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CHIT CHAT December 23, 2012
5 years ago
| Hot!

Such beautiful, cute Christmas pics finishing the previous Chit Chat Thread, but time to start a new one!!! Here is the link to the previous, I will be gone all day, so have a wonderful Sunday, Sugar

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Just another lazy day here at the Taylor home. Kona was running back and forth between the living room window and the computer room window meowing at something outside. I think one of the outside cats was out there.


Sandi and Betty, thanks for the very cute Christmas pictures on the previous thread.


Sugar, thanks for starting a new thread.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago


From Karen and the Fur Folk

5 years ago

the morning  went ok,all but for michele and her yelling that she can not see her dad ,whom been in jail the past nine or more years in jail and that her mom went back up north to live once again.I know it has been a hard year for her ,but I wish we would learn to that life is a hard road to go down.Will Harry and I are doing good other wise.The kats have been nuts all day running up and down the hall hall after each up this morning and Kristopforobin was walking around without his collar,here he took it off under the bed  until michelle climb under and got it and put it back on his neck.Well Monday well be busy around here.with everything we need to get for tuesday...Hope that you are all haveing a great start to Christmas and weekend..God bless you all.

5 years ago

Happy Holidays from Sandi & Stripe. We love you!

5 years ago

Hi everyone!!  I've been up since 3 a.m. and I'm just sitting here with coffee in hand and Bandit on my lap, waiting for daybreak.  The snowplow just came trundling off the highway, down onto my road into the bush.  The noise is incredible...LOL.  How nice of the township to offer a wakeup service whether we want it or not.  I don't think it snowed but they throw alot of sand down onto the icey roads in the winter.  Considering how slippery it is, I can imagine what it would be like without the sand. 


My granddaughter has been here for a few days and my house is turned upside down.   I'm going to get everyone going this morning on some cleaning so we can get it back to normal before Bob gets home from work tonight.  I've actually finished most of my wrapping this year, I can't believe it.  I usually spend Christmas Eve wrapping presents into the wee hours of the morning.  My daughter Michelle showed up with green garbage bags full of presents and I said to her yesterday, so you did your wrapping early this year?  She looked at me and laughed so I guess we'll be wrapping tonight after all.  I hope I have enough would think after all these years I'd remember that at least half of all presents are wrapped at my house so I should get lots of paper at the boxing day sales every year. 


My snowplow guy (yes, I actually need a plow to dig out my driveway cuz it's a 80' circle in the back) came over the other day to tell me he was going to visit his grandchildren on Christmas in the city.  I have been watching the weather reports since then because Christmas is the one day of the winter that I actually need the entire driveway.  Well, they are calling for snow tonight, of course, so now I'm praying to the snow gods.  We have a BIG storm coming up from Texas and its supposed to arrive Wednesday, dumping up to a foot of snow.....let's all hope it doesn't make it earlier than that.  Bob is off until January 2nd so he's laughing about it for a change.  Why is it that storms always come up from Texas and yet Texas isn't in the grips of white winter....that's always stumped me 


Anyway, I'll be back later on.  I just wanted to try to be the first post of the morning.    I think I'm going to throw some laundry in and clean the kitchen.  Maybe the noise will wake a few people up so they can help.  Have a great day and don't burn yourselves out with all your preparations.  Merry Christmas everyone!!



5 years ago

good morning all. We don't exchange presents anymore since my Mom died as theres only a handful left, just get together for a good meal. Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday. Love Stripes & Sandi.

5 years ago

You're welcome Darla, I'm trying to be keep on top of new threads. This year I know I have let some go just a little too long!!!! Anyway, yell at me when I need to start a new one!!!

Angie I love newsy posts. Your's just hit the spot this morning. It must be wonderful to have a large loving family and all the fun things that need to be done. It might be too late now, but I wish I had made plans to visit a nursing home and visit with some one there with no visitors. I also have a very long driveway (that's why it's safe for kitties, there is even a small woods in front) with a large turnaround in the back of my home that also is the entrance to my garage. I am very lucky, a very nice friend who has a body shop up the road does my driveway for baked goodies through out the year. I just made him brownies last week. His wife is precious too. My Toyota Matrix is also a wonder. I have owned jeeps and four wheel vehicles for years and the Matrix is the best yet on this driveway. I just can't understand why it is so good. But I am thankful.

Teri, I am sorry things just don't work out sometimes. Michelle has a hard row to hoe, but tell her to hang in there. Keep reminding her she is young with her whole life in front of her. Her father will probably make arrangements to see her. Especially if they have kept in touch these past 9 years and are close. I'm happy you and Harry are okay otherwise. It seems the cats are in the Christmas mood, running up and down the hallway playing.

Well it's Christmas Eve Day and I made a vow to myself that today I will stay home with the furkids. I hope I can keep it.


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on, just my usual. Ray made homemade milk chocolate and white chocolate candy last night. My favorite is white chocolate and it is good. I have a peppermint stick left from a handful my mom gave me the weekend after Thanskgiving when she was down. I wish I would've thought to ask him to crush it and add it to a little bit of the white chocolate making some peppermint white chocolate as that would've been good. Oh well, such is life.


Karen, thanks for the wonderful tag, the Christmas kitty is great!


Sandi, love both your Christmas tags, thanks for sharing!


Teri, sorry that Michelle is upset. Is she close to her dad? Glad to hear that you and Harry are fine otherwise. So, the cats have lots of energy today, hmmmm? That's just like cats one day they nap all day and the next they are scampering all over the house!


Angie, love your newsy post and glad to hear that things are going so well. Sorry you've been up since so early. I've been up since about 6:30 myself having also woke up witht he alarm at 5:00 to take my meds. I can honestly say though that no snow plows have ever disturbed my sleep! lol

It's great that you have such a big family and that everyoen gets together at your home. Your daughter sounds like me back when I used to go to my mom's for Christmas and we could get presents. I'd take them and wrap them at my mom's!

Grandkids do have a way of turning our homes upside down but we love them so dearly it doesn't really matter. Hope that you get your house clean before Bob gets home.

As a Texan, I'll apologize for the big storm coming your way. Hope you get your driveway clear somehow. Guess we Texans would rather send the snow to someone else rather than keep it ourselves. Though some places in north Texas do get a little snow. Probably not as much as you'll get but they do get a little.


Sugar, you do a great job with the posts. However, I will "yell" at you if you want when it's time to start a new one! lol

It's great that you have someone who'll do your driveway for baked goods. Am glad your Toyota Matrix is such a great vehicle. I'm sure that's a necessity in areas where you get lots of snow.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. Merry Christmas everyone!

5 years ago

Hi everyone....Santa is just about to cross over to the Americas so it must be getting late.  I have had a busy day of cleaning and running around; now I'm just having a coffee and sitting still for a few minutes. 


Yummy Darla....homemade candy!!  I love it; I wish someone would make me some for Christmas.  I know how to make it, I just don't have any time left    I'd love to try peppermint white chocolates...mmmmm.  Merry Christmas to you and Ray!! youngest daughter's boyfriend is an apprentice mechanic at Toyota and he will be happy to hear your great review of the Matrix.  He is full of enthusiasm when he talks about cars and I remember them having a conversation comparing trucks not too long ago.I drive a Jeep 4 wheel drive and it's done me well.  I've gone through some pretty big snow drifts and I've never gotten stuck....knock on wood!!  Merry Christmas to you and all your furkids...even Black and White, who is half in and half out!! 


Sandi...I hope you and Stripes have a wonderful holiday get together with the handful of family that is left and enjoy a great Christmas dinner with them!!


Teri....I am sure Michelle will chill's Christmas Eve after all.  I wish you, Harry and Michelle and all your many furkids a very Merry Christmas!!


Karen....Merry Christmas to you and the furfolk!!


Everyone else.....I wish you all a safe and merry Christmas and I'll be back on boxing day after some recuperation.



5 years ago

Good evening! Just checking back in. Not much going on. Got my plants watered today. Will need to wrap them tomorrow for the cold weather coming in late tomorrow night/early Wednesday morning.


Angie, glad you're getting to relax. Yeah, I think that peppermint white chocolate would've been good. I love peppermint bark and this wouldn't be that different, besides I love white chocolate too! Oh well, maybe next year if I remember. I'm gad to hear that your     Jeep 4 wheel drive has been so good for you. We don't have to worry about getting snuck in snowdrifts here.  Merry Christmas to you, your furfolk and your family!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. Merry Christmas!

5 years ago


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5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Ray's making a late lunch later as we'll eat around 2:00 this afternoon. Our son will be joining us! Unfortunately we won't see our grandson as his mother has him and our son does not get any Christmas visitation yet since he's not  quite 2. Visitation is 3 days a week and luckily for him he got some time yesterday. We weren't able to go over {we usually don't if the mom is sticking around as she and Ray don't get along and it makes for a stressful visit} so we didn't get to see him. While, I don't like the way she's treating our son, I can be in the same room with her without any problems. Anyway, we just didn't want to add stress to our son's time with his son. I'll be wrapping my plants later today as a cold front moves in and brings some below freezing temps for today and tomorrow.


Shell, glad to hear your fur babies are enjoying the paper on the floor. That's always fun to watch! Thrilled to hear of the baby kitten's progress! Has he got a name yet? Looking forward to a picture of him.


Merry Christmas from Ray, me, Osiris, Shasta, Cinder, Kona, Scamp, and BabyFace {our bearded dragon}!

Take care and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Merry Christmas all kitties and cat lovers!  Wishing all a wonderful day!

Hugs from Betty and Ginger

5 years ago

Hi Betty and all of you, and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, from me and the crew......


We didn't do anything or go anywhere. My church doesn't have Christmas service. I got up at 7 am, and took the turkey out of the oven. I made sausage stuffing this time. I got everybody fed, and then took some food to a friend, and came home and cooked some more. Then took more food back, and fed everyone here again.

5 years ago

Our Christmas was good,had awesome dinner with my froster daughhter t hat I had not seen n 14 years.She told me that she is a grandma seven times.It wasawesome to be able to see her once again.Michelle had awesome time with her bother Ryan and Micheal and her mom,at Ryans house.her siter Ashly was unable to make it.It wore Michele out so bad that she came home had her snack and head right to bed.The only thing that is not good today is that my baby Muchin thyroid diease has came out of remission and she not doing good right now.We have to give her water and she is still eating good.but sleep a lot.I like to ask for pray for her that she came out of it as she has in the past.Good night and God bless

5 years ago

Shell - that's great news that your kitty is doing so much better

Teri, I will pray for your baby - that she will be fine.

Hi Donna *waving* - did the vultures get any of the turkey??

David and I had a quiet Christmas.  The first thing I saw when I woke up was a gang-gang on the tree by the gate - so that was lovely - very festive colours!  We had a niice simple Christmas lunch and then David disappeared into the book I gave him   He LOVES to read.  I got him a nice bookmark to match it - which Bumbles tried to steal off him.

David got me a book on creative journalling, so I spent a happy afternoon splashing paint about.  I got tired doing it, but it was great fun. 

But when I went to rest, I got a big surprise - my phone came up with a message that David was calling me!  He has a mobile phone for work, but I knew he wasn't anywhere near it.  The mystery deepened when the phone told me I had a text message.  I called out to David to ask what was going on - and well, it turned out that Bumbles had called me!!!  He had managed to find the hot key for my number, press his paw on it long enough for it to connect and go to message bank then in turn sends a text to my phone.

That really made my day! 

5 years ago

PS  LOVE all the pictures in this thread

5 years ago

Happy Boxing Day! I  hope everyone had a warm, festive holiday.

We're experiencing our second day of snow. Thank goodness yesterday's snow melted. We have about 4 inches of fresh stuff now. Naturally this comes when I'm busy pet sitting. I'm trying to make sure everyone gets walked, fed and whatever else they need. It will probably be sunny and warm when all the pet owners come home! Oh, well, I'm thankful I have breath to complain!

5 years ago

Had a good day with my Dad we watched Search for Santa Paws (cute) and Chevy Chase Christmas Vatcation. Teri sorry to here the cats not doing well. I have to go to a visition later the Dad of  kids I babysit when growing up died. Also was a neighbor when I lived at home. He was 92. Hope everyone had a great day. Love to all.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We had a good Christmas, our son came over we ate and watched some TV. Our daughter called too so we connected with both of our children! This morning I gave some of the homemade candy Ray made to our neighbor. She was very appreciative! She especially liked that I didn't bring it over yesterday when everyone was over at her home!!!! lol


Betty, thanks for the Chsristmas wishes from you and Ginger. It's good to see you here.


Donna, thanks for the Christmas wishes. Glad y'all had a good day. Did you make a bucnh of turkeys for the cats and the vultures? Sausage stuffing sounds good.


Val, glad you had a good Christmas. Had to look up what a gang-gang was but it sure is a beautiful bird. What an awesome Christmas sight! It's great that you got a book on creative journaling, I'm sure it was fun! How funny that Bumbles called you! lol


Teri, glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. It's great that you reconnected with your foster daughter and that Michelle was with her brothers. Sorry to hear about Muchin's thyroid disease acting up. Will keep y'all in my prayers.


Karen, sorry to hear about all the snow while you're pet sitting. I know that's got to make walking the dogs difficult.


Sandi, glad you had a good Christmas with your dad. Sorry to hear about the dad of the kids you used to babysit.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Hi Val and Darla and all,

Everyone had turkey. The vultures had all the skins and pieces that I cut off as I am fixing the kitties dinners. I cooked it over night, so it all fell off the bones. There was no carcass actually, but the vultures had their fair share. I also made them spaghetties so that they were full enough. The cats had plenty. I had a plate as well as my friend, and Jimmy doesn't really like turkey so he hasn't had any, but I did put some stuffing in the fridge for him/


I scrambled some Jimmy Deans breakfast sausage first, then in another pan, I melted butter with onions and celery and poultry seasoning. I broke up bread, and mixed it all up. It was pretty good. I seldom make it as I usually just make it for the cats. I also made some turkey bow tie soup.

5 years ago

Donna it sounds like your fur folk and feathered friends had a very festive meal! I'm sure they wish every day was Christmas!

Have you ever tried adding chopped dried fruit ot your sausage stuffing? Dried apples, pears, cranberries, cherries--whatever fruit you like complements the sausage.

5 years ago

Thanks for the tip Karen. You know I think I had cranberries in some stuffing somewhere, now that I think about it. I will have to try it myself. I like trying new things. Oh, but no wild animal new things. Meat is where I draw the line. It can't be something that I feed outside...


The fur folk had a whole week of thanksgiving turkey....

5 years ago


had a great snow this way yet.Muchin is still holdingher own and has now eating like a horse againand drinking water.But Harry has to stay with her when she does drink and eat to make sure she eats a nd the other do nor eat on her.I am feel good today,was not this morning,until I lay down and took a long nap with my kats with me.Harry is doing goodas wel a nd Michelle was so tired out from Christmas that she slept until 4pm.she went to bed last night at 6pm and woke at 4pm tonight.Harry is doing a great job with muchie and the other kittie's kept a close eye on muchie all the time.God bless a nd hope that your Christmas great

5 years ago

Good Morning everyone! I tried to get on yesterday morning, but here came Punkin. There is no way I can type with her help so I finally just gave up. I don't know what it is about computers but she loves them. She won't let me alone until I just close it up.

Christmas was good. I ended up feeling much better. My poinsetta made me feel good just to see it. I am so glad I finally got my house in order (except for the sewing room). It looked quite nice for Christmas guests.

Would you believe I have fed Tom 3 times already this morning and it is just a little after 8 AM. He is a good eater. I want to eat like him, it must be good for you. Just under 2 months and he will be 22 years old.

Everyone take care and keep Christmas throughout the year!


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We're supposed to warm up a little tomorrow but go back down to freezing the day after so I'm not unwrapping my plants for one day. Not much going on here, just my usual reading and computer. The cats are all doing well.


Donna, glad everyone had some turkey. Oh, the vultures had spaghetti ~ that just strikes me as funny somehow! lol I can just envision the vultures eating spaghetti. Your sausage stuffing sounds good.


Karen, good to see you here.


Teri, the Garfield picture is so cute and very funny. Thanks for sharing. Glad y'all had a great day. Glad that Muchin is eating and drinking well even if Harry has to watchout for her. Sounds like Michelle is really tired to be sleeping so much.


Sugar, I'm curious, did you get the bird seed and deer food for Christmas that you'd heard rumors about? So, Punkin kept you off the computer? That's so funny. I usually have at least one of my cats trying to get sit in front of the monitor! Tom it eating very well ~ that's great!!!!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Hello everybody, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I have been extremely busy. We have a lot of snow now but today is beautiful out and sunny also not too cold. I am a bit tired from shoveling though. All our furkids had a great Christmas and they are having fun with all their new toys. I really hope that evryone has a really great New Year.


Shell, I am so happy to hear that the little kitten is doing better now it sounded like he was in pretty rough shape and God bless you for taking such care of him and nursing him back to health.

5 years ago

Hello everyone. Donna I agree with Darla about the Vultures eating Spagetti being funny. Sugar glad  Tom's eating good. Teri love your picture. Have a headache today so been just laying around. Later.

5 years ago

The vultures sound like they are grunting in Italian now..   It  must sound funny how they eat spaghetties. I have one large pizza pan filled, and a couple of smaller platters. The really funny part is when the one was wearing a spaghetti on his head... OYYYYYY I am just glad they have no interest in garlic bread......


I already made the spaghetties for them. I need a break from the morning cooking. I fed my cats cooked chicken thighs for dinner, mixed with some cooked rice. Everyone enjoyed it, but the vultures. I threw them a pile of chicken skins that were cooked, and they did like that. I have a piles of them in with their spaghetties for the morning, and I have a few cans of soup in the pot as well.


Oh, they are big on peanut butter too. I have some tree limbs along the hedgerow beside the house that I pile peanut butter on, and it is suppose to be for the little tweeties, but the vultures took a liking to it, and it goes fast. I did see the woodpecker  out there eating some of it. It always draws them.


I went to the store today with a gift card for the food store. I made an interesting discovery too. I ran into a sale on thighs and drumsticks because the sell by date was today. Everybody made out good. Now, if I remember to stop in there, I will have to check out the sell by dates on their chicken, so that I can go back there when I get more money. It was half price, and, the chicken smelled good. I always worry a little when there is a sale on meats or poultry.

5 years ago

Aw Darla, it must have just been a rumor about the deer and bird food. Oh well, I will have to go to the feed mill when the weather gets a little nicer. I am not near out yet, but with snowy weather it goes pretty darn fast!!! That Punkin doesn't only want to sit on the keyboard, she wants to rub on my hands and face.

Donna the other day I saw a flock of vultures flying overhead near the road at the end of my driveway. I don't know what the attraction was and don't want to know. I couldn't tell if they are the red headed ones or the black ones. They were too high in the air.

Sandi, get rid of that headache before your Birthday!!!! Boy that Mouse wants outside so much in this snowy weather. I don't get it. He, Little Joe and and Black and White spent almost the entire day in the basement. If Mouse wants to hang around the big boys, so be it. It's disappointing.


5 years ago

Sugar, the red heads glide smoothly, and the black ones flap their wings more often. Sometimes they are just going around looking for a warm current. The red heads have a better sense of smell, and sometimes the black ones will wait for the red heads to find something, and they will swoop down to take it.

Red heads are more timid and shy around humans, and, they are less fussy when it comes to food. They are much bigger than the black ones, with shorter legs. They waddle, and the black ones skip.

5 years ago

Thank you Donna, I will look closer the next time and watch their body (wing) movement!

Hey everyone, New year's eve is almost here. I am going to stay home and thoroughly enjoy being warm, dry, and comfortable. I could count on my two hands the few times I went out on a New Year's Eve. For one thing, I have always heard what you do on New Year's is what you will do all year! So home is where I want to be. Also, don't forget your cabbage on New Years Day to make sure you don't go broke in 2013.

It is still cold with snow cover in my yard. The roads are great. Dry for the most part. But I tell you what, I feel the cold in my knees and hands a little!

Yesterday I picked Girl's collar up and it always makes a sound with all the little things I have on it, like different tags and here came little Chewy. He thought Girl was home. He smelled her collar too. I wonder how long he will remember her. I will remember her my forever. This is the first time I have only had one dog for 30 years or more. I don't plan on getting another as much as I would love to get another Annie. (Black Lab)

I have to run a couple of errands this morning and then make some more applesauce. I love homemade applesauce.

Have a good weekend everyone. Keep warm and dry and safe.


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Well, we're going to have below freezing weather thru tomorrow now. Have to unwrap my plants today to water them then wrap them back up. Not much going on here, just the usual ~ reading and computer stuff. We got a late Christmas card from Ray's sister yesterday and it had a Wal-Mart gift card in it! Ray's going to use it to get his asthma medication and me some socks.


Michela, glad to hear that you and your furkids had a good Christmas. It's great that they're playing with their new toys.


Sandi, sorry you have a headache, hope you get better soon.


Donna, I can just imagine a vulture with spaghetti on his head! Sounds like you do alot for your animals both your kitties and the wild ones. So, the vultures like peanut butter? I wouldn't have imagined vultures like peanut butter. Woodpeckers yes though. Glad you got such a deal at the store and that you had a gift card to get things with.


Sugar, I'm sorry that it was just a rumor about the bird seed and deer food. That would've been nice for you. I'll bet it does go fast with snow on the ground as other food stuff would be buried. I'm so glad you're able to feed the birds and deer. I used to feed birds but it's not in our budget now and our son used to pay for it but it's not in his budget since he got divorced. So, Punkin wants your attention in addition to sitting on the keyboard ~ that's frustrating if you're trying to type but oh so adorable too! Right now, I have Scamp lying on the computer desk while I'm typing. So, Mouse is hanging out with the big boys huh? Well, I guess he's just trying to prove he's a big boy too. He'll come back to you I'm sure. I'm sorry you feel the cold in your hands and knees. I've been staying inside while it's cold but will be going out later today. Hope the cold doesn't affect my back. Awwww, poor Chewy looking for Girl. That's so sad and yet so sweet. I think if you're meant to have another dog one will come to you or you'll not be able to resist getting another. Yes, the New Year is almost upon us. We'll probably be spending it in our home with just us. The tradition I've always heard was that you had to eat black-eyed peas to have monetary success in the New Year. I don't like cabbage {can't even stand the smell of it} so I'll stick with my black-eyed peas. I've never had omemade applesauce but I do love applesauce so I'll bet it's very good. Wish I was close enough to come bum some!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

well today has gone so great,first I woke up and checked on Muchin and she was sating there with the rest of the kat family waiting to eat her breakfast.she eat her shimp and drink water.and she than decide to take a nap  as did I and Harry and michele and the rest of the kay family.The rest of the day she been asking for more to  eat which we have been giveing to her.Muchin neck has came back in place nd does not hang down low any more.she climb up my wheelchair tonight to eat noodles with me as she has not done since she became sick.So I belive that I have my girl back once a gain.I had a day of no pain in my arm or shoudler today and Harry was able to take it easy today.Michelle  on the other hand she did all her reading for her schooling and than did her math and history.after which she fall back to sleep  a gain for about two hours and watch her tv shows with Big mack and Chaileray at her side watching tv with we had a great day .I was even able to get out to the post office for my yes ,my day was great.hope that yours was too.God bless

5 years ago

Oh Donna - vulture with spaghetti on head   Oh my, I would love to see a photo of that!  I told David about them and we've decided we would like to come and live next door to you.  We will bring our own turkey

Sugar, staying at home with applesauce sounds lovely!  I haven't heard about the cabbage on New Year's Day - do I need to bring one inside?  I feel for you picking up Girl's collar - those sounds and sights mean so much.  I still have the collars and tags from my dogs and can't bring myself to throw out the large soft toy that Pearl rested her head on during her last illness.  So I am thinking of you very much and sending pats to Chewy.

I had a really good day yesterday - I got to clean the fridge and do some gardening!  Today I tried to pick up the book I really wanted to get David - but the shop was closed.  He's already finished the other one I got for him.  It's nice to see him with his head buried in a book again.

Teri - loved the Garfield cartoon!

Apologies to those I haven't said hello to - I'm a bit tired tonight.  I will try and come back tomorrow.

5 years ago

Hi Val, I have Annie's favorite stuffed puppy on top of her cremains and of course I kept her collar and leash. I have kept all personal things belonging to my dogs from the past. Girl Dog has her collar next to her cremains. She was never one for toys. I adopted her 16 years ago in november and she was a year and a half to two years old then and I guess no one ever played with her. Some day in the distant future I will have to spred their ashes outside. I don't want to leave it to some stranger.

Teri it's wonderful you all are doing pretty good right now. I'm glad Munchin is well and hungry. That's a good sign. I keep wanting to sleep for a few extra hours, but I wake up and that is that. I had to shovel snow this morning. I was outside before daylight, shoveling paths to the feeders and putting food out for birds, deer and squirrels.

Darla you have to make applesauce sometime! It is so easy, I always made chunky applesauce. Just core, peel and cut into bite size pieces and put into a pan with a dab of water depending on how many apples you have cut up. I use about 1/4 cup water with mine. You don't need much. Sweeten and season with cinnamon if you like it to taste. Boil on medium heat until most apples chunks mash. Delicious. We have the snow today, 5 more inches ontop of the 2 that was already there. That might not sound like a lot to a lots of people, but here it is.

If I don't get too ingrossed in a book I will be back later, take care, stay warm and safe everyone,


5 years ago

Darla, I tried to send you a message, but my message board doesn't always work. I wanted to welcome you to the cohost group!!! I truly enjoy your posts and I know you will do a wonderful job.


5 years ago

Good morning everyone!!  It sounds like everyone had a great Christmas with their families and furkids.  We got snow on Wednesday night and it is looking nice and clean outside.  I made it through an entire Christmas without a cat climbing the tree.  My granddaughter knocked against it with something and my daughter caught it in mid air before it came crashing down but other than that, it was uneventful.  I can't believe I forgot to tie the tree to the sliding door handle    I usually do that because of the cats  LOL.


Homemade applesauce.....yummy.  Bob used to make it all the time when the twins were babies but we haven't made it in ages.  I might have to make some soon....perhaps after our New Year's cabbage.  I have my dog's collar and tags on top of my armoire but after 5 years, I still don't  handle them.  I miss him every day.  Several years ago, I was standing at my bedroom window, looking outside and all of a sudden, something hit my knees from behind, buckling them and I almost fell.  I looked around but there was nothing there.  When Shadow was alive, he used to walk behind me and his rump used to hit my knees in the same way.  It shook me up pretty good at the time but now I've gotten used to his spirit around me.  I'm sure he misses me as much as I miss him.....Shadow was not just his name, it was his persona.  My kids are always talking about bringing me a puppy but I always tell them no.  I love dogs and maybe one day I'll get another when I'm ready....until then, I have my 3 clownish cats to keep me company.


Teri...I am glad Muchin is feeling better.  And I'm really glad to hear that your arm and shoulder are feeling better.  It sounds like you and Harry and Michelle and all the furkids had a relaxing holiday season.  After all the running around we do preparing for Christmas, isn't it great to be able to sit back and enjoy it all?


Donna....honestly girl; I haven't been able to stop giggling since I read about you feeding spaghetti to the vultures.  It just paints the most delightful picture in my mind.  It sounds like you spend an awful lot of time cooking.  You're my hero.....I spend the least amount of time that I need to in the kitchen, and even that is alot during the holidays when there are so many people to feed.  My cats got their turkey scraps and the animals in the bush got a big bucket of carcass and leftovers, all mixed together.  I was just out there and I couldn't find a scrap lying around in the bush anywhere.  I guess they are happy.  My husband always gives me heck for feeding the wildlife....he says we are going to end up with a bear walking through the house one day   I took him for a walk yesterday and showed him where I feed the animals, far from the house.  He is feeling better about it now I think. 


Darla....congratulations on your new position as co-host!!  I know you'll do a great job.  It sounds like you're having a cold snap if you're just rewrapping your plants.  Hmmmm....I wonder if that means I should be checking for my next storm from Texas  LOL.  It's snowing outside here right now but it's a pretty gentle snowfall.  I can't see it accumulating too quickly. 


Sandi.....I hope your headache goes away soon.  When I'm feeling bad, I usually lie down and am quickly surrounded by my curious kitties, who all want to know why I'm not up on my feet.  I'm glad you had a good Christmas with your dad.


Val....I'm glad you had a good holiday.  I find it funny to hear you say you were out gardening today. live in the warm climates!!


Michela....good to see you!!  I hope you had a good birthday.  We have quite a bit of snow up here too but since I've lived up here in Haliburton, I've noticed that you people down there in that stretch between Lake Erie and Lake Huron really get nailed by snow in the winter.  When I was young, I used to go to London to visit friends and I don't remember there being so much snow


I'll try to be back later.  Have a wonderful day everyone!!

5 years ago

 Later.Sugar, you brought back happy memories with your applesauce, i used to make it with my Mom i always talked her in putting those red cinnomon things in it. Teri, glad Muchin is eating thats a good sign. Donna I'm with angie laughing over the Spaghetti, would love to have seen the one with it on their head. Darla glad your a cohost as you'll do great. Its snowing here. later

5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here.With my insurance company I qualified for five $10 gift certificates for having preventavtive "tests" done like getting a flu shot, a mammogram, a bone density test, etc. I was able to choose from a variety of things and I chose $20 worth of  Shell gas and $30 worth at Applebees. They came the day before yesterday and just in time as Ray was wondering how we were going to put gas in Ray's car. It also means that we get to go out to eat this weekend which will be a treat.


Teri, so glad you had a great day and that you had no pain in your arms and shoulder. Also glad to hear that Muchin is doing so very well. It's a wonderful sign that she's eating so much. It's great that Michelle got her homework done.


Val, glad you had a great day and that David liked the book you got him. I got a book from the library called Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy {he has the show My Cat From Hell} for Ray to read as I couldn't afford to buy it but it was on a list of 10 things to get for the cat dad in your life so I wanted Ray to read it. He enjoyed the book until the very end when the cat it was about had to be put to sleep.


Sugar, I think it's great that you still have your dogs' things with their cremains. I also think it's great that you're eventually going to spread their ashes somewhere. When my daughter had to put her cat to sleep a couple months ago, she had him cremated meaning to spread his ashes b'cuz he hated to be confined in a space. She couldn't even put him in a cat carrier without him stressing out so she trained him as an adult to use a harness. Unfortunately, the urn they put Romeo in was the kind that she could not open. She was very upset by that. I'll get Ray to make applesauce sometime. Thanks for the directions/recipe. Thanks for the welcome as a co-host, it is much appreciated as are the your kind words.


Angie, glad you got thru Christmas without any cats climbing the tree and only one mishap that was caught. I don't put up a tree anymore instead I hang garland and a wreath on the wall and hang my ornaments from those. I have a small tabletop tree that I use sometimes if I can keep the cats from trying to eat it. lol Sounds like you definitely have Shadow's spirit hanging around, that's so cool that you felt something bang in your knees like that. I'm sure the right time will come for you to get another dog. It's great that you feed the outside critters and that your husband is feeling better about where you do the feeding. Thanks for the congratulations, I do appreciate it very much. Yes, we were having quite a cold snap. It's supposed to warm  up today for awhile then it'll go back down to a low of just above freezing. I'm ready for the cold to be over with for sure.


Sandi, thanks for the congratulations and kind words about me becoming co-host, both are much appreciated.


For everyone with snow, stay warm. Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Well, we did no decorating or tree either. I have too many cats with pica, and they would be choking on the decorations. I especially have a problem with plastic. It didn't look much like Christmas here, BUT, I was in the kitchen making the turkey dinners. I use to bake and make assorted fudge. Most of you know, as I tend to repeat myself, that I didn't know I needed glasses when I last made my 50 lbs of assorted hairy fudge.... I had to hear about it through the grapevine...... Then when I got glasses I saw that I also had a dusty house.... I also noticed that I aged... I was so young looking when I didn't wear glasses. I put them on and was very shocked...... NOOOOOOO, couldn't be me........

It is a weird looking drizzmal day. That is a day that has a fine spray of water, and no sun, and it looks like snow......... I didn't go out today even though my friend has a bag of ham pieces for the critters. I will give the cats first choice, and the fattier stuff will go to the flying sh-it factories..... I don't use that word. It was my last curse word before I quit. There is a story behind me quitting that word. If anybody really wants to hear it say so.

I got some good news a little while ago. I had a jar of this special peach salsa that I got from a church pantry, and it was not on the shelves for sale. My friend called to tell me that it is at shoprite.. I mixed it with stewed tomatoes to put over something, and it was sooooo goood. Not sure, but knowing me, I probably added just a hint of splenda. That is my secret ingredient..... Not much of a secret anymore, huh......

Speaking about dogs, from your post Darla, it reminded me of my cat friend who has 30 of her own, has a visitor with a long furred dog. He brings the dog by to get his nails clipped, and one of her cats has gotten his chain to walk him around the house. I thought that was cute. I left when they got there though, as sweet as this dog is, and he LOVES cats, he jumped all over me with excitement, and I don't like that. Cats do seem to like dogs. I guess SOME dogs.

Sandi, your picture has a red X. I think I asked you how you post them. I don't remember though. I know that the best way to post them would be to find one, put it into your documents, then put it into photobucket or care2 album... This way nobody can snatch it after it is posted.

Kristi, Pie has 2 vowels....

Angie, those bums eat it every morning for breakfast. I made 4 lbs today. I usually just make 2 lbs as it is easier, and I burnt my good pot up. I always find gravies or sauces and veggies to add to it.... My salt supply is going down now, as I just can't bring myself to servie flat spaghetties. I use to make up tons of oatmeal for the starlings, and I used up all my milk and sugar. It had to pass my taste first...... Those were the days when I could also buy them sunflower seeds, and I got it as a gift for all the occasions. They get plenty of peanut butter now.

I don't want to stop feeding anybody, but I do concern myself with coyotes. I was SURE the 10 fox out front making weird noises were infact FOX, but some lady I talked to said if there were 10 of them, they were coyotes.

5 years ago

Donna, I do post from photo bucket then preview and if it doesn't show up I delete it so don't know what happened. Guess I won't post pictures . If I was a animal I'd want to live near you as I know I'd be eating good.  he! He!

5 years ago


I wouldn't stop posting the pics since most of them do show up. Now, I use photobucket too, as well as my care2 album. I click on the photo, and then I click on direct link. I go to my post, and click on basic or advanced editor, and I click  on the green thing on the left side of the yellow smily, and then paste my direct link in, and it is there. These are pics from my own photobucket album. If you move pics from it, you will remove the pic in the post.


You can still be a human and live near me. I use to have a guy that pulled up a chair out front at day break watching for my door to open. He went to the store for coffee and a newspaper first, and then waited. I was stuck feeding him for 7 years. It all started with his 22 cats I wound up caring for at his abandoned property. It was tough in the winter, as I had to carry their water up a very long driveway in the deep snow. I invited him to turkey dinner one time, and fixed a platter of turkey for his cats, but I couldn't get him out of here to take it to them. I had to leave him here, and deliver it myself. it was 3 miles away.

5 years ago

OH, forgot to mention that Jimmy walked to mail box to get something from his old place of employment. It was an end of the year check for a penny...

5 years ago

Donna thats funny, seems it would have cost more for postage!

5 years ago

Not to mention the envelope too...... 

5 years ago

Hi everyone and everycat! Just stopping by to say hi...Donna...a penny? Lol That was really nice of you to feed that guy and his cats, although it would've been great if he fed his own cats since you gave him the food for them haha...


I am currently fighting off the flu. My husband Arnie contracted it somehow and before we knew it was the flu, we weren't as careful so I caught some of the beginning symptoms...but we are both taking Tamiflu now and it seems to be working. Ugh I do not like being sick. There are so many things I want to get done around here...but that's ok, I'll get it done at some point     


Hope everyone is having a good day...good night all

5 years ago

Will Muchie is back to total being herself  once  again.I am doing great today,I have been pain free all day and night long.The other kats are just laying around why Muchin is sating on my desk top waiting for her 9pm snack.which is great.Harry is doing awesome and Michele had a great day as I have to kept a eye on her eye's she been haveing pus cameing out of them both for the past few days or a warm cloth on the both ofher eye's should been out infection she may have in her eye's.I hope that your weekend has started out great for you  all.God bless

5 years ago

Good evening, all! Just checking in and saw how busy we've been. We went to Applebee's tonight and had a good meal. We go their two for $20 deal which gave us an appetizer to share {we got mozarella sticks} and an entree each {we got chicken and shrimp with little potatoes}. We also had enough to get this neat dessert they had for $1 {we each got one} called a brownie bite. It was a small brownie with a small scoop of ice cream and was very good. We left around $5 on the one of the gift cards and gave it to the waiter along with his tip.


Donna, You made me laugh with your story about your glasses. I do understand though and there are times I just don't wear my glasses unless absolutely necessary like when reading or watching TV.

When I mentioned  what I did with the garland and wreath, I was actually talking about past years. I  din't decorate this year either. Mainly b'cuz Ray forgot  to get out my Christmas box. The  cats chew on the garland. Our cat Cinder loves to chew on plastic bags while Kona's thing is paper. Y'all may remember me telling y'all about Kona destroying 2 of my wall calendars. Well, he tried to get my 2013 wall calendar when I putting the birthday and anniversary information on it but I managed to stop him!

Sorry you're having such a drizzmal day. We've got rain scheduled for Monday but the low that day is supposed to be 49 degrees so there won't be icy roads at least. In fact our weather is supposed to warm up tomorrow with a low of 49 and stay "warm" for the next several days. Hope you get your ham pieces soon as I'm sure all the critters will enjoy them. Yes, I'd love to hear the story of how/why you stopped using the word sh*t.

I'm glad you got some good news about the peach salsa. I wouldn't have thought to try it with tomatoes though I'll take you word for it that it was good. So, Splenda's your secret ingredient, huh? Nope not so secret anymore!

Yes, there are some dogs who are good with cats. We used to have a Sheltie whom I got when he was 3 months old. He was raised with cats and basically thought he was a cat and our cats loved him. Unfortunately, when we moved to San Antonio we couldn't find a house to rent only an apartment. We kept him for a year in the aprtment and it was really bad for him. He used to pull away from me to run as I wasn't strong enough to hold the leash. Finally, when he was 3.5 years old we made the very tough decision to give him up. He now lives in central Texas on an ranch with a female Sheltie as a companion. I still miss him terribly. I can see why you wouldn't like a dog jumping on you, especially if it's a sizable dog.

Sounds like you feed everyone well. I'm with Sandi, if I were an animal I'd want to live near your house. Oh, I knoow you feed people to and that's wonderful that you're so very generous. I love the story about how you fed the man and his 22 cats.

Wow, a whole penny! {shaking my head head here} I can''t believe they actually  bought an envelope and paid postage for that!


Sandi, please don't stop postin pictures as I love the pictures you share with us.


Kristi, sorry you're {and your husband} fighting off the flu but glad y'all are on Tamiflu. Take care of yourslef. Everything you want to get done will still be there when you're better.


Teri, so glad you're pain free today. Thaat's always a wonderful thing. Also glad to here that Muchin is doing so well. Hope Michelle's eyes are doing better.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Donna, if I received a check for a penny I would have to frame it as a permanent tribute to lack of common sense! Even the IRS rounds off to the dollar. I did once receive a W2 form from a former employer showing $0 earnings. I thought that was dumb too!

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Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on here, just my usual reading and computer stuff.


Karen, good to see you here. I agree iwt you I think I'd frame the check too.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Darla,It was not Michelle 's eyes its Muchin's eye's that have pus comeing out of them both.but their both look a lot better today.


so far I am haveing a great day and the sun is out and is it bright.So I plan to just stay home and do my writting and other stuff thatI have let go for same time.Muchin is eating everything in her way today and even back to sealing f ood of my plate again.So I do belivethat my babie is on the raod to better health at last.Thank you God.Michelle she just left to go to a movie with her big sister from big brother's and big sister'sso now I can do all my paper work why Michele is gone  and Harry can get at the house chors that he has left to do.The kats have all decide to go  and take a nap.So Fredryckelee an Sabryna and Eddiesue have taken over the bed and Kristopforobin is in they bedroom andthe other are all over  the house.Well I better get started at the bills and wrting out check for monday is check day around more much later ...hoep that you arall haveing awesome Sunday.God bless

5 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Today is the day of broken pipes. They have been broken for some time, but we needed some parts to get them fixed. It is a huge problem as the pipes and hot water tank  are exploding... Water all over the back room, and I can hear in this side of the house, the water running under the tub area. We have a crawl space which is flooded. Jimmy has a board under the house to try to stay off the water.


Anyhow, he fell down 3 times out back  where the garage is, and burnt himself twice, so he decided he will try to get some sleep, and try this again tomorrow. I think he was welding something that has to go under the house. Nothing will freeze as most of our heat is under the house. The heat cats fix it this way for the winter. They DO have their own barn and bldg, but I think during weather like this, some of them prefer the heated crawl space.. There are only 9 out there now, and one feral that lives on the porch. He has his igloo with heated pad and blanket.


The rest are in, and they cover the vents when they lay next to them. Oh well, I can sleep better when it is cool in here. The only problem is that when I am cool from the neck up in the morning, I do not want to get up. In the summer, I pop up fast. It is too stinking hot in here,,,,,


Jimmy is going to make copies of the check for a penny... I guess he wants to prove that we actually got that thing. Now, back in my days, I remember getting 3 candies for a penny

Also, the bazooka bubble gum.


Ok, here is how I finally quit the sh-it word....

I called my friend up and asked if she had an extra horse sh-it for my compost heap

She said horse WHAT?

I said Sh-it~~ Horse sh-it

She said horse WHATTTTTT???????

I said sh-t sh-it  sh-it


She said HOW CRUDE.....


Then I said what do you expect me to say. She said the word is manure. I said ok, manure.


Ever since that telephone call, I  have not felt the same about my pet word, and now I do not curse......   


Darla, I use to put my glasses on and take them off all day, and now I better just keep them on.... I otherwise cannot see. My vision is 20/400 in both eyes.


5 years ago

To the mystery artist Sandrea. The new page looks very pretty. Betcha thought I didn't notice, huh !

5 years ago

Hope everyone has a great New Years.

5 years ago

It was a very sunnie day and bright.but Harry and I decide to stay at home all day with the kats .And got all my paper work done fo the next month.And check all wrote out for next month.

and my list made for shopping and and other that I do not forget what I need and need to do.I had a other day with litte pain today.Which was great to move my arm's and shoudler's without the pain.The kats are all doing great.Mucchin is totaly back to being herself onceagain she doing her moewing when she went something to eat or drink,like she did before she was sick.And she does not let up until she get what she wents.hope that your Christmas and weeknd wasgreatandthat your New years eve will be too.Happy New Years.God bless

5 years ago

Greetings from me and Ginger ~ and Garfield! 

Happy New Year Garfield New Year picture

5 years ago

I had a medical emergency Saturday night. For some reason I have worried about Rosie. No specific reason, just that I love her so much and have felt something was wrong. Well Saturday morning Rosie only licked at her food a little and went back to bed. Not eating a lot at any one time is normal for her so I never thought too much about it, only noted it. Saturday evening she jumped onto my lat and curled up and it didn't take but a minute to notice her breathing wasn't normal. Imediately I suspected pneumonia and called around for some help. I had 2 amoxicillin tabs and gave her one and called for a vet for a Sunday appointment. He called me early Sunday and we went in and she was in congestive heart failure. She is on medication now for her heart and is already better. By evening she was breathing almost normal and she ate a little. I was already to force feed her per the vet's recommendation, but thankfully it wasn't necessary.

i will be back punkin is taking the computer


5 years ago

Sugar I'm glad your Rosie is doing better. Your keen observation and quick response did the trick!

5 years ago

Sugar thank God you listened to you heart. We all know when something isn't right with our little ones. I'm so glad rosie is ok.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I unwrapped my plants and it is raining so all my sheets were wet. They're being washed now. We're supposed to get rain thru tomorrow then in a few days it'll go back to being really cold again and I'll have to wrap my plants again. Such are our winters warm days mixed with cold. Not much else  going on here, just my usual reading and computer stuff. Kona is doing his meowing at the windows which typically means a cat is out there.


Teri, sorry I misread your post ~ it sounded like Michelle's eyes were messed up. Well, I'm glad that Muchin's eyes are doing better and that her health seems to be on the mend. I'm glad you had a great day. It's great that Michelle is going to a movie with her big sister from big brothers/big sisters. Michelle seems to do alot with her and that's really good. Glad you have time to do your writing.


Donna, sorry to hear about your broken pipes and that Jimmy fell 3 times. Hope he gets everything fixed for y'all. Sounds like all your cats know where to go to get warm! What a story on why you no longer say the word sh*t. I too don't like to cuss and it's very rare that I do. I have to be extremely upset or in a lot of pain to do so. My vision improved with age except for the presbyopia {the reading part}. I used to be 20/200 or so for my distance vision but it improved greatly and I barely need glasses for my distance vision now. It's just up close that I can't see and for reading so I still wear glasses.


Sandrea, yes the page does look great. I noticed it right away but didn't know who to thank for it. So, thank you!


Sandi, good to see you here. Love your picture, it's so cute and wise.


Betty, good to see you here. Love your Garfield picture.


Sugar, OMG!!!! It's so great that you paid attention to your intuition about Rosie and yes we all know when something is wrong with our babies. I'm sorry to hear that she has congestive heart failure but glad to hear she's doing well. I'm also glad that you dind't have to force feed her as that is a very good sign.


Karen and Helen, glad to see y'all here.


Take care and have a fantastic day.


May everyone have a Happy New Year that is blessed with all the good things in life like friends, family, love, laughter, peace, and prosperity.

5 years ago

Sugar, glad Rosie is better. Happy New year everyone.

5 years ago

Hi everyone!!  I am writing on a laptop from my bed as I have come down with the flu.  Thank goodness we managed to get Christmas out of the way first...phew!!  Bob sent everyone home that was still here, even the twins, who turned 19 yesterday.  I couldn't even get up to make them a cake but they are good kids and spent their afternoon cleaning the house for me.  Bob sent them out with their older sister to have dinner and their first legal drink. 


Omg Sugar...I'm so glad you caught the problem with Rosie in time.  We are all breathing a collective sigh of relief with you that she is doing better.  Now you can ring in the New Year with everyone in good health. 


Donna...sorry to hear about your pipes.  What a nightmare that must be.  My water is very mineralized and it plays havoc with my pipes.  Every 6 years my water heater will spring a leak and flood my laundry room if I am not home to notice.  The washers in my taps have to be replaced twice a year and the taps themselves have to be scrubbed and soaked in calcium remover because the build-up can be incredible.  My septic system seems to be telling me that it needs some work and having all these people over for the holidays has pushed it to capacity.  If it is not one thing it is another.  I hope Jimmy manages to get it all fixed for you without sustaining any injuries from falling.


It is great to see everyone here and I wish I could spend more time but typing on Bobs laptop is so aggravating to me   Give me my desktop anyday.  My fingers just do not recognize these keys.  I will probably be feeling better by tomorrow so I will have more patience for the computer.  Bandit has not left my side since I got up sick yesterday morning.  What a sweetheart she is.  Anyway, I wish you all a Happy New Year!!  Whatever you are doing, I hope it is with the one(s) you love!!  Take care everyone


5 years ago

I lost a very long post... Took me an hour to type it, and all of a sudden I saw myself somewhere else, and maybe I left the thread when I was reading other posts, and forgot to click on send.


Happy New Years. Stay home and stay safe......

5 years ago Love you guys. Sandi

5 years ago

Well I took Rosie to her regular vet office today, he took x-rays and discovered lots of fluids around her lungs. He drained them. Now I don't know CC measurements, I was raised on ounces but she had over 45 CCs around her lungs. I am going to check how many ounces that is. I saw the two great big things used to drain her and it was a lot especially considering that Rosie is a fairly small cat. It's no wonder she was having trouble breathing. She is now on lasix and 2 heart pills. She is breathing completely normal now that the fluid is gone. She has eaten at least 4 times today so that is good. I went looking for her a short time ago and couldn't find her. I knew she wasn't outside because I have the basement door shut. So I went to my old reliable cat finder, Chewy!!!! I told Chewy to find Rosie and it wasn't but a minute or so and he found her. He is good. I gave him a treat.

Now I can have a better New Years. I wish you all a wonderful New Years Eve and a better New Year.


5 years ago

That is so nice. Thanks Sandi.

I was asking you about Rosie, Sugar, in the post I lost. I think what Rosie had sounds just like 8ball with the fluid. It is such a raspy unproductive cough.... Was she put to sleep to drain the fluids?  I remember a long time ago that the receptionist at the vets office said that draining fluids was terrible.



5 years ago

5 years ago

Happy New Years Alice,

That kitty looks just like my friends kitty named Hennessee, but he wouldn't be wearing a neclace.

5 years ago

Happy New Year to all ~

~ All the best in 2013~

5 years ago

Happy New Year t oeveryone here.


Dalra,that was one reason I got michelle into the program,was to do stuff I was unable to with her,because of my health.Her and Susan are best of friends,their are going on four or five years of being together.


THe day went great and I was able to get everything need to get need.

and back home by 4pm and have dinner and than lay down and nap until 9pm.


so everyone you all have awesome  new year. God bless you

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