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Chit Chat ~ September 21, 2013 ~ Closed
4 years ago

The previous thread is getting long so time to start a new one. Here's the link to check out the previous thread ~

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Ray went to the store this morning but he said he was going to Wal-Mart rather than HEB. The thing is some of the items on the grocery list can only be bought at HEB so I think he might have to hit both stores. I guess we'll see what he does. The application that came in for MCRA is up for vote! She wants both kittens that we have and is trying to talk her husband into taking them both! The application looks good. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Wendy, it was a great thing. I just imagined his loss and was so glad I was able to prevent that loss. He was so happy. Perfect reward. I remember it still and it's been a few years. It's great that you can see so well thru the one eye. When do you get the second eye done? Why couldn't they do them at the same time?  believe my mom got both eyes done at the same time. That is if I remember right. Sounds like you had a good high at your dentist''s office! Hilarious video!


Sandi, great to see you here.


Abo, great to see you here.


Teri, best of luck getting the house y'all want.


Elena, good for you!  Way to stand up for your principles!


Betty, great to see you here.


Shell, the kittens are adorable. The one you might keep sure is a handsome tux!


Laura, great. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful day.


Kristi, way to spoil your cats!


Sugar, it's alright to be lazy. Sorry you had a nightmare. Let's hope it's not a portent of things to come. So, the deer are looking in the door, they must be hungry!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

this is tigris the roadside kitten now
4 years ago

Tigris 5mths old.jpg


4 years ago

I havent been able to figure out a good name for the little tux, could everyone please send some ideas my way. We've been calling him baby pid but i dont believe in naming 1 after another that has passed....Help appreciated....

4 years ago

Shell does this mean your going to keep him, he's a cutie. I like the name bandit as he looks like he has a mask on.   Darla good to see you here. Kinda  cool this morning. take care everyone. Happy Saturday.

4 years ago

She looks just like my little cat Bandit, who I rescued a year and a half ago but still looks like a kitten.      So darn cute!!!

4 years ago

Thank you Kristi, and darla.

Have a happy and nice day every one.

4 years ago

We sure did, Darla. We went out shopping today, and I got some new pants for our trip to Vermont, and I got some new sunglasses, and then we went to P.F. Chang's for lunch and it was really good. One of the new dishes they have is Shaking Beef.

4 years ago

well the day went great.the weather was ok but we have had the ail and stop at the store a nd was home by 4pm to feed the kittens and the kats.than michelle packed more of her stuff and what was on her walls.all I have left is my stuff babie's and my desk and the whole kicthen and all the walls in  all the that what we did all day long.hope your day was great and that you all had great weather as well.God bless

4 years ago

Darla I think I had both of my eyes done at the same time too.  I think so.  I read a book yesterday that I really enjoyed.  Sandra Brown's ENVY.  The whole book!  That's the way I used to read until Ray got sick.


Oh Shell, Tigris looks so much like my Sugar did as a baby!  Even the body language looks like Sugar!   I still miss that little girl.  Sugar150's advar is Sugar as an adult.  Sugar555 has Sugar as a kitten.  The 150's color is a little off.  How about just plain 'Tux' as a name?


Hi Angela, Abo, Sandi and Laura.


Hi Teri, Weather was wonderful.  I sat under my walnut tree and read all afternoon after the rain stopped.  Little Joe slept under my chair.  You're working hard and soon you will be already to move!  Good job.


I hope I got a good morning out to everyone on the thread this day!  Got to have breakfast and wash my hair for Church, take care.  I love Fall!





4 years ago

 photo fallhereraccoonsnagjulea-vi-1.gif

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Ray has to go to HEB after all b'cuz Wal-Mart didn't carry our brand of cat food. He's going this morning. No outside cats this morning when I put out food/water. This first day of Autumn is kind of cool. It's only 68F right now {8:45 am}. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Shell, Tigris is a beautiful girl. So, you're going to keep the little tuxedo kitten huh? I like the name Bandit.


Sandi, great to see you here. Love the Fall picture.


Angie, great to see you here.


Abo, you're welcome.


Laura, glad you had such a great day.


Teri, how goes the house hunting. Sounds like y'all have a good lead on the packing.


Sugar, it's great you read a whole book and enjoyed it! Reading under your walnut tree is so cool. Maybe you're back to reading like you used to. I've been reading some Mary Burton books Sandi loaned me and they're fabulous. I'm on the last one now. Have a good day at church.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. Happy Autumn Equinox!

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4 years ago

Hey, Sugar. What did you do today?

Me, too, Darla. We're home now. We are starting to eat organic food now and going to our local organic grocery store and not going to Wal Mart anymore because they do not have any organic food. Mom read an article in Prevention Magazine about organic food being better for you and we are slowly transistioning to getting organic food and relying less on Wal Mart.

4 years ago

Hello everyone, I have to be quick, one it it late/early dependant on how you see things, 3am is late to me, hope everyone had a great weekend,

Shell what gorgeous kittens, I am with Sugar, "Tux" is a great name, so sweet, My cat was a tux, it's a name that only special tuxedo cats can carry , but you will find a name, I am amazed how names just appear suddenly, you will find the perfect name, keep up the great work you doxx

Kristi thanks so much for the best wishes, I do appreciate it, it's so nice to get support, as I have done hear from everyone, makes "you " go all sloppy he he hexxxx

Teri your packed and ready to go? so go get that house we all want to hear I found that perfect house we move soon, good luck xx

Sugar I wouldn't worry about your dream, rarely do dreams mean anything, what they do show is an underlying concern, so your worried about your cats and chewy, probably due to your up coming dental treatment, your dreams are a way to let your brain let off steam, try drinking a hot milk with nutmeg grated on the top, you will have a great sleep xx

Darla, so glad all is well with you, glad you liked the vid clip i posted it made me laugh soo much, love the new kittenheader to this thread so sweet happy Autumn to you too,

Laura great well done going organic, and how is the writing to the news blog?

Sandi hi, so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, it's horrible when we lose good friends, it's always too soon, hope your feeling a bit better now? xx> love the Autumn fall pic xx

Elena, well done, I agree fur looks so much better worn by the animal it belongs to, and that is not us!!!

Angie, hope all ok with the new baby grandson, any names yet? will keep you busy lol

Hi Abo hope you are well? happy Autumn to you too,

Well I am off to bed so happy this laptop didnt crash, hopefully I can play the word games tomos, oh Darla And Sugar I have a "word" for the next time I post ,

Happy safe Autumn to everyone, was a lovely day today rose to 70f,/- 22c now though it is only 7c chilly, 44f , snuggle in duvet time zzzzzz love and hugs  xwendy k x

4 years ago

Good morning all.   Wendy I will have to try that!  Last nights dreams were even worse.  Me and all my neighbors had to leave our homes with just what we could carry.  Of course the dog was easy, but my cats were something else.  I let Mouse, Wosie and Punkin outside with Black and White and Little Joe.  I just couldn't take them.  I hoped they would follow me.  I did dump cat food out so if they stayed they could have food for a meal or two before the coons got it all.  I  had to take Kenny as he was helpless as some idiot had declawed him before he found  me and he's almost 17 years old now.  It was a scary dream.  I was so worried about food and warm clothing.   Also I had an earlier dream of my grandma and sisters, Rhubarb and Pinky who are no longer with me.   I think I have to quit listening to the news too besides the warm milk and nutmeg.  Its enough to give anyone nightmares.


Great picture Sandi, I have to admit raccoons are really cute little monsters! 


Darla I am getting ready to start CHRISTY.  I read it years ago and after this reading I will donate the book.  That is what I am doing, reading and then donating.


Good morning Laura, well I went to Church, had lunch then went outside and worked on my bamboo, gathered some small limbs for burning that Bill had cut down and waded in the creek looking for fossils and then supper. Then worked on my tools, storing them in their new places.   Just a perfect day.  Beautiful weather.  Tomorrow Connie is coming over and we will do more fossil hunting.  How was your day?  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Looking forward to that word Wendy!


If I missed anyone I am sorry.  It is pancake time!!!!!





4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I'm eating an English muffin with peach-mango fruit spread and a peach for breakfast b'cuz I decided to be "good". I'd thought about being "bad" and making cookies instead! I have an application to process for MCRA. The woman applied for our female kitten. Of course, we have another applicant who was just approved this weekend who had originally applied for our male kitten but may be interested in both kittens if she can get her husband to agree! Black Beauty met me at the door this morning when I went out with food/water. My cats are all fine. Looking forward to the luau this weekend. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Laura, that's great that y'all are going organic.


Wendy, I believe that when names "appear suddenly" for our cats it is them telling us their name. That may happen with Shell. Not all cats do this. I didn't do the new kitten header but it  is great.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. Have a wonderful week.

4 years ago

Sugar, your post wasn't here when I started. I think it's funny b'cuz the same thing happened to Shasta with Mouse's post in that thread! So sorry about your nightmare. That was a bad one. Enjoy Christy. How nice of you to donate your books when you're done with them. I've given several books to my friend next door. Most recently I gave her a book called Pet Speak. She was thrilled. Sounds like you had a great day. I used to love fossil hunting. My favorite science was geology in college. Taake care and have a fantastic day. Have a wonderful week.

4 years ago

well the house that we were going to get.the owner is to menatl ill that she pulling it of the we start all over again.please would everyone say same prays that this does not happen again.She has to house for us to look at in the morning in Cudhay ,wis.which would be great.harry told her this morning nothing until 10:30 am she got a bit mad about but it the best time or us or later in  the day because of the meds we all take.and all the kats and kittens are all care for.and Harry has all the chores done and michelle is up on her own.the sun is trying to came out here.need to go after my arthich 75 and the mail.I am still waiting for the  person that owns the two house that I like to call or email us for a showing.hope you all have awesome day and get everything done you need to get done..God Bless

4 years ago

Teri you dont have to ask, you know we are all willing as well as praying that house will materialise soon for you all, so hope you hear about the two you like.

Darla that could be right about the names, my two sons named Jimi, & Eric, = after Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, they wanted to call Buni, Marley, =Bob Marley, I said the day after we had him, " he is such a funny little Buni" ,  and Buni meowed, so I said oh you like Buni, he meowed, so I said thats it then Buni you are, 

Luke>youngest son - er >26< lol,  was sulking,  you cant keep changing his name, i thought it was Buni, er I mean Marley ha ha got ya!!!, Jack said>my oldest son 27, (now 28) said well the strange thing is the lead guitarist of the "Wailers" is called Buni, and Jimi & Eric are of course lead guitarists, ??? do do do do, (twighlight zone music)  so Darla Buni did tell us his name, xxxx

Sugar you could be right about the news, worse every day, plus I think you will be better when you have visited the dentist, now Dreams mean the opposite,> when they are bad dreams < it's a well known fact,  try that hot milk with nutmeg, and a good book, with all the house settled, bet you have nice dreams,  dont fret about the dreams, it makes things worse, as soon as you wake, dont think of them again!%#&!*%

Hi Sandi, the cats have worked everythng out for fri, %#&!*%

Shell hope the kittens are well, hello Angie, Michela, Elenaxxxx

Now I wrote this already on the new members thread, > Jenevieve is having a bad time, someone got in the back of her house, while she was chatting to her neighbour at the front, while that "no mark" as we call someone like that, was in her house the "no mark" attacked Jenevieves cat Elsie, who is a male cat,> it was touch and go for poor cat Elsie, then he was up and about, you know cats,<> well he had a set back ,> today a swelling on his chest, poor cat, poor Jen, I was on the other thread and she suddenly told me, so I stayed there chatting, >can you send her a message she is sooo worried and shaken up, please say I shared her experience, incase she wonders how you knew,%#&!*%

So with that and Buni trying to work out who was being picked up first, then messing about, with Eric when we had just painted bedroom doors >phew,  forgot the word for Sugar and Darla !!!!, I will be back with a word or two later, popping to see photos or the air ship, so for now love to all, hugs x wendy k x

4 years ago

Yes, it is, Sugar. That sounds like a fun day. I had my riding lesson this morning. I went a bit late because it was raining a little. We did a review of the two point seat and Sandy set up little wooden beams and had Pom Pom jump over them a few times. We worked some more on me controlling Pom-Pom more with my legs and body rather than being tight on the reins with my hands all the time and irritating Pom-Pom and Sandy suggested that I do some plies (like ballerinas do) to make my legs stronger to help me grip Pom-Pom better) and I went for a walk after we came home and saw Byron and some of the other guys and they were fixing a part on the bulldozer because it wasn't working.

It sure is, Darla. Organic food is a bit more expensive, especially the organic chocolate bars, but it is totally worth it. My favorite organic chocolate bar is Green And Black.

4 years ago

OK, Tux is cute, but I like Tuxie baby.

4 years ago

Good Morning Every one , hope and pray all are OK.

I pray and hope I will here good news about my friend Linda b ... She is not showing since a long time , Donna my friend have you  been able to contact her , I tried many times and did not have any answer since long time hope she and her daughter and rest of the family are OK.

Also I do not see Debbi and Sandrea hope they are OK too.

Please if you know any thing about them write so every one will know about them .

Lets pray that they are OK .....

Thanks in advance

4 years ago

Still thinking about that name. Tuxtinkle is cute, or meatball is another cute one. AKA Meatball stinkle.... 

4 years ago

Good news and bad news. The bad is that my insurance broker called and he wants to meet with me Oct 2nd to discuss another insurance plan. This is health insurance connected to medicare. My Horizon is suppose to be raising their premium costs in 2014. There is no premium for them now, just the medicare. The insurance broker said the best or cheapest way is through AmeraHealth, and it will be 30.00 a month for that, as well as my 105.00 for medicare part B. This 30.00 is a killer for me, as I am not getting enough out of my disability now. I really hate to have to do it, but their frisky filets might have to go, and they hate 9 lives. I was buying at least 6 double cases of it, and the rest 9 lives as it is 5.00 per case cheaper. I buy the case of 48 at my discount club.


OK, now for the good news. I am always talking about my morning sugar as it was always close to 200. Usually around 187 sometimes. NOW.. Check this out!


These are my recent fasting numbers.









My Metformin was increased, and I am trying harder..... I don't

think I will find a nice pair of shoes if I lose my feet. I know I won't look

good footless, or blind/

4 years ago










4 years ago

good night evevryone

4 years ago

Hi Darla, today Connie and I go fossil hunting down the creek!  Because the water is gettting cold I am wearing boots instead of old gym shoes.  I am looking forward to it.  I loved ancient history and biology and wished we had been offered archeology.  Great classes.


Teri you have the worst luck on this house finding.  I hope the next is THE ONE!  And suits you to a T.  Bless you and good luck too!


Wendy, poor Elsie and Jen.  Do you think it might be an abscess?  Black and White bit Little Joe on the tail earlier this Spring and gave him one on his tail.  They hurt, Jen I am so sorry.

Let's see, Tardy, Tarly and Pull the other one, it's got bells on.  Tardy of course here means 'late' and speaking of bells, Tarly rings a bell, but not loud enough, is it a word that has been used for centuries in England?   And please explain the saying.  It's early and I can't think of what it could mean.  I hope Darla does better than me.  Explain the magazine too please.  As I said it is early!  It's not even daylight yet.


Laura, stock up on your chocolate!  I heard on the news that it is going up in price!  I envy you (in a good way) having riding lessons.  Well, in fact just having a horse to ride.  Enjoy the jumps.  Honey Bar and I rode in woods a lot and she would jump over fallen logs, but we never set up jumps.  With Joker we set up for pole bending and barrel racing.  He was good in both.  Enjoy your day as I plan on doing.


Good morning Abo, hope you find your friend here soon.  Donna is good at keeping track of friends.  You asked the right person.


And speaking of Donna, you are doing great!  I don't want you walking around on stumps either!



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Had to close out that application I was working on for MCRA. When I called the landlord she said no cats were allowed. She was very emphatic about it too. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Teri, so sorry about the house being pulled off the market.


Wendy, I say Buni told you his name. Shasta got her name b'cuz I was looking thru a book of baby names and reading some I liked out to Ray. Shasta was on my lap just resting. When I got to the name Shasta she stood up and put her paws on the page to stop me from turning it. That was her way of telling me her name. That's terrible what happened to Jen's cat! How could someone be so mean? I'm sorry to hear that Elsie took a turn for the worse. As for th ewords, "tardy" means late over here. I don't know what "tarly" is. Have never heard it used over here. And for the saying "pull the other one it's got bells on", again I have no idea. And the photo? All I know is that "fag" is a derogatory name for a gay person.


Laura, sounds like you had a good riding lesson. Hope you get your legs stronger so you can control Pom Pom better with your legs.


Donna, sorry about your insurance. Isn't there one that has no co-pay available? Those are some good fasting numbers. Please take care of your feet, we don't want you losing them.


Abo, great to see you here. Hope you and Donna connect with your friends.


Sugar, have fun fossil hunting!  Wearing boots is a good idea. I'm sure the water will be quite cold. I didn't do any better on the words than you did. Wendy picked some doozies.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Darla and Sugar, I will be back later, had to show you this clip, and Jimi asked Buni to put a clip on Mouse's thread too, Ginger cats are all the rage, So Betty here is a clip for your Ginger lol, and for all here,

Street Cat named Bob (Very Clever & Nice Ginger Cat): via @youtube 

back soon  xsalx

4 years ago

Great video!  Thanks Wendy!  Ginger and Bob could easily pass for identical twins.  Physical appearance -- sooo much alike.  And even the actions are very much alike -- especially the high five!  If Ginger's sitting beside me, and I raise my hand and say, "Gimme a high five," she'll usually pat my hand with a paw.  I should say that she'll usually respond if she's in the mood!  She'll sometimes initiate a high five, too.  She occasionally sits down on the floor in front of me and holds up one of her paws.  She waits for me to pat her paw and say, "high five" then she'll put it down and stroll on about her business! 

4 years ago

Glad you liked it Betty, the book is great, and now they are going to make a film wow,> how lovely that Ginger does a high five, so cute, I love it when cats do a little trick,  when I whisper behind Jimi's ear, he tilts his head and makes a sound like -mmm , then I whisper again, he looks at whoever is infront of him, and says mmm, makes it look like we are whispering about them, my son's think it's hysterical, daft aint we?.

Now Darla and Sugar, we agree on tardy,

tarley >>>
verb meaning to hesitate while introducing someone due to having forgotten his/her name.

No not often used now, still said in Scotland > "oh oh tarley " mad? better than "er er er" this is >"er er"

pull the other one, it's got bells on?(the other one is leg),  means your kidding? / no your not serious? > the reason your other leg would have bells on, is most likely to do with dancing, some really old traditional dancers wore bells around their calf, and ankle, such as "Morris dancers" have you heard of them? mostly men dancing in circles, jingling, and waving a white piece of cloth, they all wore white, tops and trousers, and a trilby type hat.

Now that magazine, folk and fag, means simply interests/hobbies, originally Dutch, I had to include it, I knew you would be amazed, but thats what it means, folk, people /folk law etc, & fag>interests >bird watching, or hobbies, collecting stamps (for example) 

So your turn you two, when you have time, no stress , it will give me time to get some other good ones, words or sayings, I love sayings,

when I go to the kids homes I try and say a funny saying, keeps them going,(the sayings)

the kids always ask how old i am, so i tell them, i am as old as my tongue, and a bit older than my teeth, the kids usually say >what? so I say >yes he invented the light bulb, . From this,-  a reply usually comes >"she's mad"  so I reply> "she is the cat's mother"> "she has a name."

The kids give up, I have it to a tee.

So look forward to hearing your words,/sayings.

Hope everyone else is ok? chat soon, have to feed the cats, love and hugs x wendy k x

4 years ago

Which news network did you hear that on, Sugar?

Yes, I did, Darla. Mom took some pictures of me that day. It rained really hard here earlier and we have a big lake in the front yard now. I am writing a new Wild Wild West story. Dawson and I have finished a case in Sandy, Utah and Jim is in town, minding his own business when he gets set upon by some of the local bad guys and he takes care of them like he usually does and I ask him where Artie is and Jim explains that he is back at the train, recovering from a nasty bout of flu that he got a couple weeks ago, and I am a bit surprised because Artie never gets sick, and since Jim and Artie don't have a case, they are hosting a refugee family from Syria until they can adjust to life here in the U.S., but they don't stay on the train for long because they finally find a house that they can move into right away and they get settled and Artie has since recovered from his bout of flu and is back up to his full strength and we have our first case: going to Denver, Colorado to re capture Dr. Loveless because he escaped from prison in Washington, D.C. again and Artie had an odd sort of an attack after he read the details about the case: his breathing got a bit shallow and he had some chest pains and I got freaked out and yelled for Jim and he came running and got Artie settled and Artie is back to normal now and we are getting ready to leave for Colorado.

4 years ago


4 years ago


I love how you fixed up our front page. You are a true artist !!!!!

4 years ago

Hi Laura, I heard about chocolate getting more pricey on the only news channel I watch, Fox.  So fill you chocolate stash up now.  I'm going to do so.


Wendy was it a stray cat or a person who came in and hurt Jen's cat?  I thought it was a cat.  I just couldn't imagine a person coming into a home and doing something like that!  I guess I am glad I keep my door locked all the time even out here in the country. I'm so sorry Jen, how is he doing now?  I love the leg pulling one!  That makes sense.  We just say you're pulling my leg!  Tardy is good of course and Tarly is a word I had seen but didn't remember the context.  That is better, than uh, uh or er, er!  I'm gonna put my thinking cap on.  I think I have been thinking 'dental' too much.  Just stressed out about it.  I can't wait to get this over with once and for all.  Mouse showed me the film clip with the ginger cat.  Really neat.  I love your sense of humor Wendy, yes he did invent the light bulb!  And I also am as old as my tongue and a bit older than my teeth.  I am going to use both!!!!  I had a word that grandma used, but I don't really know how to spell it.  I will do my best,  Gorse.  Does that sound familar?


Darla our fossil hunting was a lot of fun and the boots worked great.  The day before I had worn crocs and the water was cold.  We didn't find any trilobites, durn it.  We did find a live salamander though.  At least I think it was a salamander.  It was under a rock I picked up.  It was long and skinny and had legs and Connie said, 'it has eyes'.  For some reason that struck me as funny.  We also saw crawdads and little fish.  Chewy found a flea somewhere on our journeys.  Mouse tells about it.  Mouse got his name because the first time he looked me in the face, he reminded me of those cute little white faced mice.  It suits him.


Betty, Wosie plays patty cake with me.  I bet she could learn 'high five' too!  Maybe Ginger will teach her at the luau.


Hi Donna, Sandrea is an artist!  Great job Sandrea.


I have to get busy.  I hope I didn't miss any one, if I did, a big hello for you too!!!!



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Made cinnamon rolls {Pillsbury} with cream cheese frosting this morning. They were delicious! Watered my plants this morning. I think I can go back down to twice a week now. Will just have to figure out which 2 days to water on. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Wendy, great video. I have that book in my pile {yes, pile!} of library books that I've got to read. Thanks for explaining the words and phrase. If tarly were used here I'd use it a lot as I often draw a blank on names. Like Sugar said, we just say "You're pulling my leg.". No, I've never heard of Morris dancers. Cinder does tricks for Ray. He does roll over, up {where he sits up on his hnd legs}, sit, and heel. I wonder if Ray could teach him to do the high five? I'll have to ask him to try.


Betty, how cool that Ginger will do the high five!


Laura, glad your mom took pictures. Sorry it rained and you have a lake in your yard. Does it often do that? Good job on the writing of Wild, Wild West.


Donna, great to see you here.


Sugar, glad your fossil hunting was fun and that the boots worked out. How cool that you found a salamander! Sorry you didn't find any trilobites. Poor Chewy, finding a flea. How cool that Wosiie plays patty-cake with you!


Sandrea, great job on the page. Love th ecat!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

We'll find Loveless up to his usual tricks, Wendy. And when Jim and Artie are trying to recapture him one day, he is in the process of escaping and has his goons unleash the pit bull dogs that he has around the property and they attack Artie and almost maul him half to death, but Jim and the local Secret Service agents are able to stop them and the dogs have to be destroyed because they are so aggressive and violent and I give Artie a blood transfusion because he looses a lot of blood during the attack and he has surgery to fix up the damage from the attack and he has a lot of pain for a few days, but soon heals.

That's not good, Sugar. I don't even watch the news. It's full of bad news these days. I just read the newspaper and look at news online to submit stories for the news network here.

It's gone now, Darla. It doesn't rain that hard this often, but we had some severe weather with tornado warnings in effect until 5:30 p.m. last night. I am really enjoying writing this one. We are just about to leave to go to Colorado and Jim is supervising the loading of fresh supplies before we leave and then we have dinner and we get under way and we sit in the parlor for a bit and then Artie is the first one to get tired and goes to bed and I go and check on him before he goes to sleep and he is working on his journal and we talk about the case and Artie has another of those attacks when he says Loveless's name, and I help him get through it and sit with him until he falls asleep.

4 years ago

just hate it when  thecompter it does this and eat your whole post tht took about a hour to write.and now I can not rember any thing I had wrote.does that make me real mad insteand I will say good night and God bless.

4 years ago

Welcome to my world Teri, I don't know how many times I have spent time writing a post of all kinds of things and replying to all to find it gone suddenly.  Then I just type a short hello good bye post!  Today that is what it will be because I have to get ready to meet a friend at noon and help Mouse get things ready for the cat's luau!  Since I have some other things to do, I solicited his, Chewy's and Wosie's help.  Little Joe volunteered too.  They will be getting everything ready except for the fresh stuff.  We will do that tomorrow.


Sorry everyone, I gotta go.



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I will be going to my PCP for a simple follow-up. I'm going to ask for both the flu and the pneumonia vaccines. I also have to get her to order my annual mammogram. Not much going on, just my usual.


Laura, sorry you had severe weather with tornado warnings. That can be a bit scary. When I was a kid we lived in Oklahoma for awhile in the part of the state they called "tornado alley". Went thru at least a few tornadoes. I remember going down to the cellar and being upset b'cuz we couldn't bring all the animals. Great writing.


Teri, sorry you lost your post. I'm sure it's very frustrating after spending all that time on it. Well, we know you're thinking of us.


Sugar, have a good time with your friend. So, putting, Mouse, Wosie, and Chewy to work huh? I should put mine to work too!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

 not much going on here. Stripes sent Mouse a e-card on care2. Just listening to Stripes say is it Friday yet all day! Good to see  everyone here!

4 years ago

I don't worry about that, Darla. I know it will pass.

4 years ago




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4 years ago

hello everyone,I have a other bladder infection again.we look at that ouse in glendale and Harry and I should have know better when its own by hud.its a handly man fixer.and it had mole in it as wel. but we all like the new realor lady we have now.she is welling to work with all three of us.asked what we were looking for and the amount we were ok for and where we like to we are starting all over again but with someone that is willing to work with now I know weare goingto find the house weare looking for now.the kittens and katsa re all fine and harry is good as is michelle.I fine all but for this infection.well hope is all fine with everyone and your weather is being great.God bless and good night.


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