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Meralyn and Friends photo and digital art # 15 Now closed.
10 years ago

Hi everyone, Here is the link to the last thread. Oh, and don't bother looking for little tits as they are really birds.

10 years ago
10 years ago

OK youse' guys!  Well, anyone for big ones, that's birds, of course, what else?! LOL!!!  Like Turkey Vultures?!  RIGHT!!!

And that's all !!!  GOOD NIGHT YOU LOVABLE NUTS!!!

Oh yeah, and thanks for the new thread, too!!!

10 years ago

Ah shucks  Actually we used to get Tufted Tit Mice, or is it Mouse  even  in the plural here, and they weren't Mice either.

10 years ago

OK Sunny,  how about a wren tit?  Got a shot of a couple today on my bloody hot hike!  Will share later.

Hope you all had fun with your cameras today, or whatever, LOL?!  Signing off, its too hot to work!

10 years ago

How 'bout just a plain ole House Wren, living in one of my Wren houses

Wren 22

This years version features a barn red stain job, and a CHAIN to hold it up so the darned squirrels don't cut it down  

And of course it's occupied.  I charge cheap rent.  But  no utilities included

10 years ago

I'M BACK! It's been such a hectic few days and not much time for photography. However I did manage to get some nice photos yesterday afternoon. Where are they then I hear you asking? Photobucket is down for site maintenance (grrrrr).

I love your wren box Sunny (thanks also for the camera info - makes complete sense). A year or two ago we hung an old teapot up for the wrens and although a male made a nest in it, the female wouldn't move in and it was never inhabited. This year my small teapot broke so guess what Chris (my husband) did? Yep, took down the teapot, cleaned it up and we're using it again. He did however replace it with the one that suffered a broken handle so the wrens won't be homeless.

10 years ago

2008_0709Fuji0102-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Ahhhh ... success!

10 years ago

Hi Sunny! Love your wren bird house!

Hi Linda! Awesome shot! It's gorgeous!

Here's my Gerber Daisy's I planted in a large pot.


My hanging basket of Petunia's. I didn't crop out my front door. I wanted you to see how huge this basket got. The picture doesn't do it justice either. It's so huge! The dark leafy plant that's planted in the center of the basket is potato plant. It's very pretty. You can't see it too good on this pic, but it's a very deep dark purple color.


10 years ago
Welcome back Linda.  I can't wait to see more of your pics!
Sandy i have those same Gerbers outside my kitchen door in several colours....luv em!
Your hanging basket looks awesome
Sunny, i like your Wren that duct tape?
10 years ago

Beautiful and touching photos everyone!  I love the wren house, Sunny, wrens are such little characters!  I had them down south in LA, they would build nests in everything!  Linda your pic of flower with bee is wonderful!  Good for you!  I have yet to succeed with this new Panasonic cam.  Sandy, your flowers are so lovely!  You really have a geen thumb and talent with your camera, too!

Keep on shooting gang, its fun and good for the soul!  Also good for the bod if you get out there and walk while shooting. Suppossed to be, anyway, all its doing for me is hardening up the fat!  I'm still eating too much!

Snowball in July
10 years ago
10 years ago

Beautiful petunias Sandy!

2008_0709Fuji0114-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I didn't realise how pretty this was until I downloaded it - reminds me of an old fashioned box of chocolates. Here's another chocolate box image.

2008_0619Fuji0026.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Woops, I've said a food word ...

Warning! People! July 8, 2008
10 years ago

WarningPeopleJul8-008sig.jpg Warning! People!, Jul 8-08, sig picture by merjonard

On my walk on the beach, day before yesterday, I kept trying to catch up with the gulls, they did NOT like it!  Rather unfriendly gulls!  Everytime I'd squat down for a perspective shot they'd take off!  This one started screaming at me!  If he had tonsils you could see them, LOL!!!

PeopleImoutahereJul8-08sig.jpg People! I'm out'a here!, Jul 8-08, sig picture by merjonard

People!  I'm out'a here!!!

These were shot on Auto!  I'm surprised that the camera was fast enough and even froze the droplets of water!  It really doesn't have a very fast shutter speed!  And I took a lot of pix, had to delete a lot, too!  I just lucked out.

10 years ago
WOW!  You guys are posting fast, I can't keep up with you but keep 'em com'n!  They are great shots, absolutely beautiful work Sandrea & Linda!  Love that thatched roof cottage!  I love England!
10 years ago

Beautiful pictures everyone!!

Sandrea I never would have even the duct tape on Sunny's birdhouse! Seems Sunny has the same philosphy my daddy used to have...if it moves and it isn't supposed to, duct tape it - if it doesn't move and it should, WD-40! 

Sandy your hanging basket is just gorgeous! I wanted a big hanging basket this year, but I never got one. I procrastinated until it was too late. It is so hot here now that even in the shade, very few things will grow. 

10 years ago
Great pics Linda and Meralyn...i like the cottage too.
Amy, i actually think its a piece of tin on the top of the wren house, but if it is duct tape i wanted to suggest using camoflauge duct tape so we wouldn't see it
10 years ago

Hi Sandy... here's one of my Gerbera Daisys in the same colour as yours


10 years ago

Oh my! What a beautiful cottage, Linda!

Hi Meralyn, that gull looks peed at you!I think he's telling you off! Fantastic pics! So beautiful!

Hi Sandrea! Ooh, how pretty!! I love daisy's

10 years ago
Here's a Daisy from my yard to you Sandy Photobucket
10 years ago
Oh, Sandrea! That is gorgeous!Thank you!!!
10 years ago

Meralyn, those were some sharp looking gulls. Maybe if you had some food with you the Gull wouldn't have gotten so mad.

10 years ago

Thanks ladies.  No doubt the gull would have been more cooperative if I'd had food but jeesh, he didn't have to swear at me that loudly and nastily!  Good thing I dont undestand gull talk!

Pretty daisy Sandrea.

10 years ago

2008_0619Fuji0024-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Such beautiful flowers everyone! Here's another one of that picturesque traditional Lincolnshire 'mud and stud' cottage.

10 years ago
Good Morning! Here's a Rose from my yard for all the ladies... I hope your day is as beautiful as this Rose is! Photobucket
10 years ago

Picturesque and oh so very beautiful, little cottage!  Thanks for posting it Linda!  We have those pink flowers here, too, I believe, and they have gone wild.  Harry did some research on them and they are not native, apparently introduced from Europe.  I'll try to post a pic later. Are you shooting on full resolution, Fine, now?  Your photos look very clear, good work!  

This morning it seems my two days of pushing myself, happily, caught up with me and I've hit a brick wall!  The arthritis is back and I just feel exhausted. 

That is a beautiful rose Sandrea.  Your cropping and macro work is great but dont forget to do set-ups where more shows, or groups. I get stuck in a rut going for macros, trying to get more detail each time, and Harry comes up with these gorgeous set-ups that just make me green with envy!

Happy shooting everyone and hey!  Its TGIF day for those of you who still work! Have a great day! 

10 years ago

I spend TWO hours, since i have this and that to do too, writing a response to Meralyn and i LOST my POST..... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHH

10 years ago

Sandrea is now in meditation..........

10 years ago

Sandrea - your rose IS beautiful and I thank you for it!  Hope you didn't take my post wrong? And hang in there!

For those of you who want to learn how to shoot flowers better (me included!) study Sunny's pix, he IS a professional photographer and we can all learn from him.

I've been working on a couple close-ups (macro) shots of flowers for a demonstration, too hot here!  I'm going to go take a nap and try to come back in later!

10 years ago

Meralyn, my dear, i don' take things wrong...i have 5 darling cats and a  baby bird who just may have designs on taking over this place

10 years ago

Meralyn,,,,i really wish you could have read my post from earlier.......

China Beach Overlook, July 9, 2008
10 years ago

chinaBeachOverlookJul8-08sigre.jpg china Beach Overlook, Jul 8-08, sig, re picture by merjonard

My friend and I went out to this site day before yesterday to photograph wildflowers that he had found.  It hit a record high in Brookings that day, 109', but we were there in the morning, still hotter than hell!  And, yes, that is a long ways down to the beach!  We didn't go there but Harry did, once!

Linda - could these red flowers be the same as the ones in your last cottage pic?  My friend, Harry, has identified them as Red Valerian, also called Jupiter's Beard, Latin name Centranthus ruber (if I'm reading my scribble properly?!) and are native to the Mediterranean.

Clarkia amoena at the China Beach Overlook, Jul 9-08
10 years ago

ClarkiaamoenaatChinaBeachOverlookJu.jpg Clarkia amoena at china Beach Overlook, Jul 9-08, sig picture by merjonard

This beautiful little flower was named after Clark as in Lewis & Clark Expedition.  It is also known as "Farewell-to-Spring" or "Herald-of-Summer" and is in the Evening Primrose family.

I have a bad habit of setting up my shots geometrically, as I do picures on a wall or landscaping!  My brain must be square?!  This shot would have looked better if I'd canted the flower.  I left some buds in it to try to add more interest.  But I do almost always try for a macro shot showing as much detail as possible on the stamens & pistils and that can get boring.

ClarkiaandBeeFlyatChinaBeachOverloo.jpg Clarkia and Bee Fly at China Beach Overlook, Jul 9-08 picture by merjonard

Another shot of the pretty little flowers with a bee, and the camera actually cooperated and focused on the bee, and a tiny bug in the other blossom looking like its rolling on its back in estasy!  I didn't see the tiny bug till I edited this shot! These lovely, delicate flowers were growing on the same dry hillside as the Valerian!

10 years ago

I spent ages yesterday evening trying to identify those flowers and came up with exactly the same name - Red Valerian. It seems they're cottage garden plants and said to originally have come from the Mediterranean. They grow wild here but are very pretty. I even spotted a white variety a couple of weeks ago but when I went back to have a closer look it had been weeded out so I'll never know for sure!

Beautiful photos everyone! I'll be back with more later.

med3d-appphotos.gif picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

That Clarkia looks hand painted Meralyn...had to say this quick and post it before a CAT steps on the back button AGAIN  

10 years ago

Linda - your flower with bee, above pic, is a wonderful example of a good set-up, other-wise known as "composition".  Yeah, that's the word I was looking for!  In art there is the rule of "thirds.  I want to dead-center everything which in art is a no-no.!

Sunny - sure wish you'd come in on this as I dont know the rules of the game as well in photography?!

Re - Valerian, thanks for the info Linda, my friend Harry will love it! In my Wildflower book there is a variety of white Valerian but the leaves look different.  Its just a line drawing.

And - thanks ladies.  I'm waiting for more pix from you, too!  Have fun!

Deb - sure hope you can get your camera fixed as we miss your pix!

P.S.  A side note - do NOT do what I do, forget to clean the lense before shooting!  Also, I forget to clean my camera after walking on the beach and the salt spray is hard on them!

Sunny - please tell us what is best to use to clean lenses?! 

10 years ago

2008_0712Fuji0094.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I knew if I looked hard enough I'd find some white 'red valerian'. I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled on this earlier today! It's past its best (the rain and wind spoiled it) but definitely white. There is a common valerian too which looks different so maybe that's what you saw in the book Meralyn. A friend of mine swears by its dried root for filling cat toys. Apparently it's even better than catnip! I've grown some but when I tried to dry the stuff it just turned mouldy!

10 years ago

Oooh, what great pics, Linda & Meralyn!! Wow!! You ladies sure do have talent!

Meralyn, thanks so much for the helpful tips. Please do keep themm coming!

10 years ago

What, what, Meralyn?  I've been being abused by the misses of late.  Has me WASHING WINDOWS!!! Arrgh!

Oh, the the thirds thingie.  Yup, no, no in photography usually, but I've seen award winning photos that have thrown that rule straight out the window and it worked great!  In fact  some of them where shots of a  window.    Ya know, one of those old houses  with the window paint peeling,  with flowers in the  window and pretty curtains that look like, why such beautiful flowers in such  run down  looking frame work. 

Just  found these guy in an envelope  this week.

From 1988, on film of course.

Winter Sunset 1988 02

I'm like Sugar, in a Valley  sort of.  I never really see the horizon.  Any way out of here is up hill  This WAS one of the lowest hills.  The sun really isn't going to set  for another 20 or  30 minutes.

Winter Sunset 1988 03

Where the tree are there are  homes now.   So the sunset is totally messed up  now.

Back to the  thirds thing.  The horizon isn't dead center across the middle, it's roughly 1/3 from the top or 2/3rds from the bottom..  You show a bit more sky or a bit more  landscape, but you don't cut it straight down the  horizontal mid section.

The reflection should lead your eye up to the sun.

Do I have that  right Meralyn??  Is this even a good example???

Fantastic shots everyone.  All the flowers are great.   I love the daisies.  I have the white one's growing out back but I think they need more sun, so I may be  moving them up front.  I have 2 yellow Gerbera's (Gerber's).  I was hoping one would be orange but it ended up being an even lighter yellow  Keep them potted---have one about  7/8 years now

The cottage is so cool. Remind's me of Lord Of The Rings  Hey where's Frodo.

Hope I didn't miss anyone.

10 years ago

Even the MOON

Put it dead center  and it's less interesting than  if it's slightly off kilter

Moon 10-07-06 23

Eh, this ain't bad.

Bear Mt. Bridge 01

But I'm also VERY guilty of doing things dead center, so it's a do as I say not as I do.

How 'bout, 1967!

"What did you do during the war daddy"?   Operated a BOAT in the Army, what else.   It's where I got the "shutterbug"   Been infected since.

Mike Boat

..then sometimes you just can't get rid of me. LOL
10 years ago

I think I promised this but  never did it.

From left, what's left of the fire pokers, left rear, crabapple tree with pachysandra and inpatients under it. In the center is the arbor being hidden by the Trumpet vine, Butterfly bush, and Ornamental Blue Fescue with lilies on either end (just about  spent now)  Then on to the walk which this year is done up in red & white begonia's and red Salvia.  To the right rear of the walk are some of the pink Lillie's, and the peony bush.

On the right of the walk are the herbs, more  Lilies, Phlox, Cactus and Cone flowers and the bush at the edge of the walk (right, right end) is mint.

Resize of Front walk (3)

The  front left, and  far end of the walk is parsley front and peppers rear.  I believe in not wasting any space

Resize of Front walk (4)

Here's some of the herbs  Oops, forgot the Rose Bush between the pink lily and the cone  flowers

Peppers,  Basil & Herbs (2)

And of course in early Spring it's loaded with Daffie's  Just like me, Daffy all over.

And then there's the back yard......

And thank God for Spell checker

Gee I hope Misty gets to see this.

PS  the white flower pots on the walk, are to keep from getting stuck by the cactus.  I real gotta get off my dead duff and prune those guys back some.

10 years ago
Simply Award Winning Sunny!  Kudos~~
10 years ago

Very beautiful, Sunny! You have lots of basil, and yours seems to grow lower to the ground. Here, mine literally will be a tree by the end of summer. I could probably keep it from year to year, but it grows so big and woody that I am afraid it would affect the taste of it.

Gorgeous flowers!

10 years ago

Beautiful yard Sunny, and lovely house, too!  boy, yours puts mine to shame but its just a little hut on the river.

Also thanks for the great examples of thirds!  I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for us!

Now - what is best to use to clean our camera lenses?  Harry and I have gone round and round over this one!

10 years ago

Really enjoyed your photos Sunny! I took this yesterday when we were looking around yet more open gardens. I've no idea what the shrub is (about four feet tall). The flower spikes are about six inches long and look very exotic.

2008_0712Fuji0096.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Linda - gee, what a neat plant!  I have no idea what it is either but certainly pretty.  Good shot and thanks for sharing with us.  I passed on the info about the red & white Valerian to my friend, Harry, and it found it most interesting.  Now he wants to find the whie one here, too, of course, LOL!

Red Fox in my driveway last eve, Jul 12-08
10 years ago

FoxredinmydrivewayJul12-08sig.jpg Fox, red, in my driveway, Jul 12-08, sig picture by merjonard

I've seen this little fox around here twice before and finally got a good enough pic to post.  I saw her first from my kitchen window, grabbed my camera, ran out and whistled at her, then walked towards her continueing to whistle.  I got three shots but she was too far away from me to get a really good pic.  But isn't she beautiful!  I think she is a red fox?  Does any one know?  And I really dont know if male or female.

10 years ago

As Mr Hendrix would say..Ooh, Foxy Lady...

Thanks  guys,  not much to that  flower spread of mine, huh

Gee you have a mystery flower there Linda.  Don't think I've ever seen anything  quite like it.

Yes, Amy, the basil does change once  it  gets woody.  I've been told though I  can't tell, that  even once it's starts  to bloom the taste changes.  I always pinch the tops out to extend it.  I just  pull up a  couple  to dry.  Have  young ones waiting to take there  place

And the answer Meralyn is :

Dust off

That one's been sitting on a shelf for  ages, but I have  one at least in every  camera bag.  I got mine in Staples, but they can be found in any good camera store for more than Staples gets.     AND they are washable  Ya know  that little "delicates" bag you gals  have  so your unmentionable don't  get stuck in the washers pump, toss it in one of them and  reuse it too death.  I've lost more than I ever wore out.

10 years ago

PS, they  come in grey and blue.

10 years ago

because the color of the wipees is, oh, so important!

I pinch the blooms off of my basil, too, Sunny...and oregano, too. It just has a little bitter taste if you don't.

I love the fox Meralyn!! We used to have red fox running around here, but sadly, since they have built up so much and taken a lot of their homes, I haven't seen one for along time. Makes me so mad!

That is a gorgeous flower, Linda! I have never seen anything quite like it either. Very pretty though!

I was going to go out this morning and see what I could find to shoot (with the camera, of course) but I realized as I was heading to the door with camera in hand that I still had my Tinkerbell jammie pants on, and I just wasn't quite ready to take the plunge of getting dressed. Maybe later this evening or early in the morning tomorrow, we will see.

10 years ago

Sunny - thanks for the info on the wipes, and gee, two colors available!  I'd better not go further with that one, LOL!!!

Re - Red fox.  Due to one of my friends comments, "maybe it will be redder later" I went into Google/Wikipedia and did some research, thinking that mine was just a morph, variation, of the red, it isn't!  Its a Grey fox!  How about that!  I've never heard of them being here before, only red!  And thanks eveyone.

I had to cancel my walk!  When four xtra strength Tylenol dont hit it you'd better just rest!  Damn!!!  Maybe its the fog?!

Hope you all have a better day than me!  Take care and have fun but please remember to get dressed before you venture out there, LOL!!!

10 years ago

Well, you really don't  want to  mix them up, just don't know where Harry's has been, and who's lenses besides his own it's touched

We used to have a red fox  around here.  Karen I would see it when we biked  near the woods.  Of course now the woods are condos

Here's have a  voyeur of a mushroom, on me.    It's got a hiney. Mushroom Butt (14).jpg

It's just chilling out in an old ash tray  that hangs around for my annual cheap cigar.

10 years ago

This one looks like it could be a molar in a bad set of teeth.

Mushroom Butt (4)

10 years ago

Those are some pretty rank looking "hips" on your 'shroom, too, Sunny! I don't think I will ever look at a mushroom quite the same ever again!

Merlayn, I am so sorry you had to cancel your hike today. I have felt like....well, you, too. It has been very humid here and humidity hates me, it causes more inflammation and then more pain (which I am sure you know, too! ). I am still hoping to get out with my camera in the morning though if I can just get around to getting dressed!

10 years ago

Great pictures everyone!  I wish I had the time to comment on each and everyone!  I started to last night, but Kenny came to help so everything came to a screeching halt!!!!!

Here is a picture I took just a few minutes ago.  I think it shows a buck in velvet pretty good.  Due to the sore knee I took the picture from the deck, a pretty good distance away.

Buck 9.jpg


10 years ago

Here is my little boy again,

Buck 1.jpg

Here he is licking the corn from his lips!!!

Buck 10.jpg


10 years ago

Wonderful photos Sugar!  WOW!!!  Sure wish the little buck would come back to visit me here.

Keep em coming gang!  I probably wont be posting any pix today, I'm off to the dentist!

Have a great day and fun with your cameras, or whatever you want to play with, LOL!

10 years ago

Here were a couple of 'what would this look like"?  I was just looking at the early morning sky and this star looked so bright.  I took my little camera and this is what I got.  Have you tried stars?  No one else will recognise the pictures, but I will and maybe sometime in the future I will have a better camera and I can compare.

Star 3 AM Jul 08.jpg

The second one was shot with telephoto, and from just a little different location.

Stars 2.jpg

I think it is interesting how they look like squiggles instead of one point of light.  It was fun to see what I got anyway.


10 years ago

I finally made it back here - what a busy day yesterday turned out to be! Great photos everyone. I'm fascinated by the stars - must try that sometime. On the subject of mushrooms (or toadstools) this is my contribution:

2008_0709Fuji0086-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

It's only about two inches tall and growing in a rotting tree stump.

10 years ago

Hi Linda, your toadstool reminds me of Darth Vador!  Or a sometime to be movie title, "Death from Below".  Good shot.


10 years ago

Sugar - I love your star pix!  Great effect!  Have you tried setting your camera on a solid object to shoot the stars or moon?  And I dont know what setting you used?  My new Panasonic does a lousey job shooting them no matter the subject or setting!  I can not shoot the moon with it on manual as I can with my Konica Minolta, frustrating!

Linda - wonderful muchroom pic!  You really do a fantastic job with your compositions!  And the clarity is excellent, too.  do you have your cam set on full resolution, fine, now?  You must have.

Hummy with Pollen, Jul 13-08
10 years ago

HummyAllensfemalewithpollenJul13-08.jpg Hummy, Allen's female,with pollen,Jul 13-08sig,re picture by merjonard

I was standing near the hummy feeder trying, unsuccessfully, to shoot hummies in action and got this shot of one with pollen all over it!  This would be just another ho-hum pic of a hummy but for the pollen, which I've never seen before!  The pic is a little large but I decided to leave it this way to show the detail.  Shot on Auto.  I tried the Sports setting but it doesn't focus as well, usually.

10 years ago

Meralyn I love your hummy!  The pollen is a great bonus for your photo.  I still haven't had a picture of a hummy.  We have them, I just haven't been around at the right time.  Or they haven't!


10 years ago

Attn. Star gazers.  Jupiter will be above and to the left of the Moon in the southern sky  Should also be the brightest  thing in hte sky after the moon itself that is.

Come  on, will somebody buy a tripod already.   You don't need to get pro stuff, a cheapy in wal-mart  will do just  fine.

Yeah, just  another ho-hum hummer,. NOT.    I can't  believe the shots you get of  birds, the feathers are so clear.

Cool "shroom" Linda. 

And for the question I forgot to answer... The  wren houses roof is a  coke can turned inside out.   Not a big believer in duct tape but I sure  live by WD40     I'm waaaaay too anal for  duct tape.  If it's broke, fix it right.  I'tsa like an illness I have.       But never, ever,  leave home without a roll in the trunk (boot to Linda)   Has saved me many a times   I  don't ever want to hear things squeaking that should be.

Sorry no pics.  I'm between blooms 

Back to cooking, and then to the freebie movies

10 years ago

Good Grief Sunny.  I just gave a tripod away to Goodwill with a telescope attached!  The sky is so light here any more from all the civilization you can hardly see stars.  It's a treat when you see one like I did this morning.  It is so different that when I was a youngster.  Oh well, too late now.  Hopefully some little kid will get a lot of enjoyment out of it.


10 years ago

Golly gee thanks Sugar & Sunny!  I still think its a boring pic, though.  I like to see some action, movement, like the hummie's head turned, wings flapping, whatever.

Sunny is that tonight Jupiter will be visible to the left of the moon?  If that is in the southern sky I probably wont be able to see it.

Sugar, my friend Harry has a tripod but we seldom take it with us.  Its just something else to pack.  I may borrow it to try for hummy action shots, though.  Only I have to move the camera at times to follow them so that probably wouldn't work, either!

10 years ago
Yes Meralyn, the camera is on fine resolution now but the only difference I've really noticed is that Photobucket takes longer to grab my pics  I'm making a real effort to keep the camera still (I find that very difficult) and find that is making the biggest difference! Think I'm going to buy one of those one legged tripods and that'll give me more stability without having to hold my breath constantly! I'm off to Snipe Dales nature reserve this afternoon so hope to report back with something interesting and different. See you later ...
10 years ago

Linda - have a wonderful outing and thanks for the info.

I'm going on a hike today with my friend Harry to try to shoot  an Australian Tree fern that should not be growing here!  Its down near a beach that is called "Secret Beach".  Harry has been there and shot the fern so knows the way.  Sure hope this gloomy fog lifts, it did yesterday but took till afternoon.

Happy shooting everyone! 

10 years ago

Oh my! The beautiful work by everyone! You guys are so good!

Meralyn, just loved the hummy!! But I love ALL of your work!! One day, I'll get a bird pic yet. I'm still hoping and trying! 

Sugar, you sure are turning into a pro!

Linda, fantastic, as always!

Sunny, you ARE a pro!! Lovely work!! Great pics everyone! Bravo!!

10 years ago

There are so many great shots in here!! Meralyn and Sunny, I get what you are saying about the centering thing. I was always trying to center stuff and the photos never came out how I wanted them to. Now I know why! Thanks! With my connection so slow and locking up on me, I don't dare try to say something on each photo - they are all really great!! After I saw Sugars star photo, I thought I'd share this one with you


When I took it, WITH a tripod, everthing was super sharp - the moon, the outlines of the clouds - everything was sharp and this is how the photo turned out??! So, pros, what do you think is happening? That's why I am gettng so frustrated with my pics. I don't like blurry!!

10 years ago

Deb, the  picture is over exposed  I mentioned this way back when, but it bears repeating.  Your camera just  can't read light  that is that far away.   Believe it or not  shooting the moon is like shooting on a bright sunny day right  here on Terra Firmer. 

I shot this last night using a tripod, but in reality I didn't really need one.   I took it in manual at 250th sec. & f8! 

  Moon 7-15-08 (2)

It doesn't look very  good cause I  was  set at 1600X1200 and used the digital zoom, so it's pixels are showing   Too bad Jupiter was too far off to it's left or I'd have got that in also.

Linda, on  Fine or Super Fine you have more pixels  which make a large image, that's why Photobucket takes longer to upload    Usually I shoot at  8 mega-pixels and Super fine just in case I end up printing one some day.  But  what I put in C2 albums are downsized to 800X600, some are  even 640X480.  You can't tell on  a monitor.  OH, and a ONE legged TRIPOD is a Mono-pod.   Yup, I have one of those too.  They are used a  lot at  sporting events.  The  camera is on the mono-pod  and you use your  own legs as the  other two to make it like a tripod

Just took this one.  No tripod but still at 250th sec. & f8.  Just upped the pixels to 3264X2448, then  shrunk it to 800X600 to upload it.

Resize of Moon 7-16-08 003 02

Good luck on your adventures everyone.  Hope to have a brand new day-lily tomorrow  It's  about  to open for the  first time ever.  I'm like an expectant daddy. Only I've been waiting 3 years for this one!!  Don't even remember what color it  is.

10 years ago

Great pics everyone.  That Hummy pic was nice, and your Deer pics were nice too Sugar, and so was the moon.  Sandy your hanging flowers look pretty too.

I tried to get a picture of a ground hog that was standing up not far from my kitchen window, but I only saw a shadow on the pic and lots of screen. I don't know how to shoot stuff that is far and make it look close. We had a young doe out here to eat around 9 tonight. All I had for her was the big corn and some crackers.

I am getting so tired so I will say good night. I will check the group one more time first.

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