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cats fleas is eucalyptus oil safe to clean house?
4 years ago

I have cats and a couple of dogs. I don't like to use harmful flea killers. I am interested in using natural flea killers. I was using eucalyptus oil extremely diluted to mop and generally clean. I read that it is harmful to cats. I have not used it since last spring when I started having flea problems. I purchased some today, and I was looking at the internet to get the right mixture to kill fleas and I saw it is harmful to cats! I am wondering if I don't actually use it on the kitties just the surfaces like floors, would that be ok, or should I avoid it completely?

4 years ago

Hi Elaine,

If your cats don't walk on the floor it might be safe, but since cats clean their paws regularly, whatever they step on they lick off their paws... So, if it is wet, they will ingest it. Pine oil is bad too.....

4 years ago

I don't think you need to concern yourself with the dogs since they don't spend all their time cleaning themselves. I use the back of the neck drops. NOT from the store, and NEVER a hartz product. Advantage or front line or revolution does a great job. Other than that, keep on vaccuuming those eggs up.

4 years ago

Oh, thank you!

4 years ago


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