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4 years ago

Good Morning, oh for the good ole winter days without so much work outside!  I am having trouble keeping  up with all the rain this year.  I love the outside work though.  Here is the link to the previous thread.

I have to finish breakfast dishes and then go get a haircut.  Talk to you all later.


I hope this one works.


4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Today was a busy day with MCRA as I had a lot of e-mails and had to finish processing an application I was working on. Today was mostly sunshiny though when I went to the pool it started sprinkling while I was reading so I came in to protect my Kindle. Not much else going on, just my usual.


Donna, I just had to join Wendy and laugh at your car stories. You simply were so funny in describing them. I especially liked the story about your father with his ambulance sound going ahead of other vehicles!


Wendy, your stories were quite funny as well. Hope you got some sleep.


Teri, glad to hear that Clyde's back in. It sounds like Michelle was very relieved to get him back in. It's great that y'all ordered out and everybody got what they wanted to eat. Yes, placing your day in God's hands was the thing to do. I'm glad your Sunday was a better day.


Sugar, thanks for starting a new thread. I saw where you had a duplicate post and went ahead and deleted it since we didn't need 2 chit chat threads. Hope that's okay. Glad you so enjy your outdoor work. How's your bamboo coming along. Haven't heard about that in awhile.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Hi everyone Im back from my travels.Hope you are all having a good summer.I was so impressed with the great sayings on ABC dress your cat.You guys rock

Im going to catch up on all your posts now,sounds like fun judging by Darlas comments.Donna always makes me laugh with her stories.!Hope you had a good day Sugar & a good haircut.

Take care everyone. hugs Penny

4 years ago

Hi Penny!  It's great to see you again.  Welcome back! 

Miss You quote

4 years ago

back Penny..

4 years ago

Thanks so much Donna & Betty.Good to be back

4 years ago

If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake welcome back Penny,

hope you had a good visit with your family? and all is well, nice to have you back, love and hugs x wendy k x

4 years ago

Thanks Wendy would love some cake right now Im on a diet  as I put on weight while on holiday Wish I didnt enjoy cake so muchWhy are all the good things always fattening

Love &  hugs to you too.

4 years ago

In the year 2525 if man is still alive, if woman can survive she will follow, and then we will find out that cake is a health food, and not eating it caused us to die at an early age as oppose to over 100.

Ice cream opens the arteries, and apples causes cancer in humans. Greens cause alzheimer disease.  candy is for health nuts......

Can you imagine how mad we will be about how we deprived ourselves of the good health foods.

4 years ago

welcome-85.jpgWelcome back Penny. Donna thanks for the comment that song brings back some good music. remember the saying let them eat cake, I'm all for it.

4 years ago

Penny its nice to see that you are back once again.


Today was a very busy day and a day that wore us all down.Had to have Harry to the V.A.It was in the 90's on some parts of the city today.So I used the Ac in the van today.Still no keys have showed up.All kat are counted for and in the house.the closit in they will be baord off this weekend when my grandson micheal came over..Its going to take at less three people to do it and to kept all the kats and kittens out of that room why they are working on it.Michelle was very helpful today.It seem that she is the only that can get my selve on my right arm,so does that every night for me now the past week.Harry doctor vist was a great vist.Find out the the bumps on his finger's are tumor,(not cancer) and the doctor is going send Harry for a hearing test at last. with hope he wil came out with a pair of hearing aids.this time around.So that he can hear us a lot better and uunderstand what we say the frist time without repeting it....hope that your day was good to you  and your weather as well.God bless.

4 years ago

Thanks Darla, I was having problems with starting a new thread and really appreciate your help. 


Welcome back Penny.  Hey, I just noticed I have a kitty, Wosie, like yours now.  Wosie is my first torti.  She's a pistol!  She has me wrapped around her little toes already.  The haircut isn't perfect, but much, much better.  All the humidity was making my hair unmanageable to say the least.


Hi Betty and Sandi!  Wendy, I want some cake too!  And Donna you are so right about those food groups!  Butter especially is good for you.  It keeps your joints lubricated and you can keep on trucking all your life.


Hi Teri, Good news for Harry.  Tumors are much better than cancer.  I hope he gets his hearing aids.  Also good news that Clydes back safe and sound where he is supposed to be.



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Watered my plants today and took care of th eoutside cats. Peaches wasn't out there when I first went out but Black Beauty wasn't alone. Another older tortie with the unlikely name of Garfield was looking for some food. She's not too friendly but she was left behind when her so-called "owner" {I can think of a lot of names I'd call him but they're not repeatable in polite company} moved! I'd be in a bad mood too! Anyway, by the time I interupted e-mails to go water plants Garfield was gone {as was the food I gave her} and Peaches was out there. I'll be going to the pool later. The only MCRA busines I'll have today {so far anyway} is to close out an application when voting is finished this afternoon. Not much else, going on here, just my usual.


Penny, so great to see you back! You were certainly missed. Hope you had a fabulous time with your family. Yes, Donna and Wendy had some great car stories to share in the previous thread!


Betty, great to see you here.


Donna, great to see you here. Love your idea of the food that is good for us. I'm currently enjoying homemade white chocolate candy with nuts {cashews, almonds, and pistachios}. Anyone else want some?


Wendy, great to see you here.


Sandi, great to see you here.


Teri, sorry you had a day that wore y'all down. It's great news that all the cats are accounted for. Hope Harry's hearing test goes well and that he gets his hearing aids. It's always nice when we don't have to repeat ourselves. I may have to go in for a hearing test soon myself as I'm beginning to have to ask my kids to repeat themselves. I know my hearing isn't what it used to be as I used to have very sensitive hearing. It's good that Michelle was helpful. Benign tumors are certainly better than cancer. Are they going to remove them? Hope that hole gets boarded up so the cats can't escape again.


Sugar, you're welcome for the help. I'm sorry you were having trouble posting ~ I figured that's what happened. I'm so glad you love Wosie so much. We used to have a tortie named Jester. She was something else!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Thanks Sandi,Teri & Sugar for your welcomes back.As usual Donna you gave me my smile for the day !

I agree with Sandi,let them eat cake (but I forget who originally said that but she was right Lol!) Yay Sugar you have a tortie too,is your very vocal?Mine always talks to me, right now she is not very happy with us for leaving her for so long so we are getting told off or ignored! She will be 20 this year & nearly blind (age related) But shes still the boss of us all! She spent the time we were away at my sons who has a tortoise & they got on very well she used to ride on her back ( the tortoise ) I think they will miss each other.

Glad to hear Harry is on the way to getting his hearing aids Teri & all your kitties are accounted for.

4 years ago

Donna, what do french fries cure? I'd love a medical reason to eat them! Oh, and cheesecake too!

4 years ago

Welcome back Penny, we missed you. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family. I know your kitty is not pleased with you right now for being gone for a while but hopefully after a day or two she will be ok. I can just see her riding on the tortoises back  . She must be brave, my kitties are afraid of my tortoises, when they see them out they all run.

Donna and Wendy your stories cracked me up, thanks for the laugh. I needed that after the weekend I had .

Teri, that's great news about Harry, glad Michelle is back and all the kitties are safe in the house. Hope you can get those holes covered up so they can't escape again. Hope you have a great week.

Sugar, glad you got your haircut, that reminds me I need one too.

Hi Sandi, hope Stripes paw is getting better.

Darla, that's terrible that you have another kitty outside that was just abandoned, what kind of people do that, it makes me so mad . Thankfully at least she has you to provide her with food.

Everyone else have a great day and hopefully I can talk more later.

4 years ago

All of my kitties were dropped off here too. People see farms, and they think this is the perfect place to get rid of their unwanted cats.


Now, about french fries possibly being a health food years from now. It is possible as the oil needs to take a ride on a fry to carry the nutrients around, such as the fat solluble vitamins. French fries act as a kind of car.

4 years ago

you-are-too-funny-ag1.gifwasn't it marie anette who said as for them let them eat cake? Donna you make me smile. Hello everyone here.

4 years ago

I had a pretty good day.The weather was nice today,Last night it drop below 50 and Harry went to trun on the heater a nd it refuse to came on.check the heater out but it was lite,but just would not came on.So we end up going without heat last night.and lot of blankits and kittens a nd kats on my bed to stay warm.Which Sabryna did not like that the kittens dedice to join us last night,but she stay by for the whole night.Well calledthe manager and he said that you may need to reset Harry went in push in the red button and we had heat once again.I tell you I am going to loss it if anything esle go wrong in this house.its just to much going on with this moblie home in the past five years and we been here ten years.This is why I went to be back on ground once again.still waiting to hear from the VA loan peson.if not we will need to rent two place's right next to each other, and work it out that way.Just so the three of us and our kats are out of this moblie home.before winter.Grandson cameing over on the weekend and help Harry to board up that closit to kept the baby's all out of there.that also where the black mold is at.Which Harry has bleach so many times but kepts cameing back.I still looking to find my van keys and house keys.So please say same prays thast their show up in the mail this week.Time for dinner so good night and God bless

4 years ago

I don't know who said let them eat cake, but I did hear it on a commercial a long time ago. I was impressed....

4 years ago

Donna, I think it was Empress Josephine from France.  There was a great shortage of bread and food in general and that's why she said well, let them eat cake if they don't have bread.  Not those exact words, but you get the message, right?  She wasn't very well educated in her world at the time.  It was a bad time in France's history.


Wow Teri, where do you live that it was 50 degrees?  I would love it if it would cool down here a little.  It's hot and muggy here.  And lots of rain.  Yesterday I got two heavy rainstorms.  We are supposed to have 4 days without rain and I am hoping that's true.  In about 3 days I may be able to mow again.  But I don't know about the hillside, with the spring located there it may still be too wet.


Donna, fries aren't fries any more.  The oil used to fry them leaves much to be desired and all that stupid stuff they put on fries now to disguise that fact just ruins them.  I like plain fries out of good, tasty fat with just a little salt and either tartar sauce or ketchup to dip them now and then.


I wish you all a happy hump day!  The weekend is looming ahead.



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. The white chocolate candy's all gone. Ray had the last piece though I think I ate more of it than he he did since I was at home with it all day while Ray was at work. Will be going to the pool later today, probably around noon. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Penny, your kitty will forgive you soon. How funny that she used to ride on the tortoise's back! A tortoiseshell on a tortoise ~ how fitting!


Karen, great to see you here. Hope you discover what french fries do for us. Everyone deserves french fries!


Michela, sorry you had a rough weekend. Glad you got a laugh here. Yes, it angers me greatly wwhen people abandon cats. Peaches is also an abandoned cat though her owners still live here. They told my neighbor that Peaches {I don't know what they call her} just refuses to come in. However, I don't see any sign on their porch that they're taking care of her. She's always very hungry around 8 am when I take the food outside. I believe the owners just decided their dog {a chihuahua} was all they wanted. Though they always have the dog off leash {we have leash laws in San Antonio} and don't pick up after him/her either. All in all, not good pet owners to my way of thinking. As for Garfield, her owner moved out awhile back so she's been here awhile. I think she still eats at another neighbor's place in the #3 building {we're in the #4 building}. That neighbor was feeding her and I think she calls Garfield Judy which doesn't seem to fit the old cat any better. I'd say Garfield/Judy is at least 10 years old.


Donna, it's sad and frustrating that all your kitties were dumped but I'm so glad you were there to take them in. Unfortunately, you're right, in that people do see farms as perfect places to dump unwanted animals. I love your explanation for what fries do for us ~ cars indeed!


Sandi, the quote "Let them eat cake." was wrongly attributed to Marie Antoinette. Here's a great article about it.

Love your mouse picture!


Teri, glad you had a good day. Sorry about your heat and having to spend the night without it. Thank goodness for cats and kittens who keep us warm! Blankets are good too. Glad you got the heat going again.  I found an article on how to get rid of black mold that uses a bleach/water/laundry detergent mixture. Maybe that'll help. Here's the link if you want it ~

Hope your keys show up.


Sugar, Empress Josephine wasn't mentioned in the article on who said "let them eat cake" but Marie Therese wife of Louis XIV was. Though, the article left one to believe they're not sure who said they just know it wasn't Marie Antoinette.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

I just remembered it was Marie Antoinette that I 'thought' said let them eat cake.  Not Josephine.  Oh well, I'm just glad I didn't live there at that time.


Right now I have Kenny who strayed in, starved and declawed back around 1999 vet guess around 3 years old.  Then Punkin who was trapped and spayed and needing a home so I took her.  Little Joe was dropped off as a little kitten in the driveway and Mouse just dropped in.  I guess someone didn't care for him and he decided to find a new home and then came Wosie.  She was found by a vet tech at Speedway, a gas station, and taken to the vets where the tech worked.  They kept her there after spaying and when my sweet little Rosie died, I adopted her and named her Wosie after Rosie.


Little Joe


2nd picture of Little Joe

4 years ago

Well ,Michelle is not home tonight she at a friends house..a friend that I do not think is any good for her to be  hanging with.but you know kids today think they know better than us that have been there and back.


All kats and kittens are count for tonight and getting readly for bed.Harry and I are getting there slowly tonight.clean off the top of my desk but still unable to find my cable bill that came three days ago.will have relook in the van once again in the morning when I take Harry to the doctor ,I know that it came ,"but" where I lay it is something else ,just the same way my van keys disappel last friday.I am going be calling SDC,they be able to help pay for a pumber to came out and fix our bad water leak at last.I told Harry today that it was going to get fix one way or the other.So that this place," God forbid"falls apart under our feet..I was tell Harry that we may have to rent to driffer place's if we can not buy a house.and Harry agree with me there no way he could live in apartment again after liveing in a sinlge home like we have done for the past 25 or more years let a lone we would have a very hard time with paiding rent for two place and there would have to be very close to each other for Michelle to be close to us went we need it her help with something and to care for me at night after Harry has gone to bed for the night.because michelle is my night time caregiver.So I am not sure what we are going to do to get ourselfs out of this darn moblie home for good.We were only be liveing here for at less five years and not ten years.That we have been here.At one time I went to move the moblie home to a driffer place where we could add on to it and build a place on it for michelle to live in by herself when she turns 18 in a year.Hope that you all had a great day and your weather was great as well.Good night and God bless..this picture was just taken three weeks ago.Michelle is 17 years old in this picture.









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4 years ago

Teri, Michele is very pretty.  Her eyes are striking.  Oh to be 17 again!!!!  and know what I know now.


Punkin won't let me type

4 years ago

Yeah to be seventeen again.......NOT    I think I'd like to hang out in my 20's for awhile and maybe redo a few things but teens life is too tumultuous for me.  Michelle looks so pretty!!  I'm glad you have a plan to fix that leak Teri. 


I have to rehang my clothesline today....I had some blankets hanging on it last night and it just broke.  I was looking at the pole that its hanging on and the pole looks pretty bent.  My daughter has been tying her puppy to the pole while we've been cleaning out some sheds and I guess he is bending it with all his pulling.  Wow!!  I think I'll move that rope over to the's alot stronger.


We went to the Water Summit in the next town over the weekend.  Apparently, the lake there is Canada’s highest body of fresh water, at 265.5 metres above sea level and you can go around the world by water starting from Balsam Lake and never touch land.  I'm not much of a sailor but they had a weekend street festival in the town and it was alot of fun.  One of my daughters lives right beside the dock where the memorial is erected and she said they had fireworks on Friday and Saturday nights for which she had a front row seat.  


Well I've finished my coffee....I'm going outside to check the garden.  Hopefully nothing has been stepped on overnight.  I have a bit of a sunburn from being outside so much    so I will remember my sunscreen if I'm out later on.  I have a million things to do inside too but I prefer working outdoors to housework any day.  I will try to check back later...have a good day everyone!!

4 years ago

Hello everyone, I will catch up later, I just saw this headline and laughed outloud,> DONNA it's the year 2525 (if you are interested in social engineering/stem cells read the article, it is amazing) but it was the headline , and remembering Donna's theory that made me copy the link, see do you agree, back later xwendy k x>>>>>>>>>>>

How Fat Might Be the Key to Improving People’s Lives

4 years ago

right,to know what we do today and to be 17 all over again.Yes I know her are sticking.That what I tell michelle that she is a beautifull sart young lady.that is my girl,my shinesun,my world..You all havea wonderful day.I try to stay a wake ,Harry has a 2:30 apapintment in West allis.wis at 2:30 pm and need to  stop for michelle.and the mail on the way.I plan to sleep in the van why Harry is in the doctos office.Enjoy your day.God Bless.

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Went to go out to the pool today and couldn't b'cuz it was dirty {from the trees around it}. It needed the top cleaned and the bottom vacuumed. It was much worse today than yesterday so I called the office to see if the maintenance guy was going to clean it and she said that she'd see if they had time as they were installing A/C units. When I went outside this morning I had 2 "starving" cats on my hands! Of course they're fed multiple times during the day. We just don't feed them at night to keep raccoons and possums off the porch. At any rate, Black Beauty and Peaches were happy to see me. Have an application I'm processing for MCRA today. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Sugar, sounds all yours are rescues. My 5 are too. Osiris came to me when he was about 3 weeks old along with his littermates {a total of 4}, the maintenance man at our previous apartment complex found them deserted in a storage room and brought them to me. I had a cat who was nursing a litter the same age, she took one look at the new kittens and immediately started carrying one up our stairs {we lived in a townhome at the time}! She turne daround and looked at me as if to see "are you going to make me do all of the work?" so I carried them {taking the one she had too} upstairs for her and placed them with her other kittens where they all immediately snuggled together. I found homes for all of them except Osiris who was connected to me from the  beginning almost to the point of excluding all others. Shasta was found outside dumped at our old apartment when she was about 3 months old, she's 9.5 now. Cinder was found on our back porch when wintry Christmas season when he was about 3 weeks old. I found him on my back porch {our old apartment} curled up in a little ball under a table with my extra plant pots. I swear someone had to have put him there. At this apartment, we got Kona and Scamp both found as kittens. Kona was found at about 6 weeks on a cold winter day when our temps were in the  20's and we had frost on the ground! I don't think he would've lasted another day. One of the maintenance brought him to us and asked if we could maybe find him a home. Well, they called him "her" b'cuz they thought he was a girl and were even calling him Loka for wild one as they'd had him all day in their workshop. Kona's a little over 2 now. Scamp was one of a litter of 5 or 6 found by one of the maintenance men. They had 5 of them {I think a 6th one was found later} in a box at the office where I'd gone to check mail and pick up a package. They were about 3.5 weeks old. The manager asked if I wanted one and said there'd be no further pet deposit or anything so I told her I'd talk to Ray who said yes when I called him! I went back up and picked Scamp b'cuz he was the only fuzzy one in the bunch. Scamp's a little over 1 now. What a darling picture of Little Joe! How old was he there? I agree with Angie, I wouldn't want to be 17 again. I'd say there some thing sin my 20's I'd love to redo but only if I wound up with both my kids. I'd go thru all the pain again just to have them.


Teri, sorry Michelle's hanging with a friend you think might be a bad influence. You just have to hope you've raised Michelle to be tough against peer pressure. Teens do think they know better than us when it comes to their friends. They also want to be "grown up" and make their own decisions. Glad you're getting your leak fixed. Hope your housing situation is soon resolved. Michelle is a pretty girl.


Angie, Oh no, your clothesline fell? Did your blankets have to washed again? So the puppy bent the pole huh? Yes, best tie him to a tree. No matter how strong he is he'd be hard pressed to bend the tree! Water Summit sounds great. Good you're daughter had a front row seat! Hope your garden's doing well.


Wendy, great to  see you. Thanks for the link, will check it out.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Teri , MIchelle looks a lovely girl dont think you have to worry too much about with Michelle, I just know you hear of a good place to move to soon xx

Darla great to hear how you came to have your cats

Sugar lovely pic of little Joe, enjoyed reading how you got your cats too

hello Angie, I am with you too , no return to teenage anx, 35 was my fave age old enough to command respect, but young enough to have a great night out with the girls!! hope you didnt have to re-wash your blankets?

Hello Penny hope you are well and re-united with your cat

Hello Michela, lovely to hear from you hope all is well with you ?

Hello karen and Betty hope your both well?

shell hope the kittens are ok, and of course you and yours?

got to go, Jimi has been sick, and Buni just came in with a frog/toad , which I am sad to say has jumped to it's demise, behind the chest freezer, no way can i get it there, Buni is trying to get it but he wont, he will wear himself out to sleep though.

well cat sick cleared , now it's June 21st my 30th wedding anniversary, cant believe we married on the longest day of the year, (sure feels like it now) well it will be a nice start to the day for Mick, removing dead frog/toad from behind chest freezer, well I dealt with cat sick, oh boy I can hear it now, "well they are your cats "!!!!

we are supposed to be going to London sat, on an anti austerity march!! let you know if we make it, love and hugs to all , bed is calling my aching back, x wendy kx

4 years ago

 Happy Birthday Scraps, Graphics, Comments for friends in Orkut, Myspace, Friendster Happy birthday Betty.

4 years ago

   Betty  Have a wonderful day!

4 years ago

happy anniversary happy anniversary Wendy. Happy summer Solstice everyone.

4 years ago

37099_001.jpgBetty stripes says Meow, Meow!

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Made a phone call to my applicant {for MCRA} but got voice mail and had to leave a message. So, now I'm waiting for 3 return calls. Have 2 cats on the computer desk ~ Cinder's on the printer and Kona's on th eopposite end of the desk ~ then I have Shasta on her box and Scamp on the weight bench giving me 4 sleeping cats in the computer room with me. Osiris is either in the living room or our bedroom as he rarely comes in the computer room and then it's just to get me for something! No pool today as it's landscaping day. Had my "starving" cats waiting at the door for me this morning! I gave them some food, cleaned their water bowl and gave them fresh water then watered my mini roses and Mexican heather. Regular watering day is tomorrow. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Wendy, thank you. I firmly believe in rescuing or adopting over buying. How did you get your cats? Sorry that Jimi's been sick and that Buni brought in a frog/toad who then jumped behind the freezer. Happy 30th Anniversary! Thirty years is wonderful. Hope y'all make it to the anti-austerity march.


Sandi, great to see you here.


Penny, great to see you here.


Betty, !!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Oh Penny, I pray that you will be ok...

4 years ago

praying you will be okay Penny.

4 years ago

Penny, in case you read this (I hope you do and did not have to evacuate!), I hope you are ok. How awful, I will pray for you, your granddaughter and kitty.


Happy anniversary Wendy ! Ours is July 20..30 years, wow, that is awesome !


Donna as usual making us all laugh  I love the french fry cars...and I love french fries!!! I made my own a few weeks ago in the oven. They came out good, but there's nothing like "real" french fries


I am with you, Wendy and Darla- "Adopt, don't shop" is my favorite saying. Our kitty Whiskers was living on a friend's doorstep when I adopted him. I an guessing he ran away form his original home since he was defintiely domesticated. Our kitty Gingersnap was born to feral cats and rescued, then we adopted her. And our newest kitty Spikey we found at a local shelter I will never "buy" a kitty unless by some miracle, all kitties (and dogs) are adopted and shelters are empty because they have all found their furr-ever homes.


I am so happy, summer is here and my favorite season! I love being outside, barbecuing, and riding my bike!!


Angela, hope your garden is doing well and no one stepped on anything. What are you growing? My husband has a garden and is growing tomatoes, asparagus, herbs, lettuces and cucumbers, and strawberries. So far we have had some strawberries (first time the birds didn;t get them first lol) and herbs.   


Hugs to all,





4 years ago

thank you all for your cards and thinking of me.Yes,Michele is beautifull young lady and she did good at her friends.But no more sleep over there.Because Michelle posted something on facebook that got her in touble with me that was something that jess would and had posted on her page.Jess and Michelle went for a walk to walgreens and this black guy decide to follow them and make a hit on them and michelle blew it,instead of telling him to get lose Jess went along with him until it started to get out of that area and friend are out off limte for michele by her self.Once Michelle is 18yrs old than we will see what happens. outside of that its great to have her back home a gain.I still am thinking of sending her to camp or something for the whole summer.with hope by t he time she came home from camp we would be all moved out of the moblie home,into something loads better us all ...Yes, I am still looking for some thing I which to move into before the end of this summer.let alone someone that willing to help work on our leak and help us with paying for it.but none of the programs around here will not touch a moblie home of a disable older adult.just house that are not moblie.I wish we had the funds to have someone to just came out and tell us where this darn leak is cameing from,but we do not even have the funds for that.thinking of letting my hair grow out instead of cutting it short once again.The last new born kittens have started to walk around the whole house,so it start looking before walking any way again.The frist new borns are doing so good eat they chow they chow in the morning on the kicthen table with us so that the older kats do not eat they kitten if babiegirl could stop her bs with the starting frights it be a great place to be.I sztill have the feliway plug in.maybe I have it in the wrong place or something.because it was inthe kicthen and it ws peaceful here until I had Harry move it in the frontroom by the hallway where they all go thur all day long.the doctor told me to put it in the place where the kats are for most of the time. that is wht I thought I had done.everyone is counted forand heading to they beds ,as is Harry a nd Michelle,so I belive I well follow them and headto bed as well.hope you all had a great day and wonderful weather insted of raim like I did today which kept me home all day long.God Bless.a

4 years ago

Oh 'Teri, I know it has to be both heart warming and a pain in the butt taking care of your kitties, both the babies and the adults!  But the heart warming is greater than the butt pain.  I haven't had newborns ever, but plenty of cats to enjoy in the past and I have the 5 now and that's sometimes seems like a lot!  I love all 5.


Oh Penny, I just read about the flooding in your area.  I am so sorry.  I've been complaining about the rainy days here and now I feel so silly.  I will put you in my prayers and ask some other friends to pray that your home will be safe as will you and your family.


Hi everyone else.  I have to eat a late breakfast then go to the grocery store.  Oh, I paid my real estate taxes yesterday.  I feel poor today.  I still think super seniors should only pay taxes for safety items, like fire and police protection.  Not all the schools.  So many older people have to sell their home because of school taxes.  I hope I can make it safely and not have to do that.


We have possible rain/storms in the forecast for the next 7 days.  See, there I go complaining again.  I should thank my God we are still safe here.  I don't live close to a river, but I do live with a creek the entire length of my property and it did come into the basement and garage once in 35 years.


Take care all, and Penny you will stay in my prayers.



4 years ago

Thank you Donna,Sandi,Sugar & Kristi for your prayers which worked as we are still in our house thank the Lord.

Sharing this picture of great kitty who swam to safety in the floods with her owner.

This post was modified from its original form on 22 Jun, 6:46

This post was modified from its original form on 22 Jun, 6:46
4 years ago

I love how he tells them to wrap the cat in the jacket hes offered

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Will be going to the pool later. Probably after I'm done posting in all th ethreads here and as soon as I take my 10am meds. I like to go out when no one is there. I have to water my plants today and I'll probably do that on my way in from the pool while I'm outside. I'm taking the weekend off from MCRA {as I'm supposed to} unless I happen to get return calls from the people I need to talk to on the application I'm processing. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Penny, you're welcome and thank you for the flower. I'm so sorry to read about the flooding in your area. I'll be keeping y'all in my prayers. Loved the video of the guy swimming with his cat to safety.


Donna and  Sandi, great to see y'all here.


Kristi, love the stories of how you rescued/adopted Whiskers, Gingersnap, and Spikey. It'd be very nice if someday shelters and rescue groups have no cats {or dogs for that matter} b'cuz they've all found fur-ever homes. Sounds like y'all have quite the garden. Glad you had some strawberries and that the birds didn't get them all this time.


Teri, sorry to hear about Michelle's troubles. Sending her to a summer camp for awhile might be a good thing.  Sounds like you have your hands full with the cats. Hope y'all find a new place to live by the end of the summer.


Sugar, newborns are adorable and fun to watch grow up. But then you have to either find homes for them or keep them and have your own number of cat increase dramatically.I guess today is grocery store day. Ray left a little while ago to pick up my prescriptions, mail a package to our daughter, and go to the grocery store. He'll be gone awhile. Hope y'all get rain only if you need it.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

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4 years ago

soooooooooooo tired will catch up tomos, looks like I have lots to catch up on!!!!

thanks for my anniversary wishes, we had a lovely evening, belated Birthday wishes on here Betty, hope you got the "ecard" I sent? I have just caught up with my email, have to do daily clicks, I saw this and new we would all go ahhhh, p.s "sally" is my twitter name so the xsalx is me!! right here we go hope link works love to all and hugs catch up tomos, not long back from London x wendy k x>>>>Ducklings Need Help Hopping Toward Mom (Video)  ahhhhh then yep smart move  xsalx

4 years ago

the morning start out with rain and than the sun came out and shine for I am just waiting forthe manager to came down  a nd fix our kicthen light swicth before leaveing for the post office to pick up the mail from friday and today.But it seem that he is takeing his i am going ask Harry if  he would do it so that we could get to the post office for the mailand home.before the sun does go down for the day.I just do not understand why he called the manager in the frist place when Harry replace it once before with no touble.Oh well thats life for you.Michelle has been in a great mood so far today.I am still looking for those darn keys of my,do wish to God they would show up today or I will have to put out,$275.00 for a key.which I cdo not have at this time to spend  like that.with all the bills that are cameing in for we go again..I just hate this time of the month..(Check writting)..hope that you are all haveing awesome day a nd weather.God bless

4 years ago

good_night_images_Scraps90.gifWendy cute video. Teri hope you find your keys. Been hot here finally turned the air on. Hello and good nite  all.

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Went to the pool today. It was dirtier than I'd like but bearable. Tomorrow is supposed to be his pool cleaning day so tomorrow afternoon should be better since he works on the pool in the mornings. Still no return calls on that application I'm working. I'll call again tomorrow.  The cats are al doing fine both inside and outside. Cinder's lying on the printer again. Kona was on the desk and was lying in front of the monitor but in such a way as to let me see the screen. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Wendy, you're welcome for the anniversary wishes. Adorable video. I love th eway that guy helped them.


Teri, glad the sun came out for you. It's great that Michelle has been in a good mood. Hope that you got your light switch fixed. Also hope your keys turn up.


Sandi, cute Tigger picture! Thanks for sharing.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

yes,manager show up around 2pm and fix the light swicth,so it fixed at to just get that closit braod off  and the leak fixed.wil make me very happy.Michelle slept the day away so I had peaceand quite until Michelle got up at 5:10pm and Michell started to hound me abpout not doing the wash today..Which was not done today ,because it was to hard to breath when Harry went I refuse to make Harry go outin the weather with his breathering promble's or with my.But ,michelle is just thinking of herself again.but that ok .I told her to go buy me a new washer and dryer.and she just walked back to your room to take a I guess she just going have to wait until monday morning when its cooler outside.Sometime I wish that Michelle would have grown up in my time so she would know what it turely wqas like back than when you did what your folks told you to do and when their told you to do it.Other wise the day was great once I came out of my tireness and wasable to stay up and do things inside the house where it was nice and cool and lot better to breath.I belive it was in  the 90's today and humit as well.all the kats and kittens a re counterable for and resting where its cool.I hope that you day was awesome and you had great weather. God bless

4 years ago

Hey everyone.  Another hot and humid day.  Wow and it looks like we will have an entire 6 more days like this.  Next Saturday is supposed to drop back to 80 because thankfuly we are getting a little cold front!



4 years ago

Gosh Teri , you have your hands full, but you handle it all great, with your positivity, I just know you will get that new home, praying for that for you,

Penny soooo glad your ok, awful to have flooding, hope it subsides soon, let us know how your getting on  %#&!*%

Darla hi , glad your ok glad you liked the vid clip , i thought it was cute, Penny's clip was so nice too,

Hello Kristi lovely to hear from you , we are all rescuer of cats it seems, my 4 are rescue cats, will start with Mini, she and her brother were too young to leave momma, but the people who had the kittens just wanted rid of them, so I stepped in, with a lot of lost sleep they made it , unfortunately Sox , Mni's bro got hit by a car, and went over the bridge, I was heartbroken, which is how I came by the twins Jimi &Eric, my friend phoned me in desperation, these two black kittens were under threat of being abandoned, so..> it was love at first site, I used to call them my iddy biddie's they were so small, but were eating well , then came Buni, he was living in a house with small kids, who wouldnt leave him alone, and kept throwing him to one another, etc, so I went to collect him from their distraught mother, who was so pleased he would have a good home, Buni was a nervouse wreck, but was soon accepted by the twins, from there he never looked back. glad you and your cats are ok,

Sugar hope the rain doesnt flood in your house, hope you are ok?

Sandi, air con, must be great, helps you sleep . and stripes of course, tell stripes Buni will drop by on Mouses thread tomos xx

Donna helloooooooooo, you made me think we should start a thread called"A funny thing happened to me on the way to......" we could ask everyone to write in their funniest thing that happened to them , what do you think?

well I had a mad weekend as peeps know, fri 21st was my/our 30th wedding anniversary, had a lovely evening , I would have had a get together, but Mick prefers quiet times, so we had a meal with close friends and family, then when we got home, we watched the film -"Life of Pi" have any of you seen it? oh it is so good, made me cry at the end, I have never seen a film like it, and I have seen hundreds of films, it is one of my interests, so if you havent seen it , try to get a copy of it , you wont be disappointed .

well then Saturday we went to London to attend a political gathering, called "the peoples assembly against austerity". we discussed an alternative political party to what we have now. very heated , very annoying, but very enjoyable. the party will support the "spirit of '45" the will in 1945 was to make things better, re-build and look after one another, a kinder face of capitalism, where wealth is shared/distributed in a fairer way, we need business, and business needs profit, but not at all costs,  well we were inspired, and now have to wait for the next move?? >>>Sugar like you, i like politics!!!

so today we have taken it easy , and I have given my horror cats loads of attention, they had extra treats, even the cat that visits, the intruder cat!!, seems he has adopted us, so I have made him a place to sleep in the lobby, and he has food and water, I will see can I gain his trust to get him looked over by the vet. well thats my news for now will pop in soon , wishing you all a happy healthy week ahead, love and hugs xwendy k x oh have to show you this clip, it really is funny, about how you tell a wasp from a bee enjoy love to all >>>>

What is the difference between a wasp and a bee?: via @youtube >>so dont swat a bee by mistake we need them!!

4 years ago

Oh no!  I somehow lost my post!  Well I'm not going to rewrite it.  I am just going to say hello to all and pass Mouse's message to Wendy.  Thanks for rescuing Buni, he likes Buni.



4 years ago

Good morning everyone!!  I just wanted to pop in and say hi before I go outside.  It's going to be a really hot day today so I want to go put some water on the garden before the sun gets too high.  I haven't watered it really well all weekend because they called for thunder storms Saturday and Sunday.......its been sunny and hot--no rain in  sight.  So I'd better go give everything a good drink while we're waiting for this ellusive rain.


Penny~~I hope you are safe and dry out there in Calgary.  I have friends that live there and they tell me it's gruesome.  They just got to go back to their home on Saturday and the cleanup they are facing is massive.  Take care of yourself!!  I love the video of the guy swimming to safety with his cat!!  How heartwarming


Teri~~my kids were responsible for doing their own laundry by the time they were 13.  I had a huge war with my oldest daughter when she was a teenager over laundry and so I made the rule.  What is it about teenagers that they think there is a huge staff of people just waiting around to care for all their needs 


Kristi~~I am growing beans, peppers, tomatoes, zuccini, cucumbers and broccoli.  I used to try to grow strawberries but the birds got them all the time.  We have tons of wild fruit bushes around in the woods so I spend alot of time picking blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in the summer anyway when I can beat the bears to the bushes. 


Sandi, Wendy, Sugar, Darla, Donna ...... good to see you all here!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day....try to stay cool in this heatwave   I think after I water the garden, I might head over to the river for a quick dip. 

4 years ago

HI Angela, I watered my tiny garden this morning before the sun got too high also.  The rain for the last two days hasn't reached me.  It was supposed to.  It is still in the forecast for the next week.  I have a few wild blackberries and raspberries.  And of course lots of mulberries.  My pawpaw trees are loaded.  I hope storms, raccoons and deer leave me a few.


bye bye guys.  Housework is all done.  I have some outdoor things to do.  My deck gets a make over beginning this week.  I have to remove all the kitty houses, chairs etc to make it easier.



4 years ago

I hope everything is okay where you are Penny and you don't get water in your home. I am keeping you in my prayers.

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I'm running late b'cuz I had quite a few e-mails to take care of in my regular e-mails then I had lots of MCRA business including processing an application and seeing if one of my Adoption Counselors would work an application. I also went to th epool around 10:30 this morning while early this morning I cleaned the bathroom and cleaned BAbyFace's habitat. Not much else going on, just my usual.


It's too late for me to respond to each person individually. I did read everyone's posts though.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

Chit chat June 17th Cat Lovers
4 years ago

Hi again, everybody. Back from Europe and had a great time. The Var was a beautiful ship. We had engine trouble one day and had to go back to the port we were at so someone could take a look at it. Our Program director, Mieke Bakker, was great. On our next to last night on the Var, she gave us question forms to see how we liked the cruise and Mom and I wrote so very nice things about her and showed her our comments about her because she was hot and tired and she read my comment and said "Thank you, darling." and kissed me on the cheek.

4 years ago

because my post was long a catch up. i think I squashed this and didnt get it noticed, do have a look it is funny and shows the difference between wasps and Bees, first hellooooo Laura, you sound like you enjoyed your trip, you will tell us more I am sure once you are settled back in , glad you were all back safe ,

 Bee clip >>>What is the difference between a wasp and a bee?: via @youtube >>so dont swat a bee by mistake we need them!!     night all xwendy k x

4 years ago

Angela,Michelle was doing her own up until the tranmisson went out on the washer and we have had to take it out to do it.the why I told her to go outand but me a new washerand dryer,so she could do it  herself are  so right they went us to wait on them handand foot at that age,


will the last set of new borns are now working they way around the whole it wacth where you walk or sat agian.and can tabthai climb anything..So now Harry has to watch it when he rocks in his chair at night.I just love to wacth  them walk and wiggie their small butt's as they walk.It make me laugh everytime.I decdie to at last to go out and get the three week laundry wish I had one here at home,so I would not have to go out and do it and have Harry do all the lifting.but now Michelle is going with to help do it and the lifting.and unloading the van.I  will be very happy once we can just go  back to doing it every other day,instead of once every two or theree weeks.the cost alone to do it add up as does the gasoline to get there and home. That I would be saveing if I was able to again do it back at home.Things are starting to get to me once again it seem.but I have to not let it get me down or I will be no good for anyone else not even myself.its just that there is so darn much going on around this house and I am not getting any where with same of it that I feel down and out of it.Like with this moveoing and finding a bigger palce for us three and the 16 kats is pulling me down the most.Because I know its not health or safe to live here any more,but I just can not find the place we need in the time we are in need of it.because it cost to much or its just out of where we like to live that we know is safe for us all to live at.It's just as if someone is whole us back from the move or finding something in which to move to asp.I like to get move before the airport went to buy the land our moblie home is seating.Because we were told that they will not have to paid us  for our home's because they are moblie and on rented land.That they would only paid for the land they went.I could just sat here tonight and just cry my eye's out.The program around with help with a reg house on reapairs,but when it came to a moblie home they refuse to touch it at I losee both ways.I am not asking to much for a side by side all on one floor with three bedrooms,twoo and half bathrooms,laundry room with a washer and dryer in it a dish washer and a very big kicthen and panty,that I am able to move around in my wheelchair better than I am able to do now.I would be able to do more and take a lot off of Harry's shoulder's.but I can not do t hat unless I get moved frist.It be less on us about Michelle because she have her very own place to call home.tthat she would still need to pay rent and ect.When I have to worrie about my daughter came back here from fl  to live here again,when thing have been going great since she left for fl a month ago.She just can not make up her darn mind and  she is 42 years old and should be settle down by now.but no.She has been that way all of her life that she been back in my life anyway.I just feel like I should pack up my se;f amd my six kats  anddjust disapp and not let anyone know my where about a gain and start over fresh again.but I know that would not help matter's that it would make matters what do I do? I went to move so darn bad I can feel it.My card is over full for me to much going now here and have no place in which to turn any more as there was when I was much seem that no went to help you out once you are this age,that they went you to drop of the ends of the earth.I just wish to God thing would change around soon.thak you for listin to me talk helps kind of to do this instead of letting it sat on my shoulder' you all much..God bless

4 years ago

Good Morning.  Welcome back Laura.  So glad your trip was an enjoyable experience.  Everyone could use one of those about now.  Especially Teri.  She has so many things to worry about.  In the mean time she has the new borns to give her some joy.  You're in my prayers Teri.


I need a day at home again.  It was so nice yesterday and we had a terrific thunderstorm with rain.  And of course that was after I had watered my small potted garden.  I am going to have to wait until Thursday to have another day all to myself with furkids.


Everyone take care.



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