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Meralyn and Friends Photo and digital art # 17 Post no wider than 640
10 years ago

Hi everyone, Welcome to this wonderful world of photography. Here is a link to the last thread.

Please do not post photos so large that when something is written it has to be scrolled back and forth to read. If this happens, I will removed the photo, and you can repost it after you shrink it.

This is not a thread for pics of your family kitties. This is for wild life and scenery and other exotic objects that you would like to post. If you have a nice kitty picture, please start a new thread for  her or him.

FREE 30 day trial version of Photoshop Elements 6.0
10 years ago

Here's the link agin to Adobe should nayone want to try oout Elements 6.0 for 30 days FREE.   This is a fully fucntual version too, not like former version that wouldn't allow saving or printing of what you  did with it.

You do have to sign up for it.  Not a big deal since Adobe sends out newletters to keep you up to date on their software.

Oh yes donna.  We have plenty of  black bears up this way.  They like the mountains, but I have heard in the past few years they are slowly moving south looking for places to live.  They head for the Pine Barrens mostly since no one can develop in there.  Poor thing are just running out of natural habitat, and when they show up we blame them instead of the developers.  It's a sad state of affairs

10 years ago

Sunny, Please give everyone the exact width not to go over so that  no one has to scroll. Meralyn mentioned 640, but I don't know for sure. I am always auto cropping my own. We want the largest picture we can get without having to scroll across.

Surf at Whaleshead, July 30-08
10 years ago

SurfatWhalesheadJul30-08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

I shot this today, took down to 640 wide in Picasa.  It is 420 deep.  Loaded this size in Photobucket.  A width this size works but a length of 640 you must scroll down, I believe.  I think 600 deep is as far as we can go.  Some groups insist on only 600 wide, too, but I dont see any reason in that since this is obviously NOT blowing out the thread, nor do you have to scroll across to read it.   At least I dont think you do, now lets see what hapens when I post it?!

If someone wants to post two pix side by side than they would have to stay within this size. 

What do you say to this Donna & Sunny?

10 years ago
OK!  so you do NOT have to scroll across to read it with a photo that size (640 width).  It all posted quite nicely.
10 years ago

Meralyn, my favourite cat pic so far is the caracal! Have you some more? Sunny, your lilies are to die for! Well, it looks like we're on to beaches now so here we are at Hunstanton in Norfolk looking towards the Wash.

2008_0727Fuji0057.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Now all I have to remember is to keep my horizons level (there is a thingummy on the camera that shows a grid in the viewfinder so I'll use it in future). This guy caught my eye as he was so colourful!

2008_0727Fuji0043.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Linda - your pix are great!  Love the colors!  I've always had a hard time keeping horizons level, I really didn't even notice!  Unfortunately my camera doesn't have that grid so I check them in Picasa and it has an easy straightening grid.

So very glad you came back in girl!  Thanks for sharing!

Yes, I have more Big Cats, the Leopard is next.  I'm working on re-sizing the vertical (portrait) shots I took of "Mr. Personality" in P-Bucket and its time consuming and down right maddening!  I'm trying to bring the size down so you dont have to scroll down thru them!

The Big Cat Show, Curry Fair, Gold Beach, Or, Jul 26-08
10 years ago

Leopard3CurryFair08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

"Whaaaat?"  Mr. Personality, the leopard at the Big Cat Show.  The handler had a piece of meat on the end of a pointer (long stick) trying to get this big guy to do a full roar.

  Leopard1CurryFairo8sig.jpg picture by merjonard

"So ya want me to roar, well meowr"?

Leopard2CurryFair08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

"Not loud enough, hugh?"  The handler jokingly called these little meowers "Leopard whining"! LOL!

Leopard4CurryFair08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

"Ok, how's this?! ROARRRRR!!!"  Isn't he a magnificent extrovert, though!?  At one point the handler pretended to lose his grip on the chain and the audience gasped!  The handler laughed and said "well, I've got to have a little fun"!  while the cat wandered around the stage rubbing, marking his territory!  Fortunately, for the audience, he did NOT spray! 

I have a couple more of this special Big Cat to share with you but I have to re-size (joke!!!) and load, first, and I want you all to have a chance to post now, too.  Sorry this took up so much space but I dearly love ALL of his crony experessions!

And - Re-sizing these was also a royal pain in the arse!  They did not come out all the same size, probably because of the cropping I did to them.  Tremendous work and time consuming!  Hope you-all enjoy them?

REMEMBER - Snagging someones photos is VERBOTEN!  It is stealing and therefore a crime!!!  Do NOT use anyone's photos for anything without permission!  They are under a natural copyright!!!

10 years ago

Meralyn, that last picture is fabulous!  I love it.  You caught him just right.  I like them all, but that last one, wow!

Linda great shots.  Is that Norfolk Virginia?


10 years ago

Sugar - thanks dearheart!  I didn't think I'd got it, it was such a fight with the man in front of me, the handler getting in the road, not to mention the announcer,(and sweet befuddled Harry!) so I was joyously surprised!


10 years ago

Wow Meralyn, your leopard pictures are great! That's one well fed critter and you've captured the colour, pattern, and texture of his coat so well!

Sugar; no, that's the county of Norfolk in East Anglia, England. The Wash is part of the North Sea so quite a few miles from the US! I don't know about you but I love visting other countries through other people's eyes (and photos)!

Awaiting your info with anticipation Sunny - give your computer a kick from me!

I was playing with this shot of Hunstantan lighthouse (which is now disused but lived in as a house and incidentally, for sale) and rather liked the effects I achieved.

2008_0727Fuji0060.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0727Fuji0060-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I'm now thinking of turning this into an embroidery!

10 years ago

OK. One more time. But this time using a WP so it doesn’t get lost.

Your best bet is to resize photos to 640x480, which is also no doubt the smallest image you can take with just about all digital cameras. I still use the old Olympus for my foodie pics since I don’t need to ever touch them up and I certainly not ever printing them

Most of us shoot at the highest settings which are probably 3200+ but most photo sites will not accept images that large anyway. Best bet is to use a program on your computer to resize since you don’t waste time uploading big images only to reduce them for posting. Just about every digital imaging program has a resize feature, including but not limited to Picasa, Elements, Photo Shop, Serif, ACDSee ( the one I use)and on and on.

IF you use a Care2 album you will also find they will upload much faster @ 640x480, and, here’s a plus, C2 will resize them to 555x400 something so for sure you will never have a problem with size. I put 1600X1200 in at times and they still come up as 555.

If you run your cursor of a photo, say Meralyn’s Surf at Whaleshead, right click, then click Properties you find the photo is in Photobucket and it a 640x480 image size. Slick hey.J Now come down to Linda Norfolk and it to is in Photobucket, and is 499x373. The guy with the boat on his headJ Is 449x429. If we scoot down to the last cat , the one that doesn’t look too happy about being hereJ It’s a Photobucket also and is 367x548. I’m assuming Photobucket is also resizing since some seem like odd dimensions. Also once you crop, you through the aspect ratio out the window, due to the fact you’ve change to original dimensions

Bottom line. As long as the horizontal isn’t. over 640, your good to go.

I have also been told, but have never tried it, that if you Preview before Submitting, you can go back to Edit and use those outline boxes to reduce the size.

A little on Copyright law. The PPA (Professional Photographers Of America) says, When it is created, it is copyrighted . Which in even plainer English means you took it, it is yours and nobody else’s. No one has the right to use YOUR photo without your permission. Not for any reason at all. And it doesn’t make any difference is it’s photo of your cat, your living room wall, or a well thought out landscape. And you don’t need to register it to be copyrighted. By law it is your property. You own it. I believe that law applies in most countries not just the USA

Lovely picture everyone. Keep those BIG cats coming, and me have a bit of a hat fedish, nothing like a man with a boat hat.

Sorry I didn’t get back last night, but I just sort of dropped dead away after dinner.


10 years ago

Linda - your lighthouse photo is really lovely and the effect you got is absolutely fantastic!  Yeah, an embroidery!  And thanks re Big Cats, too.

Sunny - thank you so very much for the info!  I tried to re-size (down) in P-Bucket and it got all pissy and came up with weird sizes! 

That is what I'd heard, too, or been told, by the Grande Dame here in the Art club, re copyright laws.

And what's this ROCKY thing?!  Heads up Host & Co-Hosts!!!

10 years ago

Oh yes Linda.  I love to see other parts of the world through photos, especially when it is someone I feel I know.  I didn't really think it was Norfold Va because that is one of the few places other than home that I have visited.  But you never know.

Here is a picture of my Naked Lady.  This is a bulb I planted years ago on the hillside and it comes up every year in the middle of the woods. 

Naked Lady.jpg


Naked Lady 2.jpg

Time to fix dinner, later everyone.....


10 years ago
  SUGAR - Talk about professional work!  GREAT JOB!!! I love the lighting, the dark background, you go girl! 
10 years ago

Beautiful photos Sugar!

Let me take you on a photograhic guided tour of:

2008_0730Fuji0061-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115  near Saxilby, Lincoln

One of the residents:

2008_0730Fuji0071.jpg picture by Lindylou115

... and another named Dylan:

2008_0730Fuji0064.jpg Dylan picture by Lindylou115

More later!

10 years ago
Linda - super portrait shots!  And that's coming from an old horse photographer.  I also raised, trained and showed horses for many years, mostly Arabians.  I will deffinitely enjoy the tour.  Thanks for sharing!
The Big Cat Show, cont.
10 years ago

The Big Cat Show - the last pix:

Leopard at Top of Pole_ Curry Fair_ Jul 08_ sig-1.jpg

The Leopard doing the "climb the pole for treats act".  Note how splintered the pole is!  This cat acted like he really enjoyed putting on a show!

Leopard Portrait

Leopard close-up.  What a magnificent animal!

I have a few others showing him jumping to and from platforms but only managed to capture butt shots and one blurry shot of him taking off.  I dont think they're good enough to post - so- that's all folks!

Also - I had to post these in a care2 album as Photobucket wouldn't cooperate at all this morning!

10 years ago

Linda, a retirement home for horses?  How wonderful.  Thanks for sharing two of the immates.  I especially loved the picture of the the donkey even though horses are something I dream of still.

Meralyn, how wonderful that you even have the opportunity of getting these pictures.  And they are wonderful.  I still wish I were there with you!!!!!


10 years ago

Well I fell in love with the leopard. My favorite photos were one and  three. What a sweetheart. Thanks Meralyn, you took some beautiful shots of the leopard.

10 years ago

Beautiful pictures everyone!

Meralyn the leapords are just beautiful and you took fantastic pictures of them!!

Linda, I have always loved donkeys! I think they are so adorable! Great picture!

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10 years ago

Meralyn!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!! Wow!!!! 

Nice pics Linda!! And, Sugar too!!!

10 years ago

This is my friend Johnny. He belongs to my sister & her husband. He's such a sweet boy too. He's very friendly and likes to talk a lot!! He really is a little chatterbox!  He's constantly yacking to everyone! Johnny was named after my sisters favorite actor Johnny Depp.  They have had him for about 6 months now. He's very well loved and very well taken care of. He's a member of the family! I just adore him too! The pics aren't the best, as Johnny likes to move around a lot. He doesn't sit still! Also, my sister & her husband own a big piece of property. Johnny gets to run around in a safe place- It is fenced in. They also had a nice little "house" built for him on the property, but Johnny refuses to go in it!



10 years ago

Hi Sandy, Johnny looks a very fine chap! I wonder if he's got any lady friends ? Meralyn, I've really enjoyed seeing your big cat photos and I think my favourite is the leopard wrinkling his nose (or snarling ... whatever). Here are a couple more horsey pics - bear in mind some of the residents were rescued from appalling conditions and have serious health problems.

This pony caught my eye across the field and was taken with full zoom. I don't know what was bothering him but he did calm down as you'll see in the second shot.

2008_0730Fuji0054.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0730Fuji0055.jpg picture by Lindylou115

And this little person just didn't want to be rounded up. I can't blame him - I wonder what that is in the girl's hand?

2008_0730Fuji0044.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Golly Linda.  Thank you so much for sharing the horse retirement home.  I wish I were a billionaire and I would have shelters for so many animals that I wouldn't be able to count them.

I love hens and roosters.  I have had quite a few in my lifetime.  Here were I live now it was a constant battle with the large horned owls and hawks so I finally gave up when my Little Dumb Broad was bitten in the face by a possum and I had to have her put down.  She is buried here with my cats and dogs.  By the way, we never ate my chickens, they were pets and were buried with proper ceremony when they passed away.

Ray took this picture of Rusty and me with just a regular camera.

Me and Rusty.bmp


10 years ago
Aw Sugar, that's one of those pictures worth a thousand words!
10 years ago

 Gosh, I've gotten so much participation here this time that I need to make notes, and that's wonderful!!!  Gladdens my ole heart to see you-all enjoying this thread!

Linda - thank you for taking us on a photograpic tour of the Bransby Home of Rest for Horses, great photos!  It may be a phone in the girls hand?  Sure hope its not a cattle prod?!  But I do know what's its like to get run over by a horse, stomped, bit, kicked, thrown against walls & fences, trampled, and oh yeah, thrown!!!. I still LOVE horses!!!

Sugar - thanks, and yes, I wish you could have been with me, too, at the Curry Fair and the Big Cat Show. Maybe someday before we both drop dead from old age!? LOL!  And I LOVE the pic of you and Rusty!  Thanks for sharing it with us!

Donna -  glad you enjoyed the Bit Cat Show.  I like the the first and third shots, too. And thanks!

Amy, thank you, also!

Sandy - thanks hon, much appreciated!  And your rooster pix are great! Terrific color, clarity, good job!I have always loved chickens, too, and have had them as pets in the past.  Wasn't too happy with Game chickens, though, they can be mean!  And I had a huge rooster knock me down when I was about 2 or 3 years old, he went for my eyes!  If my uncle hadn't see it and thrown a block of wood at the rooster, killing it, I'd probably be blind today!  But I still have a fondness for nice chickens, especially the little banties.

Thanks again everyone and keep up the great work!  And have a wonderful Sunday!  Happy shooting!

10 years ago
Awe Linda! Those horses are so pretty! I love the idea of that whole place! We need more of them!!!
Hi Meralyn & Sugar! Thanks so much!!! I did make a mistake in my post. They've only had Johnny about 6 weeks now, not 6 months. I wasn't quite here when I posted that. I was pretty tired but couldn't sleep for nothing!!! Grr!
And, Meralyn I agree, this thread is just kicking! I love it too!!
10 years ago

Another day, another photo!

I'm sure this beautiful pony is really a unicorn in disguise - just imagine a horn!

2008_0730Fuji0043.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This is one of my favourites:

2008_0730Fuji0060.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This shire horse was so big and so incredibly gentle!

10 years ago

Oh Linda, those horses are so pretty! And yes, the pony could be a unicorn! I can picture a horn too. Your pics are fantastic! Great job!!

10 years ago

Oh wow!! Meralyn, I just loved the Big Cats show. And Sugar, you look so cute with your rooster! My Mom had a rooster as a pet when she was little that no one else could get near. She said he'd attack with his spurs. Sandy, what a good shot of that rooster - forgot what you said his name was. Linda, your horse photos are really good. I just love seeing the retirees being given the peace they so deserve. The photo I'm posting is one I took at the Mustang Sanctuary that I was Sec/Treas of for 4 years. It had to quit operating when, strangely, people stopped donating when the States shut down the last horse slaughtering plant in the U.S. I guess people just didn't realize that the horses were still being sold to slaughter - just across our borders in Mexico or Canada. I had so much come down on me about that time anyway, I don't think I could have given the time needed to it if we had kept going. I still have one old mare (she's 26) from the rescue days living on my property that appears as if she will live for at least another 10 years. I did manipulate with some art effects and sepia tone.


I do hope I didn't already post this one!! Oh, Linda - I think it looked like a tube of paste wormer the lady was carrying in her hand in that one photo.

10 years ago

Linda, Oh yes, that pony is definitely a unicorn in disguise.  I love the draft horses.  They always seem so gentle, whether they are or not.  I have only been around a few of them. 

Meralyn I love the lighting on your horse walking through the trees.  I like the picture.

Here is a couple of pictures I just snapped.

Would you believe a butterfly on a butterfly bush?

Butterfly 8 4 08.jpg

He wouldn't stay still for me.  This is the best I could get before he left.

And here is more Naked Ladies fully blossomed out.

More Naked Ladies.jpg


10 years ago

Oh cool  Cats, Roosters, Horses and yet another picture of me pretending to be a Jack Ass, aaah, I mean donkey  Dead ringer, I'll tell ya.

I'll take all the cats, and the big Clydesdale

So what the heck have I been up too?  Let's see.  Ah yes, been chasing, yeah, right, butterflies

Monarch 7-29-08 (11).jpg

Monarch 7-29-08 (1).jpg

Buggers never stay still.  The right wing on the  top one is moving

Here's a Yellow Swallowtail in B&W.  Hope to get it some day in color too.  That is if it comes back since I don't really ever chase anything.

Resize of Yellow  Swallowtail, in B&W (1).jpg

Have no clue what this one it.  Should have shot it in color too.

Could be it's a Big Eyed Fuzzy Wuzzy

Resize of Small Butterflly-B&W.jpg

10 years ago

  JEESH!!! If youse guys get any better we're going to have to do a table top book, forget the calender!  TERRIFIC WORK ALL OF YOU!!!

I had to run Harry to the airport at an unGodly hour this morning for his trip to Finland.  He does this every year!  Did I mention he's a Fin?!  And I'm beat!  I'll try to come in tomorrow morning and chat and share a few pix I got from the Darlingtonia Bog near the old inn of Patrick's Creek where Harry took me out to eat yesterday.  Hotter than Hades up there in the Siskiyou Mountains, too!!!

Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK everyone!!!  Good night now.

10 years ago

Beautiful butterflies Sugar and Sunny - they just look as though they've been painted!

These are almost the last of my horsey pics so I'll have to go on another photo hunting expotition ASAP!

2008_0730Fuji0039.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This one wanted a closer look at the guide to the sanctuary!

2008_0730Fuji0041.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

PatricksCreekLodgeIOct-1.jpg picture by merjonard

Patrick Creek Lodge in the Siskiyou Mountains near the upper Smith River.  This is in California, south east of where I live in Oregon.  Its a lovely old lodge that has been there many years.  I used to go there with my parents when I was a kid but driving over the Oregon mountains to get to it from the Rogue Valley where we lived was a killer! Now there is a tunnel and so much easier.

Patrick Creek camp ground is situated on the river across from the lodge and we used to always stay over night there.  They had done a lot of stone work, a beautiful bridge, but it was ripped out during a horrendous flood years ago.  What a shame!

There is a pond next to the lodge where we used to fish for trout,  now there are only ducks.  I'm posting a shot of them, dont know the breed, and a few antiques on the shed in the garden.  It truely is a lovely old place with wonderful ambience! And the food is fabulous!

DucksatPatricksCreekLodgeAug3-08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

I did post the shot of the lodge last year but am doing so again for those who are new. I'll post the antiques tomorrow.

Lovely horse pix Linda and nice looking gentleman petting them, too.

10 years ago

Nice old Lodge Meralyn and a beautiful setting for it!  Pretty ducks too!

Hey this is a horrible picture, but it is the very first hummingbird I captured!  I need lots of work on them....

Hummy jpg_.bmp

It is the ruby throated which I have read is the only type in our part of the country.


10 years ago

Another butterfly

2n3 Butterfly.jpg

2nd butterfly 2.jpg


10 years ago

My second Hummingbird.

Hummy 3.bmp

Still lots of work!


10 years ago

Oh boy, I thought I was going nuts, well you know what I mean  Sugar and I posted the butterflies at almost the same time, and at first I wondered how I got a pink butterfly bush instead of the yellow one  Excellent job  Sugar  They are harder to get to sit still than a 2 year old  Those wings seem to always be  moving when I click 

Great, I  get to live vicariously through Linda and Meralyn 

It's nice to see the horse retirement home.  Gives them some dignity in their old age

BTW If anyone has ever heard me mention all the baseball caps/hats I own, it's because  when my daughters go a way they always bring a hat for me.   I guess I kinda live through them also

Ah yes, I do recall the Lodge from last year, as also stated in the Kitchen thread  I thought that was the one you were talking about

Now speaking of moving  wings, we're finally starting to see hummers out my way.  Here's a couple I shot then misplaced about  a week ago.

 Humming bird July '08 (4)

 This guy blends right into the leaves.  If it wasn't iridescent I don't know if I would pick it out right off

Resize of Humming bird July '08 (6)

According to a web site on hummers, the only ones to frequent my area are Ruby Throats and I think Rufus.  this doesn't have a ruby throat, and it's not  shaped like the  Rufus or whatever the other one it.  Yet this is the only hummers that ever stop by.  Maybe it's female and only the male has the red throat??  I is green iridescent though.  I'm totally confuzzled

10 years ago

Sugar - WOW!  Your butterfly shots are FANTASTIC! wonderful color, clarity, everything! BRAVO!  And keep trying on the hummies, you'll get better.  But isn't it exciting to finally capture one!

Sunny, lovely little female hummer.  Yes, only the males have the ruby throat.

I'll get to the antiques tomorrow, I'm bushed.  Two hours sitting in the new Mummy pic, waste of time & money, than an hour wearing off the disgust on the beach and meadow  shooting whatever would hold still for it, and wouldn't!  God it was good to get out in the fresh air and MOVE!!!

Good night all!

10 years ago

Ooooo ... I love the hummies everyone! I can't show you any of mine though - we don't have them here Anyway, this is the final horsey pic of the series.

2008_0730Fuji0037.jpg picture by Lindylou115

In betwen appointments yesterday we managed a couple of hours at Hubbards Hills in Louth so when I've edited a few photos from that little outing I'll share them with you - lots of trees!

Patricks Creek Lodge Garden Antiques, August 08
10 years ago

OldMilkCanPatricksCrLodgeAug3-08.jpg picture by merjonard

PatricksCreekLodgeAntiqueSigninGard.jpg picture by merjonard

HorseShoesPatricksCreekLodgeAug3-08.jpg picture by merjonard

These interesting antiques were hanging on the side of a garden shed at the lodge.  Note the way the horse shoes are hanging?!  They are hung wrong!  In order for the luck to stay in them they must be the other way around or the luck runs out of them! Also there is a bar welded to the toe of one shoe to correct as crooked hoof on a horse!

I'm going to the Darlingtonia (Cobra Lilly/Pitcher Plant) bog next.

Linda - wonderful portrait of a piebald horse!  The markings remind me of the old pix of gypsy horses!  Thanks for sharing! And I'm looking forward to your tree pix, too.

10 years ago
Great antique pics Meralyn - the horse shoes are brilliant! I was disappointed when I looked closely at my Hubbards Hills photos. Either my eyes are going or I have a bad case of camera shake - the latter I think! I know I felt a bit wobbley when I was looking down the steep valley and had to hold onto a seat to steady myself but didn't realise I'd been left so shakey! I will share the photos later because I'd be greatful for any feedback. Incidentally, I've seen a picture of you half way down a cliff somewhere (can't recall where) but I do admire you for being able to do that. You must be really sure-footed!
10 years ago
Linda - thanks.  I'm fairly sure-footed but not as much as I used to be (not even as much as last year!) and I do NOT like heights so I really understand!  I posted that pic of me shooting Indian Paintbrush here before, I think?  Sometimes when I go out walking and hiking, if I'm not feeling at my best, its more like staggering along and I have to really watch my step!  My age is catching up with me, dang it all anyway!  I've been doing this all my life, with or without a camera, and I dont know how I'm going to accept life without being able to at least walk out, if not hike!  Its as much a part of me as breathing!!!  P.S.  I can't always hold my camera steady anymore, either, much to my disgust!!!
10 years ago

Still practicing on the Ruby Throated Hummingbird.....

hummingbird 5.jpg




10 years ago

Hey Sugar -  Your getting better!  It takes a very fast shutter speed to stop-down a hummy!  Also nerves of steel and a very steady hand!  RIGHT!!!  And I have neither!!!

But isn't it fun trying!  It is a true challenge!  And we all need that!

10 years ago

Ooh, I'm loving your pics Meralyn!! Postcard perfect!!

Linda, What a gorgeous horse!! Wow!

Hi Sugar, I have never got a bird yet! I try like heck too!!! One day!!! By the way, those butterfly shots are beautiful!!!

Nice shooting Sunny!!!

10 years ago

Sandy - thanks dearheart, your enough to give anyone a big head! 

 Tomorrow  I'll try to start posting the Darlingtonias (Cobra Lilly/Pitcher Plants) as I finally got them edited, re-sized thru Picasa, and loaded in P-Bucket today!  Whew, what a job!  By the way, Darlingtonias are carnivorous plants, absolutely fascinating!!!As in "Feed me Seymore"! LOL!!

10 years ago

I'm fascinated to know what it is in the feeders that attracts the hummies - maybe a sugar solution? Keep the pics coming because they're beautiful and fascinating birds I'd never otherwise see and I appreciate how challenging they are to catch on camera!

Well, this is one of my wibbly wobbly photos from Hubbards Hills. It's a relatively small, natural, steep sided valley just outside of Louth and attacts families on picnics, dog walkers and anyone else who doesn't want to go too far for some pretty scenery.

2008_0806Fuji0072.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This one's okay - a moorhen nesting in the river. It had the good sense to built the nest high in case the water level rises!

2008_0806Fuji0087.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Linda, Great pictures!  I have read of moorhens and now I know what they look like!  Thanks a lot.

I feed sugar water that I make myself.  You can buy expensive stuff, but being on a tight budget I make my own.  I use a good 1/4 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water.


10 years ago

Linda - wonderful pix, beautiful area, and fascinating moorhen and nest!  Quite a construction!  Thanks for sharing.

Sugar - that's exactly the sme ratio I use but I add 1 Tbs. of Hummy nectar mix and the little hmmies are crazy about it!  Too much so, they'd rather eat the nectar mix I put out than work on flowers, spoiled little brats, they fight over it!

10 years ago

Beautiful pictures! I love the (oh poop I forgot the name already) on it's nest, Linda!

I love this thread! you guys are fantastic!

The butterfly shots are awesome, too, Sugar!!

I came in because Meralyn just promised me a picture of a 'feed me Seymour' plant.  lol  I will keep watching!

10 years ago
Linda, those are wonderful pics! Such a pretty place! Love the birds nest! He is very smart to build that up so high
Darlingtonia (Cobra Lilly/Pitcher Plant), Aug 3, 2008
10 years ago

DarlingtoniaBogAug3-08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

The Darlingtonia Bog, at least part of it.  The sun was over-head and too bright for good shooting.  This bog is in a very dry area near the upper Smith River in the Siskiyou Mountains in southern California.

Darlingtonia, a carnivorous plant, likes an acid, watery place, and lots of sun, which surprised me!  This bog didn't seem to have any inlet or outlet so must be fed by a small spring.

DarlingtoniaYoungOldAug3-9.jpg picture by merjonard

Darlingtonia young & old.  The black plants are dead, obviously.  I tried to find some tiny plants to photograph but didn't have any luck. Harry and I went to a wonderful Wildflower Show a month ago and a man had carnivorous plants in various stages of growth.  It takes two years, if I remember correctly, for these remarkable plants to grow to adult stage from seeds!

DarlingtoniaYoungplantsAug3-9.jpg picture by merjonard

Younger, smaller plants reflected in the water, which was surprisingly clear.  A few dragonflies flitted about but would not cooperate and land so I could shoot them!  What seems to be wild irises also growing with the lillies and a few yellow daisies.  I also saw one spent tiger lilly.

I will post the flower and seed pod shots of these fascinating, and fairly rare plants, next time.  I dont want to monopolize the thread!  If you want to learn about these curious, carnivorous plants you'll find them thru Google.

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It's been a long time since I saw a pitcher plant and that was in some kind of flower shop.  I am telling you, one good thing about this thread, you get to go to all kinds of different places and see things you wouldn't normally see.  I love it.


10 years ago

Those plants Meralyn posted are awesome, aren't they? 

10 years ago
I agree Amy! They are great! Good job Meralyn!
10 years ago
Thanks ladies!  It must have been over 90' that day, I had sweat running down me from head to toe, and Harry almost had to drag me away from those awesome, primitive plants!  Being with them is like going back into the primordial, prehistoric past!
10 years ago
 I agree with Sugar.  It's like one-stop-shopping for great pics and such a variety.  I don't comment much in here...don't want to interupt, but thank you so much all for the splendid pix  !!!!
(and tks for your patience when i posted mine during the 2 weeks of summer we had, arrrgh).

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Wow Meralyn, those pitcher plants are definitely prehistoric! To see them en masse like that must have been amazing - no wonder Harry had to drag you away!

Here are two more photos of Hubbards Hills - views through the trees from the top of the valley. I was really shakey at this point so considering that they're not too bad.

2008_0806Fuji0111.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0806Fuji0118.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I've now ordered myself a monopod and waiting for it to arrive. If its not too much of a nuisance to carry around I'm hoping the camera will be more stable!

10 years ago
Update: Postman has just delivered my monopod
10 years ago

Linda I love that first scene of Hubbard Hills!  Tell us a little more about it.

A momopod, huh?  Let us know how you like that too.  Just in case I get a few extra dollars.

Meralyn we have some prehistoric plants around here too.  The markings kind of look like a snake.  I forget their name, but they have been around forever.  If it comes back to me I will let you know.  In the meantime I misnamed the 'touch me nots'.  They are jewel weed.

jewel weed 2 08.jpg

jewel weed 08.jpg


10 years ago

Hi Shutter Bugs!  First  off let me say -

Sandrea - you do not interrupt coming in here and commenting!  We love having people comment! And where are your beautiful flower pix, did you give up? I hope not!

Linda - your shots are lovely!  Dont worry about a little blur, it just adds to the mystic of the place! If your pix are coming out too dark try different settings, like Landscape, or try boosting the light a little thru manual.  When you focus on a scene, or object, you can read at the bottom of your screan what your camera is going to shoot at, what it is reading.  If the background is too bright it will automatically shut down so you have to over-ride that.  Would be fun to try, bracket, and make notes.  If you can remember, I seem to always forget!

And hey- let us know how you like the mono-pod please?! Hope its light-weight?  I dread having anything else to pack!

Sugar - your photos are so beautiful!  Here's a trick to try, if you want a certain part focused, say the stamen for example, come in closer to it and then push shutter button part of the way down to focus, hold the button down and then back off and compose your shot.  Sometimes this works, sometimes not! Can you get a pic of your prehistoric plants, I'd love to see?!

Happy shooting, walking & hiking everyone!

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10 years ago

Wow, those pictures of the hills are beautiful, Linda! Your country looks so gorgeous! I would love to visit one day! Maybe I could even meet Wilton and give him hugs for myself!!

Sugar, those flowers are very neat. I have never seen anything like them!

If this heat ever backs off a little I can't wait to get back out with my camera.

Nice job everyone!!

Darlingtonia flower & Seedpod, Aug 3-08
10 years ago

DarlingtoniaBlossomAug3-08sig.png picture by merjonard

Darlingtonia flower.  I thought the strange hoods, with their funny mustaches, were the flowers of this mysterious plant!  They are not!  I first saw the flower and seedpod at the Wildflower Show earlier this year and I was amazed.  and then, since I knew what to look for (!), I saw them at the bog!  Fantastic! 

DarlingtoniaSeedPodIIAug3-9.jpg picture by merjonard

Darlingtonia Seedpod - This was shot at some distance and didn't focus well.  I tried cropping down on it but decided I like the blurry background (short focus field) better as the adult back there looks rather menacing!

That's it for the Darlingtonia.  I considered posting a couple close-ups of the hoods from last year, shot with my Konica Minolta, but they're so different I chose to go with my new pix.

10 years ago

Thanks for all the prehistoric looking plants Sugar and Meralyn - I have no pics that in any way are similar! I do love the tiny cobwebs (or whatever) on your last one Meralyn and thanks also for the useful info. I'm finding that I am experimenting more now and am getting some interesting results - some really good and others suitable for only the delete button! This final photo I took on the way home from that outing and had recovered my composure somewhat.

2008_0806Fuji0132.jpg picture by Lindylou115

It's been raining all day so haven't tried the monopod yet. It's very lightweight (about eight and a half ounces) and has a loop for carrying. To add to the stability I might try a cable release too but I can see all this getting too complicated, awkward, cumbersome and fiddly when all I really want to do is quickly capture what I see at that instant and not faff about.

10 years ago

Meralyn, I will try your hint.   Focusing and backing off a little!

Love the Darlingtonia (sp?) and seed pods.


10 years ago

  Mono-pod.  Cool beans.  I forgot to  put up the one I used.  I'll try to get to that later.

Meanwhile, looks like all is well here  As you may know, I retired  Took my pension and  traveled the world, and very quickly I  might add.

This  one works well in B&W.  It's a diner in the next town west of me.  It was actually still functioning until a couple of years ago too.  It was also semi famous in the mid 80's due to  being  in a Cindy Lauper video on MTV.

Tom's Diner  12-29-06 rs (3).jpg

Tom's Diner  12-29-06 rs (2).jpg

I'm very surprised it wasn't knock down the minute it closed.  It's on prime real estate.  Only thing I can think of is either it Historic or  the owner is still paying taxes on it.

10 years ago

Here's a color version:

Tom's Diner  12-29-06 color version.jpg

10 years ago

Those pictures are very cool, Sunny!

And, by the way, did I mention how glad we are you are still with us even after your retirement? 

10 years ago

I really like the B&W version Sunny - gives it a completely different feel!

2008_0727Fuji0060-3.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I converted this to black and white which gives it a rather olde worlde feeling.

10 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm back.  I had some problems with my computer.  I hope they do not come back.  I was not able to post or up-load photos.

One of the electronics stores in the mall downtown had a sale and I bought a new camera.  It is a Fuji FinePix with 10X optical zoom and more auto settings.  Best of all I can use the card from my other one.  I was shooting flowers in my garden and got these great photos of bugs.

Caterpillar on a Black-eyed-susan.jpg


I have enjoyed looking at all the lovely photos that everyone has posted.  I am having fun with this new camera and love the results that I am getting.  Hope you enjoy my photos.

10 years ago
Hi Jean, my camera's a Fuji Finepix S9600 - it sounds like the same model you have. Hours of Fun! Nice blue bottle you've caught there!

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10 years ago
Thank you for your comment above, Meralyn.
The weather has been so strange here that even my Tiger lilys are not photo-worthy
Also my camera seems to be on some weird setting that it goes on and on before snapping a shot.  I'll get that figured out after i figure out the settings on my VCR that i got in 1988, haha.
10 years ago
I did manage to capture these flowers during their brief appearance last month in our yard. I really wanted to post them but i don't know how the spell the name of the bush. It sounds like Wagelia. Photobucket Photobucket
10 years ago
Very nice pics everyone!! wow!!
10 years ago

Wonderful photos everyone and great participation, too!  I love it!

Sunny - sure glad your still with us, we need ya!

Sandrea - I was looking up your bush on Google and Sandy snuck in before me, LOL!  I'm having trouble with my computer, or the Internet today, a royal pain in the keester!  I believe your bush is Weigela?  I had one in my garden in Germany and I loved it.  And dont let spelling stop you, I had to look it up!

I had trouble with my camera when shooting the Darlingtonia, the camera said the pix (close-ups!) were focused, they looked good on the camera screen, but after loading in the computer they were blurry!  Not all but enough to really piss me off!  I've had a lot more trouble with this in digital than I ever did with my SLR film camera!

Carry on - youse guys are doing a super job!!!

10 years ago

Great pictures!  Even the bugs.  I like capturing them too!


10 years ago

I've just had one of those lightbulb moments! I realised that the photos I was editing on Photobucket weren't as good and sharp as the originals so I tried PhotoScape (that I've had for a while and never tried) with brilliant results. I'll be using that for my editing in future as it's so simple (even though it did flip to an oriental lauguage half way through and I had to second guess to save)!

c.png picture by Lindylou115

This is one of the newest results.

10 years ago
Wow, Linda... i can't imaging it being more clear and sharp than that.  It's like i'm looking at it in person.  It was very nice to see first thing this am.
Thank you, Meralyn for the spelling of Weigela. It's so beautiful when it blooms but they don't last long, then the branches look like they've lost life
10 years ago

WOW LINDA!!!  Great shot & editing!!!  BRAVO GIRL!  Your deffinitely getting this down pat!

I have another fly, I think its a fly and not a wasp, macro shot, but afraid it might give some the chills?!  I've been holding off posting it for that reason.

And your very welcome Sandrea.

I was experimenting shooting a cobweb in the hanging Orchid cactus with the sunlight highlighting it this morning.  The damn camera refused to shoot it on Auto, saying "Backlighting"!  Boy does that ever make me mad!  Refused to shoot on Portrait setting, too, which is also auto!  So I cranked it over to Manual and made the stubborn  SOB shoot anyway!  Also used spritz water bottle on it, the cobweb, not the camera, but I was sorely tempted! LOL!  I'll share these experiments with you later, right now I have butterflies!  YES!  I finally managed to shot, two of them!!!

Go forth and enjoy yourselves gang!  Be fruitful! Carefully, LOL!!!

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Butterflies, August 2008
10 years ago

ButterflyCaliforniaLadyDarlingtonia.jpg picture by merjonard

This is California Lady.  I shot this little flit at the Darlingtonia Bog!  Which is in California!  We were walking back to the car in the miserable heat and I saw this butterfly off in front of us and land on a branch way over my head!  This is where the telephoto on my camera really comes in handy!  It will shoot on macro in that setting, too.  I did crop this shot to bring it up, and sharpened a little.  The colors are original.

ButterflyBrowneyedCapeFerelloAug08s.jpg picture by merjonard

Small brown butterfly (have not been able to identify yet! at Cape Ferello the other day on my walk.  They (there were quite a few!) were a little darker then this, I lightened a little to bring out details.  I couldnt get very close, they took off, with me chasing them over the hills, thru the tall grass and wild flowers, much to my irritation!!!  I had to shoot this one with the telephoto (zoom) and pray, a lot!  There was another orangey butterfly that I just could not get close to, blinking little flits!!! But hey, I got two flitters! YIPPEEE!!!

10 years ago
Awesome, Meralyn!
10 years ago

This is a Ringlet butterfly and bears an uncanny resemblance to yours:

2008_0725Fuji0059-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

It's much cropped and slightly sharpened. The rain let off today and I took a few shots of the Church over the road with the aid of the monopod. I was very much aware of the lack of shakiness as I pressed the shutter release!

10 years ago
Wow, that's beautiful too, Linda.  Glad you have solved your shakey prob.
10 years ago

Wonderful shots to see as usual.  Linda great flower shot.


10 years ago

Linda - lovely butterfly pic!  There really is quite a similarity!  Thanks for posting. Glad you like your monopod but I think even something as light as that would just be a hinderance to me as I chase (struggle!) thru tall grass and wildflowers and climb rocks after the blink'n little bugs!!!  I fell on my butt once, glad no one was around!  Also getting a monopod set up in time would be impossible as the hyper little things just wont stay still!

And thanks ladies.

10 years ago

Rose in the Rain, August 2008

Here is another rose, shot almost dead center, again!  I can't seem to break that habit!  It also looks like its just floating in space as no leaves attached nor stem!  But -

Rose in the Rain, Close-up

when you crop in tightly on the center it becomes a jewel!

Natural water droplets, not from a spritz bottle, just our lousey drizzle.  I have a thing for roses in the rain, I know I've posted them before but couldn't resist this beauty. It is one of my mother's surviving roses, old but still blooming.

10 years ago

Those roses are gorgeous Meralyn and as you say, the water droplets look just like twinkling jewels. I don't know what this flower is. I took the photo at one of the open gardens we went to during July. The variation in the colours of the petals is so pretty and almost unreal.

2008_0709Fuji0098a.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Linda, what a wonderful flower.  I have never seen one like it before.

Meralyn, Your Mother's rose is just as beautiful as always,


10 years ago

Linda - WOW!  That flower really is totally unbelievable!  It does look fake especially with that orange center!  Great shot! And thanks.

Sugar - thank you , too!

Sandrea - if your hanging around out there the rose demo was for you ,too, dear!

10 years ago
  Those last flowers were so pretty I hate closing this thread, but it is getting pretty long and taking awhile to load. Meralyn and Linda - beautiful!!! Okay, I'm closing this one now.
10 years ago
Thank you, Meralyn.  I had seen the rose demo and it was really terrific, i enjoyed it very much

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