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Meralyn & Friends Photography & Digital Art #32
9 years ago

  I cannot believe we are at #32. There have been so many neat pictures posted in this thread!   Here is the link to the last thread

Okay. So this is the thread where we can share our photos of just about anything (keeping it clean, mind you!) besides our adorable little furkids. We love seeing the kitties, but we want to see them in their own threads or at the "This is my cat and I'm PROUD" thread. In this thread we want to see nature, scenary . . . get the picture?    Before you post, please make sure your photos are no wider than about 600 pixels so no one has to scroll when they are reading posts.   Okay shutterbugs - Ahhh! Maybe this is why Sandrea keeps seeing bugs in the pictures?

Let's see those great pics!    Happy Shooting! 

9 years ago

Well, I guess I will get us started, here.


This was shot with my "new to me" Minolta that I was able to get just in time for Christmas when my little Canon went kaput. I absolutely love this camera and will always use it when I am not having the time to set up a tripod or can't take a box full of lenses   Meralyn, you are absolutely right about the cameras that you have to switch out lenses for different kinds of shots -they are really wondrful for planned photoshooting - but give me this camera any day for my "grab the camera so I can take a pic, NOW!" kind of things! I don't even remember what settings I had this on when I took it

9 years ago

Deb & Donna - thanks for the new Photography thread!  Have fun everyone filling it up with your marvelous photos.

You can go to 640 in width with your pix but no more!  Otherwise you will blow out the thread!

Super moon shot Deb! When I was shooting  the moon with my old Konica Minolta I had to set it on manual and I can not remember the settings but can look it up if you'd like, anyone?  I also had to brace the camera against the side of the garage or a small Japanese Maple's trunk.  There is no way in heaven or earth that I can hand hold any camera for a shot like that!  Incidentally, my little Minolta outshot the Panasonice a bit on moon shots!

Happy shooting Shutterbugs!  I'm going out later today and hopefully will get some new pix worth sharing.

9 years ago

Thanks, Meralyn. Can't wait to see some of your new shots you get today! Regretfully, we are having terrible wind, flying snow, and freezing temps today, so I won't be doing any shooting. Yes, I'd like to know your settings, if it isn't too much trouble to find. I took at least 10 shots - there were clouds all around this moon, but all I got was a ring. Silly me, I did not take the time to write down what settings I had for each shot. I have always had a bit of problems with moon shots. Sunny told me it was because they were over exposed and I just have not been able to figure out the best settings for them. Of course, I have usually been freezing my buns off and am wanting to get back in the warm house! I think I leaned on my car for this shot. I'm like you - if I don't steady the camera, no matter how good the anti-shake is on it I will get a blur!

9 years ago

Deb - a ring around the moon means moisture in the atmosphere, its nigh unto impossible to get a clear shot that way!  You have to have almost perfect conditions to get good moon shots. If you take your pix into Picasa (free from Google) click on the pic, then click on Properties, it will give you the settings, also the name of the camera.  Neat, huh?!

I can give you settings or post moon shots with same.  I did post them before so perhaps you can find them in the Photography Index?  If not let me know.  And do you want settings and photos from both cameras?

I'm having a very hard time getting my rear in gear today!  I've gotta go now and fertilize plants outside and try to get more pruned, like fuschias.  By for now.

9 years ago


Deb that moon shot is wonderful.  This is just a weed I saw the other day and liked the variety of colors in it.

9 years ago

Lila - that is a gorgeous shot of a weed!  I like the colors, too!  I aslso like the clarity, focus, etc, very much!  Good shooting!

Have a great Friday Shutterbugs!

9 years ago

Thanks for the tip, Meralyn! I will try the Picasa thing. Lila, what a cool looking weed! Amazing how good weeds can look in photos and how bad they look when you are trying get a lawn to come in!

Baby Blue Eyes, Wildflower, Cape Ferello, March 200
9 years ago

Baby Blue Eyes

These beautiful little wildflowers grow on a hillside at Cape Ferello where they can get sunshine and are protected, to a certain degree, from the winds.  They grow in clumps very close to the ground so they are quite a challenge to photograph with a tight macro shot that is focused! I always come home with muddy knees!

Have a great Saturday Shutterbugs and I sure hope you can get out for a walk!

9 years ago

Very pretty...nice job, Meralyn!  I appreciate your efforts, and always look forward to whatever you have for us next

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9 years ago

MERALYN: You are such a great photographer. You have submitted some beautiful images. Thank you for sharing.

9 years ago

Thanks everyone re my weed I was just doing something a little different.  Meralyn I love the baby blue eyes.  The details are amazing.  I do not know what this flower is, it is some kind of flowering weed.  I just love it's cute little face.  Although it is not it reminds me of an orchid.



9 years ago

Those are so cute, Lila.  They look like they're dancing, like Geisha girls.

9 years ago

Lila - your little weeds are absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

I'm having a devil of a time with my computer today so making this short before I lose my connection again!

And thanks everyone re my pix!  Have a great day Shutterbugs!

Snow Queen, Winchuck Campgroup, March 28, 2009
9 years ago
Snow Queen
9 years ago



Heron 2.jpg

I like this one,  I call it Goodbye!  I almost got the bird!!



9 years ago


Ducks resting.jpg


9 years ago

Wow, Sugar you did just great capturing the Heron, we don't see those around here much.And they are different type. All gray. The ducks are wonderful and you caught them sleeping.

9 years ago
Sugar- Great pix, especially the ducks, love the clarity!  Its wonderful that you could get that close to a heron, I can not!  And we have them here on the river a lot but they are very wary!  Thanks for sharing with us!
9 years ago

Great photos everyone. The flowers, ducks and heron are fantastic !

9 years ago

We have lots and lots of herons around here.  There is one that works my creek almost every day.  He keeps it from being over run with fish and frogs.  I don't know about snakes, does anyone else know if they eat snakes?


Snake, Racer, Chimney Trail, Winchuck area, Or., Mar 29-09
9 years ago


Snake, Racer

I sincerely hope none of you are terrified of snakes?! I caught a glimpse of something streaking away under my feet while Harry and I were hiking on the Chimney Trail saturday and almost turned Harry into a eunuch, fortunately I slapped his leg, as in STOP, FREEZE!!! I have never gotten a snake to cooperate with me before but this little racer was behind a fern and thought hidden, ha!  And thank God Harry cooperated, too, but he has gotten used to me, LOL!!!

I'm not positive this snake is a Racer but the closest I could get was a California Striped Racer.  this area is very close to Northern California being in the most southern part of the Oregon coastal range of mountains.

Sugar - I dont know if herons eat snakes but I would think they would if they found one.  I see them hunting in the farmer's fields around here sometimes, even, and out with the Elk herds!

9 years ago

Great pics ladies!  How wonderful to get a shot like that of a Heron!!
I love snakes

Small Waterfall on the Chimney Trail, Winchuck area, March 29-09
9 years ago

Waterfall, Sm.

I live on the Winchuck River and this is a very small stream that feeds one of the upper branches.  I tried shooting this, in shadows, auto, but was not happy with it. It did freeze down the water droplets in an interesting way, but I wanted that runny look.  So I set this on manual and got what I wanted, 'cept for a tad bit out of focus.

Waterfall, Sm., Chimney Trail

Cropped and sharpened a little, not sure I like it better?!

This is the same area where I saw, and shot, the little snake! Its high in the coastal range and very beautiful.

9 years ago

Meralyn I don't know which I like better either.  Maybe the first of the waterfall.  Great pictures Meralyn and everyone.  I can't say much for your subject in the snake pictures!!!!  I have to admit I have been looking for a snake for a long time to get his picture, but they seem to be hiding from me.

Here is another of my geese pictures.  This one looks like he/she is dreading to go into the cold water.

goose water cold.jpg


9 years ago

Mirror image...

geese thinking.jpg


9 years ago

I have not been able to find the time to post anything the last couple of days, life has been hectic. Meralyn the snow queens are lovely. I am not a snake lover but those are wonderful photos of that snake. I love both water fall photos I can't make up my mind either. Sugar love the bird photos.  The shooting stars are starting to bloom.  Maybe I can start photographing wild flowers and not weeds.   



9 years ago

Lila, weeds or flowers, they are all the same!!!!  I love them.


9 years ago

Lila - Your Shooting Stars are just beautiful!  We have them here, too, and when I was a kid we called them Bird's bills.  I agree with Sugar, flowers or weeds, they all have their own beauty.  And you, girl, see that too!  Obviously!

Sugar - gee I'm sorry you didn't like my subject, re Racer snake.  I thought he/she was beautiful and very photogenic, too.  I really lucked out on that one, finally!

Re - Racer snakes - not poisonous!

9 years ago

Meralyn the pictures were really good.  As I said I have been watching for snakes to get a pic, but no luck yet.  There are only 3 living critters that I can think of that I don't like, snakes, earthworms/nightcrawlers and slugs.  Especially slugs!  Right now there are so many because of the dew at night.


9 years ago

Thanks Sugar.  I'm not crazy about slugs, either, and we have the huge banana ones, ick!  Spiders, well after getting bit badly by a Recluse or Hobo I'm not too fond of them! Yellow jackets are another one!

I dont have any new pix loaded yet, busy day, will try to share some with you tomorrow.  Hope all you Shutterbugs had a good day, mine was very busy.

9 years ago

Lila, your flowers are so pretty, and Meralyn, I love the water fall, and Sugar, your birds are great. I had no idea that your was a pro all this time.

Here is a picture Jimmy took tonight of a rainbow up in the sky. It was starting to fade.


9 years ago
My guys are good!  Sugar it's so good to see you posting pix again...
You all amaze me!
Jimmy!  Astonishing rainbow!  Well done!
9 years ago

Donna - I love the rainbow!  Pass that along please?!  And thanks ladies!

Tomorrow hopefully I can get my turkey pix posted.  There was a reall turkey-brained bird in my driveway the other day!

Good night all!

"The Fairy in the Blue Flower"
9 years ago

I am going to try something I havn't used in quite awhile, Photobucket!  I'd forgotten how, but digging around in my archives I came across this Dig., Artsy-Crappy thingey -

"The Fairy in the Blue Flower"

TheFairyintheBlueCamelliaApr08si-1.jpg picture by merjonard

Sure hope this isn't too big, it reads not so?!

9 years ago

That blue flower is pretty Meralyn, and  are you saying I should pass the rainbow along?  If you mean is it ok to pass it to someone  then sure, it really isn't all that great, but  I guess it is Jimmy's first rainbow. I didn't think it would even turn out from that distance.

9 years ago

Donna - no, I meant pass the compliment on to Jimmy.  I think its a lovely photo and I'm glad he shared with us, or you shared his pic with us, whatever.

I'm fighting insomnia tonight and nothing is helping!!!

Turkey in My Driveway - April 2-09
9 years ago

Turkey I

I looked out my kitchen window a couple mornings ago and was amazed to see a turkey standing in my driveway!  I have only seen one other here and that's been several years ago.  I grabbed my camera, snuck out behind the garage, and got these photos of either a hen or a young bird.

Turkey II

She spotted me and got worried.

Turkey III

She flew up on top of the sand filter and kept an eye on me.

Turkey IV

"I'm outa here"!  When I tried to get closer she panicked and took off for the river!

I was absolutely thrilled to get these photos!  This is the closest I've ever gotten to one of these peculiar, and fascinating, birds! The best pix I've managed to get of a turkey, yet!

9 years ago

Nice legs, Meralyn!

9 years ago

Those turkey shots are so cool. We have a lot of turkeys around here. They'll peck at your car because they see their reflection and think it's another turkey. It's too funny but not for your car.

9 years ago

It has been a while since I have contributed.  I love looking at everyones pictures but haven't had anything to post.  All the photos look great.  I recently captured a couple of funny looking ducks with my camera and thought I would share.




Then there is the one of momma duck with her ducklings.


9 years ago


They were great Turkey shots. They sure are nervous birds too. Jimmy saw some recently. I remember when I counted around 30 or more at one time around here.

Eve, Those ducks are neat looking. Their red faces remind me of the red headed Turkey vultures that come around here. They look related. I have finally gotten use to the red faces.

9 years ago

Those are wicked looking ducks, Eve.  Duck bodies with, i guess like Donna said, vulture faces.

9 years ago


Dona I love Jimmy's rainbow. He did a good job. Meralyn the turkeys are great, we have wild turkeys locally but they never come through our yard. . Eve I have never seen ducks that look like that before. Thanks everyone re my shooting stars. I have a lot going on and I just have been having trouble finding the time to make the stops at my groups. Here is a photo of the moon that I took tonight.

9 years ago

WOW, that is a gorgeous moon shot. So close up too. yikes

9 years ago

Eve - great duck photos!  Great color & clarity. I believe they are Muscovies?!

Lila - BRAVO girl!  Fantastic moon shot!  Great focus & detail!  Way to go!!!  That camera & you are a fabulous team!!!  Now - tell us how you shot it?  Auto,manual, hand-held, tripod, etc.?!  Pretty please!?

And thanks all re turkey-brain.

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9 years ago

All these photos are gorgeous! What beautiful ducks. Don't think I've ever seen one either.

That moon shot is spectacular. So clear and as Belle said, so close. Excellent shot.

9 years ago
  Everybody!! So many great pics while I was gone!  Meralyn, your turkey pics are so clear. I've not been able to get them to hold still for a good shot. I don't really think they come close to comparing with the Bald Eagle so I am really glad that those turkeys were NOT named as our National bird! (they almost were!)  Those ducks sure do look like a vulture cross, don't they?   I went to a horse stable one time where they had a bunch of them and the lady told me the name of the breed but I can't remember it now. Whatever they are, Eve, the pics are great!   Sugar, I love your waterfowl pics!! Those Blue Herons look like a prehistoric bird when they are flying  The mirror geese are especially cute. And Meralyn, I tend to agree with everyone else - I don't know which of the creek photos I like best. They are both really nice. Love the blue fairy flower!! Beautiful!! And what a great close up of that little snake. Poor Harry - I can picture Meralyn whacking him to get him to stop!!   Donna, tell Jimmy good job on that rainbow  They are hard to get as they always seem to fade before the camera can get brought out. Lila - what a moon shot!! Love your flowers, too, but wow!! That was a great moon shot!!  I've got to download my pics today and hopefully I will be able to post a couple pics later on. Keep posting everybody!! Great shots here!
9 years ago

I'm a little envious.  I have never been able to take a decent moon shot in my life.  It always comes out blurry, but still keep trying. 

Here is a seagull on a beach in Galveston, TX.


Let me take a couple of shots until it decided to take off.


IMG_0758_1024x683 _2_.jpg

And then decided to come back for a second look.


9 years ago

Deb - thank you very much girlfriend!  And I think your the only one that picked up on me whacking the hell out of poor Harry!  I forgot to check to see if his thigh was bruised, LOl!!!

Eve - wonderful gull shots!  Love the colors and thanks for sharing them with us!  Dont ever, never be too nervous to try for a pic, like the moon!  Hey, none of us started out good, we're all still learning! When you've stopped learning, your dead!!! And dont ever be shy about posting here and sharing with us, OK?!  You just go to it girl!

I'm just hunkering down today, need to take it easy.  Have a great day, its finally warming up here, HURRAY!!!  Hope you can all get out with your cameras Shutterbugs!

Ice Plant Blossom,
9 years ago

Ice Plant Blossom

Digital/Computer Art -I shot this ice plant blossom yesterday, then played around with it in Adobe Photoshop 3.  I used a watercolor filter on it and a few lighting renderings. I'm feeling so punky today that I forgot to sign it, oh well.

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9 years ago

Eve, those are Muscovy ducks.  I used to have them on my farm.

Donna tell Jimmy I love his Rainbow!

Great turkey pics Meralyn. 

Everyone, great pictures!


9 years ago

Everyones photos are so wonderful. I'll post some after I get photoshop installed back in the computer. I had my tech to wipe it out completely. I have been getting some pics of the spring wild flowers.

9 years ago

Sorry it posted two times

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9 years ago

Jimmy thinks he is big and bad now with all the compliments he got.  He will be out trying to find a new rainbow with MY camera. I can see it coming.

That sure is a fancy flower Meralyn, and  those seagulls are fantastic. I use to spend a lot of time with them a few years back, before it became illegal to feed them. I use to go to a parking lot behind a row of stores where they were, and sometimes they would be in the store parking lot, and I would give them some bread or cakes. One woman got furious as she walked by saying she just had her car washed. I looked over and said so wash it again. The bird has to eat. Maybe I should have said the bird has to blank.

9 years ago

Donna - thanks re flower and gulls.  I forgot to mention I named the flower pic  "The Birth of a Fairy".

Well maybe it will be a good hobby for Jimmy, chasing rainbows that is, LOL?! Hey, there's worse things he could chase!

I've gotten in trouble here feeding the gulls too.  Oh well!

9 years ago

Wow! Meralyn! Beautiful effects. I can't wait to get Adobe Photoshop. Which is the best to get?  I'm still laughing about Harry!!    Eve, those are really cool pics. I'll add some to the ocean collection with a couple that I got in Dana Point, CA last week.




Can't wait to see some of yours, Janie! Donna, don't let Jimmy go too crazy, but we really do like those rainbow shots!

9 years ago

Fantastic pics Deb ! I love the sea gulls , and that water looks so blue and green , it is so inviting. That is a large rock?   That is sharp looking how it took that shape.

Angel - The Poppy Fields
9 years ago

Went to the poppy fields today, it was gorgeous!!!  Windy but gorgeous!

9 years ago

It is getting late and I need to get to bed I have to be up at 5 . Everyone's photos are wonderful. Thanks re my moon photo. Meralyn I did use a tripod and for added stability I used a 2 second timer. As to the settings I was shooting on shutter priority. (f 4.5 at 1/1000 of a second) This was shot at 8:00 so there was still some day light left. If you have any more questions just ask. Well it is for me.

9 years ago

9 years ago

Hi Shutterbugs - I love the pix!  Deb - wonderful clarity/focus/color with yours!  Are they from your new-to-you camera?  As to Adobe Photoshop I really dont know which one is the best.  I think Sunny has the new one so he would be the one to ask, mine is old.  And thanks re my dig.pic.  Angel, hey girl, good to hear from you again, have missed you!  Beautiful shot!  Lila - thanks for the info on your moon shot.  That may be too fast a shutter speed, I'm no expert, but next time you get a chance try manual just for the fun of it.  I can give you the settings I used if you'd like?

Have a great day everyone!  I'm off for a moderate hike to Indian Sands up the coast a ways. 

9 years ago

Angel, that is a beautiful shot of the poopy field! I saw a bunch while in So Cal, but didn't get a chance to stop and shoot any. They are so pretty. Thanks Meralyn, and yes these are from the new-to-me camera. Like I said before, this camera is the best for grab the camera to get a shot without having to do any setting up. I was shooting almost right into the sunlight on manual so it did a great job of toning down the light. Yes, Donna, that is a rock - a BIG rock! One a bit farther out was covered in pelicans, but they were too far away to get a good shot. I have not relaxed like I did for those couple of hours on the beach in so long - it was heaven. I cannot wait to get moved back to where I can visit the ocean any time I want. Here's one more of Dana Point


9 years ago

Deb - another beautiful shot!  Your really making that camera work for you!

I love the "poopy field" bit, bet Angel will too?!Oh dear Loard, I did need a good laugh!!!

I did pretty well on my two mile rather rugged hike today, I surprised myself!  But the atmospheric conditions fore lousey and so were my pix!  I'm ashamed to say I forgot to try manual!  OOPPSS!!!

9 years ago

Shhhhhh - be quiet, Meralyn!! Maybe the spell cop won't see it! Naw - "poopy" field is pretty obvious, isn't it?!! And I saw lots of them in CA!!!    So, do I mention your "dear loard" and the "fore lousey"??  I could take that somewhere, but I think I better not.    Good day for spelling today, wasn't it?    Ahhh well, we all need a good laugh every now and then - glad I was able to help you out on that, Meralyn!

9 years ago

Spelling, what's that, or poof read'n, either, ha!!!  I can always try to blame it on the wine, or old age, take your pick!!!  Also the fact that my arthritis, that is moving into my hands, makes typing maddeningly difficult!!!  And hey, if ya wanna take that somewhere go ahead, could be fun?  And if we can laugh at ourselves we're OK.  Sometimes I can't!  But "poopy fields" did hit my funny bone, it still is, oh dear!

The horrifying fact is that my mouth isn't working much better!  OK - enough of that nonsense! 

Deb can you tell me what settings you used on your first two pix, the rock and gull? Great shots and I dont think you could do better with any DSLR!!!

I've gotta go work on my latest Indian Sands hike pix now.  Have a good day Shutterbugs!  Its gonna rain here, sure glad I got out yesterday!

9 years ago

Wow!  Wonderful photos Meralyn.  I especially enjoy the weeds & flowers here-simply gorgeous & ones I've never seen before too.

9 years ago

all the pictures are fabulous from the first one to the last one!!!

I am really taken with these pictures. You have done a wonderful job. I am impressed!!!

I love photography, especially landscapes and recently flowers. Since young, I remember I used to photograph landscapes instead of people. I love to shot ordinary things since different angles and play with shadows and lights to make those ordinary things, look extraordinary.

I would love to take a photography course, but I see it hard to happen.  Now ladies, it is time to share secrets. I have humble casio exilim and I only use Picasa to make few corrections, actually just to crop the pictures.

Indian Sands, Oregon, April 6, 2009
9 years ago

Indian Sands

This is the view north when you enter Indian Sands from the trail.  That red escarpment of sandstone sits above the rest by about 20-30 ft.!!!

Indian Sands is a historical and strange site of interest north of Brookings, Oregon, on the rugged Pacific coast.  I have been there several times, hiking over the weird sandstone formations and sanddunes, photographing the wild flowers, and the spectacular hole-in-rock cove, but I have never investigated the north end thinking it of little interest.  On our last visit, however, I suggested we hike that rugged terrain and we found formations that reminded me of moon-scape or another planet, totally unbelievable!!!

Cove at Indian Sands

A cove to the west of the trail.  And if it makes you feel dizzy you have a good reason to be, that water is hundreds of feet below the dunes! Needless to say, I did NOT get very close!

View up the coast

View north up the coast from the edge of the sandstone & dune area.  And that drop, past the sandstone & bushes, is hundreds of feet!!! Believe it or not there is a trail that leads off to the right up the canyon!  Yee Gods and little fishes, not for me, I hate heighths!  I'll try to get more edited and posted for you tomorrow.

Oh yes, and they say Indians camped here.  Why for God's sake, it is hundreds of feet above the ocean making fishing or harvesting shell fish almost impossible, and the f'n winds usually try blow you off into pergatory!!!  I'm going to have to do more research into that one!  And usually you find mounds of ancient shells, etc. if the ancient Indians used the site.

9 years ago

AH HA HA!!!! Meralyn!!! We can blame it on whatever we want, but I don't care why we make mistakes - just glad we do 'cause then we all know we are still human!! And, we all get a good laugh!!  Yep, those Poopy fields I saw in Calif were absolutely stunning! But the smell ...     I'd love to visit these places that you have been posting - hopefully, I will be able to do just that in the near future. House goes up for sale in a couple weeks. Ana, I'm really glad you've decided to get more involved in photography!!! Can't wait to see some of your art posted here. We all started out just like you and just by experimenting and using imagination have found different ways to get different effects - whether it is with a computer or just the camera. Got specific questions? Ask away, girl!! There will be someone in this thread who can give you an answer - hopefully! No one is a pro, here, so don't worry about any pics not being perfect. This thread is to share our lives through photos!!!  So, this one is just some kind of little wildflowers growing out of a mountainside at the So. Cal coast. There were so many of them and they were really tiny. The camera does a great job at bringing stuff in. And then I cropped it, as well. Ana, I always set my camera on super fine. We get less pics in the camera, but quality is better. All these shots I've posted this time, Meralyn, were done on auto! These were the camera at work, not me! All I had to do was keep snapping in order to get the waves breaking. I wish I could get a lense adapter for this one, that way I could get zoom and macro lenses as well as filters. I really like using a color filter. Have not been able to locate any, though


9 years ago

Hi Deb!

I love the picture with the seagull. I felt like the ocean and the waves when I saw it. I had that feeling, like being there.

I am going to check my camera in detail to see where I can switch to best quality pictures. Right now is in automatic, and I take advantage of the "best shot" feature that adjusts the camera for you.

9 years ago

Hi Meralyn, great pictures as always, the landscape is amazing, the rock formations and the cliff... wow, I would not get any closer... I am afraid of heights too.

What a great places you have for a hike, tremendous landscapes and the ocean in the back.  I like the sands of different colours.

9 years ago

Awesome, awesome pics, girls!  Tremendous really!

Ana, i noticed you mentioned you use the same camera i now have.  I checked back to your posted photos and they are so great that you have given me renewed faith in my camera.  But i guess that puts me back to the dreaded task of RTM! (Reading the manual).  Unless i can pick up enough tips from you...hehe!

9 years ago

Hi Ana - usually that is in the camera settings area - you'll notice it tells you how many pictures you can take at different settings (normal, fine, super fine, etc) and the pixel numbers. The higher the pixels, the better the quality. Have fun!!!

9 years ago

Hi Ana - I think you have the same camera(Casio) that my friend, Harry, has?  His is one step up from introduction and he has a little pack for it that slides onto his belt so he can carry it easily when he is hiking or running.  It takes great pix but is a bit limited in what it can do.  His main digital is BIG & HEAVY, an advanced Fuji, too technical and too heavy and big for me to carry or for my hands.  Picasa, the new program, can do lots of editing but it does have bugs and sometimes eats my photos so I always keep extra copies saved elsewheres!

Deb - yep, to err is to be human. Love the shot of the flower, its super! 

9 years ago

Boy, you girls are fast!  I'll leave that one alone, chuckle!  You beat my post.  Sorry Ana, I forgot about the settings for your camera.  And Deb, I forgot to say, I called Sony one time and they had parts still for the camera type your using.  Sony bought out Konica Minolta.  The # is 1-800-488-7669.  You also might find something on EBay.  Lila ordered parts for her camera thru some company, perhaps she could help you, too?

I'm not feeling very good today, I need to go shopping and pay bills, dont know if I'm going to make it or not?!

Take care Shutterbugs and have a great day!  by the way, Sunny is a pro but he hardly ever comes in here anymore.  But if you have very technical questions that we can't answer I'm sure he would help, I'm volunteering him, LOL!  By now

9 years ago


All of the photos of the coast make me want to go visit. Deb I the photo of the waves hitting the rocks is amazing. What model is your Minolta? I will see what I can find. Meralyn I love the photos from Indian Sands you got closer to the edge than I would have I am terrified of heights. I took this photo today it is not great but I kink of like it I call it if you look close you will see that there is a fawn on the other side of the Doe.  She is ready to defend here baby if necessary. 

9 years ago

Sandrea, I am open to questions   Deb and Meralyn, I am going to try some pictures today changing the quality and pixels. Let´s see....

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Lila - I love your pic of the doe & fawn!  And I understand your feelings completely about it, I would have been thrilled to get it, too!

Ana - try to remember to save your pic somewhere else, first, then just use a copy in Picasa.  When your thru playing with it in Picasa you can put it in a named album there and then export it back to My Pix, naming the size, so your re-sizing, too.  Works great, most of the time, if Picasa isn't feeling pissy!!!  Good luck and have fun!

I'm out a here for the night!

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Oregon is very beautiful. I am also scared to death of heights. I could never go there, and look down.  I can only go up to about the 5th or 6th step on a ladder. .

Thanks for the laugh Deb. That is natural humor. I love it!!!!  I have those kinds of fields around here but they don't grow flowers.

Very pretty Picture Angel. When I saw the Poppy fields, they reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. I think Dorothy fell asleep in the Poppy fields, and the wicked witch was watching them in her crystal ball.

Indian Sands, April 2009, cont.
9 years ago

Cove at Indian Sands

The cove at the north end of Indian Sands.  I hiked down the sand dune so I could get closer, but I was very, very careful and stayed back a ways from the edge that was loose sand, I really did NOT want to slide down into that cauldron!  You can see the footsteps in the sand in front of where I was standing!  Some fool did walk closer!  Not us!!!

The stumpy little green things that are coming up thru the sand are either Horsetail ferns or Scouring Rush.  The pioneers used them to clean their pots & pans!

If these photos make you feel dizzy you are NOT the Lone Ranger!

 Indian Sands Cove, close-up

I zoomed in to the max on this shot!  The waves would come thundering into the cove, hit and the ground would shudder with a loud booming noise!  Awesome!!!

Indian Sands, north end

The extreme north end of Indian Sands, looking down over the cliff with Harry hanging onto me while I shot this!  Yes, it did make me dizzy!  The view is up the coast, north.  And believe it or not there is a trail winding its way up the steep mountainside in a canyon to my right!  I walked it a little ways and then chickened out!!!

These photos were shot against strong backlighting, came out way too dark, I had to enhance a lot to get good color, and this one still isn't right!

I will post wildflowers I shot at Indian Sands next, when I can get them edited and when Care2 will let me load them!

And thanks everyone re my pix. 

Have a great day and have fun with your cameras fellow Shutterbugs! Its pouring rain today, I will not be doing anything outdoors!  By for now.

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Hello! *waving*
here is a tiny flower for you


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and this is a rose, that I modified, and the result was this, I hope you like it, looks like a drawing.

flor de papel.JPG

9 years ago

roses anybody?

rosa sola.JPG

9 years ago
Ana - Very beautiful work!  I hope your having fun experimenting and trying out all the different filters, etc.?  By the way Gimp is also free from Google but its much more technical than Picasa. I use it quite often in my dig. art work.  These techniques are not only fun but can be very relaxing, too.  But dont forget to use Save As so you do not lose your original photo.
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