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10 years ago

Hi everyone, there are some new photos that were recently put on the other thread, so here is the link.

10 years ago

SunraysinRedwoodsLBJ.jpg Sunrays in Redwoods,LBJ,Oct 07 picture by merjonard

A Redwood grove a little south of here on the California side.

TwoRedwoodsgimped.jpg Two Redwoods, Lady Bird, Oct 07,gimped picture by merjonard

Two magnificent giants.

10 years ago

AfricanVioletiiMacroApr12-08sigre.jpg African Violet II, Macro, Apr 12-08,sig, re picture by merjonard

African Violet - A macro shot showing the male and female parts that Pennie explained to me.  I had to set this plant on my dinning room table and prop the camera on the back of a chair to steady it and it was still a fight to get it to focus on the center!  This is my other plant.

10 years ago

I take it that's a male?  

Beautiful picture even if the little thing has no modesty (typical male!)

10 years ago

ooh.   Cool star burst in the Redwoods  And you just reminded me I should get a shot of my  other Violet, but I probably won't

HEY!  Guess who gave me this idea???    I'm not mentioning any Jean's, ah, I mean names, but I decided to take my own advice and look up Sunday.

Maple w-Clous 2008

Not bad.  I had to take the leaf blower out  so I could blow the clouds into that shape to frame it.

10 years ago

You did good with that snow blower Sunny!

I have never seen a redwood tree in real life.  What a wonderful place.  Thanks for sharing the grove with me.


10 years ago

I did cheat a little Sugar.  I stood on a ladder.

10 years ago

Amy - thanks!  The violet is supposed to have both male and female parts but I'm not sure, it looks all male to me! But, isn't amazing how nature, and all of its flora & fauna, does not get embarressed!?

Sunny thanks re sunlight in the redwoods.  Cool cloud pic!  WOW!  Your quite a wizard!

Sugar - Glad you enjoyed the redwoods.  If you and Ray ever make it out here I will take you on a tour.  If I'm still alive, that is, LOL!

10 years ago

Wow! The redwood pic is gorgeous Meralyn! It's as if I'm strainning my neck looking upwards...   

10 years ago

TrilliumIApr13-08sigre.jpg Trillium I, Apr 13-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Wild Trillium in the Old Growth National Park.  Harry and I found this beauty on our hike the other day.

TrilliumIIApr13-08sigre.jpg Trillium II, Apr 13-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Macro shot of the same flower.  The light was rather dim under the giant firs and redwoods that protected a fairy land, a very special place.  I wanted to share as much of this with you-all as possible.

Niki - thanks sweetheart!  I'd love to take you on a tour but since I can't I take you with me thru photography!

10 years ago

Sunny!! And, I love the picture!

Meralyn, what can I say, as always, you outdid yourself! Just beautiful!

10 years ago

TheFairyintheBlueCamelliaApr08sigre.jpg The Fairy in the Blue Camellia, Apr 08,sig,re picture by merjonard

GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!  I'm cheating a little and posting digital/computer art.  I named this "The  Fairy in the Blue Camellia".  Sleep tight!

And thank you Sandy!

10 years ago

Hi everyone I have been to busy helping with the spring cleaning and getting the yard ready to plant (I am just a helper the plating is my mom and sisters job so the plants are safe ) so I have not had time post.  I have been taking photos when I get a chance, and I THOUGHT that I wold have more time now that I am not working.  There are to many posts to comment on them all but they are all phenomenal.  Here is one of my new photos, they told me what it is but I can not remember (Meralyn help).  I also have a photo of a red one that is among the 100+ photos on my SD card.


10 years ago
Lila - Your flower photo is just gorgeous!  I'm not sure what it is, perhaps an Anemone? (sp?!) or a Wind Flower?  I'm sorry, I'm a gardener but deffinitely not an expert!  Maybe Pennie would know?
Osprey Pair
10 years ago

OspreyPairGBApr13-08sigre.jpg Osprey Pair, G.B., Apr 13-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

I photographed this pair of Ospreys a few days ago on Harry's & my outing up the Rogue river, a few miles above the town of Gold Beach, Oregon.  They were up very high in a towering, huge spruce tree and this is the best I could do.  I had to crop and sharpen a little and then the pix went a bit grainy.  The one bird had wounds on her breast, you can see the wounds! I hope some cruel person didn't shoot her!?  I'd heard, though, that one got hooked on a fisherman's line tring to steal a fish!

OspreyIIApr13-08sigre.jpg Osprey II, Apr 13-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

One of the birds flew off.  They were building a nest.  I'm always so excited when I get to see these beautiful raptors and thrilled when I'm able to photograph them!

10 years ago

How beautiful!

10 years ago
Meralyn you are right it is an Anemone, they had told me but when I went to post that photo all I could remember was that it started with the letter "A".  Your Ospreys are wonderful I to hope that what ever happened to her was an accident I do not understand cruel people.  I am going to take some time to day to take care of my photos so I will be posting more today.
10 years ago

I do not remember which thread it was on but I posted a photo of an acorn starting to sprout well here is the conclusion to the series.  These photos were not all taken of the same acorn but I thought that every one might find them interesting.




10 years ago

Lila - Your shots of the acorn sprouting are absolutely wonderful!  I love things like that!  And I remember the first one, I think it was in this thread, too.  Keep 'em com'n, great work!

And thanks girls re Ospreys!

10 years ago

EveningEgretApr14-08sigre.jpg Evening Egret, Apr 14-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Egret on my river in the evening light. 

EveningHeronApr15-08sigre.jpg Evening Heron, Apr 15-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Heron in the evening on the river.  Both of these shots were taken thru my front room windows (glass) as the silly birds take off the minute they see me with the camera.  Sometimes I'm able to sneak out and hide behind bushes, if I'm very, very lucky!  And both of these photos were taken just a couple of days ago.  The quality of the photos isn't very good because of the conditions, I tried to sharpen a little and enhance a bit. I love the water birds!

10 years ago

Outstanding shots Lila & Meralyn!! Woweee!!

Meralyn, that last pic of the heron on the water!! WOW!! Love it!!

awwww, shucks!
10 years ago

Finally they get me my daily digest, I see Meralyn's question, get to the group late (sigh...) 'cause i've been doing yard work at the kids' house, see the ranunculaceae foliage and think "anemone," and you guys beat me to it! Gosh, there are some really gorgeous pix in this set, looking forward to what you'll come up with next! Love to all-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble

10 years ago

Meralyn, I have never seen any of those birds. Those Osprey  are gorgeous. What a fantastic photo. The other birds are nice too.

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10 years ago

What a wonderful art gallery! Thanks Meralyn, Sunny, et al!   

Meralyn - Only humans have reason to be embarrassed...

If anyone ever wants to see a shot of the inside of my lens cap, just let me know!

10 years ago

Thank you everyone!  We all appreciate you coming in here and glad you enjoy the pix.

Happy shooting everyone!  I'm busy posting Tig-ur's photos elsewheres.  Tig-ur's busy trying to spritz!

10 years ago

Hi fans  I guess you could say I've been lurking and keeping my big mouth shut for a change  Actually I have soooo much yard work that didn't get done in the fall that I'm spending a lot of time outside still cleaning up  Lila, do you hire out  I sure could use some help  And unless you want before and after shots of my fun and games I've got little new to show.

Meralyn, it's not cheating if you say what it is.  I belong to Webshots and they are always posting digital images and I hear members say it's not real photography.  Of course it is.  My only qualm is they don't state it's digitally enhanced.  And the only reason I say that is so someone doesn't go off and try to duplicate it and go nuts in the process   Maybe a "d" in a circle kinda like the copyright symbol would be nice.

Meanwhile you helped me answer a trivia question when you posted the Osprey photos. The same night it was a question on a show called Cash Cab that I watch.  They showed a picture of it and said it was a resident of Seattle.  I did a ooh, Osprey

Lila, love the sequence shots of the acorn  Acorns around here barely stand a chance with the squirrels.  I emptied the wren house and found a lot in there, poured them out on the patio and within minutes they were all gone.  As for the blue flower.  I would have guessed a blue daisy.  It's got yellow in the center, it's a daisy.

Great sot of the blue heron too.  We have them around here but you can never stop to take a picture, they fly right off if you stop.  Karen & I used to bike ride around here and as log as we kept pedaling they would stay, stop and they took off.

Back to the salt mines.  I'm limited anyway, but when I'm done I'm shot

Here's and oldie that's probably been up before.  Although I think I put up the one with one butterfly last time

Butterflies 10-10-06 07

10 years ago

Meralyn thanks re acorn I am not a patient person and it was killing me to wait to finish that series. Your water birds are wonderful I envy you. your so close to the ocean and have a rive right there it is just not fair.  Sandy  and thank you.  Thanks Sunny in a normal year we do not have that many sprout but last year the oaks were abundant. I should have mentioned that the acorn shots were of one the squirrels planted in my sisters garden the last two were out of here lily bed. The butterflies are wonderful congratulations on being in the right place at the right time WITH your camera.

OK now to my news I just ordered a new camera (it is not a nice as Meralyn's Panasonic). It is the Kodak Z712IS which is a lot nicer than what I have got and now our furry family is expanding I need something quicker. We gust got a new puppy he is an Akbash Great Pyrenees mix and now we are going to get a kitten tomorrow afternoon. We might also get a German Shepherd we had talked to the people and they said that all of the pups were taken so we got 'big foot" (he still needs a name) but the German Shepard is soooooooooo tempting and we have the time and space so maybe we will get her. So I will post new photos when I have time but with a new kitten and one or two puppies no one is going to have a lot of spare time.

10 years ago

Aw beautiful pictures!  I hope I get to post pictures again some time.  My editing programs are gone and I don't know how to get them back.  I do have Paint, but I have never understood paint.  I can't do anything but make a mess with it.


10 years ago

Sugar a couple of free programs that might be of help are Picasa from Google and is a cross between a graphics program and a photo editor.  Picasa dose just the basics cropping and straiting contrast and color adjustments are both auto.  I do not know what you have on your computer but both programs are Vista compatible.

10 years ago

Hi everyone. All of your photos are, of course, really great! Sugar, check out photo explosion deluxe. Not very expensive and does some good stuff. Didn't your camera come with an editing software? Well, here's  another from my train ride. I'm so glad to have this thread (the whole group, actually!! ) My life has been a bit hectic, confusing, and downright depressing. Coming in here brightens the day. Thanks photo buffs! This was a 1/2 frozen lake we passed on the way up the mountain. I sharpened it and then it went weird when I saved it into a smaller jpg. I thought it was good enough to show you what beautiful scenary it was, though.


This is of the river - again from the train. All the white is snow!


10 years ago
A close up of a tulip.tulip
10 years ago
Robin still nesting. I'm going to check on her today ,to see if they have hatched yet.robin
10 years ago

Awww, How sweet

10 years ago

Wonderful pix everyone!  Thanks for sharing!  I'll try to come back in later and chat with you-all more about them later.  Right now I have to go eat breakfast, I'm getting the coffee jitters!

Lila - I'm sure you'll get great pix with your new Kodak and congratulations!  It does not take an expensive camera to get good shots!  Have fun hon!

Happy shooting everyone and have a great Saturday!

10 years ago

Whoa  Deb!  I love the water and snow and lake pictures!  Absolutely beautiful.  And Meralyn I think the nesting pair is fantastic.  Beautiful water birds.  We have lots of herons here and some little wading birds and of course we have gulls at the lake at the state park.   All of the pictures are fantastic.  I forget who mentioned a program.  I am going to check a computer store out just in case they have something easy and relatively cheap.  I will check out the one you recommended.  I just got a new computer and all the programs I used weren't downloaded from the old computer.  I installed my HP scanner, printer and editing program.  I'm so glad I found the disk.

Here is a shot of the moon I took a few nights ago.

moon soft glow.jpg

I think I could have cropped it a little more.  Later.


10 years ago

A few years ago someone tore up their forsythia (sp?) and I saved them and they are so beautiful every spring.  This one is at the steps going up to my side deck.  Can you imagine anyone throwing something so beautiful away?


I can almost see the Man In The Moon in this picture.

Man in the Moon

A Saucer Magnolia....

Magnolia 13.jpg

Not in full blossom yet....

Magolia 9.jpg

Just beginning to open....

Magnolia 7.jpg

A little female downy (I think)

little woodpecker.jpg

My water pictures are never pretty.  I am standing on a rock with the sun at my back taking a picture of my creek out of flood conditions.


I had a lot of pictures to post cause I had no computer and then no editing program.  I will try to take it easy on you from now on.


10 years ago

I cropped the first moon shot.  I like it better....

cropped moon shot 4 19 08


10 years ago
Sugar - FANTASTIC PIX GIRL!!! Great shots of the moon!  I like the cropped one the best, too.  And, hey, there's nothing wrong with sharpening and enhancing a little, see next post.  And thanks!
Evening Moon
10 years ago

EveningMoonApr16-08sigre.jpg Evening Moon at Kamph Pk, Apr 16-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

I actually shot this moon late afternoon a couple days ago.  I loved the look of it over the hills behind the beach.  Too much haze and too far away so went for this composition.  And, yes, I did sharpen a little and enhance.  It needed it!

Your not over-loading us, Sugar, we love it!  did yo shoot the moon on auto or manual, by the way?

10 years ago

Meralyn I love your moon shot.  Your countryside is so beautiful.  I shot mine with a low light and no flash.  There might be a better way and if so I will learn.  The moon is so very far away, I couldn't believe it showed up for me.


10 years ago

Sugasr - thanks.  In "Properties", in Picasa, and perhaps other programs, they, IT, will give what your camera shot the pic on. I believe mine was on Auto, although I tried manual, too, but wasn't happy with the results.  Picasa is really good at giving you all of this back.  Mine read - 500/7.1/100.  That is = Shutter speed = 500, F7.1 (aperture), and ISO 100.  ISO is supposedly the same as ASA in film, sure it is, NOT!!!

Hope this all helps!?  This is so much FUN!!! It helps if you feel good, though, I'm a bit rummy tonight, not a good day!  

So - happy shooting tomorrow everyone, and, of course, happy day! And good night!


10 years ago

Beautiful photos.

Sugar, how do you get a moon shot to be so close like that?

10 years ago

Meralyn I was googling the programs last night, but got sleepy and said...tomorrow!  I jotted down all the program names.

Donna all I did was aim at the moon with the camera with the flash off and low light setting.  Also full zoom!  I am just so amazed that a plain ole camera can take what I consider a great picture of the moon!  Goodness I wish I had had this camera during the last two eclipses.

Try it Donna, you just might be surprised at what your camera will do!  I know I was....


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10 years ago
Hi all, love the great photos. Here is my moon shot from the other night.

04-18-08 Moon through tree.jpg

We have had some nice and warm temps this past week and I now have flowers to shoot. My Star Magnolia has a bud burst.

Star Magnolia buds bursting 04-18-08.jpg

The Flowering Almond bush is showing pink.

Flowering Almond 04-20-08.jpg

And finally I got this nice shot of the Forsythia blooms.

Forsythia 1 04-20-08.jpg

I cropped all the photos for better close up shots. The camera is a Fuji FinePix A510, 5.1 mega pixels, 3X optical zoom digital. Enjoy.

10 years ago

Jean - beautiful pix!  Your doing very well with your photography!

Donna - I've gotten similar shots of the moon with my Konica Minolta and my new Panasonic.  It takes a pretty powerful zoom and Sugar's camera has that, too.  I've posted a few here and will put another one in later but I'm not doing well today.

I've been working on editing, resizing, and loading a few pix of wild Canadian geese I took yesterday.  I never got out for a walk, just didn't feel up to it.

Its raining here, hope you all have a good Sunday to get out and shoot whatever turns you on!  Take care!

10 years ago

the new babies are ALL taking a nap at the same time so I am taking time to post.

Deb love the new photos. Sugar the moon photo is wonderful, and I love the Magnolia. We have wood peckers here to they are a lot of fun to watch that is a good photo. OH WOW! Meralyn I love that shot you did a beautiful job. Jean great photos.

Here is a couple of hummingbird shots I took Wednesday evening I just got a chance to do something with them.



10 years ago

Lila great shots of the hummers!  I hope to capture a picture or two this year.  In the past they were only a little blob.  We only have the ruby throated in this area.

Jean I love the pattern across the moon.  Actually I was going to try for that, but the moon moved too fast for me!  By the time I had the camera ready it had moved above the bare limbs.  Oh well, next time.  Your flowering shrubs were great too.  I am a forsythia nut.

Hi Meralyn, hope you feel better soon!

Sunny, I don't remember where you posted your window shots, but here are mine.  If I were to stay in bed until it was light outside, this is what I see.  This window is the first thing I see in the mornings.  There is another window behind me, but I can't see anything from bed there.  When I was sick for that week recently I saw this a lot.

Bedroom window.jpg

I used a little zoom on this one.

Bedroom Wi ndow 2.jpg


10 years ago

Lila - wonderful Hummy pix!  I never get tired of them nor do I tire of trying to photograph the little onery things!  And thanks.

Sugar - lovely window shots, a real homey feeling!  When I'm shooting the moon I have to brace my camera against a tree trunk or the garage.  I just can NOT hold the camera steady enough any more.

Wild Canadian Geese
10 years ago

WildCanadianGooseMaleApr19-08sigre.jpg Wild Canadian Goose, Male, Apr 19-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Male Canadian goose.  These beauties were out in the river aways and I had to crop, sharpen, and enhance a little to bring these shots up.  Now lets see if all three will post?!

WildCanadianGooseMaleIIApr19sigre.jpg Wild Canadian Goose, Male, II, Apr19-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Male goose (gander) playing in the water.

WildCanadianGooseFemaleApr19-08sigr.jpg Wild Canadian Goose, Female, Apr 19-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Female goose eating water grass.  I shot these a couple days ago.  I was so very excited to see them on the river, its rare here, and I've never had a camera good enough to photograph them before!

10 years ago

Meralyn what ever you did, it was right.  Great pictures of the geese! I love the reflections on the water.  The grass hanging from her mouth is great.

My home is 'homey' to me.  It's not a beautiful, modern home, but it's home.  And I never know what I will see when I look out the window.  Yesterday there was a hen turkey walking across the front yard and then up the edge of the creek.  The deer are in my front yard a lot too.  If you look closely at the first picture of the window you can see the creek to the left and up a little bit.  I love that creek.  The pear tree, cherry tree and peach trees are in bloom.  Now if only we don't get another frost I might have some fresh fruit this year.  I didn't get any last year.


10 years ago

They are some beautiful shots of the Geese. I was looking at the one shot where the total reflection can be seen, and wondering how the water got to be so clear like that. wow.

10 years ago

Thank you ladies!  Greatly appreciated!

The little Winchuck river is a short one; we've had little rain lately so the water is quite clear.  It was also low tide and I'm on the tidal area, or estuary, so the water was quite clear.  But I was dealing with shadows, lighting coming from the wrong directon, etc.  I was so excited over the geese that I had to excuse myself from a call from Harry!  But he understood, he loves birds, too!

Sugar - I deeply understand your love for your rustic place, the flora & fauna!  I've managed to keep this place from completely falling apart now for 10 1/2 yrs!  Unfortunately, I've NOT kept myself from falling apart!  The years are taking their toll!  I wonder sometimes which will fall apart first, this old place or my old self, LOL!?

Did I ever post a photo of my place?

10 years ago

If you did post a picture of your home, I missed it.  I would love to see it.  I know it has to be the kind of place I would love.

I hope it doesn't rain today, I want to go to the nature center and capture a picture of some flowers I don't recognize.  The petals are bright yellow and rounded at the tips a little more than my daisies.  But the most unusual things is the color.  The first one I saw I thought it was a plastic flower.  They look like plastic.  I hope I get over there today.


Cormorant on the Winchuch River, April 20-08
10 years ago

CormorantIIIre.jpg Cormorant III, re picture by merjonard

These are really poor quality photos, sorry, but I had to shoot them thru my filthy dining room window (it had rained again, salt spots on them!) as the birds will take off if I go out!  But this will give you a good idea what the ugly things look like.

CormorantIIre.jpg Cormorant , II, re picture by merjonard

He is looking over his shoulder at a Common Merganser hen behind him.  When Cormorants lift their wings like this, they can not fly when they are wet !, they look like the embodiment of evil!!!

CormorantontheWinchuckApr20-08re.jpg Cormorant on the Winchuck, Apr 20-08,re picture by merjonard

Doesn't he look like a demon from a horror movie?! This is the first time I've been able to photograph these fish-eating birds!  They gang up across the river in a line and scoop up the fish!  Fishermen hate them, but they are protected!

Sugar - I'll try to find my good pic of this place and post it later.  I've got to go eat breakfast now.  Hope you find the flowers to shoot.

Happy shooting everyone!

10 years ago

My, my, you all have been busy, huh  I'm finally catching up on the yard stuff so I should  be start being here more often. 

I wouldn't  know where to start, The Rockies, the tulips the   hummers, Sugars view, Meralyn  birds. All great to say the least.  I'm with Jean , just  getting the  bubs showing on the trees now, and the forsythia is blooming in the neighborhood.  Real signs that winter is gone and spring is here. .

Deb reminded me I had this one in hiding somewhere.  It was taken maybe 15 years ago in Essex Ct.   I could have driven to Essex and taken another one  in the time it took to find it too.

Just love those old  steam engines.

Essex CT Train

Well off the vet for Joxer's twice a year check up.

Keep those cameras out and clicking

BTW, Sandy!  You promised us a picture last weekend.

10 years ago


violet 1.jpg

violet 2.jpg

Pear Blossum with bee

pear with wild bee.jpg

Another tiny wildflower.  I mean TINY!

itty bitty flower.jpg

We have so many miniature wildflowers.  Some times Ray picks them and we put them in a shot glass or something even smaller.

A Honey Bee...

Honey Bee.jpg

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom 1.jpg

All of my fruit trees are getting ready to feed the birds.  Usually I only get a hand full of cherries away from the birds.  And the deer eat my pears and something eats most of my peaches.

Love your engine picture Sunny.  Wouldn't it be fun to have it pull a few cars for pleasure trips?

Those are mean looking birds Meralyn!  They do look like little monsters.

Oh the first bee is a wildbee, the second is probably an Italian.


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10 years ago

Meralyn I think they are pretty birds. The way they hold up their feathers is how the Vultures do it, but I think the Vultures are larger. They look like Mummers when they do that. I guess the fishermen would dislike them as they are catching all the fish.

10 years ago

I can't believe what a pro you turned out to be Sugar, and it is like it happened over night. Your Pics look professional.

10 years ago

Those trees are fantastic. I'll bet there are some Great horned owls up there too.

10 years ago

Sunny - GREAT PIX of the old engine!!!  I have a special love for them stemming from my childhood.

Sugar - there has been a wonderful artist locked up inside you, it just took the right camera to express it with!  FANTASTIC PIX!!!

Keep up the wonderful work everyone!  And thanks.

My Little House on the Winchuck River
10 years ago

PICT0001.jpg My House, Aug 07 picture by merjonard

PICT0004-1.jpg My House, Garage, Aug 07 picture by merjonard

I hope these arn't too big?!  My shop is between the garage and the house.  The rhodies, to the right in the pic, are starting to bloom now and also the flowering cherry.  I'll try to post pix of them, later, too.  This little place fronts on the river and it can get rather exciting when it floods!

10 years ago

Meralyn I love it!  It is much like mine.  Of course I only have a creek alongside of my home, but it can get exciting when it floods also.  It does leave messes to clean up and all kinds of interesting stuff.  Like I have found 2 snow shovels, all kinds of balls, a brand new belt still with the tag on it.  And other things.  Do you have snakes?  I have water snakes, garden snakes, hognose snakes, black snakes and a few other non-poisonous ones that I don't really know the names of.

Thanks for sharing.


10 years ago

Chicadee, male, Apr 08

Chicadee, male, outside my kitchen window.  He and his mate were trying to build a nest in the little bird house, again, but I think they gave up because of the cats.  Darn!

Thanks re my house.  Its very small, more like a little vacation home, was never built right to begin with and has been added onto improperly, rotten, very (!) in places, lots of places, so is a constant problem, A LOT OF STRESS!!!  I'm slowly getting it repaired but I may croak before finished!?  It was my parent's place, they did not build it, however, and I inherited half of it then had to buy out my alcoholic brother for the other half!  Long, unpleasant story and will NOT dump on you!

I do have snakes but only garters and I'm afraid Smokey keeps them thinned out! 

Take care everyone and enjoy your cameras and the outdoors if possibe.  Its raining here, still!!!  Damn it all any way!

10 years ago

Hi every one.  With 2 puppies and a new kitten I was to busy to stop in yesterday.  Sugar I love your place and your flower shots are wonderful.  Meralyn the geese are amazing I love the reflections and your house looks like a home very inviting (hint, hint ).  The Cormorants are interesting, thank you for sharing.  The chickadee is perfect.  Sunny I love the train photo.
My new camera showed up to day and it is cloudy and windy just a dreary day and I am out side in the back yard tyring to find something interesting to test it out on (by the time I got it set up the puppies were back asleep), and I look down at the front yard and I see this:





I definitely went crazy with my camera and I had a had time choosing what I should post.  I like the 3rd one the best it has the most detail.  If I were more used to the camera the photo would probably be better but so far I am very happy with it.  I am just having trouble keeping it steady when I am using the zoom. 

10 years ago

Lila what beautiful colors on that peacock!  When I first moved here my neighbors had peacocks.  They are gorgeous.  Your pictures are very good, thanks for sharing,


10 years ago

Gee, we've really gone to the birds now haven't we.

I saw this guy on the way back from Joxer's vet visit.

  Turkey Vulture 01

I think it way complaining that  interrupted it's lunch

Turkey Vulture 02

I know I'm spelling this wrong, but the Cormorant (spell check got it)  is one cool dude.  And Lila the Peacock is gorgeous.

I like the house Meralyn.  Someday we all have to get together there and party.

Here's a Xmas card I had made a few years ago of Ye Ole Homestead.  Can't say we don't get our share of snow in these parts.

OH!  And I forgot.  Sugar, tell Ray I like his outfit.  No man should ever be caught in anything but a flannel shirt and blue jeans in the cooler months.  I live in them.   Then on to shorts and Tee's in the summer.

10 years ago

I love all the pictures! Sunny I must have missed that butterfly picture the last time I was in is so beautiful!

The reflections from the waterbirds are fantastic, Meralyn! And your house is adorable! I wish I could afford to go more into the country. I live rural, but not THAT rural. I have lots of neighbors and plenty of traffic.

The flowers and birds you all are photographing are great! I love them all....keep posting!

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10 years ago

I have quite a few butterflies, so I'm not sure which ones I've posted and which I've missed

Here's a link to the steam train.  I guess it's still running  We took the steam train riverboat combo ride listed on the right. It was a long time ago though.

PS Amy, you missed your chance at I just felt like it.  I had posted the train pic twice and didn't notice until the next day

10 years ago

Damn the luck, I always miss the good stuff, Sunny!

I did get to delete and unwanted post/thread the other night though. I guess I did it right, no one ever said differently and my computer didn't blow up.

10 years ago

Oh to be a co-host when Sunny puts up a double! This may end up being sort of a double since I posted, hit submit and then it took me right back to a blank reply to topic page  If it is, Amy you can try to beat Sunny to a because I felt like it  I promise, you won't get any missiles shot at ya from CO.   Here's one I got this morning and downloaded before the batteries went ka-put in the camera. I touched it up a little for brighter color. This was at the West during sunrise. I was surprised to see as much color as I did.


10 years ago

Lila - WOW!!!  Your new camera is fantastic!  What gorgeous color!  I can't remember what cam you bought?  Please tell us again?  And thanks.  I had peacodks, once, once was enough!

Sunny - Interesting "buzzard", donna will love it!  Partying at my house, eek, afraid I not up to that but thanks.  And where's the Xmas card of your old homestead?

Amy - thanks.  Living out this far does have its draw-backs, hell of a lot of work!!!

Deb - I love your moon shot and what you did with it!  Excellent work.

OK -  horses next -

10 years ago

Sunny thanks for sharing your birds.  What kind is it?  Deb love the moon.  I think you should have gotten special privileges to delete that post.

Here is a new photo I took with my camera.  I did not edit or crop it.  I am very happy with it.  I brave and played with the manual settings a little bit last night.  My old camera had nothing that you could change and I have not touched my SLR in over 4 years so I am so rusty on F-stops and every thing but I know it will come back to me and if not I will yell for help. sa

kittens ear

Same photo croped to show the detail:


10 years ago

BudweiserClydesdale4yrold02sigre.jpg picture by merjonard

A young Budweiser Clydesdale - Budweiser brought this awesome team to Crescent City, CA, just a little south of where I live in Oregon, back in 2002.  I made a point of getting there, getting in there way,  getting splattered with water & mud trying to get down to shoot a powerful shot of them thundering towards me,  a totally thrilling experience!!!  I've never done anything with the pix, though, 'cept for makeing greeting cards.  So I scanned these again, first ones broke up, and am sharing them with you-all.

BudweiserClydesdale4yrold02IIIsigre.jpg picture by merjonard

The same horse.  He was a four year old gelding and still a bit full of it!  Everytime I'd get behind him for a 3/4 shot he'd turn and look at me as if to say, hey, what'cha do'n!  A character and utterly gorgeous!  The handler had to keep coming up to him, petting him, and playing with his muzzle to keep him still!

I didn't know which shot I liked the best so decided to leave it up to you all.  Hope this all will post now?!

10 years ago

Hi Meralyn just finished posting and saw your message.  Thank your RE: the peacocks.   I got the Kodak Easy Share Z712 IS.  I am very happy with it.  I can tell it will take a wile to learn every thing it dose.  Even the extended online owners manual is now very informative.  But I think it is that way with all electronics I have found things my cell phone will do that the owners manual did not even hint at.

I love your horse shots my ant love the Clydesdale (sp?).  I will have to show those to her next time she is here. (That is if I remember)

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10 years ago
Lila - thanks.  And I looked up your camera, you got a very nice one!  It has 12 opticals, equiv. to about 420 35mm lens, plus macro, etc. so it should do everything you want. 
10 years ago

Hi Sunny, Ray agrees with you on clothes!  He said thanks and that you are a man after his own heart!

Deb your moon shot is beautiful.  I love the colors.

Lila your flower is gorgeous.  Great detail.

Meralyn, Ray's dad worked with these horses many years ago in New York.

Here is a wildflower I am sure everyone will recognize!

Dutchman__039_s breeches.jpg

The Dutchman's Breeches!

This is the flower that looks like plastic!  I really thought some one had put some plastic flowers out by the trail.  The second picture shows it must be a ground cover.

Ground cover 3.jpg



10 years ago
Sugar - lovely pix!  We dont have those flowes here, not that I've seen anyway.  Thanks for sharing with us.  Interesting that Ray's father worked with the Clydesdales, was that with Budweiser?  Your second pic is only showing as a red X, probably because of my dial up?!  By the way, tell Ray I love flannel shirts, too, in the cold months.
10 years ago

Thank you Sunny, I am getting use to looking at them. They have a face only a Donna can love.   One was on my porch next to the door. She thought my trash that was put out was for her.  My black one does the same thing, and now the trash has to go straight to the dumpster around the side of the house. It is my fault for leaving their food in a bag when I got busy or had to go out. They just helped themselves to the chicken in it.

I better check this thread I think it might be way too long for the dial ups as it is getting there with cable users too.

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