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Meralyn and Friends photo & digital art #18
10 years ago

This is the thread for sharing your photos of scenary, wildlife and, yes, even bugs!! There were some beautiful flowers posted on the last thread before I opened this new one, so be sure to check them out

Please don't post your wonderful furkids here. We'd love to see them in a thread all their own! And please do not post pics wider than 640 pixels as it will cause everyone to have to scroll to read what is written. If you do, we'll have to delete it, and then you can repost after you shrink it down.  and happy photographing!!

10 years ago

A passion flower to start us off:

2008_0806Fuji0024.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Wow Linda!  I have heard of passion flowers, but I don't think I have ever seen one.  It's beautiful.

Can you imagine if some of these wildflowers were larger how gorgeous they would be?  The flowers were very little in this next picture but gorgeous when really looked at.

Small wild purple flowers.jpg

Another small wildflower.

small light purple wildflower.jpg

There was so much wind I tried to hold this Queen Anne's Lace still and the light was so bright I put it in my shadow which I discovered I shouldn't have, but here it is.

Queen Anne__039_s Lace.jpg

I took these pictures on my walk Saturday.  And more, but I will save them for another day.


10 years ago

This spider web is on my home trail.  I have to go under it all of the time.  I have done a little damage to it because I forget exactly where it is on the trail.

spider web.jpg


10 years ago
Wow Sugar - that spider's web is amazing! What sort of spider made it and how big is it? I agree with you that if you look closely at wild flowers they're so pretty but being generally very small are very succeptable to being blown by the wind - then they're more difficult to catch than butterflies. I've got loads of pictures with Chris' hand in the corner holding a stem still or stopping grasses from blowing in front of what I'm trying to catch! You've caught them despite the wind and they're so delicate. I've just taken some more of the passion flowers sprinkled with rain drops - they look okay on the camera but we'll see
10 years ago

That passion flower is breathtaking! and Sugar, that spider web is fantastic! Great pix ladies! Wish I could take pix like those.... mine are always so blurry

10 years ago

 Girls how much better can you get!  Awesome photography!  That Passionflower is dead on Linda and the cobweb Sugar is breathtakingly beautiful! 

Deb - thank you so very much for stepping in and helping with this thread!  I'm just not up to it and by you helping it takes a load off Donna!  Good job!

Keep on shooting gang!  What fun!

10 years ago

CapeFerelloThistlesAug08sig-1.jpg picture by merjonard

A misty morning at Cape Ferello.

CapeFerelloThistlesIIAug08sig-1.jpg picture by merjonard

With this shot I focused entirely on the thistle and cropped a little.  Which one do you prefer?

10 years ago
Thank you, Meralyn about the rose demo in last thread. I had seen it and thought it was fantastic, i really enjoyed it
I like this 2nd pic b/c the first one makes you look at the thistles more and the 2nd one allows you to easily view the whole scene at once...i think anyway.

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10 years ago

No problem, Meralyn! Glad to do it. I really like the thistle photo - can't decide which one I like best, though. They are both good. Sugar, that web photo is really, really neat! I couldn't go under that thing, though - I'd be afraid that the insect that made it would be hanging around close  You guys all know how I am with bugs! I really liked the moth and butterfly shots, though. For some reason, they don't seem like bugs to me.   Linda, your last flower shots were exquisite!! I've never seen flowers like those before. Great job!  Well, this photo isn't all that great, but it was neat to see a double rainbow. I wish the colors had come out sharper.


The shaft of light looked really neat - the sun had barely broken through the clouds.

10 years ago

Ooh, I've often wondered what a Passion flower  looked like.  Very nice, colorful too

Now that's what I call a spider web.  You got Spiderman living out there in Ohio Sugar??

Which one is better or should say which do I like more.    I'll go with  #1.  I think I go a little tipsy on the  depth of  field on the second.

Meanwhile, I'm going  to let you guess who this photo is of.

I'll give you all one hint.  "Woolly Bully"

Guess who.jpg

I really should have re-scanned this guy, it's bit over on the contrast side

And since I'm into B&W, who's about this  oldie, which really isn't that old.   Just the subject is old.

Tom's Diner rs 12-29-06 (17)sepia 01.jpg

It must be one of the oldest diners of it's kind still standing.

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10 years ago

Sam the sham?

10 years ago

Wow! Fantastic shots everyone! That passion flower is just gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it!!

The spider web gives me the jeebie geebies!

Meralyn, that memorial spot looks so peaceful. Beautiful shot! I am so intrigued by it, too. I just can not get it through my weak little mind why so many people have chosen that particular spot for memorials.

Sunny, not sure who that is, but I bet my daddy would have known! 

10 years ago

Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs

WOOLY BULLY (Domingo Samudio)

Uno, dos, one, two, tres, quatro
Matty told Hatty about a thing she saw.
Had two big horns and a wooly jaw.
Wooly bully, wooly bully.
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully.
Hatty told Matty, "Let's don't take no chance.
Let's not be L-seven, come and learn to dance."
Wooly bully, wooly bully
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully.
Matty told Hatty, "That's the thing to do.
Get you someone really to pull the wool with you."
Wooly bully, wooly bully.
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully.

10 years ago

Drum roll please...and the winner is DONNA!!  

It's Sam the Sham without any of his Pharaohs.   A one hit wonder I believe, and the song, Woolly Bully still lives  I have a lot of old Doo Wop singers in B&W.  Used to go to the  Doo Wop reunions every year.  Really takes ya back

Sorry Deb, I missed your  rainbow.   I guess I'm not used to seeing that much open space in the USA, and thought it was my imagination running wild on me. 

 If we had open space here I wouldn't be finding bear doo doo on my lawn

Gee, have to find some more  old performers and see if I can stump ya's

10 years ago

Deb & Sunny - great shots!  I've tried rainbows, many times, and have never captured anything that beautiful Deb! 

You've lost me Sunny!  Neat pix, though, and thanks.

Amy, thanks.  And there is just something special about that site to several people I guess, re memorial.  It is a very beautiful place. 

Sandrea - thanks.  I had you in mind, too, when I did that demo.

I went for a walk this evening thru the fields and back up the beach, Kamph Park area where I usually go, quite warm even at 7 O'clock although too windy!  But it always lifts my soul and clears the cobwebs out ouf my head. 

That's all for tonight!

10 years ago

I don't know where to start. Great photos everyone! I like your first thistles Meralyn because I can see that beautiful bay in the background but I also like the effect of the background being out of focus in the second. Sunny - I can't remember what I was going to say but I didn't recognise that guy.

Me, well I was up till all hours last night capturing the moon as it slid along the top of the trees dodging haze and clouds until I just got too cold. I was trying out all sorts of things manually and got what I think are some quite good shots. But you can't see them yet. I had a problem whilst downloading them from my camera and have just spent over an hour on the phone to Fuji trying to sort it out - sucessfully thank goodness. I just have to edit the best ones (along with more passion flowers taken with various apertures for varying dof) and then I'll share them - probably tomorrow as  we're preparing to go away on friday for a long weekend.

See you later

10 years ago

Phew - I've managed to get here sooner than I thought and I apologise for not mentioning your wonderful double rainbow Deb, it's such an atmospheric photo!

I've also been struggling with intermittant internet access this afternoon so things have been somewhat fraught! However ... moon photos:

moon.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Those are very cool, Linda! Great job!!!

10 years ago

Linda - TERRIFIC MOON SHOTS!  Glad you got everything sorted out!  Great composite! Now I'd like to see you take your favorite from these and crop down on it a little more, than enhance, and see what you get?  Then post that for us as big as you can with out splitting out the sides of the thread!  You might be very surprised at what you get?!  And its fun, too.

Sometimes my Panasonic will work for me with the moon, sometimes not!  And I dont know what causes it, yet?!

I'm so very glad that your having fun trying different settings, too!  It is a challenge but if we dont take it too seriously its wonderful fun, even freezing our tushies off out there, right?!

Carry on shutterbugs!  I'm going to go take a nap now.

10 years ago

Whoa!   Linda, that's gorgeous.  I really like the  composite, we get to see a few at the same time in one  photo.  Great idea too.  Now why didn't I ever think of that.   Actually I know why, I didn't know how!   I only recently found out how to do it.  My first attempt was in the food thread trying to show the correct way to make pizza dough.

How's the mono-pod working out for you???

And speaking of composites and mono pods, guys, here's the one I use.  It's  aluminum but it's no light weight for sure

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

The head tilts and can be locked in place plus it  has a "quick release" plate so you can remove the camera with the  flick of a switch.   And it's a GREAT walking stick too. 

   Actually it isn't that heavy, it's I'm that weak.  It's 2 pounds 7 1/4 ounces or 1,115 grams.  Open all the way it stand about 5 feet 6 inches or so.

This is what I mostly use the Pro tripod for these days.

Bogen Tripod.jpg

Yup.  door stop.

The thing on the floor is one of it's interchangeable heads.  That one is great for  landscape work since it has two levels  built into it so you know if your straight or not. It also has vertical and horizontal degree  markings, the  horizontal is good if you'd  like to do panoramic in particular.

The  Nikon with the 135-400 mm Zoom on the tripod.  This one shows the  quick release and the "ball" head  Much quicker  than the other head for  action or in my case crazy brides.


The white thing between the  body and the lens is a 1.4x converter, making it a 560 mm lens which is the equivalent of my Canon digital that weighs in at a big 12 ounce with batteries. 

Let's try for the every day tripod then.

Slik (3).JPG

This one is composite and light weight, also has that  "quick release" feature.

The little nub screws into the  camera and stays on it and you leave the  tripod to  do it's thing  while you do yours


Well that's my Mono/tripod lesson for  today. 

I really should have gotten that  quick release  thing up sooner since it is  real pain in the butt to  keep screwing the camera on and  taking it off if you don't  have one.  Not they you can't  add one after the  fact  But then it adds weight and  every ounce  takes it's toll

10 years ago

Well that was weird.  I just  asked Meralyn if the camera need to  lock the focus in order to shoot and  it just disappeared

Anyway, does it need to lock on before taking a photo?  My  35 mm film cameras have 3 settings, manual, single, an  continuous.  When in single, it won't let you shoot unless you're  focused on something, preferably your subject  I'm not  certain but my digital may also  have something like that.  I've left most of it's setting in default, yet every now and then I see something changed.  Clueless why.

I did very few wedding  with 35 mm, but I never used either of the auto focus setting  on important shots.  Just  could not trust it to be 100%.    Fortunately  the majority of my wedding work was done in what's called 2 1/4 format.  All manual, all the time, even the  flash.  Trust nothing but instinct and a hand held meter.

10 years ago

storm clouds

This was taken one evening as the storm was moving in. The lightest areas were from lightning.

more storm clouds

The second one was taken about 20 min later.


That one was for you Sunny.  Has anyone ever heard of cannabil chipmunks?

10 years ago

Sunny - Wow!  That was quite a demo! Thanks for doing all that for us, very time consuming!

No my camera doesn't have to focus (locked on) to shoot.  Consequently I get some pretty weird shots, like my feet, grass, rocks, etc., as I'm trying to get it (damn thing!) to focus and I push the shutter button too far!  I have tried the continuous shooting and it was fast, rather fun, sure ran the batteries down, though, and I dont think the quality of the pix was as good.

I've got to go check in with Chit Chat, then I'll bring in the spider web shots just for the fun of it.

Cobweb in Orchid Cactus, Backlit, Aug 2008
10 years ago

OK!  I finally got them to load so here goes -

CobwebinOrchidCactusmanAug08.jpg picture by merjonard

My Panasonic camera was throwing temper tantrums and refused to shoot this on Auto!  It kept screaming "Backlighting, backlighting"!  I said piss on that shoot, the damn thing anyway! So I cranked it over to manual and this is what I got at 125/5.6/100.  Digital can be very onery!!! Well, so can I!!!

I didn't think to move the cactus branch, sometimes I'm rather slow!  so in the next shot I did and I got the spritz bottle out and sprayed the cobweb, a little trick passed on to me by Sunny! (actually for flowers!)  Thanks Sunny!

CobwebinOrchidCactusSpritzedAug08si.jpg picture by merjonard

I shot this one at 100/4.5/100 manual.  Interesting contrast isn't it?!  As you can see, the last pic has been enhanced a bit, too.

Opinions very welcome.

10 years ago

It is wild looking Meralyn. You got a super nice shot of that web. While I don't like walking into one, I have to admit that they are really good at making them. Of course I would rather see the spider on the web than on me too. Very pretty. I noticed that my camera is slow. I was playing around with the cat dancer, with the camera in my other hand, and every time they stood up I was too late to get the picture. Sugar was doing all the standing and looking cute too.

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10 years ago

Wow Janie, wonderful cloud shots and that rabbit is just to die for! I LOVE BUNNIES! I could never get a photo of one in the wild - they're just too quick and nervous!

 Your cobwebs are great Meralyn and I prefer the first one. In the second the brilliance of the colours slightly detracts from the beatiful jewel-like droplets on the web. I wonder what it would look like just sharpened slighty to help enhance the web/droplets? Oooo ... do have a go - just to please me! 

Your monopd and tripod are somewhat more sturdier than mine Sunny. I could have done with a loan of your tripod when I was taking the moonshots in the wind because I was still aware of some vibration with each gust! I'm going to wait for the full moon (should be big - what we call a 'harvest' moon this time of year) and try again now I've some idea of what I'm doing.

2008_0812Fuji0006.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Another of my passion flowers for you. It was so shiney with the rain on it - it looks like plastic! This is probably the last chance I'll get to share anything here until next tuesday as I'm going away over the weekend but I am taking my camera  and will bring back all kinds of exciting photos (hopefully). Until then - happy snapping!

10 years ago

Sorry folks, I couldn't resist this before I went!

2008_0806Fuji0109.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Unicorn at Hubbards Hills

10 years ago
WHOA!!! You guys have outdone yourselves this time!! Janie the clouds are gorgeous and the bunny!!!! So clear! How in the world did you catch that?? What is your zoom strength? Meralyn I agree with Linda as far as the one I like best re: spiderweb. Both are great, but I love the first because you can see how intricate the web is easier. Sunny - thanks for the "pods" demo! Got to admit, I have not heard of a monopod before "listening" to all of you talk about it and wouldn't know how to use one!! I sure wish I had followed my desire to be a professional photographer back when I could have done something with it. I'd need to go to school, and for that to happen now is an impossibility. I don't have a tripod with all the extras and it can be a pain in the patoot to use. The legs don't stay tightened all the time and the thing where you screw (I don't have an easy off) the camera on moves when it is not supposed to . . .    Linda, what can I say???? What a neat composite!!! I watched our moon last night and it was gorgeous. Would have been such a cool shot with the haze it had around it here and some clouds passing over it. My camera just doesn't have the zoom power for it. Speaking of my camera - I had a strange thing happen the other day and thought maybe you guys could enlighten me as to what might be happening. I'm afraid of what it could be, though. I went to take a shot and the screen went all weird - fuzzy color lines all over it - then it cleared. It happened twice, and I have not used it since. Any ideas?? Time for a new camera??  Linda, have a great trip - can't wait to see the pics when you get back! Sugar, keep posting!!! I love your deer, and the flowers - you must have some beautiful trails to walk on. Come on all you "lookers" out there!! This is how we get a glimpse into our "long-distance friends" lives. We'd love for you to share yours!
10 years ago

HOLY COW!!!  You shutterbugs just keep amazing me!  I think you can't do better and then you do!  FANTASTIC PIX!

Janie - I'm sorry but your pix hadn't loaded with I posted! And girl - !!!  Super clouds and the bunny is spot on!  Are you the one with the Canon DSLR?  I can't remember?!  Bet you are?!

Linda - that Passion Flower even surpasses the last one!  Didn't think it possibel!  I love the water droplets and your composition is wonderful!   The woods and the unicorn, are beautiful,too! Will be looking forward to your next pix. Have a good time!

Its time all of you should be submitting your fabulous pix to a mag, like National Geographics!  YEAH!!!

I'll try enhancing the cobwed, again, did some already, started falling apart, dont think it will take it.  I agree Linda with your opinions.  And thanks all of you, too

I'm distracted this morning, getting ready for Harry's home-coming this eve, lots to do.  Oh yes, I got some pix of the raccoon babies and Smokey, an absolute riot, will share with you later, I may have to put them in a seperate thread.

Happy hunting shutterbugs!

10 years ago
Outstanding photography by all.
These are so good i actually feel privileged to view them. 
Thanks again for sharing, you guys
10 years ago

Linda, your passion flower is so beautiful. I love the moon shots. The rabbits are only about 20 to 25 ft away. We see them almost every day.

Sugar, I like to get the wildflowers too they are so lovely. Their is always beauty in the small over looked flowers. Yours are perfect. The spider web is something very interesting. I wouldnt want to disturb the spider that made that one.

Meralyn, Thanks for showing us your part of the world. I love your compositions, very artistic.You always put a lot of thought into your work.

Deb, Love your rainbows.

Heartfelt,... Thanks to all that have commented on my pics.     Meralyn I do have a canon dslr. I use the standard lens most of the time. For the flowers I have to as I don't have a macro lens yet.

Here is the original of the rabbits


10 years ago

I am speechless! 

Janie I am so impressed with your clouds.  The first one is my favorite.  It is a masterpiece in my opinion.  The bunny is precious, but the clouds are something special.

Linda another masterpiece of the moon.  Great display.  I think you and everyone else are just wonderful.  And of course your Passionflower is a work of art.

And Meralyn, your spider webs are outstanding.  Sunny taught you to spritz and now you have taught me to spritz!  I will start carrying a small spray bottle.  Oh, by the way, I did not destroy the spider web.  I ducked under it.  It was gone tonight when I took Tom for his walk.  It had been there for several days.  I guess it could have been a bird or a deer that destroyed it.

These pictures are all wonderful.  I get to go all around the world and see magical unicorns and thunderous clouds and light houses and lots and lots of things.  I enjoy just coming here and looking lots of times when I don't have the time to post.  I can get lost in the pictures.  Thank you all for bringing them here to Meralyn's and Friends thread.  I know what it is, it's like candy, luscious gooey candy for the eyes and imagination!


10 years ago

Janie - adorable bunnies!  I've been told by a professional photographer that you can buy an adaptor lens for your Cannon lens rather than pay thru the nose for the actual item.  You might want to check into that?  I want to get one for my dig, supposed to help, hmmm?

Sugar, I have read that the spiders eat the web and then make a new one.  According to the book garden spiders do this every night but mine dont!  The web I posted is a garden spider's.  I havn't seen the big, beautiful webs at Kamph Park this year, maybe too many people!?  I have posted pix of the spiders before but can do so again if anyone is interested?  but, they might scare some people?!

And thanks everyone.  Oh yes, Harry got back safely!  Good night now!

10 years ago

First I gotta make up for my blooper in the  previous thread.  I missed Merilyn's rose and Linda's whatever flower. I've never seen one before either.   But both  "captures" as I hear they are called these days, are  fantastic and I didn't want them to go unmentioned. BRAVO to both

Jane!  Where have you been  I Love the clouds. I've been out  a few days in the past week to go shopping, and I've been bringing the camera along if for nothing else than shoot the clouds.  Where I am I don't see enough open sky  unless I'm at a mall with a big parking lot.  Always something in the way, phone lines, trees, roof lines.   And for the bunny  Ah, Cannibal Chipmunks??  Not here, never heard of them, are they for real

Opinion on the spider web, huh  How about don't ever touch a cactus.  Just kidding , it's a really cool shot, you got the light just right.  I've tried them every now and then and they looked horrid since the light  didn't hot right and the whole beauty was gone

YUP, Donna, that is one  of the biggest complaints with digital cameras, that time lag between squeezing the shutter button and the actually taking of the photo  They just aren't good at action shots. 

Linda, want a bunny picture  Just come to my house.   At times you can walk right up to them, just have to do it slowly. 

I took this in 2006.  No zoom mind you, just the standard wide angle my Olympus came with, and no cropping.  It just didn't want to move

Rabbit May 2006 (3)

And they are harvest moons on this side  of the pond also  I'm really liking these passion flowers of yours.  I've heard of them but never seen them before.  I like the dof too.  

Sneaking in another  unicorn, hey.  I believe I've mentioned this once before.    Lotsa Unicorns in NJ.  Just ask all those people that  have one car accidents with trees, etc why they hit the tree.   "It was a Unicorn I saw officer, it jumped right out in front of me" as the blood alcohol meter reaches 2.5!

Deb, sounds like you may be in store for  some repair work  Could have been just a glitch though.  Let's hope that's all it was.  And you know what they say, "you're never too old to learn".   Although a lot depends on just what is keping you form doing it.    of course the other side of never too old is, You've got your health you've got it ALL.    BTW I've finally decided this digital imaging stuff isn't all bad, and I'm slowly learning to use Photoshop Elements.  I just bought the newest version

I'll leave you all and Sugar with this thought

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again

PS. Hello biker girl  Thought I missed ya, huh

10 years ago

OK - Where is everyone today?  I think your all over in the Mug thread goofing off!?

Here is a photo of one of Raggedy Ann's babies, her first litter.  They are so darn cute, I'm enjoying them immensely!  There is also a new juvenile raccoon coming here now, too, and she is the sweetest little thing!  I've fallen for her hook, line & sinker, she is getting spoiled rotten!

This pic is a little too large to show off correctly, I should have gone 600 with it, oh well, too late now!  He is saying -

"Hello".  I'm still working on the one's with Smokey.

 OneofRaggedyAnnsFirstBabiesAug08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

10 years ago

LMAO Sunny!  I  was reading with such earnest and all of a sudden.....hahaha!

10 years ago

Great 'coon shot, Meralyn.   I've had my trials and tribulations with them...but they always remain cool dudes!

10 years ago

WOW, that is a wild looking photo. I still think they are climbing into the yards, and I am still hoping they are opossums since I am use to them more so than the raccoons.  I don't want my cats fighting with them, and  well, I just have enough of everything else around here. If I didn't have so many other critters I might want to get to know them.  They look kind of big. The one out front of her was the size of a medium sized dog.

10 years ago

Nice Rabbit pics. We have some of them out back now. We use to be over run with them.

10 years ago

Hello everyone,

I just want to share some of my pictures too.  This one was taken in my back yard, I thought this little bird was so cute, so I took a picture of him.



10 years ago

I'm back from my evening with Harry which didn't last very long due to my arthritis flaring up!

Sunny - darling bunny! Oh, hey, that rhymes!  I have yet to get a good pic of one, bunny that is!

Lucy - thank you for sharing your pix of the baby bird.  Great shots, nice and clear!  What camera are you using?  And its good to have you join us!

And thanks everyone re raccoon baby.  He really was small, the close-up made him look big, and he isn't snarling, just munching on kibble.  I had opened my sliding glass door a little, pulled the curtain back, and was shooting thru the opening, quietly so as not to scare the little twits! will post the ones with Smokey when I can get them edited and loaded, I've been awfully slow today! 

Also thanks Sunny re rose.

I need to go to bed, have felt crappy all day!  Good night now and sweet dreams.

10 years ago

Hi my friends!

Everyone's pix are so beautiful!

Meralyn, how is your arthritis?  I hope you're feeling better today! I use a digital camera (samsung digimax A6).  My pix always come out very clear.  I have been looking through your  pictures, they are great too.


10 years ago


There's some petunias that look velvety

butterfly on the cosmos

This one was taken before we all had digital cameras.

bee on the purple cone flower

This was another one I scanned from a few years back.

Sonny I have a picture of the cannibil chipmunk eating the birds head. The bird hit the window and by the time I looked out the chipmunk was already eatting. I may post that one latter. Its really weird I thought all they ate was sunflower seeds out of the feeder and other nuts.

10 years ago

Sorry, I thought I had made those small enough. Please forgive me.

10 years ago
My mom used to call me Petunia. Thanks for the pretty pics!
10 years ago

Lucy - thanks for the info on your camera.  I havn't talked to anyone else using a Samsung, good to know.

Janie - Lovely pix and thanks for sharing with us.

I've had a rough day!  Vacumed and then fought cobwebs on outside of house, my arthritis was OK till I finished then flared up again, damn!  Hope you all had a great Saturday and have a have a good night.

Nasturtiums, August 2008
10 years ago

Nasturtium, Orange-Yellow

I took some time yesterday to shoot some of my nasturtiums, the ones that are climbing on and around the wooden spool.

Nasturtium throat, Aug 08

Getting up-close and personal!  I got so captivated with these flowers that I forgot to finish my pix of Smokey & the raccoons!  I'll try to do them next.

This is the second time I've tried to post this this morning!  I'm having trouble with care2, P-Bucket is being pissier than usual, and have lost my internet connection a few times!  This actually started yesterday and I've had enough of it!!!  So I'm getting out of here today and going for a walk with Harry!  Maybe I'll attack him out in the forest, LOL?!  Sure I will!!!

Have a great Sunday and happy walking & shooting if you can! 

10 years ago

Meralyn, I really love those flower shots. They are so beautiful.

I am going to try to get moon shots tonight as it is coming up. Last night I chickend out, scared myself from going out in the dark to get them. My brother said I don't have anything to be worried about. I hope its as bright and orange looking coming up tonight.

10 years ago

Janie - thanks and good luck with shooting the moon tonight!  Try several different settings, both f-stop & shutter speed.  You probably already know that, though. And there should'nt be anything out there that will harm you except your own imagination, LOL!  But that can be bad enough, right?!

I'm off and running now!

Quail Sentry at Mill Creek Camp Ground, Ca, Aug 17-08
10 years ago

Quail Sentry, Mill Creek, Aug 08

We went to Mill Creek Camp Ground below Crescent City, CA, in the Redwoods, in search of some good trails to hike, to no avail!  Lousey trails!  But we did see a covy of quail in the campground and this little guy playing sentry over a young group of quail.  I have never been able to get a good shot of one, this is the best I've done and I was thrilled!

I'm still trying to get Smokey & baby raccoon pix to load in P-Bucket and care2 albums without success!  Can't figure out what the problem is?!  This pic loaded fast without problems!

Hope you all had a good weekend and came back with lots of pix to share!?  Bye for now, I've got lots of house & yard work to do today!

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Janie, it is so good to see you posting pics again!!I love your flowers. Guess the one shot was a shot of Sandrea??  How did it go with your moon last night? Hey, Sunny - you said it all when you said if you've got your health you've got everything - I guess if the school would come to me  . . .    Lucy, your birds are so cute! Glad to see you posting in here - keep 'em comin'!! Meralyn, as always, WOW your macro flowers are great!! I can't wait to see the racoons and Smokey. Hope you can get them loaded. I'm off to see if I can get some decent pics of some sunflowers.

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Deb - thanks muchly!  And I did get the Smokey & the Raccoons pix loaded in their own thread if anyone is interested.

Good luck on getting sunflower pix, I'm looking forward to seeing them.

And thanks everyone! Enjoy your cameras and getting out there, now!

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WELL CRAP!!! GREY REPLY BOX HERE, TOO! Sorry gang but this is really a royal pain in the arse!!! NO Tool Bar, can't post pix! THIS STINKS!!! Also - on top of the care2 SNAFU its raining here, strange weather for the middle of August! Take care and try to think positively! I'm going to go take a long, hot, soaky bath, shampoo my hair, and wash care2 right out of my hair!!! By for now!

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Well its 5:22 EST. and we can't post pictures yet. When are they going to get their act togather? Meralyn loved the pictures of the raccoons. I used to feed them cat food many years ago. I have a picture of one laying in a lawn chair. As soon as I can get a new scanner I'll post it. That is if we will be able to do that again.

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nice flowers one and all.  The macro is awesome  Don't think my camera can do that.

 I seem to be in a dry spell.  Not much really blooming very well around these parts   For some odd reason my impatient's don't look much better than they did when they were planted.  It's been a weird summer to say the least   "bout the only thing worth shooting of late are clouds.  We've been having unusually blue  sky's with big billowing clouds.  Could it be, we are actually cleaning up the air on the east coast

Meralyn, I've been getting those gray boxes for  quite a while now.  I either hit fresh or the back, then forward  buttons, and try again.  You gotta kn ow by now, C2 doesn't get anything right the first time or any time after that either.   Buggers still can't find my email address.   I'm non-existent

And last, but certainly not least, I'm spending a lot of time with Felix.  I'm becoming the  CAT whisperer

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Forgot.  Deb. I'll bet there is a learn at home course.  I learned 90% of what I know from subscribing to photo magazines.  Of course that was the slow way to go about it, had to wait for articles  to dribble in.  No doubt all those magazines  are defunct now   The Net and the DVD has revolutionized learning, and communication.  Not to mention the good old PC

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That is a fancy Quail Meralyn, The ones we have here don't have that head piece that one is wearing. Nice shot!

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Funny fuzzy Pink Flower

This is Spirea, its blooming again but I havn't been able to get a good new shot of it so thought I'd re-post from last year, for some reason this paticular flower seems so fitting?!

Is this symbolic, na, I'm a lady, I am!

Thanks everyone re pix, also.  I'm doing my insomniac "thingey" so back in here!  Its been so "WUNDERBAR" how can I stay away!  But, hey, we've got a normal Reply Box and everyone should have a normal box, RIGHT?!

Nitey nite, again!

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Hi everyone! Such beautiful photos everyone - I can't remember them all but such cute bunnies and raccoons, glorious petunias and nasturtiums. My pics aren't so 'pretty' but I hope you'll enjoy them. We visited the "Weald and Downland Museum" at Singleton in Sussex and took loads of shots of the buildings that had been moved there to protect them from demolition due development etc.

2008_0816Fuji0138.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0816Fuji0136.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0816Fuji0135.jpg picture by Lindylou115

These are all views of the same building - unfortunately I can't remember it's details.

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Welcome back Linda. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Is that considered a Tudor style house?  That's what we call them on this side if the pond.  We have a lot of fakes though  I used to do quite a bit of Real Estate shots for newspapers and advertising, and I came across what I'd call an authentic Tudor.   So where  I had to write up the description on the "shooter sheet" , I wrote real Tudor, so the people that did the roll of film would know for sure how to match the pic with the house.

I hope you took more pictures of that fence, it looks real interesting.

Hey Lucy and Meralyn! Just how do you guys get that close to birds to get all that detail in the feathers 

OK this one I think is an oldie and has been up before but it is a harbinger of things to come

Snow in trees 01a

This I'm  sure was up.

Snow in trees 04

I see C2's latest "improvements" did nothing for us to be able to find photos in our albums.  It's still slow going.   I just don't get why they only show 9 thumbnails per page and waste all that  empty space.   I gotta find a better site to put my pics on, period.  And a faster one too.

I shouldn't really complain, at least I never gotten the dreaded red X

Happy shooting

was that  hint Meralyn, Spirea, rhymes with... oh never mind

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Thanks for the welcome back Sunny. Hey, I love snowy pics this time of year! I've just checked and my pics are of Pendean Farmhouse originally built in the early 17th century. If you like you can go online and check the Weald and Downland Museum - it's fascinating! The continuous wattle fencing attracted me too. It's made of hazel rods (coppiced from their woods) and woven between upright supports. Here's another shot:

2008_0816Fuji0107.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

I haven't even tried to get to my photos yet as I have nothing new to add to them. I cannot be outside - allergies are going wild due to something blooming. Every time I go out, I get the stuffed up head thing and then the headache and then the burning eyeballs - I'm sure you get the picture - sorry that it wasn't a scenary shot!  Linda, those pics are great! Glad you enjoyed your little trip. How did Wilton do?? Sunny, thanks for the reminder of what will soon be   Seriously, your snow shots are really beautiful. I just cannot think about winter yet. We have so much to do before it hits. By the way, those fences in Linda's photo are quite common here. Probably not out of the same wood, but the woven wood is done here as livestock will not really try to go through that kind of fence - unless they are nuts! As far as the schooling thing goes, most of those online things cost so much money that I gave up looking - for now, anyway. Maybe in the future we will be able to afford a little something extra.  Keep posting everyone!! I will try again, today.

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Oh my! I missed a lot of pics!!!! Wow, they are ALL fantastic! Meralyn, that bird is gorgeous! Hope you are sleeping better. I DO understand!
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Fuschia, Min, in the Rain, Aug 21-08

GOOD MORNING PHOTO FRIENDS!  Gorgeous pix Linda & Sunny!  Thank you so very much for sharing!  And Linda, I would love to have you post the beautiful bee & sunflower shot from Chit Chat here and that way it would be preserved.

Sunny - sweetie, it was the position of the flower, like a certain "finger" gesture, that I was "hinting" at, LOL!!! (as in "HEY!  CARE 2, WAKE UP!!!)

I went out this morning, in between showers, deluges!, and shot what-ever I could find with rain drops!  Jeesh, we've been getting sub-tropical storms, STRANGE!!! This fuschia, minature, is from this morning's efforts.

I get in close to my hummy feeder, about 2-3 yards, and use telephoto setting, which will go macro when in close, to get my bird shots!  It doesn't always work, however, I delete a LOT!!!

Happy shooting fellow shutterbugs and I hope & pray your weather is better than ours!?

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Hey, I'm happy to oblige - no sooner said than done!

2008_0709Fuji0069.jpg picture by Lindylou115

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Hi guys!  Beautiful pictures everyone!! Meralyn, what is the name of that beautiful red flower?  I've never seen it before.  Linda, your pictures reminds me of the farms in Germany.  When we lived there we used to go to the country side just to look at the farms.

Here is my contribution to the thread!  My husband's orchids!!



I had to post this one too!! It is so cute!!

10 years ago

Linda - dearheart, I'm having a very bad day!  But thank you for the post!  Much appreadciated'!

Lucyk, thanks sweetie, the red flower if a fuschia! I have quite a collection of them, too many!   I believe it is called "Sweetheart".  And, thank you for the orchids!  When I lived in Germany I used to go riding about on my bike and just savored the gardens and window boxes! 

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More petunias. Haven't been out to get anything new this week.

Meralyn, loved the quail,and the spirea,and really loved the fushia.

Linda, The cottages are so nice. Its good to see something that is quite different to what we see here everyday. Love them.Also I love the flower with the bee. So crisp and colorful.

Sunny, sure don't want to think of the snow yet. Your shots are so good. I still can't get the exposure right on the snow yet. Have not had enough snow to practice on.

Lucy your orchids are beautiful, but I have to say I think the second one is the best.

 These are for all of our wonderful photographers.

10 years ago

Well, I'm doing my insomnia thing and not really with-it but -

Linda - I loved your cottages!  I remember England well, I loved it there and would like to go back, I'm just not a very good traveler any more.

Janie - beautiful petunias!  And thank you!  By the way, a cannibal is someone, or something (!), that's eats its own kind, as in humans eating other humans!  So the chipmunk is not a cannibal, just a carnivore, that is one that eats meat, like a cat, for instance!  And I'd rather not see a pic of it doing so, sorry, but I'm afraid it would make me rather ill!  Animals have their ways of getting protein and calcium, same as we do. 

Thanks dear.  Now I've got to try to go to bed and get some sleep!!!

10 years ago

Hello fellow shutterbugs!! I went out yesterday and got down on hands and knees for some sunflower shots and other misc weeds that looked pretty cool - found I had a hard time getting back up again - my legs did not seem to want to work  and muscles cramping. I hobbled back to the house - camera safely tucked in one hand and used the tripod like a crutch. I'm telling you this so you will all know how totally dedicated I am to photo taking   Anyway, I cropped and loaded all the good photos into a folder, tried to upload to care2 album and no luck. Is anyone else having a problem loading to care2 album?? I've emailed for help. Guess I might have to open a photobucket account. So, no pics from me until this gets resolved.   Is anyone experiencing the thread loading slowly? I can start a new one if we need to - just let me know. I hate to cut off a thread right after someone posts new pics! Lucy, your orchids were gorgeous and Janie, loved the petunias!! 

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Fuschia, Swingtime, Aug. 2008

This is an older blossom, past its prime, but still showing it beauty to some degree in the rain.  Its name is Swingtime, I believe.  the small ones I posted before I made a mistake on, that Jinglebells. 

Hi Deb - care2 is being a royal pain in the arse about everything today!  I had a devil of a time getting back into it this morning after it hung up and I had to manually shut everything down!  They wanted me to log back in and then wouldn't except a damn thing!  I finally got in, got one flower loaded, I only load one at a time, and now its slow in all the threads, not just here!  Jeesh!  Nothing like progress!

Take care of yourelf!  I know how you feel!  Looking forward to seeing your pix when you can get them loaded.  Oh yes, and Photobucket isn't always better, either!

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Here I am again! This is a reconstruction of a 13th century flint cottage based on archaeological evidence from a site in Hangleton, Sussex.

2008_0816Fuji0117.jpg picture by Lindylou115

That's my Mum about to go through the door - it's very low! The smoke escapes through vents which are visible in each end of the thatched roof.

2008_0816Fuji0120.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This is looking up into the roof - you can just see the smoke vent at the far end.

2008_0816Fuji0124.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I just love looking at these old houses. Hope I'm not boring you all with my history lessons  I have taken pics of pretty flowers too!

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White-tailedKiteJuvenileAug08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

Juvenile White-tailed Kite, August 2008.  This was shot at quite a distance as the wary danged birds start yelling "warning, warning" as soon as they see me, and take off!  They had two juveniles with them and I was so very thrilled as I've never seen them with young before!  The two parents and the other juvenile flew off and but I was close enough to shoot this beautiful baby!  The pic isn't the best because of the distance, I tried sharpening and cropping in, but this was the best I could do without it falling apart, and becoming coarse, which ruined the soft beauty of the bird.

TernAug08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

Caspian Tern, or at least I think that is the type of tern?!  Yesterday I was alerted by its high-pitched grating shriek on the river!  I grabbed my camera and went out as quickly as I could without falling on my butt, thinking it was a hawk I was hearing!  I've only seen these birds here once before so I was quite excited!  I tried to follow them (a pair) with my camera but neither it, nor I, were fast enough!  They were flying low over the water like a pair of Leer jets!!!  I heard a splash and caught this one coming up from a failed attempt at catching a fish!  Its not a good pic, either, shot about three-quarters across the river,  but again I was totally elated at getting anything!  I really need a much faster camera (DSLR), and body & brain!!!

Linda - care2 is so sluggish that your pix hadn't loaded yet!  I'll come back later and see if they have.  You never bore me with your beautiful photos and I, too, love old houses!  I think I mentioned that I've done England, twice, and that is one of the things I toured.  Thanks for sharing!

P.S.  The spider web would not sharpen more!  Sorry!

10 years ago

OK!  WHERE  IS  EVERYONE!?  Did you all get lost out in the fields or strange, historical sites?!

10 years ago
Yes, indeed..........i'm gonna make History now!
10 years ago

Great job, guys! All of your flowers are just gorgeous and I love the baby hawk, Meralyn! We have the most beautiful red hawks here and I love them!! Linda you do not bore me at all with your pictures of history! I love them!! I am a history buff and your pictures show me a part of the world I may never get to see!

Great shots all!!!

By the way, Linda, I meant to tell you, that hut is fascinating!!

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Great shot of the bird Meralyn, and I would have thought it was a Hawk if I heard the loud shriek.  My crows were chasing the red tail off this morning.

10 years ago

Sandrea - OK, whatcha go'n do kid, hugh, whacha go'n do?!

Amy - thank you!  I saw the family of white-tailed kites this afternoon, again, but could not get anywhere near them again, damn!  And they are so very beautiful, but  too many campers at Kamph Park!  I also saw a little red-shouldered hawk on the telephone line next to the road but construction scared him off, damn!

Donna, I also saw a vulture (our buzzards!) sitting on a road side sign this eve. when I went out for a walk, "Welcome to Oregon"  Enjoy the Scenic by-ways"!  Ha!  You Betcha!, LOL!!!

Get those cameras click'n group!  I am eagerly awaiting your pix!  Good night now and sweet dreams!

I think I need this to sleep, too many family problems lately !Dear God please deliver me!?

10 years ago

Well done capturing that young kite Meralyn - I'd had been chuffed to bits too! The tern is a wonderful action shot and the water is beautiful!

Well, we're off to Sheffield Park in Sussex now. These wonderful grounds are owned  by the National Trust and open to the public almost every day of the year. It's about the only thing from Sussex that I've missed since we came to live in Lincolnshire so I took sooooo many photos of it!

2008_0817Fuji0049.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0817Fuji0059.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0817Fuji0125.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Just one more:

2008_0817Fuji0085.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Hi Linda - I'm seeing nothing but red x's for your pix right now!  At first I saw nothing!  It could be my Dial-up but care2 has been awfully slow lately not to mention "screwed up"!!!

Have a great outing and I'm looking forward to seeing your pix and everyone's.  And thanks.

10 years ago
Sorry you can't see my pics Meralyn - I'm pretty sure they're there though! Actually what I meant was "I'm going to show you my pics of Sheffield Park now" (as in guided tour), not that I'm physically going there although that would be very nice! I'll catch up here later when Care2 has speeded up a bit - I'm not very patient waiting for stuff to load. In the meantime I'm going to soak in the bath 
10 years ago

Linda - I'm with you!  I dont have much patience with this care2 crap, err, stuff, either!  Good idea, soaking in the tub!  I got back from my outing with Harry and I think I got some pretty good pix, also a lot of deletable disasters!!!  I'll share when I get them edited.  We had a great time and then it just got too hot up river!

I'll try again to get your pix to load tomorrow.  Right now I'm going to go kick back with another glass of wine!  I'm bushed!  Cherrio!

10 years ago

Linda those are so beautiful! No wonder you have missed that place, it looks gorgeous and so peaceful! You captured it perfectly!!

10 years ago

Meralyn, I am so glad you had a good time today and that the weather cooperated!! Can't wait to see your new pics. I am going to close this thread and open a new one as this one does seem to be running a bit slow!

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