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Chit Chat ~ August 20, 2013 ~ Closed
4 years ago

Well, it's time once again to start a new thread. Please go back to the previous one to see what we've been up to. Here's the link ~

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. No pool today as I have that afternoon appointment with Dr Bacon. Watered my plants this morning and Black Beauty met me at the door since that's when I put out their food/water. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, that's so cool about your two mama cats sharing. I'm sure it was much harder on your nerves than on theirs! Cats are so awesome! It's sure nice of your dad's neighbor to take in all those cats.


Laura, hope you enjoyed lunch with your grandma.


Wendy, great to see you here.


Teri, glad Cdly is home and doing well. Hope the paperwork goes thru soon and y'all get that house.


Sugar, glad Wosie's ears are doing well now. Sorry to hear Punkin has blood in her urine. When will you take her in to see her regular doctor? Enjoy your company.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago


 Just a note to let you know I love this group! it is so much fun and a special group of cat loving ladies! Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

4 years ago

Jenevieve, good to have you here!

4 years ago

Good morning Sandi! Once again, thank you! Too bad we can't have a group IM. I can just imagine that would be a mingle of fun. More so, too bad we can't have a Webcam means to share all our kitties! That would be a trip! Seeing our kitties responses to seeing kitties on the screeen!

4 years ago

well I have good news to tell you all.Our loan was appove,but we can not get the house we went because its out of our budget.but John,is going to help us find some thing driffer in our my dream is cameing true at last.I looked at i this way God wents us to move but not in the house,that God is trying to safe us from something that maybe wrong with the house that we did not see.So we will be looking for a driffer and better fact he is going get someone to help us  find this we are in deed going to get moved at last.Just kept saying those prays everyone.Our was great.I decdie today that we all three need to get out of milwauke for a hours or so.So we took a ride to the state line truck stop for dinner and just sat there and talk about stuff and everyone felt a lot better.made a list of what we went in a house.Where we would love to live.It was nice to get out of the city for a few hours today.the kats a re all ok,but the kittens are getting into everything which is up seting Harry a bit,I told Harry to just claim down we will be move soon and will have a lot more room to move around in.And the kats and kittens will have a lot move space in which to play and would not be under his feet all the time.I am so happy that I just went get everything packed over night and put it all in storage until we move but what we need to us.Michelle just about has her room packed up,she just needs to go thur her clothes and give away what she doe no longer wear or does not fix her any more.Thinking of haveing a rumm sale.which would help michelle get same exart cash in her buy struff for her part of the house.will I guess I should get the rest of my post up and head to bed.God bless

4 years ago

Oh my!!!  I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while - been struggling a bit - BUT an hour ago I had to race out into my garden to rescue a kookaburra.  We have pickets on our front fence and gate and somehow the poor kookaburra had slipped down and had his neck caught between the palings.  I was resting in bed and heard a strangled cry and when I looked out I saw him caught on the gate. 

I don't think I've ever leapt out of bed quicker!!  Even moving fast, by the time I got to him his tongue was hanging out and he was semi conscious.  I gently lifted him out and am very happy to say that he flew off onto my roof.  He rested their a while and then hopped over to my birch tree.  I hung around a while to make sure he was alright.

Oh, I am so relieved he is fine and didn't try to peck my hand off!! I still feel a bit shaky, so that's my adrenalin rush for the day!!

Teri - so happy to hear about your house

Hi Darla - been meaning to ask about Baby Face.


Hi Donna - how are you going?  I am thinking of your vultures!  I hope they are all doing OK

Hi Sugar - I've been meaning to tell you that the Library finally got in Lincoln a while back - it was great reading - one of the best books I've read in ages.  Since I read it, I want to learn more about Lincoln, so a friend of mine has lent me a series of documentaries on him - I haven't watched them yet as my concentration hasn't been good - but hope to soon.

Well, I am going to make myself a cuppa and think about how I can make my fencing safer for birds!


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4 years ago

Val thank you so very much for saving the Kookaburra! You are the hero of the day! Connie, a friend, saved a young mallard duck yesterday. So she was a hero too! And look at all the heroes we have here on the Cat Lovers! Look at all the kitties we have saved and other animals too. We are all heroes. God Bless us all! I'm so glad you enjoyed Killing Lincoln. I really enjoyed it too. There are so many wonderful books to read and in all there are new facts that turn up. I got on a kick of reading everything I could get my hands on about Julius Caesar. Some life. Colleen McCullough got me started. She's a wonderful writer, one of her books is THE THORN BIRDS.

Hi Jenevieve, glad you are here. We can't have too many cat lovers for sure. Each one is truly welcome.

Darla and Sandi good morning. As the camel would say, It's Hump Day!

Teri you took the news with a good heart. The house they find for you will be even better. God Bless.


4 years ago


I would so agree with you that everyone on Cat Lovers is a hero!  That's a big reason I come here because it really lifts my heart to read about people saving and caring for animals   A big thank you to Connie for saving the mallard duck.  Such beautiful birds!

Well, bed time for me.  Many blessings to all the heroes here and hope you have a great day!

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Had my appointment with Dr Bacon yesterday and it went well. I got my pain pump refilled and trigger point injections. I also got a few prescriptions I needed. They told me they hope to be in network with Humana by September 1st! If they are, that would be awesome. Watered my roses this morning and put out food/water for the outside cats. Sunshine was waiting by the bowls, she ate some food and was drinking the fresh water when I came in. Neither Black Beauty nor Sassy were there. Haven't seen Sassy in a few days again. My applicant with MCRA who was approved on Monday adopted 2 kitties last night! Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Jen, great to see you here and glad you like it so much. It's a wonderful group. So, how many cats do you have? I have 5 inside cats  ~ Osiris, 13; Shasta, 10; Cinder 9.5; Kona, 2.5; and Scamp, 1.5. My neighbor and I together also feed 3 outside cats whom I call Sunshine, Black, Beauty, and Sassy.


Sandi, great to see you here.


Teri, congratulations on having your loan approved. I'm sorry you couldn't get that house but I'm sure you'll find a wonderful home soon. So, the kittens are full of antics huh? Well, kittens will be like that. Tell Harry they'll soon grow up and probably stop being like that.


Val, as Sugar said, you are a hero for rescuing that kooka burra! I'll confess, I had to look kookaburra up to see exactly what it was and what it looked like. Bing to the rescue! They're beautiful birds. I'm so glad you were able to save that one. It is quite awesome that he didn't try to peck you but then I'm sure he knew you were helping him. BabyFace is doing great. Thanks for asking about him. I'm so thankful for each day I have him since he's now 12 years old. I'm told that pretty old for a Bearded Dragon. I hope to have him many more years.


Sugar, that's great that your friend Connie saved a young mallard! When I was in middle school we lived on a "farm" {no crops though we did have a large garden just lots of animals} and we had some mallards. We had 6 of them that were divided into 2 groups of 3, a male with 2 females. They were great ducks. I'll confess I don't know why we had them, we just did! We do have a bunch of heroes here in this group!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Good morning Darla!

At present, I have two cats. Cocolani and Elsie.

  I did have three cats, but I think I shared it with you before, up unitl three years ago, as Everette passed away from a massive tumor on his back right thigh.

 Hopefully, if I am ever able to figure out photbucket, maybe then I can post pictures of the kitties to share with everyone.

 Have a purrfect day!

4 years ago

Camel Hump DaySugar how is Punkin doing? Teri how you find a house within your  budget Hello to everyone else.

4 years ago

Punkin isn't any worse, and just maybe a little better. I don't know for sure. She hasn't been going to the litter box as frequently this afternoon and is still eating normal. I am adding a bit of water to her canned food and no dry food per doctor's orders. Even though she is half wild, when she isn't scared, she is the most loving of little girls. I have been really stressed myself hurting for her.

Have a good evening everyone and get ready for Friday!


4 years ago

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!! I feel I've been gone forever. Darla,Sandi, Teri and SUGAR ...DEAR I have missed you all. I got a new job April 1 and never get a minute to myself to write. I read posts when I can, you are all in my prayers every day-and your fur babies. My last baby I took in,Sox right before the hurricane has become the love of my HUSBANDS life. yes the man who says nothing but "no more" is crazy in love. Thank God she sucked up to the right person. I got her former"amore" trapped and neuter with the help of a local rescue in De. he's still very feral,but we consider him ours anyway,even if he won't come in or let us touch him. He gets his breakfast and two dinners and verbal I love yous everyday. I hope I can keep in touch better. My son also went to bootcamp,my human baby. Air Force. I am counting the days till he gets home.
love to all of you!!!!

4 years ago

I went to Fresh Market today and got some candy to take home when Mom comes to pick me up. Grandma is doing better. She ate a bad egg in her salad and it made her sick.

4 years ago

Good evening all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going well. Things are good here. Went to the pool late this morning. Watered early this morning and put out food/water for the outside cats. Black Beauty met me at the door. Well, they finally fixed whatever was going on with Care2 so we can post. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Jen, my condolences on the loss of Everette. Hope you figure out Photobucket so you can post pictures of Cocolani and Elsie.


Sandi, great to see you here. Cute picture.


Sugar, glad to hear Punkin's not any worse and that maybe she's a bit better. Sorry you're so stressed. Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers. Do keep us up to date on how she's doing.


Helen, great to see you back. Glad you got a new job. Hope you're enjoying it despite never getting a chance to post. It's great that Sox chose your husband and turned him into a true cat lover! Hope things continue to go well with her amore. Also hope things go well with your son.


Laura, enjoy your candy. Glad your grandma is doing better.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


P.S. Tell Mouse and Stripes that Shasta will be in Mouse's thread tomorrow as it's after 7pm here and Ray is home so I want to get off the computer.

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4 years ago

we are have a great time looking at house thatare for sale.The person that going to show us house called we are planing together with her before the end of this month.I just can not wait.the one we have been looking at are ok,but they must be better one out there .so we just keot looking.I like to be moved before the end of sept and before my daughter get back from fld.Because  no way after  all the hard work we put into Sassy,am I going to let Sassy go back to Dorenda.the poor kitte was so abuse and in a sheal that she would not play or let anyone pet her or even pick her Sassy will came to us and lay with us a nd play with the kittens.Sasy has change a lot over the past six months.


Harry was told today that he will be at last be getting two hearing aids.from the he will be hearing once again.i had a talk with the tester today before he did the test as did Michelle too.I thinking that had something to do with it.the kats and  kittensare so happy about the move that the kittens are playing 24/24/7...The adult kats are the only kats that will go to bed at night.wil the kittens are starting to play with my boxs for packing.hope you are all haveinga great day.and your weather is dryer than my was today.God bless

4 years ago


Just dropping in quickly as I must go check on Maitland.  Yesterday when I went out to him, he greeted me from outside the fence!  So yesterday I was trying to find out where he got out.  A tree had come down over one fence, so David and I did a repair there and hopefully that's solved the problem - but I want to go check!

Hopefully will be back later.


4 years ago


Maitland was in, so hopefully fencing problem solved!

Darla,  glad to hear BabyFace is doing well.  I would love to keep a bearded dragon, but with a small house and two indoor cats, it might be a bit tricky!  Does he like be stroked under his head?   If so, I send him some.  Thanks for looking up kookaburras - I have to look up US birds  - love the internet for being able to do that! 

Hi Jenevieve - sorry to hear about Everette and look forward to seeing photos of Cocolani and Elsie.  What lovely names your cats have!

Helen - you made me smile about Sox and your hubby   It was the same way with Bumbles and my husband.   And wonderful that you got her boyfriend neutered and he is also now your cat - thank you so much!

Hi to everyone - feeling a bit tired now, so going to have some lunch and keep my eye on Maitland.  Hopefully be back tomorrow.

4 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have been super busy and haven't had any time to post but still trying to read a little everyday to keep up. I also couldn't post for a couple of days but now that is fixed.

Sugar, I am sorry to hear about Punkin and the problems she has been having. I hope she feels better very soon. Glad to hear that Wosie's ears are all cleared up, it's good that you found out it was the litter.

Teri, I am happy for you that you got the approval and that you are having fun looking at new places. I hope you find the right one really soon. I am happy to hear that Harry will be getting his hearing aids finally.

Darla, that's great that you were able to go to Dr. Bacon and get all your refills and injections, I really hope that he gets on your insurance plan soon, that is a lot of money to pay out of pocket.

Val, thank you for saving the Kookaburra they are amazing birds and I love their call that they make. Many years ago I worked in a pet store that had two of them and I used to spoil them because I loved to watch them. I felt bad for them as they needed to be outdoors that was before there were laws about keeping wild animals without permits. It's good that you saw him fly away and he was ok. Glad to hear that your fence is fixed and that Maitland was in, give him a kiss for me.

Helen, it's great to hear from you. Sox certainly knew who to suck up to, that made me laugh. Glad you got a new job.

Nice to meet you Jenevieve, I would love to hear more about Cocolani and Elsie.

Hello to Sandi, Laura, Angela, Sally, Wendy, Betty and Penny.

Sorry if I missed anybody, I will try to get back on tomorrow when I am not at work and have more time. Everyone have a lovely day.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Just a quiet day here. No pool today as it's landscaping day.  Not much going on, just my usual.


Teri, glad you're having a great tiem looking at houses. Hope you find THE house soon so you can get moved. I wouldn't want to give Sassy up either. Glad to hear that Harry will get his hearing aids. Sounds like the cats and  kittens are doing well.


Val, oh no, Maitland got out. Glad you got the fence repaired. Hope that takes care of it. Yes, BabyFace likes for me to stroke him under his chin so I'll give him a stroke from you. He's such a good Bearded Dragon. We live in a fairly small apartment with  5 cats, a 75 gallon aquarium, and BabyFace. So, you could do it. Just get a large habitat/terrarium from the start rather than a small one your Dragon will outgrow. As long as you have a place to put a large habitat you can have a Dragon. We have a 45 gallon habitat/terrarium that sits atop a dresser in th ecomputer room. You're welcome for looking up kookaburras. Yes, the internet is great for that sort of thing!


Michela, great to see you back. Thanks for your thoughts on Dr Bacon. I'm praying hard that he's on Humana before October 30th which is my next scheduled appointment. How nice of you to spoil those 2 kookaburras in the pet store.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

I see they got the site fixed. Morning all have to mow the yard. Later.

4 years ago

Hi everyone. Good to hear from you Helen and I know another cat who knew who to suck up to! Belle. She was found in a friends yard and there were already 3 indoor kitties who lived there and hubby really didn't want any more, but Belle followed Ron around and even at night slept with him and waited in a chair near the door for him to come home from work. She has a forever home, no doubt about it.

Hi Laura, I need to make a trip to Fresh Market which is really further than I like to shop but I am looking for ham flavoring which I can't find in my regular stores any more. I am going to try Whole Foods first since it is a few miles closer. I'm glad your grandmother is feeling better after eating that bad egg.

Hi Darla, well I can say Punkin is doing better after all, selfishly, I went through worrying about her. She is sleeping in one of the high perches for the first time since becoming under the weather. She is not going to potty every few minutes and I think the urine is a natural color now.

Hi Teri, glad Harry will be able to hear better soon. I worked so many years in a noisy place that my hearing is far from perfect, but as long as I can see, who cares about hearing when it would cost me thousands of dollars. I think I can already read lips pretty good. Even kitty lips! Keep enjoying the house hunting. I hope you find just the right one in time.

Hi there Michela. Keeping busy will keep you young. Of course we miss you but are glad you are happy and keeping busy. And thanks for mentioning my Punkin. I feel so relieved now. I was so scared for her. And it is unreal how fast Wosie's ears cleared up, a regular miracle. I am so glad it was an allergy of something so easy to find and replace.

Sandi, I need to mow also, but I think it is too wet to mow this afternoon. It has rained at least 3 times since yesterday morning. Mouse says "Hello" to Stripes.

Hope I didn't miss anyone.


4 years ago

I always enjoy the candy I get there, Darla. Bridge mix licorice is my favorite.

4 years ago

today we took a day off of house hunting,to start some packing.michelle went thought her clothes and other stuff in her room of what she doesnot went an more.and put it in the give away pile.I do went to be out of here before the end of Sept and befoe the snow falls here.The kats and the kittens have been pretty good today.michelle did a lot of work in her room as well today.Harry been in one of his bad moods all day long,which ove the past 27  years I learn to live with them.well harrys back cleaning out the boxs.that the news will be on and time for bed.hope you all had a great day and weather to.God bless




























4 years ago

Good morning all. It's going to get hot and steamy the next few days. I hate heat like that. I would much rather have temps in the 50s and 60s. Chewy and I are going out early. I just dropped in to say have a good day,


4 years ago


I have been feeling a bit unwell today - it goes that way sometmes - usually the next day is better - so this is just a quick hello.

Sugar - sorry about your steamy weather - I hate that sort of heat too.  I wish I could bring you here for a few days - it's lovely and cold.  I love the cold!  So glad Punkin is feeling better.

Darla. I send more strokes for BabyFace

Michela - bless you for spoiling the two kookaburras you looked after  - they would have liked that! 

Sorry to be so short - hope everyone has a good weekend.


4 years ago

I just lit a healing candle for you in my kitchen Val.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Watered my plants this morning and took care of the outside cats. As usual, Black Beauty met me at the door. Ray's working this morning then he goes to return my library books and pick up a couple prescriptions. Not much else happening here, just my usual.


Sandi, yes, it's great they got the site fixed. Hope you got your yard mowed.


Sugar, glad that kitty knew who to cozy up to and now has a fur-ever home. Hope you found the ham flavoring. Glad to hear that Punkin is doing so much better! I think it's cool you can read lips. Though I'm sorry you have trouble hearing. I'm starting to have problems hearing myself but like the dentist I can't afford to do anything about it so will just make do. It's great that you were able to get Wosie's ears better with such a simple fix. Wow, that's a lot of rain. Hope it dries out enough so you can mow your yard. Sorry it's so hot and steamy. Enjoy your outing with Chewy.


Laura, glad you enjoy the candy.


Teri, it's great that y'all have started packing. Will y'all donate Michelle's give away pile of clothes? Sorry that Harry's in a bad mood. Hope his mood improves soon.


Val, sorry you're feeling bad. Sending you healing energy. Will pass on th estrokes to BabyFace. He loves to be petted. Unless it's Ray. For some reason he never took to Ray and tries to bite everytime Ray goes to handle him!


Alice, great to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

 photo FunnyBirdsHello_zps9c73e361.gifYes got the yard mowed. We need rain bad.   Going to the moonlight parade tonight, its pretty cool.

Greetings from Ukraine
4 years ago


It's an extended weekend here in Ukraine. August 24th- Independence day in Ukraine. Big holiday. Concert and fireworks in evening. Festivals at the day time.

Yesterday I've been working at the day time (petsitting), then- Salsa open air. The workshop was interesting, then I got lucky to get a partner for practicing. 2 hours of practicing- feels so good! I love Latino dances- Salsa, bachata... And Latino men are very good partners and teachers.

I love my country and my city, but I don't like our males That's why I'm registered with Elite Dating/Marriage agency to find a man from USA, Canada or Western Europe. Our women are very popular there.

I've been married to man from USA once, my marriage was not very happy, but I'm optimistic and I do know that my next man will be the best!

Enjoy your weekend! 

4 years ago

I am staying an extra week with Grandma to take care of her. She had some gastroenteritis and had some nausea and vomiting and then she got bloated and Dad came down to check on her and she is already starting to feel better and what she has had to eat today has stayed put.

4 years ago

I hope you feel better soon Val. It is no fun being sick.... I seldom ever get sick, despite my so called physical problems, but when I do get sick, or step on something, I am down for the next few weeks, however, even if I am half dead, I must get up to take care of the cats and do litter boxes, and the messes of course.

4 years ago

Hi all, since I allowed Mouse only a couple of minutes online, that's all I'm taking. Yesterday was the last of the half way decent days. It was hot, but not muggy, this morning the weather channel said it was 90 % humidity. I believe it. I have the dehumidifier on.

I got a lot done yesterday, a great walk at the Nature Center crossing the same creek 4 times and wow, that water was Brrrrr cold. My feet were cold still by the time we got home. Then kitty bed laundry for Mouse's friends and house work, painting the last set of steps and mowing the yard. I wanted to trim the hedge this week, but it is much too hot and humid. It will be here when it cools down. Also I am waiting to finish the bamboo before it sends out too many runners and makes it harder. Would you believe that Black and White came out of no where and walked down my steps after I had just finished? It is a water based product, deck over, so I took him for a walk in the dew wet grass and make sure the paint was gone before we stopped. There is no way I could wash his poor little feet, but he will follow me anywhere.

Punkin is still not 100% but she is much better. Keep the well wishes and prayers coming her way.

Have a good Sunday everyone,


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Ray's going to Academy this morning to get new work shoes. He's also going to look for a watch for me to time myself when I walk in the pool. I had been using his watch but the battery died so for th epast couple weeks I've been guesstimating my time as he kept forgetting to get a watch battery when he was out. Then this morning he messed up the watch trying to get the battery out so I get a new watch! Put food/water out for the outside cats but no one was there this morning. Of course, I was about 10 minutes early so they weren't expecting me yet. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, love th ebirds! Glad you got the yard mowed. Hope you enjoyed the moonlight parade.


Elena, hope you continue to enjoy the independence day celebration. Sounds like dancing is a big part of your life. That's great. I used to enjoy dancing myself but can't do it any longer. Hope you find the perfect man thru that dating/marriage service.


Laura, hope your grandma gets completely better. Glad you're staying an extra week with her.


Donna, glad you don't get sick that often.


Sugar, wow 90% humidity! Sounds like you're in Texas as that's a normal day for us. Glad yesterday was a productive day for you. Poor Black and White stepping on your deck like that. Good thing it was water based and that he'll follow you around. So, do you now have permanent kitty paws on your deck or did you go over them? Glad Punkin is doing better. Will keep prayers and healing energy going her way.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Hello all!

I had a nice day. It's late night now, but I'm watching TV. Old Soviet movie "3 musketeers", a lot of music, horseback riding, nice scenery. Actors,  young and good looking. 

4 years ago

She's going to her doctor tomorrow, Darla. She might have some issues with her gallbladder or something like that, so her doctor is going to run some tests to see what is going on.

4 years ago

had a great day.went and look at five house ;s today.Now to pick the one we like the best.and we can get everything in order and get every thing packed a nd move it all out.and trun this place over to the junk man.kittens have been playing since early this morning and have at last settle down for the night I pray..Hope you have all had a great day and great weather as well.Michelle and I have the eye doctor ealy morning if I can make it out of bed by 5am and out the house by 8am.well good night every one.

4 years ago

Darla I thought about leaving Black and Whites' signature prints, but I did paint over them. This week I am going to do as little as I can get away with. I have been working so hard for about 2 months I deserve a vacation and the weather offers the perfect opportunity. Little Punkin is still the same, much better but not 100%. At least she is doing well enough that I don't feel as bad as I did. It was horrible watching her for at least 2 weeks. I still have all the things on the floors for when she needs them. It is less frequent and more volume.

Hi Elena, Laura and Teri. Wow Teri, 5 houses in one day. Good job. I hope one is perfect for you.


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Had some e-mails to do for MCRA this morning so that put me behind my usual schedule for Care2. When I went to go put out food/water for the outside cats. Black Beauty was at my door and she tried to come in! I hated telling her no but she understood and then led me to the food dish. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Elena, glad you had a nice day and that you enjoyed the movie.


Laura, sorry your grandma is still sick. Glad she's going back to the doctor.


Teri, wow 5 houses in one day! Good luck picking the one you like best. Hope the eye doctor appointments  go well.


Sugar, oh well, it would've been cute with them there. You DO deserve a break so take one with no guilty feelings. Sorry Punkin's not at 100% but glad she's better.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

not much going on here, suppose to get in the 90's all week. we need rain bad, morning to all. Heard today was national dog day. I didn't tell Stripes!

4 years ago

Hello all, As you know I have connection probs, not much I can do currently,but am setting up with "sky" hopefully, nice to see so many people back here and hello Jenevieve,

Teri great news cant wait to here which house you choose, I think you will move quickly, lack of space is so stressful, praying all goes well.

Sugar, glad Punkin is on the mend, will say a prayer for a quicker full recovery, I hear the cats are all gathering at your house Saturday? Buni will pick them up Sunday 9am and return them monday 4pm, after the twins party. Buni has already been on Mouse's thread to tell all!!!, it's getting late and I have to be up early, I am having a short break with my sister at a seaside resort just tues to fri, will take my lap top , to enjoy reading what is happening.

Hello Sandi , I missed national dog day, have to catch the next one.

Laura, glad your grand mother is on the mend, have you written any more, I enjoyed your last installment, even though it got a bit hairy for Jim,

Val, Alice, Michela, Helen so nice to hear all your news, I know what it is like being so busy, you feel like you are missing out re- friends here, but the nice thing is, everyone understands,here, and we can drop in and take off where we left off, ? or something like that.

Hi Donna just be careful, I love reading your silly altercations, and ABC dress your cat stories, thought of anymore, a funny thing happend on the way....... stories, we can do with a laugh, I will think of one next week when I am relaxing.

Darla glad all ok with you, do you still visit the pool? Buni left a message for Shasta re- the party. well thats my news, forgive me if I have missed anyone, hope everyone here is well .love and hugs x wendy k x

4 years ago

She is much better today, thanks, Wendy. She went to the doctor and had some tests done and she has a very mild gastroenteritis and she is already feeling better, she still needs to have bland food for a while. She is on Cipro to heal her stomach. We went to CVS to pick up her medicines and getting out of the house made her feel better. Her doctor has seen a bunch of patients with gastroenteritis lately. I'm going to start my next story next week. Jim and Artie in Omaha and are taking the weekend off from the case and Dawson and I are also in Omaha and they are at the state fair and they are happy to see us and I chew Artie out because he has gained weight when he is supposed to be loosing it because he has gained a lot of weight because he was eating more when Jim was almost dying from the gunshot wound infection, and he promises that he will follow the doctor's orders now, and one of the bull riding organizers comes and asks Jim to ride the bull because the regular bull rider got sick at the last minute and Jim accepts and Artie isn't happy about it because he doesn't want Jim to get hurt, but Jim says that he will be fine, and he is for a while, then a sniper shoots him and he falls off the bull and gets stomped pretty badly and the handlers subdue the bull and we go to Jim and stay with him until the paramedics come and we take him to the hospital and he gets taken care of.

4 years ago

Okay Wendy, thanks for telling me. Mouse didn't bother telling me the times. We are ready except for the fresh catnip. I am keeping it watered during this hot, dry spell. It will be fresh when we pick it for the party. Speaking of Mouse, he is hard to live with right now he is so excited about traveling in such style. He has no fear really of flying, just a little afraid of being air sick, but Buni assured him he won't.

Hey Sandi, Chewy and I missed National Dog Day! Next year. I did take him shopping. We went to the bank and then to Home Depot. He loves shopping there. We were going to the pet store but I forgot the gift card at home.

Hi Laura, so glad your grandma is doing better and able to eat and even has an appetite now. Take care of her, Grandma's are precious.

Darla, it was a great day just doing nothing. I just got called out to feed the deer. The two best buddy bucks right now, the twins and their mom just showed up. The bucks still have velvet on their antlers. Those twins have an appetite! I'm not bothering with any more pictures of deer. I have so many. The bucks are beginning to look grayer, Maybe that is for protection this winter. They are so cute. They see something across the creek right now. It's probably just another deer.

Take care everyone,


4 years ago

Good morning everyone!!  I have a million things on my agenda this morning but with all the Care2 problems this week, I wanted to say hi since I finally got on to the site    I hope the problems are over for the time being....I hate the frustration of typing out posts just to watch them disappear into cyberspace.  This past week was worse; the site wouldn't open at all so I couldn't even read messages. 


Teri~~I am so thrilled for you and your family; out looking at houses and planning for the future!!  I hope you find your dream home soon and can get moved and settled in before old man winter makes his appearance.  I imagine where you live, winter starts earlier than it does here.  I will be waiting to hear your good news!!


Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful Tuesday!!  I will try to be back later on to do some reading....I have alot of catching up to do....again!! 

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with thing going great. Things are good here. Went to the pool yesterday with a new watch Ray bought me since his watch was messed up when he tried to take out the battery. Did I tell y'all that story already? Anyway, I now have a stopwatch that also works as a regular watch which is how I'm using it as I can't figure out the instructions on how to use it as a stopwatch. I learned my guesstimation times the past couple weeks have probably been close to 30 minutes. Black Beauty tried to come in again this morning! I feel so bad for her b'cuz all she wants is to be somebody's cat. However, we already have 5 so I can't bring her in as 5 is pushing it in our apartment. We don't have a car to get her to the Humane Society even if they were taking cats. Oh well, I'll keep making sure she's fed as long as she comes around. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, so yesterday was National Dog Day huh? Well, I missed it though I don't have a dog, could've told my next door neighbor as she has one. Oh well, next year maybe.


Wendy, sorry you've been having connection problems. Have wondered where you've been. Yes, I still go to the pool. I try to go every day except Friday when the landscapers come. Shasta will be in the thread next so she'll grab her message from Buni. Shasta's looking forward to the party though she's a bit nervous about sleeping arrangemnts as she's used to sleeping on me every night. She'll do fine though, I'm sure.


Laura, glad your grandma's doing better.


Sugar, Shasta's looking forward to the stay at y'all's place too. She's bringing enough paper to play with it there and at the party. Glad you had a great day doing nothing. Feeding the deer doesn't count. The deer sound awesome. I'm so glad you feed them and have the enjoyment of seeing them. So, what did they see? I'm curious now!


Angie, sorry you've been having problems posting. Yes, those days Care2 was messed up an dwe couldn't get into group were very frustrating. I'm so glad they finally got it fixed. Glad you dropped in as I've missed you.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hahahaha.....such a funny cartoon Alice; it epitomizes the personality of my oldest cat Savanna purrrrrfectly


I went to town today and had lunch with my daughter Shawna.  She is 6 months pregnant now and starting to get pretty big.  I listened to her complain about having to wear maternity pants but it didn't bother me    She looks beautiful and radiant; pregnancy looks good on her for sure.  It's always hard to believe that when you're the one that's big as a house and sweating like a wildebeast, even on a nice cool day.    I remember all too well.  I had my granddaughter Keira stay with me for 4 of my twins drove her home yesterday.  She cried in the driveway and I felt so bad....I would love nothing better than to keep her for awhile but her mom wouldn't know what to do without her little monkey!!  She called me last night to say goodnight and that she missed me.  She just got the cast off her leg a week earlier and still walks with a limp but she is booked for physiotherapy starting tomorrow.  I hope it improves fast....she is starting Junior Kindergarden this year and Michelle, her mom, is going back to college.   This is also the last year of college for both my twins    All 3 of them are studying some sort of Social Work.


Darla~~good to see you.  That sounds like a pretty cool watch...I hope you figure it out.  Didn't it come with an instruction booklet?  Not that they are much good as a rule; I find I spend so much time trying to find the english instructions and then I find that they are compiled of about 10  I have a problem wearing metal so I don't wear watches...I have a watch and a stopwatch on my phone anyway.  Maybe you should put up some ads and see if you can find a forever home for Black Beauty.  I know how heartbreaking it is to have to turn away an animal.  My husband has been telling me forever that he is allergic to cats....I interpret this as Bob is a dog person!!  I have rescued my 3 cats over the last 6 years but before them, there were other furbabies.  Bob and I have argued over every cat that crossed our threshold but I have stood firm    All the cats seemed to know instinctively who to suck up to and when nobody is looking, you can always find Bob with a cat cuddling on him....they all love him.   I was just thinking the other day about what I was going to do with the orange guy that is hanging around my property.  I have been feeding him because he is so skinny but I haven't brought him inside.  I remember him showing up about a week after I rescued Bandit 18 months ago and I kind of thought he might be her father.  He was obviously owned by someone then because he was big and obviously well fed.  I'm thinking his owner may have passed away this year and nobody claimed his cat. 


Anyway, now that I've done some food shopping, I think I'm going to whip up something tasty and relax in front of the television.  I've had many days of eating "kid" food and I feel like something yummy.  Have a good night everyone and purrs and headbutts to the furkids 

4 years ago

I'm going to stay until next Tuesday, Sugar, then I'm going home.

4 years ago

Alice I love that post!! Happy national dog day! Sorry love all my fur babies equal Besides my poor dog thinks he's a cat living with 3 cats. He even loves catnip. love to all, I'm going to try to catch up at least once a week

4 years ago

Alice I am still laughing at your cartoon! That is so cat!

Darla I still don't know what they saw but they didn't stay much longer. It was across the creek and could have even been just another deer or a dog.

Hi Angela! Sounds like you have a nice family. Maybe your little granddaughter can visit over the upcoming winter holidays.

Laura I know your grandma appreciates your love and care.

Helen, Chewy thinks he is a cat also. But he doesn't eat catnip cause he would probably be attacked by two or three cats.

Time to get going, take care and if I missed any one, I'm sorry. Have a great humpday.


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