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4 years ago



Hmmmm. OK I will...great job everyone, time to turn this thing around !!! I'll leave this up for one day so cat lovers know, and will change it tomorrow to a brand new thread.


Hugs everyone and everycat,

, Kristi

5 years ago

Hi Kristi,

I am thinking maybe you should turn your thread around. I am confused about the day, and whoever looks at the bottom will be mixed up too.

5 years ago

The minister's kitty is a kleptomaniac who steals kites, keys, and kale and then keeps them just for kicks

5 years ago

The Minister's cat is a jealous cat by the name of Jack, that likes his juice in the mornings in July, and is filled with joy  when he lands in jail after jogging in the court house while they were having jury duty..... He got in trouble for meowing Jeez Louise, when it was really Lois that stole the cat from the jeering crowd, as she tried to get the jade neclace off of her. Jack got out of jail, and he jogged down the road, turn on his radio, and was jamming to the music.

5 years ago

The minister's cat is very interested in ice cream when he is feeling irascible and irate


Donna, glad it is clear and hope that no one gets confused Sunday's (12/30)letter is "J."

This post was modified from its original form on 29 Dec, 18:39
5 years ago

today is the I. I understand now how it is going. I did wonder if others would realize the the new post is at the top. It really is clear
that the one at the bottom is your first post since you explain it.

The Minister's cat is an irate irritable Indian cat that hides out in his igloo since he is very independednt of ignorant people. He idolizes Stripes, that is in love with Mouse.

PS, I have a feral cat named Stripes.

5 years ago

Hi Donna...sorry. I thought it would be easier if the most recent post went to the top You were right, today's letter is H.

The minister's cat is a happy, food-hunting kitty who hotfoots it over to the hot dog stand when he can't handle his hunger.

5 years ago

This is confusing Kristi. I could not figure out which end of the thread was the new one. I figured the top was, but no reply up there, so I guess today should be H.

The Ministers cat is a Hungry Hungarian cat with a lot of humility, but hoards food in the house where no hobo will find it, or bird will hover over it too. He wears a hot halo when he enters the house with his hot house tomatoes before he falls out of the window and down the hill.

5 years ago

The minister's cat greets everycat at the door with grub consisting of a gingerbread man and ginger ale

5 years ago

The ministers frisky feline Fred flys fast & furiously in Finland in a flight by Finnish airways.

5 years ago

The ministers obstinate cat Oscar occupation of oceanograpy is an odd ocupation for an obsinate cat.

5 years ago

The ministers cat Noddy is nearing north hill nodding station to vist Norway In November.

5 years ago

The Minister's cat, Missy, is making muffins for the many families in Minnesota.

5 years ago

The ministers cat Mike is motivated by Mickey Mouse & wants to be a mouseketeer mouse in Michigan.

5 years ago

Sunday's letter --


The Minister's cat, Molly, is a mischievous Maine Coon who makes a mess when she tries to apply makeup without a mirror. 

5 years ago

The ministers cat is a lazy lovely little cat who loves liver,lox,& liverwurst while lying low in Liverpool & London locks.

5 years ago

Dear problem!!

The Minister's Cat Game: Come play!! :)
5 years ago

Hi everyone! Great job Minister's Cat Game players!! To play, make up a sentence using the letter of the day as often as possible. you can make it as funny or as creative as you want. Have fun!! Today's letter is "L." The minister's cat is a lovely lion who lounges around lackadaisically in London.

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