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Meralyn and Friends Photo and Digital art # 16
10 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Here is the link to the old thread.

Please do not post your kitties here. This is for wild life, scenery, and  other such things. Please check out the previous threads to get an idea of what you can post.

If you would like to show off your cats, then start a new topic for your kitties photos.

When posting here, or anywhere actually, be sure to not post the photo in such a large size that we have to scroll back and forth to read. Check out the thread for what size photos to use.

10 years ago

You've got it in one Sunny - monopod is the word I'm looking for! I was a bit disappointed with the Snipe Dales trip yesterday. It was quite windy, I got ear ache and the pretty stream in the bottom of the valley was overgrown. I did however catch a glimpse of a fox (the first live one I've ever seen) as it ran across the path in front of us (Chris missed it completely) but way too fast to photograph! I have some pictures which I haven't downloaded yet so not sure if there will be anything useable. In the meantime, just smell this rose - it's called Savoy Hotel.

2008_0712Fuji0081.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I rather liked the background so didn't crop it.

10 years ago

GOOD MORNING FELLO CAMERA BUGS!  I see we've got a new thread and lots for me to catch up with on the last one!

ABSOLUTELY GREAT PIX !!!  And Sunny, bless your heart, thank you for all the info and help!  Greatly appreciated!!!

Donna - does your camera have a zoom?  If you've got a manual with it you can check and hopefully find instructions on how to use it.

Deb - the screen on my Panasonic sometimes shows a great image but it does not always look that great on the computer monitor!  Frustrating as all hell!  And the manual says "sometimes your picture will not look the same...", OH YEAH!  WELL WHY NOT!!!  IT SHOULD!!!

I had heard about the mono-pod for cameras and that there are even some that also work as walking sticks?!  Hmm?!  Maybe that's what I need?!

I did get down to the "Secret Beach" yesterday on my hike with Harry, passed Thunder Cove, saw and photographed the Australian Tree Fern, and also, some ancient Indian shell mounds!  The fog had lifted and it was just glorious!  Perfect temp, too, for the hike!  I got a lot of pix which I'm in the process of editing and will share with you-all a little at a time.

Oh yes, and girls - I have a very sexy shot of my friend, Harry, that I'd better not post or you girls might get all excited!  Can't have that now can we?!  Tee, hee!

Gotta go now and get some work done.  By

10 years ago

Hi Meralyn, I think you should share the pic of Harry!  I will be looking for it!

Hi Linda, a beautiful rose and it does smell great!  I can't say the same for the fly though!

Here is a wildflower, I have always called it "Touch-me-not"

Wildflower 7 17 08.jpg

wildflower 2.jpg

There was a breeze on the deer trail.  I think it was Annie's tail going a mile a minute!


10 years ago

I know where all the mosquitos are coming from!  Unless I tell you what the following picture is, you will probably not know.  It is stump water in the hollow of a tree.  There are several of them and there is mosquito larva, or something wriggling in the water. 

This one was a reflecting pool too.  You can see the sky reflected and parts of the tree.

Stump Water 7 17 08.jpg

I just thought it was interesting.  It was just off of the deer trail.  Except for the larvae it looked clean enough to drink.


10 years ago

Thanks for that info, Sunny. Guess when I am shooting the moon, I shouldn't have the camera set on night photos!  I do remember that, now. The moon is too bright a light for the night stting. My camera is only a 3 megapixel anyway, so it isn't going to get really good zoom shots. I've tried taking them without zoom and then cropping but, even on super fine, the cropped photo looks really blurry. Oh well - one of these days when I've got an extra $500.00 laying around, I'll go get a new camera. Linda, your rose is just beautiful - I love the water drops on it and I agree with Sugar - it smells great, but not the fly! Sugar -   Really neat pics, Sugar. Good thing you explained the last one, though. You were right - at least I wouldn't have had a clue what it actually was! Can't wait for the new photos, Meralyn!! What do you mean???? Throwing out a cookie and then telling all of us we can't have any??!!!

10 years ago

Oh, you want some, tee hee!? Maybe tomorrow?!  I've got to go to bed, exhausted!  Having dinner with Harry does that to me, the eating, that is, LOL!!!  Hey girls, I'm too old and too many health problems for anything else!  DAMN!!!  

10 years ago

I wonder why that plant is called a 'touch me not'? The shape looks a bit like a slipper orchid Sugar - very pretty anyway. Little pools of water have always fascinated me so I gazed into your tree pool despite the mozzies! The one reason I was disappointed with my Snipe Dales expedition was because the stream was overgrown but this is a view down to where it should have been.

2008_0716Fuji0064-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

The pink flowers growing in profusion are Rosebay Willowherb and the white/cream ones which are not quite so obvious in this shot are meadow sweet - you can see them better on the next one which is taken looking up from the stream.

2008_0716Fuji0068-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This is a closeup of the Rosebay Willowherb:

2008_0716Fuji0071-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

We have no wild, open areas here because it's prime agricultural land so every square inch is packed with livestock or crops. Little areas of outstanding natural beauty are often privately owned and managed like this one.

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10 years ago

Sugar - wonderful pix!  Fascinating, too!  They hadn't loaded when I posted last time, Dial-up is so danged slow!

Linda - what lovely pastoral scenes and I love the wild flowers, too.  Do the farmers let you walk thru their fields?

I'm working on getting that pic of Harry loaded just as soon as P-Bucket decides to straighten up!

Have a great day out there with your cameras!

10 years ago

Linda, those are beautiful! Just lovely!

Hi Sugar! Very nice pics

Meralyn, I'm anxious to see your new ones too. Hope photobucket cooperates soon!

10 years ago

HarrryShootingWildflowersatIndianSa.jpg picture by merjonard

Harry shooting wildflowers at Indian Sands while I was shooting him!  This was during my son & fam's visit.

The red flowers are Indian Painbrush and the lavender is Lupine.  The yellow is also some sort of legume but I havn't identified it yet.  It could be Birdsfoot Trefoil.

10 years ago

Yay Harry! He's wonderful! What a great picture Meralyn! 

10 years ago

Sandy - thanks luv!  Harry is a slightly built man, very thin, but this pic makes him look more "buff"!  He not only walks and hikes a lot but still runs, too, about 4 mi's a day!  I can NOT keep up with him and have given up trying!  He is 65!

10 years ago

Lordy Meralyn, I couldn't keep up with him either. I don't think I could walk 4 miles let alone run it  And, he does not look 65!! Wow! He sure does take care of himself. 

Tell him hello from all of us Cat Lovers.

10 years ago

OK Sandy I'll pass it along to Harry!  He is loving getting all this attention, too!  Interestingly enough he is a very shy man, a loner!  I've brought him out of his shell, a lot, sure having fun doing so, LOL!!!  He even enjoyed going out with my obnoxious son and family!  It totally amazed me!

OK - enough fun & games - back to photography, LOL!!!

Orchid Cactus Blossom, July 18, 2008
10 years ago

OrchidCactusBlossomvigJul18-08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

One blossom finally opened this morning!  I was sitting in my recliner, drinking my coffee, trying to wake up, and it finally dawned on me that I was looking at one of the buds on my cactus, OPEN!!!  They've been like the watched pot that never boils, just getting fatter and fatter!  But HURRAY, lookeee!!!

The cactus, which is just nik-named "Ugly Cactus" when not in bloom, has eleven more buds!  Unbelievable!  It only had one last year!  I've been giving it a lot more fertilizer this year, though.

10 years ago
Oh my!!! Stunning Meralyn.!! Just stunning!!Bravo!!!
10 years ago

I just don't know where to start here.....I guess with Linda's wildflowers.  They are so pretty.  I love wildflowers.  Lots of times when I am out in the 'wilderness' and see something I don't have, if there are enough plants growing I will snatch  one to bring home and plant.  I have all types of conditions here for different plants.  I am sorry the stream is overgrown, but maybe next spring before everything is so profuse?????

Meralyn your Harry looks great!  He looks well built and certainly looks like a much younger man.  I am so glad you have each other.  Congrats to the both of you!  And that's a beautiful orchid cactus flower.  Cacti does have beautiful flowers I guess to make up for the thorns!


10 years ago
Harry looks like a nice guy.... why would you shoot him

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10 years ago

Sandrea!!!!  I had to laugh!

Here is a daylilly with unripened blackberries and crown vetch in the same picture!

Day Lilly.jpg

And here is crown vetch.

Crown Vetch.jpg

And here is a blue jay (?) feather Tom and I just found on our walk.

Jay Feather.jpg


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10 years ago

Thanks ladies!  For cactus as well as Harry.  I'm afraid if I pass all this along to Harry he'll get so puffed out of shape I wont be able to stand him, LOL!

We are having our annual Kite Festival this weekend, sure hope I can get some good pix!  I also hope we have enough wind this year to get the big boys up in the air!

10 years ago

Such wonderful photos everyone! I haven't seen that cactus with a pink flower Meralyn - it's so pretty. Mine are dark orange and I think the white one died last year. In answer to your question, no, we can't walk across the fields (don't think I'd want to knowing what they're sprayed with - yuk) and there are very few public footpaths (public rights of way) so the only way to appreciate the scenery is from a distance. like this:

2008_0716Fuji0053.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I spent an interesting time earlier giving myself a birdseye view tour of the Oregon coast on Google Earth after being inspired by your pictures!

10 years ago

Linda - Gorgeous pic!  What a lovely area you live in!  And thank you, too.  I didn't know Google had something like Google Earth, gee!  I'll have to try that!  I'll post a few more when I can get my brain out of this fog its in this morning, uck!  If your pix are coming out too dark you can lighten in editing or try reading what your camera is choosing to shoot on and then go lighter thru manual for an experiment.

I also shot the moon last night, could actually see it for a change!  But didn't see anything like Jupitor, Sunny! Where is it?! Too many trees in the road, maybe that's the problem?!  I braced the camera against a huge spruce tree in my front yard and shot on Auto and Manual.  Will try to get them edited and loaded later, groan!

Have a great Saturday everyone and happy shooting!  Get off your duff, where-ever it is, and walk, hike, or what-ever!  I'm going to try to this eve, I over-did it in the yard yesterday and it was hot!  By now! 

10 years ago

Sugar - Your very beautiful and clear pix hadn't loaded when I posted!  Great work!


I experimented with my new Panasonic camera on shooting the moon last night, could finally see it!  Too many trees though and I never did see Jupitor!  I braced the camera against a huge spruce tree in my front yard and here is what I got:

Shot #1 - Moonauto-1.jpg picture by merjonard

Taken on Auto, I believe the Night setting.  Which read - Shutter speed 13 (!), f4.2, ISO 800! Yep, over exposed!  But I rather like it with the branches across it!  You can get some neat effects this way.

Shot #2 -

Moon2542400-1.jpg picture by merjonard

Shutter speed 250, f4.2, ISO 100, Manual.

Shot #3 -

P1010613-3.jpg picture by merjonard

Shutter 400, f4.2, 100 ISO, Man.  The moon was getting higher in the sky, getting out of the tree tops!

Shot #4 -

P1010614.jpg picture by merjonard

Shutter 400,f5.6,ISO 100 Man.  I enhanced these a little and sharpened to bring up the detail.  I'm afraid I went too far with this last shot, it went rather grainy.

Now you-all may think this is over-kill but this is an example of experimenting with your camera on manual settings to try to get it to do what you want it to.  If you have any questions I'll be glad to try to answer them and if I can't I know Sunny can.

Sure hope this will all load now?! Note - the blinking font changed!!! 

10 years ago
Meralyn, Oooh, they are fantastic!! I really like the branches over it too. Thanks for all the great tips!
10 years ago
Nice job, Meralyn!
10 years ago

My camera must have a zoom as when I upload my pics it says something about the zoom there. This is 5 megapixels I think. I have to look for the book.

10 years ago

Sandy & Sandrea - thanks ladies, greatly appreciated.  It was a lot of work.

Donna - Is there a number on the side of your camera like 10X optical zoom, or some such number?  If so you've got it.  And if so there should be a lever next to, or under, the shutter button, depending on the make of the camera?  Do you still have the box it came in?  Some of this info should be printed on the outside of it.  Hope this helps?

One way to experiment with your camera is pick out an inanimate object, not animal or human, that will hold still!  Try different settings and manual, if you have an "M" on the dial?  Its fun and a great way to learn.  Try to remember to write it down in a notebook immediately after the shot!  You will not remember later but you can go into Properties in some programs and it will tell you the setting.  Picasa is very good with this.

OK, enough for tonight, I'm bushed!  Good night!

10 years ago

I remembered the name Picasa from earlier posts and today some how arrived upon their site to d/l but, alas it was for XP. Oh well...luv yr pix Meralyn and appreciate your blood, sweat and tears!

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10 years ago

Lovely moon pictures Meralyn! I looked out with my camera last night but it was so overcast the moon was completely hidden. Here we have 'the man in the moon' which hopefully you'll see when the clouds eventually clear! In the meantime this is sort of round and silvery - the nearest to the moon I could find to share with you.

2008_0719Fuji0007.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Meralyn, grainy or not, the last photo is my very favorite!  I love moon shots and yours is on the top of my list!  Beautiful.

Is that a cactus Linda?  Good shot what ever it is,


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10 years ago

Linda - gorgeous  cactus photo!  Boy, that kind of detail really takes a steady hand, which I have more and more problems with.

Sugar - I forgot to mention that I did crop the pix.  Probably most people figured that out, I hope?

And thanks ladies!  We have fog again, sure hope it clears off for the kite festival this afternoon!

10 years ago

2008_0719Fuji0002.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Here's another of my cacti. It's a bit early in the season for flowers on them but I'll try and catch them when the buds open (timing that can be a bit tricky sometimes)!

Do any of you have a problem taking photos of red flowers, particularly dark red ones? The rich colour never looks very accurate and I'm wondering if it's something I'm doing (or not doing). It's very noticeable on roses.

10 years ago

Hi Linda - beautiful photo of a beautiful very orange flower!

Yes, I, too, have a problem shooting bright yellow, orange, and red flowers.  Digital seems to have more of a problem with this than SLR film cams but they, too, are difficult.  The lighting, time of day, and what setting you use can make a great deal of difference in your pix.  Early morning, late afternoon, or an over-cast sky works best.  I've even thrown my shadow over the flower to stop the glare and that works well, sometimes.  So - experiment with different setttings, etc., and see what you come up with.  There are times when I fill with the flash, too, but I think the colors come out too bright and harsh then.

You can take your photos in to a program like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Picture It, Picasa, or whatever, and sometimes edit the problem out.  Linda I would try lightening your orange flowers a little and see if that helps.   Sometimes sharpening, will too.  (crap!  the font just changed again!)

Hope this helps and Sunny probably has some helpful hints for you, too.  Where is Sunny by the way!?

Have a good day everyone and happy hunting & shooting!

Orchid Cactus at night, Jul 19-08
10 years ago

OrchidBlossomstwoflashnightJul19-08.jpg picture by merjonard

The second blossom to open on my cactus.  I noticed it the other night and shot this with the flash, auto, macro,  if I remember correctly?!  Brain, what brain?!

Scroll back and compare this with the first cactus blossom which was shot in the daytime, auto, macro.

10 years ago

Oh my goodness Meralyn! That is just beautiful! You are so talented. Thanks again for all the tips. I'm learning a lot on this thread

Linda!! Lovely pics!!!

10 years ago guys (gals) are so talented.  all your pix amaze me.... and i thank you for that
10 years ago

I'm still trying to catch the moon but haven't found it yet!

2008_0712Fuji0088.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Didn't like to edit this clematis because I love the baxckground.

10 years ago

Thanks ladies!

Linda - Your Clematis blossom shot is absolutely beautiful!  And if you are happy with it, hey, that's the most important thing!  You do NOT have to edit unless you see a reason to do so.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Photography should be fun.  Getting out there, exploring, enjoying nature, communing with the elements, its good for the bod, its good for the soul!  Go forth my friends, seek and yee shall find!  Happy hunting!!

10 years ago

That clematis is beautiful Linda.  As far as i know they are very difficult to grow??

10 years ago

As John Lennon wrote, "life's what happens when you're making other plans"

So where was I, for the 2nd time. Yup was nearly finished typing this when I hit the wrong key and lost ole thing

Ah, The Moon & Jupiter. Jupiter is in the southern sky if it's still hanging around which it should be.

Also Mars I believe is in the same area, just look for the brightest things, and the one that's sort of orange in color, that would be Mars

Cool examples Meralyn. You can see what I mean about using a faster shutter speed. Cameras just can’t read light from that distance, plus they read overall exposure and most of the frame is dark sky.

And Meralyn, will you please feed Harry. I mean how’s is he going to carry around that tripod or mono pod you’ve always wanted if you don’t bulk the man up some

Donna, I think the zoom you are seeing is in the program you upload or view your pictures in. Unfortunately all that does is work like a magnifying glass. If you click it enough times you’ll end u seeing all the little pixels. Unless your camera a very old I would think it has a zoom of some kind in it. Even my old Olympus D-380 had a digital zoom, and it was only 2 mega pixels. I still use it for all my food photos since I don’t have to resize if I have it in the highest setting. C2 can handle a 1600x1200 with a cable hook up fairly quick.

Sugar, every time I see you post it’s better than the last. You’ve come a long way in a short timeJ

Yup, Linda. Red is very hard for a monitor to reproduce, in fact even some TV screens can’t reproduce reds correctly. I’m willing to bet it would print just fine though. Speaking of printing, I’d love to have an 11X14 of your I believe it’s Snipe Dale shot. The one with the fence post in it. To me at least, that is great composition. How ‘bout a 16x20

Gee, aren’t cactus gorgeous when they are in bloom It’s hard to believe they can look like that when you see all those thorns and stickers poking out.

I gotta cut this one since I’m already on my 2nd version of it But I’ll leave you with an oldie I just scanned and retouched in Elements 2.0. I Had done this once before but couldn’t get it to show up as a sepia. I finally got it right this time. Even removed the telephone wires, but I think I messed it up, and it show where they were.


 Essex Train 02

 The new sepia version

Essex Train Sepia 03.jpg

10 years ago

Sunny - FANTASTIC TRAIN SHOT!  Great perspective, love it!  And I wouldn't have known where the wires were on the retouched sepia version, either, good job!

Also - thanks for the input.  We always appreciate your help. And Harry runs everything off that he eats!

Waterfall at Secret Beach. This is near the area where the Australian Tree fern grows.  Amazingly beautiful area!

WaterfallatSecretBeachIIJul08.jpg picture by merjonard

This is is a bit long but I didn't want to go back and resize, again!

Have a great day with your cameras everyone, or whatever?!

10 years ago

Oh yeah Meralyn!  Beautiful site.  And so many lovely flowers from cacti on.  Those are great train shots too Sunny!

Here is a picture of my new twins and their mom I just snapped this morning.

Mom and twins 3.jpg

They look very healthy.  Ray is hoping all the new ones are males because we have quite a bunch of visitors wanting corn.


10 years ago

Nice picture Sugar. How far away were they when you snapped the picture?

I found the book. I am not much on reading directions and hate everything with more than 2 buttons. I am not into electronics like Jimmy is.

Anyway. this camera is called a Kodak easy share zoom digital camera. It is DX4530  It has optical and digital zoom. It has symbols on the camera that I never figured out. I had a car like that years ago.

10 years ago

Oh gee Sugar, what a gorgeous shot and the color, wow!  Look at the markings on the fawns!  I sure wish a doe would bring some here!  Raggedy Ann, my scruffy little momma raccoon, brought her babies up to the glass door a couple nights ago for the first time but not long enough for me to grab my camera!  Darn!  But she has four little balls of fluff!  And thanks.

Donna - ask Jimmy to read up on the camera for you and show you how to use the zoom.  How many opticals is it and MP?  He can read that for you and you can pass it along.  Good luck!

10 years ago

Hi Meralyn and Donna.  Donna I was probably 15 to 20 feet away.  That is a guess.  Another mama showed up with her first fawn a few minutes ago.  The one above is a 3 year old and was raised here.  They all spend a lot of time watching the house for me to go outside.  It is so cute.  I went out and pulled some limbs out of the yard and came in.  Luckily I had put some corn out before I came in because here they came!!!  My deer are all so much fatter than most of the deer I see in other places.


10 years ago

It says use optical zoom to get up to 3 x closer to your subject. Use digital zoom to  get an additional 3.3X magnification beyond optical zoom.

It says press the telephoto(T) button to the Optical zoom limit. Release the button and press again.

This is too much for me when I don't know ANYTHING. I am too frustrated to concentrate.

10 years ago

Sugar, I have the one doe I guess that comes here about now. Sometimes when it isn't this dark yet. I don't know if there are anymore, but I do have both cracked and whole corn pieces out there. I am wondering if this Doe is going to be going across the road as they have acres of horse corn growing???? The road is still 50 mph here.

10 years ago

Donna or Meralyn, here's the camera specs:

Technical Details
  • 5.0 megapixel sensor creates 2588 x 1954 images for high-resolution prints up to poster size
  • 3x optical zoom and 3.3x digital zoom for 10x total
  • 32 MB internal memory with slot for adding MMC and SD memory cards
  • 60-second video clips with audio; 1.8-inch indoor/outdoor LCD; compatible with 4000-series docs
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (CRV3 lithium included, rechargeables recommended); connects with Macs and PCs via USB 1.1

Sugar if you'd like I can send you a few more deer  Mine just hang around eating all my flowers   poor things have no where to go any more.  It's gotten so built up in these parts.

OMG!  Lightening just hit so close that what I'm sitting on  moved!!!!

Uh oh, lights just blinked   I'm outta here

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10 years ago

 I know what you are saying.  It was a terrible storm a few days ago.  Lightening and thunder banging, wind howling.  I swear I was beginning to get nervous.  No more deer for me Sunny, but one thing, they repay my kindness in feeding them by not eating my roses and other flowers any more.

Donna, one thing about my camera that helps me, the camera itself has selections that tells you what it is and when to use it.  Have you looked for something like that on the camera itself?  The book doesn't help me much because I am not literate in camerese.

I just took a break to give Rosie a snack and forgot what else I wanted to comment on, so that's that!


10 years ago

I've had to cut my computer 'play time' down the last few days but I'm here at last! Sunny, I can send you an original copy of that Snipe Dales photo if you would like to message me your email address.

These are some photos of Tupholme Abbey, Lincolnshire. Built in 1160 and closed by Henry the 8th in 1536. After that it was gradually demolished and in the 18th century a farmhouse was built on the site using the old ruin as part of the cowshed. The farmhouse was demolished in the 1970's when restoration worked was carried out on the site. Part of the farmhouse is still visible on the far left and the brickwall behind the old masonry is part of the restoration work. Now it sits in the middle of a field of traditional Soay sheep.

2008_0723Fuji0081.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0723Fuji0073.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0723Fuji0080.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I have a couple more photos which I'll leave for tomorrow. Incidentally, the black specks in the sky on the second picture are starlings!

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10 years ago

Great history shots Linda.  I love history!


10 years ago

Donna - if learning to use the camera upsets you dont do it.  Technical stuff upsets me!  I have a very hard time with it and have to force myself to do it! Can Jimmy learn how and teach you?

Linda - wonderful historical pix!  Thanks for sharing with us!  I used to be an ancient history buff but have gotten  away from it now.  I never did get into England's history much except a little about the Celts.

10 years ago

Hi all. I have been terribly busy doing the things that I don't want to do and also dealing with horrendous allergies that had me in bed for a couple days with a sinus migraine that wouldn't quit. I finally ventured outside and got a few shots of the "wildflowers" we have here (they are actually weeds ) Linda, your photos are making me want to go to your part of the world more than ever and Meralyn yours always make me wish I'd never left Oregon. Sugar, your deer certainly are fat!! I sure hope you do not have hunting allowed near you. We have deer in one little town about 50 miles from us that seem to know there is no hunting in the city limits and they never migrate. They are in everyone's yards and just hang around all over town. It is really neat. The town is small enough that they do not get hit by cars or anything. Here's some of my latest shots


This was sunset tonight and I just had to share. The colors didn't last long - I was lucky to have captured them. This next is a bit later and on a different camera setting


I am going to try to come back in a bit later and post some of my "wildflowers". Love everyone's photos!!!

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10 years ago

Deb - your sunsets are just gorgeous!  Thanks for sharing!  Will be waiting eagerly to see you wildflowers!  And thanks re my pix, too.

Have a good day everyone!

10 years ago

Oh Deb, those are beautiful sunsets!

2008_0723Fuji0069.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0723Fuji0079.jpg picture by Lindylou115

These are the other two photos I took at Tupholme Abbey yesterday. I've been butterfly and moth chasing today - something which anyone who knows me will appreciate is very hard as they give me the creeps! Hey, I've got some great pics though and it's doing my phobia the world of good (aversion therapy they call it)

Incidentally Meralyn, I think I've got a picture of Chris that is better than your one of Harry  - he he he

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10 years ago

Beautiful pics everyone. Here is my contribution. I took this through my window.

Wild turkey

10 years ago

Very nice shot, Donna!

Linda, love those pics you posted!

And, Deb, your sunsets are awesome!!

10 years ago
10 years ago

Hi kids - I got back from the Fair and I'm literally bushed!  But I think I got a few fairly good shots of the Big Cat show they had.  After editing I'll share some with you.

Linda - your ruin shots are so beautiful!  Clear, lovely color, and the framing is great!  And share Chis with us ladies, dont just tease!

Donna - hey girl, that's a darn good pic thru your window!  Good for you!  Is that a pond or a river in the background?

I've got to go get something to eat now and kick back in my recliner with a small glass of red wine. Hope you all had a good day. Good night.

10 years ago

That is the street Meralyn, although I can see how you would think that.  I took the picture through the front window .  The Turkey was only 5 ft away from the window. I put the camera on distance scenery. I don't think it pulled the picture in closer, as I also took shots of the rest of the clan from my door window, and you can barely see them. They were about 1 or 20 feet from me.  The shot at the door is hard to be clear as there is the window, and also the screen door.

10 years ago

Thanks for comments re sunset shots. I have always loved sunset photos from the time I was a teenager. I sure landed myself in the right spot for photographing some of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. Donna, was that a wild turkey? We've got them here and they look totally different from that one. Linda, that is some gorgeous scenary and I relly like your set up. Okay, here is one of my "wildflowers"


These guys are about 1/2 inch across - if they are lucky! I had the camera on a rock on the ground and had to keep fighting the dog off me. She thought I was trying to play because I was lying on the ground.


These are more weeds. This stuff grows wild all over Southern Colorado and is a pain in the you know what to control, but the little flowers it finally blooms this time of year are so pretty. I was moving some dirt around and didn't even know that I had gotten any on these until I downloaded the pics. I was looking at them thinking "what the heck is that?" and then realized it was dirt.  I've done a couple in digital art, too. Will share those later.

10 years ago

Donna, I was trying to work out if that was a turkey - I didn't realise you had wild ones over there! If Wilton saw that through the window he'd go beserk with excitement!

Your wild flowers are beautiful Deb. That white one looks rather like our convolvulus and from what you say - seems to have similar growing habits!

This is one I took yesterday at Rimac nature reserve. It's a pair of 6-spot Burnet moths doing what they do this time of year!

2008_0725Fuji0025.jpg 6-Spot Burnet picture by Lindylou115

And this is Chris taking a breather on top of one of the huge sand dunes. It's the best one I've ever taken of him as he's not very photogenic!

2008_0725Fuji0053.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I'm going to upload some more butterflies and moths now - aren't I getting brave!!!

10 years ago

  Deb & Linda - Wonderful pix!!!  Deb I think the flowers are Morning Glories (sp?).  Really a lovely shot!  I've tried a number of times, including yesterday at the Fair, to Photograph them and failed miserably!  Linda the mothes are really beautiful and I love the colors!  And your Chris is a handsome man and thanks for sharing with us.

Donna - I would think that setting your camera on Distance would automatically bring in the zoom factor?  Sunny should be able to help us here, Hey Sunny!?

Happened to remember that I can not post my Big Cat pix here as they are cats!  I'll have to post them in another thread of their own when I finally get them edited.

Keep up the great work everyone and happy hunting and shooting! And have a great weekend!

10 years ago


You said they are big cats. If they are not house cats then they are wild life, and this is the thread for wild life as well.

Linda, yes, that is a wild Turkey, and we have about 14 of them that are here every day to eat. They are trying to run off the black Vultures.

10 years ago

Linda, the Turkeys will also fly up in a tree sometimes too, which I find odd since I always see them walking along with the families. There are loads of them in this area.

10 years ago

Black vultures sound scary - do you have a photo of them? Your wildlife is SO different to ours!

10 years ago

Donna - thanks, I hadn't thought of the Big Cats being wildlife but you are right!  The only problem is that I have quite a few pix of them, a Serval (African wild cat) Ocelot, Caracal (sp?  I'll check), and a gorgeous ham of a Leopard!  I culd put them in in groups, though, I guess.

We have quite a few wild turkeys here, too, but I havn't managed to get a good shot of one yet.

Hover Fly, July 23, 2008
10 years ago

FlyKamphPkWalkJul23-9.jpg picture by merjonard

I shot this tiny Hover fly a couple of days ago on the dunes at the beach after wearing myself out stalking Bumble bees!  Bumble bees do NOT like me sticking my camera in their faces, or eleswheres, either LOL!  but this tiny Hover fly (only about 1/4 of an inch long!) held still for me.  Also, my camera doesn't want to focus on fuzzy little Bumble bees and it is not fast enough, neither am I!  I think I should have re-sized this pic down once more but I wanted the detail to really jump out there!

10 years ago

Oops, my last  post disappeared.  Oh well, no biggie.

Here's a quickie...

Graffiti Paterson NJ

Gaffitti Patterson NJ 01

Hey, that Chris guy could be my thinner brother.   I kinda hada look twice

10 years ago

Really good photos but I have to admit, I am terribly creeped out by bugs and those close ups actually made me shiver! That tells you how good the shots were! Nice graffiti, Sunny - was that one of your own walls?  No, really, it's the kind of shot that reflects our society - I really like those! And you girls with your outdoorsy partners! Lucky you! I'm envious! Okay, so here's a couple of digital art that I did of my weeds.


Meralyn, you mentioned Morning Glory on these little ones below, but these are only about a half inch across - just like the orange ones. They look big only because I shot on macro and then cropped. Are Morning Glorys that small?


This post was modified from its original form on 26 Jul, 22:33
10 years ago

Sunny - great graffiti shot!  And hey - where's a pic of you?!  'bout time dont ya think?!  You've strung us along long enough.

Deb - Absolutely wonderful flowers and effects!  WOW!  I'm not sure about the size of the Morning Glories.  I've never seen any that small.  Looked at and tried to photograph another one on the dunes last evening but wasn't happy with it.  But they are about 1-2" wide and a lavendar color.  Up above the dunes, though, in the fields there are some white ones but same size.

Sorry about the bug scaring you and thanks anyway.  I'll try to put the Big cats in next, sure hope they dont scare anyone?!

Have a great Sunday everyone and happy shooting. 

P.S.  And having an outdoor partner isn't always easy.  Darn good thing its only part time!

This post was modified from its original form on 27 Jul, 7:21
Felis Serval, African Wild Cat, Jul 25-08
10 years ago

ServalBigCatShowCurryFairIJul25-08s.jpg picture by merjonard

ServalBigCatShowCurrycoFairJul26-08.jpg picture by merjonard

The Serval is a wild cat of Africa.  It is smaller than a Cheetah but has similar proportions and is easily mistaken for its larger relative.  It has large ears and relatively a fairly short tail.

This cat was quiet, easy going and sidn't seem afraid of anything.  She is watching the crowd and in the last pick the handler had his hand out to pet her and it looked awfully large and ugly so I painted it out plus some things in the background that looked messy.

Isn't she beautiful!  This is the first time I've seen a Serval. 

Ooppss, sorrry!  the last pic turned out too long!

This post was modified from its original form on 27 Jul, 8:18
10 years ago

Oh yes Meralyn,  she is beautiful!! Those pics are so fantastically clear too! Wow!! Great work girl!!!

Deb, loved what you did with the flowers! Very nicely done!! Love the colors too!

Hi Sunny! Great shot! I love that in black & white too. Looks great!

You guys are so good!! Linda, i love all yours too! Bravo everyone!!

10 years ago
Meralyn, I forgot to say- look how long her pretty legs are!!! What a gorgeous cat!! So glad you shared this with us!
10 years ago
Thanks Sandy!  She is rather unusual looking isn't she!  And her long legs look straighter than domestic cats, too.
10 years ago
Yes, her legs are straighter!! I didn't catch that until you mentioned it. I knew something looked different than from the small cats, but I didn't place it. What a beauty she is! I'd have loved to seen her up close like you did. wow!
10 years ago
Meralyn, Her pretty head looks smaller too, doesn't it?  But my what big ears she has!  I cant quit looking at her! Wow!

This post was modified from its original form on 27 Jul, 14:40
10 years ago
Yes, the little Serval has a smaller looking head with interesting characteristics, rather fox-like, and her huge ears are like other wild desert animals.  Although she doesnt live in the desert.  You-all can find out more about her thru Google. 
Ocelot, Wild Cat of South & Central America, Jul 26-08
10 years ago

OcelotCurryFair08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

OcelotPouncingCurryFair08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

Ocelot at the Curry county Fair, pouncing on a piece of meat, not dancing, although it really looks like it!

The Ocelot is a wild cat found in South and Central America and Mexico.  It has also been eported as far north as Texas, and in Triniday in the Caribbean. Its apperance is similar to that of the domestic cat.

I found a way to resize pix down to 600, or less, in Photobucket and it worked after the second try!  But its still toolong to view without scrolling a little, blast!

This post was modified from its original form on 27 Jul, 16:36
10 years ago
Oh how GORGEOUS!!!!Bravo Meralyn!!
10 years ago

Thanks!  I forgot to edit, please ignore all the typo's!

Gotta go, Harry's cooking for me tonight!  I'll post a couple more tomorrow,  the Caracal.

10 years ago

BumbleBeeinCatThymeJul26-08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

Bumble Bee in Cat Thyme, my garden, July 26, 2008.  I had gone out the door, opened the garge door, fully intending on trying to shoot a bumble bee, again, down in the fields above the beach, or the dunes, and here was this little beauty right by my garage in the Cat thyme!  I finally got a fairly good shot of one, HURRAY!!!

So I am breaking up this Big Cat Show!  And, please keep posting your pix, everyone!

Gotta go to bed, having a hard time unwinding tonight!  Too much fun with Harry! Darn good dinner, too!

10 years ago

Sorry about the creepy crawlies Deb - I know what it feels like! I think your "weeds" look wonderful and I particularly like the reflection effect - I love anything that gives the impression of water and I could gaze at your pics all day!

I finally caught a blue tit (left) and great tit (right) on the feeder together but one was in the sun and the other in the shade so the exposure is a bit wonky.

2008_0723Fuji0007.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Your big cat photos are great Meralyn; and Sunny, you've given me some ideas for pictures of street life!

I took some beach photos yesterday while we were down at Hunstanton so when I've sorted them out I'll share them with you (no creepy crawlies guaranteed).

10 years ago

Linda - that's a lovely shot of tits, umm, little birds!  Its really hard to get perfect conditions when shooting birds. Thanks for sharing. And thanks re cats.

Ladies - sorry about the "creepy crawlies" but to me they are not!  Actually they fly!  The tiny Hover fly is harmless. And I find them beautiful and fascinating.  I certainly hope someone else does?  Dont tell me I have to quit posting bugs?!

OK - how about a pic of a snake skin that a snake shed?  I also find that interesting.  Would it upset anyone?  I LOVE NATURE!!!

Have a good Monday. I'm trying to.

10 years ago

Wondeful pictures all! I can not comment on them all right now as I need to get up and get ready to go, but I love, love, love them all!

I adore nature, too, Meralyn! I don't like bugs crawling on me, but I find them fascinating and I love pictures of them up close!! I have snake skins also that I have found around here. They are very cool. Please post your picture, and don't stop posting the bug pictures!!

I had a tiny little baby snake on the driveway last year. It had rained and apparently he had lost his way. I kept trying to move him into the grass, but eventually he got into a puddle and died. Poor little guy. He must have been sick anyway, maybe? Anyway, he was very cute. No larger than a good sized worm, but he still had the slithery side pattern when he crawled. Very cool!

Ok, I have to go now. Talk soon! 

This post was modified from its original form on 28 Jul, 9:15
10 years ago

 I did not mean to offend anyone by mentioning that the photos of the bugs were so good that they actually gave me a shiver when I looked at them. The photos did not "scare" me - why would they? They are only photos. And darn good ones, too. Extremely realistic. Beautiful colors. I am just one of those people who do not find a lot of beauty in bugs, themselves. Probably because I am allergic to their bites/stings - I don't know. I certainly wouldn't want anyone to think they might need to quit posting something they enjoyed taking photos of because I got a shiver from looking at it!

10 years ago

Thanks Amy & Deb - I just dont want to ruin this thread for anyone.  I'll post the Caracal cat next and hold off on the snake skin for a bit.  Gee Amy, poor little snake!  Sometimes you just can't help them, though, as you said it may have been sick. I'll have to admit that I'm not too fond of spiders anymore after getting bit twice by a recluse, but I am still fascinated by the big garden spiders.  Strangely, I havn't found their webs this year in the fields.  Wonder what's going on?!  Very few bees, too!  I think nature is out of balance and so are we!

10 years ago

Nice pics everyone. I am terrified of  most bugs and flying wasps and bees and Jackets and all spiders and snakes especially are right up there above the spiders actually, but, I am fascinated to get a close up peek at some of these things. In real life, I am too busy running to see what they look like. You are all so professional. OH, and I am scared of caterpillars and worms too, and I live in the country.

This post was modified from its original form on 28 Jul, 19:33
10 years ago
Donna - so what the hell are you doing in the country?!I guess that means I can go ahead and post my bugs and ughs?!  I just dont want to scare anyone out of here!  And thanks!for all of us!
10 years ago

Introductions first, then those who wish can prepare themselves! These orange and black creatures are caterpillars of the cinnabar moth which is black and red and not dissimilar to the moth I posted a few days ago.

2008_0725Fuji0039.jpg Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar picture by Lindylou115

They are so fat and feast on ragwort.

10 years ago
Linda - wonderful photo!  Great color and clarity!  But I thought you promised Deb no "creepy-crawlies"?!  Dont worry about it, I'm very glad you shared and those who can't stomache them, hey, dont look!  Have a stiff drink Deb and look anyway! LOL!  Nature is so very beautiful!  Granted it can be ugly, too!
Caracal, Wild cat of Africa and western Asia, July 2008
10 years ago

CaracalStandingCurryFair08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

The Caracal wild cat at the Curry Fair in Gold Beach Oregon.  Note the length of this cat!  I resized down to 600 and you still have to scroll!

Note the chunk of raw meat stuck to the post (by the cat's nose) to entice the cat to stand.  This was the only way the handler worked with the cats, they were never forced.

CaracalCurryFair08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

Portrait shot of the same cat.  I probably should have painted out the right side of this photo to eliminate the interference but didn't.

The Caracal is distributed throught-out Africa and western Asia and is considered a pest in some areas. It is labeled a small cat but it is amongst the heaviest of the small cats as well as the fastest.  Since it resembles a Eurasian lynx it was considered a relative of lynnxes but recent DNA tests show it is related to the Serval and the Aftrican Golden Cat.

The most conspicuous feature of the Caracal is its long, tuffted  black gets its name from the Turkish "Karakulak" for black ear.  It is easily tamed and has been used as a hunting cat in Iran and India...also as a pet.

10 years ago

Oh He/She's just gorgeous!!!!! Wow! I love all of these big cat pics, Meralyn!! They are so clear too!! I feel like I'm right there. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Hi Linda! That picture is very nice!! And, I'm not creeped out either! Shoot away!!

picture of pool of water
10 years ago


10 years ago

  We've turned into Wild Kingdom

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.  Between the cats and the little bugs  it's looking like a zoo in here   I honestly thought Linda's caterpillar was a snake.

I found my missing post  I'll see if I can copy it and paste it in another reply.   I don't get any kind of email from Care2, and it seems it  double posted and I removed it and so did one of the other Co-host  And we did it at exactly the same time too  I thought  C2 just lost the thing which is nothing unusual.

Adele, we love ya, but please, lower case, all caps means you are shouting at us.  No whispering either.

10 years ago

This is from July 24th, so if it doesn't fit the order of things that's why.

Sugar, should you ever need help with those camerese things, don't hesitate to ask.  I spent enough years behind a lens to  know just a tiny bit about it

If I fed deer I'd be over run by them.  People that study these things say  there are more deer in NJ NOW, than during the Revolutionary War!  But now they have no where to go  I know I gripe about them eating my lilies and hosta and darned near everything else, but I sure can't hold it against them.  They were here first

OK.  Before we go any further I want to incorporate Meralyn & Linda into a calender company.

How's  Mer-A-Lin's Calendar Corp.  sound  Or Mer-&-Lin's Calendars    Yous-guys are getting better every post.

The castle is great, I love old things, and history too.  One of my best subject when I was a school kid. 

Here's a suggestion if I may.  When you come across old buildings and such, try shooting a few in B&W.  Most digitals have a B&W setting.  Try it.  It may surprise you how much more authentic & historic it looks.

Here's some new ones.  Yellow Oriental.

Yellow Oriental 01rs.jpg

Red Day Lily

Red Daylily rs.jpg

And for the first time anywhere.   Peach Day Lily.  Been waiting 3 years for this one to bloom.  It's also the only one not retouched in Elements 2.

Peach Daylily rs.jpg

See, speaking of learning something new, I've never understood Photoshop Elements until I really got my nose into the book on how to use it

None if us are born knowing a thing.

Speaking of Elements and Photoshop, BJ's Warehouse will have #6 on sale the end of July at half price, and I'm seriously thinking of buying it.  The more I learn about #2 the more I want to see what version 6.0 can do

10 years ago

Sandy & Sunny, sounds like a strip tease act, LOL!  All kidding aside, THANK YOU MUCHLY!!!  Golly if youse guys keep this up I might get a big ego!  Nah, I'm too busy.  I've thought of doing a calendar, even presented the idea to the Art club here, but they thought something like The Calendar Girls would be more fun and the guys had various months that I'd do well in!  I told them no way, they didn't have currant buns big enough, LOL!!!

Your flowers are wonderful Sunny and that last lilly is just etheral!  So you know a lot about #2 do ya?  Well that should come in handy, everyone should, tee hee.  OK, so if you buy it let me know what you think of it, that's Adobe Photoshop, of course!  I have Elements 3 but have become bored with it. I havn't the heart to tell Harry that after he spent hours and hours fixing the blinking thing!

I'm worn out from yard work and getting sillier than usual so I'm out of here for now.  Have a great evening all.

10 years ago

Hey Gang!  I forgot to say one very important thing that I'd planned on including -

If I ever do a calendar I would include Deb, Sugar, and everyone else in it that have posted here!  They're work IS just as beautiful and deserves to be included, too!!!

10 years ago

Here Meralyn and anyone else who may be interested, Adobe is giving away a free 30 trial version of Elements 6.0.  An not a stropped version but a full version.  It will work for 30 days, then you either buy it or  remove it.

I'm going to buy one in BJ's, use the trial to see if I like it.  If I do I'll remove the trial version and install the one I bought  Best of both world

And yes, I know a lot about #2.  I found some Black Bear #2 on the front lawn again last night, near the last place I found it, under the crabapple tree.  The darned bruin must like apples. 

10 years ago

Oh my gosh, My lawn is loaded with apples now for the deer. I don't want the Bears here.

10 years ago

Wow, you guys have bears back there, that surprises me!?  We have them out here but its a bit wilder.  A couple years ago I saw one charging across the river right in front of my house!  It was early morning and it was going home after raiding the neighbors apple trees!  Saw sign the year after in our driveway but since then nothing but foxes.

We have a young cougar wandering thru one of our state parks now, though, right near town!  Its one of the most widely used parks, too, and has everyone nervous.  So far it hasn't gotten itself into any trouble so they are just leaving it alone.  I dont think that's a good idea, eventually it will get in trouble.  They should tranq it and move it!

Thanks muchly Sunny for the info on Adobe Photoshop #6.  I will check it out. 

10 years ago

Meralyn, our black bears came down here a few years ago from North Jersey. There was a couple of them sighted a couple of miles from here.  I don't want to have to stop feeding the wild life. I heard on the radio recently that if I care about the black bears, take in all the bird and pet food. YEAH RIGHT.

Well it is time to change the thread since there are more than 100 posts.

Look for the new one and I will put the link to this one there.

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