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Meralyn & friends photography & digital art #26 CLOSED
9 years ago

Hi everybody!  I just hate starting a new thread right after someone has posted, but the old thread seemed to be taking awhile to load. Here's the link to it. Everybody make sure to check it out.

Okay, so this is our photography thread where we share pictures of other wonderful things in our lives besides our kitties. We do love to see the furkids at the group, but want them to have threads just for them!   Please make sure your pics have been resized to no wider than 640 pixels so that no one will have to scroll to read posts.

9 years ago

You never know who's watching.

deer2.jpg picture by BratsTreasure

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9 years ago

The Cats: I was going about my business doing homey things and I saw all my kitties on my front sunporch looking out the window. There was quite the croud. They got my curiosity so I took a look and just happened to have my camera ready and viola.

The Deer: I think they are so beautiful. I get them in my yard all the time. I've seen two or three of them sleeping in the middle of my lawn. I need to get a new digital camera to take good night shots. The one I have now is about 100 years

9 years ago

Wow! That's a neat shot, Dana! I noticed the pic name when I moused over it - is the picture one of yours? I ask because we do want the pics we share here to be our own, or at least those of very close friends who have given their consent to share. Thanks for posting!!!!    Glad to see you in here!

9 years ago

We were posting at the same time!! Great pic!! Don't you love it when you can capture a moment like that?

9 years ago

Here's yet another sunset. Janie, you worry about us getting tired of the ducks or geese (never happen!!! Your pics are great!) I think you will all tire of seeing my sunsets and sunrises! It really is all I have to photograph right now. And they are so colorful!



Maybe while in Denver I will be able to get some pics of something else!

9 years ago

Hi Deb: Those are beautiful pictures. Thank you for letting me know that pics should be our own. I kinda figured that, so now I know for sure.

9 years ago

Deb - thanks for the new thread.  It wasn't loading slowly for me, though.  Since I loaded the new Explorer #8 its been doing a lot better. Gorgeous sunset pix.  Guess I'm going to have to get something other than redwood pix now.

Dana - neat shots!  thanks for sharing with us. I wish the deer still came here.  I have no idea why they quit.

Red-tailed Hawk, Nov. 26-08
9 years ago

Red-Tailed Hawk

I have seen this Red-tailed hawk many times sitting on the lines next to the hwy near Kamph Park where I go walking.  He has been gone everytime I finished walking and I have not been able to shoot him.  This time I turned around and parked on the side of the hwy across from him before walking and caught these funny poses of him watching the traffic zoom by!  I missed one of him scratching, a character! It was quite a distance so the shots aren't very good, oh dear lord I wished for a DSLR with a 3-400 zoom!

 Red-tailed Hawk, II

A big truck zoomed by!

Red Tailed Hawk, III

He was getting worried about me pointing something at him,  took off and he was not there on my way back!  I am so very glad I finally got a chance to photograph this beautiful bird!

I posted these shots in the Bird thread but they got lost!  I think Donna is mad at hawks?!

Now - will this long post stick?!

9 years ago
9 years ago

Congrats Meralyn!  Lol, Donna mad at hawks!

Great pics all of you, thanks so much for sharing!

9 years ago

Thank you Deb, I will probably have more geese and duck pics today.

I love the sunrise and sunset pics of yours.

Meralyn, The pics of the hawk are wonderful. I have some of a red shouldered hawk taken 10 yrs ago. She was nesting and the little babies were so cute.I'll have to find those.

9 years ago

Sandrea & Janie - thanks ladies!   And yes, Donna is mad at hawks right now as one has been trying to get her little "tweets" in the bushes by her house!

Janie - I would love to see your pix of the hawk with babies, what a rare sight!  I've seen the Ospreys here but have never been able to get pix of the babies when small, too far away.

I'm having a nasty flare-up of my arthritis this morning and need to go rest now.  Sure wish I had a bottle of whiskey right about now, too!  By

9 years ago

Love the hawk shots, Meralyn! Thanks everyone about my sunrises/sets. I have wildlife here to photograph - the camera can't do it, though. They are too far away. So far, the old camera is still working. I'm still waiting for last minute sales to get me a new one. By then, though, we will probably be out of money! Gotta think of a caption for that one where the hawk just saw a big truck go by!!

9 years ago

MERALYN: I think those are terrific shots. You are lucky to have gotten them. He's beautiful.

The Angel in the Spruce, Nov 29-08
9 years ago

Angel in the Cypress

I lucked out and pulled into Kamph Park yesterday in thin fog with the sun's rays coming thru this old spruce!  I took several shots and cropped the above one.  I'm going to post the original size, too, as I dont know which version I like the best?  What say you?

Angel in the Spruce, I

I photographed this scene from several angles.  Years ago I caught a similar shot in the redwoods and have been trying ever since to do it again, searching for the right light on every hike that I've gone on with Harry!  And this condition just happened yesterday, amazing!!!  I didn't realize it looked like an angel until I pulled it up on the computer!

And thanks ladies re the hawk.  I have no idea what to name the one shot were he was nervous about the truck!  What a character.  I was sitting right below him awhile back in a line of stopped vehicles as they were working on the hwy, no camera!  Of course, and he just sat there calmly observing the whole thing! 

OK - now to get this to post! And have a wonderful Sunday Shutterbugs!

9 years ago

That is so amazing Meralyn.  I see the's beautiful!

9 years ago

Oh Meralyn! That is amazing! And yes, I see the angel! How incredibly wonderful!!

Great photos everyone!

9 years ago

I love this one its so beautiful. Meralyn great job!!

9 years ago


I was hoping to get these with snow on them , maybe next time. These are hemlock cones. 

9 years ago

Those cones would be nice for making a wreath.
They'll look so pretty with snow on them!

9 years ago

Sandrea, Sandy, and Janie - Thank you so much ladies!

Janie - lovely pic of the cones.  I havn't seen any that small out here.

Its over-cast, dark and gloomy here this morning!  The storm, that has been sitting out there stirring the ocean & surf into a frenzy, is deffinitely coming in!  Good day to sit indoors, catch up on a few household chores, and work on my pix from yesterday's walk.  Take care you-all!

Smith River, Hiouchi Trail, Del Norte Co., CA, Nov. 30-08
9 years ago

Smith River viewed from Hiouchi Trail

Photograph of the view of the Smith River from the Hiouchi Trail this past Sunday. This is an awesomely beautiful area in the Redwood forest and my photo does not do it justice.  The colors just are not as pretty as in real life. I tried to enhance it a little but then the colors just turned garish so I left it pretty much original.  

9 years ago

That does it! I need a new digital camera!... and take it everywhere. You guys have some awsome shots. The digital camera is soooo outdated.

9 years ago

Hey, long time no been here.  How 'bout some old quickies  Took 'em in the '80's. 

The Brooklyn & Williamsburg bridges looking towards Brooklyn

Atop the WTC.jpg

Pier 17, or The South Street Seaport, NYC, taken from Circle Line cruise boat around Manhattan Island.

Under the Bklyn Bridge.jpg

WTC, and South Street Seaport, night shot from Brooklyn.


Fun to play tourist

9 years ago

Great shots of the big apple Sunny. I knew it was New York City right away.  Good to see you back!

9 years ago

Such great pictures everyone!  I really enjoy coming to this thread and just looking at fantastic moments in time that have been captured.
Meralyn, you have an eye for capturing a picture at just the right moment that I could only wish for.  I strive for half of that talent.  I'm still working on it!
Sunny, thank you for sharing those NYC pictures.  The city is just so much fun to visit.  I grew up about an hour north, we had lots of fun times down there!


9 years ago

Sunny - hey there!  Bout time!  Thanks for sharing your old pix, they're great!

Lisa - thanks!  Keep trying, practice makes perfect, or so said someone?! And please share your pix with us.  Not all of ours turn out worth diddely. I delete hundreds into cyber space!  Oh yes, and they have some great deals on cameras right now!

9 years ago

Thanks for sharing that, Sugar.  We all care about you and  Ray and wish all the best for him. Hey he looks great and so do Kenny and Pudge!

9 years ago

Sugar - Sweetheart I dont mind a bit if your pic of your hubby has kitties in it, its a SUPER PIC!  If Donna would like to leave it here its just fine!  Hope your all doing well?  I tried to do a little yard work and almost fell on my face!  Now after a glass of wine with a bit of chicken, peas, and a baked spud I'm ready for a nap!  Talk at ya later! And thanks re Tig-ur.

9 years ago

HI gang! Sunny - good to see you dropping in here! Although, I guess I shouldn't say much since I've not posted in awhile either.  Of course, when I do post it is the same old thing - and so goes it this time as well! I am just so captured by the colors in these - I have not touched them. They are as the camera caught them. Meralyn, what a beautiful shot of the 'Angel'. And Janie, I really like your little pine cones. No, I have not gotten a camera yet - not sure if it is going to happen now. Oh well - if it is to be, it will become available. Here's my latest sunsets




9 years ago

Wow Deb: Those are some beautiful shots. There is nothing more beautiful than nature.

9 years ago

Oooh Deb! Those sunsets are stunning!!!

Hi Sunny! Your NYC pics are just fantastic! I feel like I'm there just by looking at those pics!

Janie, Your pine cone shot is really pretty! So festive!

Meralyn, as always you did a bang up job!

PS-everyone, check out Meralyn's kitty pic she posted in the chit chat thread-it's SO beautiful!

9 years ago

Deb - your sunsets are gorgeous!  I LOVE them and dont hesitate to post them, we all enjoy them so much!  And maybe Santa will get you a camera, or one of his helpers?  You never know!

And ladies, thank you so much re angel and Tiggy in the Chat group.

9 years ago

Redwood Log on Kamph Pk Beach

Redwood Driftwood the other evening on the beach at Kamph Park.  The late sunlight gave it rather nice lighting!  I saw, and photographed, this same log several days before further up the beach!  Strangely enough the tides had moved it further south and deposited it in almost the very same position!  Note the hole in it!

the Eye in the Redwood Log

The hole in the log looking strangely like a cyclopic eye in a prehistoric rhino!  Its really hard to focus on the wood and the distant scene as well!  I had to get down on my knees and bend real low to shoot thru the hole! 

Sure hope your all not getting sick of driftwood?!  I didn't feel like doing much today so messed about with my pix.

9 years ago

Those shots of driftwood are great.  I would never get tired of seeing interesting pieces of driftwood

9 years ago

I really like that close up Meralyn!!!  I'm like Sandrea - I love driftwood, and could look at pics of it all day. In fact, I think it would be really neat to have a photo show that was only driftwood shots. You can find such neat looking things in them - like your prehistoric dino rhino - I can see it! I will have to see if my camera works again. It started doing that weird thing last evening as I was trying to get a shot of a deer that was right next to the garage.  

9 years ago

I came back here the other day, and saw that my post was gone, and I meant to come back and it slipped my mind. Meralyn, I was shocked to see what beautiful photos you took of the red tailed Hawk. They were fantastic. That Hawk is a beautiful bird. I was recently mad at the Cooper Hawk who kept flying in for the sparrows, and I ran out the 3rd time toward the bush he went into, and have not seen him since, but no doubt he is around here. I do admire their size and beauty.

BUT,  I am also getting use to looking at the red headed turkey vultures. Jimmy seems to think they might be getting better looking too.   I think we are just getting use to a couple of them. Jimmy named them Gunther and Mortimer. Now that is not Mom , Dad and Junior, who have cousins too. Anyway, the photos are breath taking. Maybe you can donate them to the Bird magazines to share with the birders. They would love to see these pictures.

9 years ago

That redwood log is really nice. I have never seen a redwood tree anywhere but in a picture.

9 years ago

  I totally missed Merilyn's angel in the spruce photo's.  OUTSTANDING!

Hey, Deb, at least your sunset are from '08 not like mine from '80    This time of year I don't see sunsets from my house, it's to far south, but just think in 2 weeks the days start getting longer 

In my travels in the past week I found an interesting little program that can resize multiple photos at one time.   If you want to do  bunch at once just put what you want to resize in a separate folder, browse for it and let it do it's thing, or you can leave them where they are and do them one at a time.   At 1.06mb it's a easy download.

  Driftwood, did someone mention driftwood  Here's another oldie but goodie


This isn't really driftwood since it's still rooted to the  ground.

Also have "old" wood

Old House, Ogdenburg NJ 01

Speaking of old, I'm thinking of having Karen get me a slide scanner for Xmas.  I'll have to go through my slides to see if it's worth it or not.

BTW Merilyn, I think my camera is having trouble.  It didn't want to work again yesterday with the flash turned on, and it had nothing to do with the batteries either.   I just went a half a lung on Kim getting her a new Canon 10 MP Elf for Xmas, not to mention the other half of the lung on an iPod for April, so it'll be a while to even send it out to get fixed should it stop working all together.  Well there's always the old Olympus and dare I say, film!  

PS Karen got the left  kidney

9 years ago

That tree root is really neat, and also the old wood too. I think the sunsets are fantastic as well.  I would still vote on those hawk pics though. They have to take first place.

9 years ago

Donna.   Those tree stumps are in a lake in northern NJ on the NY state border, Upper Greenwood Lake.  Which is not to be confused with Greenwood Lake that lies half in NJ & half in NY    Every few years the lake is drained so the residents can repair their docks and what not.  What makes me wonder  is how did those tree grow there in the first place since they're under water normally.  Also why did they  cut them down other than NJ cuts everything down

I'm sure I have more of them around.  That one just happened to be in my B&W album 

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9 years ago

Sunny - certainly good to have you join us and know your still amongst the living!  I love your blk & wh stump and the old wood on the ramshakle building!  Great work!

And thanks everyone re driftwood and Donna re hawk.  I have a couple other driftwood pix that I'll try to share with you all tomorrow, I took it very easy today, trying to get over this bug so I can handle dinner at Harry's tonight.

Donna that was very kind of you but I'm afraid my hawk pix are not clear enough for a mag or book.  I would have almost given part of my body for a DSLR camera with a humongous lens when I was shooting that beautiful Red Tailed Hawk!  Could have steadied the lens on the window sill of the car.  Oh well, maybe Harry will buy one one of these days, with a little encouragment from "yours truely", and I can play with it!  Now dont get smart!!! 

9 years ago

Sweetheart, Dec 8-08

Sweetheart was here this morning at 6:30 am for her breakfast.  When I openid the curtains I found her sitting patiently on the door mat waiting for me to get up and feed her, as usual!  She really is a sweet little doll and quite gently but I have never tried to touch her, not a good idea!  She loves cheap dog kibble but she will NOT leave until she has had her slice of brown bread, too!  And quite often she comes back for dinner, she deffinitely knows how to push my buttons!  If I ignore her she stands up and pats the glass with her dirty little feet (sliding glass door) and if that doesn't work she curls up on the mat and takes a nap as if to say "see, I'm weak from starvation!"!  She IS very fat & fluffy, NOT starving!

I took this shot, with flash, with my Konica Minolta, just to keep it in practice, LOL! The sliding glass door was open and I was sitting in it!

9 years ago

What a nice picture.  How cute that the little raccoon waits for her food.
Also nice that you have no snow

9 years ago

MERALYN: That is an absolutely beautiful picture. I had a raccoon that would eat right out of my hand. I stopped though because I didn't want her to get to friendly with the human species and meet the wrong one, if you know what I mean?

What a shame to have to feel that way. Maybe yours will do what mine did and bring her family.

9 years ago

Ladies - thank you both very much!  Dana I do have another female raccoon, a momma, who brings her three darling, little feisty fur-balls to eat.  I believe I've posted their pix before, perhaps in a thread called Smokey & the Raccoons?  The babies were aggressive towards Smokey at first, trying to bluff him into believing they were huge and furious raccoons, LOL!  Smokey has taught them manners! 

As to feeding the raccoons out of my hand, I do teach them to take bread out of my hand with their paws, not their mouths (with big teeth!) and generation after generation of raccoons have come here thru the years, beginning with my folks & brother, all deceased now, and are really part of my family.  I love them! 

9 years ago

That's a wonderful story, Meralyn.  You're so good with animals

9 years ago

Thank you Sandrea!

9 years ago

Nice shot, looks like it's friendly enough, but Meralyn, you're one brave lady.  I wouldn't  go near one of them for all the tea in China.  If I see one I make all sorts of noise and make sure it's gone before I go out.  They're the reason we have to license our cats and have them get rabies shots up my way.   Too many rabid coons.   Although could also be just an excuse to extract more money from our pockets and keep a head count of  how many a person has.  New Jersey, the home of the regulated.  I should  call it the Ex-Lax state.

Meanwhile  I found something living around here.  It's getting  near Christmas so guess who's in bloom?

Christmas Cactus rs (4)

The background on the above one is ice atop my gas grill

Christmas Cactus rs

Christmas Cactus rs (6)

And one last guy held against a rare blue sky of late.

Christmas Cactus '08 (7)rs

It was a whole 19 degrees, that's -7 for you "C" people, the day I took these.   Brrrrr.  Today it hit 58 (12.7 C) but it's raining

If you ever need to convert

9 years ago

WOW!  Sunny thats a gorgeous Christmas cactus!  Lovely shots!  Mine is being lazy, hasn't even put up a bud!  Maybe I'm not feeding it enough this year?!  Dont seem to be doing anything differently, though.  Oh well.

No, I'm not very brave, I just know my little furry friends fairly well.  And we havn't had a case of rabies in the raccoons (or foxes) here for many years.  Its still mandatory to license and have rabies shots for dogs but not cats.

OK, I've got to go dig up something for dinner and finish packing for tomorrow.

Have a great day tomorrow and I hope the weather is good enough for you all to get out and walk!  Jeesh, that's cold back there!

9 years ago

Wow Sunny, the color on those are gorgeous! They are so beautiful!

Meralyn,I love those driftwood pics, and of course the raccoon pic too! Great shooting! And, have a great time at the light show! We'll miss you!

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9 years ago

Hi everyone, great pictures.  I love them all.  Sunny my Thanksgiving/Christmas cactus are blooming too. 

I am going to try and post a couple of pictures again.  The last time something went wrong.  Here is the latest of my turkeys.

Nov Turkeys.jpg

hungry deer

Nov Deer.jpg


9 years ago

Lovely pictures, everyone!
Sugar what beautiful surroundings you have

9 years ago

 Twernt nuttin'.  Nature did it.    Some day I'm actually going to  put it in a  pot that I can show off.  It's still in the plastic pot it came in ages ago.  One reason is I'm afraid it may not  bloom if I do.  I already have the pot too.

I still think we have to license cats so  big brother can keep a head count.  They use the coons as an excuse, plus it puts money in the townships pocket.  Well they are  never going to know about Felix   Far as I'm concerned she's an indoor feral.

Hey Sugar.   I like  those Wild Turkey, especially the  ones you find on a  bottle of Bourbon.    And you're right  about the Thanksgiving/Christmas cactus.  Mine seems to bloom right after Thanksgiving  and is gone by Christmas.  But then it  blooms again in  late January early February, so it's schedule is quite confused.

9 years ago
Wow, I have been missing out.I ve not popped in for a while.What fabulus pictures you have all post.WELL DONE!!
9 years ago

Sugar - great pix of the turkeys and the deer!  Your blessed with the area you live in and the animals!  Thanks for hanging in there  and sharing with us!

Sunny - your cactus probably would stop blooming for awhile.  They (plans) build up a new root system then and forget about anything else.  If its still happy in the original pot perhaps you could just sit that in a bigger, deco pot for the time being?

Light Show at Shore Acres Park, December 12,2008
9 years ago

Cypresses by Gift Shop

I photographed this beautiful, huge cypress tree, high lighted with spotlights and accompaning decorated Christmas trees, at the entrance to the Light Show at Shore Acres.  The building behind the trees is the gift shop.

Louis Simpson, the founder of (the town of) North Bend, built both his mansions (at this location),  The first was destroyed by fire.  The second was pulled down by the State of Oregon after WWII to save the cost of maintaining it.  Simpson's famous gardens are preserved within the park... 

You can find more interesting history about Simpson thru Google.

I'll post more pic later as I get them edited and loaded.  I dont have much energy today.  Have a great Saturday fellow Shutterbugs!

9 years ago

That's gorgeous, Meralyn! I'm glad you & Harry had a nice time!

Nice pics Sugar!

Shore Acres Light Show -
9 years ago

Shore Acres Pk Lt Show, OLd House

The old house in Shore Acres Park Light Show, December 12, 2008.  It wasn't completely dark yet, gave an interesting effect.  A tad bit blurry, though, as my camera doesn't do that well at night sometimes, hand held.

Dragonfly, Shore Acres Light Show

The Dragonfly at the Light Show.  They had many creatures, ocean life and others, depicted in the show, fabulous decorations and effects! I'll post other pix from the light show later, I want to give everyone a chance to get in here, too.

And thank you Sandy!

Happy shooting Shutterbugs and have a wonderful Sunday!

9 years ago

Hello all. I see everyone has been busy? That is a gorgeous Christmas cactus, Sunny. I've always loved them, but can't keep one going. The cats have always knocked over all of my plants! Dirt everywhere - a big mess. I gave up about 15 years ago. Sugar, it is so good to see you posting in here!! Your deer look so slick coated. Is that a recent shot? Our deer are very thick coated now, and look pretty scruffy. You must have been pretty close to the turkeys? Great shot! Meralyn! What a beautiful shot of that tree. The pics of the light show sure look like it was a beautiful trip! Good job, everyone  Thanks so much for sharing!

Shore Acres Light Show, cont.
9 years ago

Shore Acres Old House, Santa's Bathroom

Santa's bathroom in the old house in Shore Acres.  They decorated the house beautifully inside as well as out.  My flash refused to work so this isn't a very good photo. 

I'll try to post more tomorrow from this gorgeous Light Show.  I'm fighting a flu-type bug and my right arm is killing me!  At least today my eyes are better!

Sandrea - thanks girl!

Take care everyone, stay well if possible and enjoy the Holiday Season!

9 years ago

Meralyn.... i've never thought about Santa's washroom before.  It had never crossed my mind until now.
How pretty it is. 
Thank you, Meralyn for this magical moment

9 years ago

And thank you, too, Sandrea!  Your a Sweetheart!

9 years ago

Meralyn, I like the way it looks in a "natural" lighting like that. No flash needed! What a neat tub Santa has!!!

Shore Acres Light Show, cont.
9 years ago

Shore Acres Light Show, fog Bank

We arrived before it was completely dark, which proved good as we scouted the territory and decide dwhat we wanted to shoot, also got decidedly different effects.

I looked up and saw this awesome fog bank rolling in, what a powerful, and ominous, visual message!  It deffinitely got darker after that but thank God it was high fog!

The garden (park) sits on high cliffs above the ocean, you can hear the surf booming into a cove below! It IS a special place!

Sandrea - thanks girl!  I had, at one time in the past, a claw-footed old tub, like Santa's, in a rental. They are so very comfortable, not like the straight-backed ones these days!  I'd love to find one like it!

I've got to go back to bed, doing my insomnia thing and am being tortured by my shoulder!  I'll post more pix from this wonderous Light Show later. 

Harry's Flower's in the Snow
9 years ago

Please forgive me for using photos other than my own but I was unable to go out and photograph my own so Harry gave me permission to use his, and I am sharing their special beauty here with you.

Harry's Fuschia in the Snow, Dec 15-08

Harry's fuschias in the snow.

Harry's Roses in the Snow, Dec 15-08

Harry's roses in the snow.  He planted these, bush roses.  Harry shot these with his big Fuji dig cam, with flash. I thought they were so very beautiful and special that I got permission from him to share them with you.  I signed them for him.

Our snow is mostly gone except for the hills behind us!  Its rare here on the Oregon coast, the so-called Banana Belt!  But dear Lord, its so cold, for us, we're spoiled!

Have a fun day with your cameras, family, or what-ever your doing dear Shutterbugs!  And take care, ya hear!

9 years ago

Oh wow! Bravo Harry! Those are beautiful!!!!Thank you Harry for allowing Meralyn to share your photos with us!

Meralyn, Your pics are just gorgeous too!!!

9 years ago
Meralyn, I'm so sorry, I meant to tell you- I hope you feel better soon!
9 years ago

Sandy - thank you very much sweety and I'll pass the compliments on to Harry.  He gets some stunning shots with his big Fuji, which is just too heavy and technical for me!  And I'm doing better, it depends on how much wine I've had, LOL!!! Thanks again!

Shore Acres Light Show - cont.
9 years ago

Shroe Acres Light Show, Cypress

Another group of spot-lighted cypress trees.  They totally captivated me, I fell in love with them!

Shore Acres Light Show, Cranes

Crane metal statues in the pond.  I have waited several years to be able to go back to Shore Acres and try to photograph these fantastic birds!  But the lighting proved very difficult, especially for our digital cameras!  Sure wish I'd taken my SLR film camera, too!  And the cranes look like they're blowing green bubbles!  I tried shooting these at many different angles, nothing worked better!

Shutterbugs - hey guys & gals, am I the only one using my camera during this Holiday Season?!  Hope someone else can contribute, too?!

9 years ago

Beautiful pictures Meralyn, and please tell harry his roses are pretty. I had no idea they could bloom in snowy weather.

9 years ago

Donna - thanks and I will pass the compliment on to Harry, he always glows, LOL!!!  We had a late warm spell, that is why everything was still blooming!  Then overnight it changed into winter with a vengence!  Crazy weather!  Now its trying to catch up with the rain and snow pack all at once!!!

9 years ago

Tracy - Your photos are lovely, thank you for posting them here and sharing with us!  If you note it says "Meralyn & friends...", that means anyone in the Cat Lovers Group honey!

9 years ago

I just had to delete Tracey's gorgeous photos because they were posted side by side and it caused the thread to go way wide. Just to let everyone know, I did message her to repost them, only not side by side. They were sure pretty!!! I hated to have to delete them!

Meralyn, that light show looks lilke it was beautiful! I love the pics of the spotlighted trees! And Harry's flowers are gorgeous! Tell him thanks for letting you share them, ok?

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