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CHIT CHAT June 25, 2013
4 years ago

Here is the link to the previous thread.


Have a great Tuesday!



4 years ago

Thanks Sugar,you have a great day.Thanks everyone for your prayers & concern.Just to let you know the rain has stopped & we are doing the BIG clean up!We only had 1 death in our city an 86 year old lady who refused to be evacuated & I think 4 deaths in Alberta.When you think of the deaths in the New York & Katrina we are very, very lucky!

Have a great week everyone. Stay safe & well!

4 years ago

good morning all, hope u all are well, all of the critters are doing good. Stripes the tiny kitten has now grown big enough to be on strictly kitten chow. Kiki is doing better, his walking has improved a lil bit and he's not running around the house meowing all day and night now, most times he just has to be in the same room as us. he's getting a lil better about being touched by hubby and kids. Slowly he's beginning to trust and seems happy now.


The pt job didnt go over to well, the mngr would tell ya do do things but wouldnt tell ya how she wanted it done, expecting people to automatically know how it was supposed to be done, really liked the head games that made her feel powerful. Oh well, guess it wasnt meant to be.


Hubby is on unemployment again, he put in for a new job, still waiting to hear something and hope they call soon, they seem like a decent company.


Hope u all stay cool and safe, its supposed to be in the 90's today....

4 years ago

I keep getting this message on the top of my screen that 2 people are spying on me. Today there was a message under it from someone that is complaining about it. I didn't click on it as I was thinking maybe that is when the spying really does start. It might be a trick......


Still going medicare crazy reading all the stuff. I  did find out that I don't need medicare part d if I have a horizon medicare with  R X  which is part C, and so that means PAAD can still help without signing up for D,,,, OHHHHHH sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Almond joy has nuts, peter pall mounds don't. OYYYYYYYYY octoliba oogusta and all that tommy rot......

4 years ago

You are right Donna not to click on it. It is probably a virus of some sort. They might add other things to make you more interested to click on it like the message about the complaint but I wouldn't.

4 years ago

Donna, Michela is right don't click on anything you don't understand they can cause you grief. I wrote a longer post but I think I forgot to hit post had a storm Monday was without power for 10 hours. Its hot and humid out now. Donna , I know what you mean about feeling like a nut sometimes. Shell glad the kitty  is doing better. Hope hubby finds a job, glad that I'm retired and over that hump anyway. later.

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Had another busy day and I'm late getting to groups. Went to the pool late this morning coming back in a little after noon. The pool was actually clean today! Not much going on, just my usual.


Sugar, thanks for starting us off with a new thread.


Penny, oh how tragic ~ an 86 year old who refused to be evacuated? I guess she died at home where she wanted to be. And 4 deaths in Alberta ~ that's so sad. Take care during clean-up.


Shell, sorry the part time job didn't work out. Sounds like that wasn't a very good manager. Sorry too that your hubby's on unemployment. Hope he gets that job. Good for Stripes to be entirely on Kitten Chow. It's good to hear about Kiki's improvement as well.


Donna, I'm with everyone else. Never click on things like that. It's a good way to get a virus or something worse causing you untold numbers of problems with your computer. Sorry you're having Medicare headaches.


Michela, great to  see you here.


Sandi, sorry you lost your post. Sorry too about the storm and power outage.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

I think I'm back....  Last night was a NIGHTMARE!  Electricity went out at 9:00 p.m.  I called Duke Energy.  "Power should be restored by 12:30 a.m."  It was quite hot and humid last night, and it didn't take very long for the house to get uncomfortably warm without the central air conditioning.  Shortly after midnight, I did manage to fall asleep in my recliner.  Sweating, I woke up at 1:30 a.m.  Electricity was still off.  I called Duke Energy again.  "The problem is being worked on.  Power should be restored by 4:27 a.m."  Hmm -- 4:27 -- I thought that was a bit strange.  Well, I was sooo tired, I went to bed.  I woke up again at 4:35 a.m.  Electricity was still off!!  I went to the bathroom, then went to the kitchen to get a drink of water.  I was angry and was going to call Duke Energy again.  Before I picked up the phone -- BINGO -- the power came back on!  It was 4:40 a.m. this morning -- and the power had been off since 9:00 last night.  Weary, I stumbled back to bed.  At 5:00 a.m., the phone rang.  It was Duke Energy -- leaving another phone number for me to call if my power was still off or if I had any further problems!!  I gave up, got up, and stayed up....  This has been a very long and tiring day.  I'm thankful, though, to have lights and a COOL house to sleep in tonight!  I'm heading for bed.  Will see y'all tomorrow! 

4 years ago

Oh that is awful Betty. I remember when that happened here. I can't stand to be in the dark without a fan at least. No air on tonight. Jimmy says it is cooler outside than it is in here. I said we are NOT outside. It is not too bad, but I would rather have the air on. I have lung disease. He thinks breathing is a luxury that we cannot afford.

4 years ago

sorry to hear that betty I was without from 3:45 pm until 1:45 am my dad's been out since around 4pm monday still doesn't have any.

4 years ago

Good morning!!  Sorry about your power failure Betty.....doesn't it seem like they always happen at the worst times?  It seems my power never goes off unless we're in a heat wave and need fans or else it's the dead of winter and we need the furnace.  A few times over the past decade and a half, we've lost power from storms for days on end.  I've had to toss the contents of my freezer a few times.....I hate that most of all I think.  I'm glad its back on; hopefully your house is nice and cool again!!


Sugar~~I had to look up Pawpaw trees cuz I've never heard of them before.  Do you pick the fruit?  It sounds really tasty   Today is Thursday....does that mean you have the day to hang out at home with the furkids?  I miss being at home with my kitties when I have lots of running around to do.  They look so sad when I say goodbye to them as I'm leaving 


My daughter is taking her pup in to get neutered this morning and she's a nervous wreck.  I was trying to ignore the phone and sleep but I figured she would need some reassurance so I got up.  One of these Wednesday mornings I'm going to sleep in.  It's the one night I try to stay up cuz Bob leaves for work at such an ungodly hour.  If I don't stay up I have the worst time trying to wake up at that time and since he generally goes to the city for 2 or 3 days at a time, I figure the least I can do is be awake and say goodbye


It's been so hot in my house these past few days.  I was joking earlier about setting up the tent out back to sleep in and I almost wish I had.  The temperature in the yard is glorious next to the house.  I don't think Bob would go for it though....he says he's too aware of the wildlife all around    I told him I've been camping since I was a little girl and one thing was certain...there were always wild animals in the woods.  Unless you're tempting them with some irresistible smell of food, they tend to go about their own business.  The kids slept out in the yard many times over the years and we never had any problems.  We had the dogs in those days so they felt safe.  I just wouldn't let them keep food out there with them overnight.  My grandson would never sleep out there either....maybe its a guy thing 


Anyway, have a great day everyone.  I'd better get moving before I start eyeballing my pillow again. 


4 years ago

Sorry, to hear about your power failure Betty that is a long time to go without in this heat wave. I am glad to hear it is back on now, I hope the house is starting to cool down.

Penny, please take care during the clean up and I hope that you won't have any more rain for a while.

Shell, it's so nice to hear that Stripes and Kiki are doing well. I am sorry the part time job didn't work out it doesn't sound like the manager was very nice. I hope your husband gets the new job.

Teri, I am sorry to hear that you are having so many problems in your home. I will pray for you that you can move out of there soon and find some more siutable housing with a washer and dryer. Is there an agency that may be able to help you with finding better housing especially with you being in a wheelchair?

Sandi, your power was out too? Glad it's back on, I hope they can restore your dad's power very soon. How is Stripes paw doing? I hope it's better.

Darla, you sound like you have been very busy, happy the pool was clean for you.

Hi Angela, that would be terrible to have to throw out all the contents of the freezer, what a waste of money. I hope the house will cool down soon, I think on the weekend it is suppose to get cooler and it is going to rain. That's nice that you are there for your daughter, I hope her puppy is fine after.

I would like to know if you can all say a prayer for my kitty Teddy, he is 18 years old and quite frail, he is going to the vet tomorrow to have a tooth removed ( a molar) that is rotten. I am so worried that he won't make it out   but the tooth has to be removed before it starts to abcess. I feel bad and I am worried that he will have pain after.

Everyone have a great day, it's time for me to go back to work .

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4 years ago

Michela ~ Of course I'll say a prayer for your Teddy.  And please let us know how he does with this tooth removal. 


(I had a Teddy for nearly 20 years.  His name was actually Ted E. Bear, but I always called him Teddy.  He's been at the Rainbow Bridge for several years.  I now share my home and my life with Ginger.  She's been with me for 3 years, but I still occasionally catch myself calling her Teddy....)

4 years ago

Michela Stripes & Me will pray for Teddy, keep us informed. My Dad's power is back on.

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Well, I'm running very late. Had a busy day today mostly with MCRA stuff. Had 2 applications to write up and post for the group to vote on. I also had a doctor's appointmnet that I just got back from. Not much else going on, just my usual.


Betty, so sorry about your extended night without power. Glad it finally came back on. Hope you didn't lose much food and that your home is now cool again.


Donna, sorry you and Jimmy disagreed about whether the air should be turned on. Ours stays on all the time, set at 77-78.


Sandi, so sorry your power was out for an extended period. And for your dad to be without power for days, that's horrible! I'm glad power finally came back on for both of y'all.


Angie, whwere are you that it's Thursday already?!? It's only Wednesday here. Hope your daughter's pup's neutering goes well. Sleeping out in the yard?!? That would be something!


Michela, I have been busy the past few days. Yes, I too am happy the pool was finally clean. Just hope it's clean tomorrow too. Of course, I'll say a prayer for Teddy. Hope he comes thru surgery fine.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

LOL.....Darla, I am always messed up on Wednesdays cuz of staying up all night Tuesday night.  It's the night Bob goes back to work for the week and I stay up so I can say goodbye   I am usually so burned out all day Wednesday and all day I was referring to today being Friday.  LOL.  I'm well rested again and now I know that it's Thursday today.


Michela~~many prayers for Teddy today at his vet appointment.  I'm sure he'll feel much better without the rotten molar but I know how nerve wracking it is to have your pet go under anesthesia.  Hang in there thoughts are with you.


Anyway, I have to run to town before it gets late.  I have so much to do today and I want to get the running around portion out of the way.  LOL....I just got a flash picture of me running around this morning.....I am actually hobbling around cuz my back is feeling like crap    Oh well....on to the day!!  Have a good one everyone!

4 years ago

Storms, storms.  I'm so glad the floods have went down Penny and I hope it isn't too hot and miserable for your clean up.  I'm sorry for the elderly lady.  Do you know what happened to her?


Angela, paw paws are delicious.  I have a run of friends when they ripen.  It takes them all summer and they don't keep.  You have to eat them in a matter of days, so I start calling cause I will have a bunch again this year if wind storms don't blow them away.  I have several young paw paw trees I am trying to give away so other's can enjoy them.  I have a picture of them.


Betty, so sorry for your miserable night.  A friends neighbor is coming home from building habitats in So. America to a broken air conditioner.  I hope it cools down soon, she comes home late at night on Saturday.  She has never left a number for repairs, so we can't just call anyone to come fix it.  Hey Duke is my electric company too.


I hope your hubby finds a new  job quickly.  So glad the kitten is on kitten chow now.  That makes it easier on you.


Donna my mail opens one after another automatically, but I never open any thing else.  A friend of mind from Indiana sent me an email and I opened the link inside the email and I got a virus.  I won't open any thing other than the email itself and if the bugs are made to spawn when just opening the email, I will just quit reading emails!  Spawn reminds me of a devil's work and anyone one tries to destroy/attack some one else's computer is the spawn of the devil.


Everybody else I haven't mentioned, have a great day,







4 years ago

Everyone, thank-you for your prayers for Teddy he is at the vet now. We pick him up at 4:00 so I will let you all know how he is doing  .

Laura, welcome back other than the few minor set backs it sounds like you had a great time. You will have to tell us all about it.

Sugar, thanks for the picture of the paw-paws fruit I have never seen or heard of them before, so that's very interesting. I wonder why they don't sell them in the grocery store, what do they taste like? That's nice that you share them with your friends.

Angela, I hope you back feels better soon. When your back hurts your whole body hurts! How is your daughters puppy after his neutering?

Betty, I am sorry to hear that you lost your Teddy over the rainbow bridge.I am sure he was a really special boy.

Talk to you all soon. Everyone and all kitties have a great day  .

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Went to the pool today and it was very clean. Both MCRA applications were approved! My doctor's appointment went well. She wants me to start taking my hormone dose at half a pill every other day so she can wean me off altogether.  Oh, I got the most troubling news th eother day. I was in th epool when a "friend" from the 3 building came out and was talking to me. We started talking about the outside cats {she feeds some too} and Peaches, the little tortie my friend next door and I feed. Well,  she said that Peaches actually belongs to someone in the 3 building {and she pointed out which apartment}. They told he that they can't keep her inside b'cuz the lady is pregnant!!!! Now, yes, there's a chance of toxoplasmosis IF she handles the feces or cleans the litter box without washing her hands but there's no reason to kick your cat to the curb! She can wash or hands or her husband can do the litter boxes. I'm so aggravated! The least she could do, if she was going to dump the cat outside to fend for herself is to take her to our no kill shelter in town. Not much else going on, just my usual.


Angie, LOL!!!! I think you just like being ahead a day! Glad you know today's Thursday. Sorry your back is hurting. Hope you're feeling better soon.


Sugar, you sure are sweet to share your paw paw fruit. It's also nice of you to want to rehome your young trees. What do they taste like? I can't say that I've ever heard of them. Great picture of them. Your friend's neighbor iis going to be very frustrated to come home to a broken air conditioner.


Michela, you're welcome for the prayers for Teddy. Do let us know how he does.


Take care and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Good morning everyone  ,

Thanks again for the prayers for Teddy as they worked, poor Teddy had to have 4 teeth removed. The x-rays showed that one of the teeth was starting to abcess and the roots to the tooth next to that one were in the abcess area so they took out both. There were two other teeth that were also not good so they came out. My vet said she wanted to get all the bad ones out because at his age this will be the last surgery he can probably have (he has had other teeth removed previously). He came home with a varacious appetite and so he had some can food right away I was glad to see that he was eating. This morning I gave him his can food with the antibiotics though and he walked away, I think he can smell them, so I will have to talk to my vet about that. She didn't want me having to open his mouth to squirt in the liquid antibiotics so we will have to see what we can do. So he seems to be not too bad considering, I am sure that lots of love and petting will have him on the road to recovery soon. Have to run now as I am at work but wanted to update you all. Talk to you all soon.

4 years ago

Glad to get the update on Teddy!  And very glad to hear he seems to be doing well.  Michela, you and Teddy have certainly been in my thoughts and prayers.  Hope you'll continue to keep us posted. 

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. My violas were drooping when I went out to water my mini roses this morning so I changed my watering schedule. I was watering twice a week and tomorrow was my scheduled day. Now I'm going to water 3 times a week and do so on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Both Black Beauty and Peaches were out there when I went outside this morning. Of course I fed them before I did any watering! No pool today b'cuz it is landscaping day. By the time they're done I wouldn't be able to get the pool to myself. My son arrives sometime today ~ forgot to ask him when he flies in. I'm so excited. Told Ray last night that I want a white rose bush and impatiens for my birthday. He said okay so I'm sure I'll get them even if I have to wait 'til payday. One of the MCRA applicants who was approved will be picking up the kitten he chose today! Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Michela, so very glad to hear that Teddy made it thru the surgery. Four teeth removed huh? Well, iit's good he had a voracious appetite. Hope you find a way to get his antibiotics down him.


Betty, great to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Thank-you Betty I will keep you posted, have a great weekend. Now if I can just find a way to get those antibiotics into him without touching his mouth. All of the teeth removed were on the left side so maybe I can dribble it in on the right side .

Thanks to you too Darla, have a great visit with your son. Hope you get the flowers you want.

4 years ago

Glad Teddy has a good appetite. stripes will be going to the vet on Monday for her paw, finally have some money to take her. Darla hope you get your flowers.  take care everyone.

4 years ago

Good luck at the vet Stripes< I hope they can help your paw feel better.

4 years ago

Great news Michela, so pleased for Teddy, you will sort his meds outI am sure,.

Good luck with Stripes Sandi, hope Stripes is soon walking without a limp, Buni and gang send their love to her.

Darla have a lovely visit, is your son coming for your Birthday 1st JUly?

Sugar hello paw paw's looked nice, I remember the bear in "jungle book" singing about them

Hello Shell Angie Teri Penny Karen hope you are all well?

must get off to bed chat soon love and hugs xwendy k x

4 years ago

Hi everyone Hope you're all doing well!

Sandi, please tell Stripes to feel better with her paw


Darla, thank you, someday when they are all adopted, and people all get their cats and dogs fixed. I would be mad too about that poor kitty whose owner is pregnant and is using that as an excuse not to keep her kitty in the house!! I have come to the conclusion that within the category of people who own pets, there are cat owners, and there are Cat Lovers. Nothing would separate me from my kitties!!  


Angela, your garden sounds lovely ! How wonderful that you are able to pick wild berries. When I was growing up, we had wild blueberries and blackberries growing in our backyard. I miss that


Penny, so happy that you are on the "cleanup" side of the flooding.


Betty, so glad they finally turned on the electricity. I  hear you, we lost ours this past fall for a few days due to Hurricane Sandy.


Donna, I sometimes think the gov't delberately tries to confuse us so people don't use their benefits due to not understanding them lol.


I am sitting here on the couch watching Food Network Star (I DVRed it from last week) and planning our dinner for tomorrow night lol. Whiskers is on the couch next to me purring and it is taking me forever to type this because I am petting him Tomorrow I am cleaning and food shopping, and I might go to the cemetery to visit my father with my sisters. What is everyone's plans for the weekend?





4 years ago

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4 years ago

sorry about the post on top.its a picture of Fredryckelee and midnite one of  the kittens sleeping was fine.It was wet here for most of the day.But was able to get things done I need to get done.but the insurce is still playing around with my artatech75 for my haveing a very hard time getting up and walking or useing my right arm again.let a lone leifting my legs   a nd back.But I should hopeful have them by monday morning.Hope you all had a wonderful day anda dry one .God bless

4 years ago

It seem like I haven't posted for a long time but I have been reading your posts.

Pet sitting business has been booming. Evidently everyone took a vacation in June. I hope July and August are as busy.

I hope Teddy and Stripes are both completly healed! It's hard on everyone when one of our fur babies hurts.

4 years ago

Just popping in to get you all to say aaahhhh>>>Cutest Cat Moments. Top 20 Kitten and Cat Hugs: via @youtube

Kristi and Danilo helloooooo sorry I didnt say hi in my last post

Also I am looing forward to reading a funny story from you all, on "A funny thing happened on the way to......"       can be from past, or now, or about pets anything you found funny, have you read Donna's?    lol   chat later love and hugs x wendy k x

4 years ago

SandiStripesEverythingIsjg-vi.gifHappy weekend everyone, raining here! Thanks for asking about Stripes.

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. My son arrived early yesterday afternoon! Not much going on here, just my usual.


Michela, you're welcome. I'll definitely enjoy the time with my son.


Sandi, what happened to Stripes' paw? Did I miss something? Glad you can take her to the vet. Hope she gets better soon.


Wendy, yes, my son will be here for my birthday! Though that's not the only reason he's in town.


Kristi, yes, you're right there are cat owners and cat lovers. I'm still aggravated that someone would throw out an animal over such an idiotic reason. Our cats are permanent residents too. Don't really have any weekend plans. Hopefully I'll get to see my grandson.


Teri, great picture of Fredryckelee and Midnight. Sorry the insurance is playing around with your arthritis medication. Hope that it gets straightened out soon.


Karen, glad that pet sitting is busy for you.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Sandi, your second post wasn't here when I started mine. Love the picture and quote.

4 years ago

Darla I don't know what stripes did she's limping and has a cut on the top and bottom of her back paw, I thought it was getting better but started to bleed again, had to wait until I had the money to make vet appointment as my deck cost more than I thought.  have a great weekend with your son. hugs from stripes. by the way I think Stripes has been taking to your cats something about sending cards on your birthday!

4 years ago

I am ok ,just have a hard time with same struff right now.sorry if I would be aroubd as much,but I belive that I have crake,at the point thath I can not take any more bull %#&!*%  from any one here in this family  or outside of the family.I am also going to be doing nothing but look for a nicer place in which  to life in ASP,This second baddler infection has me pretty wore out to the fact that I do not went to work on my bills for July,but I am going to have to get to them before tuesday ,because paid day is wesnday for me and michelle.So I need to sat downa nd write out a budget and the check to go out with the bills for july.I belive michelle has fall to sleep eary for once thank she does not sleep all day aggain likeI havebeen doing thei weekend"but" I have a med reason to went to sleep with my infection.just waiting fir harry to get to bed him self.well good night or good morning t oyou all God Bless

4 years ago

sunday tigger

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Have very dark clouds and lots of thunder/lightning but no rain yet. Guess I won't be going to the pool today. Got a very sweet birthday card from my mom yesterday. It had an ad for a genuine crystal cat figurine {of a cat stretching} with a "ruby" collar. She said she only received the ad a few days before my birthday or she would've ordered it. So, sh esent me th emoney so I can order it if I want to which I think I will! Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, I'm so sorry about Stripes' paw. It must really be hurting her and the fact that it keeps bleeding isn't good. I'm ssorry your deck cost more than you thought it would but glad you got the money to take Stripes to the vet. So Stripes is in collusion with Osiris, Shasta, Cinder, Kona, and Scamp huh? That's so sweet. Nice to know my cats love me. Love the Tigger, Eeyore, and Roo picture! I always loved Eeyore.


Teri, sorry you are having are hard time and having to take bullsh&# from the family. Sorry too about the bladder infection. Glad you're okay despite everything.


Take care and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Hello Hello
4 years ago

Hi Cat Lovers,
Hope all is wellf or you - I am sorry about those that got slammed with storms - the weather ahs been crazy lately
I have been off more than on - doing a major clean up and paint up on my parents condo - I am so not a fan of beige It takes a lot of time
Then I agreed to foster a feral mama til she had her babies which she did back on Mar 26th. I still have mom & 3 of her babies - the others got homes
It's hard to clean around kittens let me tell you
Me of all people am at a point where I can honestly say - NO MORE CATS - until I get a head bonk or a lick - then life goes on
Hope everyone is having a great weekend - take care & I promise to check in more often

4 years ago

Alice, I see that cat look regularly!

4 years ago



Adopt a Black Cat Today!: via @youtube


4 years ago

just would like to stop by to hello and that it is ok here this weekend.everyone is now counter for.and off to bed,morning will be so busy in the morning and than monthly God bless.sweet dreams

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4 years ago

myspace happy birthday graphicshappy birthday Darla, love stripes & sandi 

4 years ago

Hope the Birthday girls have had a good day, just saying helloooo,

Teri glad things are better for you too.

My house is completely upside down, and will be for a while, so the cats and I will be camping out in the gazebo, in the day, thank goodness the weather wll be kind. it is going to be my job to sort out  all the bin liners, keep what we want and recycle what we dont, (cant wait) lol.

Best bit will be burning all the old paperwork, late in the evening, saving that for friday. forgot to explain the new heating system is going in thurs, so all the carpets are up. new ones ordered, and wooden flooring for the hall and living room, upstairs is going to be decorated, and finally new carpets down . then the kitchen and bathroom will be tiled. which wont be as disruptive, wish there was such a thing as a holiday home with completly secure garden, then the cats and i could have a holiday lol , I can dream,

Sandi how is stripes, Sugar hope you are ok?

Hello Angie Karen, Kristie Shell, Danilo Laura and anyone I have forgotten to add %#&!*%

Well I am off to bed, have to say we are all thinking of the 19 firemen killed in the Arizona wild fires, so very sad, and all the people who have lost their homes, not forgetting the terror the animals must have felt so sad , everyone is in our prayers , love and hugs xwendy k x

4 years ago

Just popped in to wish a Happy Canada to all Candians in our group.Hope you have a wonderful day

4 years ago

Thanks for the video penny. prayers for the family of the firemen, Stripes went to the vet, she has a temp ture and infection in her paw have to give her 3 pills some twice a day so the fun begins . I think putting the cats in a gazebo is pretty cool.  I'm tired so saying good nite.

4 years ago

well my day started out with awaesome news,three ago when we look under seat thur out the whole van there was no keys under harry seat.this mornoing he drop is coffe jar and went to look for a nd reach off to the left side of his saet and out cames my van car.I loss inside of walmart so now did  show up where it was check a hunred of times and was not there,but no Harry pull them right out  from under the  left side of his chair in the van,darn ghost are at it again. other wise to was nice and so was our weather nice.Michelle slept until 5pm and got up to go to dinner at the old pancake house.than I went and buy her shoe for the class reuion on the 20 of this month.she happy that I am takeing her with us.I got one pair the same pice for   two pair instead which michelle need badly for the summer.We only got walmart and canv shoes done today,so that means we have pick and save and woodmans left to do get.and than go and pay the bills on top of all that.And of couse there are doctors appointment s for everyone this yes this is going to be a busy day ,I mean Fredryckelee is eveb going to have appointment with the denist this month.he has a tooth that infect a nd needs to be pull that going happen this month.because he seem to be causeing touble when he eats his food.well time to head to bed .I have at  less five kitte's on the bed waiting fo me to join them so I belive its time to say good night.God bless

4 years ago

Guys, I'm sorry I haven't been here.  I've been so busy and I pinched a nerve picking up Wosie!  Can you believe that?  I don't, but it happened.  And I am uncomfortable sitting and using the computer.  Plus I am just totally disgusted with the weather.  And feel so bad about all the bad things happening I find it hard to be happy right now.  It breaks my heart to hear about the 19 firefighters who died in Arizona fighting that terrible wildfire.  Mother Nature could send some of my rain there to help.  I am managing everything, but very slowly and carefully.  Friends came up Saturday and power washed my deck.  Now I have to stain it if it ever gets to dry out.  I will just use a roller on the long handled roller so I don't have to bend over.


Everybody hello.  glad you found your keys at last Teri. 


I will start a new thread maybe tomorrow.



4 years ago

Thank-you Penny and Wendy for the Happy Canada Day wishes, hope you both enjoyed your weekend.

Sandi, sorry to hear that Stripes is not feeling well, give her a head butt from me. Hope you don't have to hard of a time with all the pills.

Teri, I am so glad for you that you found your keys they are very expensive to replace. Sorry that Fredryckelee has to have a tooth out, I hope he does well just like Teddy is.

Teddy is doing well, eating like a champ. I am managing to get most of the antibiotics into him but he really hates it. He goes back in this week to check if everything is healing well and to make sure the stitches are dissolving.

4 years ago

Thanks Penny for the video, it's so nice to see everybody helping eachother  .

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Sorry I wasn't here yesterday but I was barely on the computer, I din't even get to finish opening all my e-cards. We had a very busy but wonderful day yesterday. I was going to go to th epool at 10 yesterday morning but it was dirty so I went with my son to pick up Luke {my grandson} instead! From there we went to lunch at Olive Garden with a friend of my son's who was so sweet and picked up the tab. Then we went to the park where Luke got to run around for about an hour. We then went back home for a little while 'til Luke asked to go to the pet store which we did 'til it was time to return him to his other grandmother. After that, we went to find roses for my garden finally finding some at HEB-Plus {a grocery store plus clothing, housewares, garden center, etc} where they were buy one get one free so I got a white one {my favorite} and a pink one. I also got a book aand some new flip-flops and my son paid for everything leaving me with th egift card from Ray still! After returning from our shopping, my son went to pick Ray up from work then we got cleaned up and went out for supper at Saltgrass {a nice steakhouse} ~ again, my son's treat. As you can tell, my son is very generous when it come sto his mom and he told me that this year was special since I turned 50! I woke up to an Amazon gift card from my daughter and had fun spending that on 3 books, a double 3.5x5 frame {for these pictures of my daughter an dme in th esame black dress 10 years apart}, a sage bundle/stick, and some heel cream I wanted but Ray couldn''t find at HEB. I also received a call from my daughter. The only thing that could've made the day more special is if my daughter could've been here. Today, I finsihed up some MCRA business and was going to go to the pool again but it's still dirty. Have to get my 2 big pots dumped out in order to pot my roses so can't work on that today. Maybe this evening after Ray gets off work. Oh, don't remember if I've told y'all or not. But, som eof our friends whom we haven't seen in awhile are planning to give us a 1998 Ford Taurus! Theywere going to donate it but thought of us instead. It needs a belt of some kind and won't have air conditioning but is supposed to look good and will run good once th ebelt thing is taken care of. We're waiting a couple weeks 'til we have the money for the belt before we take possession. It won't get us out of town on trips but will get Ray to and from work and to th egrocery store. It will also get me to my doctor appointments. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Far too many posts for me to answer each individual {unfortunately} and not enough time either as I'm running behind. I thank Wendy and Sandy for their birthday greetings; Sandi, I love the black and white kitty! Teri, I'm so glad you found your keys. I know just what you mean about finding things where you know you've looked before. I call those beings that keep things hidden from me fairies. Fairies love shiny things and love to play games. Sandi, sorry Stripes has an infection in her paw and a temperature. Hope she gets better soon.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Stripes was easy to give pills too with that pill pusher thing, she must be feeling a little better as she's purring and being a pest. thinks she's a screen saver today as blocking the screen.  Sugar  sorry you pulled a muscle picking up wosie,  I  would have thought you'd get it from the bamboo! later all.

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