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10 years ago
| Blue Label

I'm putting on my thinking cap. NO, that's not the, how about my flying knickers?!

OK, guys, this is my first (& so far only) group, so any suggestions or feedback are welcomed!! I know we are super-small right now, but we have grown to 15 members, and that makes me happy. I want to give people a reason  or two to pop in & visit us and to invite their interested friends, so let me know what you want to see, or start your own brainchild-thread. Diversity is the spice of life...

anyone? alguien?
10 years ago
no one has any bright ideas? I'm working on a couple...but I could use a brainstorm
Something's amiss cuz I went down by one member today...
10 years ago

well, whaddaya gonna do? 

10 years ago

Almost forgot the "ita".....oops.

Well....I am thinking that everyone in the group could tell you what they want to learn or why they joined, and maybe what level of espanol they are at. Ummmm....have a thread for Spanish only, and another for members to try to translate, and maybe another with just common sentences? Just the little I have been exposed to I seem to learn "something" be it on any level. I could see how a fluent person could get bored, hence just one thread to enoy writing and communicating in espanol solemente??? I will think on maybe what would work...but I do think by asking your memebers the above would maybe help you.

con much amor,


8 years ago
You know here in Internet there are addresses that can be usefujįl and imagine if for each Internetīs address you must write a new topic the group will be witha a lot of topics because there are a lot of useful addresses here so my suggestion ikk is that you put pinned to the group forį example a thread where people can write useful Internetīs addresses that way all Internetīs addresses useful for the group will be in the same thread as reply to the message and you donīt have to read one topic other topic... all addresses will be in the same thread so it will be quicker to you to look for Internetīs addrewsses and the group' will be more clean of messages/threads all threads for saying Internetīs addreses useful for the group will be only in one thread/message