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Recently realized the cruelty of declawing / Introduction to group
4 years ago

Hi all! I am new to the group and would like to introduce Myself
My name's Amanda and I am guardian to 5 fur-babies. My oldest is a silver-brown Maine Coon I picked out of the county animal shelter about 11 years ago. His name is Leo.
Summer 2008 My beloved indoor-outdoor Sophie Le Bleu disappeared, After an exhaustive, intense search I went online to seek new babies. I found Cleo and Chloe on CL... they were being kept inside a metal rabbit cage outdoors in the middle of summer!!! I immediately contacted their dealer... a Persian breeder. She said that if the (unintended) kittens were not gone shortly that she would take them to the high-kill notorious county shelter. So, I drove 65 miles to retrieve 1 kitten but fell in love with 2.
Chloe had 2 kittens (She'd snuck out for an hour when young, neighbors cat bred with her). Now I have a family of 5.
I call Chloe "Mama", because she rules the roost. She's a dominant Female who is take-charge, intuitive and full of love. She is the new love of My life.

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4 years ago

I discovered the cruelty of de-clawing recently when I visited the local pound. I say pound because "animal shelter" is hardly an accurate description of such an animal hellhole. The poor kitty I saw had difficulty walking, it was painful to see. She tried to go into the litterbox but popped right out because of the pain of her disfigurement. Her toes were noticeable malformed because of this procedure. Don't get a kitty if you are more concerned about your furniture being scratched than their cats wellbeing. If they actually gave a 'd' about the cat she wouldn't be sitting in a pound anyhow. Common sense. I'm sure they'll be great parents with that philosophy, I pity anything birthed to those people. Selfish, superficial pricks.

4 years ago

Hi Amanda,

Welcome to our cat lovers group. It would be a cold day in hell before any piece of furniture

came before one of my cats. We throw the furniture out when  it gets too bad, or if someone

is giving a couch away.


I bought a couch at a yard sale, and it was outside, so I could not smell it. My neighbor,

the dog lady got it the day I got it home, as it smelled like a wet dog. I was gagging, and

we brought the old couch back in.


We have a thread somewhere with all the info on the declaw stuff. I don't like to talk

about it as it creates a bad atmosphere among us cat lovers. BUT, the ifo is there for people that can stomach reading it.

4 years ago

Amanda, to our group. I am also mom to 5 cats. Osiris is 13, Shasta is 10, Cinder is 9.5, Kona is 2.5, and Scamp is 1.5. Osiris, Shasta, and Kona are all DSHs while Cinder is a Russian Blue mix, and Scamp is a Maine Coon mix; all are rescues off the street having been found as kittens. You did a good thing rescuing yours. Yes, declawing is a terrible thing to do to a cat. I'll admit my furniture is scratched up. We live with it b'cuz we would not get a cat declawed for such a reason.

4 years ago

to our group AmandaDeclawing is very very cruel I agree.

4 years ago

Hi Amanda, I also have 5 cats, Kenny, Little Joe, Punkin, Mouse and Wosie.  I have been neglecting your post because I hate declawing and even though Kenny is declawed, that is how he was when he found me. Everyone but Wosie was a stray and on the loose.  Wosie was a stray but had been picked up by my vet from a gas station.  But welcome!  Sorry I am so late.



4 years ago

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