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cat body language
4 years ago
| Blue Label

1) Cat body language: TailSwishing. A  swishing tail (i.e. the whole tail slowly and gently moving from side to side) usually means Kitty is alert, curious and interested in his  environment.Lashing. A lashing tail (i.e.  the whole tail moving from side to side in a fast, aggressive way) means Kitty is agitated and annoyed. Sometimes when Kitty is doing this he'll adopt a generally aggressive stance (more on this below.) The hair on  his tail may also stand on end, giving it a bushy appearance. If he's  doing this, leave him alone or you're likely to become the victim of an  attack.Twitching. If Kitty is twitching  his tail at the tip, this usually indicates he's interested in something he's seen. However, it may also be the first sign of aggression - e.g.  if another cat has just invaded his patch - and in this case it could  turn to a lashing tail and aggression. Quivering. Cats will quiver their tails at the base as part  of cat spraying behavior. However, they may also do this when they rub  up against you, or when you stroke their backs, especially near their  tail, when they're standing up. In this instance, the quivering is a  sign of great affection for you.Tail bolt upright.  With some cats, if their tail is upright (i.e. pointing towards the  sky) when they're walking, it means they're happy and confident. The  rest of their body language (e.g. the way they walk, the way they look  around) will also reflect this.Tail half tucked between legs. This usually means the cat is scared, unhappy or feeling threatened.  The rest of his body language will confirm this (e.g. head down, ears  back, body low to the ground). - See more at:

4 years ago

Thanks Patricia, you have confirmed my guess for their body language.  I really enjoyed reading it.  Thanks again,



4 years ago

I agree with Sugar, interesting, and we cat lovers always watch body language, for cat health, and our own health lol, scratches hurt>>  ( you little )

body language be back with pictures of pet feeders that may elp with food portions and over eating cause there is no challenge, the foods just there, from mom , ?? x wendy k x & cats

4 years ago

these may help Patricia, I will add the blurb that goes with the photo, (only 2 photo's there are more you can explore)

                                  .puzzle feeder

Also described as a feeding station or activity center, this type of feeder has individual silos of varying depth where you place the kibble and poses the most difficult challenge. Your cat must first use her eyes and nose to identify the location of the food before extracting it with her paws. It’s much like the way her wild ancestor would dig for termites..

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4 years ago

another feederdry food feeder >>>>>>>>>>>

These feeders look like a dome with a funnel in the top and can be made of plastic or ceramic. When you pour the kibble into the funnel, it spills down into the space enclosed by the dome. To get at the kibble for this easy challenge, your cat must reach in through different sized openings in the sides of the feeder.

True Nature Tip: These are helpful for cats that have a tendency to overeat or simply eat too fast as it forces them to feed at a more gradual pace.


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4 years ago

cool feeders Wendy!

4 years ago

Thank you Patricia for that cat tail information. Always knew what mood my cat will be in by her tail.

Hey, cool cat feeders Wendy.

4 years ago

love those cat feededs wow i think  baby would get mad at me for lol lol makeing her work lolololo for her super whats a cat mother to do l,o,l lolololololo

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4 years ago

wendy i l o v e your cat tail demo so cute can i snag it please?????

4 years ago

# 2 ears- 2) Cat body language: EarsPricked up ears.  This is a sign of Kitty being interested in what he can hear around him. You may have noticed cats can also turn their pricked up ears round so  they can listen to what's going on behind them without moving their  heads...Ears turned back. If Kitty's ears  are flattened towards his head and turned back, this usually means he's  being threatened and is turning his ears away to protect them. - See more at:

4 years ago

Funny thing is how people tend to get worked up when their cats tail is up and quivering. They think this poor happy cat that is excited to see the person is getting ready to spray something.


I have a cat on my porch that I wound up putting an igloo there for him, but after a few years of feeding him I discovered that he wasn't going to bite my hand off if I tried to pet him. He does have a limit, and, I wish I could comb out these 2 big dead clumps of fur on his chest.


I would love to know why he hisses while I am putting his food down. They are loud ones too.

4 years ago

Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

4 years ago

3) Cat body language: Head and whiskers Raised head. The meaning of this varies depending on the  circumstances. If Kitty is happy, a raised head indicates curiosity and  confidence, and is usually associated with pricked up ears. On the other hand, if he's in a stand-off with another cat, a raised head can  indicate dominance and in this case his ears will often be turned back  for protection.Lowered head. In a  stand-off with another cat, a lowered head indicates submissiveness. In  other circumstances, it can just indicate sleepiness, contentment or  boredom.Cat whiskerscan act as a measure of a cat's mood. If his whiskers are in a forward position, he's relaxed, happy or curious. If they're pulled  back, he's defensive or aggressive. - See more at:

4 years ago

Screamingbell i cant find the body language on the hisssing but i will keep looking an let you know by posting here when i find it


4 years ago

Thanks for this interesting thread Patrica.

4 years ago

I think  the hissing might mean that he is tired of waiting for me, or I am hungry but don't try to pet me. I had another feral cat many years ago, and as soon as she saw me she gave me a dirty look and hissed.


On top of that, she was hissing at me while I had a rotisserie chicken in one arm, and a case of special canned chicken (Not the cat food) in my other arm to put on her pic nic table. She had a yard with her kittens until I had to trap them to get them spayed.  Could also be that I cannot be trusted according to her. I went 30 miles round trip for her special food too ! To get hissed at.


I tried trapping her but after 3 weeks of feeding her in a trap, I set the trap, and she knew it and would not go in.


This yard I had her in was for another cat that had leukemia years ago. Long story there. It already had a round pic nic table, and an igloo and lights and lighted owls around the 100 foot yard. a few trees in the center of it. It was right next to one of my other fenced in yards. We set it up for her and her 3 kittens. We had a rope at the door so that the next day I would hide near the garage, about 50 ft from it, and when I would see her go in, I would pull the rope to close the door.


As it turned out, I was out feeding cats in the yard next to that one, and I looked over, and they were all in there with the door shut. The wind must have blown it shut behind them... The kittens were going through the chain link fence having a ball on the tree limbs on the other side where the hedgerow is. Then they were getting too fat, and I decided  I better try to get them in.


I set the trap in there, but Roo kept calling them away from it. Funny thing was that we could not hear her call them, but they heard her. I got 2 the first day, and it took me 3 weeks to get the last one. Lou Roo. She would not go in for the food, so I hung a toy mouse in there, and she had to go in to get it.


It took me 2 years, but I can Pet Bubba out front now, but not for too long, and I really wish I could get these 2 clumps of dead fur off his chest, but that would be all I would need to try !

4 years ago

Glad you liked the cat feeders , Patricia, but cats, know when "Mom" has a soft heart, I have a cat feeder, Eric, (cat) eats out of the tip, he worked out, that wayhe could knock some biscuits out as well, >clever<, Jimi and Mini, both can put their paws in and get their reward, OH but Buni, he sitslooking at it, then does the sweetest kittenest meow he can, looking at me, so I try to show him, which of course means, biscuits fall into the tray, >so Buni scoffs them, followed by a drink of water, before heading out, tail up, (I swear he would also be going he he he if he could) >lesson one in >how to train a human. Patrica yes do "snag" the demo, thats how I got it lol

Donna, I looked the only thing I could find that made sense was this, and it aint anything you dont already know, but i liked the part that said, the hissing probably has nothing to do with you, >>>>>>>>>>>

Cats hiss and growl when they're either feeling disturbed or threatened by something. It's a type of verbal warning that the animal gives off before it takes further action. While it may appear that cats are hissing and growling at nothing, cats only do this when they feel there is a problem. So while you might wonder what's wrong or search for the source of a problem, it's important to know that these actions could be provoked by a variety of things and aren't necessarily directed at you

hope it helps, x wendy k x hugs
4 years ago

Our cats hiss at each other while playing sometimes.

4 years ago

Wendy,.. do you have any information about cat water fountains?

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