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9 years ago

This is our place to share our own photos of most anything (keeping it clean, mind you ) that doesn't already have a thread. Nature ~ Hobbies ~ Travel ~ you get the picture Since these are all original photos taken by each poster, please do not nab any of them without permission. 

Remember, photos need to be resized to no wider than 640 pixels so they don't stretch the thread

Here's the link to the last thread

Happy Shutterbugging everyone! 

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9 years ago

From my trip to Oregon




9 years ago

Oooo Deb, those are fantastic shots!    I love pictures of beaches and waves. 

My pictures are not so extravagant but here they are.  They were taken at the Dallas Arboretum.


Dew on a spider's web.


Dew on a flower.


Keep the photos coming!! 


9 years ago

Nice shots, Deb!  That seagull one is out of this World.  I'm glad you finally found time to use your new camera   I really like that lighthouse too!

Eve....very pretty pictures.  I love 'em.  You guys are good!!

9 years ago

What chu mean yours aren't as "extravagant", Eve??!!! OMG!! they are beautiful!!!    I especially like the dew - but all 3 are WOW!!  Thanks, Sandrea. I was lucky on the gull. I knew he was in the shot, but not that clear until I cropped the photo. I LOVE my new camera!

9 years ago

I got my grandson's permission to post these. He got my old camera (the one that doesn't focus all the time) when I got my new one. It is his first camera and his first try at photography. I gave him no instruction other than "if you like the way it looks, push the button", and "don't move when you push the button". I had no idea what all he'd taken until I put them in the computer. These are just a few of his photos. Oh - he will be 11 years old in a few weeks.


oregon duck.jpg



I think I have a shutterbug Bud!!!!!!

9 years ago

Oh my!  Looks like Deb has a professional photographer as a grandson.  Nate, those are so good, I'm speechless.  Great going, guy!!!

9 years ago

They are all so very good, Nate.  But I have to say that the top pic is my fav.  It's just awesome!!

9 years ago

Oh my gosh, those pictures are fantastic. He must be a pro. I mean he was born one. I could never take pics like that.My favorite is number one,but I love number 2 also, and the flowers are so bright and clear.  I tried to take a picture of my tree in the front that had a flower,and all of the pics I took were blurry, So I never posted them. I didn't know how hard it was to take a picture of a flower that would come out clear and bright.

I hope it isn't the end of his pics.I would also like to see some birds if he will get some.  I mean like  Vultures. American black Vultures to be exact,but  the red heads are sweet too. One was hit out here,and they left and never came back,but my 3 vultures stay. Like small birds too,but I don'tknow how to take them..Mine show up from a distance and they are hard to see.

Thanks you, I loved your beautiful photos.

9 years ago

Hello my friends, it has been a long time since I don´t post anything new.

Things have been hecktic here.

Deb those are beautiful pictures of the beach, looks like Oregon has nice landscapes and beaches. I have never been there.

Eve, lovely ones, I love the dew. Fantastic!

Deb please tell your grandson that his pictures are awesome. I love them all. He definitely has talent!

The beach is beautiful, lovely colors and the goose in the water gives me a sense of peace and calm. The flowers and the beautiful colors, they are very happy shots. I love them! Way to go Nate!

9 years ago

Wow! I stumbled here just in time-these pictures are incredible-Deb-beautiful sweeping shots and Eve-the colors are just beautiful and NATE is a natural. These are all dazzling! Great clarity.
9 years ago
 Nate was so taken back by everyone's comments. Thanks for coming in to check out the photos! He asked me to tell you thank you - he was blushing   I sure hope he keeps his interest in photography - gotta agree, Donna, he seems to be a natural. Of course, I may be just a teensy bit biased
9 years ago

I think He might have inherited  his gift from you, and I just love that seagull photo.That was seagull, wasn't it?If not,it stillwas fantastic.

I love that road too where the trees meet together.How beautiful.There are some fantastic shots on this thread.

9 years ago

Yes, that is a gull, Donna. I loved that one Eve posted too ... the walkway with the trees bent over touching ... beautiful.

Here's one of my flower pics


And here's another from Nate


9 years ago

What wonderful pictures are posted here.  Nate, your shots are totally awesome!  

I'm still leery about my "new" digital camera, never had one before.  This has so many buttons and functions that I'm really intimidated, including one that knows when the subject is smiling - how does it know?  I do have some pretty shots in there waiting to come out, some day I'll get up the courage.  

9 years ago

Beautiful flowers Nate and Deb. You make a great team !  I can'tget flowers up close.

9 years ago

Thanks ladies and Cindy, just dive in there ... download those photos out of the camera and start working with them. We'd love to them - really!!!!!!  Donna, the key to these clear photos is bracing your camera on something when you are going for the shot - and, hold your breath when you are pushing down the button!! 

8 years ago

Hi all!

Deb and Nate, great work!

These are pictures I took last Saturday on my trip to the amusement park. There is a section of the park named Pueblo Antiguo ( Old Town) and re-creates how costaricans lived on the 19 century.

This is an old tram, its last ride was on 1950. What makes it special is that this tram is from my hometown Guadalupe. I was so excited when I see it.


Guadalupe is where I grew up, where I went to school and where I live now

This is a traditional cart, it was used in the past by farmers to carry the groceries, to carry their products to be sold in fairs and markets and even to carry their families to take them to church, for example. It is hand painted.


and finally, this is an old house, fully furnished just as our old farmers used to.


The Pueblo Antiguo at the amusement park is my favourite place of the park. There is an old farm with goats, horses, cows, turkeys, ducks and chickens.

8 years ago

What a wonderful stroll you had down memory land, Ana     Thanks for taking us on your stroll

8 years ago

Sandrea thanks!

8 years ago

WOW, these are fantastic Ana. We take so many places and things for granted, and don't really think about how fascinating they are to others to see.

Are you near Mexico? or Puerto Rico?

8 years ago

Ana!!!!! Those are great photos, but I really like the history to the subjects in them, too   That cart!!  All hand painted, I'm sure. What a beautiful work of art. And to think they did that kind of decorating for the cart they used to take produce to market. Wow - now that is pride in one's work!!  Thank you for sharing these! I can't speak for everyone, but I don't get a chance to travel much - your photos brought something special to us.

8 years ago

Thank you Ana for the visit to Guadalupe?  Did I remember that right?  I loved all the photos.

And the flowers and the water and the goose (?) was all fantastic!

Here is a web across the trail in the woods.

web on the trail


8 years ago

geese....looks almost like a mirror image of each other.

geese 2.jpg

mama and babies

Mama and ducklings.jpg


8 years ago

Oh, Sugar! That one of the geese is great - but I love the mama and babies!! Too cute! You have a lake nearby??

8 years ago

Sugar, that is one fancy web. I don't like spiders, but they are sure talented.

The other photos are nice too. You are right, they allok alike. I can't tell my Vultures apart either, and there were kittens who were identical too. Shadows were hard to tell and so were some of 8ball's too.

My camera doesn't work now. Jimmy said he can dig out the old one.

8 years ago

Thanks Deb and Donna!

Yes Deb, I have a lake very near.  In fact many.  I used to take Annie swimming in our creek and in the lakes and even the Little Miami River.

Here is another spiderweb on the trail.  That is about the only neat thing to photograph right now.  I have looked for snakes all year, but the only two I have seen were in the middle of the road and as Donna might say, good snakes!

another web


8 years ago

Sugar...those are great spider webs!
I like the mirror image of the geese too

8 years ago

Thanks Sandrea.  Someone here took a photo of a web that had been spritzed with water that was gorgeous.  I want to try that some time.


8 years ago

That's a neat picture, Sugar. I like it from the side like that. My grandson got a spider on its' web on the Oregon trip. I need to find it so I can post.

8 years ago

Here is a lighthouse we captured on a trip last week.
It's called Phillip's Harbour lighthouse.  I wanted to swim over and see if it was vacant so I could move lots of cats in

8 years ago

They'd sure love it in there, eh?   Nice pic, Sandrea. Thanks for sharing!

8 years ago

Those spiders sure are talented Sugar. I don't want to be near spiders either though.

Sandrea, the light house is really neat looking. Thanks to both of you for posting this stuff.

8 years ago

Here's a pic of a young deer we saw in a country park in Kent last summer enjoying the morning sun.  One click of the shutter and he was gone!

Knole Park deer.jpg

8 years ago

What a sweet little deer, Sheila

8 years ago

Sheila, great picture!    That was a pretty young one, wasn't it? Don't they lose spots pretty quickly?  Anyway, a real cutey! Thanks for sharing!!

8 years ago

In case anyone is having sunrise/sunsets withdrawal


8 years ago

Deb, that is unreal.  How gorgeous.  I like the way the mountains look blue too.

8 years ago

Thanks, Sandrea. The photo was tweeked. I don't take that good of a photo but I love working with digital art software.

8 years ago

This thread is now closed. If you would like begin a photo sharing thread that has a blue pin again, and wish to keep the thread updated and such, just let one of the hosts know. We will be happy to help you run the thread

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