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Silly alliterations game
4 years ago
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The Goblins were thoroughly fed up with the gnats biting them, the Goblins held a meeting under the bridge, they saw a swarm of gnats by the water, "I am convinced" said the head speaker of the Goblins, "that the problem with the gnats, is all the fault of the Trolls", -a murmur of agreement was heard from the rest of the goblins, , "the gnats are spreading germs when they bite us too, so much so that we have to wear gnat proof gear , we then look more like footballers, about to start the football games off, I suggest, we go to see the gents, who do the farming, we can ask for a loan of their billy goats, and what did the Billy goats Gruf do my fellow Goblins? Yes they kicked the Troll off the bridge , the Troll will die,- but painlessly, and so quickly that his ghost will run off, the gnats will all follow his ghost, our problem will be solved, we return the goats, rewarding the goats, with plenty of winter food, they couldn't get >due to the troll, and we can get on to being properly dressed Goblins", Hurray all the Goblins shouted.

The very next week, the Goblins carried out their plan, it went like clock work, The Goblins were gnat germ and troll free,> the gnats were happy chasing the trolls ghost,> the troll didnt know he was a ghost, and was happy to leave the smelly stagnent water under the bridge,> the gent farmers were happy with their contented goats, > so were the goats happy to be contented, and they all continued to live happily from then on. 

Mountain, Moles, Market, Moon , Memory, Moment, Many, More Makeover, Money ,Movies, Make.

The moles living in the mountain went to the market, and had to moon the local mice that  that tried to do a makeover there. There were many moles that were working on the place, but for a moment in time, they lost their memory, and wanted to make time with some molette at the movies. She was apalled at the rude behavior of these moles, and for a moment thought about  putting them on the market for sale rather than running the market.

4 years ago

I don't know how my post got on to the last one by Wendy.. Here it is here.

The moles living in the mountain went to the market, and had to moon the local mice that  that tried to do a makeover there. There were many moles that were working on the place, but for a moment in time, they lost their memory, and wanted to make time with some molette at the movies. She was apalled at the rude behavior of these moles, and for a moment thought about  putting them on the market for sale rather than running the market.

shoes  sale  silly soap  seek sunny  stone  sweet scotch  swiss  stale

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4 years ago

Buni the  Silly  cat wanted to visit the Stone that's in the center of  England. First I need some new Shoes, and Need to find them on Sale. Buni sit off to Seek a Shoe Store with Sale Shoes. Finding the right pair wasn't easy they had to be just right. After getting them Buni needed supplies for the Trip. After Dining on Swiss Cheese and some Stale Bread,  and drinking some fine Scotch, it was time to go. Arriving Buni found a Sunny spot with Sweet catnip, a little brook, where  it looked like a nice Spot for a bath. Taking out the Soap, Buni had a quick bath. Laying down in the Sweet Catnip, Drinking some more Scotch. Buni fell asleep dreaming of The great Halloween party !

4 years ago

 Sorry forgot the words.           Fine  Friends  Fun  Fright   Flight  favorites       Fries  Forever  Far  Frogs  Fancy Food 

4 years ago

One fine day Stripes and Buni set off with a packed lunch which by the way was full of fancy food, to find their friends, and Stripes's boyfriend Mouse, in the hope of a fun filled day. when stripes and buni were walking and chatting, they failed to hear Buni's brother Eric, sneak up on them, both Stripes ana Buni jumped in fright, but were soon laughing after telling Eric how silly he was scaring them, so to make up, Eric said, guess what is just over there behing that bush ? for goodness sake Eric, Buni said how could we possibly know , then Stripes said, tell us Eric go on, Eric suddenly started to run, shouting come on it's an airship, we are going on a flight to our favourites places , we can go and see Noss in Hawaii, and Jaz the frog . Stripes asked can we pick up Mouse ? yes said Eric, and our Jimi, as well as Wosie Chewy, ginger, guy, Shasta, Kona Scamp, Cinders Babyface, we can have an adventure , Hurray said Buni, wait can we get some fries to go with our fancy food, it will feed eveeryone then, Hold on said Buni Hawaii is very far, it will take forever to get there, silly Buni Eric said, when everyone is on board, we travel faster than the speed of light, Hawaii is 6 hrs behind us, so we can be there, before we left here, and back here for supper, What? said Buni, -you explain it to him Stripes, eric said, I have to plot the journey , all aboard the airship. Now Buni it's like this said Stipes, er it's just what Eric said, so stop worrying and lets have a great day, come on lets get Jimi, then my Mouse, then all the others, Hawaii here we come, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


4 years ago

Letters were sent to all the party animals telling them about Cinders party. Stripes asked Buni  What is Lemins? When you ride in a Lorry do you use a Lamp and as it Loud? I love how Jaz can Levitate above the pond in Hawaii.  Lets all board the airship and go to the Lounge where we can have Lemons with are water if we want. We can be as  Loud as we want while Laughing at Buni stories. Since we all met no one is ever Lonely. Stripes is so cool to Lend the fish ship to Noss. Its getting Later than I thought so gotta go now. Later cats, Dogs, etcs. See you in Texas!                       Party, Presents, Parks, Pals, Perfect, Paris,  Periwinkle, Persimmons, Petit four, Pistol, Photo, Pipsqueak, Pram?

4 years ago

The "newlyweds" Mr & Mrs Periwinkle, returned from their honeymoon in Paris =thats Paris France "Gay Par'eeeeeeeeeee" . Mrs Periwinkle suddenly remembered , "Presents" quick she said, "lets go open our presents from our pals , look Mr Periwinkle , perfect dish for our petitfour, lets have a party to celebrate", "good idea Mrs Periwinkle, first lets see which of the parks have trees bearing persimmons fruit, you know how everyone likes that" , "another good idea2 said Mrs Periwinkle," lets go now, we could do with a stroll after the travelling, and excitement of presents". 

Whilst out on their stroll, the Periwinkles bumped into, who else but Mini , Osiris, Kenny and Babyface, who were all taking a stroll themselves, they all hugged each other, Mrs Periwinkle then explained why they were in the park, Kenny told them both ," indeed there is Persimmons fruit here , infact just over there, so no need to trapse around other parks" , "you must all come to our little party tomoorow said Mrs Periwinkle, adults only, on this occasion","Hey" said Mini "both of you stand by the tree, and Osiris will take a photo of "the happy couple" Then Kenny had them all laughing by saying, "make the most of this time, Mr &Mrs Periwinkle, cause I predict you will soon be saving for a pram for little pipsqueak Periwinkle" infact Mrs Periwinkle's laugh was soooo loud it sounded like a shot through the air, -that it made Mini duck, "It's ok Mini said Kenny", , after the photo, Mrs Periwinkle said," I am not sure about the way Babyface is looking at us, is he hungry?" Osiris laughed and said ," your ok, you would have to worry if you,were a cricket he he he," - "oh said Mrs Periwinkle, well cheerio, see you tomorrow, maybe Babyface should stay home, as the crickets are coming tomorrow?"  "Dont worry" said babyface , "I will eat before coming to you swaray", "Oh good" said Mr Periwinkle " cause I want you all to come, you are most charming cheerio", "cheerio" called Mini, Osiris, kenny and babyface, they laughed all the way home, "your charming, no your charming, no your charming" he he he. xxxxxx


4 years ago

One night a neighbor cat named naughty Nick was on his way to nowhere land, not wanting to do nothing, but was notorious for doing it all at once. He said No for the first time in his life. He was a yes cat with nine lives. Nowadays he  tries to live by some good standards, and even says no, no way, not today...  He often goes out partying in the day now, rather than the night, as he has nothing to hide now.


chips chops clips cropped crap cream cheese cranberries chocolate eclair corny.

4 years ago

Donna Eclair was having terrible problems with her vultures, who it seems had their own problems of "o.c.d" where blankets were concerned,in order to distract the vultures from the blankets, (belonging to her cats)- Donna threw out chips and chops for them to eat, trying to fill their ever empty stomachs,- only to discover that night,- skunks had got wind of the free food, and were trying to dig their way into Donna's house, for their favourite food, -cream cheese!!.  Donna chased the skunks away,- telling them -"skunks that steal cream cheese and cat food, get their tails cropped, and i have the clips to crop them", the skunks jumped up in fright> "crap said skully skunk run for it". > Donna -who would never really have hurt them,- later, threw choclate and cranberries across to the next field, telling the skunks to stay in the field, or no more treats. On returning home, Donna faced ever hungry vultures, who were dancing on her roof, to a song that was playing on the radio, calling out for a better song, saying this is "CAW-NY" -get it ? = corny.> Looks like Donna Eclair's problems with the vultures will be a riot,  caw-rect cawed the vultures caw-ha caw-ha caw-ha !!!!!


4 years ago

It seems the Moles were ready to move onto the Movie lot under a full Moon. One old Mink  who was quite the Merry sort said wait those actors from the Movie Marvel Shield  eat Moles for breakfast! The lot next block over  , someone is mowing you will be safe there. After one Mishap after another they were getting ready for the move. one Mole  said to the others we have one last moment to get it right, maybe this time we can outrun them. Sure enough the lawn was in Mint shape just waiting for them to tunnel in. There they lived happy and safe Thanks to the Merry old Mink, who really wanted to live on the Movie lot all along!  ........ Crows , Crafty, Carrots, Cake, Crane, Christmas, Cokes, Cabins,  Coins.

4 years ago

The Crane family , were relaxing in the cabin they had rented for their Christmas holiday break, the children were watching a dvd while munching cake and drinking coke, Charlie the youngest and most crafty of the three Crane children, eyed up choclate money coins, hanging from the Christmas tree, quick as a flash Charlie managed to grab a choclate coin for each of the children, -once again settling down to watch the dvd,  suddenly , everyone heard a big commotion outside, out of the blue, their neighbour's vultures appeared, all making a terrible noise, squabling over food that was put out for , "Father Christmas's" reindeers, Their neighbour Donna Eclair arrived, and ordered the vultures home, politely advising the Crane family , not to put food stuffs out, because the vultures had eyes as sharp as Eagles, when it came to food lying around, even though it was only carrots!!!!!!. The Cranes thanked Donna, then went back inside, but were really shocked to see several Crows inside the cabin , who were just finishing off the remains of the childrens cake, Donna being a good neighbour, rushed back to help  the Cranes flush the crows out of their cabin.  After all the goings on, Mrs Crane made a special pot of hot choclate and insisted Donna join them, Mr Crane laughing remarked, what with vultures pinching the reindeer's carrots,then the crows pinching the children's cake, > Charlie our crafty youngster is hoping we wouldn't notice the choclate money coins missing from the tree , Charlie went to protest, but Mrs Crane said "Charlie >BED", so shuffling loudly Charlie went to bed, followed by his brother Tom, and Sister Sally.  The Cranes and Donne chatted for a while, then Donna said, "time for me to go, I have to sort the cats out for bed,  suddenly there was a loud noise on the cabin roof, Donna laughed calling to the Cranes, it is ok, no vultures, just Santa's reindeers, HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS , HO HO HO called the Cranes, quickly closing the door >just incase !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


4 years ago

Old Fred the fruit really loved to eat his flapjack in the morning. He only ate one  at a time, but he did flip when somebody tried to take just one of them. He had a funny saying though, he always asked for his flippers rather than his slippers when he went  to find a good fish to get frying on Fridays. 

He would always frown when his friend was falling in love with a frog. It was so fabulous to watch him when he climbed the fence without falling, especially when there was fog that morning. Later in the day he would flop on the sofa to rest for a while.

car at camera chilly creepy craved cold cheese  chicken  crepes comb cut

4 years ago

The chicken with  the bad comb over just missed being hit by the car backing up, good thing they have a camera. It was a chilly morning but the cat craved some cheese crepes cut into 4 pieces so he could share. Cutting through the creepy cemetery he arrived home just to find the crepes were cols, but they ate them anyway, mean while the chicken is checking out flying lessons............................ Bats, Bars, Beasts, Beauty, Bones, Barns, Brown, Bags, Bagels. 

4 years ago

The cats from Mouse's thread sat around dicussing what they needed for their Hallowe'en adventure, "we must take Bagels for the dogs, we can treat them for protecting us, we need brown paper bags, for the bones we will collect, next we need a map, to plot the course for the barns we will visit", the oldest cats, Kenny and Osiris said "dont forget to find out where the bars are , for when this "hunt the beasts" is over, as we would like a nice drink after, with Mini the Beauty too of course". So the gang set off in search of the Beasts. they followed the map which led them to an old empty creaky barn, pushing the door open , the door creaked eerily, and there in front of the cats, were, about a hundred eyes all staring at the cats, the cats not being the bravest, let out a scream , dropped the brown bags and ran as fast as they could to their  airship, the dogs followed gobbling up the bagels that were dropped on the way, the cats once on the ship, agreed lets just trick or treat with Aunty Sugar, they then zoomed off, leaving the bats in the barn, scratching their heads, saying, "what was up with those scaredy cats, no idea said the head bat belladonna, but lets go back to sleep , it's not even properly dark yet sheesh" !!!!!!

Morning, -Move, -Mood,- Mad,- Mavis,- Mayhem,- Moment,- Mud,- Meddling, Mirrors,- Munching,- Monkeys


4 years ago

One morning some martians decided to move but were in a bad mood. So they decided not to get mad, but to make mayhem instead. In one moment they were all playing in the mud. Then they were meddling with moving boxes and modeling in the mirrors. Then they were munching on Muenster cheese, mashed potatoes and marshmallows. They had a marvelous Mad Hatter party until the monkeys came and mushed all of their food.   

*cat, cookies, chef, cook, crack, cupboard, can, case, crisp

4 years ago

Wendy you tell the best stories ever!

4 years ago

I just lost the post I give up.

4 years ago

Mrs Cook, was fed up with her chef, saying "call yourself a chef! have you seen those coookies, they are so crisp through too much heat they have cracked"!! Mrs cook then smiled at her cat, saying " Alfie  please pass me that big white can from the cupboard, it has cookie dough in it, we will show that chef - oh you still here, well off you go, don't forget your case, bye bye ".  

Now Alfie said Mrs Cook "we will bake some cookies , some for me, Mr Cook and the children, and some special tuna cookies for you, because I dont know where I would be without my darling cat Alfie, -and Alfie make enough for your friend  Kona isnt it his Birthday soon, you can drop them to him, tied in nice paper and a blue bow, why ever did we put up with that chef Alfie?, know what I think we could make a nice little business you and I , making cookies, we can call it Alfie & Mrs Cooks "All Flavoured Cookies" yes I can see it, funny how things turn out isn't it Alfie" mwha "lets get cracking" he he he



How to play?
4 years ago

Hmm how do I play this game?

4 years ago

I found the stories and I love it Wendy!  When I have some time I will try it too!  I didn't have time enough to read all yet, but I will!  You guys are good!



4 years ago

Thankyou Sugar, we enjoy the stories, he he he.look forward to your's %#&!*%


Ashley, you make up a silly story about anything , as long as you include the words,- left by the person who said the last story,

It doesn't need to be as long as the one I did, ,I just love writing them,> so go (it happens to be me) to my last post with the story about Mrs Cook, at the end you will see several words beginning with S, they are the words to build your story with, > (oh you have to use all the "s" words i left) but in any order to fit your story.

when your finished you leave the next words, but they have to start with the same letter, >scroll up, read the stories, you will get the idea, it's fun  x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Stripes wanted to visit all her Friends at the party .  She needed a new pair  of Shoes but they cost seven Shillings. So she thought maybe she could stand outside the Shop and Sing Solo for the money. Since the Sun haven't Shone that day, she  decided Sleeping sounded like a good idea. The next day she got up called her friend Buni and said lets go to the Shop and since the Sun is so hot today we will find some Shade and then  Sing. They only got 2 Shillings, so decided to wait for the next Shift to arrive. Finally after a few Hours they had enough to get 2 pairs of Shoes. Slipping pass the  clothes aisle they proceeded to the Shoe department where they found  many fun  Shoes in different colors . Stripes said I don't like the shape of any of these, Lets go to another Shop. They left and decided to have a snack where they ran into Mouse who was with Jimi & Eric. Then they all when to another Shop where they ran into Noss & Wosie. Stripes found the perfect pair and they were on sale for 5 Shillings. they all decided that was a good deal. So Stripes has a pair of red Shoes for the party.  Pink,  Purple, Plaid, Pretty. Pants, Pears, Pearls, Pigs, Pictures, Photos & Pretty.

4 years ago

Plaid Pears was always being asked about her unusual name, Plaid politely answered , well it's a "Celtic" name, ->actually Plaid was named -plaid by her parents, who used to wear Plaid pants whilst eating pears that had fallen to the ground.

.Another interesting fact about her name, was thanks to the farmer,- with whom the family lived, the farmer, once said to his wife, "look at the pigs over there, eating windfall pears, ha ha ha, Mr & Mrs Pears, and the piglet look at the patterns on her , looks like plaid pants"   - the farmers wife said, "ok the family are, Mr & Mrs Pears and their daughter Plaid Pears, he he he,"

.On hearing this the pigs instantly adopted the names , naming their daughter -Plaid Pears,> but Plaid,- being Plaid prefered her version .

Plaid was getting ready to go out to meet an unsual gang of friends, -there were the cats, Stripes, Buni, Mouse Noss Shasta, plus all the others who lived with them, then the dogs Sachi,Teddy, Coco, Squirrel- Nutz, frogs Jaz & Daz, bearded dragon -Baby Face, mere cat Hal, and heaven knows who else would be there, so Plaid put on her,  purple hat, row of pearls, pink dress, and set off to meet the gang.

Plaid was going to look at pictures of the gang's last adventure,- and was hoping she would be invited on the next one, then,- she to would be in the photos.

.On her arrival , Shasta, Stripes and Noss exclaimed , wow don't you look pretty Plaid, -Plaid thanked them, and was very pleased when Coco said, "you must come on the next trip", Mouse and Buni laughed saying "what a gang we have, wonder who will join next"?- Plaid was secretly hoping it would be a nice handsome boy pig called Garth or Jeffrey, then laughing told the gang, "well you know that "Muppet Show"? they had a funny sketch called "Pigs in Space" and I do look like "Miss Piggy" " -The whole gang laughed enjoying the good company of >well each other, till it was home time .

Divine,- Day, - Delight, - Dump, -Damp, - Down, - Dust, - Dirt, - Dart, - Drink, -During, - Dancing.   

4 years ago

It was going to be a delight , St Valentines Day, in Paris Texas, all the cats from Mouse's thread were going, except Mini , Osiris ,Kenny and Baby Face, they were meeting for their own special time.

.Captain Kirk had a twinkle in his eye for Shasta, he was collecting Shasta and her bro's, so he made sure to dust, dump the damp chairs, they got damp, when the hatch was left open during a rain storm, when Kirk was happy there was not a shred of dirt any where, he was happy to entertain the cats aboard his air ship, Kirky drew a big heart with a dart in the middle, the top had the intials S.T and the bottom C.K , happy Kirky made his way down to the computer to have a chat to Mouse and Jimi, Mouse said "it will be great, champagne cat nip drinks dancing,>  Jimi !!> look everyone knows you love Noss, he he he even Noss, so we can dance the night away, and now Kirky, wants to dance with Shasta, wow, . 

Meanwhile Shasta ,Noss and Stripes were talking, Stripes was saying "girls, it will be a delight" > , didn't take long for Noss and Shasta to agree, >however Wosie who was also chatting to Buni said," let the love birds have their night , the rest of us, will see the sights, we will be the happy bunch">, "Wosie, Buni, Eric, Punkin, Skamp, Kona, Teddy & katies cats, Sachi Chewy Coco, >Hey wouldn't Punkin and Scamp make a lovely couple,?" both so furry, lets see do thet get on" .  Ok see you Kelly cats, we will have a great time night %#&!*%"

Eric then said to Buni , "you like Wowsie don't you", Buni said "shut up Eric, we are too young , lets just have a great time being in the best gang ever, and I mean everyone, the love birds , Mini Osiris Kenny  Baby Face,as well> we are the BEST. >roll on Friday, right Eric, I am going to steal your bed ha ha ha ha" Eric chased Buni saying "NNNOOOOOOOO" HE HE HE" 




4 years ago

 Stripes is so excited to be going to the Valentines Party. She's looking for a Paper Pattern to make Pretty hearts for her sweet Mouse.  For only mere Pennies she found some very Peculiar ones, that were a Pain to do.  A Pretty Parrot flew by and said check out the Pop & Mom store. Stripes went there where she ran into Buni looking for a present for  Wosie, who he kinda of liked. They saw some silly Putty that they though was fun to play with, counting their Pennies they were able to buy it. Leaving they ran into  Eric who was pushing a Pram with that Mini in it. They all had a good laugh at that. Hey, Buni where's Jimmi at? Buni said look behind you he is talking to Noss. Everyone decided to go to the café where they all had a saucer of milk and talked about all the Parties they have been too, and the great Halloween one where all the Parents went with. They all decided they had a really good gang of fur kids. The end.....                     Ribbons, Roses, Red, Real, Rumors, Reason, Romance, Riots,  Right

4 years ago

Red Ribbons, was a gorgeous cat, and a friend of Captain Kirk, Red was asking Kirk, where he was going for Valentines, as there was Rumours going around, that- Kirk had taken a liking to a certain kitty from Texas, INFACT said Red, "you were seen carrying 12 real red roses, the only reason a cat such as you would buy then carry 12 red roses, is for romance- am I right"? - Kirk replied "well Red thats for me to know and you to find out,"    Red then asked Kirk, any chance I could tag along? are there any more nice kitties in Mouse's gang?" Kirk replied "I will get back to you on that red" -Kirk was thinking ,> it would be a riot to say to Red yeh Mini, he he he but boy >she will hang you out to dry,<> >mmm Red might enjoy the challenge!!, >so Kirk said nothing<,.

Secretly Kirk was thinking -sorry Red not this time, I am not taking any chances, that cat is way too good looking.

  "Ok Red got to go, be intouch buddy,- hey lets go for that game of pool, tomorrow, see if we can find you a sweet talking girl"  "Your on Kirk, pick you up 8pm" - "great Red see you then"

Kirk then went home to sort out things for his weekend away, looking forward to seeing everyone, especially sweet Shasta  ahhhhhh , Kirk ( he said to himself)- stop,> go put your washing on huh!! , Kirk went off whistling to himself.


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