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CHIT CHAT January 6, 2013
5 years ago

Time for a new Chit Chat thread. Here is the link to the previous. Go to it to read about Shell's worries about FIP. And say a little prayer that everything is okay. I know what she is going through, that's something I worry about with Black and White tom. He is healthy but going out like he does who knows how long he will be. Sugar

5 years ago

i seriously just wanna go curl up and cry knowing i put all my babies in harms way......

5 years ago

He was tested when he was at the vets on the 19th of dec for leukemia/aids, that was negative. around the 21st i dewormed him stuff from the vet. I waited a wk after the deworming to let him in around the other cats since the test was neg. But as time has went on the belly went down a lil bit after deworming but not completely. so i started in with researching why he'd be like that, the thing that stuck out was fip, he must have had dirareah which is what caused the feces burn he had im guessing which is 1 of the signs of fip. He also has the pudge that didnt go down after he was dewormed, another sign of the fip. But otherwise eats, was playing when he was with the others and hasnt had the dirareah since he has been here but with the other people i dont know, im just assuming he had it runs with the burns he had. He has since began to gain a lil weight, bones arent so prominent, and seems to be ok. But since i decided to let him in around the others after his test was neg. for felv/fiv, i was extremely worried about the others in the house that he has been around and playing with for about a wk or a lil more. I have a 5 mth old kitten and 4 cats about 1 1/2 yrs old. And 2 seniors. And no he didnt seem to had been in a fights or anything. I was so worried about the others and feel like i put them into harms way by bringin him in with them that i just wanted to go curl up and cry.

5 years ago

Shell, he is going to be okay as is your other furkids. Have faith. My Rosie whom I found 11 years ago fit his description was terrible sick with the diarhea and everything. She and everyone was okay after all that. She has heart problems that just showed up. I'm working on faith that all her meds control her problem.


5 years ago

FrazzledHugsGoodmorning everyone. Shell Like sugar  says he's gonna be okay. Give all the cats hugs and wet kittie kisses from stripes, the hugs from me!

5 years ago

good morning to everyone and I have prays for everyone that needs prays.Our househole is still in sad mood today ,because take muchin to be buied today.Apachie was just sating here crying and the others are all hideing.Ahachil is sating on Harry's lap being rock to sleep.Michelle sleep thur the whole night for onceso going to the ymca on Sunday and working out with Susan most tired her out a lot.eell I back to bed with this darn headach I woke up with this morning,love you all ,God bless

5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going okay. Things are good here. We're at a temp of 49 right now with a high expected of 61 so it's a mild winter day in Texas. Not much going on here today, just my usual reading and computer stuff. I did have to place a call in to my doctor to get some medications refilled that were called in last week. I've got a new PCP and she takes at least a week to get my medication refills called in so far, it's very frustrating.


Shell, what does your vet say about the FIP? I thinkit's very important that you take this kitty back to the vet and see what he says. I will keep ya'll in my prayers and send positive energy your way. It's very possible that th ebelly may be from something else. Maybe he still has worms, maybe his weight gain is mostly in the stomach right now as it hasn't caught up to the rest of him yet, it could be any number of things. Don't worry so much til the vet says he has FIP. Keep him separated for now but I don't think your other cats are in danger of getting it.


Karen and Sugar, good to see y'all here. Thanks for all your encouraging words to Shell.


Donna,  you have had alot to deal with as far as all your cats are concerned. Thirty of them with herpes at one time! What a trial that must've been. Since you've dealt with FIP before, your encouraging words to Shell are greatly appreciated, thanks.  Charlie and Lucy Belle sound like great cats. You said Lucy Belle was also known as Screaming Belle. Is that where your on-screen name comes from? Probably one of those obvious questions/answers but I gotta ask anyway.


Val, thank for the update on Tasmania. Good to know helpers are over there. Let us hope that volunteers are there for the animals to and just haven't made the news as of yet. Sorry your internet is running slow, hope it speeds back up to where it's supposed to be. Thanks for your prayers for everyone who needs them.


Sandi, love the kitty picture. I feel like that some days.  Thanks for your encouraging words to Shell.


Take care and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Teri, I didn't mean to for get you. Just got ahead of myself and thought I'd hit the end. Once again, I'm so sorry for your loss of Muchin. You have my prayerss an dpositive energy is being sent your way. Good to know that Michelle slept the night thru. Sorry to hear you have a headache, hope it clears up soon. Go rest in a dark room with a cold cloth on your head.

Take care and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Thank u all for all the info, Darla, Sandi, Karen, Donna and everyone else.He has a vet appt on wednesday for a recheck after his ordeal. So i will be mentioning it to him then. Hes being kept in my sunroom away from the others for now. Even though i cries to me and runs back and forth trying to get my attention. So i will let u all know what happens and what the vet says on wednesday afternoon.

5 years ago

Be sure to let us know. I have seen skinny cats look like that when all of a sudden there is food, and they over eat. it goes straight to the belly...-++++++++++++++++++ Oh, that was a helpful cat. Same with people that are skinny and try to eat more to gain weight. It goes to the stomach, and takes time to spread out. I think maybe he has some constipation or gas bloating him. Did you worm him for all the worms? You know tapeworms need another kind of pill than round worms do.

5 years ago

I had a great day.We brudier Muchin today, The rest of the kat family is doing great so far today.Chaileray will start looking for his mom until I remind him of what happen to her andd when he will came up by me to hug him and pet him.on the other hand her mom Sabyna is handle it ok so far.

muchin was 14 years old at the time of her death.Other wise the day when just great.Michelle was able to sleep thur the whole last night f or once.Which I pray get her back on her right sleeping schedule once again would be great.instead of being up all night long and sleeping in the day time.Because she has appointment in the day time..I start to go to the diabetes treatment center to hwlp me contol my diabetes it was all my ideal,just called my doctor for a refel to go and he set it all up in the compouter in November2012.I start on the 15 of this month.I so badly went to lose 200 pound and kept it all off for good.I so sick and tired of being over 200 pounds and not being able to do things I love to do with Michelle and Harry.I stop with the cholate a long time a go,I stoped with most sweets and most carb's but i still grain back what I I am welling to try something new and stay with until I lose the whole 200 pounds.and just maybe I can stop takeing the insulin  four times a day.Will hope thast your day was a great one being monday...God bless you all.

5 years ago

Shell - sending prayers and good thoughts to you are your kitties.

Teri - have been thinking of you - again, I am sorry for the loss of Munchin.  And best wishes with the diabetes clinic.  I think you are doing great having stopped the chocolate and most of the other stuff - that's the really hard bit as sugar is so addictive! 

I have been out at a routine medical appointment today - so a bit tired, but the weather has cooled down now - thank goodness!  I hope the cool change has made it to Tasmania - that would help with getting the fires out.

Hope everyone has a great day.

5 years ago

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a great day so far.

Shell, I am saying a prayer for your little guy. I think your other cats will be ok especially since they aren't fighting with eachother. You are doing a great job taking care of them and you took all the precautions that you thought were neccesary before putting them together. Let us know how the appointment goes tomorrow.

Darla, I am so happy for you that you got that boot off it's been a long time since you had it on. I hope your foot feels better and I hope you don't injure it again.

Angie, so sorry that you are still sick, feel better soon.

Teri, I am so sorry to hear about your Munchin, I am happy that all your other cats are doing great. Good luck at your diabetes center I hope you get lots of information and I hope that you can lose the weight that you want to lose.

Val, I am glad to hear that your weather has cooled a bit I hope it helps in Tasmania, when I watch the news it makes me sad to see the footage of the fires and the poor people losing their homes and the animals that live there. Let us know of any updates on the progress of putting the fires out.

Sugar, I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well lately, I hope you feel better soon, I know we all miss your posts. Hugs to you 

Donna, so happy to hear that you got your water tank installed and working. I hope everything is getting better with Henry.

5 years ago

Sandi, I love the frazzled cat picture it's so cute. Thank-you 

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I'm just relaxing wearing my sweatpants with paw prints running down the side of one leg. Just my usual going on. We're getting rain today and it's about 50 degrees right now while it's supposed to go up to about 61.


Shell, do let us know what the vet says on Wednesday. Meanwhile, many prayers and positive energy being sent your way. Poor baby, crying for attention like that but it's good you've got him separated for now.


Donna, good to see you here and as usual you give wonderful advice.


Teri, it's hard to bury a loved one. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Glad to hear the cats are doing okay. It's great that Michelle slept thru the night. Yes, it's best if she gets back on a schedule of sleeping at night and being up during the day. Your idea of going to a diabetic clinic is a good one. Hope it works out for you and that you lose the weight.


Val, sorry your tired, hope your energy returns soon. Also hope your appointment went well. Glad you got some cooler weather and hope it extended to Tasmania.


Michela, yes, I'm thrilled to be out of the boot finally! It took awhile but I'm all healed up now and I should be fine. I now know better than to try to walk when my feet aren't working.


Sugar, hope you're doing okay. You are missed and in my thoughts and prayers.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Hi Val, I saw those awful fires on MSN news on the internet. I was so shocked.. Fire is so awful, and all I could think about was the wild life and the poor strays and birds.

Teri, I saw on tv that women over a certain age have trouble getting weight off because of the lack of Estrogen. But who would want something that can cause breast cancer???
What is the number of your A1C? Also, what is your fasting number usually? My fasting is always high anymore. Yet, in the afternoon my sugar does drop. I am on 2-500 mgs doses of Metformin a day. UNTIL it runs out in February. I lost my insurance.... I don't see where it is doing all that great though. Got my A1c back and it is 7.5, which is up from 6.1..... I still get into chocolate.

Oh, the dark chocolate is suppose to be very good for us. I happen to like the white or light, like Cadberry.... Well heck, I happen to like everything.....

I am so sorry for your loss.

I got back from the vets about 2 hours ago. Henry did not have a large amount of urine to get rid of, but he has blood now. The prednisone was upped. The vet did not seem to think this was bad news. He was glad about the amount of urine. No wonder why I could not find his bladder for the last couple of days. He said that he never saw a crystal when he catheterized him. He saw a mucus plug that plugged him up.

So, my next appointment is the 16th. I've kept up with the cost until now. I will have to sign for the next appointment and pay him on the 3rd of feb. Henry has been losing a little weight too. He started with 13.5 lbs and now is 11.7 . Heck, that is more than a little, but to pick him up you would think he was at least 18 lbs. I think somebody made a mistake. maybe I heard her wrong. Maybe she said 12.7.....

It was on the paperwork. It was 13.4 than 13.1 and now 12.6, so that is not too bad. he looks perfect..... and that is because....... HE IS

Oh, Newbie ubi still has her rodent ulcer, and wouldn't you know my little boy wonder, fred Fred has one too. Newbie has had hers for a year, and it is not growing, so I am glad. Doing nothing is the best way. When I had Tabbie back and forth for shots in the hip and shots in her lip, it just got worse, UNTIL, I put a little colloidal silver in her water and some salve on her lip, and stopped the shots. It went away and never came back. I don't know if the silver was responsisble or the fact that I stopped the shots. The cortisone shots have their place in medicine, and sometimes they are needed, but when they are not, it is best to stop them as they will wear down the immune system, which we do need for fighting sickness/

5 years ago

RAsandcat-bighugsaniStripes and me don't have anything to say. We just want to send Big Hugs to everyone. We love you.

5 years ago

thank you everyone.I had a other day of pain free.Harry has had a gret day but is so tired tonight once again and did nothing much.Michelle stay at home and clean her room and watched her shows.and played with the kittie's  and give out kat nip.I see my pramary doctor on wednesday after noon for a check up and med refills.I will see if I lose or grain weight or not.and for most is going to water weight.So that what my day has been like today.I hope thast you a ll had awesome day.God bless

5 years ago

The cooler weather means that the bushfire threat in Tasmania has eased according to the news I read.  Lots of people have lost their homes though   And Tasmania is such a beautiful place .... David and I honeymooned there - the people wherever we went were so friendly... The Red Cross is there helping now and the local communities have rallied round to help out the stranded tourists and each other.

Donna, Gang- Gangs are not all that big - they are just over a foot tall and weigh just over 9 ounces.  They do have a very large and efficient beak though!  Each year, I think they are going to destroy my tree - but it survives them chewing it! Today they were at the bird  bath - they drink just like dipping birds do - straight up and down

5 years ago

Shell, give us the good news as soon as you can! I can't wait to hear it from you and know you are relieved.

Aw Terri, again I am so sorry you lost Munchin but happy for her now that she is no longer sick and is playing over the Rainbow Bridge just waiting for everyone. Maybe she is playing with my Pudge and Girl Dog who I lost recently. Girl Dog loves kitties and meeting Munchin will help her be happy over the Bridge. I'm so glad you are going to work on your diabetes problem. We don't want to lose you.

Thanks Michela, Darla and everyone for wishing me well. I am just so miserable lately. I don't know what it is. If it weren't for the kitties I would probably stay in bed almost all day but they won't let me. I guess losing 2 furkids in one year and knowing tom will be soon and then having lost Ray 2 years ago it all just hit me. Then Rosie being diagnosed with heart disease and she hates pills! I am afraid she will run away from home. Every other day 4 pills then 3 the other days in the AM and then 3 pills in the Pm. In my mind I wonder if it would be better to just give her pills in the AM (or PM) and let nature take it's course. I will continue as long as possible the prescribed routine. Tell me what you think, please. Make her life miserable or ??????

Val it is so nice to have you back. I don't think I told you that yet. I am sorry things have been so terrible for Tasmania. As soon as everything is under control, Mother Nature will cure the land, but I know she can't replace the loss of homes and belongings of the unfortunate ones. Hopefully God, the Red Cross, insurance companies and friends and neighbors will help ease their pain. I am glad to hear no lives seem to have been lost.

Hey Donna, prayers for Henry. My Tom of many years ago had to be unblocked and he had crystals. It squirted out onto the walls and felt very gritty. But you know what? Luckily that was the very last time he had a problem. It was just God's will, nothing I did.

Hi Sandi, just want to say hello and love your frazzled cat! Looks and sounds like me (And poor Rosie right now).


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all  doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We're having another rainy, dreary day with a temp at 58 while our low was 46 and our high is supposed to be 65. All in all, a typical winter day here in San Antonio. Not much going on, just my usual.


Donna, that's great about Henry not having a large amount of urine to get rid of but I'm sorry about the blood though it is good that the vet did not think it was bad news. I'm keeping y'all in my prayers and sending Henry healing energy. It's great that th evet will let you sign for the appointment and pay him on February 3rd. The weight loss isn't that bad. 

My favorite chocolate is also the white chocolate though I like dark and milk chocolate too. The difference is, I can resist dark and milk chocolate but not the white chocolate!


Sandi, thanks for the hugs and the cute picture. Always great to see you here.


Teri, you're welcome. Glad to hear things are going okay and that your day was pain free. I'll bet the cats enjoyed their catnip. I know ours sure do when we pass it out.


Val, good to hear that the cooler weather is helping out the fires some. Fires are a terrible thing though they do rejuvante the land when all is said and done. I just hate to think of the destruction. Gang gangs sound like really cool birds. Must be nice to see something like that.


Sugar, I'm sorry that you're so miserable but you've had a lot to bring you down. Just let it be. If you can, write about your feelings in a journal or notebook. Have a good cry if that's what you want to do or stay in bed as much as the cats will let you. It's all good and it will pass. Know that your friends are thinking of you and are here if you need them. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, sending positive and healing energy your way. The cats will help too as they have a natural healing energy to share.

I'm also keeping Rosie in my thoughts and prayers, sending her healing energy. I know it's hard to give her the pills but it'll help her. The other choice is to let her go but are you truly ready for that?


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

Baby Kitty
5 years ago

Ok i took the lil boy to the vet, he said he was almost unrecognizable. He had put on 2 lbs since dec 19th when he was there. I brought up about the fip. Basically said he didnt seem to have it, the tests dont really tell positive yes or no, only if they've been in contact with the corona virus. The pudge is basically all food, he was SO malnourished that everything he's eating has went to his belly. Why would a young cat have tartar on his teeth? Vet said he was probably closer to a yr since he has tartar on his teeth already, i thought maybe from maalnourishment. Vet also said that fip is contagious, which goes against everything ive read about it. the virus is but the resulting disease isnt, But didnt show any signs of it. He has to go back on his eye drops and ear drops since those began to come back when i stopped them after 2 wks of treatment. Thank u all for the positive thoughts prayers and energys...

5 years ago

Thanks for the good news Shell. Yep, that was exactly what I was thinking. I mean about the weight going to the belly first. It takes time to move around the rest of the kitty. I just didn't think that he had that FIP...

I think tarter on the teeth comes from too many carbs, as in too much dry cat food. I once read an article about that. So many people think dry food is good for the teeth, when it is loaded with carbs, and carbs stay on the teeth rotting them. Carbs turn to sugar, and the sugar rots teeth.
The article also said that cats in the wild keep their teeth clean by ripping at raw flesh. I guess the special tarter diets might be different.
So is this poor little guy out of confinement yet?

5 years ago

Shell you should see Mouse! His belly is like a bowl of jello. He eats a lot and has gotten quite fat and some of it went to the belly. I'm glad your baby is going to be okay after a few drops for his eyes and ears. God Bless the Little One.

Darla today started gloomy, windy and rainy. It cleared up by noon and the sun warmed us up to around 50. Chewy and I took a nice walk and the furkids spent some time back on the deck. Even Black and White got out of the basement and soaked up a little sun. I don't know if he is going out tonight or not. He is still on the deck but I closed the basement door just in case after what he did the day before. Boy he stinks again. There for a while he didn't. He must have rolled in his own urine.

Well I'm going to warm up dinner, have a good evening everyone.

5 years ago

i was told the person who had him, had him on crappy no name dry food. So now im trying to get him arranged to be fixed on the 14th of this month from the spca, where he'll get neutered and his shots all at once. I also have had him on canned food with the dry food, i thought the canned would be easier for him to digest being so underweight. I had also taken a poo sample with me to make sure he didnt have any other worms that needed taken care of, which he was negative on that too.

5 years ago

Poor little guy is always testing negative... I think with all his troubles he deserves a nice big juicy steak....... Aunt Donna said so........Hmmmm, maybe some pan fried chicken could be a nice reward for his good behavior too.

I think you took care of it all Shell !!! Now you can rest your poor troubled mind.....

5 years ago

Sleeping Belle


Darla, When I tried to paste in this picture of Lucy, the paste wasn't lit up when I right clicked on it. I decided for the heck of it to click on the advanced editor, and the paste lit up for me to click on.


Lucy got the name screaming belle from Jimmy as she was always screaming at some cat for looking at her.... I had to find an original name way back when as it was the rules... Every name I tried was taken, but this one !!!!!


So Sugar and Darla, try  doing what I did to post a photo.

5 years ago

lol i agree Donna, but its positive to be negative...I had been SO worried about him...That picture looks just like my simba who went over the rainbow bridge in 06.....Looks a bit like she wants u to do some shopping for her since i see the ad under her duff....Im going to make some fish tomorrow and slide him some, then meatloaf this weekend and see if he likes 1 knows anything...


5 years ago

So true, and very wise words Grasshopper...... Some nice fresh pan fried  fish would be good too..... Gotta reward yourself too... You  need to  relax now and have a nice meal with the little cutie pie.

My Cat Osiris
5 years ago

Hanging Out

5 years ago

it was a other day of no pain.when to the doctor and he went me back in pt for my neck and sarm.and shoulder, and both legs and knee's. and go see a other specal and to see my gyn and he went a load of bleed work as well which I will have the cancer center take on thusday,because their can take it out of my port instead of my poor left arm. than he went me in to see a orth specail for my knee's with all the arthis and no carlet in either one of the knees.So beside that it was great vist.Harry go next week to see one of his doctors at the VA again.The katsa re start to replay again today and sleep less.Which make me hapy to see them play once again.I grain three pounds which I belive is just water weight.hope that you all had a great day and that your week is being good to you all,God bless

5 years ago

I just lost a long post where I wrote to everyone. Don't know if I can do the same again.


First, I want to say to Donna. It worked! I was able to post a picture by doing the copy/paste thing from my photo album! I chose a picture of Osiris to try it out with b'cuz he's my special guy. I like how Screamingbelle got her name. My female cat often screams at our boys. I call it her inner cougar coming out.


Shell, congratulations on all the negative tests for the new kitty! That's wonderful news!


Sugar, so glad your gloomy, rainy day cleared up. Ours finally did too. Oh no, Black and White stinks? That's no good. Rolled in his own urine? I'm shaking my head here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Darla, Glad to see a picture of Osiris, now we need pictures of the rest. Shell, thanks for the news on the cat. I've had a real crappy day as I had the furance man out 3 times yesterday, put in a part (blower motor) I had to go away came home and the blower was running but no heat it was cold in the house. he came did something 2 hours later it quit again he  came and said I needed a new furance as the heat pump and something else went out so I had no heat until 8 pm today.I'm warm and broke. Going to bed early as I'm tired. Take care everyone.Ps Sugar stripes says tell mouse she loves him even if he's chubby.

5 years ago

Sandi - sorry you've had such a bad day - frustrating to call someone out three times to fix a problem!

Shell, thanks for the good news on your kitty

Darla - Osiris is just gorgeous!  I love black kitties and I love her name too.

And thanks Sugar - it's very nice to be back   And thanks for reminding me about how mother nature cures the land.  Sometimes I get so sad about weather/fire/climate disasters happen that I forget that - so it's good to read it.

Donna, David always loves to hear about your vultures, so I think there must be other people on Care2 who like them, even if there is no group.

Sorry I am being very short today - it's been warm again and I was doing a bit of decluttering when a shelf of books fell down.  I wasn't hurt, but I was mad - if I have so much clutter it's falling on me, then I need to get rid of it.  So some of those books are going to be rehomed to friends.  So good came out of it, but I am tired after cleaning up the mess!

Have a great day everyone.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Well, th e sun came out today after 2 days of rain though we''re supposed to have more thunderstorms and rain by the weekend. Meanwhile, it's a balmy 52 with a high expected of 68 and a low of 44. Nothing much going on here today, just my usual though I did water my plants that are under our porch. We did have a major leak above one of our living room windows with all th erain. Ray put in a work order with management. We just have to hope they come fix it before the rain returns.


Teri, sorry I missed your post last night. It wasn't there when I posted mine and that was my second post so I was tired and sore {my back aches when I'm at the computer too long}. Glad to hear your cats are playing. Glad things went okay at  your doctor's visit though it sounds like there's a lot he wants you to do. Hope the blood work comes back in the normal range.


Sandi, sorry your furnace went out and you had to call someone 3 times to get it fixed. That is frustrating for sure. However, I'm glad it's fixed now. So far this winter we haven't had to turn our heater on. I'll work on getting pictures of my other cats on here.


Val, thanks for saying Osiris is gorgeous. I think so too but then I AM partial to him! His name came to me when he was a kitten, I thoroughly believe he told me what it was. I had gone thru a few others that  didn't fit him then Osiris just came to me and it fit him so well. I'm so glad you weren't hurt when the shelf of books fell. It's nice of you to rehome some of them. I have rehomed many books. I mostly give them to my neighbor/friend who reads them and passes them on to her daughters.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

My Cat, Scamp
5 years ago

Totally at Ease

My Cat, Shasta
5 years ago

Watching the Boys

My Cat, Kona
5 years ago

Watching the Fish

My Cat, Cinder
5 years ago

Just A-Posin'

5 years ago

Sandi, that's everyone.

5 years ago

Darla you have beautiful fur babies!

Scamp really LOOKS like he's a scamp!

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5 years ago

Beautiful cats darla, and I am so glad that you now know how to post the pics. Now we need to get Sugar to give it a try.  I thought I  was not going to be able to post them again too  when that paste did not light up.

5 years ago

Karen, thank you for the compliments on my babies. Scamp is most defintely a little scamp!


Donna, thanks for the compliments on my babies. I could post pictures when we had the old "set up" {can't think of the word I want, darn it} then when we switched to this one I couln't do it anymore. Yes, Sugar definitely needs to try it again.


5 years ago

Darla, what adorable cats. I just want to hug them all. kona looks like my bandit. I love my new furance as its raining here and chilly out. I don't do well when its  cold, I hurt all over. Teri glad everything is going okay and the cats are playing. Go to see donna , darla & val here!  Good night and may god bless each  of you.

5 years ago

the  day was busy but we got everything all done today. the christmas stuff is back in the storage bin until next Christmas.The kat's have been lazy all day long.Apachie seem to be steping up to takeing over where sister and bother left off with the tell us when to feed her .at less it will not be to quite around here as it has been the past seven days.plan on doing the wash  and picking up the mail and than back home.I going to have a less four over big loads to wash and than dry,so it may take Harry and me all day long to just get it done.but at less the three of us will at last have clean stuff .Michelle is going to stay at home and do stuff around the house and the dish's maybe,it be nice if she does the dish's.It make Harry a happy camper.The kittes's that were posted are so beutifull.well you all have awesome friday and I will  check in once I get back home from doingthe wash.Love you all....God bless

5 years ago


Deepest apologies to Osiris.  I didn't mean to turn him into a her!  All your cats are so beautiful and I really want to give Scamp a tummy rub.  Does he like them?


Glad you are keeping nice and warm with your new furnace.  Over here, we are trying to keep cool with another day around 100F   Oh well, it cools down tomorrow thank goodness!

Teri - I hope you get a nice rest after all the work you have done!

All I have done today is water the garden and fill the birdbath three times.  The poor little birds don't like this heat -it's been very quiet out there today - I think they've been sleeping in the shady trees most of the day - apart from when they come for a drink or bath!

5 years ago

Oh my goodness, what beautiful cats! Thanks for all the great pictures of your furkids. I am going to try Donna's recommendation on the advanced editor in just a few minutes!!!! I am excited about maybe being able to post again.

I'll be back,

have a good day.


5 years ago

Good morning,just getting started around here.will get started with the wash real soon.adfter the bed is change and I and Harry get dress. and get going to the laurndymat.with hope I should be back home before 4pmwith all this wash there is to do today.its like two to three weeks wroth of wash.that what happens when you no longer have your own washer and dry it ends up sating until you have the fund to do it at 5.00 to 3.00 a waher load and 3,00 for a dryer.they have you cameing and going one way or the all enjoy your friday and I will talk more later.would you belive my babie's eat breakfast and went right back to bed.God Bless

5 years ago

sugar, I seen your post on Lindas birthday so you can do it now? Hope so miss your pictures. nothing going on here kind of a dreary day. think I'll read awhile then maybe take a nap with stripes. Later.

5 years ago

 thanks everyone for all you do.

5 years ago


My heart goes out to you ! I HATE the summer weather... I can warm up in the winter, but I cannot cool down in the summer. I hate the chinese stink bugs, and the ants and wasps and the no good for nothing flies too.   I don't even like the spring, as it reminds me that summer is coming. I LOVE the fall.......


So far, this has been a mild winter, and tomorrow it is suppose to be 60, and Sunday too. I will not like it as my blood is already thickened for the cold weather.

5 years ago

I just lost a long post!!!!!  Aggravating!!!!  I'll shorten them now.


Yes Sandi, I can now post pics.  Thanks to a hint from Donna.  Tell Stripes Mouse posted a picture for her on his thread.  Right now he is on the deck praying that a bird or squirrel would come in for a visit.


I understand the costs of laundramats Teri.  I have 3 comforters for the dog and cats that I take there once in a while to wash and it costs an arm and a leg.


Val we had a very hot summer.  It seems we had lots of days of around 100.  The birds didn't like it at all.  The poor Cardinals looked terrible.  It seems they were moulting all summer.  As soon as fall arrived they looked good again.


Cardinal eating.jpg

5 years ago

Hello to everyone today!

Sugar, it's so nice that you can post pictures again. I really missed your pictures when you weren't able to do them anymore.

Darla, your kitties are all gorgeous, I look forward to seeing more pictures of them.

Sandi, I'm happy for you that you got your furnace fixed that's terrible they had to come back three times before it was fixed, but I'm sure Stripes kept you warm.

I'm with you Donna I hate summer weather, I love the fall too. I also like Winter but I just don't like driving in it and I feel sorry for all the animals outside when it is really cold, especially my ferals.

I had another cat show up at my door this week that must have been a drop off or got lost she is so friendly and she looked really cold, so we took her in she is really pretty all black with long hair    We took her to the vet she was already spayed so we got her shots done and dewormed her and had her tested for FIV and feline leukemia they came back negative. We probably won't keep her though so I am looking for a furever home for her. She is young too only about a year and a half old. I called animal control to see if anyone had called her in as lost but there was nothing fitting her description and we checked for a microchip but nothing there either. We put up a sign at the vets office and we will wait a while to see if anyone calls. She doesn't like my other cats though so if we are not home she has her own room to go in so there are no fights.

That's it for today, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend 

5 years ago

Good morning, all. Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. They've got our water turned off as they fix a water leak somewhere. Am hoping they come fix the leak in our window today {it leaked horribly with all the rain the other day} b'cuz it's supposed to rain this weekend and I don't want more water in our home. Our temp is supposed to go up to 75 today though we're sitting around 57 right now. Have Kona in our computer chair and I'm using my walker {it's the kind with a seat} to sit at th ecomputer. Cinder's lying on top of the printer.


Sandi, thanks for your compliments on my cats. Kona's quite the character, he's our biggest boy weighing in around 18-20 pounds! Thanks for your thank you picture. I didn't realize today was International Thank You Day. So thank you for being such a wonderful person and friend.


Teri, sounds like y'all have been very busy. I'm glad to hear the cats are doing well.


Val, no problem. Every time my mom comes she turns all our guys into girls! Unfortunately, Scamp isn't into tummy rubs though we try it all the time especially when he lays on his back like that! Wow, it must really be hot if you've filled the bird bath 3 times. Hope you get some cool weather.


Sugar, thanks for the compliments on my cats. I too think they're beautiful but then I figure I'm just a bit biased! I'm so glad you can post pictures now. Thanks for th eone of the cardinal. I absolutely love cardinals. I once rescued one and we raised him for a year until he was lost in a tragic accident. We were going to release him but he had a problem with one wing that was injured and his stamina for flying wasn't what it should be. When we found him, I tried to get the Wildlife Rescue people to come pick him up but they wouldn't so we raised him ourselves. His name was Peepers and he was an awesome bird.


Donna, so, you're a winter person, huh? I have to say that I'm a late spring/early summer person. When it's warm enough to get in the pool and the water's not too cold {it hurts my bones when it's too cold} but not so hot that it's miserable. I don't like cold weather b'cuz it worsens my pain levels.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. And since it's international thank you day, I want to say thanks to everyone for being such great friends.


5 years ago

Michela, your post wasn't here when I did mine. Thanks for the compliments on my kitties. So you're a fall/winter person too? I can see the appeal as long as I'm not hurting. The cat you found sounds quite beautiful. Hope you find the purrfect place for her furever home. Meanwhile, it's great that you're taking care of her.

5 years ago

Hey I didn't know anything about International Thank You Day!  So Thank you everyone!!!


Tom is about 4 weeks from his 22 birthday.  Here is a recent picture of him.  Boy I will miss him when he is gone.  He has been a part of my life for so very long.


Tom, 3 weeks away from his 22 Birthday


He follows me around the house more than he used to.  But we had a walk through the woods on the deer trail almost every day, even snow days until last summer when he decided it was just too much.  I did try to carry him a few times, but he would want down and would head for the house.  We had good times together and I hope several more in the future.





5 years ago

That is a beautiful picture of Tom. He is so handsome !

5 years ago

Tom is a very handsome cat. Sugar glad you can do pictures.

5 years ago

Sugar, those cardinals are gorgeous!  I wish we got those here.  And is that a birdhouse you buiilt?  I love the picture of Tom - he is very handsome and I love his whiskers

Thanks Donna.  I think of you every time summer rolls around to your part of the world.  I love Autumn too! 

And thanks to everyone for all that you do!

5 years ago

Thanks Donna.  I think he is gorgeous too.  I think one of the reasons I feel so sad now is because I know I can't keep him much longer and then there is Rosie.  I am having a horrible time medicating her.  So many things are so depressing and of course I know that other people have problems much worse than mine, but mine are mine and very depressing to me.  I guess you could say I am just tired of just surviving. 


Sandi I'm glad I can post pictures too.  Pictures say more than a thousand words!  At least that is what I have heard.


Hi Val, no that is a store boughten feeder.  Here is one of mine.  And a picture of my Rosie.



one of mine









Rosie Eyes.JPG


5 years ago

Oh my gosh....are my eyes deceiving me??? 


Are there pictures posted by Darla and Sugar??

HURRAY!!  I am so happy for you ladies   


I still haven't read through all the posts but I was so excited I had to comment.  Back in a bit....I have some reading to do!!

5 years ago

Yes Angie!  Can you believe it?  Donna discovered how to do it and shared the information.  Now if only I could figure out how to make my message board work right.  Oh well, I would rather post pics than try to reply to messages.  Some times it works and some times it doesn't.



5 years ago

good morning everyone,just sating haveing my dish of noodles with racnh on them.watching my babie's play and eat they breakfast too.The seem to not went to came out today,for there is a lot of frog instead.Harry is fighting with his brace's to get them on for the day.Michelle will she is still in her bed with Big Mack and Chaileray at her look like today is going to a shopping and after that a lazy day.which Harry needs to rest his bad knee so it stop hurting him so much.Apahice has at last gone up by Harryto say her good morning to him and get her peting from Harry.I pray that you all have awesome weekend .God bless

5 years ago

Wow, what a lot of reading but I'm all caught up now.  Good morning are you and the furkids today?  I love the pictures you've posted...I know how special they are to you.  I'm glad to see you've been posting more.  I get down in the dumps in the fall and it continues into the winter.  I am definitely a spring and summer person, though Bob suffers so badly during the heat that I kinda feel bad for loving passes!!  Bob is off working in the city 90% of the time in the air conditioning of his office so he's fine.  Some winters, we get so much snow that there isn't any point trying to move a vehicle unless it's a snowmobile, which is sometimes easier to take to the store    It hasn't snowed like that in several years now but I used to suffer from cabin fever in a big way.  Over the years I've learned to embrace the snow (in small bursts) and I've gotten good at amusing myself indoors. My animals and my computer play a big part in that.  I didn't even find it that tough to say goodbye to the twins when the went off to their respective colleges last year, leaving me alone up here.  I have bad days which sometimes stretch into bad weeks I think but for the most part, a good cry clears my brain and cleanses my soul, allowing me to smile again.  All the problems aside, I really love my life!!  I know you also embrace life in the slow lane, surrounded by your animals!  Life is full of so many little moments of joy...isn't it great to have the time to enjoy them fully?  I can't message people  I don't care, if I really need to say something I just send them a card


Darla~~I just love the pictures of your beautiful family!!  I'm so glad you're able to share your pictures now and I expect to see many more.  I hope you get that leaky window fixed before the next big storm.


Shell~~I'm so happy to hear that baby kitty is doing well.  My youngest cat Bandit was so starved when I found her that she had bones sticking out sharply everywhere.  After a few weeks she had quite the pot belly happening but it has since been distributed all over her tiny frame.  She just turned a year old and is now a beautiful, but still pretty tiny cat.  She has alot of energy and runs through the house all day long.


Sandi~~sorry about your furnace problems   I'm glad you're nice and toasty now.  My furnace has been working great this year (knock on wood) but I have had some doozie problems...usually on the coldest days of the year.  Our biggest problem up here in the rural areas is tree branches snapping from the cold and taking out the power lines.  We usually end up with no electricity, and thus no heat, at least twice a winter.  I can build a fire but it doesn't do much for the rest of the house.  I am always amazed at how much we rely on power and how tough it is to live without it.


Val~~sorry about having to deal with all the heat.  It sounds like you're having a brutal summer.  I'm glad to hear you're not injured from dropping the books on yourself.


Michela~~good to see you!! I hope you find a new home for your newest kitty soon.  Do people drop cats off in your neighbourhood very often?  There is a woman in my town who takes care of many feral cats around her area and people from all around drop cats off on her property.  Word of's the advertising of choice up here


Donna~~I'm glad to hear that Henry is doing well. Hopefully by his next vet's appointment he's be peeing on his own. I know how rough it gets on the finances when our babies get sick and need to keep visiting the vet and renewing meds.  I wish the meds weren't so expensive!

At least my family doctor gives me free samples of medications...I never get freebies from the vet's office.


Teri~~I hope you weren't too worn out after doing all that laundry. I sometimes go to the laundrymat when I have alot of big stuff, like comforters. They have big front loading machines at the laundrymat so it's easier to wash them there.  The costs are astronomical so I am glad I have my own washer and dryer, though I try to hang clothes rat

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5 years ago

Sugar, Tom is certainly a handsome senior. He looks healthy and his 22 years are a credit to your great care.

5 years ago

SmoreWinterFunXHUGScau viGlad to see everyone here. Hope all of you are having a great day. Sugar, Tom & Rosie sure are good looking cats. Someday I will get pictures of Stripes done. Fingers crossed. Later.

5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Well, they didn't come fix our leak so Ray put silicone along the crack in the windowsill. Hope it holds us thru the rain we're supposed to get.  Our temp today is supposed to go up to 76 F and it's already at 71 F. Then tomorrow th elow is supposed to drop to 32 and for the following 3-4 days it will be below freezing. That's typical Texas winter weather for you! Ray is gone this morning helping some friends move some furniture so I'm on my own and doing my usual reading and computer stuff.


Sugar, Tom sure is a handsome senior. That he's almost 22 says alot about your care of him. Sounds like you really have some great memories and I'm sur ethere'll be more. It's so cute that he likes to follow you. I'm so sorry that you're having a rough time emotionally. Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers an dthat I send healing energy your way. Love the bird house you built, it's adorable. Rosie is a beautiful cat. I'm sorry you're having a tough time medicating her.


Donna, Sandi, Val and Karen, great to see y'all here.


Angie, great to have you back. Yes, I can post pictures again! Donna told me that the copy/paste system worked for her and sure enough when I tried it, it worked. I'm thrilled! Now I just have to get more pictures in my Care2 photo albums. Thanks for the compliments on my family, I love all of them and think they're beautiful cats but it's nice to hear others say the same. So you're another spring/summer person. That's cool. Sounds like your winters get pretty bad if you're taking a snow mobile to the store! I'm glad it hasn't snowed like that in awhile and hope it doesn't do so this winter. Glad you found a way to overcome cabin fever.


Teri, sounds like you're having a good day with the cats. Sorry to hear that Harry is having a hard time with the braces. I remember the hassle of putting that orthopedic boot on everyday when my foot was  broke so I definitely empathize him. So, is Michelle back to staying up nights and sleeping during the day?


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Sandi, your picture wasn't here when I posted. Love th ewarm bear hug and it's verse. Reminds me that I have a hot cocoa mug that my son gave me. It was a Christmas gift he received at a party and wouldn't use. It came with a mug that has a little spoon with a holder built into the cups's handle, hot cocoa, and marshmallows. I think I'll have some hot cocoa while I'm on the computer today.

5 years ago

My day went great .but Harry started to have pains on the right side of his chest,after something stressful happen today.So We went shoppingand back to the house.made him sat and relaxe and take it easy the rest of the day.I baked a cake and some peanut butter bowwnies.THan I cooking dinner for him and I.because came down sick this morning so she just eating my homemade chilie.she say its what the doctor just order and on Sunday I  am planing to make home made chicken noodle vegtable soup for us all and because its the only chicken soup she will eat and she needs it now.Michelle is coughing,sezzie,blowing her noise,fever,and not wenting eat any thing.and on top of it the por thing has her f riend...So Harry put a steamer in her bedroom with the med on it.and than there is a other one in t he front for Haryand I and the kats that sleep out with by it will thur out the whole moble home. Well Sunday is a free day her which mean we can get up at 6am take our meds and shots and have breakfast and go back to bed if we like,that going to be so great  after all the running we have done this week not to say all that laundy we did on friday....So I can get caught up on my sleep before monday's running starts all over again.I have the dibetetes center to go to on tuesday beside it being bank day,I go to see two driffer poeple to help me work out my toubles with my diatetes.I was doing good up until about 15 years  a go..I went to lose this weight by next less 100 pound and than kept going until I lose 110 more pounds.I be able to move around a lot beter and stuff.Will Harry has gone to bed and I pray that He is able to rest good tonight and wake refresh in the morning and back to his normal self once again...Hope you are all haveing a wonderful weekend and that your weather is not to bad..we are to get some bad snow here by morning and the temp are to realie drop down from the 50's we have had the past two days.This wether make no me any off to bed I go after I write in my jounal.Good night and God bless you all.

5 years ago


Hope Harry is feeling better tomorrow - and glad you got some rest bafter your very busy week.  I've been wondering how your lymphodema is going?


Where you live sounds beautiful - a place where you can enjoy nature and animals.  And I have to admit I like the sound of getting lots of snow!  I wish I could trade you some of our heat, for some of your cold. 


I love your bird house.  It's so pretty with the cat and the flowers painted on the side   And Rosie is beautiful.  I'm sorry your having a hard time medicating her.  I think it doesn't matter if other people have worse problems than you or not.  As you say, yours are depressing to you.  When you love, you always give away a piece of your heart and you have loved so much ... so sending special thoughts your way.

I have been pruning in the garden today.  It's been much cooler, so it's been a good day to be out.  I was going to do a bit of craft today, but a very dear friend gave me a call, so I had a nice time chatting with her.

Must go as it is well and truly bedtime here.


5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Will have to water and wrap my plants today as it's supposed to go down to 31 today. Then the lows for the next 3 days will be below freezing though the highs will be in the 50's. We didn't get the rain that was expected so we didn't have to worry about whether or not the silicone worked in our window.


Teri, sorry that Harry and Michelle are not feeling well. Hope they get better soon. A day of sleeping in sounds like it'd be good for y'all. Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers.


Val, glad you're having a little bit cooler weather and can get out in your garden.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Hi everyone....I hope you're all enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  I've just been puttering around between rooms and the cats are getting mad.  Savanna hates the vacuum and goes to the other end of the house when it's on.  Bandit and Roxy couldn't care less but they wanted me to sit still so I could pet them.  It's pretty mild outside again and it's been raining for almost 2 days.  Yet STILL we have snow on the ground...and so much ice covered in even more water.  It's so messy.  The January thaw they call it....we just get used to it and bang, the rest of winter shows up even nastier than before.  Of all the months our furnace is running, January and February are the most expensive; it seems like it's always running.


I had the worst time sleeping last night.  We have a bunch of coyotes in the woods nearby that like to gather in the wee hours of the morning and do their thing.  I hear them growling and yipping...they sound alot like dogs except there are so many of them.  They get louder and louder and then the noise stops...just like that, there is silence.  So weird.  I have tried to go outside and record these bad boys so Bob can listen to them but by the time I find my boots and coat and get out there, they have stopped.  We also have a wolf reserve about 40 km north of us and last week there was an announcement on local radio stations that a couple of wolves had escaped into the wild so people should watch out for them.    I said to Bob that with all the wolf calls I hear, how would I know if it was one of them?  I hope they caught them because they live on a reserve where they are fed and studied...I'm not sure how they would fare out on their own.


Teri~I hope Harry is feeling better today.  Chest pains after stress doesn't sound like a trivial thing.  Poor Michelle, it sounds like she has the flu.  So many people around here are sick with the flu, it's a bad year for it.  I will keep you in my prayers since the task falls to you to care for all the sick ones.  Please try and stay healthy...lots of rest is a good start!


Val~I'm glad to hear it's cooled down a bit.  I love to hear that you are out in your garden. I miss working outside in the yard and I'm already dreaming of spring 


I love the "bear hugs" picture Sandi.  Some of my favorite activities of summer are bonfires, roasting marshmallows and making smores!! 


I think I'll go for a walk and see if we have any flooding happening.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend .... I'll try to be back later.

5 years ago

thanks for asking about m y lymphedema.At this time I am waiting for my sleeve  which I should have by next week or sooner.I am haveing a other pain free day thank you so much God.Harry is doing some what better but still a lot of pain  when he use his left arm and that I have had him take it easy all day long and Michelle I have try to kept her in her room.But with both of them not doing good is very hard to kept them a part and not fightinh with each other.I have broke up three so far today.But that what happens when there is two hot heads in the family.The kats are doing great a nd playing as well with each other.This afternoon I saw Fredryckelee and his wife Apachie playing with each other.Chaileray a nd Big Mack are staying with Michele in her room.And the other two gril's are sleeping some where in the house.Kristopforibin  is sating on Harry's lap being rocked.So that how our day has been peacefull and quite.Talk with my daughter for about a hour over the phone.Well I hope that you all have had a wonderfull weekendand that your week with be blessed for you all.God Bless

5 years ago

Good evening, all! Just checking back in. I did manage to clean the bathroom today but got some bad news when I did so. We have a leak under the sink! It's a small leak but a container we had under the sink was 3/4 of the way full of water. Ray's going to call th eoffice tomorrow to report the leak b'cuz he knows what the thing wher ethe water's leaking is called and I don't.


Angie, yes, cats are funny when it comes to house cleaning if they think you should be doing something else with them! Shasta had to stay in the bathroom while I cleaned it, she slept in a basket we use for extra toilet paper while Scamp and Cinder tried to get in. They were quite mad at me when I came out!  I'm sorry you had a hard time sleeping last night. Sounds like the coyotes are something. I think it's cool you try to record them. Wow, two wolves escaped! I truly hope they're found and are okay. You're so right that it might be hard for them to make it in the wild. Also, I'd hate for them to get shot or something.


Teri, has Harry been to the doctor yet? Chest pains with a painful left arm sounds very serious. Sorry to hear that Harry and Michelle are arguing. It must be very hard on you to be in the middle. Good to hear that the cats are doing well and that you got to talk to your daughter.


Take care and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago
5 years ago

Teri - glad to hear you are getting your sleeve soon.

I haven't felt too great today.  It happens sometimes - but at least it's happening less often!  So I haven't done much.  Basically just did the daily brush with Maitland.  He's such a sweetheart and always knows when I am not too well.  He rests his head against mine and wte have a good cuddle time.

Here is Maitland.


Sorry not to write more.  I have a routine appointment with the oncologist tomorrow and I have to be up very early.  It's a 2 1/2 hour druve to the hospita l from where I live and I have to be there at 9.30.  And sadly I am not a morning person!

Hope everyone has a great day.

5 years ago

Oh my, I just had a terrible thought this morning before 5 AM.  I and mother nature have planted numerous trees in my front yard and they have grown like weeds.  Now it hit me what happens if I have an underground problem with my electric supply line and/or water?  Another thing to worry about.  I cut down several trees 2 years ago and I think I better cut a few more this year.  I know where the water line runs, but I don't know where the electric cable runs.  There is nothing like worrying in advance!!!!!


Rosie isn't getting all her pills every day.  Yesterday she slipped out when I opened the door and I didn't see her close enough to catch until bedtime when she came back in.  Right now she is getting meds mostly only once per day instead of twice.  I'm trying.


Teri, a friend of mine has the lymp problem too.  She is trying to get her leg down enough that she can get the special leg stocking to help keep it down.  They won't order her leg stocking until the swelling goes down substantially.  Her arm is also affected.  You two are the only ones I know with that problem.  It isn't a good thing, but you are getting help with it.  That is good.  I'm sorry Harry and Michele are under the weather.  I hope they are better soon and I'm so glad you are pain free right now.


Val, Maitland is beautiful!  I really envy you having a horse.  They are incredible animals.  I used to wash mine down all the time with Absorbine Jr.  They always smelled so good, washed or not.  Their noses are so soft.  Is the fire under control now?  I hope so.  Thanks for the compliment on my bird house.  I have given several away and put up many more here at  home.  It looks like a haven for birds!  Actually it is.


Hi Darla, how's everything besides the sink leak.  I hope it's fixed by now.  The weather has been warm but wet.  This morning it is in the 20s again.  Everyone seems to have the flu or the cold anymore.  I hope I don't get anything.  At the grocery store I make sure I wipe the cart handles down with the wipes they provide.


Angie I am so worried that coyotes may turn up here some day.  I have never heard any here or saw any but I keep an ear and an eye opened just in case.   I think I mentioned before the uninformed government moved some into the state to kill deer.  They don't kill deer.  They kill small rodents, pets and scavange already dead deer.  How do you get rid of them now?  That reminds me I saw on the news a large group of people went hunting in Florida for the boas and constricters to rid the state of these non-native species that are on their way to destroying the native wildlife and pets in the neighborhoods.  It is scary thinking of them running loose in Florida.  At least to me.  Do we have any Floridians here that have had a scare from them?


Sandi, your bouquet of flowers reminds me of Spring.  It can't come too soon.  It is beautiful.



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