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Meralyn & Friends photography & digital art #19 CLOSED
10 years ago

Here's the link to the last thread. Be sure to check for any beautiful photos you may have missed!

For any new posters, please do not post photos of furkids here. This thread is for the beautiful outdoors - scenary, wildlife, etc. Please do not post wider than 640 as it will cause others to have to scroll to read. We will have to delete any posts that cause that, but you can repost after the pics have been resized

Okay, so let's start shooting and sharing those pics!

10 years ago

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

Here's one of my sunflowers to start your day! I have a bunch more, and will post them when I come back in later. Have a great day!!


10 years ago
Oh goody - lots of space to fill! Sunflowers - I took some photos last week but not sure where thay are. I'll be back with them later ...
10 years ago

I've found them! I didn't know what flowers to buy my Mum so chose these as they were so striking:

2008_0815Fuji0040.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I'd love to see some more of your sunflowers Deb - they really lift my spirits!

10 years ago

Ooooh, now that's a pretty shot, Linda! Sunflowers are defintely one of my favorites - they just look like a big happy face . Okay, here are a few more.



And here's one for Meralyn hehehe - I have no idea what kind of plants these are, but they reminded me of the ones Meralyn posted.


10 years ago

Oh, your sunflowers are so beautiful Deb - almost unreal with that blue sky behind them. I'd go so far as to suggest that the flowers you posted for Meralyn are some kind of verbascum. I bought a small furry leafed plant a few years ago and it grew into a six foot high triffid not unlike that one and we identified it as a verbascum, but so many varieties. Another sunflower pic:

2008_0815Fuji0044.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I think they need a blue sky background but they didn't half brighten up my Mum's kitchen!

10 years ago

Hi fan(singular)   See I didn't  die after all.    My girl Felix has been taking up a lot of my time, and as of Friday when I finally got her out of the garage I had a lot of work, still do, to get caught up on.  

Meanwhile I've been also living vicariously through everyone pictures.  Gee, now I can cross England off my list of places to go see  I've often wondered what the name of that style of fencing was.  As mentioned I've seen it  all over.  I also just remembered it's in Williamsburg VA in the restored village.  Also right near where I live in Waterloo Village, also a village dating back to the 1700 or before.  Too bad it's closed now   It was a nice place to walk around on a Sat. or Sunday.  I had once done a wedding in the old church on the grounds too.  I won't ever forget that one...I never got paid for it

Lets see, what have I found  for you guys.

OK this one was actually not taken by me.  It's an aerial view of where I live though.  And that big open area is  a shopping center.  We don't have to go very far to find most anything.  In fact the multi story building is the medical center.  You sick, no doubt there's a specialist there just for you.  Plus MRI, and out patient surgery.  Had a knee done there once  And for you older TV series buffs, the building on the left that looks like the trees are growing out of it's roof, is 77 Sunset Strip.   In the lower left corner is the start of the Multiplex (12) theater where we get in free on Tuesday nights 

Of course none of it was here when we bought the place 36 years ago.  No that's not  right, the ball field was and 77 Sunset was, but that's about it.


I'll have to put this in Elements and circle my house.  If you imagine the outline of the street as a  "key"   I'd be the second tooth at the point of it.

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10 years ago

I'm also living vicariously through the sun flowers.  I can't grow them.  The deer eat them  They just came this week and ate all my pepper plants.  At least they leave the peppers.

This sort of popped out at me while spreading brush under my pine trees as an early warning should a bear decided to wander  through.  Found more bear poop this past week


Not sure which is the better or if either is all that nice.

Backyard (1).JPG

I grabbed the nearest camera, so it ended up on the  2 meg Olympus.  By the time I got  the Canon the sun had already moved enough so I lost the streaks.

  Let a bear get through that without me hearing it.

10 years ago

The red and blue circle is me.  If I scribbled over it,it wasn't here when I bought the house

house2 edit.jpg

10 years ago

Well hell's bells, what happened to my post I put in this morning?!  Crapola!!! I'm tired, I need to go rest, I'll tackle the bloodey thing later.  Sorry gang, I'm just a bit miffed!!!

Db - by any chance was my post was too big?!  Damnned font changed again!  Did you have to delete it!?  Cause if you did I havn't heard?!

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10 years ago

Meralyn, if I had a dime for every post that disappeared on me I could fund my IRA with it.  Now a days if I do a long one I make sure I do it in a word processor so if C2 loses it I'll still have a copy.  

Gotta just try to chill out and go with the flow.  Let it bother you and you'll go crackers

10 years ago

Sunny, that is pretty neat, but I am terrible at maps and figuring out things from the Sky. It looks like there are a lot of homes in your area.  We do have to travel here for  everything, but the doctors is only  about 8 miles away, and that isn't bad, and the hospital is too.

Meralyn, if your post was taken away by anyone you would have gotten a delete notice.

10 years ago
Thanks Donna & Sunny!  I'll try again tomorrow morning, I'm just too tired now to do it!  I worked so hard on it, that's what really ticked me off!  And I'm so F'n sick of fighting it out with care2!  IT IS TOTALLY EXHAUSTING!!!  I REALLY DO NOT NEED THIS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, EITHER!!!  But you know what - I love youse guys, and being here, anyway, and I DO need you! God bless you all for being here for me!!!  Good night now and sweet dreams!
10 years ago

Oh Meralyn, what you need is a big hug and a large glass of wine! Deep breath in ... let it out slowly ...repeat a few times. Does that feel better?

Sunny, pity the sun's rays had moved by the time you'd got a camera out but I can see what you were aiming for - one of those illusive moments! I love aerial photos and am often to be found playing on Google Earth! I'll see if I can find an aerial photo of my house (but no promises). In the meantime a few more views of Sheffield Park:

2008_0817Fuji0054.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0817Fuji0081.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0817Fuji0112.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0817Fuji0146.jpg picture by Lindylou115


10 years ago

Linda - Lovely photos!  I am so happy that your taking the time to share these with us!  And thank you dear, much appereciated!

I've got to get off here for awhile to talk to Harry about the Lipizzaner performance tonight.  I'll come back in in a bit and try to get a post to stick!

10 years ago

Beautiful photos Linda !

10 years ago

Oh my Linda, those are beautiful!

Hi Sunny! Great pics!

Hi Deb! Those sunflower pics are amazing!

Bumble bee on Tansy Butterweed, August 2008
10 years ago

BumbleBeeonYellowFlowersIIAug08sig-.jpg picture by merjonard

I finally found a bumble bee that would stay still long enough for me to shoot!  It took a gloomy, foggy day, the bees lethargic, and a bank full of tansy butterweed!  I had to perch precariously on the side of the bank, at the edge of the beach, but managed to get this shot without falling on my keester!

I cropped this and perhaps the bee is too large now, like in your face?!  Here's another version with more plant showing -

BumbleBeeonYellowFlowersIAug08sig.jpg picture by merjonard

Which one do you prefer?  Opinions/comments very welcome.

I LOVE the sunflowers and all the flower pix!  Boy are we doing yellow!  Bright & colorful! I had these comments in the post I lost, and unfortunately did NOT take notes!

Linda - your shots of the reconstructed house (13th Cent.) finally loaded!  Lovely!  Thanks again for sharing!

Sunny - great shots and fascinating!  I need to go back thru and make notes on everyone's posts but I've got a lot to do today so I'm pushed for time.

Have a great day with your cameras shuttter bugs.  I'm going to try to take a camera into the Lippizaner(?!) show tonight, hope they will allow! By for now. Gees I hope & pray this loads this time!?

10 years ago
10 years ago

 Yay!! Meralyn! You can post!!! They sure are beautiful pics!!!

10 years ago

Beautiful pictures all!

They are both great, Meralyn, but I think I prefer the first one. Just a personal opinion. Your pictures are always fantastic though!

I love seeing England, too. I have always wanted to go, but with the prices of travel, I probably never will. So, thank you, Linda, for giving me the tour!!

Cool, Sunny! I feel bad for the bears. They are building up so much that wildlife are losing their homes. Usually they don't want to be that close to us, but they aren't given much choice anymore. Ok, I will get off my soapbox now.  lol 

Have a great day everyone! We have another flippin' hurricane coming into the gulf and it has me all flared up so that is why I have not been on quite as much the past few days. I think of you all often though!

10 years ago

Beautiful photos Meralyn, and I can't seem to pick which one I liked the best. I went back and forth so many times. I just like both of them !

10 years ago

Thanks ladies!  Much appreciated!  P.S.  I think its like 6 of one and half doz of the other!

On to other things now, later, probably not till tomorrow.  I have a couple of new, cute pix of Smokey and the raccoons that I'll share with you when I can get done.

Have fun!  And dont do anything that I wouldn't do!

10 years ago

Okay - so I've been down a few days - sorry I could not get back to you real quick on that post question, Meralyn. Thanks for answering that, Donna.  Meralyn, I think I like the one that shows more of the flowers - not because I don't like bugs!! I actually think bees are pretty neat looking - I just think the flowers are a neat part of the picture, so the more the better! JMO for what it is worth (not much, I know!) Linda, that place is so perfect! Your photos do it justice!  I could look at them all day. Thanks re: sunflower shot. I did not touch those at all except for cropping. The colors were exactly what the camera saw. Days like that one make me feel good. I am like Amy, I guess, as I have terrible pain flares whenever we are getting a storm coming. I have also had a bit of personal life stress - a bit?? I should say a lot! So, if I am not on much, at least you all know why. Sunny, I thought the woods were beautiful. I would love to live with that as my yard. What a shame that all that open land is now gone. At least you do still have some beautiful woods. I still cannot fathom living where you do and getting bears! I guess if they've got nowhere to retreat to . . . we have so much open land that they do not need to go where people are, although some have decided that trash is easier to forage for food in, but that is mostly in the town itself. Anyway, one more sunflower and a bull thistle that went to flower. Gorgeous color - but they sure do ruin a good pasture.



I'll have to do some checking around to see if my weird looking spires are that stuff you mentioned, Linda. They get quite large for a weed!

10 years ago

Sunny, I forgot to mention your 77 Sunset Strip!! I remember that show very well, as I had a huge crush on those guys!! 

10 years ago

There have been some beautiful pictures posted.  Love the sunflowers.  I have them growing in odd places that have been planted by those fluffy tailed critters.

I have been out taking photos of my Rose of Sharron and here they are.

Rose of Sharron mauve.jpg

Rose of Sharron white.jpg

Rose of Sharron rose.jpg

There are 3 different colours.  Enjoy. 

10 years ago

They are beautiful, Jean!!

10 years ago

DandyLionsYoungOldAug08sig-1.jpg picture by merjonard

Dandy Lions, young & old.  I shot this because I was caught by the young & old composition and the fact that they had the dark shadows of the spruce behind them.  I then tried to neaten up the site and didn't like it at all!

Beautiful flowers Deb & Jean!  Deb are those thistles, the purple flowers, and do they grow as short as they look in the pic!?  Fascinating plant!

Have a great "Hump Day" everyone.  I'm shot down from last night!  I think I'm going to go back to bed!

10 years ago
Just passing through on my daily visit to this thread.
You're all so talented and i appreciate the beauty you share on here.  It's very uplifting.  Thanks so much
10 years ago

What a nice thing to say, Sandrea!! The thistle is Canadian Bull Thistle - not a native plant, but has taken over many a pasture in SW Colorado. Technically, it is considered a "noxious weed" here. No it does not grow short. The plant can get quite tall if you don't cut them down. Our mower broke  - couldn't get it fixed right away - had lots of rain this summer and now we have the stuff everywhere. But, it makes for a lovely purple field and the flowers are really neat looking in all of their stages. The horses actually like eating them! I don't know how they do it - the dang things have thistles on them!! (hence the name  Meralyn, I think that composition of your dandys is beautiful - striking. The word eludes me, but I really liked it!

10 years ago

What glorious and fascinating flowers Jean! I wish I could catch a dandylion pic like that Meralyn - the dark background really makes it! I'm waiting with baited breath for your lippiz (something or other but I'm imagining white horses) photos - the tension is building!!!

I took these yesterday at a falconry and conservation centre near Lincoln. They put on a flying display which was amazing and they also had an exotic house with tropical plants and butterflies. You know I'm not that keen on butterflies but I was captivated by the transparent ones. Also a nature walk, ponies and other creatures - just so much to see and take in!

Our native tawny owl:

2008_0827Fuji0156.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0827Fuji0099.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0827Fuji0092.jpg picture by Lindylou115

More tomorrow folks!

10 years ago

I loved the pics of your Fushias Meralyn.  Here is one of mine.

Fushia pale pink.jpg

It is an almost white one with a touch of pink and a double.  It is in a hanging basket.

10 years ago

What a neat day it sounds like you had, Linda! Your pics are great. Wow!!! That butterfly - its' wings look like stained glass windows! Those white horses are the Lippizanners - the Dancing White Horses of Spain that we are all waiting to see posted fom Meralyn (hint, hint Meralyn ). Quite an interesting story behind the Breed. Lovely fuschias, Jean. Those have always been one of my favorites, as well as sunflowers.

10 years ago

Linda - your photography just gets better and better!  And that butterfly, jeesh, how could it get any better!  Amazing shot and good enough for Nat. Geo.!  !!!  I wasted a lot of time trying to sneak up on a butterfly yesterday, finally gave up!  It was on one of my butterfly bushes outside my back window where I work and everytime I went out with the camera the blink'n thing took off!  So did the ungrateful hummies!!!  Wonderful place you visited!

Jean - lovely fuschia!  I have quite a collection but am getting tired of caring for them.  I need to give some of them away!

I'll share the Lipizzaners with you-all when I get finished with Smokey & the raccoons.  I have a couple pix I want to put in that thread first.

Have a great day everyone and happy shooting!

10 years ago

Oh Jean, your fuchsias are so pretty in that very pale, dreamy pink! Mine haven't done well this year and need repotting I think! Thanks for your comments on my photography Meralyn, much appreciated!

Here are some more pics I took at the faconry centre:

2008_0827Fuji0161.jpg picture by Lindylou115 Our native little owl - very difficult to take between the bars!

2008_0827Fuji0159.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Pair of barn owls in their nesting box. I had to hold the camera at arms length above my head to get this. My camera has a pull out LCD monitor which was a boon here! The white streak in the centre is the wire netting. It was quite dark and I daren't use flash for obvious reasons so I was extremely pleased to get anything.

2008_0827Fuji0130.jpg picture by Lindylou115

And another of their photogenic residents:

2008_0827Fuji0078.jpg picture by Lindylou115

More later!

10 years ago

Linda - Your photos are lovely!  Thank you for sharing them with us.  There is no place close like that.  Wildlife Safari is in Winston outside Roseburg, Ore, which is at least 90 mi's away.  It would really need to be a two day visit, meaning staying over-night, ugh, hard on me.

I'm still trying to get my Lipizzaner pix sorted, edited, and loaded and will share a little at a time.  Till then - have a great day with your cameras everyone and hey, its TGIF day!

10 years ago

WildAster-LikeFlowerGBsig.png picture by merjonard

Wild aster-like flower.  Harry and I found this growing in a Wildlife area up the Rogue River on our last walk there about a week ago.  It rather resembles a Batchelor Button, too, but is too fluffy!  Beautiful, I've never seen anything like it before.  Its possible that it was washed down from someone's yard during last winters floods, too, and therefore not wild at all.  We have yet to identify it.  Anyone recognize it?

It took me over an hour to get P-Bucket to load it!  the care2 album flat refused!  Frustrating morning!!!

Have a great weekend everyone and put those cameras to work!  Have fun! 

10 years ago

That purple flower is gorgeous, Meralyn!!! Linda, your photos are fantastic! Hi Jean! Beautiful flower pic!

Bravo everyone!!

10 years ago

Gee!  Where have I been  Just  can't find much that's living up my way.  We got  a little rain last night for the first time in I don't recall when, but far too little too late.  I did go out and find some open spaces yesterday.  Hard to find in the north of NJ.

Meanwhile I see all is well here  Jean I love Rose Of Sharon.  I have an oldie with a bumble bee buzzing around it somewhere.  It's the color of your last  shot.  too bad the  bush isn't around anymore.

Sheffield park is nice.  I reminds me a little of Central Park in NYC.  There's a big pond in it  with a very old building in the background also, could be  it was modeled after Sheffield Park.  If memory serves, the stone bridge is in the foreground in Central Park.  

Beat me what that flower could be.  I rely on others to tell me what's popping up in my own yard.

OK here's the open spaces

Mt Olive 3675.JPG

The bush in the middle of this one is blocking a couple of cell towers

Mt Olive 3670.JPG

Now for the reason this space is open.  It's a septic field!  That's what all the white pipes sticking out of the ground are for    Behind me is a shopping mall so I guess they need a lot of place for  sewerage to be spread out.

BTW.  Meralyn I don't think we really have a lot of bears, 500 or so up my way is the estimate, it's just that they have so little area to live in these days.  Of course they blame the bears for that

One question for  all.  Do you find it's harder to shoot landscapes using the screen than using the viewfinder if you have one.   This is one of the few times I tried shooting open spaces and it seemed like  it didn't look right on the screen. 

Linda I assume you mean by "pull out LCD" you mean it's not attached to the back like most  cameras are.  Mine can be positioned just  about anywhere,  I can even  turn it around so it faces the lens should I want to do a self portrait.   That'll be the day   I'm pretty sure Sandy's does the same thing.  It was one of th reasons I bought  the Canon A630, less positioning for me  Sandy I think has the A530, they look the same.  You don't need to get  down eye level to shoot a macro of a flower or get up high to shoot over your head.

Deb...Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb.

10 years ago

I'm just dropping in quickly as it's been a long day and I want to put my feet up! Great septic shots Sunny - I wondered what the white stickety - up things were! When I first got my camera I used the screen for everything - forgot what a viewfinder was. Then I realised for some shots the viewfinder was far easier, especially on a bright day with relections that stopped me seeing the on-screen info. Now I'm using the viewfinder almost all the time and I definitely find it easier to compose my shots because it's far clearer particularly for landscapes (mind you, my eyes aren't what they were and maybe the screen is too far away to see clearly!). The screen isn't that manoeuvrable in that it doesn't flip up enough for self portraits but it is very useful indeed.

Meralyn, your mauve flower is so striking against that background. This one and your dandylion photo I think are two of your very best! I can't help you with what it is though - sorry.

I'll be back tomorrow with some pics. Right now my fingers are getting dyxlesic (see what I mean) and I'm having to correct almost every word. I'm going to hit the sack

10 years ago

I just lost my post!  So will try again.  I love all the pictures everyone.  The sunflower is one of my favorite flowers.  And Linda your scenes are spectacular.  You know I run out of adjectives for all the lovely photos.  Know that  you all are fantastic!

I am so glad to be back.  Here's hoping things will stay settled down here.

I just took these pictures,


Geranium 2.jpg

Geranium 3.jpg

I took a couple more pictures this morning, but haven't downloaded them yet.


10 years ago

It is good to have you back Sugar. I truly hope that things will smooth out for you and Ray! Your pics were gorgeous. I loved the water on the flowers. Sunny -  I hadn't remembered the song until your post. I have lived in open spaces for so long that I can't imagine anywhere without - until I visit relatives in Southern Cal. That's one heck of a leach field!! Meralyn, I've never seen any flower like that - sure was pretty. Very delicate looking. Thanks for sharing, everyone.

10 years ago

Gee Sunny, that's a very picturesque leach field!  Well, its green and pretty at least!  I havn't noticed that my (the camera's!) view finder does better with landscapes than the screen but sometimes the landscape setting does better than the so called "Intelligent Auto" setting!  Boy is that ever a laugh!!!  But when I'm trying to track a bird in flight, if I have time to change, I can follow, and find, much better with the view finder, even though the clarity is not as good!

Beautiful geraniums Sugar!  I love water dropletts on flowers.

And thanks everyone re un-known blue flower.  Its actually more blue than pic shows.  I have some Lipizzaner pix, the beginning of the show, ready to go but I'm tired so will try to get posted tomorrow morning.

Good night now and sweet dreams!  Linda, I keep forgetting that your going to bed when we're getting up!  So have a good day!

10 years ago

Hey, I can't wait to see the Lipizzaner pix! 


10 years ago
wow, I haven't posted here in ages! All these lovely photos made it hard to leave without telling you all how much I enjoyed them!

Deb, near the top of the thread, I believe your mystery plant is Mullein. We have a lot of them here in BC Canada.
Meralyn, your pretty, spidery flower is Knapweed, and yes, it is of the Aster family. It is considered a noxious, invasive species here. It will take over any area not carefully managed - especially roadsides. Its too bad we consider such pretty things to be weeds. There does seem to be a cultivated variety [perhaps Montana] tho, that doesn't seem to spread so much. I had no idea the 'garden cornflower' was a varient of knapweed!

Linda, I loved all your animal images too! Do you know the type of raptor [grey and white] the trainer is holding?

Anyway, that's my contribution to your wonderful photo thread.

Peace, Teil

10 years ago

Those geraniums are one of my favourite colours Sugar and they look beautiful with the rain drops! Sorry Teil, I just can't recall what the bird is that the handler is holding. The chances are that it's not British and that's why I can't find it in my book!

I've been playing with one of my photos and would be interested in what you think:

stilllife.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I think I'll call it "Still Life".

10 years ago
The pictures are beautiful. They are just loving for this dull morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
10 years ago

Linda, of course I am no art critic, but....your photo looks worthy of the old masters to me.  I would hang it on my walls any time.


10 years ago

Hi Tiel - good to have you visit us!  And thanks for the info on the blue flower.  That is what my friend Harry thought, too, but when I researched in Google it just didn't quite match.  Havn't seen it anywhere else around here.

Linda - gorgeous effect, lovely pic!  Thank you for sharing it with us.  And I for one would love to see the spiders and I have posted large close-ups of the garden spiders before here.

I've got to close now and rest.  Have a great day everyone.  I'll try to get the Lipizzaners started later.

10 years ago

My Creek Bank!

My creek bank.jpg

I love walking the creek and finding fossils and interesting stones.


10 years ago

Melon Blossoms...

Melon Blossom.jpg

Blossom 5.jpg


purple wildflowers 10.jpg

10 years ago
Wonderful photos Sugar!  I especially like that little blue flower, not sure what it is?  I, too, love to walk streams and the beach looking for interesting rocks & fossils and have done so since childhood.
10 years ago
10 years ago

Beautiful pictures, Sugar!

Sorry you lost those, Meralyn. 

The Lipizzaner Stallions Show, Crescent City, CA, Aug 08
10 years ago

OK - I'm going to try to post these again!  I took a hot bath, had lunch, a small glass of white wine, so here goes -

You may find the beginning of this display boring but I found the preparations for the show fascinating!  The lady riders ( I think they were all ladies!) getting dressed in their beautiful uniforms and saddling the horses, which stayed blanketed and tied to the trailers to try to protect them from the freezing north wind that night, and the mostly calm attitude of the stallions!  These first three photos depict the atmosphere for you, hopefully?  Oh yes, and the arena was enclosed in a chain link fence which really got in the road!  But they would not allow us to go up to it and shoot thru it, I was shooting from quite a distance while sitting on ice cold aluminum bleachers!

Getting Ready for the Show

Getting Ready for the Show, II

Getting Ready for the Show, III

10 years ago
HURRAY!  SUCCESS!  If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to answer them.  I wish I had bought a program now, I was feeling too cheap!  You can also go to Google to learn more about these magnificent stallions. Umm, I think they were all stallions, suppossed to be, but I couldn't see well enough to verify that fact, LOL!
10 years ago

Thank you Meralyn.  I read a history book on the Lipanzzer stallions and how they were saved during war times.  I found it a great read about the wonderful people and the things they went through.  Also if I remember right, they are born black and turn white?  Does that sound right?

Me too Meralyn.  Since childhood I have walked creekbanks and waded some, to look for fossils.  Now there is so much glass and trash in the creekbottoms you have to be careful.


10 years ago

 Sugar - thanks.  And yes, they are born black or dark brown and turn white, actually very light grey, as they age.  One was more of a golden color and one was flea-bitten, that is small flecks of color thru the coat. I have a photo of that horse also.  And a stallion that they imported who shows the brands from the stud farm!

General Patton helped save the horses during World War II.  There is quite a history behind them.  I'll get into it more, plus bloodlines, later as I post other pix including action shots.  I'll do this a little at a time so others can post their photos, too.

Yes, the beaches and rivers here are littered, too, what a horrible sin! The destruction of our world, our planet!

10 years ago

Hi Shutterbugs - Several people have asked to see the little fox kit with the raccoons so I'm going to post the pix now and then go back to the Lipizzaners after you-all have had a chance to post your photos.

FoxKitinbackgroundwithRaggedyAnnbab.jpg picture by merjonard

Grey Fox kit coming up on the deck to eat with Raggedy Ann and her babies.  Raggedy Ann (mommy) is on the right side of pic, the other raccoon is one of her babies.

FoxKitbyRaggedyAnnAug29-9.jpg picture by merjonard

Fox kit checking out the food, and me!  Raggedy Ann next to him.

FoxKitwithRaggedyAnnBabyAug29-08.jpg picture by merjonard

Oops I startled him!  Arn't his feet cute!?  The whole baby is!  He reminds me of a stuffed toy!

FoxKiteatingwithRaggedyAnnsBabiesAu.jpg picture by merjonard

Getting much braver!  At first the flash scared him and he ran off but came back, very hungry little guy!  I was sitting in the open doorway of my sliding glass door!  I tried shooting thru the glass but didn't work.

This little grey fox kit has come here twice to eat but the first time he bolted and didn't come back.  Note that Raggedy Ann and her babies are just eating and ignoring this juvenile.  He looks too small to be out foraging by himself, I've read that they can stay with their mommas for two years!  I have posted a shot of an adult grey fox in my driveway some time back.

I scatter the food on the deck so everyone has a change to eat and not fight over it.

10 years ago
Fantastic pics, Meralyn, good catch.  My first view was of the top pic without the writing and i could see someone looked a little different.  (My first thought was there's a wolf in sheep's clothing at this gathering.)
I was away this long weekend and can't wait to see all the other pics i've missed in Cat Lover's own professional gallery
10 years ago

Meralyn, wow! Loved the pictures!  That little fox is beautiful!  At first he looked a little shy but on the last picture he looks more at ease.  I bet you had to be very patient to shoot these pictures.  Do you  think he got away from his mama fox?

10 years ago

Meralyn!!! That fox is so darned cute!! I love the little guys but they are such cat stealers! They really are as bad as coyotes when it comes to that. But he's just too cute! I bet his Momma had something happen to him. I can't imagine a little kit out eating with raccoons without Momma at least making a racket for him to get out of there. What a great photo!!!  The Lippizzaners are so beautiful. They are coming here in a few weeks and we were given tickets to go!! I can't wait to see if I can get some decent shots. I love watching them perform. You didn't used to see women riders! How wonderful that that practice has disappeared.  And Sugar, I loved that melon blossom - I mean I love all your flowers, but that one just really caught my eye. Linda, I thought what you had done with that photo truly looked like a painting! I loved it.   Well, I have been either too busy or tired to get out and shoot my own photos so I am posting a few that my daughter-in-law took up in Alaska. They went to a botanical garden and she and the kids got some great photos.



Susette loves taking photos and really gets quite artistic with many of them. Okay, this last one is one of mine that I shot just the other night at sunset. It was taken looking NE right at dusk.


And this is the uncropped version


See what I mean about wide open spaces Sunny?  I shot this from my driveway.

10 years ago

Great pictures everyone. I enjoyed seeing them very much. That Fox looked like he belonged to the family, well, except for the fact he didn't have the facial markings. If I glanced at the picture without knowing, I would have thought it was one big happy family.

Deb, they steal cats? Coyotes eat cats.  I have never seen a gray fox, but I did see a red fox way out behind my house. He or she lives in this area a few doors  up the road. I think! Could still be back there, but it is closed up now, so I can't see what is back there, but I don't think I would walk back there anymore anyway.

Those Owls were neat looking. I have never seen one, but my neighbor up the road, 3 houses away actually, says there is a Great Horned Owl up there.

10 years ago

Deb - Wow, your daughter-in-law is a very good photographer and she has a darn good camera!  Great clarity & color!  What is she shooting with?  And your shot of the clouds is simply - BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!  Darn good work lady!  Especially the crop job!  Thank you for sharing with us!  And thats great that you get to go see the Lipizzaners!  I wonder if its the same troup?  And I sure hope you dont have to contend with a blasted chain link fence!

And thanks ladies re fox kit.  I hope he comes back and yet I dont as I dont trust them with the cats.  Not after that pair ganged up on my cats several years ago and I had to run them off!  Maybe this little guy will be different, he is just so damn cute!  Good night now.  I just got back from dinner with Harry.  Excellent meal and an old Get Smart movie, but I was hurting a lot so came home a bit early.

10 years ago

Just quickly in and out - I've got to go and meet a friend shortly. These are some of my spider pics:

2008_0831Fuji0021.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0831Fuji0024.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0831Fuji0031.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Everyone, your photos are amazing. I'll be back later today to chat and add more pics. Hugs.

10 years ago
Linda - your spider & web pix are wonderful!  You and your camera did very good work!  The spider looks like one of the Orb Weaver garden spiders.  If you didn't see my macro shots of them I can post again, if the anti-bug people can tolerate it, that is?!
10 years ago

Thanks all! Meralyn, I'm not sure what kind of camera she has. I will ask her and post. They gave me their old one when they got the new one. I know she was having some problems with it at first and my son made the comment "for the amount of money I spent on that thing it better do better than that!!"   So, I imagine it's a good one . Linda, your spider web shots are beautiful. I like pics of their webs, and as long as the spider in the shot isn't super close up, I don't get a shiver looking at it!  I don't know what it is about being able to look at those hairy legs and big eyeballs on those things that just makes my skin crawl  Meralyn, that doesn't mean I am asking you not to post your macros !!! I am sure their are loads of people who love seeing the close ups of the little buggers! And that gull photo at the chit chat thread???? Well, that was about my day yesterday with the grandkids  

10 years ago
Bring on the spiders and snakes... i respect all living things.  I must say though, that those spiders are the same size and type that would be "set-up" on people's walkways and front steps when i was letter carrying.  It would be when it was so hot by 8am you could fry an egg on your forehead. 
If you didn't watch for them you'd walk into their web then you wouldn't know if they were on you, or if they swung away with their web.  Once, i put someone's mail in their box and there was the spider on the mail...hehe.  I was just relieved that it wasn't crawling all over me
10 years ago

Linda, that a really cool effect.  It looks like a 3 dimensional texture.  Those are the things I'd like to learn to do with imaging.  Not go crazy with it, just tasteful like you did and like Deb did with the water color she posted a few threads ago.  I did end up buying Adobe Elements 6 also.  Now I need to read more on version 2 and see how much applies to the new one.  As far as I know Adobe is still giving 6 away as a 30 day trial version.  Just need to head over there, go to downloads and snatch one.  There is absolutely no commitment to buy it.  I had gotten my permanent version in the store and used the trial right up until it expired.   I did it that way since the store was cheaper then Adobe's site. 

Ah Sugar, don't ya just  love the size of those melon, and pumpkin flowers  I used to grow pumpkins that weighed in at well over 75 pounds!   I should see if I can find a shot  of those babies.   I took a few shots of blue, (are they all blue?)Forget Me Not's, using a tripod, but the wind was so bad they all came out a blur  I'll have to try it again.

Ye, ha, what gorgeous horses  I'm afraid of horses, I could never  find the break pedal.   Karen used to ride, but not me.  I liked drag racing cars with hundreds of horsepower, cause I knew how to stop them

Looks like Meralyn is putting up all the things that give me the jeebies.  I don't mind the coons as long as they are regular visitors, but the fox  Hope he/she is a regular too.  BTW one of the reason I have to get a cat license is due to rabid coons in our area.  Also why my vet doesn't want to take feral cats anymore.  I have  verbal with them that they'll take the rest of mine, if I can catch 'em.  Need to wait until the 11 th or 12 th though, vacations

Kim and I would have our own little Zoo if we lived near each other  Coons,  squirrels, chipmunks, even ugly opossums.    If they are fuzzy we like 'em   As far as I know she still volunteers at that wildlife sanctuary near Philly too. Hard to keep up with her. 

Deb, who's the new avatar.  I'm probably  supposed to know, but I have a lot of air between my ears.    Oh, and did I tell you Deb...I hate you* biggestgrin*  

To see sunsets like that from my driveway would mean I had  died and gone to heaven   If I took a sunset at that angle, here, all you'd see are trees and or a house.  In fact I have one in my albums that was taken from my deck.  I'll try to add it at the end. 

Ya know Deb, I never thought of it before, but  I think maybe I should copy some of April's and Kim's photos from NM.   Of course unlike you I'd take credit for them    Kim was just there and April sent a link to a Snapfish album.  Some really nice pictures of the red rocks in northern NM.  I guess it's  like Sedona in northern AZ.  April lives in El Prado, near Taos.  Never been to see her myself though.   

Donna just reminded me, April is always sending me pictures of owls walking around on the ground.  I hear them here late at night, but I've never seen one.  They sure sound spooky though.

Ahhhh!  Spiders   Actually I rarely ever kill one.  Just grab a leg and toss it out the door.   Very pretty web you got there Linda  Which reminds me.  As soon as I remember to find the link, I'll send you it and your  dyslexia will go away.  Trust me when I say without it you couldn't read a thing I write.   I get all the letters right, they just aren't in the right order.  I once actually spelled WATCH totally back-wards.   My emails would look like Word Jumble, a game found in many  US newspapers.   Anyway it's a freebie spell check program that works on just about every site, and is better than most of the spell checkers that come with email accounts.  And you can add words to it also.

Sunset from my deck

Sunset 254.jpg

Exciting, huh.

PS  Well, now I know why that package I sent to Nova Scotia took 4 weeks to get there  Yeah, fry an egg on your forehead.  A likely story if ever I heard one.   Too busy having a couple of sunny side up eggs to see spiders   

10 years ago

Sunny - Gorgeous sunset pic!  Beautiful colors and clarity!  Is that with your digital and did you shoot it manually?

And hey, You had better get over your fear of horses 'cause I've got more pix for ya, LOL!!!  I think I better hold off posting my macros of the big garden spiders, I dont know if Deb & Linda could handle it or not.?!

Checking out for the night, I'm bushed.  Talk to ya all tomorrow.Sleep tight all!

10 years ago

ohhhh I Love this thread!!!  I just gotta share MY pics woohooo...Pics is my middle name ..(Nature is my second middle name lmao...Im not very good at it but I do love to take them...only one in a million turn out right but thats why i LOVE digital!! hee hee









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10 years ago

Fantastic pictures, Chattkat!!

10 years ago

ok I resized the pics...but it is still huge in the post...Im sorry ...I hope it fixes...sometimes it will..stupid photobucket...sorry if its too big...let me know and I will delete it!


10 years ago

Thanks Amy...gosh youre fast lol

10 years ago

Hi Chatkat - I just came back in here, can't seem to unwind and go to bed, and your pix are great!  You can re-size in Picasa if you have it, before loading into care2 albums or P-Bucket, then your pix will load faster.  Now tell us what camera your using and how you go about shooting with it. I for one always love to hear about that.

I love nature, too, which you should know by now if you've been following this thread.  Good luck girl and you can post larger pix, not more than 640 though, but only a few at a time so others can get in, too.  And thanks for sharing!

The Lipizzaner Show, cont.
10 years ago

The beginning of the show - The National Anthem with one of the lady riders on a stallion that was nervous with the wind and was jumping around a bit!  But I did get this shot where he was posed beautifully, unfortunately the fence is in the road, again!

TheBegginingoftheShowsig.jpg picture by merjonard

Pairworkingtogethersig.jpg picture by merjonard

Riding in pairs.  Note the scar on the stallions stifle!  It had a very bad injury at one time!

Trioworkingsig.jpg picture by merjonard

A trio working together beautifully.  They were going thru Dressage maneuvers, which most of you wont know about, it is the High School training of horses, in the simplest way I can explain it, the highest training or haute ecole.  Deb, I need your help here on terminology and spelling?!  Its been too long, I do not remember, and I dont have my books any longer to look these things up!

The near stallion in this trio has a gorgeous head!  I tried cropping down on it but the resolution was not good enough, darn!  Again - I was shooting from the grand stands from quite a distance and I was amazed at how well my camera did at night!  My friend Harry's Fuji did not! 

If you have any questions feel free to ask and if I can't answer them for you I'm sure Deb can.

10 years ago

I did quite a long post earlier, the screen flashed, lost the lot and hadn't time to do it all again. So much has gone on here in a short space of time! Chattcat, your photos are beautiful, particularly the first one with the white flowers. Can you show it bigger? Meralyn, that fox cub is adorable - wonderful shots - you have a great deal of talent, not to mention patience! The Lippizaners are magnificent and I can't wait to see more. I'm glad you understand my dyslexic fingers Sunny - sometimes it extends to my handwriting but mostly typing. I think My brain goes too fast for my fingers to keep up! I wanted to ask you something else too but can't remember

Anyway, a few more pics of that same spider:

2008_0831Fuji0035.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0831Fuji0034.jpg picture by Lindylou115

and this was blown up from the last pic:

2008_0831Fuji0031a.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Sorry if I've forgotten to mention anyone else's contributions but I didn't make notes (I'll never learn). You're all great!!!!!

Garden or Cross Spider
10 years ago

Linda, and anyone else who might be shy about spiders, this is a close-up of a Garden or Cross Spider, which is what you have posted.  So do NOT look if afraid!!!

I shot this last year and went back in, signed, and re-loaded, as I could not find them in my P-Bucket files!

Garden Spider

They were introduced from Europe!  Fascinating spiders!  I got a bucket up next to her to hold my camera on and she put up with it for awhile, then shot off into the greenery! I am not afraid of them but I do respect them!  I have been bitten by Brown Recluse spiders in the house but never by a garden spider!  I have other close-ups if you'd like to see, if you can tolerate them?!

10 years ago
Awesome pics everyone!  I luv this thread.
I lost my camera on the weekend

Being the optimistic type...i think i'll start researching my next camera....Christmas is coming, no?   I had a Fuji FinePix F20, as my beginner and it was darn good.
Any suggestions on a good, easy to use digicam?  I liked the Micro for flowers and cats...but i also take alot of action shots/vids... ie:  hockey and motorcycles.

(Sunny after my eggs 'n spiders i was seein' stars not stamps)
10 years ago

Nice shots Chattkatt.  Hope you hang around here and show us more  You can always hit  "preview" if you're in doubt about the width.  You're Blue Jays just made it at 644  As long at we don't have to scroll side to side you're good.   Ooh, you also just reminded me, I have a few froggie  pictures I took a few weeks ago running around my hard drive somewhere

Meralyn, the sunset was 7/2/08 with the digital.   I have some new  flowers to go through too.  Should take me forever  One thing  bad with digital, I take way too many and then can't decide which one or two are best  I took too many when I used film, sometimes a roll of 24 on one thing, so imagine what I do now. 

The horses are beautiful!  We're going to have to get you a counterfeit press ID so you can get inside the fence. I have no fear of  them as long as I'm not in the saddle  It's that darned brake peddle thing that bugs me. I don't see one, therefore I wouldn't know how to stop it (the horse)  In fact I'm shocked that Karen ever got on a horse in her life.  She's just not the daring, nor athletic type.  Well it was before we met so maybe she's talking about a carousel.

They are gorgeous animals though

 Linda, you have my sympathies on your lost post I've taken to saving nearly everything in a word processor or note pad as I go along, or just doing it in one to begin with. That works well too since you can read the original thread and answer in the word processor, then just copy and paste it in. I just mark XXXXXX where the photos should be and paste them in later. C2 has gotten much to unreliable to trust it to a slow dyslexic typist like myself. Speaking of which, I sent you the ispell program.  Nearly every t-h in this post was originally ht.  Can't spell the, it comes out hte 90% of the time.  And to is the pits, I spell it OT.  So if you find ot's or hte's,  you know I forget to spellcheck

Cool spider,  and the web is so clear   Love the water effect.  Is it natural??

I had better stop talking and get editing and resizing or I'll be back tomorrow or later with nothing to show for it.

10 years ago

Linda - I forgot to mention that the water droplets in the web are very clear!  It looks like the camera focused on them rather than the spider? Beautiful shots.  And, just for me, would you try for a macro, if it isn't too creepy for you, of a spider?  I'd like to see what your camera can do with it.

Sunny - I have a couple of good action shots of the Lipizzaners in action ("Airs Above Ground") but will not post here for fear you'd hurt yourself falling down laughing!  Actually the fence wasn't a bit funny to me, Sunny.  Hey, that rhymes!  Just an "f'n" nuisance!!!  But since they were not about to give me a pass, since I, in no way, qualify as a professional photographer, I'll just have to make do with what I got and hey, I'm damned thrilled with them!  Hopefully Deb can get some shots of the Lipizzaners without that irritating fence!?

LIpizzaner Show, finish!
10 years ago

Lipizzaner Stallion, Military uniform

Lipizzaner Stallion and rider in uniform.  I chose this as my last photo, and post of the Lipizzaners, as it does NOT have much fence but does have an action blur, or mystic to it!  I almost deleted it but thought, hey, this is beautiful and this IS art!!!

10 years ago

Well, Care 2 is running a bit slow tonight so I think I will just make a couple comments and call it a night.

Chattkatt - glad to have you join us here!! I like your photos - especialy the little white flowers that look like daisies?

Sunny  Do you think Kim would mind if you "stole" her photos? And, please, don't hate me! How else would you be getting to see the beautiful Southwestern U.S. on an at least weekly basis?  Hey, I think your deck view is pretty! Especially for having neighbors so close. You know, it could be  a lot worse! And my new avatar pic is of one of the new kids here - her name is Luna and she was a feral at our shelter that had gone through 2 or 3 other foster homes before I got her. They were going to euthanize because she was a biter. I took her home and she and my husband hit off great. Now, she's just a sweetheart and, of course, won't be leaving here. We adopted her, too.

Meralyn nice shots of the stallions. It's been awhile for me too, but let me see . . . okay, some of the moves are called the Passage - where they are trotting with their legs pulled up really high but just barely moving, and the Priaffe (sp?) is actually like jogging in place, then there's the Capriole where they pull their front legs up sort of to their chest and kick out with their hind legs, and then there's one where they sit back on their haunches and then leap forward - I think that one is called either a Levade or a Courbette (no, Sunny, not a Corvette) - and the Ballotade where they rear and strike. These moves were all for battle as they were used to fight foot soldiers to scare the bajeebers out of them. I think they could do a pretty good job. It is truly a miracle that the breed was saved during WWII. Thankfully, Patton absolutely loved horses!! I hope I got these right - like I said, it's been awhile! I'm going to try to post some pics on a new thread tomorrow - kitty pics - so I can't post here. Hopefully, it won't be running as slow. G' Night.

10 years ago
Deb - thanks.  And yes, the Passage, a slow trot with good movement, and the Piaffe, trot in place, etc.  I have pretty good shots of these including the Levade and some of the others but the damn fence is in the road!  So, I will post them elsewheres, I do not want them laughed at!  I did the best I could and I am very happy to have gotten any pix at all, I AM PROUD OF THEM!!!   I love putting them on slide- show and watching them all by myself!
Tree Frog, August 30, 2008
10 years ago

Tree Frog, September 2008

"Here's look'n at ya"!  I shot this little tree frog on my back porch two days ago!  I have been trying and trying to get a good pic of one, even capturing one, in my hand, in the garage and trying to pose him, to no avail!  Un-cooperative little pisser !!!  Yes, he peed on my hand!  This little guy (or gal?!) was glued to the screen on my back hallway window,  the only thing I could do was go out on the back porch, lean around with the camera, on flash, hope for the best, and shoot!  And, well as you can see it worked out quite well!  FINALLY!!! I did paint out the ugly background, though, YEAH, I CHEATED!!!  And I did take several shots, you dont usually luck out with just one!

10 years ago
Wow, it's been busy here! Many thanks for the spell check Sunny! Focussing on the spiders was a nightmare! The camera wouldn't focus on them at all so I had to focus on the wall and then take the shot at what I thought was the same distance - very hit and miss! Any suggestions to make foucssing on spiders easier because they're just so small! And yes, I'd like to see more of your spider pics Meralyn. Your last Lipizzaner photo is truly magical - I'm glad you didn't delete it. The overall gold colour combined with the blur give a perfect effect! I'm sure I've missed something out but my potatoes are starting to boil and I don't want them to boil over completely. I'll be back with pics a bit later!
10 years ago

Meralyn, don't ever think that anyone would laugh at your photos!!    I would love to look at them just to see the moves captured. If you aren't going to post here, I will just go to your page and watch the show!! As it turns out, I may not be able to go to the show here. We may still be in Denver. I'm hoping that isn't the case. The show is such a good way to escape life for a few hours! I don't care if there is a fence in your shots - that makes it all the more like I am there!

10 years ago

2008_0827Fuji0065.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0827Fuji0066.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0827Fuji0069.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This was so cute! Mummy Mallard had swum her babies across the pond and in the first pic you can see her gathering them all together. In the second they're settled and in the third they're dropping off to sleep - look at their little eyes!

10 years ago

Deb, if you are still around it is about time to change this thread, and also, I love your new avatar.

10 years ago

Linda - your photos of the mother duck and babies are just WONDERFUL!!!  Very touching!  And thanks re spider.  I'll try to find my other pix later.

Re - focusing on spiders.  You have to get very close to the spider to get the camera to focus on it.  Does your camera have a macro setting?  If so that should help?  Once you get the camera focused hold the shutter button down just enough to lock-on, then you can back up a little to compose the shot, that is if you do not want the whole frame full of spider, LOL! But, and this is a big BUTT, Harry has the same Fuji as you do and he has a lot of problems getting it to focus on something very small.  He has to focus manually and with these digital cameras, well that is a royal pain in the butt!!! My Panasonic does it sometimes too, or starts cmplaining its backlit when it damn well isn't!!!  Which made me furious and losing shots until I finally made myself go back in and research it in the manual!  And the fix was so simple!  Well, I'm from the old school, "If all else fails, read manual"! LOL!!!  Happy shooting and good luck!  Incidentally, my Konica Minolta is easier to work with!

Deb - thanks dearheart!  I'll post more of the Lipizzaners, just for you, when I can get them edited and loaded!  That's been a pain in the keester, too, as both care2 and P-Bucket have been giving me fits lately.  I probably wont get it done today, though, as I'm having a very nasty flare-up of my arthritis with allergies on top of it, geesh!  Hope this finds you well, or at least hanging in there, and I'm sure sorry about your not getting to go to the show, too!  That's a bummer!

Happy shooting everyone!  Isn't it fun!  When I can get out it takes my mind off my problems!

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10 years ago

Yep, Donna. I was thinking the same thing. So, I'm going to start a new one right now.

10 years ago

And thanks, Donna re/avatar, and Meralyn - getting out and taking pictures is one of the best ways I know to forget what might be troubling me!! I agree with you 100%. Hope you get to feeling better real soon! See you at the new thread!

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