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4 years ago
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I just have a question about what my 9 year old cat is doing We just moved to fla to a new house and of course my 3 cats came, but my question is when we moved to the new house my 9 yo started to take a stuffed mouse in her mouth after the lights go out, and cryies and carries this stuffed around the house for about a hour every nite she never did that before what am I missing??? any idea??

4 years ago

Hi Patty,

If that happened here I would just figure my cat has adopted a new baby. Sometimes females will  have that motherly way about them that other females don't have. I am guessing your cat does not have kittens anywhere? Your old home included? 


Cats that have given birth recently will sometimes do that when they call their kittens. It is usually a live mouse, or dead one for that matter. I have had Mother cats do that here, way back when we would have a cat that came here pregnant.  They catch something, and call their kittens.


It is possible that she has adopted that stuffed toy. I have a friend that has one cat that loves stuffed animals. They are usually small ones, and she opens up the floor register and puts them down in there if they need to be hidden from someone strange that came to visit.


If there are no kittens around, then it is just something she is doing to pcify herself with this new move. Cats are so territorial. Even neutered and spayed ones. It is a huge adjustment for them.

4 years ago

I guess when you move house when your 9 in cat years its the same as when youre old in human years or when youre a child and things arent so normal or even if you okay and move it can be stressing across the board. When a baby is stressed they reach for their cuddle blanket or a toy to cuddle. When we get stressed we do all kinds of things to ease the pain, eating comes to mind or if you smoke you do it more often or drink to excess.

I would say that your dear 9 year old is suffering a bit of stress.

When I bought my rescue home and being her 3rd owner, Bella was really happy but stressed. I softly talked to her telling her she was safe and lots of attention and heaps of cuddles too.

Over the years and with lots of animals under my belt I have always talked to my animals and it doesnt matter if they understand or not, invariably they do. Talking must be relaxed and soft and being self assured so that transfers over to your cat.

Sometimes its a good idea before moving to go to the vet and get a pill to relax them, just for the moving.

If it gets to a point that your cat is doing it each night from now on, perhaps a quick visit to the vets might be good or ring them now and ask, mine is only too happy to offer help over the phone.

Id say he or she and I probably would think your cat is a female that its exercising its feminine side of mothering something to ease the pain of moving. Im sure it will pass. Just be patient and offer kind words and a bit of play before bed is always good too.

Hope that helps you.


4 years ago

I agree with Summeranie and Donna, we sometimes feel  "lost" and not in tune with things, when we move, I think thats how your cat is feeling, nothing is familiar, but the stuffed mouse is, let her get to know the new house and sort out a place to sleep where she and her baby can settle -, feeling safe,

who knows your cat might feel, well we might move again?, like summeranie and Donna say be patient and talk to her , soothe away her fears , maybe she is feeling a little lonely, try to find the place she will like to sleep best, good luck let us know how you all get on  xwendy k x

4 years ago

Patty, I have a cat who does that. He does it day and night at odd times. When he does it, it's b'cuz he wants attention. He'll play with the toy and me for awhile then just gets some loving. I agree that Midnite may be a bit stressed. Just be patient with her, pay attention to her and play with her.

4 years ago

Same goes for me Patty, one of my kitties (Roxy) has these foam balls that she loves and she carries them around in her mouth and meows sometimes even in the middle of the night. Then she will put it down and stare at it and meow at it and then pounce on it, it is very comical to watch. It is a little strange that she never did it before but I agree that it must just be the stress of moving and getting use to the new surroundings. Hopefully she will settle down soon and give her lots of kitty rubs too, that should help.

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