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CHIT CHAT June 6, 2013
4 years ago

Oh boy, so much news is such a short time.  Nenon we will miss you.  I hope everything will be okay for you.  Sally what's this about an earthquake?  Teri if you drive to pick up Michele, have a nice and safe trip.  I missed everyone yesterday, I am getting tired of having so much work here and trying to balance my life with friends who always wants to go some where and absolutely needs me to go with them.  I have two days, today and Friday and then starting Saturday it starts all over again and I also have to get my bamboo and yard work done.  That bamboo will be an ongoing job.  Everybody sorry I can't get on more often.


Here is the link to the previous thread.


I'm getting tired, I still think I would be a good hermit!



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all  doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Had no internet yesterday from about 11:30am on as Scamp ate thru the cable! I had managed to get my regular e-mails done, some MCRA work done, and a few Care2 e-mails taken care of. It was in the middle of sending an e-card that the internet went down. Ray got th ecable replaced last night and hung it up on the wall rather than putting it across the floor so hopefully we won't have any more problems. We do have all the cords and stuff under the desk but he's always left those alone so let's hope he continues to do so. Went to the pool yesterday and did my 30 minutes of walking along with some exercises. Then I sat out in th esun and read awhile. Looks like I missed quite a lot yesterday. Nothing much else going on here, just my usual.


Sugar, thanks for the new thread. Sorry you're so tired. I'm sure you'll get everything figured out. Balancing our lives is important and I trust that you'll be able to do so.


Sandi, thanks for the Hug Your Cat Day message and the World Environment Day picture.


Shell, his name's Stripes huh? That's cool! The 2 stripes sound very intriguing.


Laura, glad you had a wonderful day. Glad your short walk and the Rosetta Stone lesson was fun. Just a couple more days before you leave. Be sure to tell us good-bye when you do go. You'll be missed though we know you'll have a fabulous time.


Nenon, I want you to know that you'll be missed. Hope everything is okay and that things settle down for you.


Angie, hope your head stopped pounding.


Wendy, oh come on, one more kitten won't be bad. I can speak from personal experience since I've got 5 cats that having 5 is a great thing! Yes, I was up bright and early and it was that way again this morning as Osiris had me awake shortly after 4:00! Couldn't go back to sleep and my alarm goes off at 5:00 anyway so I can take my early morning meds. A lie-in sounds like a purrfect thing to do. So glad Buni joined you. When I read, I do it sitting in bed as that's the most comfortable place for me. Osiris always joins me by sitting on my lap then Shasta will often join me too and lay next to my hip. I love it. It's great that Mike arrived to cut the grass and that he enjoyed his Sunday lunch. I'm sure he'll love the meal you plan to serve him and his girl! It's awfully good of him to continue to cut your grass for you. He sounds like an awesome guy. Glad to hear about your flowers being in bloom. I love flowers. I love all plants even when I can't remember their names and I have some of those! Thanks for the positive thoughts for Friday and future appointments. Glad the cats enjoyed their cat toys. The boxes too! Also glad that you got a water fountain and that the cats are all using it.


Teri, glad you had a great day even if it was a tiring one. If you decide to go get Michele, have a safe trip. Hope your doctor's appointment goes well.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

Chit Chat June 6th:Cat Lovers
4 years ago

It rained all day here today due to the new hurricane, so I couldn't get out for my walk today, Darla.. Two more days now. We are all packed. I'll say goodbye tomorrow night.

4 years ago

Had one of them days where I just could not stay a wake.But by 2pm I was able to make myself get dress and out the door to the van.went for the mail and than walmart and the dallor tree store,webbs for dinner.So I got out of the house at less for about three of the new born came out of the kat tree today and his eyes are open.The other the eyes are still close.Midnite,Bella,Angel are all just a running around here all night and day playing,when the sleep I am not sure.They mom try to get them to go to bed with her but that just not work all the time.The other kats are doing great but still missing Big Mack.
Laura enjoy your trip............................................................................................................
Nenon,sorry that you had to leave the group do hope things work out for the best for you and your family.........................................................................................................................
Sandie and eveerone that has send me a card thank you so much it has help a lot to get thur this .thank you.hope that you all had a great day and your weather is warmer than mty haas been the past two days God bless

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here.Went to the pool again yesterday and did my 30 minute walk as well as my exercises. Then I relaxed in the sun with a great book. Today's a no pool day as it's landscaping day and I can't stand the noise of their equipment. I prefer the pool to be quiet with just me and the birds and squirrels so I usually find a time to go when no one else is there. Did some MCRA business this morning. Watered my mini roses and fed Black Beauty and Peaches outside. Peaches supposedly belongs to a neighbor in the 3 building but she is never inside {according to my friend from next door, it's b'cuz they say she won't come in but I don't think they try very hard} and she's always hungry so I don't think they're feeding her. As for her name, Peaches kept coming to mind whenever I thought about her or was petting her so Peaches it is. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Laura, sorry you couldn't get out for your walk. Hope the hurricane doesn't do much damage. I know you must be excited about your upcoming trip! Hope y'all have a wonderful and exciting time.


Teri, I'm glad you were able to get out and run your errands. That's great that one of the newborns' eyes are open! Do you know the sex of the newborns yet? How about names?


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Darla: yep thats what his momma wanted to name him, STRIPES....I thought he looked more like a Spike type kitty.


Im honestly nervous for kiki to get fixed this monday since he's still learning to trust people and gets anxious and will bite if to he gets scared to anxious. And still relearning how to walk, i think for the best of every1 i should probably tell them hes feral so they dont get bit. Even though he's not and a big sweety but if he doesnt know ya he gets very anxious and scared and will bite or scratch.


4 years ago

Hi Shell,

It is better to just explain how he is, and that you are afraid of how upset he might get, and that he might scratch or bite someone. If you tell them that he is feral, they might go ahead and notch his poor ear.


I took a sweet cat in that we just trapped, and I had no reason to think she would bite or scratch, and she did. I think someone was a bit rough when they collared her, and, she lost 3 weeks of work, but the others said that they told her to go right to the doctors for a shot, and she didn't go.

4 years ago

hi Donna long time no see, He is going on a transport van over to the DE spca, stay over night and come back the nxt day. The people that will put him on the van arent the same people that will be handling him over there. If the cat is tame as they call it, they will check out the cat before fixing. But if its feral they wont handle them or check them out before fixing. On the paperwork it has a box to check if you want the ear tipped. I dont want his ear done since he's already been through enough and will never be hurt again as long as im around. Plus i think they get them through and done like a fast food restuarant. I will explain to guy that loads them so he can write it on kiki's paperwork that he's friendly but very anxious when handled from previous abuse. Im going to try to post a picture of him on here so you all can see him.

this is Kiki
4 years ago


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pic 2 of Kiki
4 years ago


and big momma in the back ground

4 years ago

OH, what a gorgeous cat he is. WOW.   We do love our black cats here in this group !

4 years ago

Oh my gosh, she is twice as adorable. She looks so tiny in that photo. ???? Like a toy kitten.

4 years ago

Kiki sure istripes in beds a beauty. I  see we have two stripes now. this is mine.

4 years ago

OHHHHH, that second pic is of Kiki too. What an adorable kitty.

chit chat May 29th cat lovers
4 years ago

I've had those days, Tereseamarie. Tomorrow's the big day. We're going to be on a different ship for the first couple days because the water levels are too high for the Var to get to Amsterdam. "See" you in two weeks. Something really crazy happened to me today. My account was suspended and I lost everything: all my friends, news, and thank you notes and I got really mad and was thinking about leaving the site, but thought better of it and created a new account. So keep a close watch or your accounts and don't let them get suspended. Warn everyone else, too.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. My doctor's appointment went well yesterday. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes and don't have to go back for 4 months! Watered my plants this morning. Black Beauty and Peaches were both out there and came running up to me for food. Will be going out to the pool in a little bit. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Shell, Spike is a cute name too. I agree with Donna. Tell the people about Kiki so they can put it on his paperwork and will be warned to handle him with extra care. Surely, even though there are different people in the transport van than the people who'll be fixing him they can get a message across. Kiki is a beautiful cat. But then I'm one of those people who love black cats! I'll bet it's cute to watch him walk with his little harness. The harness training will come in handy for when he's older if his mama wants to walk him.


Donna, great to see you here. As usual you give great advice.


Laura, have a wonderful trip and enjoy every minute of it. We'll miss you. See you in a couple weeks. Sorry you had your account suspended and lost everything. Do you know why it was suspended? Glad you made a new account and didn't leave.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

To all the great  people photo friendship-8_zpsdfe2a7af.jpg here. Today was Best friends Day.

4 years ago

Sandie,thank you the card.Darla.the one with the eye's open is a boy may name him Tevor and if the other one is a girl Tabitha.They both are all black.rdedededesssf
The was ok.Got the wash done at last.The kat's and kittiens were sleeping all day long ,so that means they maybe up all night playing again.Michelle called home today and said she home sick.she does not get home until the 13 of June.The weather here was on the cool side once again.Harry is doing ok,but is alway tired all the time as I am.We get sleep amd more sleep but are stil more tired than we start it out with.please tell me this is not what being old is like.My bleed sugar has been belong 200mg for the past month the doctor sure goingto be happy to hear that.Fredryckelee been below 100mg as well Harry's has been the same way,so we a reall doing good in that department..Well it getting to be bed time around so Good night and God Bless

4 years ago

Have a great Sunday everyone!  Shell your Stripes is a boy?  My Mouse loves Sandi's Stripes and tries to post a message to her every day.  You are doing a great job helping the cats in need of help.  There's a place in Heaven for you.  And all of us who love and care for the strays in need. 


Hi Teri, so happy to hear the kitties are all coming along great.  Also it's good news about your blood sugar.  I know about being tired.  This time of the year is murder, but that's okay, I'll make up for it this coming winter.


Darla, great news on your free time from the doctor.  My Ray some times really had 6 appointments in 5 days.  We spent many hours sitting around and him getting tests at the hospitals too. 


Laura I just noticed your new name.  I get it now.  You weren't talking about FB in Mouse's thread.  He was wondering.


Stripes, Mouse always gets a good feeling when he sees his Stripes on threads.



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Ray went out this morning to check yesterday's mail. Black Beauty was out there and she tried to run into our home. Ray took her some food so she was happy. Well, she'd probably be happier if she could come in. Need to figure a way to get her a fur-ever home. Just don't have a wide circle of friends who aren't on-line. Wish we had a way to get her to a no-kill shelter as she'd be highly adoptable. I watered my mini roses and Mexican heather this morning. My Mexican heather is making a great come-back from being so dried out a few weeks ago. Will be going to the pool after I post here so I can do my 30 minutes of walking and some exercises. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, love the Best Friends Day picture! Thank you. You are a blessing to the group and to me.


Teri, Tevor and Tabitha are really cute names. Has Tabitha opened her eyes yet. Both black, huh? I love black cats, they're so beautiful. So, Michell's homesick, huh? That's sweet. It won't be long before it's time for her to come home. Sorry that you and Harry are both so tired. You should probably mention it to your doctor the next time you see him/her ~ just in case. It's great that everyone's blood sugar has been so good.


Sugar, yes, Shell's Stripes is a boy. I agree with you about there being a special place in heaven for her. She does a wonderful job taking in those who need love and attention before going to their fur-ever home. Wow, your Ray sure had a lot of appointments and tests. I see my pain management doctor every 2 months and I see my PCP every few months but the Friday appointment was with my psychiatrist and I only go so I can get my medication b'cuz my PCP won't prescribe it. Yeah, Laura lost her old account for some reason and started a new one. Her old one is now coming up as anonymous.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Just a quick hello to everyone, glad you all seem to be doing ok, Teri I get tired, have you been taking b12 and vitamin d ? get the levels checked out next time you have a blood test, my vitamin d levels were 11 and should be 50 , so were very low,

I went to the opticion yesterday, I do have a catarac, and have to have it removed, in the meantime, i have some new glasses to help my other eye, I have to pick up the specs next week, then I had to have more blood tests, phew fed up with it all, but then i told myself off, I mean how easy was it for me, to see an opticion, then choose the hospital I wanted to go to, yet people in the developing world, sometimes never get the treatment they need, and on top of that it is free for me?, so I should be and am very grateful for our "NHS" (national health service)

Darla the cats are still loving the toys, glad your garden is blooming, and your roses are doing well, did you say heather had made a recovery or lavendar? glad you dont have to go to see your doctor quite so often, shame you cant get your meds  from pcp, you sound comfy when you read, lol oh Mike is a good lad, we say nephew now, he likes that, he had lunch today arrived with my son, they had a good feed and hopped it lol, well hope you have a good monday

Sugar hope you are not so busy now and are enjoying the labours of your work,

Laura hope your trip goes well , hopoe you get everything back that you lost.

Donna hello, hope you are well and kitties

Shell kiki is lovely, looks like Eric, Eric has a white star under his chin, beautiful eyes kiki has, hope he is ok, after his op.

Sandi stripes is gorgeous beautiful markings, she looks a very happy contented cat, I must get some pics of my 4 and try to upload them , love the best friends card too.

well got to get ready for tomorrow start of a new week so love and hugs xwendy k x Jimi, Eric, Mini and Buni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

I got to see Tabita today and her eyes are now fully open and she is black and white.and her bother Tervor is all their should get up and start to walk on they own soon before Michelle does get home.Sunday been a great day here.but chaleray is hideing some where and does not hear us calling him or some how he found a way out side.Jazmint is in heat and we are trying to kept Clyde off of her.So its been one of them days again.I just wish that Chaileray would stop hideing like this.I just hate it when he does this.It has me very upset right now.Oh I will let it in the almighty hands of God,to find like he did Jazmint this morning.Oh well I am so bore today it is not funnie any more.I have wrote in my jounal,I have draw in my drawing jounal.Harry been in one of his bad mood today that he kept jumping my case for small stuff.Wish this day was over and t hat Chaileray was out here and that this day was over and start a new.God bless you all.

4 years ago

I am going to bed now. Hi Wendy.... I had to join the group AGAIN, just to make this post. I just joined 5 minutes ago too, and I have it checked off to stay logged in. Check out the video of Sugars cat. I am a movie producer now.

4 years ago

Donna, you had to rejoin this group AGAIN.,  What's going on?  Wosie loved seeing herself on the Cat Board.  She says when she learns to type, she will come on Mouse's thread.  She hopes Mouse will teach her.


I had a good weekend, but a bad weekend also.  I enjoyed the things I did, like going to the Powwow in Fort Ancient and then visiting a friend who broke her hip and is having troubles.  She is going to be 92 soon.  But all in all I prefer staying home.


Wendy I had a yearly checkup recently.  I was low on vitamin D 3 so am taking that.  I had some kind of eye problem a few years ago that required surgery and at that time the doc did cataracs too.  He put lens in one eye for distance and one in for close so I don't have to wear glasses.  It works great.  I have had good insurance, I have Medicare and AARP and they covered everything.  After our new government insurance kicks in I don't know what will happen. I know the medicare budge was cut drastically.   We will see.  I will just try not to get sick!!!  That's the best insurance of all.  Wendy where does the funds come from to finance your health needs?  I also feel bad for all the people everywhere who are unable to access health care.   And there are many, many of them around the world.


Hi Teri and Darla.  Have a good week.  I hope it isn't raining for you.  It's been raining for hours here.  I wanted to dig up a few bamboo shoots, but the ground will be too wet for a few days.









4 years ago


When I think about it, after paying medicare part B, it would be cheaper for me to have no insurance. Figure 105.00 a month, and then a 20.00 coPay for horizon Medicare. If I go every 3 months, I would have to pay 335.00 for that visit... Now, If I don't have insurance, I will pay 100.00  ?

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I'm frustrated and in panic mode today though. Last week I received a call from Dr Bacon, my pain manangement doctor, telling me they needed a referral from my PCP. I called my PCP and requested that it be done by my appointment tomorrow. Well, I got a call from my PCP today that Dr Bacon is now out of network! I really don't want to have to switch doctors. I spoke with someone in Dr Bacon's office and she said that DR Bacon is working at becoming a provider meanwhile she's contacting the insurance to grant me a continuance of coverage. They cancelled my appointment to get trigger points tomorrow but left th eone to fill my pain pump. I just hope they get this straightened out an dhim back in network before my next appointment.  Today my insurance company is sending a home nurse to do a visit. They do this every year at least they have for the past 3 years. The nurse will just go over my medications and stuff with me then do my vitals. No biggie. When I went outside to water my mini roses and feed the outside cats only Black Beauty ws out there. I don't know where Peaches was. NOthing else going on here, just my usual.


Wendy, I take Vitamin D at the request of Dr Bacon. He said my Vitamin D level was low and that it increases pain when it's low or even on the low side of normal. I used to take Vitamin B12 but my level normaled out so I don't take it anymore at the request of my PCP. Sorry you had a catract. When will you be getting it removed? Glad the cats are still loving the toys. Thanks for th egood wishes on my garden. Yes, it's my Mexican heather that's making a comeback! I'm so thrilled. I don't have lavender but it's something to consider if it'll grow in a pot. Yes, I'm also glad I don't have to see my psychiatrist that often. It is a shame that my PCP won't prescribe the meds. I am comfy when I read. I love reading. Glad you've claimed Mike as a nephew. He truly sounds like a great guy {if I haven't said that before}.


Teri, glad that Tabitha has opened her eyes. Can't wait to see pictures of her and her brother. Where is her white? Sorry that it's a boring day for you and that's Harry's in a bad mood. Just 3 more days 'til Michelle comes home! Wow, you have a cat in heat and an intact male in the house! Better be careful or you'll have more kittens soon! Do they not have a free or low cost spay/neuter program where you are? I'd contact the local SPCA and see if they know of one or if they can help.


Donna,     why are you having to join the group again? What's going on? I pay for Medicare Part B then have Humana Gold which is no extra cost as my Medare replacemnt insurance. It's a great insurance. Cheaper with no insurance huh? I think I'd be afraid to go without insurance what with all my health problems. However, if you don't go to th edoctor that often you might just be right!


Sugar, glad you enjoyed the PowWow. They are great. It's been awhile since I've been to one but I loved going when I did. It sure was sweet of you to visit your friend. I'm sorry she broke her hip and is having troubles ~ that's so sad. And, at her age, healing is a slow process. I know you prefer to stay in but I'm sure you're pleased with what you did as you did good. I think you'd make a good hermit. I'm pretty much one. Don't get out except for doctor's appointments and don't have a wide circle of friends {outside of Care2} anymore. Sorry you can't dig up bamboo. Saw that we have a thread called Wosie in the Movies {or something to that effect} ~ will be going there next.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

just a quick stop by to let everyone know that Chaileray,Jazmint,Kristopforobin lee are back in thee house and where the three of them got out is all close up and closse tight,I plan to board up that whole area today.also our hot water heat blow a big mad Harry and I are haveing one of mondays to the bank thank God that my one tax refund got here today.god be with you all.

4 years ago

hang in thereSorry to  hear that Teri. They tore off my deck last Monday, came Friday to pour the support things, Saturday did the frame just to be told the deck top was on back order maybe Wed. fingers crossed as I can't use back door. I ordered everything in April. I hate contactors! Have a good day everyone at least its not raining.

4 years ago

Hello Donna, it is wierd what is going on, at loads of forums, I reckon it is the spies, cant believe Obama was spying on our emails here in Britain , made me laugh wonder what he would have made of this---------->>>>

Gornal rhyme about the Crooked House...

"Cum in an av sum hum brewd erl
Stop as lung as yom erbul
At a public called the Siden House
Weer the beer runs up the terbul."
Location - Himley - Near Dudley - West Midlands, England. UK

I will translate, "come in and have some home brewed ale,

                       stop as long as your able

                       At a pub called the siden>(means crooked) house

                        where the beer runs up the table

Now if Mr Obama had read the original version , without translation he wouldnt have had a clue, the poem is about a pub that is crooked due to subsidence, built on lime mines in the "Black country " as we call it, mostly the mines in Staffordshire were coal mines which is how, Dudley got it's name, the dust from the coal, made everything look black including the clean washing on the line to dry, "black country" is the oldest dialect in England , I love accents and dialects, the other word they are famous for is peas, they pronounce peas as "pays", any way I am going to the crooked house this thursday, it is my friends birthday, he has always wanted to go there, so we are taking him for his birthday, there are lots of optical illusions, wont help my cataract I bet lol,

your medicare has me foxed.> Sugar our NHS is funded by every working person, it is taken out of wages, the more you earn the more you pay, but when your not well paid you dont pay much at all, and you get free prescriptions,  dental care , eye care inc glasses, free hearing aids, (digital), when your not working you pay nothing, the government pays your ins, and all care is free. Now when your fairly well paid, you can pay a top up, private ins, which is around £20 per month thats what about $34 p.m. that covers all the health care that isnt free, well that your national ins , doesnt cover, eg, teeth, ears, eyes, and medication,>> but nothing is denied ever because of cost<<<, if your on hard times , you go to the hospital and they will referr you, it really is very different.

Anything cosmetic you pay for, unless for example it was medically needed,eg -losing a limb, all free care and after care ,-- but boobs say for vanity, nope you pay yourself.  hope I explained that so you follow what i was saying. phew . lol.- so someone earning £2000 per month would pay £140 pm, in dollars thats about,wages $3,300 before tax, your natonal insurance would be approx $220 p. m. that covers alll doctors appt's hospital appt's and care, subsidised meds, inplants =free, physio=free , any mental health treatment free, then top up £20pm for free dental care , and eye care , re-specs or contacts,  hearing aids are free,-- your right about vitamin d, it does increase the pain if you are low in vit d.

Darla, i was wondering about lavender because if you plant it around rose bushes, it keeps black and green fly away, but be careful where your plant it cause bees and wasps love it, so not good under windows or by front doors!!

I only meant to write a short amount, hope you enjoy the short poem, i will have a look for some more,  you will have to tell me some different words you use in America, there must be huge differences throughout the different states.

well be back tomorrow love ang hugs xwendy k

Oh hi Sandi hope those workmen turn up soon, and wosie a movie star what will stripes say xxxxxxxxxxxxx Teri so hope things get better, always the way, you get a bit of money n one hand and give it away with the other !!!!

4 years ago


Your health care in some ways is like ours. The super poor pay nothing. The working Poor always have it rough, since they are usually a few dollars over the limit, and have to get health insurance some way...

Mine doesn't kick in until Aug since I am turning 65 . EEEKKKKKSSSSSS  Jimmy and I are both disabled but he has to wait a couple of years I think. That is suppose to be the rule for the SSD people. He is turning 60 this month.

For middle income people, their insurance is around 800.00 a month in dollars. I don't have that special letter that resembles an F on my keyboard, and I don't know how to change it either.

4 years ago

well we found a hot water tunk,it will cost us 800.00 to have it put in and delvey and for the tunk its self.all my baby's are back in the house nice and safe.but both boys are so tired out they are in bed already.Jazmint is also in bed.I was lucking that both of my tax refunds came today.Which will help to paid for it.but Harry and I are trying to decdie if we should repair it and not spend that care of money with us trying to move out of here.So by morning Harry and I have to decdie what to do so that its fixed so the floor can get dryed out again.This house has been nothing a finanice drain since Harry buy it.That is a other reason why we like to get moved out of this moblie home and the moblie home court.beside that Michelle not happy liveing here and it shows on her face and in the way michele acts at home at time's.I do not feel safe liveing foe myself and for all my baby's and for michelle and Harry as well or safe letting my van parked out in the court yard.with the way same of those kids a re that live here now.Harry and I are one of five of the older tenans that still live here that have not moved out of here yet.So I am hard looking and waiting for our per appove from the VA loan,before we readly start to lookingmadly for a side by side that we could pay.But we will need one with it all on one floor like wwe live in Edwardsburg,Michgain ten years ago.Which I wish we could find one like that one just with much bigger rooms and Bathrooms.It was real nice ,we had alaundry room,two bathrooms three bedrooms and a grag attach to the house.and lg back yard for Michele and friends to hang in.once we find what we went Harry will need to make the one bathroom into a handiecap bathroom for me and him.put in a ramp for my chair and scotter.The kicthen where I would be able to cook once again and help more in the kicthen and the laudry room.which would make me a lot happyer person once again.Fredryckelee has been acting drepress all day long a nd sezz and coughing so I plan to take Fredryckelee to see his doctor this week.Fredryckelee is my other 17 year old.than next with be Sabryna she is 15yrs old and than her daughter's Ms Eddiesue and Apachiegirl and the last two with be Chaileray and Kristopforobin lee to see the doctor.Mean while I have been trying to get Babie,Bonnie,Jazmint and Sassy and Cldye into be spary or neut but the girls kept going in and out of heat.Because our pet socty will do it for free for me being I am on SSI.But I am not sure if i would have to pay for the shots they all wil badly need.but they kept going in heat.I think what I will do is take Cldy in first being he can do the most damge to the ladys of the house if he would try.Than Sassy like to kick the cat litter out of the box on to the floor which she just started to do the past three weeks.but getting new litter boxs that will stop her from doing that.which make a lot more work for Harry to do.which he dies not need.Michele is not so happyto be cameig now that she know she will have to be giveing baths to Chaileray,Kristopforobin lee,Jazmint,Babie,Sassy,Bella,Anglea,Midnite,Bonnie,Tabath,Clyde, she will be busy when she retuns home.wel time to get the ret of my post done .God bless and hope you have had a great day.

4 years ago

I don't know where to start this morning.  I guess with Teri.  Prices just keep going up and up!  I'm sorry to hear about your water heater.  Mine's fairly new.  I hope it lasts the rest of my life, but it's doubtful.  Teri why does your cats need a bath?  I've only cleaned rear ends when it was needed and of course Little Sue when I found her.  She was covered in fleas, the water ran red.  But that's the only bath she ever had.  I do comb them frequently.


Well Wendy, I love the old rhymms (sp) from across the ocean.  Like Mary, Mary how does your garden grow.  People knew how to get messages across.  Of course as a child I didn't know there was a very real message there.  I think I understand your insurance a little better now.  Luckily I had a medical problem with my eyes which required surgery which means now I can have check ups yearly without paying anything, other than my insurance monthly.  I have no dental or hearing help at all.  I fall in the group as Donna says, the working poor, even though I don't work any longer.  But I wouldn't want to be any poorer than I am.  I am so glad my Grandmother and Grandfather taught me how to be frugal or I would be a miserable person this day.  They taught me how to do without and to be content in my life.  I think my insurance is a little over $300 a month and then I have prescription insurance which I can't take a chance in doing without but I use it very little.  In fact so little that I continue to pay any prescriptions myself.  I don't think I have met a deduction or something like that, but in case I ever need it, it is there.  The one expense I really resent is the school real estate tax.  I think when you are a super senior you shouldn't have to pay for schools.  Just county expenses, like fire, police etc.  My real estate taxes are almost all for schools and I never even had children.  I know lots of seniors have to move as they age due to taxes.  It's not fair that they should get run out of their homes for other people's children.  But maybe I feel this way because I am a senior and those taxes are the ones I worry about the most.  Oh well, who said life is fair.


Sandi, I had my rear deck rebuilt a few years ago.  I had to remember not to go out the kitchen door.  It was a long way down!  But congratulations on getting your deck replaced.  I know you will be happy when it is all finished!


I will be back!! per Arnold S.



Have a wonderful Tuesday : )
4 years ago

Have a wonderful Tuesday : )
4 years ago

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I'm sitting on my walker again as Cinder has the computer chair! I went outside to feed Black Beauty and Peaches and it was just Black Beauty again. I guess Peaches has found somewhere else to spend her mornings as she was here yesterday afternoon. My appointment with the home nurse went well. I spoke with someone from Dr Bacon's office again this morning and they assure me that they're working on th einsurance thing. They're filing a continuance of coverage for now. When I get to my appointment I plan on asking when Dr Bacon will be signing up with my insurance. I was more worried about getting my pain pump refilled when I spoke on the phone with them as I can't go without my pain pump. The pain would be bad enough but I'm sure I'd have withdrawals from the meds if it wasn't refilled. Nothing much else going on here, just my usual.


Teri, glad you got the cats back in and the place they got out is boarded up. Sorry to hear about your water heater. Wow, it's going to be expensive to replace! I'm with Sugar, why do your cats need a bath? I've never bathed mine. Hope y'all find a side by side and can get out of your current home. Sounds like y'all will have a lot of renovations to make to a side by side if you find one.


Sandi, absolutely love the raccoon! Sorry you're having trouble with the contractors and your deck. Hope the top is there tomorrow.


Wendy, the poem was cute. Enjoy your visit to the Crooked House. Your health system sounds like it'd be a good one. Thanks for explaining it. I hadn't heard that about lavender. It probably wouldn't work for me as I have mini roses and they're in pots {all my plants are} near my front door and they have no room in the pot for other plants. I had them further out and somebody cut my roses off my plant! Thanks for the idea though. If I ever get a house I'll have to remember that as I plant to have rose bushes.


Donna, great to see you here.


Sugar, wow, $300 a month for insurance. I only pay the Medicare Part B amount of around $105 to $108 a month. I have Humana which does not have another fee. It also covers my prescriptions. I used to have some eye coverage on it but they stopped that this year. I have a separate dental insurance which my son pays for. It runs about $28 month. I haven't used it yet b'cuz I haven't had the money for the copays. I agree with you that the elderly should get a break on taxes especially the school taxes.


Alice, love the picture.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

I also wonder about the bath. I bathe mine if they are real old and unable to clean up the mess under their tail, or if one of them got into oil or something. A long time ago one of my cats dipped her tail in the oil from the heater after Jimmy bled it. He left the pan there.


Sugar, we pay for our own kids schools when they are growing up. It is THEIR turn to pay for THEIR kids. Actually, it is wrong for us to pay for their kids, and they still have to pay for them too. We should get a break.....


I have no kids now, and yet, we have to pay for everybody else"s. Not fair, and yet, I never hear the politicians talking about it. Jersey is the highest in the nation.....

4 years ago

Hi Darla, I never see the money for A & B Medicare and the script.  It comes out of my SS automatically and then my AARP is $210 per month this year.  That I pay out of my SS.  So it is over $300 for sure.  I chose the plans from AARP with no co-pay because as I said earlier with Ray and all his doctor and hospital bills we would have been paying out of pocket an awful lot every week.  Right now, my insurance is just insurance in case I need it.  I use very little but you can't afford not to have it.  But if it keeps going up like it is supposed to soon, I may be better off just making payments to the doctors and hospitals instead of paying for the insurance.  I will keep it as long as I can. 


Isn't it funny how cats take over everything?  When I change clothes, Wosie quickly jumps onto the clothes I just took off and won't budge!   You know, I really like the name Wosie.  The more I talk to her, the more I like it.  She is a talker and a complainer.  I get the largest kick out of her.  She was a life saver for me.  Don't get me wrong, I still miss my babies that went over the bridge a few short months ago, but she has helped me cope with that.  She is so very smart too. 



4 years ago

one rule  i n our house is that if you get out of the house without the kennal you get a bath or shower.A long time ago my vet told me it was good to give them a bath at less once a month becaus of where I live at now.but once we are moved in to our new home ,they will get one more bath for the year and than only get a bath once a year in the summer only.


Michelle ,called and told me she would be home sometime wednesday and I told no you stay one more day as planed,because we will be at the doctors all day and that she left her keys at home.


Say your prays;The Va will be calling us wednesday to let us know if we a re per appve for a home we can get moved out of this hell hole before it starts to fall apart at the seem's.


all kats are count and present today.but we have to get to the vet for meds for worms babie and her crew have the worm that looks like rice  and white.had once before.Hope that you all had a great day and nice weather like we did here today.God Bless

4 years ago

Their worki30924.jpgng on my deck so just a quick hello.

4 years ago

Teri, They are tape worms......

Crazy cat lady or is that me : )
4 years ago

Photo: I'll be at booth 516 at the La Jolla Festival of the Arts this weekend. June 23 & 24, at the UC San Diego Warren Field.
Hope to see you there!
<a href= Image here from the Poetry In Paint series, (verse in blossom petals). Title is "Hints Revealed". Original 30x30" acrylic on canvas.">

4 years ago

Hello all.Donna, Sugar, Darla- I am sorry you have the worry of health care in your( afternoon years) , that is why I am such an advocate for our NHS once a person is 65 health care is free, all of it, if a person has a private pension, as well as a state pension, then they pay tax, but that tax is divided over all public services, also if a person still works and gets a state pension, then they will pay tax, but i believe it is the lowest rate tax, the way we see it is how you see it, a person has worked most of their life, so at retirement , it is the next generation that takes up the reins, to pay for the next generation, and so on, that seems the fairest way. because we all need the youth to work and keep it all going. so without getting too political, the Government we currently have want to privatise the NHS they dont stand a chance, far too much opposition, but like all politicians they keep trying to sell off parts , it is a constant battle but people are watching their every move, and any skull duggury and twitter goes on fire , love it lol, oh forgot, health care for kids is free up to 16, then we have to pay for prescriptions and glasses. We have priminster Atlee to thank for the NHS introduced in 1945, he was a Labour PM, be like your democrates, our Conservatives are like your republicans, and currently we have a coalition of tories (cons) and libdems, they are known as the Condems by labour supporters. Cameron who is our PM is hated , end of politics .

glad you liked the poem, dont forget to let me know some from the "states" that i wouldnt get, -as long as you explain them to me.

Teri so hope you get that loan fingers crossed for you,

Sandi love the good morning and hope your decking is down today

Alice love the pics , made me laugh , true isnt it, the cats see a box and cant wait to sit in it lol, and the cat lady wow, alot of work went into that.

well got to get ready for a meeting that doesnt start till 6pm, I will need match sticks to keep my eyes open, hey Sugar another saying , " a wolf in sheeps clothing" I like that one succinct, tells you everything and you can imagine a picture too

Will chat soon, let you know how the canal trip goes and the crooked house pub visit. lol here comes Buni, complaining, due to getting wet in the rain shower, better go dry him off, love and hugs xwendyk x Jimi, Eric, Mini and Buni xxxx

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I went to Dr Bacon's yesterday and got my pump refilled. I spoke with them about when they're going to become Humana providers. They said they're working on it, that Humana told them it'd take 6 weeks to 6 months to get an answer. Meanwhile they've filed for a continuation of coverage for me. Keep me in your prayers that Humana dddoes the right thing and I don't have to switch doctors. We had an intense thunderstorm hit us yesterday late afternoon. We had rain for about 30 minutes. Funny thing was I had watered my plants when we got back from Dr Bacon's. When I went outside this morning to feed the outside cats and make sure my mini roses had enough water both Black Beauty and Peaches were out there. Did some MCRA business today and signed some petitions before going to groups. Also entered in some contests that Yasmine Galenorn, a favorite author, was having. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Donna, great to see you here. You're so right that the politicians aren't talking about senior citizens and taxes.


Sugar, yes, my Medicare Part B is taken out automatically too so I never miss it. Glad you had such great insurance for your Ray. And yes, I think it''s a good idea to hold onto it. So glad you have Wosie and that she's touched your heart!


Teri, okay on the bath. Thanks for sharing your reason for bathing the cats. So, Michelle will be home tomorrow? Sounds like she's eager to be home if she was ready to come home a day early. Hope the VA pre-approves you for a loan. Glad the cats are all present and accounted for. Sorry Baby and her crew have worms.


Sandi, love your good morning guy! It brought a smile to my face.


Alice, love your crazy cat lady picture.


Wendy, thanks for your sympathy about our health care. I'm not quite in my afternoon years yet. I got Medicare about 12 years ago b'cuz I'm disabled. I'll only be 50 in not quite 3 weeks. So glad you like your NHS so much. To be honest, my insurance was great 'til this one thing.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Darla, no insult meant, hate to tell you but anyone over 40 is in their afternoon years, over 65 are in their evening years, and over 80 are at their sunset years, and sunsets can be very long and can go on and on and on.............. xwendy k x love to all rememgber age is just a number, your as old as you feel, in my mind I am 35 lol xxxxxxxx

4 years ago

I have a whole missing post from this morning!  Oh well, I can't worry about that now.


I just dropped in to say hello and see what's happening. Wendy I Love your explanation of ages.  My father lived to a healthy 93. He just slept away while sleeping one night.  I don't know if that will  help me or not.  I may not want to live that long.  I will hang in here with whatever God gives me.  Wendy are you a little political?  I am, I thought about joining a political group here but I don't have enough time to be here as much as I would like, so I didn't.  Politics is extremely interesting.


gotta go





4 years ago

Hello to all my wonderful friends (whether I know you or not, if you're in this group you're my friend!)

Wendy, as you know, I'm in my sunset years and although I like sunsets I feel more like a sunrise! So, in my mind I'm 35 too! As Mark Twain said, "Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."  Hugs ♥

I'm on Medicare with AARP as my medigap insurance. It's expensive but I feel that it's worth it because I was originally with an HMO and it was awful. I had a hip replacement 10 years ago when I had the HMO. My surgeon was fine but when it came to having the physical therapy, the HMO sent me to a nursing home instead of a rehab that deals with physical therapy. There was very little therapy and a lot of very old people sleeping in wheelchairs by the nurses' station. It was depressing, the maintenance was awful, things kept breaking including the bed I was sleeping in and the nurses were horrible. As soon as I was able, I switched to AARP. Ten months later I had a knee replacement and it was a whole different story. The hospital that I was in had a whole floor for physical, occupational and recreational therapy. The therapy was painful but the therapists were marvelous. I don't need a referral, I can go to any doctor I choose to go to and there's no co-payment for anything.

4 years ago

Good morning Lynn and everyone.  I haven't heard much about the storm last night.  It missed me and I am not complaining.


When I brought Punkin home 6 years ago she bit my index finger at the middle joint and I had to have surgery on it to clean out the infection and be on strong antibiotics for at least 2 months daily.  The doctor in charge of it, who wasn't my regular doctor, wanted to put me in a nursing home for the daily antibiotics.  I told him to cut the finger off, I wasn't going to go to a nursing home.  I think he got a cut out of sending me there.  He was adamant that I go and I was equally adamant that I wouldn't.  To make a long story (and fight) short, I finally convinced a doctor from the CDC (I think that was the initials).   I was perfectly capable to drive to the hospital daily for a half hour of treatment through a pic (sp?) line.  I could have done it at home also, but Medicare wouldn't have paid for the meds at home.  I don't get it at all.  Anyway, all's well that ends well and I got the meds daily and all was paid for by my insurance.  In the long run it was cheaper for Medicare and AARP that way than if I had needlessly spent 2 months in a nursing home.


That's enough of that for now.  The sun is coming out.  I am going to finally fix breakfast and then take Chewy for a walk.


Have a good week.



4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Have had a busy day today. Have been awake since 3 this morning when Osiris woke me for food and I couldn't go back to sleep. Have done all my laundry  including bedsheets. There's still a load in the dryer that I have to fold and put away. I cleaned BabyFace's habitat this morning then this afternoon put more fresh paper down where he messed already. I did some MCRA busines and have assigned myself an application that I'm supposed to be working on. Went to the pool and did my thing then sat out to read. It started sprinkling so I packed up to come in then it stopped. Wouldn't you know it but I had to protect my book! It is raining again now. I walked up to get yesterday's mail which Ray didn't get b'cuz it was raining when he got off work and he didn't have his umbrella with him. When I went outside this morning to check my mini roses for water after our rain yesterday both Peaches and Black Beauty were out there and hungry. Cinder got himslef locked in the closet again! I check the closet too, before closing the door, he's just too darn good at playing  "invisible". Well, that about covers my day I think.


Wendy, I wasn't insulted. Just didn't know your explanation of ages. I guess I thought afternoon years would've been 50 and over which is why I said I wasn't quite there yet. Your explanation makes much more sense than anything I had halfway thought up. So, I'm in my afternoon years after all! I agree that age is  only in your mind and while I don't have a number for how young I feel, it's definitely not almost 50 and is much closer to that 35 mark!


Sugar, wow 93?!? That's up there! My mom is still alive though my birth father died back in 1982 at a young age {I think he committed suicide} but I don't know my birth father's family. My grandparents were in their 80's when they died as was my great grandmother. I haven't really thought about how long I want to live. Like you, I think I'll just take what I am blessed with. Wow, Punkin gave you quite the nasty bite! I'm glad you didn't have to go into the nursing home.


Lynn, great to have you stop by!  I wouldn't have guessed you to be in your sunset years. Sounds like AARP has treated you right.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I might not be on for very long. No bible study tonight as we have a severe storm here. This morning I was a few miles from here, and the clouds were low, and it got real dark out. I thought it might be a tornedo, but it left. Now  we have the warnings in all 3 counties around us, including us.... It is creepy. Trees down etc, and high winds with rain. I think it started in Delaware and headed straight for us.

4 years ago

The storm missed us, my deck is all done, now I'm broke but it sure looks good. Be safe anyone that's in the storms path.

4 years ago

Hello all it's very late , I had a great day, wil share a short bit tomorrow so as not to bore you too much, firstly Donna and Lynn hope those storms dont hang around, Sandi glad your pleased with your decking, sorry your broke !!!!! Sugar, Darla , Donna, Sandi, Lynn, Teri, Angie, Betty Alice,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

now I can just see us in a line linking arms around each others waistes, and doing the "can can" cause thats how young we are, in our virtual world, we are all young at heart and have our furbabies to keep us that way <so this is us,  whats that book? I would rather dance, think young and you will stay young no matter what your "tag" number is, and think lucky and you will be lucky,  he he think the cider i had, is taking affect, at least I am a happy drunk, (tipsy) never drunk  lol chat tomorrow, er afternoon xwendy k x and the sleepingcats 

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4 years ago

The severe storms came through Indiana last night.  Thankfully, no damage at my house.  (Poor Ginger was really upset by the lightning flashing and thunder rumbling, though.) 

I will be "absent" for the next few days.  Company coming!  My daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters.  They were supposed to leave North Carolina about 5:45 this evening.  (Flying from Charlotte.)  Dawn has called me several times.  Major weather delays there.  Sounds like they are getting the severe storms that were here last night.  Last time I talked to her, they had finally boarded the plane, but takeoff was still being delayed.  Hoping they get here by midnight....!

Anyway, Dawn and her family will be here until sometime Sunday.  Sooo, I will be on the computer very little or not at all.  See y'all next week! 

4 years ago

Have a wonderful time with your family, Betty. See you next week.   Love ya! ♥

4 years ago

Enjoy your family Betty !  Thanks Wendy !  So far, we have electric, and those tornedo warnings must have changed. It looks like the worst of it headed somewhere else. I should put the TV on to check it out. I have never experienced a tornedo. We get warnings though. I can still remember Jimmy sitting in the livingroom and me on the couch, and there was a warning. I looked at him and said what now? He said I don't know.....



4 years ago

Wow, it's so busy here I don't know where to start.  It sounds like there are bad storms all around so stay safe everyone.  I was just getting my jeans on to go outside and water the garden and it started pouring and thundering and lighning.  Out of nowhere!!  It only lasted about 20 minutes but did it ever dump alot of water.  Now I don't have to fight the mosquitoes down at the garden    Although I'm in my evening years, tonight I'm feeling more like I'm hovering at the end of a really long will be nice to just do nothing tonight and rest my weary bones.  I'm thinking hot bath, hot chocolate and cozy bed!!  I'm not very hungry tonight so I'm just going to skip dinner; maybe accompany my hot chocolate with a banana or something. 


Teri~~I have my fingers crossed for you for that homeowners loan.  That would be so great!!  Sorry about your hot water that's costly.  Ours has been replaced twice since we moved here 16 years ago and I can almost set a clock to when I have to replace it again.  The high mineral count in our water is really hard on stuff like that....I have to change the washers in my faucets every 6 months or else they fuse to the screws and it's so hard to turn them.  I think it cost me $500 to replace my last heater but that was because I got a plumber to put it in.  When we just bought a tank and installed it ourselves it was considerably cheaper.


Sugar~~you sound so happy when you speak about your newest kitty Wosie.  I'm so glad you found each other.  Have you tried taking her outside on a leash or anything?  Good luck with your bamboo when it dries up abit.


Darla~~my goodness you sound like you had a busy day.  You must have a nice satisfying feeling of accomplishment after doing all those things.  I hope the insurance thing gets straightened out soon at Dr. Bacon's office!


Shell~~Kiki is such an adorable kitty!!  What beautiful eyes!  Why does Kiki wobble?  I hope they take good care of him on the transport and afterwards so he's not mistaken for a feral.  I know you don't want him to experience anymore pain or fear if it can be avoided. 


Sandi~~enjoy your new deck!!  Sunshine and lazy evenings on the deck don't cost anything so being broke isn't too much of an issue 


Well my bathtub is calling my name so I think I'm going to call it a night.  I wish I could say hi to everyone individually but I'm just too tired tonight.  At least I had time to catch up on reading all the posts.  I hope you all have a quiet and relaxing evening at home surrounded by the ones you love.  Ciao for now!!



How to Catch a Cat
4 years ago

How to catch a cat2.jpg

4 years ago

Hello all, Kiki made out ok, when they opened the doors to the van, i heard him over top of all the rest of the kittys in there. I was so happy to see him.


Angela: Kiki wobbles i do believe from head trauma, when i hijacked him from an apt complex, he was almost totally blind and couldnt walk hardly at all. He fell over constantly, gradually over time his sight mostly returned and his walking is slightly better. A friend that lives at thte apt talked to some of her neighbors which they said he was abused by a man who lived there, then moved out and left him there to die. My friend saw him and how he was falling around, called me to come get him. I took him to the vet, and have given him goodies and canned nummies which i dont think he ever had. I introduced him to the rest of the pack and they just seemed to know something happened to him. He just automatically fit in with my bunch. Oh and his test was negative. The only strange behavior he does is whe he comes into a room with people in it he meows which is adorable. And for some odd reason he doesnt like my 13 yr old messing with him and is touchy with my hubby. He lays down on the floor and rolls onto his back and meads the air and rubs his head upside down.


Stripes the tiny kitten is eating VERY well, and growing like a weed. He started getting a lil sneezey again so i gave him L-Lysine for virus. Seems to have taken care of it.  


Starting a part time job on sunday at a dog kennel, only about 3 1/2 hrs a day except sundays which will be almost 8. I will finally be able to save up and get the kittys a big cat tree i've been wanting to get them.


Had some storms today but no real damage or outages, thank goodness for that. Hope u all have a good night  


4 years ago

shell glad the kitty is eating.and growing, they seem to grow over nite. betty enjoy your company. I do love my deck. the cats love it also so that makes it alright. Hello and goodnight to all of you.

4 years ago

sorry everyone that I  have not been here.I got a bladder infecton at noon wednesday and it kick me in the meds for it and I am starting to do better now.Harry has plans to board up the whole closit in the kats room so that they can not get out any more.since the infection I have been drinking loads of water and less I only had three soda's.And eat a lot less as well today.I love to get back to my weight in high school if I can.I am so sick and tired of being this big and so is Michele.So we are goingto work on it together as is Harry too.Whom has already loss some weight.He got off the soda all together and now drinks his coffee and G2 instead of the soda.When on top of it Harry is now refuseing to fix the water leak because he so tire of fixing this dump up and it just falls apart more and pour more money into it that we do not have to send in the frist place.So it seem that we are going be stick with a leaking pipe or hot water tank.When it came to a moblie home a pumlber over change for it.the last leak we had cost us over $1,000.00 to get fix.So that why he so upset over it.any ideal's let me know please.And none of the programs around refuse to work on mobile home's.This is other  reason for the big move out of this moblie home,besides the area where live is not safe for my kats and Michelle's crew ,let a lone for us three as well.michele home and hapy she is here.The kats all run from her last night,but by this morning they were all over her once again,"but" for Chaileray.The mornign will be the day for Ms.Eddiesue and Fredryckelee to go for a ride in the new van for the frist time.Their have a 3pm appointment with they doctor.I may take the 6 week old kittens with me so that he can cut they nails because Harry not to sure how to cut they small nails.Beside that they are very jump and will not seat still,like the older one do.Fredyckelee needs to have his diabets check up and Eddiesue has something under her left arm pit and I just went Doc to look at it.To make sure that it nothing to bad.We are still waiting to here from the loan people.I just wish you would know one way or the other.I went to get move out of this placeand area asp.They know the reason for the move and the way this place is falling apart and is became unsafe in which to live it any more.Betty you enjoy your vist with your family.I had called a plumber for the hell of it and he told be it would cost 1,770.00 for  just the hot water tank and I thought what a line of bs.Because I had just check at the hardward store and it would cost anyway from 300.00 to 600.00 with in install.So this way Harry is refuseing to call a plumber.I just wish that this leak was fixed and that we were out of this moblie home.We may just have to rent two place side by side so that we are all together and close together.oh well its gettting late so I better get to bed I have to drive north  today for my kids.Sogood night.God bless.

4 years ago

Shell, I am glad to her that Kiki made out well, he sounds like a great kitty and I'm happy that his test was negative. That's great that Stripes the kitten is eating well and growing. I read that he is sneezing a bit and that you are going to give him some Lysine, may I ask what does that do? I am babysitting two cats for someone and one of them is sneezing a bit and I was wondering if I can give her some also. I think the one I have may have allergies, right now she is on some pills from the vet but it doesn't seem to be helping with the sneezing. Thanks for any info you have on the Lysine. Good luck with your new job it sounds like it could be a lot of fun and your kitties will enjoy their cat tree.

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4 years ago

Have a great time with your family Betty we will miss you. Hopefully Ginger will enjoy their company too. Glad you didn't have any damage from the storm.

4 years ago


That is awful about the hot water heater... We have a 3 bedroom rancher, and our latest hot water tank was 250.00. We have leaks and plumbing problems all the time. We had a leak so bad in the utility room that there was a currant, and the water went into a hole that went down into the crawl space. The pipes still need to be fixed. It never ends.

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We had a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon with about 25-30 minutes of rain. The cats didn't care much for the thunder/lightning. I started that app for MCRA and did some more work on it this morning. Am just waiting for a call from one of the references. I hopppe she calls today so I can finish up the app before the weekend. Both Black Beauty and Peaches were outside this morning waiting patiently for food. Troublemaker Cinder is in my computer chair so I'm sitting on my walker. Not much else going on her, just my usual.


Donna, sorry you're having severe storms but glad you didn't get a tornado. Hope it stays that way.


Sandi, glad the storm missed you. It's great that your deck is all finished and that you're happy with it. It's certainlya bonus that the cats love it too!


Wendy, all of us doing the can can? Yes, I can picture that as long as I have someone on both sides of me to hold me steady!


Betty, glad there was no damage at your place. Enjoy your time with your family. See you next week.


Lynn, great to see you here.


Angie, hope you enjoyed your hot bath and hot chocolate. Glad you didn't have to brave the mosquitoes at the garden. Yes, I get a nice feeling of accomplishment after days like yesterday especially when I'm doing stuff for MCRA. I like knowing I've helped in the process of finding kitties a fabulous fur-ever home. Love the manual on how to catch a cat!


Shell, glad Kiki made it thru the transport and that his test was negative. I'm sure he was as hapy to see you as you were to see him. If he was abused by a man and by kids, it would explain his touchiness when it comes to your son and husband. I'll bet he's cute laying on his back kneading the air. It's great hearing that Stripes is eating well and growing. Sorry he was sneezy, glad the L-Lysine took care of it. Congratulations on the part-time job at the dog kennel, it should be fun. It'll be great to be able to save up and get that big cat tree. Glad there was damages or outages caused by the storm.


Teri, sorry about the bladder infection. Those are no fun. Glad you're on antibiotics. Boarding up the whole closet in the cats' room sounds good. At least then you'll know they can't get out. I'm sorry about the water leak and Harry not wanting to fix it. I have no ideas to give you though as I live in an apartment and don't have to worry about repairs. Can y'all do it yourselves? If so, it'd be cheaper to just buy a water heater and put it in than to pay someone to do it. Or, maybe you can buy the water heater and simply pay someone to put it in. Might be cheaper that way. Well, it seems I had some ideas after all. Though probably ones you've thought of already. Glad Michelle is home and happy about it. Good luck at the vet's.


Michela, great to see you.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

today june 14th iflag, day, 2013:, 9, things, you, never, knew, about, the, american, flag, s flag day in the us.

4 years ago

LOL....Donna  You had a current in your utility room??  I had so many plumbing problems in the past few years....mostly due to the high mineral content in the water being so corrosive to everything.  I have a leak in my one cold water pipe going to one of my bathrooms right now and I didn't notice it right away.  It soaked down my furnace room    I knew something was going on cuz I kept hearing the sump pump coming on.  I tore apart my shed until I found a clamp and clamped a piece of hose over the leak.....all fixed    Bob can fix it properly when he comes home cuz I'm not going to start cutting pipes  LOL....yeah right!!  My kitchen taps leak like nobody's business and he's promised me for 2 years that he's going to replace them.  This is why I've become such a great plumber in the past decade.


I hung a hummingbird feeder outside my bedroom window and they are just lining up to cats think it's Christmas or something.  They fight for space on my window ledge.


Have a great weekend everyone.....fingers crossed for nice weather!!

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4 years ago

Sandi, thanks for posting the US flag for the Americans in the group. I have a flag sticker in my window so I guess that will have to do.

I'm expecting the physical therapist to be here any minute. It's his last visit with me and we've been working on my balance. I'm doing so much better. The only thing I don't like doing when he's here is standing with my feet together without holding on to anything and after a few seconds, he has me close my eyes. The last visit he clocked me at 30 seconds which doesn't sound like a lot, but believe me, when you have balance problems it's a lifetime!

Four years ago I fell in the street, hit my head on the curb and wound up in the hospital for 6 days with a fractured skull and a subdural hematoma. The impact caused a hematoma in my left breast that had to be monitored for 6 months until it disolved. I had a traumatic brain injury that caused a vestibular (vertigo) problem that still bothers me when I turn too quickly on my left side. I had to stop driving and sold my car. Even four years later (and several falls, both at home and in a parking lot) I'm left with a balance problem. I'm doing much better now that I had this series of physical therapy sessions. I consider myself lucky to be alive. So many people die as a result of a subdural hematoma....Natasha Richardson for instance. I have osteoporosis and I thank God that I haven't broken any other bones. My guardian angel has been watching over me.

When things happen and you're feeling a bit sorry for yourself, look at this young man who has overcome severe obstacles in his life:

4 years ago

I've watched his video before Lynn, and he is definitely inspiring. He appreciates what He has to work with, rather than suffering with what he is missing.


Oh I could just see me plumbing...... We have a water leak in the bathroom too.  This keeps on going. The kitchen sink runs a mighty small stream of cold water. Every time he goes under the house to do the pipes, some sediment gets into the pipe, and there is no more water pressure.


I will never forget the great water pressure I had  in 1969 during my first marriage. The faucet came off in the bathroom, and the water shot through the bedroom and into the kitchen. I held it for a while, but I had to let go to make a phone call. No cell phones back then, and I was 19 years old. I looked like Lucy Ricardo running all over the place screaming.


I do not know how it got fixed, or even how the water stopped.


Another incident was at the bar. I was getting a soda when the tap stuck somehow, and the soda kept coming. I started filling up the glasses like a maniac one after another, with 2 enemies sitting in front of me holding straight faces. I looked like Lucy again ! I think my boss came in and stopped the soda. Gee, maybe it could have just gone down the drain.


I am not the only goof.... A new girl that came to work at the bar asked a customer what went into a Vodka and orange. OH yeah, and someone brought us produce in the summer. She put hers in the freezer...

4 years ago

Hello all, will catch up properly tomorrow, couple of hic up probs today, >means small probs,

Donna I was in stitches reading about you and your taps, >known to you as faucets, reminded me of when, i lived at home with the parents, well, they went away on holiday, so I decided to tidy up outside and inside, I had done really well, chopped down an old fence and burned it, Got a nice new fence, got a boyfriend to erect the new fence, 

I then  painted woodwork in the house to freshen it up , so I thought -yep wend you have earned a night out,

So I decided to dye my hair, I didnt know that the foam colour you see when you dye your hair blonde, isnt the colour it will be after dying has finished, so when i saw a purple foam, I panicked, I turned the mixer tap on and it shot off, spraying hair dye every where,-after i had put the tap back on, I saw that the water, had put the pilot light out to the gas, so I got a news paper sheet to roll up, I lit the paper to light the pilot light, when a breeze suddenly wafted the net curtain onto the open flame, whoosh the net caught fire, so there I was purple hair dye, dripping everywhere, me throwing water onto the nets, when my boyfriend arrived he looked at me and said, "gosh who paints door handles"??(>wet paint on his hand)> lol

I will never forget that, well i cant, the boyfriend became "the old man = husband"

He calls it my day of (distructive) action . I call it a nightmare, but the good thing, my hair came out, streaky blonde, (like the sun bleaches hair) was great, my friends wanted to know where i had , had it streaked!!!!.  

got to go to bed it's 2-35am!!!, will chat later love to all , thanks Donna for the laugh, and reminding me of my day of action lol, love and hug to all xwendy kx

4 years ago

Thanks for the laugh Wendy. You reminded me of so many things that happened to me. However, I deliberately did my hair purple in the mid 70's. It matched an  outfit. Also, I did it green on Saint paddy's day... It was only food coloring though...hehe  My hair was light enough to do that.  I wonder if you can streak your hair again.


You reminded me of the streak too. It was in the 70's. Remember the song? I had a streaker jump out of the bushes and chase me and a friend. I saw the shadow and ran. She had to turn all the way around to see who was behind us...


I have done some strange decorating.  My Mom's house was loaded with leaves. She lived in a mobile home on it's own lot surrounded by woods. I took my flourescent spray paint over there, and raked the leaves up both sides of her driveway. It was a horse shoe driveway, and I painted the leaves. Going down the road, and looking at her property, it looked like she had flowers everywhere.


I got mad that my lawn wasn't green enough so I painted it green. I was only 25 when I did that. I have more sense now...    I had a rough time growing up, but I  made it safely.


I had a neighbor that needed her husband to open up a wall, and when he wouldn't do it she took a hammer and started knocking it out herself. It just occured to me that this was an apartment complex. Holy smokes the landlord would be furious.


I started a fire too when my son was a baby and was teething. He was actually 10 months old. I was cooking in the kitchen, and I turned the flame up to try to dry chicken grease. I thought it was juices, but apparently it was fat, and it went up in flames. I was holding my son and throwing soapy water at it, and then called the fire department. They got the smoke out. I put the fire out. eeks

4 years ago

I was able today to get Babie and her three daughter's and Fredrycklee and Eddiesue to see there doctor,the kittens all check out great.Fredryckelee has catoracks in both eye's and a heart mummor as Raymond and Big Mack did and he does not need insulin unless he is other 200mg.Eddiesue thing under her arm pit was some great of cut but ok.she lose two lbs and Fredrycklee went from 20 pounds to 11.7 pounds in two years.It was a nice ride out there today ,but there was load of bump to bump both ways.but made it on time. we made it home in time to pick up my grandson  to take him to dinner,being he will be moveing out of milwaukee in two weeks.Hope everyone has a great day and weather as well.goodnight and God bless.

4 years ago

thanks for the laugh Wendy,  reminds me of when my consin and I use to do each others hair when younger some how we got orange hair.  Teri thanks for the info on the cats. warm here today.

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all  doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I did some MCRA work this morning. Yes, I know I am supposed to take the weekends off but I figured a few e-mails, assigning an application, and one phone call wouldn't hurt! I also requested some new books at the library including some interlibrary loan requests. We got another thunderstorm yesterday evening with lots of rain. This morning I watered my plants under the porch that didn't get the rain. Can't get out to the pool b'cuz it's close to raining again. No much else going on, just my usual.


Sandi, thank so much for the flag. I keep a small one in my ivy that hangs on my porch.


Angie, sorry about your leak. Sounds like you're pretty handy. I remember when I went to college my first semester. My parents had put together a tool kit for me with the basic tools,  different things to hang pictures with, and stuff like that. I started using it to get my half of the room together and the next thing I know I'm either using my tools to help someone out or loaning them to other girls on the floor! No one else had thought to bring tools! glad the hummingbirds are using your feeder. I'm sure your cats think you did it just for them!


Lynn, hope your physical therapy went well. Sorry to hear about your fall. I'm so glad you made it and haven't broken any bones. I understand balance problems as I have some myself. Thanks for the video, I'll be sure to check it out. I found a great quote the other day about obstacles.

"If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere." ~ Frank Howard Clark


Donna, you gave me a laugh today with stories of your antics! Painted leaves and grass! Your neighbor that knocked out a wall really must've made the landlord furious as you said. Can you imagine the damage fee on that?!?!?


Wendy, you also gave me a laugh. It's cool that your hair turned out well.


Teri, glad all the kitties checked out great. Sorry that Fredrycklee has cataracts and a heart murmur. Hope y'all had a good dinner with your grandson.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


4 years ago

can I please start my weekend all over please.ok frist I stop at walmart last night (friday) to pick up a norton for Michelle compter.and I was tired and out of it I loss my keys to the van and the house.I have been all over that store looking for them and called their twice and when in person twice a nd no find the keys.when we went  to fridays for dinner and their no longer have they good fish and chips and oino rings.Ryan and Michelle order a chicken pasta dish and could not eat it all ,because of the sause.Harry order a rack of ribs and was the only one happy with what he order.I end up with a darn chesse buger and fries.wish three hours later my IBS act it up why in walmart.the cost for a new van key is 250.00 a key.than today we notice that Sassy,Cdlye,Bonnie,Babie were all missing from the house.So Michelle looked under the house they they all took all night to get them in,the only one that has refuse to return to house where he would be safe is Cdlye.So I just have had it with this mobile home,I went to move out of it by the of this month one way or the other this month.even if we would need to rent two place right next to each other.but I just went out of her for my kats and myself and harry and michelle.It seem we get one hole cover and a other pop up  as fast as Harry close one.And I am for one is getting sick and tired of it and why harry was under the moblie home it said that the whole floor is leaking,so its pipe's a nd not the hot water heat like we first thougth.I just went it to came to a end liveing like this.It be nicw to find two condo right next to each other and rent them to buy.that way we could move like I went to asp..sorry about going off but I just could no longer hold it back.I have became so darn stress out over this weekend it not funnie.I have not know which way I should move any more.So would all pray that cldye came up from the under the house and that we find a way to get moved out of here by the end of this month.Love you and Thank you.God bless

4 years ago

I enjoyed all the posts!  And the flag especially.  I tried to get on yesterday but couldn't.  Did anyone else get a strange message yesterday?


I have to get ready for church so, I just want to say hello and goodbye,.



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. No more rain yesterday despite lots of dark clouds. Looks good so far today too so I'll be going out to the pool as soon as I'm done posting in various threads here. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Teri, so sorry you've had such a rough weekend. Hope things get better. Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers. Tell Harry Happy Father's Day!


Sugar, great to see you here. Hope church goes great.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago


I can relate to all of that. I also lost my keys to the house, and to my car. I think I was throwing something in the trash one day, and the keys went with whatever it was.

I use a screw driver to start my car. I am on the secend screw driver since someone stole my first one. They refused to take the car......

I have no panels on my drivers side of the car on the door in the front and back. 2 hangers on the door. one for locks and the other for the windows buttons to work the passengers side of the door.

The air broke, the windsheild washer broke, the tail pipe has a big hole, and it sounds like an airplane when I start it up. The oil is thousands of miles past due for a change, and now, my door won't open, so there is a shoe lace tied to the handle, and out the window, around the mirror, and hanging. I have to pull it straight up to open the door.

I also drive around with a chipped paint job, and whatever I feed the birds for the day. It is spotted with POOP.....  Wadda car!  It does run, but I am not going through inspection with it.....

It is now leaking under the bath tub and sink and utility room.

4 years ago

Donna!!!!!! I shouldn't laugh but I did,  your car sounds like a couple we saw when we were in county Kerry in Ireland  ( for nearly 2 years),-- my neighbour gave me a lift into Tralee, the nearest town, - well he said, you cant open the passenger door at all, so jump in the back, then just pull the front seat back, pop your arse over the back of it and onto the front seat ok? it was then I noticed string holding another door on, and selotape stuck over several rust holes,  I asked him about "M.O.T's" (-they say a car is safe to drive on the road, do you have them in the states?) well his answer was" f**k no (they do) we dont go in for that here, sure the sea rots all the damn cars"!!, . I had no choice but to get in, as there was only one bus a week and that was on a friday!, well we got to Tralee and back, because the body of the car was fallling apart, but it had a fantastic engine?

We once bought a car for £50 , then that would have been $100, it looked great, my husband got to B'ham airport, which is 4 miles away from where we live, and it blew up!!!!

My husband called the firebrigade who put out the fire and removed the car, my husband then had to walk home. I couldn't stop laughing, his walk was terrible, as it is a country walk, so it meant rough ground and insects sticking to him, due to the heat of the day. I know I shouldn't have laughed but his description was hilarious, like yours was Donna.

        ----TERI we know you are "down" because you want to move -like yesterday,

Try to believe you are going to move soon, I really believe positive thoughts attract positive actons, (at least 9 times out of 10),> so say >we are going to find a better place to live, you just watch , soon you will have your better place to live. dont lose faith, Say we are going to find our new home, dont say but... thats a negative, simply believe you are going to find your new home , simple as that, I know Clyde will return to your house from under it, he will soon be hungry, Teri you stressing will simply hurt your health, it will not achieve or change anything, so hang in there, and soon you will be gone from there,> to somewhere you will all be happy , I know it !!

Now Donna with a bit of luck, you will get that car stolen and you can claim on the insurance, before you wear out that 2nd screw driver

Will catch up with everyone properly later, and explain how this weekend went, it is 3am!!!! so must get some zzzzzzzzzzz not ignoring anyone hope you all had a good weekend love to all and hugs talk later, just wanted to chat to Teri and thank Donna for another laughxxxxxxx

4 years ago

ok first,Cdyle is back inside as of tonight.thanks to Michelle.she was seating on the deck working on her lap top and he heard her muisce and came up to her and michelle caught him and bring him right into the house refuseing to let go of him,until I asked for him.For the rest of the day was great and lazy.We were goingto go outto dinner so Harry would not have to cook but I told Harry with it so hot out and with Cdlye missing at the time,it would be better to stay home and order in.So Michelle gother prizza,Harry his pork chop,me my bq chicken and oino ring and bread murchrooms and  moz chesse stick for michelle.

Sceambell,you sound as its time for a new car for you.


Darla,rough is not the word for it.But like alway I drop it in Gods almighty hands and things start to work out again for me.


Sunday turn out to be the best day of the whole weekend after all.hope you all have had a better startto your weekend.God bless

4 years ago

Wendy, that was funny... Oh, and I don't know what an M.o.t. is.... THere are Trolly's in the city of Philadelphia. I have not ever seen one in New Jersey. I guess it is because Philly is the city.... Although there are smaller cities in Jersey, there is still no trolly cars. They look like a bus but are connected to an electric wire going down the road.


I remember when my husband had an old truck. There was no floor on his drivers side. It was a clunker.


I try to sneak into church by letting my foot off the pedal. It otherwise will attract too much attention. I come out of church like a streak of lightening to get out of there before someone seems me pulling up on the shoe lace to get in, and the car is soooooo loud.


I remember when I was 17. All I had was my father's travelaw SP? It was a kind of car truck thing, and my friend and I would get dressed up and go to the diner. This is the diner state, lots of them. So, we would quick get out of the ugly thing, all dressed up mind you, and walk in like our blank didn't stink/ We got all kinds of attention, and we held our head in the air.


We came out to the junker, and I had to kick my door to get it to open. I was in heels too. As if that wasn't bad enough, all the guys that were flirting with us in there were standing at the window watching and laughing. I would not care too much now, but I was 17 when this happened.


I had a car that was uglier than this one, but it ran good, and I could open and close the doors. The lining above my head was hanging on my head as I drove, and the guys at the gas station were giggling. They were Indians from India. I told them in a couple of months I will have the car paid off and it will be mine free and clear... They laughed.... They probably said to each other that these Americans are nuttier than a fruit cake.

4 years ago

I almost forgot to mention that my father worked for the elks clothing drive for a while when we were young, and he gave us kids a job helping him, and we rode in that old junky travelaw, and on the major highways my father use to make faces at the oncoming traffic... BUT, that was nothing compared to his imitation of an ambulance coming through with the sirens. He was good, and all the cars pulled over as we moved ahead of them.   That was in the 60's. We would probably have gotten shot today for that stunt.

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