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Meralyn and Friends, Photos & Digital Art 11- Must be over 18 to enter this group as there is some sexual perversion among bugs here. LOL
10 years ago

Hi everyone, here is the link to the last thread. Lots of great photos on that one.

Please place your darling cats in a thread with a new topic.

This  thread is for scenery, wild flowers and wild animals or bugs, or shots of the trees or water, or the moon and sunset, and even old cars driven by wild men.   You get the idea I'm sure.

Please be careful not to put an over sized picture in that will stretch the thread so far that no one will be able to read without scrolling back and forth. If this does happen, your post will have to be removed, but you can resize it and post it again.

10 years ago

Are caverns OK

Luray Cavern Va. 1993

Luray Caverns 01.jpg

10 years ago

Sunny - caverns are deffinitely OK!  Especially a photograph that beautiful!  Love the colors and texture!  You beat me to the punch, I've been fighting with P-Bucket to get a pic loaded, LOL!

HarlequinLilliesMay8008sigre.jpg Harlequin Lillies, May 8-08, sig, re picture by merjonard

Harlequin lillies in my garden a couple of days ago.

OK photographers - have a great time filling up this new thread that Donna so graciously set up for us!

10 years ago

Sunny those are neat and as a claustrophobic it is something I would never see.  Meralyn the lilies are gorgeous my sister's lilies are not ready to bloom yet.

I can not find out exactly what this is I believe that it is in the Hypochaeris family.


10 years ago

RedRhodie07sigre.jpg Red Rhodie,07,sig,re picture by merjonard

Red Rhodie - 2007.  This is one of my friend, Harry's, rhodies.  I took this shot with my Konica Minolta after it had arrived at his house.  He had ordered it for me, used, thru eBay and I was testing it out.  Red, especially bright red, is hard to photograph, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well the little camera did!

Lila - your yellow flower is lovely and I like what you did with it, too!  It looks vaguely familiar but the name doesn't ring any bells.  Guess we'll have to have Pennie help us on this one unless someone else here knows it?

Have a great weekend everyone and have fun with your cameras!

10 years ago

Meralyn thank you re: the yellow flower.  The red flower is gorgeous (I don't remember how to spell its name )

Here is one of my sister Pansies.  When she was little she used to call them Chimpanzees. 


10 years ago

Hey gals!!!!!


10 years ago

Very cool cave picture, Sunny! 

Nice flowers Meralyn and Lila!

10 years ago

Lila, Luray caverns are very big.  But then I guess it depends on your degree of claustrophobia you have. 

Ahh, Chimps, they have such cute faces  Somewhere I have a shot of pansies that are so close they look like a single multi colored pansy

I'll see if I can find one with people in it so you can get an idea of the size.  I'm guessing but I'll bet that railing is at least 4 feet high, so imagine how high this is since even with a wide angle  it doesn't the top show. 

.Luray Caverns 03.jpg

Meralyn, is the  Red Rhodie in the Amaryllis family??  I'm not at all that good with indoor plants.  And  as always, you're right on that red stuff.  For the life of me I've never understood why red is so hard to reproduce accurately.  Even color TV's  have a hard time with reds

Speaking of plants, me and the little gal spent the afternoon get flats of begonias, saliva, and impatiens, for under the crabapple tree and along the walk.  And a  1/2 dozen assorted hot & sweet pepper plants, 1 rosemary and 4 basil.  Still looking for flat leaf parsley.

Oh  Here's my tiny daffies  They're late bloomers by design, this way I have something in bloom until the annuals and perennials start to pop.  Peonies, next to open

Resize of White w-Green daffs (7).jpg

Resize of White w-Green daffs (11).jpg

Resize of Small White & Yellow Daffs (2).jpg

Happy Mom's day y'all

OH! Deb, loved the sunsets

10 years ago

Lila - gorgeous pix and thank you, too.  I love pansies!  Their faces are so precious!

Thanks for the pix Sunny and the Mother's Day wishes!  The Rhodie is a Rhododendron.  They are outdoor bushes (evergreens)  that can grow huge, almost like trees.

Your cave shots and tiny daffys are lovely.  Great idea adding measuring tape! 

I'm so tired and goofy now from the pain killers I've got ta go crash!  Will catch up with "you-all" when I get back!  

Have a wonderful Sunday even if your not all  "Mothers"!  Tee, hee!!!

10 years ago

Beautiful Pix everyone. That cave is neat looking. I would never go in or on the the top either. I got both phobias. The degree is bad too.

10 years ago
Marvelous pix - thanks for sharing!
10 years ago

Happy Mothers day every one!

Thanks every one re: the pansies. Sunny I think my sister planted some Daffodils like that hers start blooming in march and the last of them are starting to look very sad now. The cave is neat but no mater how big it is I will not go in it. I am with you Donna on heights but I also afraid of water I do not like swimming in it driving over it or any thing. Especially the driving over it when I am with my Dad he is a fisherman and  he spends more time watching the water than the road.   The bridge I hate the worst is over a local reservoir it is about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile long and he fishes there so he is worst on that one.

I will try to add some new photos to day I am trying to decide between birds or flowers I shot lots of both yesterday.   Any votes?

10 years ago

OK no votes on flowers or birds so I am going to go with a California theme.



With a bug.

no bug

With out a bug.  Chose your viewing preference



With Pigeons in the front.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful mothers day.

10 years ago

Hi Lila - lovely pix with or without bug! LOL!!!  I love quail but have never been able to get a good pic!  Lucky you!

Yep!  I'm back from my outing, we had a wonderful time, pix didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped for but will share some when I get edited.  I hope you all had a great day whether Moms or no.  I'm hitting the sack now, totally pooped!!!  Good night!

10 years ago

Beautiful pictures, Lila! I can't wait to see yours Meralyn!!

Cape Arago Lighthouse, May 11-08
10 years ago

CapeAragoLIghthouseIIMay11-08sigre.jpg Cape Arago Lighthouse,II,May 11-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

CapeAragoLighthouseMay11-08sigre.jpg Cape Arago Lighthouse, May 11-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Two different photos of Cape Arago Lighthouse.  This lighthouse has been pretty much abandoned due to erosion, the bridge that went across to it from the mainland is no longer safe!  There was a lot of haze even though beautifully sunny, and my camera didn't cope with it very well.  I was really disappointed, not many of my pix turned out!  So goes it.

10 years ago

Well I'll be darned, I don't think I've ever gotten close enough to a Rhododendron to  notice what the flowers look like.  I know their leaves curl inward according to the temperature.  The more they roll up the colder it is.  In these part they look like green straws on the coldest days.  They literally protect themselves from the cold

Ah, quail.   Only once in my life I got off the east coast and went to AZ.  I see these birds running around right, and I think I'm shooting road runners!  Sir twit gets all excited and takes pictures like crazy.  Only problem, I get back home and  I find out what I was shooting were quail not road runners.  

One good thing though, I recognized Lila's as soon as I saw them

Meanwhile I got my freebie Canon scanner/printer hooked up over the weekend   Here's a comparison 'tween the old HP and the new Canon.  Keep in mind the HP has a ton of mileage on it.


Washington Monument 01.jpg


Washington Monument n.jpg

What I need now is to find out if I can fine tune the colors and the size like I did with the HP, that way I get to skip the whole Photoshop thing.  The Canon scanned it on auto which the HP doesn't even have.  Ahh, technology, isn't it grand.  Meanwhile I'll tinker with the HP some more since it can scan slides.  Could be all it needs is a new bulb.  Wishful thinking.

This was taken on the way to the caves and a couple of colleges Kim was interested in going to back in '93.  Which were all stops on the way to where we were really heading, Virginia Beach, to chill out on the Atlantic.  Ah, them was the days 


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10 years ago

Sunny - fascinating comparisons on the scanners!  Have you noticed any difference in the photos depending on which program you scan them into first?  I have.

I've never noticed Rhodie's leaves curling up like that but it must get a lot colder in your part of the country then ours.

I was going to post another shot of the lighthouse but dont have it loaded yet, so later.

Get out there everyone and practice with your cameras but most importantly - HAVE FUN!!!

10 years ago

Amy - and all of you who may be new to Picassa - I forgot to mention that you can make your own screensaver thru Picassa using your own pix!  And its neat, very pretty!  The pix change around and look like playing cards, the picture side!  Its fun!

Harlequin Lillies in My Garden May 08
10 years ago

HarlequinLilliesinMyGardenMay08sigr.jpg Harlequin Lillies in My Garden, May 08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Hello out there - anyone here?!

10 years ago

It was a dismal day of rain yesterday which reflected my spirit. At 7:46 am I had to make the decision to say goodbye to my dear hooved companion and friend, "Jack". By evening though, the clouds had broken - the sky opening up to what looked like a spotlight on one billowy cloud, casting finger-like projections that pointed upward. It was as if Jack was telling me "don't be sad, for I am here now. Look how beautiful it is. I am at peace and you, my loving and kind caretaker, helped me to arrive at this place where we all strive to be one day". So I captured the image with my camera and I wanted to share it with all of you.


I enjoy all of your photos, and will continue to see the world through your eyes as long as all of you keep posting. You're a great group.

10 years ago

Oh Deb!  My heart goes out to you!  Words just can not express my feelings!  You captured an image from God!  Jack is with the angelsl now dearheart!  He lived a long and happy life.  Letting go is so very hard and if I were there with you I would just hold you and let you cry, as I am doing now!

TheAngelintheRedwoods1999.png Angel in the Redwoods,1999 picture by merjonard

The Angel in the Redwoods.  There are angels!

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10 years ago

Oh Deb, I am so so sorry! I had no idea, I thought Jack was getting better. You have my most sincere condolences. 

This is my lily that I have waited forever to see it bloom. It is for Jack. 


10 years ago

Deb, so sorry to hear about Jack  You have my sincere sympathies on your loss

RE: scanning  to Photo-shop Elements etc.  Never even knew I could do that.  I always crop and correct color with the scanner and send them  to MY Pictures.  I still haven't  quite gotten into this digital stuff, but I now have two books on the subject  and I'm going to learn  some of it if it kills me!   that's not a bad way out.     I can see the headline now:  Man dies of over exposure to  digital imaging.  Decomposed body  found dust and spider web covered with middle finger on  monitor.  Film at 11

Well we're about to get Deb's rain for a couple of days, so I'm heading out to cut grass or be in big trouble. 

10 years ago

Amy - that is one fantastic lilly and a great shot!  No wonder you've been baby-ing it along!

Sunny - when we quit learning we are dead!  But, I have a very hard time studying anything, though, I just block!  Especially manuals, anything technical, YUCK! Harry makes me furious, he loves it but he has that type if mind!

10 years ago

Yes, Meralyn, when you stop learning you are dead.  Also when a guy stops looking he's dead too  To think my wife has to put up with this stuff.   I go by what my mom used to say, "look, but don't touch"

As for the scanning  first I heard it was when you asked if it looked different in one or the other, then I was  reading the book I got for Xmas "Photoshop Elements  Bible" and in chapter one it mentioned scanning straight to  Elements, so now I'm going to  have to try that.

OH and Mr. CRS keeps forgetting to  tell you he loves the lighthouse.  Especially the first one.  Belongs on a calender.

Amy, you Stargazer reminds me of one I used to have that I called the "mutant".    It a Stargazer for sure, but the colors are in the right  place or  exactly in the right place I should say.  I always felt because it was different it was better.     Wonder if it's in my album

I found this one so far, but it's not it.

Stargazer Lily 57 265

Here's one of my few survivers, the deer  have eaten them so often the bulbs died And the petals are a actually supposed to bend back like that on this one.

Lilies 2007 (2)

Lilies 2007

The mutant is in a Webshots album.

Or here, not sure which link is right, or if either is.  If  not Google Webshots, and then search "member"  Sunnydey.  Lotsa lillies in them

Back to the salt mines.

10 years ago

  Sunny!  Fantastic lillies!  And great photos, too.  the color is superb!  Thanks fo sharing with us!  Also - thanks re lighthouses.

I used to like to load my pictures (dig & scanned) directly into Photoshop but after trying Picassa I prefer it.  The pix can be organized easier into albums and then moved where you want them. 

Warning - gang members - when editing, in any way a pic, save it as "Save As" first before you close or you will lose the original!  That doesn't seem to work, though, in Picassa so I always make sure the pix have been moved (copies) to My pix first!

NightoftheHeronMay13-08siggimpre.jpg picture by merjonard

I tried to shoot a heron the other night using Night setting, didn't work too well, so enhaned and cloned with Adobe Photoshop (watercolor filters) and Gimp (cloning), and used Picture It to sign.

10 years ago

My daughter and I went out to the farm to see my mother on Mother's day. I got a chance to take a walk in the woods with my camera and got some interesting shots.
Beech roots 5 - 08.jpg

This is some of the gnarled surface roots of an old beech tree.
Fungus on a rotting log 5 - 08.jpg

I liked the look of the fungus all lined up in the cracks of the bark on the rotting log.
Spring green 5 - 08.jpg

Here I was just at the edge of the wooded area when I shot this.  I call it  the look of spring.  I love the cool greens.
Trilium 5 - 08.jpg

Triliums 5 - 08.jpg

And the Triliums were in bloom. It was so refreshing.

10 years ago

I enjoyed all the photos, including the cave shots!  It is so cool in caves.  I am also very sad about Jack leaving us.  The glorious pictures helps.

It has been so rainy, and dark here that I have been taking pictures of furkids inside.  We might get a little sun one day this weekend.  I will take my camera out then.

One thing I noticed is how long the batteries last!  With my old camera I was always charging them.  Of course this new camera has a different looking battery.


10 years ago

I traded 4 Butterfly bushes for this Japanese Lilac.  It never grows big like my old lilacs.  It is full grown here.  The pictures aren't really good but I wanted to show their size.  It is great.  I know my Kenny will spend a lot of time under it this summer.

Japanese Lilac two.jpg

5 08 Japanese Lilac

The sun popped out for a minute, that is how I got the pictures!  I ran out before the clouds came over again.  Hey, Meralyn, Sunny, anyone, how do you take pictures of rain?  I have lots of that.....


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10 years ago

Here's one for Jean.  A night shot of the The Skylon in Niagara Falls Canada  I think it may be the  worlds largest mushroom too

Skylon 03

Nice save there Meralyn.  Now I know what to do with my fuzzy photos.   Is Picasa a freebie?  It came  with my laptop and  I thought it was one of the bundled programs they threw in.  I don't have it on the  desktop.

Now that I'm finding  my way around the new scanner I'll go back to doing the corrections in the scanner and  cut that  Photoshop step out like i  did with the old one.  In fact the scanner even dust spotted that black sky behind the Skylon   automatically. I'm really very into KISS.  Keep It Simple Stupid.

Sugar, as for how to shoot in the rain.  Same as in the sun, just do it.  Unless you are doing  close-ups no one  will know it was raining  unless  you see a puddle.  I used to shoot houses for multiple listings  and we shot rain or shine and  you  really didn't know if it was overcast or raining.    Gotta see if I have any million dollar plus houses  in my collection.  I used to  have the place print me  up one now and then so I could show my wife how the other half lives.  

10 years ago

One other thing Sugar.  Sunny days aren't always the best days to take photos.  They  cause "hot" spots, washing out lighter colors, or dark spots leaving shadows  too dark to make out what is there.  

  The best time to  shot is in  hazy sun to overcast sky when the light is spread  even over the subject.  Also in magic hour, one hour  before sunrise and one hour after the sun sets.  You'll also get warmer  colors at that time.

Did I guess right Meralyn

10 years ago

Hey Jean.   I found a fun mushroom just for you


I've seen the ones that  grow sideways  out of trees in the woods out here.  I was told along time ago by an 80+ year old amateur botanist that  you shouldn't even touch  them if you don't know if they are safe. 

10 years ago

How's 'bout some of the NYC skyline from uptown instead of straight across the river

As each one is wider than the  one before it, I'm going to  guess  it's a 50mm, 35, and the last is a 28.  In 1987 I don't think I had a 24mm yet.

NY Skyline from uptown 01

NY Skyline from uptown 02

NY Skyline from uptown 03

  Sometimes overcast is good  You can see the  concentration of city light in midtown.  The building with the funny sloped roof (closest one)  is the Citi Bank building.

10 years ago

Wonderful pix everyone!  And Sunny, of course your right! LOL!  Really! And thanks for the info and sharing with us. 

Sugar, lovely bush.  The problem with shooting in the rain is the camera getting wet!  If someone can hold an umbrella over you that helps.  Digital I really worry about.  Its a great juggling match trying to do it yourself, shoot in the rain that is!  If the flower is small enough, and your big enough, you can sometimes throw your shadow over it, re shooting in bright sunlight.

Picassa is free from Google.  I need to go take a nap now, forced myself out for a walk on the beach this morning at 10 thinking cool enough, jeesh, it wasn't!  But I did get some bird shots!  My shoulder and whole arm are giving me fits too, so more later maybe.

10 years ago

Thanks Sunny and Meralyn.  You have opened a new door for me.  I have always tried to have lots of bright light outside!  And inside.

Great pictures!


10 years ago

Sugar - thank you!  Hope you had a great weekend and everyone else, too?  I had a very busy one, got a couple pix, may share them later.

OK - we had two days off posting so you-all should have lots of pix ready to post now, right?!  I'm waiting eagerly to see them!  I've got a busy day scheduled, will try to come in and post this eve. Bye now!

10 years ago

ButtercupKamphPkFieldsMay08sigre.jpg Buttercup, Kamph Pk Fields, May 08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Buttercup in a field next to Kamph Park, one of my favorite places to walk.  Buttercups are blooming all over now, including next to the log access road down to my house, so very beautiful!

ShorePinesNewGrowthMay10-08sigre.jpg Shore Pines, New Growth, May 10-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Shore Pines, new growth.  These funny looking little pollen cones remind me of cactus!  These small pines have two different pollen "thingeys".  Anyone know the difference?  OK Pennie where are you?

And where is everyone else?  Hope your all doing well?

Deb - how goes it with you my friend?

10 years ago

Meralyn - I am doing better, but am still having a hard time dealing with the circumstances surrounding what happened. I'll be fine, in time. Thank you so much for asking  I went over the mountains this weekend to our State Dem Convention. Thought I should experience the process of being a delegate at least once so was glad when elected in Feb. Anyway, I was able to get some pics since, for once, I did not drive!


The Rockies are so pretty!


Love everyone's photos. I like to do a lot of artistic stuff like your Heron, Meralyn. That was really beautiful. Anyone else have those types of photos? Maybe we could start a thread for ones like that? Just a thought. Back to my GARY stuff . . .


10 years ago

Hi Deb!  Good to hear from you again!  And your photos are gorgeous!  Thanks so much for sharing with us.  I can understand quite a bit your problems with dealing with your situation, believe me! 

I had wondered about a thread on dig/computer art, too, but dont know if there's that much interest here.  Perhaps we could just sneak in a few once in awhile?

Thank you, take care,  and keep up the wonderful work!

10 years ago

There ya go, a slight name  change.  Ask and ye shall receive. 

Actually I've often wondered why I don't see any cool creations in the thread.  I guess now I know.

Gald to see ya Deb.  Time.  Time will heal.

10 years ago
Sunny - thank you dear friend!  Now we can play!  Watch out!
10 years ago

Wow. Thank you Meralyn and Sunny. It is good to be back on the thread.  Guess I better get to loading some of my digital art! This will be fun.

10 years ago

Nothing like keeping things interesting.  We sure don't want to loose our  fans

I personally don't have clue as to how that stuff is done, so I'm all eye's and eagerly awaiting.  Maybe it will inspire me to learn

The Stained Glass Rose, 07
10 years ago

TheStainedGlassRose.jpg The Stained Glass Rose picture by merjonard

I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 to get this result.  The original rose pic is mine.  I have spent several hours this morning trying to re-size a signed copy of this and finally gave up and just searched thru P-Bucket for this version, done before I started signing my work.  Its 640 x 420 and should not blow out the thread nor be too long, though, I hope!?

Playing around with this type of Art work is fun!  A great hobby expecially when the weather is too lousy to be outdoors!

Snag a pic you'd like to work with, go to Photos in your program, then Standard Edit.  My program takes awhile to load the workshop!  Then go to Filter and try various things like: Artistic, Brush Strokes, Render, etc.  Oh yes, BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR WORKED ON COPY AS "SAVE AS" OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ORIGINAL COPY, BEFORE CLOSING!!!  Have a great time and if you have any questions I'll try to answer them or I'll bet Deb can?!

10 years ago

Here are some more photos shot on my walk in the woods on Mother's day.
Jack-in-the-pulpit 5 - 08.jpg

Tree trunks 5 - 08.jpg

Dead tree trunks.
Wake-robin 5 - 08.jpg

Wake-robin or red Trilium.

10 years ago

I took a walk along the Rail Trail that is 2 blocks from the house.  It runs along the base of the Niagara escarpment.  There are some abandoned fruit trees that are in bloom now.  Took a few shots.
Apple blosom 5 - 08.jpg

Apple blosom.
Tree flower 5 - 08.jpg
I'm not sure what these are but I thought they were interesting.
Flowering Plum 5 - 08.jpg

I think that this is a Crabapple or purple Plum.

10 years ago

Oooh, digital art!!! SmileyCentral.comWhat a wonderful addition to this thread!!

Meralyn, SmileyCentral.comthat stained glass rose is gorgeous!!!

Such beautiful photos from everyone!SmileyCentral.comNice work gang.

10 years ago

I was playing with my photo editing program.  I was trying the different effect and liked this combonationof texturized and watercolour.  I cropped a bud from the crabapple or plum photo.
Textured watercolour blosoms.jpg

It turned out real neat.

10 years ago

Jean - Your photos are really beautiful and so is the dig art.  Good work!  Thanks for sharing with us!  Oh, I've seen pictures of the area you walked in, fascinating.

Sandy - thanks girl friend!

10 years ago

I've been having trouble getting in here for about 2 hours! We'll see if this even posts. Hope I don't get another double post!That stained glass effect with the rose is really nice, Meralyn. I don't have Adobe Photoshop. I use 3 and sometimes 4 different programs that all have some different stuff in them. Some of my digitals will be worked on for days before I get the look I want. Jean, I like your photos, lady! And that blossom on the canvas was neat! Here's one of the little purple flowers I posted awhile back.


And of one of the sunsets


I've got some new photos - just some sunrises and sets, though. But I'll load them and post some tomorrow. I have to get into my discs to find the digital stuff I've done in the past. I am working on a couple now and will post when they are done. Doing the digital art is great therapy!

10 years ago

Deb - Intriguing  and very beautiful work!  Its wonderful that you share with us!  And thanks!  What programs do you use?  I'll often drag a pic back and forth to work on it, too, as one program has one thing I like and vice versa!

Have a great day everyone and fun with your cameras and dig art!

10 years ago

Ahhh, things are getting more interesting  Very cool effect everyone.  I think you guys summed it up though.  It's a pain staking process to get them to  look like that, and I for one am just not into that long time stuff.  They are beautiful  but my world just  doesn't allow for it.

But it does allow for this.  Here's an oldie I came across last week and just got around to scanning.  I'm pretty sure that is Kim in the  picture.  It's not a setup either, she just was there and it looked nice.

Sunset Lake Mohawk 01

Keep the diggie art coming.  I'll keep you all bored with the regular stuff  Just kidding

10 years ago

Ooh, how 'bout some dolphins.  Boston 2003


How 'bout  a whole flock of 'em  They're not the every day gray bottle nose.  Can't recall their names though  The Captain said it was nice to see these guys that  far north cause it meant the ocean water was  better and the food supply was abundant


Whales to follow

10 years ago
Sunny - FANTASTIC FOTOS!  I love em!  And just be you, and stick with us, we need ya!
10 years ago

You're right, Sunny. The digital art is time consuming if you like to mess around for the different looks. Very much like painting, only you use a mouse, and your imaginative ideas can be tested without ruining the whole picture and starting over. If you don't like the look, you just hit the "undo" button.  For me, it is relaxing and I can only do it when I can (or need) to take the time and let everything else wait. Since I can no longer be very physically active (I can, but I'd pay for it for weeks!) I do the digital art thing. But, that's not to say that I do not entirely enjoy taking and looking at beautiful photos!!! And all you guys have really got some great photos!! Sunny, I love the one of Kim. I really enjoy a picture that can reflect a mood or an emotion - sort of tell a story all on their own. I love dolphins! Always have. I saw a cartoon thing one time - a picture of dolphins out at sea looking at the city shoreline. The caption read "and the meek shall inherit the earth". I thought it was pretty neat. Maybe someone knows what kind of dolphins those were??

10 years ago

Meralyn - I forgot to answer your question in the last post

The programs I use are Photo Explosion Deluxe, Photo Suite, and Photo Expressions. I also have another that came in the camera software. I am thinking about downloading that Picassa you guys always talk about. Can't wait to see more pics!

Water Striders Gang-bang
10 years ago

WaterStridersIIMay08sigre.jpg Water Striders II, May 08,sig,re picture by merjonard

WaterStridersGangBankMay08sigre.jpg Water Striders Gang Bank, May 08,sig,re picture by merjonard

Every time that I go walking at Kamph Park I check out the little stream that carves it's way thur the woods.  I always find something new, something beautiful, something very special!  This time I found a spotlight (sun) illuminating what looked like a little Fairyland but on closer inspection turned out to be nothing more than a Water Strider "Gang-Bang", LOL!!!

Deb - thanks for the info on the programs you use.  I'm not familiar with them.  Are they some you have to buy like Adobe Photoshop?  I like Gimp, also, and it, too, is free off the internet.  It really has some handy tools but is so blasted tecknical that I'm blown away with it!  So I stick to the simpler things.  Paint tools, though, etc., are very handy.

Have fun gang with your cameras and may the Lord bless you with wonderful weather in which to do so!

10 years ago

Before I do or say anything else. WHERE'S LILA????*question*  Anyone know if she's on vacation or worse, ill??  Preferably on vacation of course.  She hasn't posted since Moms day.  I hope all is well on her end.

As for  the digital art.  I'm fairly certain Deb's sunset/rise has been watercolored, it looks too cool not to be  But then maybe that's why that desert is called "the painted desert"  maybe it just look that way. 

And are Merilyn's  water sliders also tweaked?  The ferns look like they're  not  really there.  The  photo looks like it was a composite.  It has the "Fairly Land" look about it.

The woman that  did my original avatar was really great at that stuff.  All I did was make the ear blue so Joxer would look more like a boy cat, the originals were pink.  But she would do things that were obviously from  more than one photo.  Summer and winter mixed in the same  photo, babbling brook running through a frozen pond, stuff like that.  One of her more fun ones was her exotic frogs (she raised them) dressed up like a rock band playing instruments.  But when she told me it took her weeks and  over 100 layers to put it all together, I gave up right then on digital art/imaging. )

Oh, and Deb you just reminded me, I have Photo Suite 4 & 7.  And my new scanner/printer  came with  Arc Soft 5.5.   Also  I was looking under programs  last night and  found something called Microsoft Photo Editor, which I have no clue how I got nor do I know what it does other than it resizes  photos. Oh!  Cool, just looked,  it can do effects.  I still wonder where I got it.  The family  gets me these things cause I used to be a photographer, but what they don't realize is it's totally  2 different worlds.

As promised...the whales.

Whales off Boston

Just can't get them to  jump out of the water though.  That's only during mating season that they do that.  Humpbacks  also sing at that time.

Mostly you get to  see the fluke(tail) or the upper  part.  You know they are about to dive when they spout water out of the blow hole.   You can just  barely make  out the water spout  with these two.  It was just a lousy day for whales watching

Whales 2

Whales off Boston

Whales off Boston

Here's 2 of 'em.  One's just coming up the other is heading down.

Whales off Boston

As you can see it was a very GARY day, you can't tell where the  ocean ends and the sky begins.  And to think these are in color!

And guess what?  On the way back to port the sun came out

10 years ago

Sunny - I've had a very rough day so am late getting in here.  The whale shots are super!  I've seen them off the coast here but not able to photograph!

No - the water strider shot w/ferns is not a composite but reflections.  I sharpened it and the other of just the striders, which I'd cropped, too.  No fancy stuff.

As to Lila - she quit!  I'd rather not say anything, guess you'd best ask Donna.

I'll try to chat more tomorrow, I'm feeling punky.  Good night all.

Killdeer, May 23-08
10 years ago

KilldeerMay23-08sigre.jpg Killdeer,May 23-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

KilldeerIIIMay23-08sigre.jpg Killdeer, III, May 23-08,sig,re picture by merjonard

I shot these beautiful little birds the other day as they picked around on the gravel bar out in the river.  I had to shoot from the bank and its the first time I've even gotten this close.  Cropped and sharpened a little and went a tad bit grainy.

Where is everyone?!  Having a great Memorial Weekend I hope?!

10 years ago

That is a beautiful shot that you got at those birds Meralyn. They are so pretty.

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