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Meralyn & friends photography & digital art #24
9 years ago

Here is the link to the last thread. It was just loading slowly, so I thought it might be good to start a new one.

For anyone just joining this thread, this is where we share our lives with our photos. Scenary, wildlife, hobbies, bugs . . . anything that you enjoy taking photos of in the great outdoors. We love seeing everyone's furkids, but really want to see them on their own threads - not in this one. Please post pics no wider than 640 pixels so we don't have to scroll to read the posts.

    We aren't pros in here - just like to share our photos, so please share some of yours! Have fun shutterbugs!!

9 years ago

Deb - thanks muchly for setting up a new thread for us!

OK Shutterbugs - go forth and shoot!  That is s-h-o-o-t, right?!  RIGHT!

Alder Grove, Hidden Beach Trail, Klamath, CA, Oct 15-08
9 years ago

Alder Grove Hidden Beach Trail

A dark tunnel of alder trees on the trail to Hidden Beach.  There were places where the stunted spruce actually formed tunnels!  It was so dark in there that it didn't photograph well.  I tried lightening the pic but then it lost its mystic.

9 years ago

I just tried to post a photo an lost it when I tried to go back into it and edit! Grrr!  If it doesn't show up later I'll try again, maybe!?

9 years ago

Hi, I'm just dropping in quickly before I freshen up and start a heap of studying for the day. Meralyn, your sparrow pics on the last thread were adorable. I have a 10X zoom, but 18X - now I want one! Did you use a tripod or brace yourself against something because I'd never be able to hold the camera steady enough? Your last mystic shot was definitely mystic - reminds me of one of those wonderful encaustic art pictures.

I've not many pics left of the North York Moors but this was taken in Greater Fryup Dale:

2008_0914Fuji0183.jpg Greater Fryup Dale picture by Lindylou115

The foreground is very dark in contrast to the bright horizon as I had to take it almost directly into the sun. I have some pics of Reivaulx Abbey that I really must edit because I think you'll agreee it's a wonderful place.

Have a great weekend friends ...

9 years ago

Linda, I liked the last shot just the way it was taken! How beautiful! Some day I am going to get to England, that's all there is to it. I haven't had a chance to get any photos loaded to the computer yet, but I will try tomorrow. Meralyn, love those trees. Great shooting, ladies!

Hoping some others will join in and share some photos!! We'd love to see them - they don't have to be perfect, so don't be shy, okay??

9 years ago

  Think maybe I should show up just to prove I didn't die    Nice work everyone.  I think I missed commenting on the last  thread though. 

Meanwhile, here's a SCAN of a leaf I found blowing around out there.

Leaf 01.jpg

Leaf 02.jpg

Not sure if I like the big one or the little one.

 A little Fall color too.

Fall 2008_10 rs.jpg

And of course the obstacles to the Fall colors.

Resize of Fall 003.jpg

So hard to find open spaces around here.  How 'bout a flag pole near a parking lot for the mums.

Mums 013.jpg

9 years ago

log cabin


 This house is over 100 years old. Someone must live in it. There are tomatoes on the table and something canned that is red on the porch. It has electricity.

9 years ago

Wow lovely pictures girls.

Right I decided to join in.....The below pictures are from a valley in the Welsh hill. It is so beautiful there.




9 years ago
A little autumn colour for y'all:

Looking North East at the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. Taken last week, from a car in motion

9 years ago

Hi Everyone - I got back from my trip up the coast last evening, worn out!  I do NOT travel well anymore!  I took lots of photos, saw places I han't seen in many, many years, we were blessed with fantastic weather the first day, Sunday, coming back yesterday, Monday, it was dismal but that's OK, it was peaceful in its own way.

Lots of posts here, gladdens my heart, I LOVE the participation!  But either my computer or care2 is being slower than hell froze over this morning so I'm going to go get some breakfast while, HOPEFULLY, all the posts will load!?

Talk to ya all later, by for now!

9 years ago

Hello Again!  I got my breakfast and will munch on it while I comment on the GORGEOUS PIX that finally loaded!

Linda - Your Greater Fryup Dales shot is just beautiful!  And the sparrow shots were hand-held, I dont pack a tripod, just added weight. Thanks!

Deb - thanks! Hope you and yours are doing well?  And I'll catch up with you later. 

Sunny, glad to see your still alive!  Your fall color shots are lovely!  I liked the machinery shot too. 

Jane - I loved the old log house!  The blk & wh versian is great.  I have a thing for the past.

Angela - your pix are so very beautiful!  Good work!

Tiel, hi! - Glad to have you join in!  Fantastic shot from a moving car!  WOW!

Thanks everyone for sharing your super shots with us!  I have quite a few pix to edit and maybe load depending on quality and whether or not they turn me on!  Most get deleted!

Take care now and happy shooting Shutterbugs!

9 years ago

Some great photos here today. Sunny those machines do block the fall colours and the mums around the flag pole are very nice. Janie old houses fascinate me. The scenery here or over the big pond is beautiful.

The city parks department set up a display of mums each year. This year the theme is Reflections of Mums. On Monday I took a bus to the greenhouses to have a look. I had the camera with me and shot photos of many mums that I want to share with you. Some of the display and some of the individual blooms.

Reflections of Mums.jpg

Reflections of Mums7.jpg

These 2 photos were taken at the entrance of the display.

Alabama Bronze.jpg

Alabama Bronze is the name of this bloom.

Autumn Eyes.jpg

Autumn Eyes is this one.


Hidden Beach, Klamath, CA, October 2008
9 years ago

Hidden Beach

Here, finally, is Hidden Beach, at the end of our hike on the beautiful, mystical trail in the fog shrouded coastal area of Klamath, California.  This ends the photographic journey, and exploration, of this special area that was once the Yurok Indian's domain.

Jean - your mums are very beautiful, especially that last pic!  Well done!  And thanks for sharing with us. 

9 years ago

Hello everyone - I'm feeling a bitI took some time out from studying yesterday afternoon to chat and post some pics here only to find that later in the evening my post had vanished. Anyway, to  condense all I said - "great work everyone" ..... and these are two of the pics I took at Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire.

Rievaulx Abbey


I'll pop back later if I have time. Have a great week ...

9 years ago

Linda - your photos finally loaded!  care2 was really being stubborn this morning!  Wonderful shots!  As you know by now I love ancient buildings/history!  Thank you for trying again and sharing with us! I DO understand how you feel! And thanks also re other's pix.

9 years ago

Linda - don't feel too bad. Our dear co-host Sugar lost her entire profile this morning, and then I could not post all day. I have no idea if this will post but I've got to try. I'm so glad that you kept at it and were finally able to post! Your shots were gorgeous - I really liked the 2nd one. Great composition.  So many great photos!!!!!! I just love everybody sharing!!

Janie, it's so good to see you posting again!! I've always loved your photos. That is a neat looking place. Hard to believe someone lives in it!! Great shots - loved the B/W. Angela, those were beautiful. The grass looked like it was so soft. Sunny!!! We was starting to worry!!! WOW! Those were some great heavy equipment shots!! Oh, and the leaves and fall colors were pretty good, too. Teil - so glad you joined us! What a beautiful shot - and I'm with Meralyn - from a moving car?? Great job! Jean those flowers were lovely. I liked the 2nd photo a lot, too. Great shot. The colors!!! Thanks everyone for sharing!! And please keep posting.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon, October 2008
9 years ago

I took several shots of this unbelievably beautiful lighthouse, and location, from the viewpoint.  The lighting and colors were just spectacular Sunday and I couldn't decide which pic to use so I'm posting several, hope you-all dont mind!?  The colors turned out too wild, dont know why as I did not enhance, only sharpened a little.

Heceta Head Lighthouse & House

This pic looks more like a painting but I did not use a filter on it!

Heceta Head Lighthouse

The colors in this shot are more normal.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

I took other pix of this photogenic lighthouse, close-ups, and others of the area, which I'll share a little later.  In fact, I took hundreds of pix on the trip, they are keeping me busy editing, choosing which ones to keep, and which ones to load and post.  Well, that will give me something to do in the next few days when it starts raining.  Soon there will be nothing to photograph, will not be even able to get out there and try, damn!  I'll have to go back in my files then and dig around!

Happy shooting Shutterbugs, if your able to get out!?  I bundle up and walk in most weather but without my camera.

9 years ago

Hello friends - I've had enough of studying for one day so before I make tea I'll catch up here. In my missing post I recall commenting on Sunny's beautiful scanned leaves, Teil's gorgeous autumnal colours from the moving car, Angela's atmospheric Welsh pics and Janie's log cabins (really fascinating as I've made a 'one twelfth scale' model as a dolls house). The colour of Jean's flowers really catch the essence of the time of year and another mystical one from Meralyn - I love it!

This is another from Rievaulx Abbey which was founded by St Bernard of Clairvaux in 1132 and became one of England’s wealthiest monasteries before its dissolution by King Henry VIII in 1538. 


I hope nothing disappears this time  (the font colour has changed but hope that's all!)

9 years ago
Looks like were posting at the same time Meralyn - your lighthouse pics are superb! (colour seems to be okay now too)
9 years ago

My compliments to everyone here. All of your photos are fantastic. You guys are all pros !

More Mums
9 years ago

Linda thank you for the comment on the mums.  Love the old building.

Meralyn I collect pro photos of lighthouses and yours fit right with them and better than some.

Now for more pictures of the Mum Show.

Reflections of Mums3.jpg

Coral Reef.jpg

Coral Reef

Golden Rain.jpg

Golden Rain

I like the spider mums as they look so delicate.  Enjoy.

9 years ago

Jean - your mums are gorgeous!  WOW!  And thanks for sharing with us here, we love the participation!  And gee, thanks re Lighthouse pix!

I dont have anything more to share as I can't get care2 Photos to up-load, nor P-Bucket, which is being pissier than usual!  Grrr!!!   And, yes, I have re-sized first so there isnt really any excuse!

9 years ago

What do you know.  I left the house again.

Can't get 'em much smaller than this or you won't see them.

Resize of Pumpkins_10 31 08_0196.jpg

Resize of Gourds_10 31 08_0185 (5).jpg

Resize of Gourds_10 31 08_0185 (3).jpg

9 years ago
Just wanted to tell everyone that posts pictures here ,you all do a great job. Love them. I've tried to tell you this many times but my internet keeps going off. Love ya Janie
9 years ago

Me and my daughter Ashleigh were walking down a trail at the park when I saw this wonderful tree. The roots are so interesting.


9 years ago

Sunny - good to have you posting here again!

And Janie - thanks, muchly appreciated!

Care2 is doing its most wonderful a"thingey" again, first the pix wouldn't load, now I'm getting those damn little red x's!  So I'll come back later and try to see you-all's pix!  Sorry about that!

Have a great Sunday and hopefully the weather will permit shooting outside, somewheres?!  Its been pouring off and on here all day, crap!  Good thing I got lots of pix on my trip up the coast and also day before yesterday hunting mushrooms?!

Happy shooting Shutterbugs!

9 years ago

Sunny i like those pumpkins and gourds.  They grow them on the farm.  Might get some photos of them.

Janie that tree does have interesting roots.  

I have more photos from the Mum Show.  Enjoy.

Reflections of Mums1.jpg





Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon, October 2008
9 years ago

Heceta Head Light House

This is a close-up of Heceta Head Lighthouse which looks small in the photo but really isn't. I squatted down to shoot this, to give it a little more perspective, if I'd laid flat on my back then I would have had forced perspective but there were people around and I hate to do it then!

Well, care2 is refusing to load all the pix in this thread, I've gotten one of Sunny's pumpkins, one of Janie's tree with roots, and one of Jean's mums!  What I can see are really beautiful and thanks for sharing.  By the way, I left this going for a half hour!  Irritating!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!  I'm going to the movies, I think, and get away from this for awhile! 

9 years ago

Hello everyone! Jean, your mums are wonderful - I particularly like the ones called 'coral reef' and 'kyoto'. Hi Sunny, a huge selection of pumpkins and gourds! Are they all edible? I love curried pumpkin soup but didn't have time to make any this year I agree with you Janie, that tree has amazing roots - some nice seasonal colours too! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the dreaded red x's again Meralyn - I hope all the pics load for you soon! Anyway, I love the lighthouse (such photogenic buildings) and despite what you said the perspective is very effective. Last time I laid on my back to take a shot I got my knees in it too and ended up having to crop them out

Well, this is one I took when we came out of the garden centre last Friday afternoon:

2008_1031Fuji0050.jpg picture by Lindylou115

It's the first rainbow (a double in fact) that I've ever caught on camera. About twenty minutes later I took this one directly into the sun:

2008_1031Fuji0054.jpg picture by Lindylou115

The only thing I adjusted was the level (the fence looked decidedly crooked)!

9 years ago

 Linda!!!  AWESOME SHOTS!!  Did you shoot them on auto?  Strangely enough these last two loaded before most of the others, just the first few were starting to load!  Doesn't make sense!

I shot one of Harry with his relatives in front of one of the lighthouses, on my back, checked the photo, my knee was in it, so had to re-shoot prone! Got a few laughs but the pic worked! LOL! And thanks.

Its pouring here, Harry and I were going to go out on a mushroom shoot, blast! Hope you all have a good day and better weather than us!

Rock with Birds off Heceta Head Trail, Oct 26-08
9 years ago
Rock with Birds
9 years ago

Linda, those shots were beautiful! I've done a couple into the sun and always worry about ruining the camera. Hey - maybe that's what happened to my camera? Loved the double rainbow - I'm sort of partial to rainbows - but as everyone probably knows, I really love the sunset/rise that has clouds across the sun. Good job!! Love the mums, Jean. Those last few looked like fireworks! And Janie, thanks so much for posting!!! That was a cool tree root system!! Meralyn, I loved the lighthouse and your ocean shots - always make me feel as if I was there. Thanks so much for posting them. I still don't have the new camera so will post another of Fall color that I took on my way home from Denver.


and another from that same time


Keep shooting and sharing those pics, everyone!!

View of Bridge from Heceta Head Trail, Oct 26-08
9 years ago

View of Bridge from Heceta Head Trail

View of Bridge thru Cow Parsnips

I tried two different shots of the bridge, wish I had had filters, the sun's rays were so very beautiful but my camera couldn't handle it very well.  Found Cow Parsnips again to play with, to me they make the most interesting pix.

Deb, I tried coming in here with Google's Chrome browser and the photos did load faster so I have seen yours, but the Reply Box wouldn't come up!  I was working thru Explorer connection again to care2 to copy past the pix, had to resort to both connections thru Explorer!

Your Fall shots are gorgeous!  Thanks for sharing and good luck on getting your new camera soon.

Happy shooting everyone IF weather permits!?  We got hit by a hellacious storm yesterday out of no-where and I'm worn out from digging ditches!  Now I have the yard to clean up today, what a mess!  At least no trees came down!  By for now!

9 years ago
Deb, and whomever else may be interested, I forgot to mention that I talked to a lady using a DSLR Cannon 30D at the Newport lighthouse.  I asked her if I could ask her some questions and she was very gracious.  She was using a humungous 300 lens, said she loved the camera, but the teacher at a class she took told her you can do just as well with the cheaper (and much lighter!) DSLR Rebel.  I dont know if she meant the first or second one, forgot to ask.  But she is about the fourth person that I've talked to with a 30D!  I've asked them if I could hold it and look thru it, it weighs as much as a large brick!  I did not like the camera!  My son got a used Rebel and is getting some great photos!  He is using a large Tamron lens on it, Canon & Nikon are adaptable that way, some are not.  I will probably go for the Rebel as I have two lenses already (have the SLR Rebel 2000, great camera!) IF I GO TO DSLR?!
9 years ago

Very nice everyone.  Isn't the fall months gorgeous   I've been just lazying around playing Zelda on my old Nintendo N64.  Shh, I hear I may be getting the Wii for Xmas.

Linda, I'm not  sure if the gourds are edible or not.   I would think they would be, they're winter squash if my gardening memory serves.  They do make  nice decorations for sure, but you need a lot  to make it look good.

Here's wider  shot to show how small they really are.  A few  were barely the size of a golf ball.

Gourds_10 31 08_0185 (11)

Gourds_10 31 08_0185 (10)

This batch was a fairly decent size. Maybe 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 CM)

Gourds_10 31 08_0185 (7) 

My camera scared the pants off me today.  Was out to the vets and on the way back I was going to  try to find some fall foliage  and when I did the thing didn't work.  Ended up just  being weak rechargeable batteries which is odd since rechargeables either work or are dead, no in between.  Not even the low battery warning light lit.  I guess a first for everything, huh.  Still, it's better  to use rechargeable batteries if you can.  Alkalines just eat your wallet or purse

Well, back to playing Zelda.

9 years ago

Well, I couldn't get your photos to load. But wanted to say thanks for the input on the camera, Meralyn. I was looking at a Sony DSLR- they bought minolta and have minolta parts and are interchangeable on all lenses - yesterday. Comes with a 70mm and there are all kinds of lenses available for it. My question is  it only has a 3.8 optical zoom. Is that a bad thing? I've been looking at straight digitals with 10 to 20 x optical. I just don't know enough about them. I liked this one because it had a setting for taking shots of lightning - of course you have to be on a tripod. Shutter speed is 30-1/4000 sec. which I thought was pretty good. I'm just thinking I might be able to get a good digital that also can take different lenses and filters. Still just looking as all the stores are saying they will be having some blowout sales before Christmas. I have to get the best deal possible if I am going to do this. I got lucky this morning and my little canon worked!!! Got a very lovely sunrise. Will load and post tomorrow. Right now I'm running on 3 hours of sleep last night so I have to turn in. Night!

9 years ago

Greetings Shutter Bugs - I had to come in here early this morning to get my mind off politics, UCK!!!

I've been using Google's Chrome browser as it is bringing in the photos faster for me but does not do well on getting the Reply Box nor on Copy/Paste from another connection with Care2 through Microsoft's Internet Explorer. But after the pix are all loaded I can use Explorer straight. Go figure! Harry has been doing some more research on our problems for us and he said Care 2 is using copies, so once loaded you've got them, at least for the day, but if you mess with it, or Care2 screws up, you lose them again! I dont completley understand this but it is working better for me, at least. I went back to Explorer to get this Reply Box when it suddenly changed back to the damn grey box! Now what!? Will this post?! Sunny - your gourds are so very beautiful! Thanks for sharing. As for being eatable I think they have thicker skins and less meat, but not sur. They are good for drying for deco and to paint or carve into bird houses, which I've done in the past. My Konica Minolta refuses to do various things when the batteries (rechargeable) are low. The Panasonic doesn't, I dont remember actually, seems like I've had a problem with it too, warning light or no on both! The Panasonic has a battery pack, too, so I have to really pay attention to it and recharge when needed. Its faster, though, 2 hrs to recharge. Deb - That zoom optical doesn't sound like enough (compare to the specs I gave you on my two dig's) but perhaps the lenses used make a difference? I'm not familiar with DSLR's but in straight dig. you want much more! The shutter sped is fabulous!!! The stores and companies will want to move the older models as the new ones will be coming out! I seriously considered Sony as it has a high review but I like the idea that Cannon & Nikon work with other brands of lenses. Sunny - What say you? We'd appreciate your in-put here. Have a great day, sure hope your weather is better than here, its pouring! Good thing I got some more yard work done yesterday! By now!

9 years ago

  Sunny?????? I'm really interested in what say you about the DSLR . . .

Meralyn - gorgeous - just gorgeous shots. Wish I had more water to work with. Know what you mean about the filters. Some of my sunrises are to bright in spots. Got the camera to work Tuesday when I got up early and took these.



9 years ago
Wow, you guys are such pros!! Awesome, awesome, pics EVERYONE! Just beautiful!!!
9 years ago

Deb - gorgeous shots!  Thanks for sharing with us and I'm sure glad you got your camera to work!

You can go on google and research the cameras, i.e. DSLR's.  Of course the reviews can be confusing at times, too!

And ladies, thank you!  Go forth now and shoot, whatever your heart desires!  Have a good day and I wish you good weather and health!

9 years ago
Meralyn, your "view of the bridge" pics are amazing! I would love them hanging in my home!!  You are such a pro!!
9 years ago

fall 2008

This was taken at the park last weekend.

9 years ago



These pictures were taken at the corner of Kanawha Blvd and Patrick Street in Charleston Wv. This was the site of the first Shoney's Big Boy restaurant. In 1947 alex Schoenbaum opened the first drive-in parkette in Charleston Wv.

9 years ago

Janie - your pix are not only great but very interesting as well!  thanks for sharing them with us!

Sandy - your a doll but I'm not a pro.  Sometimes I wish I were, though.  I just get lucky once-in-awhile, it really is mostly a matter of luck and experimenting.

9 years ago
Oooh Janie! Those are fantastic!
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