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CHIT CHAT February 16 2013
5 years ago

Oh my, time for a fresh Chit Chat thread.  Here is the link to the previous.


So good to hear from all of you.  Val I am so sorry to hear about Maitland's eye problem.  I don't know how to make it any easier for you to put in his drops.  I wish I did.  Do you have any idea how he got it to prevent it in the future?  Is it carried by insects like flies?  Do you have a couple of people who can stand on both sides of him to hold him steady?  I would help you but I am a few thousand miles away.  Give him a big hug and talk to him.  That is always a good thing for horses.


Again, I want to say how good it is to hear from friends I haven't heard from for a while like Abo.


Tom and Rosie are doing okay for now.  Both ate good this morning.  It's cold here so Rosie can't go out today and she likes going potty on the creek.  There is good sand there.


Aw Teri, I hate to hear of your swelling.  You know, it is terrible how helpless a person feels when they are not be able to help any one.  But I will keep you in my prayers.  God Bless you.


Sandi, tell Stripes Mouse is doing some serious hunting on the hillside.  He will be back later.



5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I forgot to set my alarm when I went to bed last night so didn't wake up in time for  my early morning meds ~ was a little over an hour late taking them. Osiris was the one who woke me. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Penny, glad you liked my picture of BabyFace and Cinder. Actually, Cinder is a blue or gray cat. It just shows up darker in that picture I guess. I love black cats too and have one, my Osiris is black.


Sandi, yes, I truly believe in rescuing or adopting cats rather than buying them from a breeder. If we ever get a house, Ray wants toget a Bengal or a Savannah and I've already told him we'd be going thru a rescue group. Thanks for your compliment on the picture of BabyFace and Cinder. Beautiful picture of Stripes! Glad you found her and rescued her. It's great that you feed the strays.


Sugar, thanks for the compliment on the picture of BabyFace and Cinder. Snow flurries, huh? Hope they don't stick. Glad to hear Rosie and Tom are doing well. Thanks for starting the new thread. So, what is Mouse hunting?


Abo, nice to meet you and great to see you posting. Thanks for all the hearts and love pictures with verses.


Karen, great to see you here.


Ann, sorry you lost a plant due to a kitty sleeping in the pot. BabyFace is a bearded dragon which is an Australian lizard. He's 11.5 years old! It's good that all your kitties were rescues or the kittens of rescues. I'm so glad you were able to save mama and baby with the one born feet first. It's also good that you feed outside kitties. I'll bet Savanna looked cute in her sweater. So, when you say you took her for a walk does that mean she went on a harnass?


Donna, great to see you here.


Angie, how sweet that Bob surprised you by coming home! Sorry that you had to dig the car out from the snow and that Bob got stuck but am glad that he made it to work with time to spare. Hopefully spring will be there soon. Thanks so much for your sweet compliment on the picture of BabyFace and Cinder. I really like it. The cats are usually all around BabyFace when I take him out snifing at him and sometimes a little paw in there. It's b'cuz of the paws and how big Kona is and how fast Scamp is with his claws that I've started putting BabyFace in the bathroom to run loose in there while I clean out his habitat. I don't want anyone toget hurt. Sorry that you can't post to Care2 from your desktop, hope it's rectified soon.


Alice, love the picture you posted. Whose cat is that? Most of my cats sleep on the bed with us though I have one who sleeps on a pillow that he dragged off the bed! I keep it on the floor beside the bed. Glad your cats like their pillows so much.


Teri, how did your appointment with the pain management doctor go? Sorry you have so much swelling, it must be very uncomfortable. Yes, I think it'd be fun to film the cats while gone from the home. Glad that y'all got to go out to dinner.


Val, sorry to hear Maitland. Will keep him in my prayers. Hope you find a way to get his eyedrops in.


Mongi, nice to meet you. Great to see you here.


Pandute, nice to meet you. Great to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

 photo noname_zps0dfdfa80.jpg Val when I had to put drops in Stripes eye I wrapped her in a towel, that was after chasing her all over the house, dragging out from under the bed etc! I found the best time was when she just woke uo from a nap. Good Luck! Sugar, I'll tell Stripes she's outside doing who knows what. Glad Rosie & Tom are doing good. Teri, your in my Prayers with everyone else here. Later.

cat funny.
5 years ago

5 years ago

thank you everyone for all the prays.For their always help me.I am to have the my whole family here on sunday.all my grandkids and my daughter.whom is going to do all the cooking,which will give harry a rest for cooking and dish's.which will be very nice  for harry.I am doing great today.some pain but not much.hope you are haveing a great weekend.God bless

5 years ago

Have a nice Sunday Teri which Im sure you will with all your family around you & your daughter cooking dinner.Enjoy, you certainly deserve it.

Darla, good job you have Osiris as your time keeper! Great nurse too, gets you up for your meds

Good to hear Tom & Rosie are doing good & ate well today Sugar.

Great saying Sandi!CB sends Stripes love

Have a great Sunday cat lovers group.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on, just my usual. I will have to water my plants later today but other than that nothing going on.


Sandi, love the saying about  feeding the birds! Your other picture didn't show up. Maybe it'll show up later.


Teri, sounds like you're going to have a fabulous Sunday! It's great of your daughter to do all the cooking and give Harry a break. Glad you're doing okay pain wise.


Penny, yes, Osiris usually wakes me up though I set the alarm too.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

Hello Everyone
5 years ago

Val. Prayers for Mitland and you. The towel wrapping is usually  what I do too. It calms them.

Darla thank for the info on Babyface. Is he friendly with all creatures? 

Taking Savanna for a walk, means I walk and she rides. She is still pretty weak, so when it is cold I prefer to bundle her up and just let her know she can go out for a little fresh air.

Sandi like your feed the birds. That reminds me to go fill up my feeders.

Sugar. Glad  Tom and Rosie are holding their own.

Hugs to All

5 years ago

well the whole family but Ashlymarie is not here.but at less the rest of the family is here..but one of these day s Ashlymarie will stop being selfish and be with the family.Well any ways we are sating here just waiting for the food to get done .The oven is going  and its getting hot in here as well...doenda is makeing a ham and mash pototas and vegatable and ice crean cake.So I am just enjoying the vist with my daughter and two grandson's a nd grandaughter michelle.Michelle is haveing a hard time  getting use to haveing her big bother Micheal.after not knowing him for the past 22 years.he was adopt when he was a baby a long with his sister Ashlymarie.So its aget to know you day here.The kats are being so great,al but for chaileray,he try to walk off with ham why Dorenda was putting bown sugar on it.other wise all is great with my babie's today.well off to eat a nd I will talk more later.God BLess

5 years ago

so much for your prayers for Maitland - his eye is much better today thank God!  I got David to steady his head, which I haven't done in the past because Matey is frightenend of men.  I think it must have been men who hurt him   But David was terrific and moved very slowly and gently whilst I talked to him and we managed to get some eye drops in

Sugar, that is so nice of you to want to be here to help.  I would love you to be here too!  You are right that the conjunctivites is caused by flies.  I have a fringe for him, but he hates it and has it off two minutes after I leave him.  I've got some ointment to keep the flies off him, so he has that on now. 

How are Rosie and Tom doing today?

Well, I have lost this post 6 times now, so I am going to stop writing, before I loose it again.  Don't know why I'm having such problems with Care 2 today   Will try and come back later. 

Hope everyone has a good day

5 years ago

 photo tigers_zps5dc6aee8.jpg Darla this is the picture I meant. Been gone all day, checking e-mails now I'm ready for bed. Later.

5 years ago

Aw Sandi, how cute!!!!


Val glad you got some med in Maitland's eyes.  I know we used to have some kind of special 'feeder' for the cattle that when they ate they automatically got fly repellant on their faces to help keep their eyes healthy.  Do you take him for walks?  My Honeybar loved to go for walks with me when she was a youngster.  That's where I learned to swat horseflies with the 'bat' and continue it when she was old enough to ride.  People probably thought I was going to hit her, but I was swatting flies.  She would give me a dirty look if I missed one. 


Teri I hope the family day was a success.  That's very nice to have family.  I have family but they are all 4 legged.  But it is wonderful that I have them.


Darla Mouse hunts anything that moves!  I get a kick out of watching him watch the squirrels.  Thankfully he hasn't caught one yet.  The owls and hawks do enough damage without Mouse too.


Everything is okay here for now.  Tom ate a whole can of cat food.  That's unusual.  I found a new kind that both Tom and Rosie love.  holistic or something like that.  i don't like their label, i can't make it out.  its yellow and it all blends together.  tom is on my lap right now.  too much trouble to make caps.


Tom got down.


Is there anyone here who is an amateur doc?  A friend who had a similiar colon cancer operation swears by Phillips' Colon Health Probiotic Health caps.  I still have to go every 3 years for another colonoscopy and she only goes every 4 years now because she didn't get any polyps last time.  I did and one was pre-cancerous, what ever that really means.  And she has been taking the probiotics.  I want to go 4 years next time!!!  What do you think?  I have a bottle and took my first one this morning.


Tom really wants attention this morning.  I am logging off to give it to him, take care everyone and God Bless us all.



5 years ago

Hi Darla hope you had your morning wake up call today.What time does Osiris wake you?Cb always  wakes us at 5am for her breakfast!

5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Yesterday afternoon we got a surprise visit from our son and grandson! They stayed for a couple hours and it was a nice visit. Because they came over I didn't get my plants watered so I'll have to do that today. This afternoon I have an appointment with my PCP for bloodwork though I'm also going to have her check for a UTI/bladder infection. Not much else going on, just my usual.


Ann, you're welcome for the info on BabyFace. Yes, he's pretty friendly. Have fun on your  walk with Savanna.


Teri, sounds like you had a great day with the family. That is wonderful


Val, I'm so glad Maitland's eye is doing better. It's great that the conjuctivitis is clearing up. I'm glad that David was there to help though I'm sorry to hear Maitland doesn't like men. I agree with you that it must've been men who hurt him. Sorry you're having Care2 issues with posting. Hope it's resolved soon.


Sandi, love the tiger picture ~ it's so cute.


Sugar, so Mouse is a hunter, huh? I'm sure he's quite the character to watch as he watches the squirrels but I'm also glad he's never caught one. I think it's great that Tom ate a whole can of cat food. My cats simply won't eat canned food, we've tried all kinds of brands and flavors to no avail. A week or so ago Ray even brought hom esome special refrigerated cat food but they wouldn't eat that either. They eat ANF {Advanced Nutrition Formula} Holisitc dry food, they used to eat Purina Indoor formula. I think you're smart to take the probiotics capsules/tablets. I'm sure they'll make a difference for you.


Penny, Osiris usually wakes me anywhere from 4:00 to 6:00 in the mornings. I also set the alarm for 5:00 which is when I'm supposed to take my early morning meds.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Happy family day to all our Canadian members

5 years ago

Happy Presidents day to all our American members

5 years ago

yes it was awesome day.until  my grandson Ryan decide to act up and his older bother put in his place after I did.the food was awesome.My daughter learn good to cook,I wonder from whom?So it was great to have the family together for the first time in 22 years.I am so happy they were all here,now if Ashlymaire would not be so selfish and show up here,it would of be a lot more  waas busy and tireing.but I made it to all my appointments today.The kats are all doing awesome..I have a 1pm and Michelle has a 2pm...will something to make them both on time.Hope you are enjoying your week.God bless


5 years ago

Hello and hope you had a lovely long weekend.

I know this video isnt to do with cats but if we love cats more than likely we love animals huh? Someone in another group gave us the link and it was so beautiful and tender that I decided to share it with you. However upon watching this video and relating it to my adopted shelter cat Bella, this is what she did with me when I first met her and in the end thats why I adopted her.

Anyway take a look. I am sure you will just love it but get the tissues handing b/c I had to use them and more.

5 years ago

Summeranni it brought my tears to my eyes for two reasons, the video's content itself and memories of my Annie (black lab) who went over the Bridge 5 years ago.



5 years ago

Darla, do these probiotics cause a few colon cramps when you first start using them?  Osiris is a lot like Punkin.  She wakes me up whether I want to or not around that same time and sometimes earlier!!!f





Target the cat is on the mend after his visit to the vet : )
5 years ago

5 years ago

So my laptop died this morning for some unknown reason   I guess I'll have to take it apart and have a look.  The good news is...this forced me to actually look at the problem my other computer was having with posting on Care2 and I FIGURED IT OUT    Now I can use my desktop, just like last month before it started to take issue with Care2.  I have to go to the grocery store right now but I will be back later to chat.  I already lost a large message on the laptop when it decided to go on strike.  I just wanted to share my happy news!!!  Well it's happy for me anyway

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Saw my PCP yesterday and got some blood work done. She added a test for Lupus b'cuz I have a significant butterfly rash. Have been tested before but it runs on my birth father's side of the family. Had an aunt die of liver failure {or kidney failure can't remember which one} due to Lupus ~ she was my age. I also got tested for and was found positive for a bladder infection so I'm on antibiotics for 5 days. The PCP I've been seeing is leaving the office I've been going to in 2 weeks so I had to change my PCP {again, just had to do this December 1st when my old PCP retired}. I called my insurance today an d got that done, it'll be effective March 1st.


Penny, thanks for the President's Day wishes. Great to see you here.


Teri, glad you had an awesome day with your family. That's amazing that it was a first time in 22 years! It's great to hear that you and the cats are doing well.


Summeranni, great video. I had tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing.


Sugar, I'm not sure about the probiotics causing cramps when you first strart them but to me, it would make sense as it would be cleaning out your colon. However, if the cramps continue after a few days {say maybe 4-5 days} then I would stop taking them and consult your doctor. So, Punkin wakes you too, huh? Do you have scrath marks on your arms where she paws at you? I do. Osiris paws at me complete with claws to wake me.


Alice, great to see you here.


Angie, sorry your laptop died but am glad you got your desktop figured out!


Take care  and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Darla, I have  been tested for Lupus one Dr. says I have it another I don't  so I not sure if I do or not with no insurance I can't afford to play games. I think I had it due to the medicine I was on before I don't take anything now, but I do have the little disc or what ever they are all over my chest and arms. I hope your tests for it  comes back negative! let me know! good to see everyone here. I have a sore throat when to the Dr. earlier just waiting for them to call in my medicine. Later.

5 years ago

Hey Darla, I have puncture marks on my facial cheeks.  That's where Punkin paws at me.  Of course the little punctures are very small.  Some times they leave scabs, but I don't think anyone notices.


Is lupus caused by tick bites?  I know those little devils cause other medical problems, like Spotted Mountain Fever and maybe Valley Fever and who knows what else.  Keep us posted about your tests.


Well the weather didn't get any nicer, but it's that time of the year.  Less than a week and it will be March.  I can't wait and neither can my kitties.


Tom looks a little thinner.  Rosie looks great.  She has the cutest little nose.  It is very narrow and around the nostrils it looks like black leather.  What's that part of the nose called anyway?  I still can't believe her medical diagnosis, but it is what it is.  I will just care for her and Tom and love them as long as I can.  It's been a week and a half since her last spell. 


I am going to take my uncomfortable intestines and lay down for a while.  I just don't feel right.  If it doesn't get better in a couple more days, no more probiotics for me.



5 years ago

Thank you all ,

I am here passing by today saying hi and not goobye.

Have good time every one .

Peace and love for you all.

5 years ago

Sugar, Lupus is a autoimmune disease, Symptons are fatique , rash, fever, achy joints, arthristis and more, mostly woman get it. glad Tom & Rosie are doing better, tell Mouse Stripes sends purrs and Meows his way.  Summeranni thanks for the video, made me cry.

5 years ago

its been a great day but very cold at that.The lady that lives across from us has been gone since this weekend and her roommate kept letting her young kitten outside and it kept cameing to us to get warm since last night.So I told michele to keot her in her room until Hedi came home.and to top it off it seems as she had not been feed any thing either.So she in michelle room for the night.So we have a vister in the house for the night.the only one haveing a beef about it is Chaileray.The others are just doing they thing as is jazz.She a pure black kitten.and very loveable.

hopeyour day was a lot warmer than my has been.It's 17 deg here now. Good night .God bless

5 years ago


Will come back tomorrow to talk to everyone. Just wanted to post a video of our cat KOna be pulled around on a throw rug. I promised to try to get a picture of it but my camera takes videos so Ray took this video tonight as I pulled Kona around {as the one I took of Ray doing the pulling didn't come out}. I tried to get the video in the post like Summeranni did but couldn't get it to work. So, the link to the video is above.

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5 years ago

I just dropped in to say hello.  I am spending the day with Tom.  It looks like he is shutting down.  I have a call in to the vets.



5 years ago

so true this pic xwkx

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5 years ago

Great video Dana,thanks.

Sorry to hear about Tom sugar.

5 years ago

sorry that link wont work, so here is a hug, enjoy xwendy k x

Cat Hugs Kitten (video)

5 years ago

Darla, cool video. Sugar my prayers are with you.

5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Glad y'all like our little video. I know it's not much but it is kind of funny to see a cat as big as Kona being pulled around on a little throw rug. Not much going on here today, just my usual.


Sandi, that must be very frustrating to not know whether or not you have lupus. If it were me and I had some of the symptoms and none doctor telling me yes, I'd go with that and assume I have it. My tests in the past have come back negative but I do have some of the symptoms {but they can also be attributed to other things} and according to a book I read you can have it and test negative {a small percentage of people do}. In that case, it would be up to a doctor to say you have it based on the symptoms. I  worry a little b'cuz it runs in my family and I've had a relative die from it or complications b'cuz of it {however they want to say it}. Thanks for telling Sugar what lupus is.


Sugar, yes, I get claw marks on my nose too sometimes. I've woke up to blood dripping down my nose b'cuz I bleed fairly easy. I'm so glad Rosie's doing so well. I'm so sorry about Tom. Do let us know what the vet says. Keeping y'all in my prayers. Hope you get some early spring weather.


Abo, great to see you here.


Teri, it's good of you to take care of your neighbor's kitten. When we lived in Rockport {Texas} we lived in a rented trailer where all the neighborhood cats came to us to be fed. Our next door neighbor had cats too but they kept coming over to us. One day we had 3 tiny kittens make their way to us. The neighbors claimed them but the kittens kept coming to us even as they grew and when they did we just fed them along with the others. It's wrong of your neighbor's roommate to keep letting the kitten out. I'd also keep her until the neighbor returned.


Wendy, great to see you here.


Penny, great to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Darla, Thanks I think i have it as i have the symptons, I have lttle disc shaped marks on parts of me and I have a consin who has it. I take nsaids everyday plus omega 3, some days I just don't feel well, so I rest a lot. Your Kona reminded me of my bandit who I lost a longtime ago, I got him when he was 3 weeks old, still miss him. I hope Sugar's Tom is okay she's had some rough times. Have a great day everyone.

5 years ago

The world has lost a wonderful cat today.  Tom has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with kisses all the way.  Damn, it was so hard to leave him there.  He was not eating normally for several days and it was over 24 hours since he last ate.  He had lost 8 ounces in a week.  Everything was shutting down.  The vet knew as soon as she saw him that he had failed a lot since last week.


My Sweet Tom


sleepy Tom



5 years ago

 photo angel_called_home.gif Sugar I'm so sorry to hear about Tom He was a beautiful cat, I know how you must be feeling its hard to lose our animals. Stripes & me are thinking about you.

5 years ago

Sugar so sad to hear about Tom,,he was such a beautiful cat & companian,condolences & my sympathy to you.

5 years ago


Sugar, I am so sorry about Tom.

an introduction from me
5 years ago

Darla, thanks for the hello, I loved your vid, cat's are so funny, er when theyr'e in the mood.
Sandi sorry to hear your news, I too hope Sugar's Tom will be ok, Summmerani great video, very sweet, hope everyone has a look at the little vid I posted in? so cute .
I am new to chit chat, so hello all, I will catch up I hope. A bit about me, I live in England, in a small village called Meriden, which is in a rural part of a biggish town called Solihull, Solihull is very close to Birmingham, Britains 2nd City, London obviously being the 1st City, but as us Brummies say 2nd City 1st !!, I am married, 2 grown up sons, and thanks to the austerity cuts am currently not working. Now I have 4 cats, Mini,a female long haired beautiful black cat and the oldest at 6 years, then there are the Twins Jimi & Eric nearly 3years old, and the baby of the family Buni 10 months old, three of them are male, short haired, black, Buni is black and white, (Tuxedo type of black and white), they are all different characters, I love them dearly, they make me laugh every day, well thats it for now, due to Eric and Buni, deciding to have a mad half hour, and Jimi hiding under my legs, for protection, so for now, "tara a bit", (as "Brummies" here say LOL) bye from cats too x wendy k x

5 years ago

Oh Sugar I am so sorry to hear that Tom passed on, it took me so long to write my introducton, (constant interuptons) that you had shared your sad news before i manabed to post mine.
He certainly was a beautiful cat, you have your memories, that will keep him in your heart always, thinking of you x wendy k x

5 years ago

Mew Mew ...........deliver and feed ... Wa wa Wa .

Dear Do you ever expect this or even thought of , Do you believe that:


this is the link of pictures and a video , in pictures you will sea how she feeds them , sorry the Video is in Arabic try to see it and a good time enjoying.......

5 years ago

Sorry forget to say : MBC showed the pictures and the video within the news.

A Journalist reporter had visited the man who have the Cat who delivered the 2 dogs.

5 years ago

Glad you liked the video, Sugar and Wendy.

Sugar, Im sorry to hear your furbaby has passed over. He looks such a beautiful cat handsome and gentle looking as well.

Believe me i cried buckets too however it really isnt sad but its a beautiful loving interaction.

Darla Here is the video you wanted to upload for the group. Here you go.  What a hoot Darla. Bella my new kitten loves sitting on my kitchen swivel chair and wont get off it till I turn the chair a ' million' times both ways. She loves it and wont get off. hehehehe

Wendy here is the video you offered. Thought Id help you both. How beautiful is this video. The baby is sound asleep. I love the twitching of the baby, its so beautiful but even more the cuddles from mum. Just so loving. Thanks to you and Darla for sharing.

5 years ago

Loved the videos!

5 years ago

Good evening, all! Just checking back in. Is anyone else having trouble adding photos to your albums? I spent at least 20 minutes trying to add photos of my cats to my photo album but instead of adding them it took me to the main photo album page. I have some nice close-ups I was going to add to the close-up thread.


Sandi, it does sound like you've got it but it also sounds like you're taking care of yourself so that's good. If your Bandit was anything like Kona then you had a cool cat. Kona is susch a big sweetheart.


Sugar, I'm so very sorry about your Tom. I understand how hard this on you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May your memories of beautiful Tom get you thru this.


Penny and Karen, great to see y'all here.


Wendy, you're welcome for the hello. Thanks for liking my video. Cats can be very funny when they want to be. Thanks also for the introduction to you and your cats. It's great to get to know you. I myself have 5 cats ~ Osiris, a black male who'll be 13 next month; Shasta, a calico/torti and white female who is 9; Cinder a short-haired gray cat who is 9; Kona our short-haired, tuxedo male who is 2; and Scamp, a long-haired, gray cat who is 1. I also have 2 grown kids {a son and a daughter}, and am married.


Abo, thanks for dropping in and sharing the story about the cat who delivered 2 dogs.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day..

5 years ago

Summerani, your post sharing the videos wasn't here when I posted. Thanks so much for your help with both Wendy's and my videos. Your new kitten, Bella, sounds quite funny. That was Kona at the end of his "dragging session" so he was getting tired {even though we do all the work!}.


Sandi, glad you liked the videos.

5 years ago

No worries... Kona looks like a cat i had called ' Starrdust' aka Starr but its Bella that does funny from time to time and it was my previous cat Pepper before Bella that used to hug me like the cat in the video. I miss them all...who doesnt? I didnt realize it was Your video and youc cat Kona, Darla. My first cat would  allow me to do all kinds of things but never tried Towel Surfing. Bella loves Chair Spinning. Omg she glares at me if i stop and off we go again and wait and see if she gets off and bumps into things but nope she doesnt. I guess she who invented the spinning chair is a genius! lol

5 years ago

JUST a quick thankyou to Summerani for making the vid clip easier to see , your very clever, I want to be able to do the moving icons, I will research till i get it LOL, nice to meet you too Darla, pleased you liked the cat and her kitten, so sweet, Summerani your kitten sounds like my baby Buni, when we get good weather (sigh) he sits on a cushion on our garden double seat swing, gently rocking in the shade huh cats, they can look comfy lying half on a house brick , LOL night all. special night to sugar , sending love across the Ocean %#&!*% wendy k x

5 years ago

I had a great day .I stay home and got all the rest I was in bad need did Harry anf Michelle.As well as all the kat's and Our guess Jazz the black kitten.Yes,we have a kitten in the house since monday afternoon.Because its mom has been gone since friday and her roommate's kept putting the por thing out in the very cold.Michelle has giveing her a bath a nd is trying hard to get her to eat,but all shewill eat or drink is a small amount of 2% milk. and can fish.But she doing better than the day we bring her in the house.Hope your day has been good.God bless

5 years ago

and I am sorry to hear about Tom.

5 years ago

Sugar ~

So very sorry to hear about your precious Tom. 

Welcome to Rainbows Bridge

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