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Chit Chat ~ October 6, 2013 ~ Closed
4 years ago

Time once again to start a new thread. Here's the link to the previous one ~

4 years ago

ROTFLMHO  Wendy, that was funny. The part about the cat being in pain, and funnier yet was your DAD telling this to the vet. hehehehehe Actually, maybe that could be a good word for it.  BUT rushing to the vet with the suffering cat is funny.


I have a cat named Bootsie. She is one of 5 polydactyls that I have. She is mild mannered, and I thought taking her in to the vets to be spayed would be no problem. It was actually the SPCA as they had the best deal, and I could pick her up the same day.


Nothing was said to me when I went to get her. I got a call from the board of health a few weeks later asking me how my cat was doing. I said what cat/ He said the one that bit the lady in Vineland. I said I don't live in Vineland, and my cats don't travel. He said well this note was on my desk for quite some time, and it says the woman was out of work for weeks with the infected hand.


Then I said wait, could this be from the shelter? He said maybe, as I said I did have a cat spayed there. He says is she ok? I said yes, she is fine. I called the shelter, and they told me Bootsie bit her when she tried to put a collar on her, and they said it was her fault for not going straight to the doctors like they told her to do.


My Harry was like a tom boy when she was a kitten. She rough housed with the best of them, and I thought I was seeing things when she rolled around on her back chirping.Yep, she sure was in heat, but we kept her name anyway since we were use to it.


I went to the bar and got the crying drunks when I discovered Aunt Wooly that layed with me watching tv every night was no longer my aunt, but killer bones instead. It was my Mother that asked me what those things were under aunt Wooly's tail. I was shocked !


He had gotten sick and his fur thinned out. That is how we knew.  Later on, he started drooling really bad, so I took him to the vets thinking he ate a hop toad or poison. Although, we don't have poison laying around.... His teeth were separating, and he couldn't close his mouth. He got all his teeth taken out. The vet asked me if I wanted him neutered, and that would be all Jimmy needed to see. He was 12 at this time. So I figured his fur was long, and maybe he would feel better neutered. I brought him home, and he ate everything, chicken included with no teeth, and between that and the neutering, he gained a lot of weight/


He was friends with the yard bully. and they walked side by side. Killer bones aka Boney bear had no meowing voice. He was a long furred gray cat, and he could go aa. It was a loud breath. When Morrie mangles  went after somebody, Boney breathed loudly at him, and Morrie would scooch down next to the fence like he wanted to go through the ground. Boney was really a gentle giant.


What he said to Morrie was a puzzle, as he kept breathing loudly. I was thinking he must be saying "I will rip your head off, or pull your throat out or something gory like that. Morrie got up and minded his own business. Morrie went blind in his old age, but nobody would mess with him. Boney had since passed on.  I brought Morrie into the utility room that is the room before the back door. his favorite meal was supplied to him which was raw minute steaks. He LOVED them.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I think I forgot to tell y'all that I saw Sassy on Thursday! I hadn't seen her for several weeks and was beginning to think she'd found another place, was adopted, or something happened to her. Sunshine was outside again this morning when I took out the food/water for the outside cats. Had a good breakfast today. I had an English muffin with peach-mango fruit spread and a peach. We had a cold front come thru today and it was only in the 50's when Ray took his walk early this morning. It rained a little bit this morning. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Donna, so you had a new "guy" show up huh? Sounds like a beautiful cat with a great attitude! Did you ever figure out what was up with the car? Did they throw a cat out? So sorry to hear about Holly. Glad y'all caught her and she got her shot. I once rescued a sweet little long-haired black kitten about 6-8 weeks old who "followed" my son home {I suspect the kitten had help}. A friend of mine  wanted a long-haired female kitten to add to her group of critters at home b'cuz between, the critters, her husband, and her sons she was the only female in the house. I checked and was pretty sure this black cat was a female {I'm usually pretty good at telling the difference} so I called my friend who fell in love with the kitten when she came over. She took the kitten to the vet for a health check up and the vet also thought this kitten was a female. Then we took the kitten in to be spayed thru SNAP {a free to low-cost spay/neuter service} and I signed the kitten up to be spayed {I qualified for free spay/neuter so my friend gave me a ride and I claimed the kitten as mine for the service}. We were walking away when I was called back and the lady told me "We can't spay this kitten." I was shocked and asked why not b'cuz the kitten was healthy. The lady then told me the kitten was a male! So I asked if they could neuter him and they said sure. So, my poor friend was "stuck with" another male in her household!


Karen, that's a funny story!  Thanks for sharing.


Teri, sorry you're not feeling well. Take it easy and get lots of rest. Glad Harry, Michelle, and the cats/kittens are doing well.


Laura, yes, do let us know how Sandy's son is doing if you hear anything.


Wendy, glad Buni's got a new mascot. Chipmunks sure are adorable little critters. Funny story about Bootsie.


Sugar, glad you can eat a banana. As for the Almond Joy without the almond, why didn't you just get a Mounds?!? Glad the creek is still in its banks. Hope it stays that way.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.



4 years ago

Donna, your post wasn't here when I was doing mine. Great stories. Wow, Bootsie bit someone? She must've really not wanted a collar on. People need to pay more attention to cats' boody language and yes, if they get bit they should get it looked at right away. Reminds me of a story that happened with an MCRA applicant. We used to do what were called Courtesy Posts. We'd post someone else's cat on our website with the note that they were not MCRA cats and the person had to contact them. Well, this applicant adopted one of the Courtesy Post cats and the cat was still adjusting to his new home. He didn't want to be petted and according to this applicant his body language said so. She ignored that and petted him anyway and got bit. She didn't go to the doctor even when it first started looking infected. Instead she took some antibiotics she already had. The hand got bad and she wound up in the hospital for quite some time. She returned the cat and tried to get MCRA to pay for her treatment but the cat wan't ours so we told her she had to deal with the owner of the cat.

4 years ago

Hi Darla, I only had an Almond Joy candy bar.  If I ever go to a store I will buy a Mounds Bar.  Punkin destroyed one of my fingers the first day I brought her home.  My fault.  I spent a week in the hospital and went every day to the hospital for 2 or 3 months, forget now, for antibiotic drip.  She is a very loving cat, but don't try to put any meds in her mouth without taking precautions, like wearing a long sleeved sweat shirt and wrapping her in a towel because she will still try to bite me with only the use of her head.  But she is so loving otherwise.  I went to the doctor the day after and my finger was already raging with infection.  Punkin must have had a very dirty mouth.


At this moment I hate my teeth!  But it had to be done.  I am so hungry for normal food.  For lunch I had well cooked peas and a chocolate sundae with whipped cream.  Not my idea of lunch.  I can eat Skyline Chili with just cheese.  I might go out and get that for dinner.  At least there will be some meat and spices instead of all this icky stuff I've been trying to eat.


Hi Donna, How's Willy?



4 years ago

I guess that poor cat must have lost his not so happy home by now. I had a hand that blew up to look like a boxing glove, and it blew up fast. It was not my cats fault though. He made his way into the back room through a window, and I grabbed him in the dark fast. He got scared, and bit me.


I had my leg blow up in less than 5 minutes from 2 deep bites to the shin. It was a case of redirected agression, when the neighbors cat was walking near my luckys yard. He ran toward her and I threw my leg up to break  the crash into the fence. My fault again. We live and learn.


Sugar, Willy is doing great. I find it so odd to see a kitten eating dry food. He has his choice of either. Now I will see what will happen when I put out tuna with rice for dinner. I got 8 lbs of tuna, and am making it stretch with the rice, and actually, it will make a healthier meal with the little bit of rice with it. Not much, just a little. My help the diarrhea cats too.


I made up a nice treat for them. I used 2 cans of milk, to a quarter cup of pancake syrup, and a dash of imitation vanilla, and 8 egg yolks. I chilled it, and it is some pretty good stuff. I gave them some, and kept some for Bubba cakes for his amoxi meds.

4 years ago


Is this a top plate you are wearing? Do you use fixadent in the tube? Are your gums healed?

If you have ssores from the teeth, you need to get them filed down a little. Do this several times.

4 years ago

Hello everyone,what a great day.would you all pleases kept say your prays for us,because so far their are working.their have accpet our bid  a  nd Harry's oldest as broke down and is going to help us with all the funds we are in need to make it final.we go to closeing Nov6,2013.So I have my big house at last. lady' all the hard work strats for us.I have all the wall stuff from all the rooms and hallway to pack and the file carbins,the rest of my desk and the stuff babie's and my table at my bedside as harry needs to hsi area as well and than there is all my binder's and the whole kicthen and the dreserss.than I belive I would be done.but the hards part will be finding the boxs we need.its not like in the old day when you need a lot of boxs to pack to could go any where and they would have been very  willing help to with box's .now they crash them instead of reuseing again.hope thqatyou all had awesome day as I have.Godbless.

4 years ago

Great news Teri!  All the hard work you have ahead of you will be worth it the first night you spend in your new home.  Congratulations on getting help from Harry's oldest.


Donna you know all the answers now,  I still hate them.


Happy Monday everyone,



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sugar, sorry about your hand. You went thru a lot with it. I got bit all the way thru a  finger nail once. I got lucky and it  didn't get infected or anything. I don't even remember why I got bit but I'm sure it was my fault. After all, our cats tell us when to back off and if we don't listen then it's our own fault. I'm sorry you hate your teeth. Hope they get better and you can eat more normal food. Yes, get you some Mounds so you don't have t o pick out the almond.


Donna, I don't know what ended up happening with the cat. I pray he found a happy,  fur-ever home. Sounds like you've had some issues too. Sorry. You're right, we do live and learn. I was either giving meds to a cat or trying to check the birth canal of a mama cat who was having a difficult labor. I think it was the latter. I ended up taking her to the emergency vet. Luckily there was no kitten stuck in the birth canal but there was2 more kittens to be born. She had the first then about 12 hours later had the second then another 12 hours she had th ethird who was stillborn. The two kittens we had were healthy and were fabulous kittens. The female looked just like her dad {Osiris} and the male looked like his mom {a acat I used to have named Willow}. When Scamp was a kitten he kept getting into the other cats' food and eating it rather than his food. We finally wound up mixing the Kitten Chow with the cat  food and serving it that way.


Teri, great news! Glad that Harry's son is going to help out and y'all are going to get your house. Yes, there's a lot of hard work ahead of you still but, as Sugar said, it'll be worth it the first night you spend in your new home.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. Have a wonderful week.

4 years ago

Thank you ladys,yes this so much work hard of us all to do.I will be able to help .which make me so darm happy that I will be able to do something for once.going to need to buy a few new kennel.and one that can hold babie and her whole family and one to hold bonnie and cldy's whole family with them in the kennel.I will put two in a kennel but for fredryckelee,eddiesue,kristopforobin,chaileray. .so that the update for now.Weather nice and cool today.the heater been  out since last night.was waiting the manager to came down and help harry to get it lite and get warm in here  once again. will talk later.

4 years ago

great news Teri.  some places will save you boxes if you ask, at least they do around here. Morning everyone here. not much happening here just getting ready for Stripes party this weekend.

4 years ago

had awesome day.the heater is still out.manage said he be down here soon.pray so I do not have to stay up a other night to made sure the new borns and the older kitten and adult kats kept warm.last night they lay on my bed where I could kept a very close eye on them.and the new borns lay on the floor in a got to 39 last night. had the oven on for a short time for the kittens and the just get the chill out of the front half of the moblie home.I put a for sale sign up on the moblie home today.well off to do more work.

4 years ago


39 IS AN OK TEMPERATURE HERE, WE GET COLD WHEN IT GETS TO BELOW .5, IT IS SET FOR SINGLE FIGURES NEXT WEEK, - I THINK AROUND 7c OR 8c, BIG DROP FROM  TODAYS TEMPS OF 70f, >>7 is about 44f and 8 -46f thats day time, night time next week set to be 2c or 3c , thats around 34f and 36f  enough for some frost on the ground, will be a big shock for my cats, who have got used to 50f + at night !!! Any way hope you find some boxes, sooner your packed sooner your out, to a bigger house and better future , so your hard work now will reap rewards there in the new home.

Hello Darla, glad all ok with you, hope Shasta is ready to party xx

Sugar your perseverance will pay dividends re- your new teeth, once you have mastered them, you wont ever have tooth pain again,   >> try some broths,they  will put a lining on your tummy, and porridge, >can you blend some veggies up with finely minced beef, to make a nice thick broth, that you don't have to chew at all?, make some banana custard, only mash the banana finely, how about some so soft noodles, that you can >well slurp up? in a beef or chicken stock? >>some tomato and basil soup for a snack, >>ice cream and jelly for pudding, or jello is it that what you call jelly? >try stewed apple and custard too, . you need protien, so broths are good as is jelly /jello, 

hope mouse and wosie and chewy are ready to party?

Donna, was funny re - my Dad, always makes me smile, when I think how he worried about Bootsie, apparently the vet also said to my Dad, >"now you have children, so you know about the birds and the bees" ?< My Mom told me,> "oh we are using another vet if your Dad asks, ok wendy? I just said yes ok?< he he he,

Gosh I remember being bitten by a ferrel kitten >OUCH , they bite to the bone!!! we looked after a kitten, he went under the telly, so I tried to get him out, >oh he came out ok, hanging off my finger, >the pain knocked me sick!!! " I said to the kitten let go, or you are going out the window" > I wouldn't have done that <, but I remember that bite,( >> you were meant to say my cats, ferrel cats take no prisoners !!!! ) he he he

Sandi hope your ready to be invaded by party cats?

Must go and get some sleep, it's been all go here, I feel so sorry for the cats, they hate the upheaval but will love their new beds, I will get a photo and show you all tomos if I can get it onto file.

chat soon, keep smiling, love and hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx

4 years ago

Wendy, I had forgotten about being bitten by a young kitten I was trying to catch being raised by Pudge who was wild.  I called him Junior.  He was a dark charcoal color.  He bit my finger as I grabbed him from out of shrubbery and he wouldn't let go either.  My finger bled and bled but I got Junior.  I eventually caught Pudge and had her spayed.  I let her loose after everything was okay.  Then a year later I caught her again around Christmas and brought her home, She just died last November.  She was a little wild one but toward the end she slept under my chin at night,  You've given me some good ideas for food.  They are a little less sore, but I have a long way to go yet.  I guess I should bring my blender upstairs and start using it.  I cooked green peas the other day, well done, and that worked pretty good.  Green peas and then a chocolate sundae was my lunch.


All right Teri, things are looking up at your house.  Don't work too hard, but get 'er done as this comedian says.  Grocery stores will often save boxes for  you,  Give it a try,


Darla I picked up a bag of small Mounds bars.  I ate one already.  Hope everything is going great for you and yours, take care,





4 years ago

I had a great day yesterday. Dad took me out to Outback Steakhouse for lunch yesterday, then we came home and I noted and submitted news on here, and then had a nap, then watched the new Brad Pitt zombie movie, World War Z, and it was awesome. For some odd reason, the door to Dad's office where the littler boxes for Robb and Kip are was closed and Robb couldn't get in to the office to do his business and pooped on the guest bed and Dad got a little irritated about that, but we got it cleaned up. I had my riding lesson today and Aaron is doing much better. Still on the ventilator to keep his intracranial pressure down, and he is responding to more commands. The doctor is having him open one eye and put two thumbs up. He is sometimes a bit slow with the thumb part of the assessment, but he's getting better. The doctor brings him around for a moment to do the assessment, then puts him under again. When they brought him out of the sedation for the first assessment, he started to shake and tremble all over and got all freaked out, but Sandy got him settled. He did have some issues early on. One evening, his I.V. got blocked up and he was uncomfortable, so the nurse came in and changed it, and on another evening, the respirator part of the ventilator got all mucusy and the nurse came in and suctioned it out and he was more comfortable after that. We got a lot of rain here today, enough to knock the Internet out for a while. Dad came home from work early today and we all watched Wild Wild West. Dad fell asleep and slept through a couple episodes. In one of the episodes, Jim and Artie had just come back to the train after having been out investigating for most of the day and Artie had just finished sending off a long telegram to Colonel Richmond, updating him about the case, and he said "not that I'm complaining or anything, Jim, but why am I always the one that sends these long worded telegrams?" and Jim said "because, Artie, you have such a wonderful command of the English language." and he and Artie both laughed, and Artie was looking at a book of disguises he had worn previously and was sketching a new one. He is so talented!

4 years ago

good night every one.Gof bless.


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Teri, sorry your heat is out. Hope the manager gets there soon. I can't imagine having to use a heater already. It's 60 F here at 8:40 am and that our cold front temp! It's great that you put up a "for sale" sign. Hope the mobile home sells.


Sandi, from the sounds of it you will have a very full house this weekend. Hope you're ready.


Wendy, boy, you're cold too. Like I told Teri, I just can't imagine that. Hope you warm back up soon. Yes, Shasta is ready to party as are her brothers. Osiris hasn't decided if he's going or not but the others are all excited and ready for the weekend. Do you know what time Buni will be here to pick them up? Did the bite from the feral kitten get infected? Or did you heal up without any complications?


Sugar, so you got some Mounds?!? Good for you. Almonds are hard to chew. Ray gets different nuts and mixes them up in a big bowl so we can have them for snacking. I can't eat the almonds though as they're so hard they hurt my teeth.


Laura, glad you had such a wonderful day. Poor Robb. I imagine he held it as long as he could. Glad you had your riding lesson. Sounds like Aaron is doing well and that's great. Sorry to hear about the issues he had but glad they were able to correct them.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

 photo helloautumnhelloraccoons_zps3059e809.gifMorning everyone. Yes I'm going to have a full house, Stripes is so excited she's been running  back and forth, I told her they aren't here yet.

4 years ago

He did. He is doing really well. Sandy and I had a nice time chatting on Facebook last night. Aaron was very responsive last night and did well in opening his one eye. Sandy said it is really awesome when he does that. It rained really hard when she and her friend were driving back to St. Petersburg and they had a hard time seeing, but it soon let up. Aaron got really worn out from the assessments at 8 and 10 p.m., but he is still improving. I took a whole bunch of hot peppers down Byron and the guys this morning and they were very happy. I put them in the workshop for them. They were already out and doing things, so we didn't stop to talk. Grandma Saxon called today and I talked to her for a while. She was checking in since she knew that Mom and I were going to be on our way to Vermont soon. I started on a new Wild Wild West story where Dr. Loveless has somehow survived his execution from my last story and is stirring up trouble in San Antonio, Texas and Dawson and I are helping Jim and Artie with the case because we are free this week and I am helping Artie look for Dr. Loveless's headquarters and he wasn't at his main house and he has safe houses all over town and Dawson and Jim are looking for him, too, and Artie and I have found one of the safe houses and were looking for evidence and one of Dr. Loveless's minions snuck up on Artie and whacked him on the head with a meat mallet and he passed out after that and I tried to go to Artie to check on him, but the guy that knocked him out was being stubborn and wouldn't let me, but he finally did and Artie has a concussion and I have just taken him to the hospital and it's a bad one, but not severe, but he's still going to be sick when he comes to.

4 years ago

Sugar glad , i gave you food for thought , he he he, seriously, hope some of my ideas help you, you need protein, and vitamin c, you should take twice as much vit c than you normally would to help fight infection, be worth geting vit c sachet drinks, as your chemist next time your out, and about.

those kitten bites hurt like crazy dont they? but how sweet that pudge ended up being petted and snuggling under your chin, your a proper cat whisperer. Buni will be dropping a pressie for you and which every cat,  will get >what it is, when you see the pressie friday , hope you were comfortable last night, just think each day is a day of discomfort behind you, it's all getting better from here on  >get that vit c to help too. xx

Teri how are things going, ? well I hope ??

Laura sounds like you had a great day, enjoyed with your Dad, cherish those days, > I was a "Daddies girl", miss my parents loads, especially the special times with my Dad, we had the same sense of humour, So enjoy your times with your parents, and gather many happy memories xx

Darla no I was lucky , the kitten bite hurt for a couple of days, and my finger was swollen, but no long lasting affects , or infetions, but you know what I can still remember the pain, of the bite, , I have never experienced a bite like that,  ferrel cats, bites are vicious, I did manage to quieten the kitten alot though, which meant, the foster carers had an easier job to find a forever home for "sid vicious" as I called him.

The next ferrel cat, I tamed with the help of, sox and Mini, , we kept him, he was "Bobby" he slept on my bed, but he disappeared when he was only 2 years old, I was soo upset, thats when I got 2Bob, a kitten that had been neglected, he was my cat from the word go, but he also vanished, thats when I called the police to a man who lived a few doors down from me, nothing could be proven, but the policeman who came to see me was a cat lover, the police man told the man, we have suspicions that you are removing cats, now if any other cats go missing I will be back, and as for your carp fish cover them up, as Herons are partial to a fish supper, and most cats, dont like getting their paws wet. !!!!, remember I said Mini had been stolen? we believe it was that man, >when we got Mini back , I called the policeman, told him where she had been found ( >50 miles away, 18 months later,)  he was delighted, and even more delighted no further cats had been "Lost", My poor sox was hit by a car, and passed away, but before that happened I got Jimi & Eric, >as I had lost Pyewacket and Tux, through Old age<, they had a beautiful life, so when they passed I was of course sad but knew their lives had been good and happy, which brought me such comfort,   -any way Sox was great to Jimi & Eric, and then Jimi & Eric were great to Buni , Gosh didnt mean to go on so much, sorry ..

Buni will be over to collect Shasta &co around >8 am fri morning, we hope to be at Stripes's by 9.15am for breakfast, look to the skies for the party airship, it is ready for all occupants, Buni will be running out to you with a pressie (see Mouse's thread ) hope your ok,

Oh forgot to ask Sugar, and you, also Donna, what you thought of a "memorial thread" where we can visit once a year to remember all our cats (and pets) who have gone over the rainbow bridge, we can pick a day to remember and celebrate having had such great cats , who chose us!!, I didnt want to put a thread up, as I think something like that has to be decided by hosts, and co-hosts?, so if you agree, chose a date, and we can visit to say hi to all who passed over the bridge, we could put photos if we wanted. what do you think?, we could call it- "Over the Rainbow",>pick a day to visit the thread, we visit once a year?, call it what you want, "memorial thread", -"Over the Rainbow" ?? (good feed back so far but said we must ask host to chose title and  day)

right off to bed , love and hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx

4 years ago

thing are moveing fast.there was two people  here to look at our place and we were give a offer of $5,000. from the  first person  that look at it. the second person when to think about it  more.but I had just put the ad up on monday.We need more prays, we are now going our  last lump with the loan  appove for the house loan. so we can go to closeing and start to move in the house.Thank you.So I plan to leave it all into God almighty hands.


My day was good and was able to get stuff done the heater fixer  and its working once a gain.the weather was good as wel today.all the babie's are inbed already.which is where Harry id heading as well as michele and Good night.

4 years ago

Wendy thanks for the heads up on health problems relating to dental work and not being able to eat well.  It's getting better!  Each day is better!  And I am feeling better.  I was so sick those  first 2 or 3 days, it was terrible.  I lost 4 pounds but I am not complaining about that!  I would like to lose about 16 more but in a better way.  I've been thinking of this memorial thread.  I am wondering how we can keep it current, we aren't able to 'pin' a thread any more to keep it available.  I know we can pick a day for the memorial day itself and a time for the 2 minutes of silence.  We can let the cats help too.  Decisions can be made on their thread. The cats won't mind.  After the Halloween party we should work out details, what do you think?  It was good to read your post.  Mouse kind of did some of my woolgathering on the cat thread.


Aww things are moving along Teri.  I expect to hear soon that all the paper work is done and your current home is sold and you are moved.


Laura, good news on Aaron.  I will be going to the Outback as soon as I am able to eat normally.  And accidents happen when you have little furkids.  I've had my share to clean.


Mouse is getting excited!  He can't wait for party day and seeing his Stripes again.  I mean it's been so long since the luau.


Gotta go guys, I hope I haven't missed any one so just in case, Have a good Hump Day everyone!





4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I have Shasta on the printer and Scamp on the other end of the desk this morning. Had to call my doctor to have her refax the orders for my mammogram as the place didn't get them. Also, had to tell her I can't come on Friday to get my blood drawn then go again on Monday b'cuz we can't afford cab fare for both days. So, they'll just have to draw my blood on Monday. I was told it was fine. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, love the raccoons and pumpkins! Shasta and the boys are excited as well.


Laura, what good news about Aaron! Glad you and Sandy had a nice time on Facebook. It's great you got to talk to your grandma. So, Loveless is in my city. It's a huge place to be be looking for safe houses.


Wendy, I was close to my mom's third husband and was a daddy's girl with him. He and I still keep in touch even though he and my mom divorced when I was 18. I'm close in a different way to her fourth {and current} husband. They got together when I was 18.5 and married when I was 19 but he's been there for some pretty awful things in my life and I know I can count on him to be on my side. Glad you got lucky with the kitten bite. Yes, those feral kittens can really cause some pain when they bite. Sorry about the cats that were lost. What a mean man to make cats disappear. Too bad you could never prove it. Sorry too about Sox who was hit by a car. That's why my cats are inside cats, I'm aafraid they'd disappear or get hit by a car. I worry about the outside cats all the time. We'll see Buni on Friday morning then. A present for me? What fun!


Teri, sounds like things are moving along. That's great! Hope everything continues to go well and you get moved into your new place soon.


Sugar, great to see you here. Hope you get to Outback soon.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

yes, t hings are a bit to fast for me but I will caught up to it same  how.went window shopping for same new kennel on tuesday.I need at less one to carry babie's whole family and jazments whole family with her.and bonnie andher family togerher.because I have one to hold sabryne and apachie together a nd  fredyckelee,kristopforobin and chaileray ,eddiesue are by t I may have buy two huge kennal's to fit babie and her family with her in a kennal.which would be easyer to get them in and out of the much to do and not a lot of time in which to do it in.oh I could just kept listing stuff to do today. it would not be funnie we have the sun out today.thinking of going out for same box's and other stuff we need to get for the move.and go to the storage bin for some the boxs we have like for the tv and other stuff. we will need to make this a great move.I am looking for the closeing and getting the key's in my all have a great day.God bless

4 years ago


I've had a very busy day, but it's kind of job that I like- to help cat to give birth to kittens!

Cat's owners called me after midnight, the cat went in labor around 10 pm but no kittens. They called to different clinics just to hear about c-section as soon as possible. 

I wanted to look at cat first. She had some troubles, because kittens were in the wrong position, but it was possible to avoid surgery. 4 hours later- 3 kittens. Then - no contractions and no responce to injections. I decided to leave the cat alone for a while and told owners to look after her and stay in touch with me. They called me at 2 pm to pick me up near my home. Cat had 2 more kittens, all are cute and healthy. 

I'll see this cat tomorrow because she needs some injections. 

I'm very glad that I could help a cat because I'm sure that there was no need for surgery and I was right!

4 years ago


Darla >(cap lock off) so you were a daddies girl, third time lucky for you , , and fourth , so nice when you can get on with step father, makes life richer, >yep see Buni etc early Fri morn, and he will be sneaking a pressie for moms, I will put a photo up, tomorow %#&!*%

Sugar so glad your feeling better daily, but do keep up the vitamin c , it will help, about the yearly thread, how long do care 2 archive for, cause on another groups timeline, they keep a 9/11 thread going visiting yearly, we just need to remember the date, I thought it would be nice to think of all the pets we had, but try to remember the good times??, I will be guided by how others feel, though, >not long now before the gang will call for Wosie , Mouse and Chewy, oh any sign of kitty kat?

Teri great news, get rest as well, you dont want to wear yourself out before the move ??

Hi Laura, how are you, glad your enjoying wild wild west xx

Happy Birthday Sallyhope your enjoying your special day, will be round for Noss 7pm tomos Buni said,

ok got to go Hello Donna how are you ?

Betty, Buni will be over fri morn for Ginger and Guy

got to get some sleep soooo tired cats are all around me spark out, as it is cold tonight, they are cosy, they had treats today, followed by dentabix,  i love to see them all cosy, sleeping safely in for the night, mind they are good at coming in now, which is a relief, they were in by 8pm, tonight, big change in the weather, it's gone from 18/20= 68 to 70f >down  to 5 >=40f, had to put the heating on, just for an hour, to take the chill off, so chat tomos, love and hugs x wendy k x & cats snoozing xxxx

4 years ago

If you don't have your happy dance shoes handy, Darla, you'd better go and get them because I have more great news for you. Last night. the doctor decided it was time to start weaning Aaron off the ventilator and that went well, and then early this morning, the settings on the ventilator got turned down a bit, but he still had some machines to help him breathe if he needed it, and his intracranial pressure went down right away, he was following all verbal commands without the doctor or nurses having to pinch, poke or talk loudly to him, he had one eye open and was opening the other one when he was asked to, then not long after that, he came off the respirator and was breathing on his own and his blood pressure was better and his intracranial pressure was excellent. He did have a little bit of a coughing spasm when he was first weaned off the ventilator, but that got resolved quickly, and then this afternoon, the breathing tube was taken out and he did great after that, and not soon after, he was coughing some to get rid of all the accumulated junk in his lungs from while he was unconscious, he was opening his eye, looking around the room, making himself more comfortable on the bed, scratching his various itchy places, and the probe that was monitoring his intracranial pressure was removed, and even more recently, the ventilator is totally out now and he was coming off some pretty heavy duty sedation that he had been under when this whole mess started, and his sister told him that his mom ( Sandy) had come back in and he pointed to her and launched straight into a thumbs up and was drumming his fingers on the side of the bed, and he was looking around for his sister again and when he saw her, did the thumbs up again, and since then, nothing more has happened. He's not talking yet, but that's probably next. I know. Artie came to after having had some surgery to release the pressure from the knock on the head that he had gotten and was sick all over me and the bed because I didn't get the bed pan in time and I went to have a shower and helped the nurse put some fresh sheets on the bed and helped Artie get settled in again and then he started getting fussy because Jim and Dawson hadn't come back yet and I told him that they would be back, and Jim and Dawson had been having trouble finding Loveless because he wasn't at his main house and they tried an old warehouse and Jim got shot several times and Dawson had to run several blocks to the field office for help and when they got back, Jim was gone, and they found him collapsed on the sidewalk outside the field office and he's gone into surgery and Colonel Richmond and President Obama will be coming to see us because Colonel Richmond got worried when Artie didn't check in and Artie is sleeping when Colonel Richmond first sees him he asks me if Artie is unconscious again and I tell him that he is sleeping because he's upset that no one has come in to tell us about Jim and there is a lock of hair over the bandage and Artie's hair has gotten a little long again and Colonel Richmond goes to put the hair back in place and Dawson tries to stop him because the last time Artie was touched like that, he head butted the person that did that (Dawson), but Colonel Richmond touches Artie's forehead anyway and Artie gets freaked out and nearly head butts Colonel Richmond, but stops himself when he sees who it is and he is surprised that President Obama came and he explains his being there as Loveless needs to learn that there are consequences to messing with his two top agents, and Artie makes President Obama stay at the Secret Service compound where he will be safe, and Colonel Richmond goes to check on Jim and he is still in surgery, and the doctor that always takes care of Jim and Artie when they are there comes to check on Artie and his head is a little bit better, and, to my surprise, Sandy and Aaron show up ( in my story, Aaron did not have that accident, ) and Sandy explains that she saw the footage of the shooting on the news and came to see us and wanted to keep Artie company and it is time for dinner and the doctor discharges Artie so he can go and eat and Aaron asks if that's wise, and the doctor tells him that he doesn't know Jim and Artie like he does, they are bonded strong, like brothers, and if Artie eats in the cafeteria, he won't really eat because he will be worried about Jim, and we go out to one of my favorite restaurants, and when we come back, the last bullet has been removed, and Colonel Richmond is the one that does the transfusion this time because Dawson is a bit drunk from the wine we had celebrating Aaron's recovery and Colonel Richmond nearly passes out after the transfusion and I take care of him and he recovers and Sandy and Aaron stay on to help with the case, and the next day, while we are sitting by Jim's bedside, you come and visit us. What is your favorite restaurant? I'm going to work that in to my story.

4 years ago

good night ans sweet dram ro you all.God Ble ss

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Watered my plants this morning. Sunshine was out there this morning when I took care of the outside cats! Not much going on, just my usual.


Teri, sorry things are going too fast for you but I'm sure you'll catch up in no time. Just think you'll be in your new house soon. Hope you get your mobile home sold too. It's great you went window shopping for new cat carriers. That way you'll know what you need to get when the time comes to get them.


Elena, it's wonderful that you helped that mama cat have her kittens without surgery. I'm glad she had a cute and healthy litter of 5.


Wendy, yes, it is nice when you form a connection wiith stepdads. I'm very blessed to have both these men in my life. Sorry you couldn't sleep and that it got so cold that you had to turn the heat on to get the chill out.


Laura, that absolutely wonderful news about Aaron! All of what you described sounds normal when coming off all the stuff he came off of. It's cool he did thumbs up for his mom and sister. Talking should come soon now that he's off all that stuff.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Computer acting up today  so just a quick hello to everyone here. Stripes is so excited she keeps asking are they here yet.!

4 years ago

Good news Laura, great writing by the way, 

Teri you seemed in great spirits to go to sleep on so good to get good news

Darla was bright and breezy today, will miss my fur babies, Jimi was sleeping on my lap shortly before they took off for Sally's, he is so funny, he makes moaning little sounds if I move, sounds like "oooow", I have to say sorry, for moving, he he he, Jimi usually stretches, then makes a deep "hmmmm"sound, he will then groom my hand, he is funny.

Well I waved the Kelly cats off Sandi, they are on their way to Sally's, , wont be long till the gang are with you,

Sugar hope all is well with you, the gang will be over soon, for pick up time.

will chat tomos , will update when i hear from the kelly cats , love & hugs x wendy k x & mini xx

4 years ago

ِApology fer the delay of writting my new story with a homeless cat and her baby , although it is out of hand as it is due to the turning off the electricity power long hours a day.

Saving a cat and her baby :

It is a rainy day and streets flooded with water , I am in a taxi in the front seet beside the driver going home , sudenly I saw a cat carrying her baby sunk in the water crosing the street in the midside , asked the driver to stop soon otherwise will run over the cat ( he did not see the cat as he is not looking in the water), he stopped and I jumped in the water while it is raining and the driver calling whats wrong ? I took the cat and her baby who is between her teeth out of the water and went to the car , covered them by my Jaket as they were shivering from cold and asked the driver to speed up more faster taking me to home ... he laughed and said it is good of what you did and I need more pay to get you home I told him I will pay but hurry , reache home ran upstairs put the cat and her baby in a box in a warm room , offered her with food , water and milk . when rain subsided I took the cat to the place where I found her looking if she has another babies somewhere .... you cannot immagen she looked at me and ran and I followed her , found her with another 3 babies in the next sideway of the street , with great happeness I put her babies in a small box which I took with me and she sat with them , took them home to my garden were all the homeless cats stay put her and her 4 babies in a new box offered with food water and milk...... now she and her babies are  good  sucking well .

Thank Allah for helping me to save those babies and thier mother.

4 years ago

I know, Wendy. He had a good night last night. He was able to ask for what he wanted by pointing to it, and this morning, the speech therapist was in and they did the swallowing test to see if he could take food orally and he didn't pass that test because their thinking was that the neck brace that he has had on since this whole thing began is too big and holding his chin up too high, so they were going to switch him over to a smaller one that didn't hold his chin up so high, and they thought it would make a difference in him being able to swallow, so he's back on the feeding tube for now, only this time, it is through his nose, and he's going to stay in ICU for now. This is the last update I'm posting for now because I'm off to Vermont for our trip tomorrow and I won't be taking my computer with me, but when I get back, I'll check the posts and let you know then. I reworked some bits in my story and Colonel Richmond did the blood transfusion for Jim and almost fainted after the transfusion because he didn't eat anything on the plane because he was worried about what was going on with Jim and Artie and I gave him a scone to eat and he felt better after that and we went to tell Artie how Jim was and he got upset, and then Chuck came in and discharged him and Aaron didn't agree with the doctor's decision and Chuck explained that if Artie were eating in the cafeteria, he wouldn't eat and would just be anxious about Jim and he'd give himself an upset stomach and having him eat away from the hospital was a good way to prevent that and Aaron understood and we went out to eat and Artie told Aaron and Sandy a bunch of stories about cases that he and Jim had worked and then Dawson and I got in on the act and talked about cases that we had worked and we were leaving the restaurant when this rookie policeman accidentally discharged his taser and got Artie and I got my knife out and cut the barbs off him and Colonel Richmond reprimanded the young officer and he was properly apologetic, and Dawson and Artie and I are going to stay with one of their local Secret Service agent friends and Colonel Richmond went to a hotel and Sandy and Aaron went back to the train. "See" you in two weeks.

4 years ago

Laura have a good trip, safe journey, enjoyed your re working of your story, also look forward to an update on Aaron, those guardian angels must be working a shift pattern , he he he, chat when you get back from your trip xxxx

. Abo what a great rescue, thank goodness you were there for the little family well done xxxx

.ok reading about Punkin I thought I would show all mom's what Buni, Jimi, & Eric will be dropping off to you, Jimi of course had to model the shelf, it can attach on any table even computer tables!!! made by my husbands friend, as we explained on Mouse's thread >

so Sugar, Darla ,Sally, Betty, Michela, Angie, Donna,

.even Abo, Laura and Teri, Shell,Connie, Penny, Karen, Elena, keep a look out for the delivery, >( I would if I could but at least the thoughts there)<

look out for Buni bringing these, you and your kitties will be pleased with this , love hugs x wendy k and kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



4 years ago

I will. I enjoyed working on it, too. Colonel Richmond leaves the next day because he has some work to do and Jim is still unconscious, which is unusual because he usually comes to right away after getting shot, and Chuck seems to think that the accelerated blood loss that Jim suffered from walking to the field office is to blame, and Sandy and Aaron and Artie and Dawson and I sit with Jim for a while and then you arrive and you are just as surprised as we are that Jim hasn't come to. They must be. They'll be glad for a rest when he is fully recovered and back home. You never answered my question about your favorite restaurant.

4 years ago

WOW Wendy, that black kitty of yours is gorgeous!


I am not sure if I told you all about me backing into a fly strip. After the vulture

bit the back of my pants I now feed the barn shed kitties backward. I face the door now.

I want to see what is coming. Well, I was bending down, and when I stood up I

backed into the fly strip. I couldn't imagine what was pulling on my hair. ewww


So, then I went to bible study tonight, and my teacher started picking something out of my

hair. I said oh no, it isn't a fly is it???? He had a tiny piece of paper. whew

Driving home it was raining, and dark, and foggy. I wanted to pull over since I could

not see the road, but I couldn't see the road side either.


Well, I made it.

4 years ago

Hi everyone~

Donna your so funny with your story with the flypaper. I've gotten stuck with those before and it isn't easy to unstuck yourself. I can imagine how it was for your hair. Anyways, I don't know where to go to ask this and hoping someone here can help. I was wondering if there was a thread made where members could get picture tags to take and post on their page? I looked at my page and realized I did not have any Cat Lovers pic on my page saying member of Cat Lovers.  So let me know if there is a thread to go to for that. Would really appreciate it.

By the way we got snow on our mountain here. The first snow of the year for Hawaii. Imagine that!

4 years ago

good night everyone.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and withthings going great. Things are good here. Well, the cats, except for Osiris, and BabyFace are off to Stripes' birthday party now. I'm sure they'll enjoy themselves. Black Beauty was outside this morning when I went to feed the outside cats! Hey, I think she might've gone with my cats. She's a friendly girl and likes other cats, she and Sassy are really good together. So, Sandi, if you see a long haired black cat there don't worry it's just Black Beauty. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, sorry your computer is acting up. Hope you get whatever's wrong with it fixed.


Wendy, yes, I'll miss my cats too. But they'll have a good time. Thanks so much for the gift. It's wonderful and I know the cats will love it.  JImi sure is beautiful.


Abo, awesome save on that mother cat and her kittens! The way you had the cab driver stop was excellent and the way you went back to look for more kittens was fabulous! Great job!


Laura, sounds like Aaron is slowly improving and well on the road to recovery. It's great that he's alert enough to ask for things by pointing to them. And it's good that the speech therapist is there. Enjoy your trip to Vermont. See you when you get back.


Donna, feeding the cats backwards? You're so funny! But with vultures like yours I can't blame you for wanting to see what's coming at you! Sorry you backed into a fly strip and got it in your hair. MUst've been quite a sticky situation!


Sally, I believe there is a thread with tags like that. I remember getting one at one time. You may have to look in Archives.


Teri, great to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Darla, I think I fixed the problem, fingers crossed. I thought Baby face was coming, what happened? Their all out in the garage which I fixed up for a party room, last I looked they were exchanging tales about what they have been doing, they all have full bellies and are thinking about a short nap. later.

4 years ago


There was a thread around here with tags for cat lovers group members. I will take a look.

4 years ago

Well I heard from my cats, they all arrived and were delighted to see each other, Buni put up a couple of pics,

Darla yes I thought Baby face was going, Jaz wanted to meet him too, Just asking, are you going to do new threads, as I think, the cats want to post happy Birthday to Stripes, so it will get sooo long, we are saving the best photo's to cats and parties/dressup thread so we dont lose them, glad you liked the present, can you believe we have been contacted for orders, >might be a bit of a business there, glad all ok with you, Buni didnt notice Black Beauty, but then he wasnt looking if you know what he means?

.Sandi glad the cats are all ok, great pics on mouse's thread, you will be busy from now.

.Sugar, glad all ok , All cats enjoyed the Journey, hope your feeling ok too

.Sally sorry I cant help re-tag, Buni was so pleased to see Noss, Sachi and his Jaz, great pics on Mouse's thread, of cake Buni has a pic of Sachi, he will post laterxx

.Donna so funny, but yuk flies in your hair, horrible, all because the vultures would Bite your butt he he he, oh thanks everyone for the compliment re- Jimi, he is the most chilled out cat, we have great chats too , lol, So glad you got home safe after driving in the terrible conditions, double "Hairy" incidents sorry for laughing, hope you have a good weekend, fly and buzzard free he he he,

.Teri hope all is going smoothly, we are all so pleased for you, when you are sorted post some pics  have a good weekend all of youxx

.Laura, sorry I didnt know the "you" in the story was me!!, wow what a compliment thanks very much, , my favourite resturant mmmmm, we have "Jimmy's" where you can go on a trip around the world, yet stay in the same place, >food from all over the world, even lamb from Mongolia,> my other favourite, is "Sizzlers", where they bring you a steak, how ever yo want it, the steak is brought to the table on a black griddle, sizzling , you eat from the griddle plate, adding chips, mushrooms, tomatoes onion rings and salad, delicious, every time you cut into the steak, it makes a "Tsszzz, " sound thats how hot the griddle plate is, hope your enjoying your trip ? have fun chat soon xx

.well all this talk of food has made me starving, so off for late tea, back soon love and hugs, xwendy k x & kelly cats xxxx

4 years ago

Thanks Donna & Darla. I will look up in the archives for it. Probably have to go way back. Sandi I thank you for sending me one pic of it.

It is hot here today in Hawaii. We did have a bit of thunder and lightning early this morning. Glad Sachi and Noss is already off at Stripes' place. Ok, have a good day everyone.

4 years ago

Hi everybody!

Just returned back after visiting mamma cat and her kittens. 

Kittens are fine, they are very active. 

The cat is looking better compare to yesterday evening. And the goood sign- her very good appetite!

According to yesterday's sonogram- there are 2 placents still inside the uterus. 

That's why she needs some shots (Lachesis, Oxytocinum, s/c fluids).

I'll visit her tomorrow.

4 years ago

The cats, Dogs, Frog etc are eating  right now then were going to the park. will post pictures on party thread and mouse thread later. sure is busy around here. everyone is being good/

4 years ago

The Mum is doing well , looks happy, run around between the trees, eat and feed her babies well, babies are sucking good.

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