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Meralyn & Friends photography & digital art #27
9 years ago
| Blue Label

Hi shutterbugs and photo lovers!  Here's the link to #26. Please be sure to check back on it for any photos you may have missed.

And anyone who may have just posted, feel free to repost your pics on this new thread!   This is where we share our photos of things in our lives besides our furkids. All Cat Lovers are welcome to post their photos! The more pics posted the better! Please resize your photos to no wider than 640 pixels, and post your pics one on top of the other if you are posting more than one, so we don't have to scroll to read any posts.  Okay, everybody, get those cameras clicking!

9 years ago

Hi Meralyn, there isn't much very nice looking around here now except for dogs and cats, but these clouds were very bright and cheery when we were coming back from our walk.  It is usually so dreary and dead looking here in the winter time.

Winter Clouds 08.jpg


9 years ago

Sugar - gorgeous cloud photo!  Thanks for sharing with us, good to have you here again!  I am so very glad you are doing better now, too!  I dont think my camera does that well on cloud scenes, it can be stubborn sometimes!

Ladies - thanks from Harry, too!  Of course he puffed up over all the compliments, LOL!

I only have one or two more shots from the Shore Acres Light show and it seems I shot more blue than red!

Shore Acres Light Show, cont.
9 years ago

Shore Acres Light Show, Light Reflections in Pond

Reflections on the pond.

9 years ago

Very beautiful Meralyn, and your cloud pics are  wild looking Sugar. Clouds are always so neat looking when they puff up like that. I don't recall the names of them anymore though.

9 years ago

Hi Donna!  The clouds may be cumulus.  We did have rain eventually.


9 years ago

 Very nice light show.  I love night shots of lights.   I have some shots of a Red Lobster on slides.   I'll be looking through that stuff after Xmas since I did get myself a slide scanner.  It's a do not open till Christmas thing though  So after tings get back to what ever normal is I'll be looking at slides to see if there's anything worthy of scanning for the thread.   I know I have tons of my girls growing up, but that's not exactly interesting to anyone but me.

Sugar, I know what you mean.  It's nice to see a clear blue sky this time of year.   Good thinking looking up instead of down.   Not much to shoot looking down right now   More snow in the forecast for Sunday AM too. 

PS on the Christmas cactus.  Already losing it flowers.   They'll be gone by the 25th  

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9 years ago

Light Show Metal Sculpture, Dec 06

Photo of a metal sculpture in the Azalea Park Light Show here in Brookings, Or, two years ago.

Sunny - thank you!  And I would love to see your scanned pix!

Re - Sandy =  In case some of you havn't heard, Sandy was in a very bad auto collision!!!  She sustained rather serious injuries but thank God, not life-threatening!  Please go to the Prayer thread and say prayers for our special girl! 

9 years ago

Metal Sculpture, 07

Same sculpture last year, 2007, different lights, I didn't like it as well but it was interesting.

9 years ago


this is yesterday´s sunset. It was around 5 pm and I was walking to the park place and in spite of this seeing, I had to shot!


9 years ago

and one more:


The sky was so red that all looks like in flames, and I love how the tree got that dark color. Shadows played an important role in this picture. I love that contrast.

9 years ago

Gorgeous shots.  I need to get out at  night more.

Ah, sunsets/rises, I never get tried of them.  Who says the best things in life aren't free Ana

I tried to find the shot of my house all lit up for Xmas with the  blanket of snow on the lawn but seems  I misplaced it.  So the best thing I could do for a Christmas look was dig up one of the very first photos I ever took with the Canon 2 years ago.   I should have  really used a tripod and set it up better, but  then again I didn't think I'd ever use it for anything but practice

So to everyone, have a very   MERRY CHRISTMAS

Resize of Xmas Orniment (7)

9 years ago

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!!!

kittie christmas

9 years ago

They were some beautiful sunsets. I never saw anything like that before.

I love your driveway Deb. I wish I lived out in  the country like that. This is considered the country here, but not like that, but I wouldn't want to live around any coyotes or wolves. We have bears, but I never saw one yet.

Merry Christmas Janie !

9 years ago

I'd like to get in on this too, so here's a picture of our tree:

All lit up!

9 years ago

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME PIX EVERYONE!!!  thank you all for sharing with us!  WOW!!!

I've had a very busy but fun Christmas Eve with Harry!  We even roasted chestnuts!  Havn't had any for about twenty years in Greece, chestnuts that is!!!  Then I had to shove him out the door!  I'm bushed!  I baked a pecan/choc chip pie, too, today for his dinner tomorrow.


9 years ago

I found this in a flower pot on the back deck.  My kitty was up on her back paws trying to get at something out the window in the door.  I looked out to see what she was trying to get at and saw this Possum.  I got my camera and got this shot.  It happened to be around 1 am.

9 years ago

Beautiful Tree Chat girl.  Mine comes out of the box and on to the table, and then back into the box. That is it.
Meralyn, that pie sounds wonderful. I am happy to hear that you had a nice Christmas.
Jean, the Opossum looks just like the ones we have around here, and when I posted 2 photos a long time ago, I took them at midnight.

9 years ago

Jean - GREAT SHOT!!!  What a marvelous capture, lucky you and good shooting, too!!!  I have possums here and got to shoot one (with camera, of course!) with babies riding on her back!  I posted it some time ago. Thank you for sharing this marvelous "happening" with us!

Donna - Thanks re pie!  I left it at Harry's so I wouldn't eat any more of it for awhile! 

Winter on the Coast, 2008
9 years ago

Prince Isl, Dec 08

Prince Island, actually on the California side of the border, but only a few miles from where I live on the Oregon side.  This island sits off the Tolowa Indian Rancheria (Reservation) shore and it is one of the places where I love to walk. I shot this a couple of weeks ago.

9 years ago

Deb - lovely shot thru glass or not!  Is the camera the one Santa's helper sent?  And the last snow scenes? Properties woudn't pull it up for me.  And thanks re my pix.

I've got to get out of here now and get dressed!  I feel like a slug today!

Have a great day everyone and happy shooting at whatever, if possible!

P.S.  the little possums here are gentle, the mother ate with the raccoons and the cats!  They do have a mouth full of saw-teeth, though! And, they are also awfully stupid!

9 years ago

Hummingbird in the Snow, Dec 08

Female Anna's hummy in the snow we had last week.  You'd think they would be smart enough to go South for the winter but some of them stay here thru the winter.

I shot this thru my dirty frontroom window so its not a quality pic.

9 years ago

Sunset on the Winchuck River

Sunset on the still very high Winchuck River!  I shot this the other night while standing on the sidewalk ramp that goes down to the river.  Rather disconcerting to stand next to a still roaring river, though!

When you-all have recovered enough from the Holidays I hope you'll start posting your wonderful pix here again.  Take care and have a good day and get out walking with your cameras, it really does lift the spirit, its good for the soul!!!

9 years ago

Hi folks  Happy New Year 

Very nice winter shots, and as soon as my daughters stop driving me loony tunes I'l get a chance to put up some, albeit late, Christmas pictures I took of some of the houses that a lit up out my way.   We got a chance last night to cruise around and I think I got some nice night shots.

Oops!  The mob just returned  

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