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Meralyn & Friends photography & digital art #28 CLOSED
9 years ago

Hi shutterbugs and photo lovers!  Here's the link to #27. Please be sure to check back on it for any photos you may have missed.

And anyone who may have just posted, feel free to repost your pics on this new thread!   This is where we share our photos of things in our lives besides our furkids. All Cat Lovers are welcome to post their photos! The more pics posted the better! Please resize your photos to no wider than 640 pixels, and post your pics one on top of the other if you are posting more than one, so we don't have to scroll to read any posts.  Okay, everybody, get those cameras clicking!

9 years ago
Sandrea - Thank your very much for your help, much needed!!!  I will try to post more tomorrow but hey, that's New Year's Eve!  Have a great, but safe, time everyone!
9 years ago

Hi everyone, Here's a sky picture I took. It's not the greatest, but thought I'd share my little picture too.

Happy New Year!!


9 years ago

Sandy - your photo is absolutely GLORIOUS!!!  And thank you so very much dearheart for sharing with us!  And do NOT put your work down, your photography is great!  Go forth and shine girl!  And remember -

9 years ago
Gosh Meralyn, Thank you!!!!That means a lot to me. I'm trying to get better at it. My hand wont stay steady sometimes and I end up with blurry pics. I try to brace it though. I'd also like to get a new camera someday soon too.  Every time I go to the mall I check them out. Hopefully soon I can get one
9 years ago

You're quite welcome, Meralyn!
Sandy I really like your sky pic

9 years ago

Great sky picture Sandy!  I just missed a nice looking scene.  The trees in the front of my house were gilded with gold.  By the time I got my camera, it was gone.  I did go ahead and take a picture in the back of my house of the sky and the 'gorgeous' winter trees.  Ohio is just not a very attractive state in the winter.  Here is my back yard with a touch of evening sky.  That's about the most color I ever have.

Winter jan 1 09.jpg


9 years ago
Very nice picture, Sugar!
9 years ago

That's a very big yard, and being surrounded by trees is great, Sugar.  Very nice

9 years ago

Thanks Sandy and Sandrea.  Looking back the right side has a creek on the other side of the tree line and on the left we have our deer trail on the little hillside through the trees.  I took Tom, Little Joe, Bobby and the two dogs for their almost daily walk there.  Here is the same view a little later.

night sky 1  1  09.jpg


9 years ago

Sugar - your pix are lovely, too, and that is such a beautiful setting.  Thanks for sharing with us.  I'll try to get something posted tomorrow, today I just had to rest.  Wanted to go out for a walk but it rained all day and I'm still fighting my sinus thing so decided to stay in.  Good night now.

9 years ago

Meralyn!  I am fighting sinuses too!  I never had a problem last year, but it looks like I can't say that about 2009!  I hate it!  Tell me if you know, are sinus problems only in the winter?  That is the only time I have had them.  I am just curious.

Good luck and prayers for yours to clear up and mine too!


Winter Fuschias, December 2008
9 years ago

Fuschias, Winter, Dec 2008

Winter fuschias stubbornly, or bravely, blooming on my deck! These beautiful little plants live on the south side of my house and are protected, to a certian degree, up against the house.  But the violent Pacific storms that have hit, one right after another like vicious freight trains, have battered and bruised them!  But still, they keep going!  They are an incentive to me, when I can get my head out of "where the sun doesn't shine", quit feeling sorry for myself, and keep on going!

Sugar - my sinuses give me grief when-ever they feel like it, it seems!  Sometimes its a change in weather, sometimes not!  I have come to the conclusion that it is due to an allergy to the mold in this house, and entire country!!! If the weather is hot and dry, rarely here, they are not so bad.  I use Air Bourne (generic brand) which helps, antihistimine (generic brand), pain killers, and sometimes, yes!, a little wine!  Hope yours gets better and good to hear you've healed well! 

Happy shooting Shutterbugs!

9 years ago

Meralyn, how nice to have foliage at this time of year.
I sometimes wonder if i shouldn't have gone to the West Coast instead of the East Coast.  I guess if it hadn't rained everyday since Winter ended last year, and we actually get Seasons this year, it will all be good!

9 years ago

Sandrea - yes, and I DO understand "girlfriend"!  The rain and the damn damp does get to me!  And thanks!

9 years ago

Oh wow Meralyn! Your Winter fuschias are beautiful! What a fantastic shot too! PS-I love your posts & the stories behind them!

Hi Sugar! Oooh, the second pic is just as lovely as the first! So pretty!

9 years ago

Looks like most of us are having the same thought, look up!

This one is what I see around sunset in my backyard this time of year.  If it were summer I'd see nothing but leaves.  Usually a  bit less of the pink at sunset though.

Meralyn, you'd never find anything like that blooming in these parts that's for sure.  You're in a  little  piece of Paradise without the  sweltering heat of the south.

Saw April off at 5 AM  this morning so hopefully I'll have me time to me again for the next 355 days.  Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Gotta get to editing the night pics of the houses around here, and soon.  Nothing like seeing  Xmas deco in mid May. 

Haven't tried doing slides on the  new scanner yet, but for sure it's a lot faster, and sharper than the Canon all-in-one I got last year.  Can't expect much for free, right.

Sandy, should you look into the new Canon cameras, be sure to get one  that's model number ends in IS.  Stands for Image Stabilization.   I just  got Kim a new Elf 880 with  IS and even Karen took some nice  pics with it.  She moves the whole camera every time she takes a shot  Never got that "squeeze" thing  down right.  Also used to be only the very top of the line Elf's had IS, but now a whole bunch of them have it.

What I really like with the 880 is it can remove red eye in the camera  It will also find the faces and put a box around each one so you  know  just where in the  frame  they should be.   No ceiling shots that way.   These things get more amazing each year


9 years ago

Sunny - that is a wonderful sunset!  Soft, beautiful colors, so peacefull looking.  You've probably heard that old ditty - "Red at night, sailor"s delight, red in the morning sailors take warning"!?  It usually is accurate here!

Yesterday Harry and I went for a walk on the beach a little north of where I live, intermittent sunshine and squalls hitting the area but nothing too drastic.  By the time we got out to our destination, Whaleshead beach, it had cleared, mostly, the squalls staying off shore.  But, by the time we started back from our mile-long walk, WHAMMO!!! A violent squall with sleet and wind hit us and we speed-walked back, taking cover at one time in a cave!  Miserable, ice-cold, UGH!!!  NOT FUN!!!  DEFFINITELY NOT A PARADISE!!!  Its only a paradise when it wants to be, the rest of the time it is hell's own fury!!!

I got some rather interesting pix of cairns that someone had built, though, and will share them with you when I get edited and loaded.

Elf cameras - I'm not familiar with them.  I'll have to research, sounds interesting.  As to holding steady when clicking away, I seem to be having a harder and harder time doing that, damn!!!

Have a great weekend all and happy clicking Shutterbugs!

Sunrise on the Winchuck River, Jan 4-09
9 years ago

Sunrise on the Winchuck Riv

This beautiful sunrise greeted me this morning!  Oh, oh, "sunrise in the morning, sailors take warning"!  Jeesh, I hope that doesn't come true?!

Hopefully your weather will cooperaate so you can get out for a walk with your cameras.  While your at it hug a tree!  They appreciated it and you'll enjoy the vibes!  Take care now and have a great Sunday!

9 years ago

Red sky warnings!  It still looks like Paradise!!

Sunny has me pondering "another" new camera!

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9 years ago

Sandrea - thanks!  I'd research all the cameras, buy the one that will do whatever you require it to.  Some of them are handy pocket cameras but quite limited in what they can/will do.

And its freezing cold here today, over-cast, ICK!  Deffinitely NOT a paradise, its forgotten to be, AGAIN!!!  My heat pump is working very hard to keep it warm in here, has to turn on the axillary furnace, and I have a little electric heater running here in the back room where I have my "puter".  And I'm still bundled up!  Wanted to go for a walk, think I'll just put it on hold!

9 years ago

Oh yeah Meralyn,  I recited that many a time when I was in the Army's, Navy.    Really who knew the Army actually has it's own little Navy, not me until I got assigned to a boat.

Sandrea, when you look for a camera, you look for one that suits your own needs.  Four or 5 years ago I found a nice little Olympus for Kim that suited what she would use it for, I told a friend I was getting Kim the camera.  My friend thinking I know what I'm doing goes out and get the same one.  WRONG.  It didn't suit her needs at all  Kim's a point and shooter, will rarely take to off AUTO and is mainly interested in picture of friends and vacation, wouldn't know what Macro means or spot metering or and thing else.  Her and April are  both more suited to the tiny Elfs that Canon makes, easy to carry, easy if you want it that way, to use.  They have some nice extras but I doubt my girls will ever use them.    Now me, I want a decent macro, and little things like 2nd curtain sync and slow sync and being able to go to manual if need be, a spot meter to isolate exposure.  In English, bells that  most people don't even know exist let alone know how to use. 

What is nice is that only 2 years ago the only Canon's that had that image stabilization feature were the top models and most expensive of course, now nearly all of them have it.  I'm sure other companies have similar ways to keep the image from blurring also.  Karen is a notorious shutter pusher.  I bought her so many camera back in the 70's to try and find one that had a fast enough shutter speed so it would freeze her movement, never found one either.  Her dad was just as bad too.

This is called  fooling with f stops, Depth Of Field (DOF)

Now you read the  label

Now you can't

I wish these little cameras had a wider ring of  f stops.  From 2.8 to 8 isn't a very  large spread.   Could have used and 11 or 16 for what I was trying to do.   As it is I had to move the bottle a little farther in the 2nd one.

Oh that's my excuse for new years champagne, seltzer in white Zinfandel

9 years ago

Finally  A visit to Santa's house






This is the first batch.  I'll do them 4 or 5 at a time. 

These are all from one house, and there's a bunch more to come. 

This family does this every year just for the fun of it.  And yes, they've made the 6 o'clock NY News too, so people come from all over to see it.   I'm lucky there only about  6 miles or so from where I live

9 years ago
Meralyn and Sunny....thanks for the camera tips!

Wow, Sunny....that Christmas scene is really nice.  What a lot of work it must be for for us!
9 years ago

Very beautiful light show pix Sunny and thanks for the example of f-stops.  Yes, you deffinitely want the biggest range you can get, same as shutter speed, the highest possible!  But again, that depends on how tech. you want to get?!  My camera just does NOT have a fast enough shutter speed!  When you want to stop-down hummies you DO need a fast shutter speed!

Walk on the Beach in a Storm!  NOT A PARADISE DAY!!! -

Cairns by Stream, Whaleshead Beach

Cairns on a log by a stream.  Someone had re-created these ancient markers of stones, totally captivating to me,  but I was an ancient History buff!  The weather was vicious, sleet, wind, rain, we had to take shelter at one point in a cave in the rocks on the beach!

Cairns, Whaleshead Beach

Cairn pic cropped and branch cloned out.  The size of the stones, and likeness, were amazing!  I would love to meet, and talk to, the person that took the time to re-create these mystic markers!

Cairns on Log, Squall coming in

Another squall coming in!  I was taking cover behind a log!  Time to hot-foot it back to the parking lot!!!

Cairn on Driftwood, Whaleshead

View out to sea from another cairn on the end of a large piece of driftwood.

Boy am I ever glad I dressed for the weather!  Harry did NOT!  But by the time we speed-walked back up the beach, about a mile, the sun was out, squalls had roared past, and we were rather soggy to put it mildly!  But dear God, it WAS awesome!  And yes, it WAS worth it, you bettcha bootie!!!

9 years ago

Wow Meralyn, such beautiful photos! They are so clear! I too would like to meet the person who re created those markers! How fascinating!

Hi Sunny! Those Christmas pics are lovely! I'd love to have that many lights up around my home!

9 years ago
Truly fascinating, Meralyn.  It's like we have our own Nat'l Geog. brought right to our group.  Thank you!
9 years ago

Ladies - thank you very much! 

9 years ago

Ooops Sunny, I forgot to thank you for the camera tips! Thank you!!!

9 years ago

Oooh   Fantastic shots Meralyn.    Funny how looking at them it seems like such a pleasant  day.    It's like the  Christmas lights on the homes, I'm freezing wearing  those wool gloves with the finger tips purposely missing so I can  feel the  tiny buttons and  change exposures etc and keep the finger from freezing.  Snow and ice are nice in photos, but  think about the person that was out there taking them. Brrrr!

Here's another  5---this guy really does this place up like nobody's business.  Starts the day after Thanksgiving every year.



In this one the puffs of smoke are  in sequence but  the exposer is so long  it look like they are all lit at one time.


Not sure if this is a dupe or slightly different.  I took so many of them.


I used the tungsten light setting on this so the lights came out more bluish.  To the eye they are white.


Sandy, I seem to recall a salesman lying to you about  that  stabilization feature with your current camera.  Now you know, look for IS as the last part of the model number with Canon cameras at least.  I'm sure other companies must have that now too.

Oh and Meralyn, You mentioned shutter speed.  would you believe the  camera I used for portraits and wedings had a top speed of only 1/500 of a second!  It's a perfect example of  choosing a camera for what it's going to be used for.   Not a lot of use for faster speed in that kind of work.

If my ice pictures from today  look OK I'll have them to show  soon also.

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Meralyn & Friends photography & digital art # 28
9 years ago

I hope adding a few are OK.  These are from when I worked on a float for the 2004 Rose Parade (no shucks, I didn't work on this one).

2004 Rose Parade Cat #42004 Rose Parade Cat #2

2004 Rose Parade Cat #32004 Rose Parade Cat's Ball of String

Here's one I took outside the Float Barn (sorry it's not too clear, I was trying to shoot it fast before the humming bird flew away).

Humming Bird and Bird of Paradise

And finally, here is one I took from viewing this year's floats after the parade.

2009 City of Torrance's Mad Hatter Tea Party's Cheshire Cat

Lee =^..^=

This post was modified from its original form on 08 Jan, 6:49
9 years ago

HI Lee, those are very nice photos! Fantastic!!It must be fun to work on a float! Good job! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Hi Sunny, oh those are even better than your last Christmas ones! I'd LOVE to do something like that with all those lights. I do love Christmas and decorating fo it. You'd have to start putting them up pretty early though!  And thanks RE camera! You sure have a good memory Sunny! I almost forgot myself about the salesman telling me that!!! ( basically lying to me!!)Thanks for the tips. My fingers are crossed for getting a new one this year. Hint Hint to Tom!! That would make a lovely gift for your Wife!!

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9 years ago

Sunny- AWESOME PIX!!!  Really beautiful light shots!!!  And thanks so very much for sharing not only your great photography but all the helpful info, too!  Its really wonderful to have you come in and share with us!  Thank you! I had a nice post for you done at 3am, yeah, insomnia again!  Hit the wrong key or something and lost the whole blinking thing!  Ticked-off, went back to bed!!!

Lee - Your photography is GREAT!  We arn't supposed to put pix of our kitties in here but those are NOT real cats so I think its perfectly OK!  And thank you for sharing your pix with us, very happy to have you join us here!!!

9 years ago

  Good thing the Kitties aren't real Lee.  Those are some big guys you got there   I see you have a likeness of me  The Cheshire cat grin.   It's very hard to get  clear shots of hummers.  Takes practice, practice practice  Not to mention a fast shutter speed

Here's the last of the Christmas lights.  The first one is still from the same house.


This is the next door neighbors house.  He told me he's looking into computerizing the  lights to music next year, so they look like  the house in the Miller Beer commercial..


The last  couple are from yet another place we  came across.

The slide was animated but  due to the long  exposure  both Santa's are light  instead of one at the top and one at the bottom of the slide.


Full view from the left.


And one from the right.


Too bad I was frozen to death by the time we found this guy or I would have taken more close-ups.  Brrrr!

Next is to edit down  a couple of  Xmas ornaments to a couple of  shots..  Yeah right.

Oh, Meralyn, when are you going to learn to type it up in  Notepad or Wordpad first.   Or  copy it to one of them as you go along.  Don't  need a fancy word processor, just what  came  with windows.   At least then if C2 goes wacky you still have the text.  Sorry you lost  your post

Yeah Sandy, I have a way of remembering unscrupulous people.  Just like I'm going to remember that  my oven stopped working before  turkey day and still isn't fixed

9 years ago

Sunny - Wonderful photos, again!!!  Did you use a tripod?  I had an awful problem shooting the light show without one so just propped my camera ontop of Harry's, which was on his tripod!

I havn't been having any trouble lately with losing posts so havn't saved and it just seems like extra trouble doing the post first in Words, which I have as it came with my Windows program.  Maybe I'll remember to do it one of these days when I develope a perfect brain.  But I'm afraid with aging, that is NOT going to happen!

Happy shooting Shutterbugs!  I hope your weather permits outings & excercise?!  Lord I hate staying indoors in the rain!!!  Going to get out today as were having a sunny day, YEAH!

Sandy - honey I forgot to comment, I think, on you wanting a new camera, GOOD LUCK!!!

9 years ago

Great pics Sunny! I'm really enjoying these Christmas ones! And I cant believe your stove is still not fixed! My gosh!

Hi meralyn, Thank you! My fingers are crossed to get one this year.

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Meralyn & Friends photography & digital art # 28
9 years ago

Sunny, Thanks for the comments about my pics.  After I posted them I realized others were putting several full shots in the post.  I reduced the size of them to make my post smaller.  They would have looked nicer if they were larger. I was amazed to capture the pic of the hummingbird.  It was right there at the bird of paradise for about 30 seconds so I quickly turned my camera on and got it!

9 years ago

Lee - you can put fairly large photos in as long as they dont exceed 640 in width.  Best they dont in length, either.  You can have two side beside as long as the two together do NOT exceed 640 and yours were just fine.  You can also post several pix as long as they are one after another, as you've seen here.  And we LOVE having you contribute to the Photography thread, too! Ya'all come on in, ya hear! 

Chestnut-backed Chicadee, Jan 10-09
9 years ago

Chestnut-backed Chicadee

Original photo.

Chestnut-backed chicadee

End result after cropping, enhancing a little, and sharpening a bit.  I wasn't happy with the way the colors turned out but other-wise I like it fairly well especially since I shot it at some distance.  This is the first time I've photographed a chicadee of this type out in the wild, the other photos I've posted were of fairly tame birds nesting in a box in my crabapple tree. 

9 years ago
Wow.  Way to bring us in close to the Chicadee.  Nice Job!
There are Robins and Blue Jays outside here even though it's 21 degrees F(at this moment), and lots of snow!
9 years ago
I just noticed your pictures, Lee.  Very nice!

And, Sunny those Christmas pics are really cool!
9 years ago

Oh no Meralyn, I love the coloring!!! Wow they are so vibrant! I love it! I think it's gorgeous! Nicely done, Lady! Bravo!!

9 years ago

Sandy & Sandrea - thanks ladies, you two just made my day!

9 years ago

African Violet

One of my African Violets, photographed this morning.  I had to brace the camera against the chair at the table to hole the camera steady.  Not happy with the shot, dont like the bud in it, but didn't want to remove it for the photo.

I hope your not all snowed in?!   I got out yesterday, remembered to take my camera, forgot to put the battery back in it, which I had re-charged!  Brain, what brain?! Take care!

9 years ago

Oooh Meralyn, how pretty! Wow, the color is fantastic!And,I really like the bud in it! It's beautiful!

9 years ago

Thanks Sandy, you are a sweetheart!  Did you notice the male part of the flower?! LOL!!!  Nothing like pollination, chuckle! I've posted African Violet flower pix before but this one is certainly doing its "thing"!!!

9 years ago
 Hee Hee No, I hadn't noticed it till you mentioned it!!
9 years ago

I don't think we're going to see much in the way of a thaw here either Sandrea. Snow coming tonight again, and it's not expected to get up to freezing until next Wednesday. Over night low is supposed to be zero tonight, and 4 Friday night

Nice chickadee shot you got there Meralyn I keep living vicariously through your photos since I'm sure not going out in this

Naughty ladies, always thinking about reproductive organs. I have a white violet here that looks like it's hung like a horse. And I'm not taking a picture of it until it puts on some underwear.

Meanwhile I got around to taking a few of the couple of Christmas ornaments before taking the tree down. They are the only decent ones we have, the rest don't wear Under Roos Sorry it took so too long for me to narrow them down, then I misplaced the darned things.

All are natural light using a tripod.   And YES, all the  Christmas lights were shot using a tripod also

Angel, straight up, no filter

Orniments 2008 (21).jpg

With a cross filter.

Orniments 2008 (23).jpg

This one I shoved a light up her butt.

Orniments 2008 (20).jpg

Darn, that one above is the wrong shot  I'm not changing it

The glass one with the bird in it.

Orniments 2008 (35).jpg

With cross filter again

Orniments 2008 (32).jpg

Lee, if you use a Care 2 album for your photos they will automatically be reduced to fit the threads even if you upload them at 1600x1200, but if you use Photo Bucket or one of the other photo hosting sites they could post at full size and that can cause problems with scrolling back and forth, plus it makes them longer to load.  And for the comment in the kitties albums

Well enjoy the last of my Christmas stuff.

NO! I'm wrong, I have some snow globes on my list of thing to do before Karen shoots me.  If I get to them Thursday, I'll try to get them up quick.  Meanwhile pizza is being served in my kitchen



9 years ago

 Sunny - FANTASTIC LIGHT SHOTS!!!  Did you use digital or SLR?  I LOVE the star filter!  Its something (else!) I've been wanting to buy but so many other things on list of "must do"!  And thanks re chicadee shot.

No, I dont think us ladies only think of reproductive organs, sometimes we actually think of what goes with them, LOL!!!

I got some pix on our trip up the coast yesterday to Gold Beach and the Rogue River.  Saw a new hawk, shot it, saw a Bald Eagle, believe it or not, wasn't fast enough, dang it!  I'll share later when I get edited.

Sunny - you might check out the Birds thread, we've been posting a bit there, too.  If you have anything to contribute would love it.

I wont tell you what the weather was like yesterday, still is, that would be mean!  Take care Shutterbugs and shoot something, even if its your spouse, LOL!!!

9 years ago

Sunny, your post is hysterical!!

Love the Angel ornaments! Really nice pics Sunny!!

And PS- "Under roos!!"

Hi Meralyn, oh I'm so jealous of your nice weather!!!Gosh, I cant wait till spring!

9 years ago

Karen's going to shoot Sunny?  Sandy, we will finally get to see what he looks like! 
See i got the shooting thing straightened out.. it means taking a pic of someone..hehe!

Cloud Angels Dancing, Jan 14-09
9 years ago

Cloud Angels Dancing

We stopped at Pistol River estuary to look for birds on our way up to Gold Beach yesterday and there were the most awesome wind clouds!  I got a kink in my neck and a bit dizzy looking up at them!  I enhanced and sharpened this shot a little to give it more drama, it was rather washy.

Sandy - I wish I could send everyone some of our weather!  The only thing is - my allergies are going crazy!  Or its a cold?!  I feel crappy, decided to just stay home and rest today!

Sandrea - glad you got shooting figured out but Sunny may have meant his wife would shoot him with a gun?! LOL!  Donna thought for awhile that I was actually going out and shooting animals with a gun!

9 years ago

Oops. Sorry fan, yes singular, got a bit side tracked but I'll be back later to show off our snow globes And maybe even my voyeuristic violet.

And I will have some GOOD news in the kitchen thread too

Excellent clouds Meralyn., I have a whole folder devoted to them. I love clouds, even have some I took from planes looking down at them. Look like you can get out and walk on 'em.

Hey, Karen doesn't have to shoot me, she's slowly putting the nails in my coffin by buying things I'm not supposed to eat.

9 years ago

The first 3 are from Vermont Teddy Bear in of course Vermont.

All shot using a tripod

Snow Globes_01 15 09_1053.jpg

Snow Globes_01 15 09_1055

Snow Globes_01 15 09_1061.jpg

This one is new for 2008, someone Karen works for gave it to her.

Snow Globes_01 15 09_1068.jpg

Bring on the snow storm.

Snow Globes_01 15 09_1025.jpg

Snow Globes_01 15 09_1028.jpg

Much nicer to see the snow in a globe than on the ground.  It was -3 here at 7 AM.  Brrrr.

Meralyn, I used the tungsten setting on that last one.  Wish I had remembered I had it sooner so they all didn't come out orange-ish from light bulbs.  Though it is a nice effect using "warm" natural light.

Is there really a bird thread?  Or is it a different group.  Not that I have anything to contribute. 

9 years ago


This is one  very happy Violet

Violet_01 15 09_1005 (1).jpg

And it's brother

Violet_01 15 09_1005 (9).jpg

9 years ago

Sunny!!!  I think I might be blushing!!!   That really is a great shot! Wow, it's so clear. And I LOVE the snow globes!! They are fantastic!!

Hi Meralyn, I dont know how I missed your Dancing Angels Cloud pic!! OMG!!!!That is stunning!!! Wow- truly amazing!!! I've noticed you've captured quite a few angels in some of your photos! How glorious!!  That gives me goose bumps. PS-I hope you're feeling better!!

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9 years ago

Oops I forgot, Sunny, here's the link to the bird thread.....

Meralyn has posted some amazing pics in there

9 years ago

Sunny - your Snow globes are just beautiful and I like both effects!  Thank you very much for sharing!

Umm, yes, and the "Happy Violet", I'd say, the VERY EXCITED VIOLET!!!  What happened to the "undies' Sunny?!  Maybe we should start a PERVERTED PLANT THREAD?!  Or, just, EROTICA?!  OMG, I CANT TAKE ANYMORE!!!  Time out!!! I need to go eat breakfast!  Scrambled eggs with chilli con carne!!! (More in your Restaurant thread!)

And thanks eveyone re my pix, and Sandy, for the "All About Birds" thread link!!!

Carry on happy (very!) Shutterbugs!!!

Raffi here-hoping you can advise me
9 years ago

Meralyn (and friends)

-this is Rafael coming on bended knee hoping

you can help me unravel something. I have some old pictures-standards that were converted to digital by scanning into a flash drive and I don't know what to do with the .... thing-it sits here and taunts me-I know you plug into USB and then you go to that drive and then after that I don't know how to download into my photo album from there. Can you help me that at all-

Your pictures are breathtaking-beautiful light work and composition and balance. I used to take alot of panoramics-lots of the Williamsburg, Va. village.

I am a stranger in a strange land with digital now. Like waking up in another world. I come late to this reality.

-what a delight this thread is-
I finally had a chance to spend some time in here.

Thanks for anything you can do to advise me.

9 years ago

Hi Rafael - glad to have you join us and I will try to help but we'll probably have to beg Sunny to help, too!  He's the expert and I'm sure he will understand better than I what your talking about.

I think you'll have to down-load your pix into something like My Pix (Windows?), then, depending on the resolution, you can go to Care2 Photos, open an Album, or start a new one, naming it whatever, go to Add Photos, browser, select the pic you want, and then add.  If the resolution is too high it can take Care2 forever, or not at all! to load the pic!  So if you can resize down to 640 it helps a LOT!!!  You can do that thru Photobucket, Picasa, or .

I sure hope this helps?!  If it doesn't we'll scream for Sunny's help, too!!!

I started out with SLR (film) as did Sunny, so we're both fairly new to digital and boy howdy, its different!!!

Good luck!  And thanks re my pix.

9 years ago

I cant believe its a photo thread Yahhhh! Im a photography nut...even if Im not real good at it lol is a couple of mine If I can remember how to add these stinkin things lol


This lil critter showed up on my grandmothers porch very early on the morning she passed away!


a park in WV...

enjoy   more to come

I hope these...
9 years ago

arent too big ...let me know if they are and I will resize and repost








9 years ago
Chattkatt - so very happy to have you join us and your photos are terrific, wonderful clarity, focus, etc!  Tell us what camera your using and a little history please?  As to size, you can take them up to 640 and as far as I can tell yours are just fine.  Thanks for sharing!

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9 years ago

Thanks for the compliments on my pics... i LOVE to take pics of nature, animals and just random things !! 

my camera is a kodak easy share...its actually an older one...only 5megapixs ...Ive been asking for a new one from my hubby...but the one i want is just $700 or so...not counting the zoom lens...thats not too bad

most of my pics are from around my home in WV.  the lil squirrel refused to let me get a good pic until i hid and waited for him to peek out...when my camera wasnt around he ran around my feet waiting for food...I got lots of pics of his tail!! stinkin squirrel lol!  the frog was at my mothers not sure what kind he was but he sure didnt mind posing for me   I caught the deer one day while my husband and i were out 'deer hunting'   as we call it!! i LOVE to go out for drives looking for neat things to catch on camera! 

ok thats it for now... im sure i will add more later!!

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Cape Ferello, Oregon, January 18, 2009
9 years ago

View of Cape Ferello

A shot I took of the ocean from the top of Cape Ferello on our last walk.  The weather was glorious, sunny, warm, unseasonable, and why the colors didn't turn out right in my seascapes is just beyond me!  Maybe too bright?!

Chatt - thanks for sharing the info. I look forward to your next photos.

Happy shooting Shutterbugs, if you can get out in this crazy weather?!

9 years ago

Hey!!  What's happening  Everyone call in sick or break their cameras the same week  Or did the horny violet scare everyone off.

Raffi, I'm always available to help   you get the  photos from the flash card and on to your PC.  Just need to know what version of Windows, at least I hope you use Windows, that I'm dealing with.   Also we would have to take that Q&A over to the How To Post Photos thread  That way we don't use up vital space here yakking about non photos   Plus should anyone else need the  tips they can find it under the  How To thread.

Nice shots Chatty.  I see you  found a hummingbird BUG.  I think that's what they are called at least.  They are often mistaken for hummers in these parts.  And the squirrel is adorable  The actual dimensions of a Care 2 photo  is 550X413.  It's just easier to upload them in C2 albums if they are small like a 640x480.  I upload a lot of 1600X1200's and they still  post as 550X413.   It's photos outside of C2 that can cause the widening problems.

I still say you're in paradise Meralyn.  I look out my window  and all  I see is white.  It snowed just after  New Years day and it's been nothing  but  white since.  And cold---- arhg!  Have raely seen it up to freezing (32)

Ice On Swing (5)

I'm pretty sure I've posted these once before.  The open space is due to the fact that in summer that's a Little League ball field.  Other wise it would be homes

Winter Sunset 1988 03

Winter Sunset 1988 02

9 years ago
Chattkatt! Your photos are WONDERFUL! Wow!! So glad you posted! Please do post more!
Oh Meralyn, your ocean shot is beautiful! Wow!!!!!!
 Sunny!! Hee Hee!  No horny violet will scare me off!! PS-your pics you posted are amazing! Wow, I love the black & white one!
9 years ago

Violet, Wild Yellow

Wild yellow violet on top of Cape Ferello, photographed on our last hike.  The false summer lured a few into blooming.  I tried cropping it but it made it look too big, ruined its delicate appeal.

Nope, Sunny, horny violets would never scare me off!  Not after assisting at the breeding of horses, LOL!!!  And thanks very much dearheart with all your help, too!

The bug is a Hummingbird Moth.  We have them here occasionally, very pretty little fuzzy things.

I was sick as a poisoned pup yesterday and still a bit icky today so wasn't in here.  Tried earlier today but Care2 was being tempermental! 

Sandy & Sunny, thanks both re seascape pic.  We're back to more normal weather now, RAIN!!! 

Wild Mushrooms - Prairie or Meadow
9 years ago

Meadow or Prairie Mushroom, Kamph Pk, 08

Wild Prairie or Meadow Mushroom in the field at Kamph Park, Dec 08.

Meadow or Prairie, uprooted

Same mushroom, uprooted.

Meadow or Prairie Mushroom, gills, Dec 08

The cap, upside down, stem removed, preparing for a spore test.  I have yet to load the spore test pic.  I do a spore test to help identify the mushroom although the color of the gills tells me it is not a poisonous Amanita!

Do NOT pic or eat any wild mushrooms unless you are very sure of what your doing!  Taking a class is a good idea!

Spoor test, Prairie or Meadow Mushroom
9 years ago

Spoor test, Meadow or Prairie Mushroom

OK, here it is, photo of the spoor test that I did with this particular mushroom.  I already knew what it would turn out like but wanted to photograph it for you-all.

Conducting a spoor test - first wash mushroom, cut off stem, place cap right-side up on a sheet of white paper, like print-out paper, place large bowl over cap, leave over night, remove bowl in morning and you will have a spoor pattern on the paper. This particular Meadow, or Prairie, mushroom has brown spoors, an poisonous Amanita would have white.

The Prairie, or Meadow, mushroom is related to the Champignons you buy in grocery stores.

I am not an expert on mushrooms but have been hunting and eating them for many years including in Europe. 

9 years ago

As much as I love mushrooms, I would not take any chances with something I know nothing about..

9 years ago

Meralyn, a perverted plant thread???   I have to tell you this. Every time I see your thread I read it wrong. I always read Meralyns Pornography thread. Then I realize that was NOT the name of it.

9 years ago

Donna, you're a hoot

These photos are wonderful. I love the mushrooms-you got every detail. They're gorgeous, Meralyn!

9 years ago

OMG - A Pornography thread!!!  Oh Donna, you just made my day and it really, really needed making!!!  I'll have to pass this one on to Harry, LOL!!!

Thank you ladies!!!

9 years ago
Just holler when you want a new pornography, err i mean photography thread
9 years ago
Sandrea - thanks luv, your very helpful, LOL!!! So far it seems to be loading alright, even with the porno, tee, hee!
9 years ago


A few of my photos
9 years ago

I think this is the best photo I have taken in my life.  This is my granddaughter Samantha right after she came out of the womb.  The cord is still attached.

I call it "Looking up to God"

sami__039_s here.jpg

9 years ago

This is one of my favorite flower shots.  It was taken in San Diego.


This is another of my favs, these flowers are pretty small, taken at the Poppy Fields in Antelope Valley, CA.

little purple flowers orton.jpg

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9 years ago

Here are two pics I took of Samantha this wkd.



9 years ago

 - Angel, your photos are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!

Please tell us what camera your using, how you took the shots, etc.?  Are you a professional or just a hobby photographer?  How long have you been doing this?  All this info is interesting to us.  And thank you for sharing with us, too!

9 years ago
Angel, after checking out your profile, do I remember you from a Photography group?  One where there were a lot of problems?!  If so, dont say too much.  I think you've changed your avatar since then?
9 years ago

I was editing and I ran out of time...

The pic of the newborn, was a gift from God I think.  I had one hand on my daughters knee holding it back and my Panasonic in the other hand turned sideways.    It is not a technically good shot but spiritually it is stunning.

The pics of the baby were taken on a mat on her floor with a blanket over the playpen.  The lighting was great and subdued.  I did apply a diffused light to the image in my computer to conceal some of the blotchiness of baby skin. 

The flowers were saturated a bit in Photoshop Elements to give the color that my eyes see but the camera never seems to get.   I applied the Orton effect to the purple flowers which involves two layers and a gaussian blur applied to one and then the layers are merged creating a dreamy/fantasy look.

Thanks so much for your comments, they made my day!

9 years ago

Angel - thanks a bunch for the info!  I've written down pertinent facts as we may not be able to keep it here due to the rules of this group?  I'm not sure, but I for one DO appreciate it!!!  And its GREAT having you here, too!  Stick with us, OK?!

9 years ago

 have been in a few of the groups, I have my own now and it's a great one, a bunch of nice people and no issues like that other one..  LOL

I have a Canon EOS 20D with one HUGE lens 100-400mm and another 17-85mm.  I also have Panasonic Lumix point and shoot with 12 optical zoom which I use alot.

I have a website at which I TRY to sell my pics.  My first year I did about $2000 and since then, this is the third, not much.  I need to market my site.  I have sold mostly wolf pics.

My goal is to have this be my full time job, doing portraits, weddings, landscapes, etc.  but for now, it is still my favorite thing to do and my therapist...  LOL I relax when hopping in the car to go capture what I see.

So, I do not consider myself a pro, I guess I am an advanced amateur?  I am still taking my photography course to get my degree (online at New York Institute of Photography) which I need to complete by May of this year.

I will consider myself a pro when I can support myself or maybe when I get my degree.

I also like taking pics of BIRDS, I have alot of hummingbirds, jays and finches.  Another passion of mine is taking Rugby pics.  My hubby is a retired Rugby player, the sport is exciting.

So that's a little bout me.



(Reposted - sorry I did not know I could not put a link to my website, I was not trying to get sales, just sharing.....)

9 years ago
Angel - dropping in here after a concert - its OK girl!  Hang in there, I DO want you here with us!  Your photography is just fantastic and I am honored to have you here!  And I'll check out the "other" things, too.  Good night now, I'm beat! 
9 years ago

through my storm door...

Winter Storm 2009.jpg

Ice covered tree.jpg

Redbird on ice.jpg

This was very early in the morning and through my storm door.  I didn't want to take my camera outside in the cold, brrr.  Everything except the bird is encased in ice.  The branches are frozen in the snow on the ground.  The top of this tree broke off and is lying to the right of the tree.  I was hoping the redbird would add a little color to an otherwise dreary scene.


9 years ago

Sugar - you shot a cardinal, wonderful!  They are such beautiful birds, I so enjoyed them down south!  I'm glad to hear your safe and warm inside, the weather news for parts of our country this morning was horrifying!!!

I hesitate, now, to post this next pic, but its for everyone to - THINK SPRING!!!

Buttercup, early, Cape Ferello

This is a little wild buttercup that Harry and I found blooming clear on top of Cape Ferello on our last hike!  In fact it was near the yellow violet, conned into thinking it was summer by our unseasonable warm weather.  We're still having mostly sunny weather but its turned rather cold.

Bright yellow flowers are so hard to photograph!  And I had to get down on my hands and knees to shoot this little beauty, too!  Getting up again is the problem!

9 years ago

Angel....what wonderful, you are good, thanks for sharing

Sugar how pretty that Cardinal looks in your tree.
It's been awhile since i've seen one

Meralyn... the weather is dreadful, but seeing your pretty flowers reminds me that Winter doesn't last forever....thanks 

9 years ago

Nice pics everyone!  That yellow is so vibrant, great detail and composition!!!!

9 years ago

Hi Meralyn, great flower.  It makes me think of Spring for sure.  You know those little yellow dandelions in the Spring?  I like them too!


9 years ago

Hi ladies - thank you all!  Sugar I love the little dandy-lions, too.  I think I've posted them here before but can again if anyone is interested, that is if I can find them?!

I saw a young elk herd on my way to the beach today, got a few shots, not much good but one young bull!  Dear Lord they are so beautiful!  I started everyone pulling off the road to shoot them, everyone saw me and wanted to do the same thing!  Will share with you as soon as I can get it edited and loaded.

Getting out of here now, tired.  Good night all!

9 years ago

Hi Meralyn, I remember your dandy-lions.  You loaned me one to use for a morning wake up call on the chit-chat board last year.  It was gorgeous, so bright and cheery.


9 years ago

Oh  Angel, You photos are just beautiful!! Thank you for sharing them!

Hi Meralyn, I love that flower pic!!! Oh I cant wait till spring!!!

Hi Sugar!! Nice to see you! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics!! I've yet to snap a bird photo!!

9 years ago

Hello Meralyn & all! I'm going to star up a new thread to use. We're close to 100 posts on this one.

Good job everyone! See you at the new thread!

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