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Chit Chat ~ October 12, 2013 ~ Closed
4 years ago

Time once again for a new thread. Here's the link to the previous one ~

4 years ago

good morning to get the new place inspect this afternoon,getting close to closeing on the house.all the kitten have been up playing all night long.knocking stuff out of  the cabin  and things they have had a praty  all night why we are gone they  will be sleeping it off.We arae  all looking forward to this inspection this a all have awesome day and enjoy your nice weather.God Bless

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all  doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Except for Osiris, all the cats and BabyFace are at Sandi's place for Stripes' birthday party. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, good for you. Yes, BabyFace is there. My sentence just meant the cats, except for Osiris, were loading up and BabyFace too was loading. I believe Black Beauty invited herself along as well. Though Shasta forgot to mention that in her post.


Donna, great to see you here. I thought I had remembered correctly about a thread like that.


Wendy, yes, you had BabyFace on your ship so Jaz got to meet him. I noticed that Shasta started a new thread this morning and she got a birthday wish in to Stripes. There were some fabulous pictures posted in Mouse's thread. 


Sally, you're welcome. It's pretty warm here too. It's just about 9am and already 80F.


Elena, glad to hear that mama cat is doing well and has a good appetite.


Abo, glad to hear your mama cat and kittens are doing well.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Yes baby face is here also a cat I've  never seen before that I now know is Black Beauty. All the cats have been fed, litter boxes etc. taken care off, from the looks of some of them I think they stayed up all night. The party starts at 11am so Their just hanging out. Later

4 years ago

Very quick pop in , back later had to share this, thought i heard the cats, said noooo they are partying with Stipes happy Birthday Stripes xx, then saw this, (Luke had put this on my laptop) to remind you all cats back monday he he he  xwendy k x & Mini>>>>>>>>>

.Cat vs Parrot: via @youtube  poor cat, crafty parrot  xsalx

4 years ago

It was raining here all day long.but it was still a great day.the inspection at our new house pass with colors.just one more thing to do that the closeing an getting the keys in our hands.which will  happen around Nov.7 2013.we have already sold our moblie home.for more than we thought we would get for its bad self.Happy birthday Stipes from all the kitte's at my house.and they are so sorry for missing Stipes birthday praty.hope you a ll enjoy her day a nd good weather.God bless

4 years ago

 Stripes!! Whiskers would like to come to the party but I told him he has to be invited. Since he hasn't come on here in a while I told him we would have to wait and see. !!!!


Good evening Cat Lovers Just wanted to pop in and say hello...trying to catch up with everyone's posts on here after being away for a little while....have been so busy with work lately and I am so happy to have off on Monday!!!! Tonight my husband Arnie and I went out to dinner for my birthday. We had a good time, Italian food is one of my faves (even had a coupon!). All the furry people have been fed their dinners, litter boxes cleaned and beds set up for the night lol...I hope everyone and their kitties are doing well...Whiskers is following me all over and wants me to settle down already so he can settle down lol. Good night all  




4 years ago

Kristie, maybe Whiskers can come to the big Halloween party. will send an invite later. Stripes thank you, and whiskers would have been welcome.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing fine and with things going great. Things are good here. Checked out Mouse's thread and it looks like the cats are having a fabulous time. We had quite a bit of rain yesterday and it's starting again today. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, glad the confusion over BabyFace is taken care of. I hope he's enjoying the party. I'm sure he's really enjoying all the crickets. He'll amuse the cats by chasing them. A couple of mine always watch when BabyFace starts chasing crickets. From the pictures, it looks like Stripes invited your whole neighborhood! Hope you're doing okay with such a house full.


Wendy, thanks for the cute video. I had Ray watch it too.


Teri, congratulation on the house passing inspection and selling your mobile home for more than you thought you'd get! You'll be in your new home before you know it.


Kristi, great to see you here. It's great that Arnie took you out for your birthday and that you had one of your faves. Hope your day is/was wonderful and blessed. Hope you got settled down with Whiskers.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. Have a wonderful week.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

4 years ago







4 years ago

had a great day.even tho we all stay at home and took it easy all day after all the runing for the house and with a other busy week ahead of s again..I have my nerve doctor and than  I need to gt to the bank to see if the loss check for rexmax came in. and if it did ,I will not need to stop payment the check and run a new check ok to rexmax. so that we make our five day to get the earnest payment made.toward the house.I went this house so darn bad I can treast it.and Michelle is happy for once and so a rae Harry andme and the kitte's,which you can see in the way their all play the past few days. and acting.I just have same packing to do which would only take two days at the most if I kept right at with stoping to eat and use the bath and sleep.and harry ad michelle both help  me pack it all.So it wil not be that darn bad.hope you all enjoy your day and weather .Happy birthday to everyone.God bless

4 years ago

Sandi, thank you and Whiskers thanks you He does not need a formal invite at all Just let him know what he can bring to the Halloween party  !!!!


Darla, thank you!! Hope the rain stops soon over there. How are you and Ray and the cats?

 Here in NY it is cooler out and I miss my flip flops, lol!


Wendy, thank you Whiskers is looking forward to attending the Cat-oween party I just bought him a costume! It is a costume party yes? I wonder how long he will keep it on for lol!!


Is Sugar ok? Is she having problems with her computer? Sending prayers.


HUGS to you Darla, Sandi, Wendy and Teresa, and to all who might post on here after I log off!


Good night,






4 years ago

Kristie, The cat-oween party is at Mouse's. Stripes has a ghost ship that fly's and has warp speed so their going to Transylvania to visit Dracula's Castle, then to Ireland , than back to Mouse'. Details will be posted here and on Mouse's thread I'm sure.

4 years ago

Sugar here.  I was having some problems with the computer, well not the computer, but when I tried to go to care2 it wouldn't respond,.  I tried several times and then I was gone a lot and got lots of phone calls in my available computer time.  Thing will be better now.  Also I was just a little depressed cause I was gone from home so much,  Home is my refuge where I am the happiest.  Things will be back to normal this week!  Teeth are working better, not perfect yet, but better.  Earlier last week Chewy and I checked the farm and their Halloween set up.  Really great.  I just hope those kids of ours are careful in the corn maze.  I don't want them to get lost in there.  I have loved all the pictures.  I saw Chewy, Wosie, Mouse and Nutsy in the pictures.  We can work out the logistics of the party and timing later.  I just  hope they are recovered from Stripe's party by then!   The owners of the farm are hoping we have a wonderful time and come again next year.  They will reserve a time just in case and confirm it with us some time in September 2014.  They will have a few warm refreshments for our kids.  It might be a little chilly, cooler weather is predicted for later this week even.  I just remembered,  I think I still have Lizzie's sweater and BabyFace can have it.  It has a battery pack that will keep her warm so she can enjoy being out with everyone.  I bet she would like the corn maze, lots of crickets there!  I don't know about Taz.  Any ideas, let me know.


Kristi I think Whiskers will love these parties the cats throw.  They had a luau at Noss's home in Hawaii and had a wonderful time.  I love the pictures they take.  I think it is mostly Noss and Stripes and Buni taking the pictures.


Donna you need to talk to your vultures!  They were hanging around my yard and they ate Foxy's food.  I shooed them back toward you.  I did take some pictures before they left.  I'll try to download them tomorrow.


Teri, don't make yourself sick by doing too much at a time for this move.  I hope the check has been found and everything is okay there.


Hey Darla, Wendy, Sandi, Kristi, Teri.  I hope I didn't miss a hello to anyone.  It's late and Punkin is wanting to play as I type,


Saturday, Stripes Birthday, I went with a church group of friends to a Minnonite community and had a wonderful time.  One bad thing happened.  We were taking a different route home over a small mountain and the road was very, very narrow.  We were traveling in a large school bus.  After a few short miles we came upon a box truck in the middle of the road and there were several people skate boarding down the mountain and some one had been seriously hurt and we couldn't go any further.  I never heard anything on the news about the accident, but I hope he is okay and not seriously hurt.  But there we were with a drop off that looked like the Grand Canyon on the right and we had to back up and into a driveway going slightly uphill.  Our bus driver didn't falter, he backed that bus up til we reached that driveway and made a perfect job of getting us turned around safely.  I don't mind telling you I was scared to death, my stomach turned over and mine wasn't the only one.  As he was backing up, you couldn't see any roadside, just empty space!  We thanked God and prayed for the injured guy.  He was down the hill so we never saw him.  Oh, an ambulance was on its way from the other direction.


This morning I tried to get on care2 but it kept giving me a message that care2 wasn't responding.  So I gave up.  Then as soon as I got home, I had to leave to go to a friends house that wanted to go to Jungle Jim's and she never wants to drive there alone.  So again I was gone all day.


Oh well, tomorow, all back to normal!  Home Sweet Home!





4 years ago

Happy, happy, happy!  It's Monday and still the weather is nice.  Might be a shower or two later, but for now, nice!


I am going to get a haircut today.  Just suddenly it seems hair grows too long.  It will feel perfect and a day later, like a shaggy dog.


I hope everyone is okay, and Teri!  Do not work too hard.  Take care of yourself, you are needed.  Waiting to hear the house is officially yours.


Good bye for now everyone.  Have a good day,.



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Raining again today so I just watered the plants under my porch. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Wendy, yes, the parrot was very funny. Ray thought so too. Saw the picture of BabyFace. Glad he and Jaz got along so well.


Teri, hope the lost check came thru. Glad you had a great day.


Kristi, yes have Whiskers join the cats at Halloween. Stripes will be picking up cats up in a haunted ship. The cats usually just bring whatever they can ~ snacks, catnips, toys, food, etc. You're welcome. We're all good. It's raining here but still on the warm side. The kind of weather where one could go out and play in the rain!


Sandi, great to see you here.


Sugar, sorry Care2 was giving you problems and that you were away from home for too long. Cool you checked out the farm where the cats will be going. I'm sure BabyFace would love Lizzie's sweater so he can join the cats again. BTW, BabyFace is a make. Glad you had a good time checking out the Minnonite community. Sorry about the harrowing incident on your way home. Glad the bus driver was such a skilled driver. Enjoy your hair cut. I'll be getting one soon myself.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Well, now that I finally found my password to join my group I forgot what I had to say.

OH, I just saw a long haired gray cat, forgot his name, but wanted to mention that he is a dead ringer for my cat killer bones from the past.


Willy is being too helpful now.   Kristi, thank you for the star for my post with my bottle babies. My friend fixed that photo to make their eyes blink. Willy is named after my bottle baby Willy that passed about 2 years ago. Spitfire and Vondi and Geezer are still doing great.

Well, Spitfire lost some weight thanks to her appetite for plastic.


I was wanting to post her pic of her dancing that my friend made. Most of you saw it, and I was going to put her in Mouses thread but thanks to care2, I can't seem to retrieve any

of my photos now.

4 years ago

Hope all the critters made it home okay. Stripes had a great birthday thanks to all of you. Its quiet here today, were just cleaning up and resting . Love to all.

4 years ago

Hi Darla, Donna, and Sandi!


Darla I had visions of going over that ridge into space and worried about the furkids and was afraid period.  I'll have the sweater cleaned and batteries replaced and extra's to go along with it.  It really will be some Halloween!  I think we better rest up for it.  How can those cats do all that traveling and partying.  I would be done in for a month of Sundays!  Sorry BabyFace, since Lizzy was a girl, I tend to use the feminine terms,  I won't again.  The sweater is a nice blue, suitable for a boy or girl.


Sandi you know how to plan a party!  My kids came in all bright eyed and cheery and all talking at the same time.  Then all at once they just almost fell over sound asleep.  Thank you for the care and wonderful time you and Stripes provided for them.  And for all the gifts.  I love mine very much.  Thank you,


Donna!  Your vultures come to Foxy's feeding station every time I step out the door now. l Please calll them home!  They are little piggies!



Buzzard 4.JPG



They are driving me nuts with those hugh shadows over my head, it's scary.  Maybe we should enlist them for our Halloween party, Sandi and Darla, what do you think, they are scary looking.


Buzzard 3.JPG

4 years ago

Good Morning world!  Just a drop in to say possibly the last of the warm weather here today,  Temps are going down to the low  60s and high 50s with night being a little cooler too.  I think I am going back to bed.  All morning chores are done and it isn't even daylight yet!  I prefer longer days of sunlight than darkness.


Later everyone,



4 years ago

Me too Sugar, I was up late/early as usual, 3am !! the house is quiet, I have 2 glasses of wine, and write my work reports,( popping in to care2 to relieve stress at intervals) was up 8am put washing on, prepared dinner/tea, put vac round, cats came in, still tired from their late return, so at 9.3oam, we all went for a nap, the three of them just curled up, and were asleep in 5 mins, Mini who had been sleeping, decided to get breakfast and go for a morning stroll, we were up midday, cats popped out, and now Eric, and Jimi are asleep in the window (on the sill), Buni is out, Mini is lying on the kitchen table, fast asleep curled up in my cardigan,

It is cooler here , sunny this afernoon, but at night now it is cold, 44f brrr.

Well have to pop to see the nurse re- my blood sugar count, lets see what she advises,

Donna your vultures are soo checky, they remind me of the vultures in "Disney's" Jungle Book, so funny, they had Liverpool accents, "now dont start that again" did you ever see that film,? my friend cried when Baloo "died", we were saying, "dont worry Lin, he isn't really dead" he he he, "and he is a cartoon" !!!!!!

Hello Darla, Sandi , Kristie, Teri, hope your ok and having a good day will chat soon,love and hugs x wendy k x and kelly cats xxxx

oh do any of you play this, I love this site, answering the trivia questions, (only 2 questions)

great photos on here too, bet you all do it but just incase>>>>>>>>>>..

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4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Had a doctor's appointment yesterday and that went well. My cats and BabyFace are back from Sandi's place and are all sleeping off the party!   Scamp is lying on the floor with his belly showing, he looks so cute. Kona's in his hammock and Cinder's on the printer. Not sure where Shasta's sleeping it off as I can't find her at the moment which menas she's in one of her hiding places. Osiris didn't go but he's sleeping in the bedroom. This morning Black Beauty met me at the door when I went to go take out food. Then she just walked in like she owned the place! I had to pick her up and carry her back outside. She then led me to the bowl and started eating even before all the food was in the bowl. Last night Ray went to go take out the trash and he called me out to the porch. There was a fairly big possum under the stairs! Ray walked over to the stairs and the possum started to hiss at him so he backed off. Not  much else happening here, just my usual.


Donna, so Willy's being helpful huh? That's so cute. You know there's nothing like a helpful kitty. Glad you got your password. Sorry you can't access your photos.


Sandi, does your house feel empty now?


Sugar, no need to be afraid. BabyFace says it's no big deal. When my mom comes all  the cats and BabyFace are referred to as "she". I've been correcting my mom for years but no matter how many times I tell her that except for Shasta they're boys she still does it! So they're used to it. Cool the sweater's blue. Yep, if I partied as much as our cats do I'd be done in for a month of Sundays as well. They seem to have the energy for it though. Great pictures of the vultures! Yes, they'd be great at Halloween! So, do Foxy and KItty Kat get anything to eat now? Did you get back to bad? I can't imagine having all your morning chores done before daylight. You must've been up early.


Wendy, now what are you doing up at 3:00 am? I'm sure the house is real quiet at that time! Sounds like you got a lot done. Hope your blood sugar is where it's supposed to be. Thanks for the info on Free Kibble and Free Kibble Kat. I go to both daily as well as to The Animal Rescue Site.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago


The second photo is the one of my vultures. The first one is a distant cousin. I have not

seen them in a long time.  I really wish the black ones didn't all look alike.....


I open the blinds and they are peeking in.... Peeping vultures. I am getting mad at them though, as they do not let Bubba eat his meals.  Hopefully, we can coax him to come in.

HOPEFULLY, if he does come in, he will use a litter box, otherwise I might never get him

back out.... However, I do have a few slobs around here, and one got my desk this morning. Another one got my left foot and leg when she was lifting her back end up while peeing in the box. I was doing another box.


Freeloader, on thin ice, got my right leg and foot as I was peacefully reading the bible.

He is now back out into the utility room. He is getting so old now.... Can't get too mad.


I went out to vote today, only to find out it is the 15th, not the 16th.

4 years ago

Good Grief!  I was half done and lost my post.  There is some key here on the old computer that takes everything away.  I'll try again.


Donna I'm not kidding.  As soon as I step out of the house and head to Foxy and kitty's food bowls, a large shadow looms over me.  It goes to the tree just behind the fallen tree and sits and waits for me to either die or leave the scene.  I keep telling them to go home, that you have chicken for them.


Darla I did go back to bed with Chewy and Kenny and had a great cat nap.  It lasted at least an hour.  I'm going to do that again.  Cats are smart!  I'm glad they invented the catnap.  Tell Baby Face and all the kitty kats hello.


Hi Wendy, since Ray is gone, I have no set schedule for ordinary things any more.  When I wake up I usually just get up.  I am working on staying in bed a little longer in the morning because it is coming on winter and the days are shorter.  That goes for meals, showers and every thing.  Tell the Kelly cats hello.  Especially Buni.


Hello everyone else too!  Tomorrow is a new day for new adventures.



4 years ago

Donna, a distant cousin huh? Well, I wonder what they're doing at Sugar's? So, you have peeping vultures? Poor Bubba, the vultures eating his food. Hoppe he comes in and uses the litter box. Sounds like you've had a few issues. Yep, today's the 15th!


Sugar, sorry the vultures loom over you like that. Glad you  got a catnap. Yep, cats are very smart when it comes to catnaps. I told the kitties and BabyFace hello. They all send their greetings back to you.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Just off to bed no sign of Buni, how I hate him out late, they have all been so good lately , getting in at latest 8pm but tonight, it is a lovely night with a really bright moon, and the last few days, have been drab and raining, so I guess it is a great night for chasing!!

Sandi is having a problem posting, I messaged her, hoping she could post in soon we will miss her and stripes too much

I visited the information for all, and passed on the slow cooker recipes, I put there, now it's turning cold they will come in handy, put it on in the morning, and hey presto a cooked meal for tea time,  well good night all, off to call that flippin Buni again, I am going to be so popular with the neighbours , clapping my hands and whistling at , now 12-50am !!!!

love and hugs xwendy k x and kelly cats xxxx

4 years ago

Hi again Darla, I wish Donna's vultures would go back to Donna.  So does Foxy and Kitty.


Nighty night!  Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!



4 years ago

Good morning sleepy heads!  At least those in my time zone.  I just put some food out for Kitty and foxy.  The buzzards are still in bed.  I hope Kitty and Foxy show up before they wake up.  My little twin deer were here already and have eaten and gone.  They stopped for a snack at the crab apple tree before they left.


I have a dentist appointment this morning, the stitches may be coming out.  We had a shower beginning at six and it's all gone by now.  I hope we don't get any more today.  Darn I can't wait until I can eat normally.


How are you Teri?  Are things okay with you?


Hello and have a good day everyone, I hope to do so.



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Got an e-mail from Sandi saying she can't post. She wants us to know she misses us and is not ignoring us! Black Beauty met me at the door again this morning. She tried to get inside again but I was able to block her. She sure was eager for her food. It's raining here again today. Not much going on, just my usual.


Wendi, so you shared some slow cooker recipes. That's great. Will have to check them out. Hope Buni came home last night.


Sugar, sorry you have vultures now especially since they keep eating Foxy's and Kitty's food. I hope they show up early while the vultures are still sleeping. Hope your dentist appointment goes well. BTW, I restarted the Wildlife and Scenery thread and posted your vulture pictures there.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

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4 years ago


Vultures like canned cat food, or a cooked meal as well as raw meat. They  remind me of a sneaky dog that waits for the opportunity to steal the cats food. I use to put food

on the front step for a stray cat, and our dog slid from the back to the front, and finished it

in one swipe. Vultures will not leave if they see food. The black ones I mean. The other

ones, the red heads, might get scared off.

4 years ago

 photo tigger5_zps6275fb87.gifJust wanted everyone to know were back . Stripes & me missed everyone. I'm too tired now, as trying to catch up.

4 years ago

Had a proper scare with Buni missing, I was soooo distraught, I couldn't even post here, we had a phone call , Buni was in the next village, he had been wandering around, what got him noticed was his kitten meow, he sounds so young,  no idea how he got there it's 10 miles away, I was worried last night,> he hadn't checked in, I have to say he always checks in, within two hours, he makes himself known, with his high pitched loud baby MIIIOOOWWW, rather than >meow, see the difference miow, rather than meow, oh you know what I mean .

The other three cats were wandering up and down the garden, when he was missing, and every time i went out to call him, Mini was with me, so then I was worried.

Finally 5pm we got the phone call, he was at the vet there in the next village, the person who found him, took him there, to get him checked over, and to see was he micro chipped. He was delighted when the vet was able to contact us, and he left,

.but the vet had his name etc, so I gave the vet a card to give to Buni's rescuer.

As soon as I got there Buni was crying to get out of the holding pen, the vet laughed, and said , "Mom I presume " Buni was fine, but did have marks on one leg, that the vet said he may have been caught on something,  I told the vet Buni checked in every 2 hours, when he was out of the house, and I had been devastated when he wasn't in by 6am,  We both agreed he had been snatched, but Buni is fiesty, and could well have broken free . We wont know for sure,but when you think> Mini >? and her story.

Well he is grounded, Buni was hungry, he had a big cuddle from me, then Dad, Eric and Jimi, have taken turns in giving him washes , even Mini, gave him the briefest of nose kisses, but allowed him to sleep next to her >(for a while).

All 4 cats are fast asleep now, Buni inbetween Jimi & Eric, and Mini on her perch by the door. The house is locked up, and no-one is going anywhere, so I am off to get some sleep.

Hope you are all well>>>>>oh good news about my blood sugar, it's normal, we have a different counting system to yourselves in America , my count is a little high at 5.05 , it should be around 4.05, and 6.05 =type2 diabetic,>>my  Liver =great>> Kidneys=great, and cholesterol = low !!! , weight too high theres always something, but considering everything, not bad at all .

.Teri any news on the house?

.Donna helloooo hope all well with you?

.Darla, glad all not too bad for you

.how did you get on at the dentist?

well sleep time, love and hugs xwendy k x&>4 kelly cats xxxx

Sandi hellooooo sent you a message , xxxx

4 years ago

Sugar, all is moveing way to fast for me the past few days.Harry sign 75 sheet of paper on tuesday for the house,which is per signing closeing papers.been doing a lot of running for papers the morage company  is going to make it its getting a lot closer to moveing and signing the final papers.which I just can not wait for any longer.


I hpeo that you all had a great day. and had wonderful weather.God bless.

4 years ago

Friends I want to THANK ALLAH WHO HELPED ME TO SAVE THE CAT MUM AND HER BABIES , It is a very happy moment and feels so happy while watching these babies sucking and mew from time to time and feeling how the Mum is happy running , jumping on the trees and feeding her babies .

Friends , just wanted to express how happy a person be when he helps an animal in general and homeless cate and thier children  , it is a wonderful moments .

Have a happy time and  Hi to everyone .

4 years ago

Oh, Wendy, how horrible for you to have to go through this and poor Buni,  I swear I love him almost as much as you do.  I'm glad I didn't know as it was unfolding.  Give him kisses from all of us, even if he doesn't want them!  What's going on anyway that someone would catnap a little one.  And poor Mini, I bet it brought home her experiences.  So glad for I.D. Chips.  Right now I am trying to help a friend find his dog.  He is worried sick as am I for any lost animal.


Thanks Darla for posting 'Donna's" vultures.  They aren't mine.  I took their picture but I am trying to scare them back home to Donna's,


Hang in there Teri, it will be worth it!


Glad you and Stripes are back Sandi, so is Mouse!


Abo you are so right.  there is nothing greater than the feeling of doing a good thing for one of God's little ones.


I hope I didn't miss anyone.  I am ready to go looking for Cody some more.  I was out at the crack of dawn looking for her and now I will be driving around looking for her for a while.  Cody is a senior dog, kind of gimpy and hard of hearing.  That makes it harder to find her.  She can't hear me very well. 


There is a crow out there right now looking for anything Kitty might have left.


Oh Donna, those vultures like meatballs!



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Well, I called the facility where I'm getting my mammogram to see if they received the fax from my doctor with the order. They had not. This made 2 faxes they had not received so I called my apartment office and asked for the fax number then called my doctor and explained the situation then asked them to fax th eorder to "me". They agreed and did so. I received the fax! I'll just take the order with me when I go get my mammogram. When I wen to go pick up the fax from the office yesterday I saw Sunshine on the porch! Then this morning Black Beauty met me at the door again. Yes, she tried to get inside but I was able to block her. Once again she was so hungry she started eating before I finished pouring all the food in the bowl. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Donna, great to see you here.


Sandi, glad you're back!


Wendy, so sorry you had such a scare  with Buni. Wow, he sure was far from home! So, you think he was nabbed by someone and he got away? Glad he wasn't injured. Sorry about the marks on his leg. It was nice of you to leave a card for Buni's rescuer. Glad your blood sugar was in the normal range even if it is on the high side of normal.


Teri, glad things are moving forward on the house even if it's a bit fast for you. Better to be on the fast side than to be going too slow.


Abo, yes, it's a very happy experience when you've rescued a cat and her kittens. Glad to hear they're doing well. Many years ago I was ina similar situation when I rescued a litter of 4 abandoned kittens. Luckily I had a nursing mama cat with 4 kittens of her own about the same age. She very willingly adopted the 4 orphan babies and treated them just like her own so she nursed 8 babies.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Sugar, your post wasn't here when I began mine. You're welcome for posting Donna's vultures. Hope you're successful in scaring them back to Donna's. So, they like meatballs huh? Just how did you learn that? I hope y'all find Cody.

Take care and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Mummy is giving me just a minute or two on the computer thingy.  But, we do want to send hugz and kisses to our friend, Buni.  We luvs you!

Ginger and Guy

4 years ago

Darla I put meatballs out for Foxy and the vultures ate them.  Glad you got the faxes, good idea.


Well Cody is home.  I spent the entire day helping look for her and then found she was in the animal shelter.  She was picked up at 8:30 last night and taken there.  Thank goodness she had her collar with id.  To get her out it took $61, which was okay, even better than okay, but then her owner got a ticket for not having his dog under control and that was around $150.  That wasn't okay.  It was just an accidental escape while getting her in the car.  It's not like she was running loose.  Oh well, she's home.  I can quit worrying.


Hi Ginger and Guy.  Guy Kitty Kat got a breakfast today.  She looks good.


Thinking of you Buni.  Glad you're home and okay.  Be careful all of you cats.


Hi Teri.



4 years ago

We all know how you feel Abo. You are a good man with a good heart !


Yep, those vultures like meatballs, and also spaghetties too. 

4 years ago

Just hello and good day, I'm looking forward to a quiet Saturday and Sunday.  My quiet week I looked forward to didn't happen.  I still need some time alone here with my critters.


Have a good week end everyone,



4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Black Beauty met me at the door again this morning and was eager for her food. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Ginger and Guy, we love you too.


Teri, great to see you here.


Sugar, so the vultures like meatballs huh? Poor Foxy not getting her meals now. She needs to show up earlier to get them. Maybe if you feed the vultures elsewhere they'll leave Foxy's and Kitty's food alone. I know you want them toleave but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Wish there was a way you could communicate with her and tell her so. Glad Cody is home. I sure don't think it's fair that he had to pay to get her back or that he got that ticket. Though I guees they claim that the money to pay to get her back is for room and board while she was there. Still, even with th emoney he had to spend, it's great that Cody is home once again. Hope you get your quiet weekend with your critters.


Donna, great to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. Have a wonderful weekend.

4 years ago

 photo wc21_zpsa90e64be.gif Morning everyone. Halloween is getting closer, hope everyone is rested up. Glad Cody was found, sorry he had to pay to get him back.  Teri  glad to here your getting the house, I remember how  excited I was to buy my house back in 1976. still here at same place.  Donna I can just picture  Vultures with  spaghetti on there heads has that happened, it would be funny.  Sugar Stripes sends headbutts to Mouse. Have a great day .

4 years ago

yes,things are going so fast.closeing is Nov 7,2013 and than web will have the keys in hand.and start to move michell in first..being that sheb all ready have ,has your room pack and set to she will move in first.than we plan to move room by room in until it cames to hevy stuff.we find  out there a place that move hervy stuff  for us for $135.00 and with have it moved in two hours and will set sstuff up for us as well like the beds my desk and carbins.and big throw we may use them for the house and stoage bin because I am closeing off the storage bin to save 125. a month.well I hope that your fridfay was good to you and your weather good all so.God bless

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