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Meralyn & Friends photography & digital art #23
9 years ago

Here's the link to the last thread. Lot's of great photos in there so be sure to check for any you missed.

This is where we all share pieces of our lives through our photos. This thread is for scenary, nature, bugs, the great outdoors . . . get the picture? We absolutely love seeing everyone's furkids, but we want them to have their own threads. So, please, no furkid's pictures on this thread. Pics should be downsized to no wider than 640 pixels so we don't have to scroll to read a post.    Okay shutterbugs, happy shooting!

9 years ago


A stand of Aspens in Wolf Creek Pass showing me that winter is right around the corner.

9 years ago

Gorgeous pic to start the new thread and thanks Deb!  I've gotta go beddy by now before I fall down! 

9 years ago

 6:59 AM

I like looking at the fungus that grows on trees.  Here I have some photos I shot of them.

Fungus on a rotting log 5 - 08.jpg

Fungus on a stending tree 5 - 08.jpg

This last one is a shot of the roots that have come up through the soil of an old beech tree.

Beech roots 5 - 08.jpg


9 years ago

Jean - lovely pix of fungi.  I believe it is conch.  Thanks for sharing with us.

And what do you think of everyone's elses' pix?  We also need to hear that.

9 years ago

Jean - those are neat pics. The fungi look like clams sticking out of the tree.   I love the way it looks when tree roots come up on the ground surface but I tend to trip over the dang things when they do!

Here's another Fall Aspen. I just love the gold of the Aspens and want to plant a whole bunch around my property.


9 years ago

Hi everyone!

The textures in your fungus/root shots fascinate me Jean - nice work! Wow, your aspens are stunning Deb - we don't have anything like that here. The one against the blue sky is amazing!

Here are a few more of my North York Moors pics from my Care2 album.

Near Falling Foss

Me (but not my dogs - they just wanted to join in the fun). Both were taken near Falling Foss.

Near Falling Foss

This next one I posted in the previous thread but didn't mention that it's the footpath along the river (very slippery in places).

Near Falling Foss

I'd just love to be back there right now - instead I'm stuck indoors preparing for college tomorrow. Did have a good afternoon yesterday though and took some shots of the old locks along Louth Canal. I can't keep away from water!

9 years ago

Deb - I love your aspen shot!  They really are beautiful!  When the wind, or even a breeze, hits them their leaves quake!

Linda - oh my, my sort of place!  Good for the soul!  And I still miss walking with my old poodle but I dont ever want to go thru losing one again!

Thanks for sharing ladies! Keep up the good work.  And Deb, guess you'll have to get out in a snow suit soon?!

South Fork of the Upper Chetco River, Oregon, Oct 08
9 years ago

Chetco River Trip

Many, many years ago I took my daughter and her cousin swimming here.  Too many people around now for my liking!

I was dealing with dark shadows here, couldn't lighten more as then everything else would be over exposed.

9 years ago

What beautiful places, ladies! Linda, I could hear the water rushing and Meralyn, I wanted to be in that picture so I could just relax by that pool. I am so grateful to everyone who shares their pics here. No one knows how much just looking at a beautiful place in a picture might sooth someone's mood.  

Thanks, re/aspen shots. When we get a blue sky here, it really is BLUE! Of course, I was at about 9500 feet when I took the those, so the air was pretty clear! We warmed up a bit yesterday but today it is cloudy again. Snow didn't stick around, even on the mountains, and I am so glad for that. The cold just makes me hurt - so I am not ready to be cooped up in the house for the next 6 months yet!! I will try to get som more pics loaded and posted. Care2 is really slow for me today so, we'll see.

9 years ago

Oh, that's so beautiful Meralyn - we certainly like the same sort of places!

On this particular waterfall hunting hike we were looking for Thomason Foss. The problem was we only had a rough idea of where it was and no idea of what it looked like. We followed the path and heard a roaring of water through the trees but the path was too precipitous for my liking and my legs turned to jelly so we didn't get there! Anyway, I took these near Thomason Foss but we will be going back in the future to try and find it properly. We have large scale maps now!

Near Thomason Foss

Near Thomason Foss

These bridges are for the North York Moors Railway trains to cross the river. There are so many picturesque bridges as the straight(ish) railway line cross the winding river ever so many times. Here there's a footbridge under the rail bridge. The memorial stone is in memory of someone who died there in an accident many years ago.

Near Thomason Foss

And the railway - complete with steam locomotive!

Near Thomason Foss

Yes, the loco is attached to the carriages back to front - don't ask me why. It doesn't look so good in photos!

9 years ago

Wildflower, Yellow

Wildflower on the gravel bar of the Upper Checto River.  I shot this near the little lavendar flower and have no idea what it is?!  I cannot find it in my flower book so I've asked Harry for his help, he has more books and a strange tenacity when it comes to trying to identify flowers! 

Most people probably would consider this little yellow flower just a weed but I think its quite pretty.  Its not a good composition and the lighting is lousey but I wanted to share it with you.

Linda, your photos are so very lovely and we truely do love the same type of places!  care2 is being stubborn and loading eveything slowly, AGAIN,  so I'll comment more on yours later!

Deb - awhile back you mentioned that you would be needing a new camera soon and didn't know what to get.  I was fighting it out with care2, and other things like my health, and forgot to address it.  Sorry dear! If you, or someone else, know how to shop on eBay you can pick up cameras at a better price.  Harry got my Panasonic for about $300. and the used Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 for $150.  There are so dang many new cameras on the market now that it strains a person's brain trying to figure out which one would suit them best!  I want/need a faster shutter speed but then I'd have to go DSLR!  And I can NOT pack all of that! 

I think we've discussed cameras in the past but we certainly can again so let me know exactly what you looking for.

And thanks ladies re my pix.  Hope you've all had a good day.

9 years ago

Those little yellow flowers are so pretty Meralyn - they almost look as if they have a bee in the centre! You have the knack of bringing out the best in any kind of flower!

So sorry you can't see my pics again (they're even from my Care2 album) - it must be so frustrating for you

I have a lot of work to do today and have no more pics edited but I will try and do a couple for this evening. See you all then and have a good day!

9 years ago

Hi Linda - thanks and I'm sure stubborn care2 will load your pix eventually, I hope?!  I'm going to try to go out for a hike with Harry today and get new pix, I have loads of raccoon shots, LOL!  I just can NOT stop shooting them, they are priceless!

Have a good day and happy hunting shutterbugs!

9 years ago

Oh my Ladies, you have all outdid yourselves! What fantastic photos! This made my night (it really did!) to come in here and see all of this beauty. Thank you everyone!

9 years ago

Linda - your photos finally loaded, hey, I can see them!  Obviously it isn't the size of the pix nor being in care2 albums!  Beautiful places, great photography, and I love old trains and engines!  Goes back to my childhood!  Thank you so very much for taking the time to share with us!

I got a few pix, in spite of the fog, on my hike yesterday with Harry, and will share them with you all a little at a time.  The fog was such a disappointment, though!  So I used it rather like blk & wh pix but it was just natural.

9 years ago
Deb - dearheart, please delete this last double post!  care2 did that and lost my pix!  So I'll try to post them later, too much aggravation right now!
9 years ago

Meralyn, I hope you don't get so aggravated you quit posting!!! We love your photos!! And don't feel bad, I am having a heck of a time with Care 2 pics loading as well. I am also finding that the pics are loading VERY slow at the thread again. I think that Care 2 is designed for high speed internet and new computers. Neither of which I have!! We've got patience, so you just post whenever you've got time to do it, okay?? 

Linda, your pics really are so pretty, as well! I don't know why all of a sudden it is taking so long for them to load. It is not just yours loading slowy, either. Maybe I should contact Care2 about this problem?!

Old Mill Pond at Klamath, CA, Oct 15-08
9 years ago

Old Mill Pondin Fog

Old Mill Pond and Fence in the fog

Old Mill Pond at the rest area where we parked and began our hike to Hidden Beach.  Even though it was foggy it was still very beautiful.

Deb - thanks!  And I think it would be a great ides if you reported this miserable problem to care2!  Enough is enough, its driving everyone CRAZY!!!

9 years ago


I just love the fog in your photos.  It gives the feeling of fall. 

I have not taken any photos lately so have nothing to share.  I want to get out and shoot some fall colours. 

Alder Grove, Hidden Beach Trail, Klamath, CA, Oct 15-08
9 years ago

Alder Grove Hidden Beach Trail

The trees in places on the Hidden Beach trail formed tunnels, some so dense that it was like a dark cave!  I tried lightening this but it lost its ambiance. The fog was depressing to us at first, then we realized that it created a mysterious atmosphere that was just mystical!  It certainly made photography tricky, though!

Hi Jean!  Good to hear from you girl!  Hope you can get out and shoot some fall colors, too, before they're all gone.  I love it!  Want to get out and hoof it thru a few more trails before the rain starts. And thanks!

Happy shooting shutterbugs and enjoy the outdoors!

9 years ago

Hello everyone!

I love your misty photos Meralyn - they look so ethereal. My favourite is the one with the wooden fence in the foreground because it's very atmospheric. The sharpness of the foreground contrasts so well with the murky background. Now you've inspired me to go out photo hunting in less than perfect conditions!

This is another photo of the River Esk in Yorkshire:

River Esk

And this is at Lealholme a few miles further up the valley:


You can just see the children playing in the river under the bridge. I only have a few more of my Yorkshire pics to edit now - I shall miss them!

Have a good weekend ...

9 years ago

Linda - your photos are so very beautiful!  You have a great way of capturing the lovely atmosphere of the country-side.  I'm going to have a hard time getting out and shooting anything when the rain starts, I dread that!

Thanks re my pix.  I have tried several times to get a good pic of the cattails at the pond without too much success.  I was trying to show the hill and the trees behind the weathered fence and didn't pay any attention to the perspective but liked the way the fence leads back into the pic.  I'm not good at setting those things up at the time.  This was pure luck!

Have a good weekend all!  

9 years ago

Meralyn, you will have to bundle up, put on your rain boots and grab an umbrella in a few months!! You will be able to get some great photos in the rain with your talents! I just love those last 3 - especially the fence. Linda, I really do love your water shots. You've got a great eye with those pics. Well, my camera is not working. I will keep trying and maybe I can get in a shot or two if it decides to work again. It's not in the cards for a new camera, yet. I thought maybe we could swing it, but no luck. I will start looking for some that I took that maybe I can scan.

9 years ago

Thanks Deb and Meralyn for your comments! I'm just dropping off a couple more pics because from tomorrow I'm going to be pretty tied up all week.

These were both taken in Greater Fryup Dale on the North York Moors.

2008_0914Fuji0178.jpg Greater Fryup Dale picture by Lindylou115

2008_0914Fuji0196.jpg Greater Fryup Dale picture by Lindylou115

Ok then - just one more!

2008_0914Fuji0183.jpg Greater Fryup Dale picture by Lindylou115

I hope you can all see them because they're from my Photobucket album.

Have a good week

9 years ago

Deb - thank you!  And yes, I'll have to bundle up again and go out and walk in spite of the weather although I've learned the hard way that it is totally impossible to juggle an umbrella in the wind and rain and try to shoot anything at the same time!  I had to come home and dry off my camera, immediately!!!  Then myself, LOL!!! There are times when I just can not take my camera.

Linda - Your pix are beautiful and yes, they came in and fairly quickly, too!  I really dont think it has anything to do with P-Bucket, I think it is a care2 screwed up (using the nicest word I can!) problem!

Have a great Sunday Shutterbugs, go forth and enjoy! I can't go walking today, am going to a piano concert with Harry, sure hope I like it!?

Cow Parsnips & Spruce in the Fog
9 years ago

Cow Parsnip in the Fog

I shot this on the trail to Hidden Beach.  This is actually right out of the camera, I did not change it to blk & wh. The ocean is behind the spruce trees at the bottom of a very high bluff, invisible, but the roar of the surf was very apparent and lended to the mysterious ambiance!

9 years ago

Meralyn, your photo is wonderfull!  Really!

9 years ago

Meralyn, your photo's are absolutely stunning.  When I look at them one word comes to mind, peaceful.  Besides pure beauty, they are all so peaceful looking.  Beautiful...

9 years ago

Meralyn are you going pro on us??? Breathtaking.    That's all I can think of. I LOVE that last one so much! I would love to have a large print of it hanging on my wall. Those are the kinds of shots I'd love to be able to do. Good job, lady!!

Linda, again, your photos are so very rich. I feel like I am standing right where you took the shot. Wonderful photos everyone!

9 years ago

Golly gee ladies, I dont know what to say, I feel a little over-whelmed!  THANK YOU!!!

Deb, dearheart, if there were any way to send you a large print I would but I dont know how.  And with your glorious photography, which you should frame and hang, what the hey.

9 years ago

How thoughtful of you Meralyn! My photos are not near the composition of that last one of yours, but thank you for your compliment!

Here is another rose I redid a bit by toning down the color


And, of course, one of my sunset pics - this one had such a bright star in it and the color was very vivid. I had the camera zoomed, so it is a bit grainy 


9 years ago

Deb, your rose is absolutely lovely and so very delicate with that effect!  Good work!  And the sunset is just gorgeous! I never get tired of sunsets, or sunrises either, for that matter!  thank you for taking the time to share with us.

Have you thought of a used camera?

9 years ago

Thanks   I have thought about the ebay thing, but I am not familiar with buying there and am afraid I'd get one that had something wrong with it. I could try Craig's List, I guess. Never done that before, either, but at least I might find something for sale close to me. I just want one that will zoom in my mountains so they don't look so far away and still take the close ups that I love to take. I drool over the newer ones with all that zoom power. Listen to me!! Sounds sick, doesn't it??  

9 years ago

I'm just off to college so must be quick! Your sunset is beautiful Deb and I feel just like a butterfly about to land on your rose - it looks so inviting unfurling its petals like that!

Your cow parsnip shot is stunning Meralyn - I'd also like to hang it on my wall!

I'll be back later today with a photo for you. Until then - have a good day ...

9 years ago
OK - I've got to shut this thing down and go to bed, I think I said that hours ago - its 12:20 AM here Linda, at night!!!  Hope you have a good day.  Hope the rest of you have a good night!  I'll check back in tomorrow, U.S. time. Sweet dreams now, or good day, what-ever, LOL!
9 years ago

Well hell, I just lost my post of a sparrow and I dont have time to do it over again, I'll try again this eveing, maybe?!$#!!

Golden-Crowned Sparrow, Hidden Beach Trail, Oct 15-08
9 years ago

Golden-Crowned Sparrow, Immature, back view

I believe this little "tweet" is a female or immature golden-Crowned Sparrow?

Golden-Crowned Sparrow, immature

I couldn't decide which photo I liked best. and this gives you a different view, so decided to use both.  I was shooting thru a bush from quite a distance, using the zoom, and was pleasantly surprised that I got anything!  The pix arn't completely in focus and the clarity isn't that good but what the hey, I got a bird!

Now is this sucker will just post!  I did try again last night and lost the post, AGAIN!

Thanks Deb & Linda!  And Linda come back in when you can, we love your contributions!

Happy shooting shutterbugs, the weather is wonderful here, hope yours is too!

Fuschia in My Garden, Oct 22-08
9 years ago
Fuschia, Swingtime, Oct 22-08
9 years ago

Beautiful scenery Linda, and the rose is pretty Deb. Your Fuschia is gorgeous Meralyn, and those Sparrows are so sweet. We have them right off the porch in the bushes.  

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9 years ago

Oh Meralyn, how did you get so fine pictures of that sparrow!

You are a real photographer!

9 years ago
Thanks Donna & Helena!    I shot the sparrows with my Panasonic digital camera that has an 18X zoom, its pretty powerful, but now I want more! And can NOT afford it right now!
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