too, especially if you dont have a tripod yet, like me LOL!  Harry has one but I can't run into town to borrow it all the time.  I finally got smart and used my camera bag to prop my camera on yesterday when out shooting wildflowers, little things low to the ground!

And thanks girls!  Very nice of you.  The dark background on the cherry blossoms was a shadowy area under the eaves of the house.  I didn't want gutter, siding, or sky so I hunted around till I found that.  It works, also dark leaves, or whatever shadows might be handy.  Depends on the time of day, direction of light, etc., too.  Sometimes its just impossible!

I have some pix of Bella that I shot with the flash, testing out the Panasonic more.  I'm going to put them in a seperate thread in a little while.

The Panasonic is quite a nice camera now that I'm understanding it more and figuring out how to use it!  Its very lightweight and easy for me to pack, fits my hands nicely, ergonomics just great!  But these lightweight cameras are made with mostly plastic and I'm really wondering how long it will last?!  Little things like the catches on the card & battery doors, and USB cable ports!!!  Harry has been a computer programmer most of his life (Electonics Engineer) and he said they make new models of a camera but dont want to update the manual, hence it does NOT go with the camera you may purchase, i.e. my problem!  He helped me figure out a few things and I'm still in the process of reading ( which I HATE doing!!!) and testing.  It seems to be a fairly easy camera to use, too, once you get used to it.  If you have any questons feel free to ask.  Looks like I'm keeping it, bye the way, I have to mail it back by tomorrow if not.

Bye for now and enjoy your cameras!

Hello! Where did spring go?
10 years ago

OK, I was bragging about no snow, NOW see where that got me!





10 years ago

Hi Pennie - Great pix, I love them!  And thanks for sharing with us, too.  Yeah!  Its supposed to be spring here, too,  coldest frigg'n spring I can remember here!!!  Its colder than the middle of winter fer God's sake!  What Global Warming?!  It seems to be working back-ass-ed?!

And why can't you call the cops on that Meth Cook'n Land- Lady of yours?!  I sure would!!!

10 years ago

flowering crabapple

The above picture was taken by my 5yr old Ashleigh. Flowering crabapple. With a little bit of me in their too.


This was mine.

10 years ago

The above photo didn't resize properly it looks distorted. So I'll try something else.


10 years ago
Janie - Beautiful shots and I LOVE that macro pic!  Thank you for sharing.  What is the tree, a plum or crabapple?
10 years ago

Hi Everyone.

I have been sick for the past week and haven't gotten a chance to post anything.  All of the colorful pictures you guys have taken of flowers, animals, and the outdoors have really made my days. 

I was able to get some fresh air today, going on a short hike with my fiance at a local nature preserve.  I got some shots of random flowers that I thought I would share.  I'm not much for identifying them but thought I'd share anyway.  Maybe someone will know them better than me. 

IMG_0231.jpg picture by Iaelah

IMG_0247.jpg picture by Iaelah

IMG_0241.jpg picture by Iaelah

IMG_0235.jpg picture by Iaelah

IMG_0236.jpg picture by Iaelah

Have a good week everyone!!


10 years ago

Oh wow!  What beautiful photos!  If this was a contest, I would have a hard time picking a winner.  After seeing these gorgeous flowers and Pennie's 'spring' shots I am almost, but not quite ashamed to post my pictures.  I just hope to learn for you guys.  Meralyn I will try leaning on something, or placing the camera on something steady. 

3 29 08

Why is this bird's eye blue?  Could he be blind?

Cactus  3 29 08.jpg

Meralyn, my cacti are weird.  They bloom almost all year long.  I can only guess they are happy campers!


10 years ago

HI Eve - Your flower pix are beautiful!  I'm not an expert on flowers, I can't identify the pink one, the little blue one is a violet, the yellow looks a lot like a primrose blossom but the leaves dont, and then daffodils.  Thanks for sharing these with us and I'm so glad your feeling better now and got out for a walk.

Sugar - Dont you ever feel ashamed to post your pix, they are wonderful!  I wish I could get that close to the wild birds but I had to take my feeder down, I was just setting the poor little birds up for Smokey!  Is that a chicadee?  He may be blind in that eye, poor little thing.

I've got to run, have shopping and housework to do, Uck!  I am keeping the camera!  Happy shooting!

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10 years ago

Those are some beautiful photo.

10 years ago

Beautiful flowers and birds. The pink ones are of the red bud tree.

Love ya Janie, Ashleigh, Tippie & nosey

10 years ago
Thanks girls!  And, yes, Redbud!  I saw them in the spring down south in Lousianna but not up close, gorgeous!  Thanks Janie!
10 years ago

I wish I could get my camera to do better macro, and get a better zoom, but I am pretty happy with it, I guess. It will have to do for now. Meralyn, what kind is your new one?? I know you said a panasonic, but model and stuff? Everyone's flowers are so pretty!! I am still waiting for flowers, but at least we are beginning to green up, even though it snowed again today! This is tonight's sunset.

sunset in hesperus

sunset in hesperus final

10 years ago

I envy you
I don't have the possibility to take pictures like these, considering where I live..I'm so sorry I just can watch yours without contributing

10 years ago

DEB - STUNNING SUNSETS!!!  !!!  YOU GO GIRL!!!With your load you still have the heart & soul to photograph what-ever beauty you see and share it with us!  THANK YOU!!!

We've got a double post again host & co-hosts, can you please delete one for us?  Thanks!

Stefania - We would love to have any photos you'd like to share with us.  Dont be shy, we're not perfect and most of us are not pro's.  Come on in!  And good to hear from you, too!

10 years ago

HebeBlossomsMar28-08sigre.jpg Hebe Blossoms, Mar 28-08, sig, re picture by merjonard

Hebe blossom.  Photo taken with my new camera a day ago.

Deb, you asked what model the camera is, its a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ18.  It has 18 opticals, 8 MP and also does a fairly good macro.

10 years ago

Meralyn, that Panasonic does a great macro! re/sharing photos - I have to keep something in my life right now that is strictly for me and gives me joy. That is my photography. I am happy to share with you, as I have said before, no one in my family much appreciates photography. Beautiful shot of those little purple flowers!

10 years ago

Thanks every one for your comments on my moon shot I actually got lucky I was trying to get the clouds I did not realize until I went to edit it that the moon had came out right then. That one was meant to be.

Meralyn that hummingbird is amazing I can not get over the detail. The Hebe blossoms are beautiful I have never seen them before.  Sugar the cactus bloom is amazing. You are lucky I can not grow house plants I have 2 asparagus ferns and a golden pathos that survive in spite of me , every thing else I kill.  Penny great shot of the spring snow.  Janie those are absolutely beautiful.  Eve I love your flowers.  Deb fabulous sunsets.

Here are a new photo no flowers this time just another cloud shot.


10 years ago

Lila - That is a very beautiful photo and thank you for posting it and sharing with us!  And also thanks re hummy pic.

Deb - thanks re macro shots.  And I really do understand so any time you want to share pix or just chat about photography or cameras feel free, I'm here for you.  I may not know all the answers but we can always bug Sunny!  And speaking of Sunny -

Sunny - Where are you?!  Are you sick?!  I hope not!!!

Its getting late so by for now! 

10 years ago

Sunny??? Meralyn, you're right. Where's Sunny been? You don't think any of those missiles he was talking about coming from the Colorado area actually hit him, do ya??  I sure hope not.

10 years ago

Gorgeous photos.

10 years ago

ShoreBirdPancropIIMar31-08re.jpg Shore Bird, Pan, crop II, Mar 31-08,re picture by merjonard

Shore bird.  I photographed this little bird from my bank on the river, she was quite a ways out on a gravel bar.  I'm not sure if this is a Greater or Lesser, Yellowlegs.

And thanks Donna, much appreciated!

10 years ago

Meralyn thanks Re: cloud shot.  Your shore bird is wonderful, I love the clarity and the way you can even see the birds reflection in the water.

Here are a couple of new photos.

wood pecker

Wood pecker holes in a pine tree.  I have been kind of depressed lately but it is time to .  This is the last one from my Gary period. Now for something with color.

more daffidils

10 years ago

you guys take the most gorgeous photos! One of these days I will give it a try, my camera really doesn't take great pics (ok, maybe it's me). I have daffodil and freesia that should bloom soon (I got my daffodil bulbs planted a little late  ) when they bloom I will give it a shot. My camera is one of those that you don't look through the little thingy, you look at it on the back, I have a hard time with that. Also, it has zoom and it looks like it is going to be zoomed but when I upload the photos it doesn't look zoomed anymore. Did that make sense? Anyway, I will give it a shot....if everyone promises not to laugh (not to my face anyway). 

10 years ago

Lila - Beautiful shots and lovely colors, too!  I have always loved the bark on pines, or for that matter fir & redwood, too.  The sections remind me of Jig-Saw puzzles!  And thanks re bird pic.  I tried to get closer last eve. but the sun coming up the river was too bright, pix didn't turn out!

Amy dear, please post your pix and join us!  We never laught at anyone, to their face or behind their backs, because we, too, have a difficult time with cameras and all!  So dont be shy, we'd love to see your pix.  Can't tell you what's wrong with your camera re telephoto but perhaps you can crop the pix?  Sometimes (lots of times!) I have to do that!

My new camera has both a view finder (to look thru) and a screen, but with this particular camera the view finder isn't much good, however the screen is bang-on!  I'm used to using a view finder, actually not one, in SLR film cameras where your looking thru the lens, you see what the camera sees, so digital throws me for a loop!  And what royally pisses me off is when the screen shows a really good pic (digital!) and it is NOT that good when loaded in the computer!

So hey, girl, get in here! And happy shooting everyone!

10 years ago

Lila, great cloud shot and I love your woodpecker holes in the pine tree.  You all are so artistic!  You have ideas of things that will look good which I never would think of!  I'll keep working on it.

Hi Meralyn I think I would love to wade in that river!  It looks so good.  I know the bird is happy there.  Another great shot.

Hi Amy.  Don't be afraid to post pictures.  Everyone is so supportative.  And helpful.  I am trying to get used to looking in the screen to take pictures.  I always used the eye viewer before.  It is so hard to get the subject in the right place and not wiggle around.  I am going to start taking Meralyn's advice and use some kind of prop to steady the camera.


10 years ago

BuffleheadDucksMarch08sigre.jpg Bufflehead Ducks, March 08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Bufflehead ducks on the river in front of my house last month.  I have a very hard time sneaking up behind the bushes to try to photograph these wild, beautiful, little diving ducks, as soon as they see me they are gone!  This is the best shot I've managed so far but unfortunately the little male has his butt towards me.

Sugar - thanks re pix and I sure know what you mean about trying to get used to using the screen!  My new camera has a lousey view finder but the screen is great.  I got used to working with a view finder with SLR film cameras for many years and its taken quite awhile to adjust to a screen!

Looking forward to more pix from everyone!  Get out there and enjoy nature and happy shooting!

10 years ago

Meralyn I had never thought of tree bark in relation to Jig-Saw puzzles but you are right. I have always loved the way the pattern never repeats.

Sugar thank you, but really I am not that artistic I am just a camera addict I see life through a camera lens. No mater what I am looking a I am thinking would that be a good shot? Yes I am a strange person .

This is a ornamental purple plum. Both the leaves and fruit are purple. It rarely produce plumbs but when it dose the birds go crazy.



10 years ago

A bid farewell to winter.

Snow in trees 04

Sunset.  I do do sunrise.

Snow at Sunset 02

Snow in trees 01a

Drifts.  Weird, huh

Snow 01

Snow 02

BTW, Lila, I have a Canon A630.  Bought it last Christmas (2006)  And I'm find out  it can do more things than I'll ever have a use for.

Amy, lets get that shutter clicking  Promise, the only person they laugh at around here is yours truly

Ooh, look what I found.

Ringwood 68.jpg

Franklin Pond 01

From the other side of the foot bridge

Franklin Pond Falls 02

All of these are scans from either slides or  pictures.

10 years ago

Meralyn I forgot to say that your Bufflehead ducks are cute little things.  I hope that you can get closer and that they are both facing the camera.  I love that photo.

10 years ago

How 'bout an old sunset??
Sunset 24.jpg

10 years ago

Hi everybody. I was able to relax on Wednesday on the train ride as my husband came through his surgery okay on Tuesday. Still have to wait a few months to find out about the infection, but at least he's through the surgery.

Meralyn, those little ducks are too cute! Love that little duck butt! And Lila, the plum blossoms (you did say plum, didn't you?) are absolutely gorgeous. I am like you. I cannot go anywhere without looking at things as if it could be a photo. I've done that for what seems like forever! Sunny, those are really nice! I like the BW's. Guess I am still in the GARY period - might never get out of it - dunno. Your snow drifts are cool - they look like a moon shot or something! Here's one I did in the GARY - I call it 'Aspen Eyes' and it was taken from the train on Wednesday. I was really happy with my Canon's performance on a moving train. I set it on motion and was able to get a few nice shots.

aspen eyes

BW Durango train

The one above I hung my hand out of the car and snapped as we went around a bend. Did it in BW bcause the train is the old coal burning train. Okay, enough GARY. Here's one of The Animas River and one of a tiny falls. There are lots of photos from the train ride, but I don't think I need to post all here. You guys would probably get bored after the first 10 or so!

animas river

small falls

10 years ago

Lilla - your ornamental purple plum pix are gorgeous! I bought one a few years ago because it had three little plums!  It has never had fruit again!  And thanks re ducks!

Sunny - NO, we never laugh at you, your our mentor!  And your pix are absolutely awesome, too!  Thanks for sharing!  I love them!

Deb - Fabulous pix!  Love the blk & wh, and the one from train window, wow, what an imagination!  The little waterfall must have been shot with a pretty fast shutter speed?!  Beautiful!  And I'd never get bored, share with us a little at a time, anytime, love to see all of them!  And I'm so very glad your husband came thru his surgery well! Thank God!  And thanks, re ducks. 

I've got to run, lots to do, will try to come back in later and post a couple shots!  Bye!

10 years ago

AfricanVioletIIsigre.jpg African Violet II, sig, re picture by merjonard

AfricanVioletcropsoftMar08sigre.jpg African Violet,crop,soft,Mar 08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Sunny - Here are a couple photos of my African violet last month in its prime for you and whomever else might be interested.  These shots are not as good as yours, and I didn't crop in closer as I didn't find the stamen (pistol ?) that interesting in this particular blossom.  Took these with my new camera and it did get better color and maybe clarity, too, than the Minolta.

10 years ago


This is a hyacinth I think.

I hope Saturday is nicer than it has been the last two days. Rained almost all day. I finally got my new lens, the 75 to 300 zoom. Can't wait to try it out.

Meralyn loved your African violets.

10 years ago

Sunny loved the reflection picture, and the sunset one too.

Deb G  I really loved the picture of the train. Looks like one that they run every summer in the mountains.

10 years ago


The pink ones too.

10 years ago

All these beautiful flowers!!! Think I may have to go to a nursery to get some of my own!

Sugar, I had forgotten to answer your question about the deer. It is illegal in Colorado because many people will feed them in order to then kill them after they become tame. Also, making them tame is very dangerous for them, as the fear of humans is the only thing keeping them alive. Colorado is a HUGE hunting State. I hate it, but it is where I live. They also become a hugh nuisance if they are fed and then the feedings are not continued, as when the feeder moves away. Those deer will get into everything at that property because they got used to depending on humans for food.

This post was modified from its original form on 04 Apr, 18:20
10 years ago

Janie - Beautiful photos!  It does look like a close-up of  a hyacinth.  Congratulations on you new lens, have fun!

Closing out of here now, my back is still grabbing like a $OB!  Hope you all have good weather and can get out there with your cameras.

10 years ago
Sunny I love your photos thanks for sharing. Thanks every one RE: plum blossoms. Meralyn ours only produce a few plums every 2 or 3 years if we are lucky. The African violets were beautiful. My sister can grow them and I can kill them. Her and my Mom have green thumbs my is dead brown.

Deb your pictures were fantastic thank you for sharing. That is something I love about this thread the fact that you see thing you never would other wise.

Janie the hyacinths are gorgeous.

Here is a daffodil.  I love this one the petals remind me of a child's pinwheel.


10 years ago
Wow, you guys are such great photographers!! Great work everyone!!
10 years ago

Thanks, everyone re/pics. I love your daffys, Lila. They are so dainty. I really miss having flowers around my house. I will post some more train ride pics asap. Meralyn, I sharpened the falls pic after I resized it smaller because it lost a bit of clarity when I did that. But, I did have the camera set to capture motion.

Hi, y'all!
10 years ago

Hi, Meralyn! The itty-bitty purple beauties are in the mint family, square stem, and are called Parentucella vulgaris or Red Dead Nettle, one of my favorite reasons for NOT using weed killer around the place, I love these little guys! Love your hummer! About calling the cops on the meth cooks nearby, cops pretend nothing is going on while they watch for awhile and I'm sure they'll spring the trap one of these days and get a BUNCH of people. Meanwhile, I'm remaining mum.... Pun intended.... Your African Violets are great! BTW, stamens are boys, look like little toothbrushes full of yellow powder, the pistol is female, several parts on one organ, all bent on makin' more plants! Your stamens are probably the first structures out, then comes the pistol as the flower matures. Beautiful color!!!!! I've been combing through the posts trying to find out how you hurt your back, dear. Was it just the hike at Gold Beach, or ??? I want you healed NOW in Jesus' Name! Sunny-- as usual, WOW! Now what's this about missiles from Colorado? Egad, guy, be safe and well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! We need you!!!!! Loved the drifted snow--I like things that are not apparent on first glance. Great work! Liliana, your tree shots are just fine. Is it an acacia? Thorny? What is the name of the parasitic vine? Sugar, great deer pix! Is your young buck the one, full face, with the lumpy eyebrows? Your pix are great! Your Black-capped chickadee has eye shine, just like the blue in my girrrrrrls' eyes, it's to give him super vision, he's not blind! Cataracts show as a white film over the eye, most birds don't survive long with them. He's sure a cute little guy, looks feisty too! Deb, LOVE the sunsets, especially the second one with the cross blazing in the tree! Amazing! Janie, beautiful hyacinth, wow what color! Stefania, do you have a camera? Then take pix of whatever there is, we'd like to see your world too! Amy, just get us some pix PLEASE! Can hardly wait for your daffodils to bloom! Lila, you've got it! Art is in the eye of the beholder. Period. Great flowering plum blossoms, nice color, composition, balance--yup, you've got it! Deb, it doesn't sound like that coal train has changed in 60 years since I rode it, glad you had a GREAT ride--it's still gorgeous out there, is it? Super! love-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble

10 years ago

Boy, oh boy, I'm so glad this isn't a competition.  I just went back through all the photo's and I'd be hard pressed to pick one photo that would be  THE winner.  I don't know how editors pick one photo over another for  magazines or for contests, it seems like an impossibility to me.

I like old things and B&W so I'm slightly partial to old things taken in B&W or even GARY things taken in color  Things like Lila's sky/cloud shots.  They look like they would make a nice cover for a book by Jack London

The tire, and the old train are cool.  I have an old train in b&w I just add to one of my albums. 

Meralyn and Sugar seem to pull off what's to me the impossible shots.  Just how the hay do you guy get that close to birds!  I must smell funny cause ever time I see a bird and I stop, it takes off.    I mean I do take a shower every few months when th board of health sends the notice.   I can't be that bad

Janie, I'm bad on recall.  What camera is that 75-300 going to be attached to?  An SLR or a DSLR?

Wife's calling.  Supper time, but I'll be back with a photo I promised Amy that proves beyond a doubt that anyone can take pictures

*sun *

10 years ago

Oh gee, I missed Pennies comment on the purple flowers.  Sorry Meralyn I'm going to have to remove them, after all we can't have anything that vulgar here, so a plant named vulgaris is just going to have to go  And, BS, your African Violet aren't as good as mine.  You have those nice ruffles, mine are just regular ones.  BTW  Looks like the other ones I have that are starting to bloom won't be pink after all,  they look mainly white with a little blue.  And they are smaller

  The missiles  Seems I have  a friend in CO that launched them my way when I removed a post and checked the "I felt like it" box.  Ya know, hell hath no furry as a woman whose posts been cut......  Just fun of course, Deb asked me to take it down since it was a dupe.  Happens some times if you either accidentally click twice or Care2 takes forever  and you waited a reasonable time so clicked submit again.  A couple of years ago Care2 was running so slow nearly everyone was double and triple posting.   

And everyone for your comments on my attempts at landscapes and in particular the  strange snow drifts.  I was absolutely thinking out of the box on those two.  No digital back in those days, so I was approximating all the way for what I've been saying since this topic was intro'd.  You do not need an expensive bells and whistles digital nor do you need any learned photography skills.  I'm willing to bet most of us including me were self taught. 

Both of these pics were taken by my wife who  BTW hates taking picture.  One reason there are so few of yours truly.  Not only does she not know what she is doing , the camera used is a very basic Olympus point and shoot digital with no optical zoom, only a 5x digital which is useless on a 2 meg pix camera.

Both were taken while I was more or less stuck in traffic while driving  over the lower level of the George Washington Bridge heading into NY, thus the railing in the foreground. 

My only request, or instruction as it were, was to try and get as much sky as possible without getting the upper level  of the bridge in the photo.

I don't want to sound partial, but I'd say not bad for someone that hates using a camera.  

Clouds (5)


10 years ago

And here's misses Sunny now

Karen B&W 01

Karen B&W 02

Looks like it's time for  a new scanner or to get this one fixed  The lines on the left are not on the glass  Of course I could always learn to use   Photo Shop Elements 2.0 or Jasic's Paint Shop Pro 7 or whatever the name of it is, and remove them

10 years ago

Lila - I love your daffys!  Wonderful clarity and set-up, great work!  Keep em com'n!

Sunny - Your wife's photos are very good!  And I love the protraits of her!  Your work I'm sure? 

And thanks everyone re African Violets.  I havn't inspected them to see what else the little devils are up to, LOL!

10 years ago

IcePlantBlossomApr3-08sigre.jpg Ice Plant Blossom, apr 3-08,sig, re picture by merjonard

Ice Plant Blossom - close-up, not enhanced.

IcePlantBlossommacroApr3-08sigre.jpg Ice Plant Blossom, macro, Apr 3-08, sig, re picture by merjonard

Ice Plant center, cropped and sharpened a little.  These are not wild although we do have a few wild plants growing out at Indian Sands.  They are a beautiful ground cover here, used at the parks and some homes.  I brought home starts a couple years ago, they're growing nicely on my bank now.

10 years ago

QuinceBlossomApr8-08sigre.jpg Quince Blossom, Apr 8-08 picture by merjonard

Quince Blossom.  I had trouble with the back-lighting with this shot.  I have sharpened and enhanced a little bit.

OK!  Where is everybody?!  Get out there and get those cameras clicking!  so manyof us are not feeling good, though, your's truely included!  Speaking of that I've got to go rest again.  Take care!

10 years ago

Meralyn something is wrong, I can't copy pictures anymore from my albums to post.  Is any one else having problems?


10 years ago

Hi everyone, did this one work?

flood survior.jpg

This little flower survived a raging flood!  I wanted to capture it in the aftermath.  It is a little ragged, but it hung in there!  I hope it showed up.


10 years ago
Hi Sugar - Yes, it worked!  I've been losing posts!  Irritating!  Beautiful little flower!  The flower itself looks somewhat like a dandelion but the stem doesn't.  Wonder what it is?  And thanks for sharing with us!
10 years ago

Dear Catlovers!

I am impressed by the quality and wonderful flowers and landscapes! Beautiful and simply outstanding!

10 years ago

I don't know where anyone else is, but this week has been great to get out and clean up the yard and take care of winters damage, and since I'm the  "worker" "yard man" and the "handyman" around here it's up to me to get it done.

Deb,  sorry but I totally missed that part about your  husband having surgery.  I try to speed read and unfortunately like speed typing I don't do a very good job at it.   Hope alls going well.

Meanwhile back to the "salt mines"    Film at 11.

Yes,  Sugar the  photo came through.  You know Care2 by now, moody as can be.

10 years ago

Thanks everyone on the comments on my pictures. Here are some from last weekend. These were taken with a Canon Rebelxt. I used a 75 to 300 lens I had just bought, still trying it out.




Magnolia leaves

Tulip, Robin on nest, Squirrel modeling for me, and Magnolia leaves.

Love ya  Janie, Ashleigh, Nosey & Tippie

10 years ago


10 years ago

Janie, your pics are really nice. I am especially partial to the squirrel, though. Great clarity - what a pose!! The little guy (or gal) is quite a ham!

Thanks Sunny re/hubby. He is through that surgery and we are just praying that it will be the last one needed. Lucky you - out there in the sun and warmth while we in CO are getting hit with snow and freezing rain.   It was starting to get so nice and then we just got hit again. Now it's all muddy and . I'm going to try and load a few more pics from the train ride tonight and get some posted. Any chance we can get a new thread going soon? This one is taking awhile to load - but, it could just be care2 or my computer?

10 years ago

Sugar - I forgot to mention your little yellow flower!!  Meralyn, your right , it does sort of look like a dandelion but then it could almost look like one of those ice plant flowers, too. Poor thing. It looks like I feel sometimes!  Great pic, Sugar!!

10 years ago

Janie -  !!!  FANTASTIC SHOTS!  The clarity, etc., are simply amazing!  We get some lovely pix with our straight digital cameras but you just can't beat a DSLR and a good lens!  Or the photographer behind that combo, either!  You rock girl!!!

Ana and Velvet - thank you very much!

Deb - sure sorry about your family problems and the weather!  Hopefully all will get better soon!

Yes!  Maybe we do need a new post!  I hadn't thought about it, is slow to load, but I have Dial-Up!

I'm trying to get some pix of Bella stalking an Egret on the beach here re-sized and loaded.  Will share later elsewheres.

Have a great day and happy shooting everyone!  P.S.  Sunny  I just havn't felt up to doing yard work yet, guess I'm going to have to hire it done!

10 years ago

Wow, Janie! Fantastic pics!! They are SO clear!

All of you guys take such beautiful pictures! 

Meralyn, I'm going to try & share some too. I only have my kitty pics right now, but am going to get out there & snap some this week. Mind you, I'm not anywhere near as good as you guys. Not even close! 

10 years ago

OK, lets hear it  for Sandy  get out there and shoot something, anything, doesn't matter.  I'm sure if you're near Pittsburgh there has to be plenty to  take pictures of.  Just remember, you squeeze the   shutter  button, not push it.

Ah, Janie, I see, you have an SLR type.  Aren't they great, like the shots too.   10 mega pixels!  That must be awesome.  One of these days I  get my Nikon D200.  Since I have tons of Nikon  equipment it makes sense to stick with their  body.  My  Speed lights (2) alone  set me back over $600 when they were new.  And all my stuff will work on the digital versions.

The owner of one of the studios I worked for had a 75-300 for his  Nikon.  Took great  pictures and had a lot of flexibility with that much of a zoom range.  I can remember when  that range was only found in cheapo lenses since you couldn't get quality with a 4x zoom, most  were  3x.  But technology has made it possible, and at what I call a reasonable price too.  I have a 135-400 Sigma for my Nikons.  Thing is awsome.  Plus a 1.4 tele converter  that when used makes it a 190-560!    The quality drops but not enough to usually be noticeable.

Love the squirrel    Funny put City squirrels will walk right up to you, but  country  squirrels, not a chance 

Velvet, sorry you missed your chance.

Wedding 02

Valerie 133

OK!  One question.  We're  just about at 100 posts, do  we carry on,  or start #8?????  Let's hear it from the dial up folks, you're the ones with the interminable wait.

10 years ago

Sandy - Good for you girl, get your little behind out there and shoot anything and we'd love to have you share with us!  Dont worry about perfection, no-one is perfect!  You should see how many pix I flush!!!  And Sunny is sooo right, squeeze the shutter button gently, same as with a trigger!  I find I'm having more trouble with that, must be old age, LOL!

Sunny - wonderful pix!  Wow!!!  Thanks for posting for us to see!  They loaded quickly so I dont know about starting a new thread, I'll just leave it up to youse guys.

I finally got Bella's pix with the egret done so I'm going to go put them in the Chit Chat thread, there's only two of them.  Then I'm going out for a walk with my camera, oh yeah!!!

10 years ago
Oooh, Sunny! Who's the beautiful bride!? Gorgeous photos!! Ooooh, meant to say your wife is lovely too!
10 years ago
Thanks Meralyn & Sunny for the tips! And, yep, I was doing it wrong! 
10 years ago
Hi all.  Lovely photos everone.  Up here in the great white north it has been so cold and the body does not like the cold.  The last couple days it has been nice but I found nothing on the ground to shoot so I shot in the air and this is what I got.
clouds over the roof top.jpg


10 years ago

I am so impressed with all the photos!  I just keep saying WOW!  From the lovely bride to the winter's goodbye to the spring flowers, the squirrel, everything!  Just beautiful.

daffy 1.jpg

daffy 3.jpg

Magnolia 7.jpg

Magnolia 12.jpg

Magnolia 14.jpg

I did the daffys and Ray did the magnolias.


10 years ago

Hi Jean - Gosh, your sky shots are just awesome!  I do love clouds and you got such gorgeous colors!  My camera doesn't seem to get very good blues.  Sure glad your back with us, too!

Sugar - Oh my!  Love the daffys!  Great job!  And Ray, your magnolias are absolutely beautiful!  Well done!!!  That new camera is doing a terrific job but its you guys shooting with it that makes all the difference in the world.

Keep up the great work everyone and keep sharing! 

10 years ago

See.  Jean's got the right idea.  Can't find anything at ground level, look up.   I have a folder full of clouds  But then I'm not right in the head

Sandy, the bride in the close up just reminded me of April so I had some of them  made up for my portfolio.

Well Sugar, you saved me a lot of time and trouble.  I just  took photos of the exact same  Daffie's.  They look so much like yours there's real little sense to  upload them and paste them in the thread.   I'll have more coming up later that so far no one else has  posted.   I went crazy in a Brecks catalog and now I have Daffie's coming out of my, ah, uhm, grASS.  Tell Ray to keep up the good work on the magnolias too.   They aren't blooming by me yet.  Gives me hope  that spring is actually here.

Since I can't  do a daff, how 'bout one of my few hummer close ups.   I'm pretty sure this was with that 1.4 converter & 400mm set-up (=560) and definitely with a  Nikon N90s

Hummer 07

10 years ago

Hi everyone!!  There have been some great pictures of late.  Good job everyone!!I haven't had a chance to take any pictures outside.  Instead, here is a sunflower from an indoor bouquet.  Keep up the good work!!

IMG_0255.jpg picture by Iaelah

10 years ago

I have nothing flowering out side yet so I looked at my indoor plants and found this.

unknown vine flower.jpg
This was a cutting that I got last fall and got to grow.  I think that this is a flower.  It is different.
These wild flowers were taken last summer.
Thistle 1.jpg

Queens-lace flower.jpg


10 years ago

Hi Jean, nice pictures.  Is the first picture a 'bleeding heart'?  The second one a thistle and the third one I don't have the slightest idea.  My wildflower book is in my car so I can't look it up.

Nice trumpet vine Sunny and a cute hummy!


10 years ago

CreamCupPoppiescropApr08sigre.jpg Cream Cup Poppies, crop, Apr 08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Wild Cream Cup Poppies -they live on the small sanddunes in a field just south of where I live in Oregon, on the California side of the border.  I thought they were a type of buttercup when I first discovered them there last year but my friend, Harry, helped me identify them.  Note their markings are all different.  They are such cheery little things and lift my soul!

Sunny -lovely shot of the hummy!  You must have been shooting with quite a fast shutter speed?

Eve - your sunflowers are beautiful and a good idea, too!

Jean - also a great idea to photograph indoor plants at this time of the year.  What camera are you using, your photos are just beautiful?!  Is that last one Queen Ann's Lace?

Wonderful work everyone, have fun with your cameras!

10 years ago

This is a pink Bleeding Heart clump.  I also have white one.

That first picture is of a vine that I got as a cutting and had it grow on when I put it in soil. Then a thistle that grows about 3 to 4 feet tall with a lot of thorns. The last one is Queen-annes-lace also known as wild carrot because the leaves are just like carrot tops.

10 years ago

Ok everyone. I am going to close this thread as it is 115 posts. Jean your flowers are pretty. I will be sure to post the link to this thread when I open up the new one.

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