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4 years ago

Thought this might be fun, if we all recalled something funny that happened to us throughout the years, write as many incidents as you want I will start.

When I was sweet 16 my friend and I went to a dance at a local pub, !! I know we shouldnt have been allowed in but teenagers what you gonna do? well we both (my friend Linda) and I were madly inlove with two lads who were 17 then, we did our best to impress them, dancing and trying to look cool etc, well the band started to play rock &roll, so Linda and I knew it was our chance to impress!!!!! Now I hadnt seen beer that had been spilled on the dance floor, so when I was spinning around I slipped on the beer, I fell and skidded the length of the dance floor, my beautiful black dress had riled up, showing my knickers, (clean and new ) thank goodness,

well I stopped at the feet of the boy, who I soooo liked, other lads there were clapping, as a seal claps , saying "for my next trick",

the boy I liked went to help me up, I said "I am fine thanks"  got half way up, and fell again, Linda came over doubled up laughing, she helped me up, well at that point I was close to tears, then Linda pushed my arm and said, "well you certainly got noticed" I just burst out laughing, and the boy i liked went and bought us a coke each,  I thought that was soooo romantic, until he said, you two had better be going it's 9.30pm your mom's will want you home, see ya    Linda and I are still friends, we look back at how we were, and the laughs we had and there were many!!!

So who is next to tell a funny memory, story ?? roll up roll up come make us laugh x wendy k x

4 years ago

Wendy, You sure do know how to make a grande entrance. Mine was a real beauty too. I left the ladies room with the toilet paper coming out of the top of my pants. I rolled it across the floor until someone let me know that I had a stream of TP from the rest room at the bar. I could go on and on and on......Well I was a bar tender for 10 years, so I do have the stories.... I think the funniest thing that ever happened had to be when I took my Mom yard sailing with me. I saw what looked to be the grand daddy of yard sales, and I quick pulled over, and me and my Mom jumped out and ran over to it. There were 2 sides to the driveway, and tables full of stuff. The people were sitting there watching us as we grabbed all kinds of neat stuff. My Mom went down the left side of the driveway, and I took the right. I kept asking her if she got everything she wanted, and she said she was still looking. I asked her if she liked what I got, and she said yeah, get it before it gets away. The people are still watching, and I finally had to ask what they wanted for a certain item. I guess they thought it was nice of me to be willing to pay, as were nothing more than day time burglars that were taking their stuff from the garage that they were ONLY cleaning out. THIS was NO yard sale....... I guess they were thinking. What a pair. In broad day light, and they were PICKY about what they were taking too..... We laughed so hard. Now, how do you know when your property needs to be cleaned up? I got it! When people start pulling over for the yard sale.....

4 years ago

Classic Donna, so on the first laugh you had a tail lol, and the 2nd one, I can just picture you and your Mom rushing to get the best bargains , only to be told it was cleaning day shame you didnt get them  !

my next quick tale< not tp tail lol , was when I went to a fancy dress do, steve who was a good friend was with me, he was dressed as batman, but they gave him a "large" costume, so his grey tights kept wrinkling around his ankles, , our friends yvonne and also Steve, who we were with, yvonne went as >  little bo peep, and steve a gorilla,

well on the way, steve gorilla realised he needed petrol, so we went to get some at the petrol station, well when steve went up to pay, for a joke, he put the gorilla head on, well the person serving, pressed an emergency button, within secounds the police arrived, the girl serving thought steve was gong to rob the store,

the police came over to the car, we all got out, Bo Peep, Draculina  <me, and Batman, I spoke up and said, the gorilla was just kidding, luckily the police believed us, the one copper said, as if Batman would rob a petrol station in those tights? batman put on a female voice, said  "well I have never been so insulted in my life" we all laughed,

gorilla Steve apologised and said he could see it was stupid to put a mask on at the till !

we all carried on  to the party, we laughed most of the night, but the best laugh, was when gorilla steve got changed, he was too hot in the gorilla costume,

well this girl came up to him, and said oh I kinow who you are, Roger Decorsey, <he was a balding ageing ventriliquist, >Steve was much younger with hair, so steve put his gorilla head on , just incase he said.

everyone laughed at batmans tights, it still makes me laugh today.

Come on who is next, Donna feel free, it is great to laugh and hopefully amuse others  love and hugs xwendy k x

A funny thing happened on the way to...
4 years ago

When we were coming back from Europe yesterday, Mom watched Identity Thief and it was great.

A funny thing happened on the way to...
4 years ago

When we were in one of the towns in Germany, there was a pigeon sitting on a guy's arm.

4 years ago

come on everyone, you are among friends, tell us your embarrasing funny story, or a story funny to you , Donna you will have to come to the rescue , or...................xwendyk x hugs  xxxx

4 years ago

LOL. That is funny you guys. I don't know if mine is funny enough but sure is embarrassing. I will put it down here. When I was about 16, a friend of mine lived down in this valley. She had horses to ride and I planned on meeting her on the road down to the valley, and to let you know there is a beach down there as well. Anyway, went walking down that road at the appointed time we are suppose to meet. I'm waiting and waiting and it is getting way past the time. Then I see what I thought down the road was her on her horse coming up. I start going down and waving and then about half way stop as I realize it wasn't her. It was this guy walking up carrying his surfboard. I must've turned several shades of red. I could die of embarrassment. Said Hi to the guy and after awhile I left, waited for him to be further up first. Boy, my eyes must've been that awful not to see that far and tell it was not her on a horse. Have to admit the surfer dude was cute looking.

4 years ago

I grew up around cars and learned how to tinker on them at a young age.  When I was 15, we were hanging out at a friend's house and a guy was showing off the car he'd just aquired, a '61 Pontiac Strato Chief, and how he needed to find someone to change the oil and tune the car up.  Eager to make an impression, my friend volunteered my services.  I just wanted to hang out and make googoo eyes at this cute guy but then he and his friends started joking about a woman knowing anything about a car so I took up the challenge.  I climbed under the car and loosed the nut on the oil pan.....or what I thought was the oil pan.  It took me many years to live down the fact that I drained all the transmission fluid out of the guy's car.  Anyway, the guy ended up being my first husband so the story has gone down in the annals of history   

A funny thing happened on the way to...
4 years ago

One time when we were in Germany when I was little, Mom was looking around at everything and ran into a lamp post and got a run in her panty hose.

4 years ago

Sally and Angie, oh how you feel embarrased at 16 , lol the times I have said "I am staying in , forever!!!!  Laura bet your mom hoped no one was looking?

I had blonde hair at 16 , and so wanted long black hair, so I saved up for weeks to buy a black wig.  when it arrived, I dressed up , put on dark glasses and my lovely black wig, then I walked to my friend Linda's , we were going to our fav dance at the pub, now on the way I passed my other friends boyfriends house, of course he had to be outside doing up his car, as i walked past he said, "nah Wend, lose the wig girl " grrrrrrrrrrrrrr he wasnt supposed to recognise me!!!!

Linda thought it was hilarious, undaunted I went on with Lin to the dance, my friends were laughing, I didnt care, untill one of the band members jumped down from the stage , and took my wig off me, he jumped on the stage wearing it, I was furious, I didnt think it a bit funny, Then the bands roadie came over , (I was soooo inlove with him you see, his name was Dave), he asked me to dance , and said why would you want to hide your beautiful hair, >I nearly fainted !! I didnt care what happened to the wig then

At the end of the night though someone had pinched the wig, now that cost me £10, that was a fortune, well the next week in walks an enemy of mine, wearing my wig, but she had cut it!!!!, she went to the band and said "do you want to wear my wig" the singer of the band said "no tar Wendy's wig was better" 

We had a good laugh and it was worth the £10 to make my enemy look stupid !!!!

ah 16 night love and hugs x wendy k x

4 years ago

Oh sheesh, the wig stories. Oh do I have some.

First of all, back when the maxi dresses were out, and the mini skirts too, I wore the maxi one day, and my Mom wore the mini with boots. We thought we were hot stuff, and we went to a barbecue. My poor Mom was strutting her stuff when a branch caught her wig, and it went up into the tree. Under the wig was a stocking on her head, and her ears were sticking out to the sides. hehe


Then another time, my Mom and I went to a night club to celebrate her birthday. I talked her into wearing hipster jeans, and she wore a wig.... There was 2 sides to the club, and I was banned from one side for saying the bartender was a jerk. So we went around to the other bar, and my Mom vanished. It was easy to lose her as she was only 5 ft tall.... I looked in the ladies room, and there she was.


She was standing there with the stocking on her head, and the ears sticking out, and some lady talked her out of her wig. She told my Mom that she just wanted to get out of the bar without her husband seeing her leave. She gave my Mom her BLACK wig, and offered her husband to me.... I said I don't want him. She said neither do I. so she left as a blonde.


So there I was thinking I was all sexy in the class room in school. Pretty little blonde with a big set of  boobs..... I was taking a test when some girl stopped by my desk to tell me I was losing my sock..... I had the nerve to wear a low cut dress with socks in my bra, and the whole foot was hanging over the front.


Another time, and this probably won't crack anybody up, unless you have a good imagination. I was working at a department store at Christmas, working as a cashier. The store was mobbed, and I was the last girl down the line. The others couldn't keep up with  the crowd, and we had managers looking down at us from the windows upstairs.


I was trying hard to  look busy, but everybody that came into my line hurried up and left. They saw that nobody else was there, and that there must be something to it, and so they got into the long lines next to me. I reached a point that I had my head on the register, and I became hysterical laughing. I could not stop, and for sure, the people got out of my line. I was just hoping that I would not be fired.

A funny thing happened on the way to...
4 years ago

I don't remember if anyone saw it, Wendy, and if they did, they probably didn't think anything of it.

4 years ago

Oh thats good then Laura ,

Donna i have been laughing so much my husband asked me who I was chatting to, I could just imagine your poor mom, with a stocking on her head , minus the wigs.  you saying about the socks in your bra, reminded me of my friend Susan, she did similar to you , only susan used tissue's, again at our favourite haunt, the pub dance, Susan was dancing and the tissue had rolled down, Susan got the nick name of "one up one down" , I got really mad when my enemy laughed at susan, I said to her, "shut your face, susan will grow some boobs, but you will be stuck with that ugly face forever , I had a nick name at the pub too, each week when we went into the dance we had to pay, and depending who was "on the door" the price went up or down, seeing as though we were not old enough to go in , we didnt argue we just paid up, so each week I said  so " how much is it", but with my B'ham accent it sounded like "ow muchisit " so I got the nick name "Emma Chissett"

I do get why you were avoided in the store, people must have thought, now I know why that till is avoided,> with you laughing hysterically, they probably thought , I might get more than my change if I go there

I once worked for a food store, and I used to feel sorry for the old people coming in, and buying the cheap cuts of bacon, and the cheapest cheese, (I was on the cheese and bacon counter by the way)  So i would give them the best cuts of bacon and the best cheese, well it came to a head, when one day my supervisor was working with me, and the regular old ones refused to be served by him , saying "no i want our Wendy to serve me", I was desperately trying to give a signal , waving my arm , mouthing "no shhh", >no good the game was  up, the manager called me and said , "sorry Wendy you are popular, but for us it just isn't working out, we have to let you go"!   >  I was mortified!!!, but my sister got me a job with her in the local factory, twice as much money, and that night I was going to the pub dance, so forgot all about the cheese and bacon counter  lol, >oh to be 17 lol night love and hugs xwendy k x  come on Sugar,Darla, Sandi, Michela, you must have a funny story, keep em coming Donna love em xx lol

A funny thing happened on the way to...
4 years ago

Yes, it is.

4 years ago

So Wendy , you must be the Wendy that started Wendy's restaurant here in Jersey, that sells bacon cheesea buggers.....(bacon cheese burgers) 


When I was 17, I got fired after the first day working at a 15 cent hamburger place, for eating too much for lunch.


I ate 3 skinny cheap burgers, and he said he couldn't afford to feed me. On top of that, he wasn't going to pay me for the 10 hours I worked, with that old creep walking behind me jibbering, and all I made was 1.00 an hour. He said I was learning and not really working. I went back  the next day and created all kinds of trouble until he paid me.


I got fired after 4 hours of work one time. I was too slow, and my Mom too. We were making some kind of tapes, and we thought it was more important to get it right, so we took our time. Here to find out , they wanted speed, and they would fix the mistakes themselves.


I had another job that lasted one day. I was in a department store, and I was suppose to call the people over for a demonstration for eye glass cleaner. I didn't wear glasses, so I had no idea that glasses could fog up. I watched my boss as he was trying to teach me, and then the last hour he left me on my own.


Another funny thing was when my Mom and I went into a luncheonette inside of a department store. Back then you could smoke in a few places, and this was one of them. My Mom quit and was using the loose tobacco. She carried a tooth brush with her. I still smoked, so she chewed and I puffed. There was a table near us of 4 women that were smoking, and I yelled over. "Thank you for smoking" They stared at me like they thought I was starting trouble, and then looked down to my hand to see that I also was smoking.


I just figured that all we ever see is thank you for not smoking signs, and I wanted to see what would happen if I said thank you for smoking.. They did make me feel comfortable.  OH I am so glad that this will be 6 yrs July 8th that I quit. We do have a stop smoking thread here in the group.....25 yrs without a drink ! How dry I am , how wet I'll be, if I don't find, the bathroom key.....


One more amusing thing. I


The people came into the store, and I hollered, clean your glasses for you sir, free of charge, it will only take a minute. Do you believe in magic? well, this was how it went down. People walked by me giggling, and saying no thank you dear. Then all of a sudden a man and woman walked over to me. I freaked.


I said do uou believe in magic? I have some eye glass cleaner here, and it is on sale today, but you can't buy it, yes you can, no you can't, yes you can. Here, give me the glasses, now you see the fog, and now you don't, you can buy this today, not you can't...


They were walking away really fast !!!!! I was frantic, and started chasing them. I said DON"T go, it can clean your glasses and the rear window of your car etc. I just went back to my station with my tail between my legs, and the stinking boss came back.. I said I QUIT, and he said how would you like to go out for a hot dog tonight..... CHEAP..... No way, I left....


Oh I got into all kinds of trouble with my long phony eye lashes too. Left one on my boyfriends shoulder, and he had to ask me if it belonged to me. Another time I beat one to death with a fly swatter. Not the boyfriend, the lash. It was on my table, and I thought it was a thousand legger...    The worst one was when I stayed at my friends house over night, and him and me and his Mother sat at the kitchen table the next morning. I was crying about something the night before, as I had been out drinking with him, and I had about 3 sets of lashes on, and they stiffened up. At the breakfast table we were all talking, and I had to go to the bathroom/ I was horrified to see that both lashes were pointing to my nose, and NOBODY told me. I just pulled them off.


Another time, my fuzzball saved me from a pervert..... Now, I must explain what the fuzzball was. I use to wear a long straight wig. Then I tested a small hair piece to fit on top of the wig. It gave me height for the next curly wig..... This particular time, I only wore the fuzzball, but it was not tested, so I wore it curly. This guy grabbed me by my hair, and the fuzzball came off in his hand, and I jumped out of his car. Saved by the FUZZBALL....

4 years ago

     Donna so funny,  I can just see you shouting for your wages, cheap skates, and running after customers , "dont goooooo" I could never wear false lashes, my friend Lin did, but she used to blink alot , only one eye though, like a twitch lol, thank goodness your fuzzball saved you!!!! thanks for smoking  he he he.

When I went to our usual dance, (with Lin) well this one time, I had shaved my eyebrows off, and drew them back on, a nice neat arch, I couldn't pluck them gosh it hurt sooo much, well it was a hot night , and we had been dancing, I was reallt hot, so of course was sweating, well I put the back of my hand to my forehead and delicately, wiped my "brow" trouble was  I forgot about my drawn on eyebrows, and wiped one off!!!!, Later when I was dancing with a lad, "who luckly I wasnt inlove with) he said to me, "do you know you only have one eyebrow", < I ran out to the loo and drew it back on . .

now I am going to read your funny stories again   lol  x wendy k x

4 years ago

A funny thing happened many years ago with our first cat Harry. A girl was walking by our house when my cat harry was looking out the front door. Harry did not meow. He could only yell wow with his good lungs. He saw the girl and yelled wow, and she turned toward our house and gave a dirty look.... Good thing she didn't get the police involved saying a weirdo lived here.

4 years ago

You cannot currently send a star to wendy because you have done so within the last day.

That was for your last one Wendy, you had me laughing, and every time you open your mouth you remind me of something else.

When I was 12 years old my Mother got up to see if I was ready for school, and she noticed that something looked odd about me. I shaved off my eye brows. She said I was all forehead, and she drew some on for me. That was actually the style in the early 60's. Well, it was in 1960. The high penciled on brows, and also, the stockings with the lines behind them/


Another thing that happened to me when I was around 11 yrs old. I was taken on a date by a 10 yr old kid. He took me to the drug store that had a soda fountain, and boght me an ice cream soda and a chunky. He was polite, and split the chunky in half for me, and it was full of maggots. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


We use to jitterbug to the song way down yonder in New orleans, it's the land of the gypsy queens. Oh it's the garden of eden, you know what I mean.....

A funny thing happened on the way to...
4 years ago

Mom and I played Trivial Pursuit with one of our cruise friends the day we went to Melk.

4 years ago

My goodness, shaved eye brows, false eye lashes and fuzzballs. I don't think I can top that.

I do remember when I was a junior going out with my first boyfriend. We had an assembly day where we had a couple of entertainers playing the guitar and singing for us. We had bleachers to sit on and me and my boyfriend sat at the tops so we could see everything. When one song ended and everyone clapped and stopped, I was still clapping my hands as I was paying attention to my boyfriend and didn't realize it. When I did realize it and stopped the entertainers waved at me. I felt so embarrassed like crawling into a hole and hiding as everyone else was looking at me, like the whole high school.

4 years ago

I have lived a very boring life!  I didn't know until I read all the hysterically funny happenings above!  I can only think of one embarassing thing at this moment.  I'm sure there must be more, but I can think of one more and I am still kind of ashamed to mention it.  The one I can tell is I was a very quiet, studius young girl in high school and wouldn't say "sh_t" if I had a mouth full.  One day in shorthand class a girl behind me gave me a note to pass on to a boy in front of me.  Mr. Weiner was the teacher, a very nice man.  Any way I got the note and noticed Mr. Weiner watching me about then.  I tried to play possum and hide it under my palm and hoped he didn't see it as I waited to pass it on.  Needless to say after class, he took me aside and said he had seen what I was doing but I did a great job of trying to hide what I was doing.  I told him I was sorry but I didn't know what to do.  He just laughed, thankfully.  I might get the nerve to tell the other.  I just hate to admit how ignorant I was about being a woman.  If no male was going to read this, I would tell.  I'm still a very private person in female matters.  My Grandma raised me that way.



4 years ago

  Sally, that is natural humor, and very funny. I get the most hysterical when I make mistakes myself.... It cracks me up.


Sugar, that was funny, coming from a studious girl. You of course reminded me of 2 incidents. One from school and the other from my job at the bar. To the women here, you will know right away what I am saying.


I was at working sitting on cardboard. I was wondering why I was sooooo sore at the end of the day.... Now Sugar, that is a STUPID dumb thing for me to do. I did not removed something from  the plastic.


For my next stunt, my teenaged friend and eye were throwing notes back and forth in school. I drew dirty pictures of my friend and her boyfriend and was hysterical laughing. I told her she was rocking the boat last night on our double date.


We moved on to typing class, and had the same teacher. I made 50 words per minute with 51 errors. The teacher asked me how I did that. I started laughing, and he said watch out Donna, you will rock the classroom. I thought I would die. The dirty pictures I drew flashed in front of my face as I blushed.

4 years ago

I decided to cook a nice dinner for my sister, and I called her up to come and get it to take home with her. I was wearing my comfy PJ's but they were long on me, so when I stepped out of the house, I stepped on my PJ's and kept on going with the plate of food in my hand. My arm went straight up in the air, and I turned to protect my head. The dinner was safe....


I was on my way to the utility room where there is a wooden step. I had a small plate with a pork chop on it for one of my cats, when I went flying again.... I did not break the plate, and I tucked my head in, as I had food cooking on the stove, and Jimmy would not be home for another half hour.....eeks


I am dangerous..... I stepped back on a blunt edged steel rake, and it went through my shoes and through my foot. Under my toes is where it went in. It was curved when I was pulling it out. I screamed as the blood was all over the place, and, I am a diabetic too. I made it to the tub and soaked my foot, and I was ok, but had a bad time walking for a while.


I went to the church pantry to pick up 2 turkeys at thanksgiving. One for me, and one for my sister, when I had to walk down some steps, and the last one was a half step. I went flying again, and I think I fractured or sprained my foot, and the pain made me pass out. I told them to just leave me alone. You know how it is when you are passing out. On top of it, they said they were low on turkeys, and could I cook for me sister.... I couldn't walk for some time. I tried a cane but I felt like it was going to send my flying again, and I do not have wings..........

4 years ago

Donna~ You got angel wings there. Glad you did not hurt yourself really bad from those falls. So your accident prone to things?

4 years ago

Sally and Sugar it is great to share funny memories , that at the time it happened you just wished there was a magic fairy , to make it go away lol,

Donna wow, what can I say , you stepping on your pj's I could just picture it, and a crunchie full of maggots - barffff. like sally I laughed reading about your accidents, but sooo glad you lived to tell the tale, the rake sounded soo painful, then passing out due to the pain of fracturing your ankle, did you end up cooking the turkey?

your story of the "plastic " left on, well you reminded me, of my friend Jenny, she had travelled by bus to meet us, when jen got off the bus she was very pale, she was in pain and didnt think she could stay to go to the dance, when we were walking to the pub to get her some water, Jen pulled my arm, we walked behind the gang, Jen whispered to me, "you know those new fem wear?" I said "yes", Jen said "dont wear them, they are whats hurting me", so after a few minutes,  I figured out the problem, Jen has used it,- not removing the cardboard, I  couldn't help it I laughed , I did feel for her, but I said you dope thats - the er applicater?= jen -blank, so I said the plunger !!!!can you imagine the discomfort ? ouch!

Well happier memory, Lin and I had bought the latest fashion shoes, "tart" shoes with a very high ankle strap, and huge platform wedges, we thought they were to die for,- that was until we tried to get on the bus!, we couldnt bend our foot, enough to step up, we ended up getting on sideways, the driver was laughing , saying you look like frankenstein's with those clod hopping things on your feet,CHEEK ! well we made it, and the battle  to get upstairs on the bus, (double decker) dont know if you have them in America?,

well it was time to get off, we were dreading it, our other friend Maggie said," I am going first"", so we said "carry on",- glad of the extra time to get down the stairs.

 Well Maggie was on the top stair, the bus suddenly slammed on the brakes, Maggie was thrown down the stairs, as if she was on ski's, she grabbed the bar at the bottom ,  then her heels plipped plopped down after her , Maggie swore at the driver, telling him she had only bought the shoes earlier that day, -by this time we had clumped down the stairs,- the driver told Maggie to buy better shoes, and she wasnt supposed to stand while the bus was moving, we had to grab her to stop her hitting the driver,   We were apologising profusely, When we got off the bus we burst out laughing.

We made it to the dance, but before the night was out, Lin and I were bare foot, we couldnt walk in our shoes, we walked home with no shoes on, going ow ow ow.

Maggie took her shoes back and got a new pair, stating the heels just came off.

Another time we all went to the cinema, to see a horror film, when we went in , it was night time on the screen, we couldnt see anything, Linda was first in the row, I kept  telling her move up one, in  the end Linda ended up sitting on a mans lap, we laughed so much we were asked to leave, we didnt care , we got on the bus to go to a dance, this was when you could smoke on the bus!!, I kept saying to Susan another friend, "can you smell something burning, " No" says Susan,- infact it was me burning, -Susan's cigarette had burned a hole through my new coat, new dress and finally tights, burning my leg. -Susan always managed to burn me accidently, I told her "you can cremate me at least press the button" lol

my clothes had butterflies sewn on here and there , to hide the fag burns !!!! I told people it was a new craze, and you were not "in" if you didnt have a butterfly somewhere on your dress/skirt/blouse/coat, but not tights

4 years ago

Yes Sally, I am prone to falling up and down steps.

Wendy, that is too funny. I don't know if there are any of those busses here. Maybe in Philly, which is a city. I have never seen one, but I am thinking maybe a bus that travels far might have 2 levels.


Oh my gosh, I better get some of those cig burns.... Can't say Fag here. It might be a hate crime...   I remember those platform shoes, but I never saw the kind that didn't let you bend your foot...   Oh I would be falling in that bus too....

4 years ago

Wendy that is so funny about those shoes. I don't think I ever wore anything like that before. I bet those butterfly patches looked really nice. When I started high school, I did not know about wearing jeans then. My mom would sew me my pants, like 60's style.I mean like knit pants kind of thing with weird designs. Finally a cousin that came to visit, took one look at my pants and took me jeans shopping. So glad she introduced me to jeans, I now know why people where looking funny at my pants.

4 years ago

Sally, my Mom crocheted some pants outfits for me, and they had some wide holes in them. I went to the city to catch a bus, and the cops were all flying around me..... I did not know that I should not wear these styles in the city........ I am glad that nobody approached me.... I mean, I did have my son with me....


I went to church today and asked how violent the people would be if I took their seat in church...   They just laughed and said take any seat I want. I told them I itch in my old seat. My head itches and my ear itches. I can't stand the thoughts of people in the back staring at me, and it makes me itch...


I sat in the back row, and nothing itched. I do get an itchy nose when we hold hands in prayer. Just the idea that both of my hands are out of commission makes me itch..... I'm just an itchy kind of gal I guess......


Signed, the itchster....

A funny thing happened on the way to...
4 years ago

When we were on our way to the Mickinley Lodge in Alaska, we had a British driver who was hilarious! One time, he said that if Mount Mckinley made an appearance during the night, you could come out and look at it, but if you slept in the nude ( he called it "your all together") to put something on so you wouldn't frighten the natives.

4 years ago

Glad you had a good time Laura, thats a common saying over here, usually said to a family member, "I hadn't better catch you in your altogether "


I met up with an old friend , who reminded me of an incident that happpened when i lived at home with my parents. 

It was a sunday eve, I didn't go out on a sunday, cause of work the next day, I started at 7.30am so had to be up an hour before and on the bus by 7am, well my friend phoned me and begged me to join her at a local pub, as there was a bar b q, and the boy she was mad about was going, but she couldn't go in a pub on her own, so I said ok.

As i was walking to the pub , I thought gosh it's quiet, I got to the main rd, no traffic, now this was a busy main rd at all times. So I thought there must have been an accident and the cops have stopped the traffic further up, so I crossed the road, I got to the middle of the rd, where there was a central reservation?, when suddenly a light was shone on me, and a voice said, "stay exactly where you are " I nearly passed out, then a cop grabbed my arm, and led me back to the verge, he said"do you live around here" I nodded, he said" well there has been someone shooting a rifle, so all the people in the pub are locked in for their safety, you get home", I was thinking drat locked in the pub trust me to miss out, so I doubled back,  ran along a parallel rd, and went to the back of the pub,  Don the landlord let me in. he said "your crazy get in" we had a great night and I had a good excuse for not going to work, the story was in the paper, the man with the rifle, was a jealous husband , the cops caught him, and the rifle was an air rifle, so no bullets . I wont ever forget that light , then a loud deep voice saying, "stay exactly where you are"  honestly, all the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. - crazy of me to double back , I have never ran so fast, just shows when your young,- at times you dont see danger, just adventure. Oh and my friend was happily talking to the chap she liked when I got there!!, but i had a drink with people I hadnt seen for ages, they laughed when I said what had happened, then said "typical wendy cant miss out on anything" Too right, >then not now ,

we were released from the pub at 2am, when they caught the irrate husband, the chap he was after was a weather man at the then Elmdon airport, Now it is Birmingham Airport, "BHX" for short. well the weather man was having an affair with the irrate husbands wife. You couldnt make it up, as they say  x wendy k x

4 years ago

Just love all your stories.. heres one of mine

When I was about 15 we were downtown to watch the huge 17th of may parade its our national day so its a big deal and everyone were they nice clothing eat ice cream and watch big parades.. We were standing in a nice spot but it was so warm so I wanted to get a ice cream and soda so I ran across the street and into the kiosk to get some.. I got back out of the store just as the parade was getting close so I ran across the street.. only a few moments before the parade came.. however tripped on my new shoes my soda went flying so did my ice cream my skirt went over my head and I was laying on the street.. in-front of loads of people that was seeing the parade come.. so the parade had to stop and some people had to help me up I was red as you can bee, a police man gave me my soda.. I don't know what happened to my ice cream but when i got back to my spot as graceful as I could my sister and my mom started to giggle so much that I got even more embarrassed and wondered were the closest hole was..

A funny thing happened on the way to...
4 years ago

Here's a funny story that one of our bus drivers told us when we were taking the bus to Kenia for the fjords tour. He was taking a group of tourists to Kenia for the fjords tour and a bald eagle was flying towards the bus and it kept getting closer and closer and there was no way to avoid it and it slammed into the windshield, tumbled over the back of the bus and slammed into a police patrolman's cruiser windshield and the bus driver looked back and the officer was fighting with the bird and he drove on, and a few miles down the road, the officer caught up with him, flashers going and everything, and pulled the guy over, made him get out of the bus, read him the riot act and wrote him a ticket and the driver asked what the ticket was for and the officer said it was for flipping him the bird.

Halloween night 1989
4 years ago

I wasn't working that night, but we went to the bar since my manager was suppose to show up dead in a casket. The pall SP? bearers ( drunks) were bringing him in to place him on the pool  table for the viewing. They were late getting there.


Meanwhile, my good friend showed up in a colorful wig for halloween, with her boyfriend. She was from Germany and England, so she had an accent. Harry was a bar patron that was ok when he was sober, but he was drunk. We were all waiting anxiously for the dead guy, when Harry got up and punched my friend in the mouth. He was in the war, and she ticked him off somehow. Maybe the accent.


Her boyfriend went after him, and my husband Jimmy jumped the guy and took his knife away. Next thing that happened was harry got up and said he had a chain saw,  He said he was going to bring it in and start it up. Some people said that if Harry says he is going to do that, he will! We all jumped over the bar and out the back door. I didn't have to jump since I worked there.


Oh, his nick name after is became chain saw Harry. So, the state police came, and Harry was gone. His wife called to ask what happened to him as he was covered in blood.


Well, some time went by, and finally they brought Ed the dead head into the bar and placed him on the pool table... Then the other bar tender went back and forth with words to some lady that was flirting with her husband. Then out the door they went fighting in the parking lot. We just hung around staring at the dead manager on the pool table. My friend did not press charges on Harry for cutting her mouth with the punch.


That was halloween night, and that is all I can recall of it. I am sure there was more.

4 years ago

Well Wendy, you talked me into posting again on this thread, so where are YOU?????

4 years ago

Donna~ Sounds like you sure had a wild Halloween night to remember for sure back then.

All I done for Halloween with some friends is dress up and go trick or treating. The funny part is, we were like 18 yrs old, already graduated from high school out trick or treating. This one lady asked us 'aren't you a little too old for trick or treating?' My friend says, Um. no we still kids. But it was just fun and back then the people in the neighborhood was okay with it and was having fun with us.

4 years ago

Finally have time to tell you what I remembered after talking to a friend I hadn't seen for quite a few years, .

Donna do you remember me telling you about our double decker buses, well at the end of my short story I have a picture of one.

So one saturday morning, I decided to take the boys to Birmingham on the bus, no easy feat , when Jack was only 2 and Luke Just 6 months old. However I managed quite well, what I didn't notice was , I had sat very near to a man, in his 40's who sadly had only one leg, Now kids being kids tend to stare at people who look different, so I was praying Jack wouldn't notice. >He did! and stared for a while , then said "your leg has gone?" the man said , "gosh it must have come off in the wash"? Naturally Jack said"Mommy will my leg fall off in the bath?" we laughed and I changed the subject, (the bus driver was laughing too), Jack suddenly remembered we had , had a new cooker, and said loudly to the man with the one leg, "mommy got a hot fooker today"  I wanted to die on the spot, "No Jack it is called COOKER , and it is hot, so you don't touch" the bus driver had to stop the bus due to laughing, and the man with one leg laughed into a hanky, especially when Jack began to dance on the seat singing "fooker fooker " I stopped him saying "say stove" and we got it yesterday. I was glad there wasn't many people on the bus, we said our goodbyes, both the driver and the man who sat near us, were still laughing saying, kids!!!

When we got home, Jack told mick, "a man lost his leg in the bath, and I told him mommy had a hot foo----sstove". I just said " don't ask please". he he he.

>> this is a double decker bus, we sat downstairs, at the front near the driver, he would be on the right , we get on , on the left side x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxx>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.BUS<<<<<<<<<<<<<

double decker

4 years ago

 photo AlwaysLaugh_zps614ccb37.gifThanks Wendy, I love that story.

4 years ago

Thanks Sandi, kids !!! honestly by the time I got off the bus, my face was so red, I could have heated the bus with it, he he he. One of those situations, where someone would say, "you will laugh at this in a couple of weeks "

Is it just my life that is full of embarrassing situations ? 

Ha just remembered another one, for another day he he he xwendy k x& kelly cats xxxxxx

4 years ago

rotflmho  haha   I think the part about the guy losing his leg in the bath was hilarious, and Angela, the oil left you with the first husband ? How did you meet your second husband ? antifreeze maybe?


Jimmy caught me filling up the oil when he came home one day. I figured if I filled it up, it would be ok for a long time. I didn't know about the dip stick...


It was the early 50's when my Mom took me for a ride on the bus.... I never saw a black woman, and my Mom said the first thing I did was yell that the lady had a dirty face.... She laughed.... My Mom wasn't sure what to do.


Then I was complimented about my hat, and I told everyone that my Mom got it for me at the good will..... That is a thrift shop..... My Mom was embarassed, so from then on she called the good will, Wannamakers... that is a big expensive store in Philly Pa.


The next thing I did was my usual stuff. My Mom would dress me up, and she would come looking for me following my clothes down the road. I would be knocking on doors visiting in the nude. Then I would climb to the top of the row homes in Philly..... Imagine that today with all the perverts out there??????


Then around Christmas I invited the neighbors to the basement to smash all my Moms Christmas balls..... She treasured them too... Imagine this, I was the first out of my Father's 4.... I would think she would have abstained after ME.

4 years ago

Gosh Donna you were a wild child he he he, 

I remembered a stupid embarassing thing i did, >I used to work at "The British Legion Club" serving drinks and food in the evenings, My Dad was the chairman of the committee, Well every Thursday was "bingo " night , ( do you all know "Bingo")  well lots of people went to the club to play, now you have to be quiet when bingo is on, so that people can hear ok, .This Thursday though ,Two men insisted on standing at the bar, (not allowed) and were talking very loudly, they were the worst for drink, I told them to go drink somewhere else, so they told me to go serve somewhere else (words to that effect he he ), it ended up with me calling the duty officer, who removed them, .

Now because of this, I had to go to the committee , to explain what happened, (by the time that date came around the men had apologised, admitting they were out of order, but the reports had to be signed off so I still had to go to see the committee).

The evening arrived, I had never been to the committee rooms, on the 5th floor, so I got in the lift/elevator , it was a very old fashioned one, with a bi-folding door, the type with the criss cross metal pattern, so I pulled it shut, pressed 5, but when it stopped I faced a brick wall, I told myself, "don't panic", I pressed 5 again, = nothing, well now I was getting just a bit nervouse, so I started shouting hello, then >PANIC I was shaking the door my fingers inbetween the criss cross, like a maniac, shouting "the lift is stuck HELP", suddenly I heard my Dad saying "Wendy , Wendy calm down" , I was so happy to hear him I shouted "Dad I am in the lift stuck somewhere?" my Dad then said "Wendy will you listen to me ? Just turn around" i said "WHAT? WHY ? I AM STUCK DID YOU HEAR ME DAD" , then i thought wait he sounded very near, so I slowly turned around, ....... There was my dad and another man, >the lift was the type where you got in one-side,> you got out the opposite side!!! > I said "well how did I know" my Dad started laughing, and told me I didn't have to go into the meeting, as the two men had apologised to me earlier and I had accepted their apology, but they would be warned on this occasion,

.-what I didn't know was the whole committee had heard me and were laughing, so to spare my blushes , my Dad had gone back into the meeting, saying" Wendy agrees to the men getting a warning this time."

It took me a while to live that down, every time a door shut, the staff would laugh and say, "oh no I am stuck" and they would play a song called >"Just turn around" >which I love, by the way.    I always laugh when I remember that, and I can hear my Dad saying,(in a low tone) "Wendy WENDY, just turn around" 

love hugs xwendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

part one >of "journey to Scotland"
4 years ago

Now bear with me, I am going to post a photo, then put the thinggs that happened underneath in the next post slot, (wont be room in just this one>do you follow me?)>>>>

This is Scotland, couldn't believe it when I saw it, we actually drove along this road, on the way to the highlands . the road goes over the mountain, it is a good idea to check all is well with your car before driving along this road !!!!

Embedded image permalink


part Two >of "journey to Scotland"
4 years ago

The best thing about the first time we drove through Scotland, was taking my late Mother-in -law, she was Irish, but was born in Edinburgh Scotland, in the famous (to Edinburgh) "Prince's Street"-- sooooo we decided to suprise her, and drove to Edinburgh, then into Prince's St. We were lucky, and were able to park, outside the very house, Mary Kelly (Mom-in law) was born, in > her comment "mmmmm it's a bit drab, a very old house, wouldn't be worth much" , We were flabber-gasted, we had driven for 5hrs, I couldn't help myself, i said to her laughing "get out and go kiss that wall" then I said "did you expect "Buck House" >(Buckingham Palace)?!!!

it was an old house, it was also in the centre of Edinburgh, not far from the Castle, and worth a "pretty Penny" (loads).

 Anyway we stayed in Edinburg over night, then travelled to "Fort William", which is the start of the Highlands really, we passed through "roads" similar to the photo I posted , I was in awe, I felt very small re- my place on this planet, So I said to Mom-in -law, "wow what do you think of the views and the mountains, >>her reply---..."well when you have seen one mountain, you have seen them all" >> I gave up he he he he,> I mean we lived and we still live in Meriden, the exact centre of England, mountains are not exactly common place . Here is a pic of Edinburgh Castle, >on the street below, bagpipers, play in full costume,> photo opportunity for the tourists xxxx>>>


Aye "Bonny Lad"   >>"it's a brau brac moonlit neet the-neet". .

4 years ago

Umm, I don't see any gas stations there..  or traffic for that matter, not to mention a public bush for over loaded bladders....

4 years ago

Priceless, Wendy!

4 years ago

I think your Mother in law is kind of on the negative side. We have mountains in North Jersey, but not here in South Jersey. We have farms and casinos in this area.


OH, my sister in Law is from Scotland. She met my half brother in Scotland when he was in the Navy, and he brought her here. She was carrying twins...

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