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Uncondtional love
4 years ago

Every cat owner knows that their cat loves them unconditionally. they don't yell at them, they don't scream at them, they just love their owner unconditionally. And that's one of the best characteristics about them.

4 years ago


4 years ago

The nice part is being able to experience this unconditional love and allowing ourselves to love them back in the same way.

4 years ago

Well, I love mine unconditionally, BUT, I don't think mine would love me if I quit feeding them, or kept yelling at them, or threw something at them... I think they would head for the road to find a happy house.

This is why it is said that we do not own a cat. They are with us out of choice, unless of course we lock them in the house with no way out. Even so, if you do not treat your cat right, they will HATE you with all they have, BUT, I do believe that most of us cat lovers love them unconditionally... I use to have a cat that lived on my porch, and he hissed at me the whole time I fed him. Now, finally, I got him in and he is a sweet heart.

4 years ago

My kitties are loved too much according to a friend that has 2 cats.  She scolds and sprays and maybe even swats their little butts if they do things she doesn't like.  If she doesn't like a cat's personality, she shouldn't have cats, but at least they are out of the cold and getting fed.  I try to look at it like that.  Tiger, the newest one here, was in my chair here for about 15 minutes and of course I just stood here and typed my posts.  I won't run the sweeper in a room if they are sleeping there, I won't make a bed if one is asleep there.  Wosie hides and jumps and grabs my leg when I walk by (no clawing) and startles me.  Kenny nails my bed down all the time.  Who knows what Tiger's thing will be.  Any way to make a long story shorter, I adjust to them, they run the household.  I just wish they would do a little of the elbow grease instead of the managing.  Love my furkids.



4 years ago

Sugar and Donna I understand. Every morning my bed never gets made until I come home from work because someone is always sleeping on it and I don't want to disturb them. I won't vaccum if someone is sleeping in the living room because they are so afraid of it (because of that I don't vaccum as much as I would like too). Many people tell me that my cats are spoiled and I am perfectly fine with that, I love them so much.

4 years ago cute!!  I spend alot of time typing while standing; I'm almost getting good at it    I won't run the vacuum when Savanna is sleeping in the room because she is scared of it.  The other 2 cats couldn't care less.  I know I spoil my cats but they are happy which makes me happy!!

4 years ago

My cats love me, as long as I feed them.

4 years ago

Stop feeding them Ashley, and you won't win a popularity contest, huh?  Mine wouldn't resort to begging, but I would guess I would get the ugliest look they can give me. 


Angela, I have seen me and Jimmy walk around the living room  like that game we played in kindergarten called musical chairs. Everybody keeps walking around the chairs, and when the music stops you grab a seat.... I have also gone to bed and let the 3 cats that are on my chair sleep.


If I want to eat my own dinner, I have to hold my plate up in the air with my left hand, and quick lower it to grab a bite, then back up again. Usually it isn't worth it, so we all eat. Then, my sister was here, and she said I will be getting worms. Then here comes the story about her daughter getting worms when she was young, that the dog ate off her plate. Ewww. That did gross me out, but I said these are cats.


What I really think happened was her daughter got pin worms... Human ones.

We  could get infected walking bare foot in the dirt, or, eating a live flea, or, eating half raw pork. None of that seems desirable to me.



4 years ago

Meow meow! Until I feed them lol. Cuddles is a garbage disposal and Ariel won't stop meowign till she's fed.

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