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7 years ago

Mama set up a new People Place so that our Humans can chat, too.  My name is Lionel and I'm a yellow long-haired tabby.  I'm not sure how old I am, but my brother, MeeToo (a beige short-haired tabby Manx) are neutered and maybe close to a year old.  I have 2 sisters.  Harriet is a Tortie Manx and Little Black Kitty Without One White Whisker has long hair like me.  LBKWOWW has a blog with Belle in "Catnip Chronicles".


Mr. Tabby, I'm glad that you all are safe.  I've never seen a flood, except on TV.  We live close to a river, but way up on top of a hill.   Mama says that if it floods up here, we'll be talking in cubits.  I don't know what that means, but I think that it means that we're safe from water.


Nice to meet you all.



7 years ago

Hi Mr. Tabby, Glad you and your family are safe from the flooding and have your net back.

We miss you too!

Hope Maryellen gets her 'puter to like care2 so we can get more updates on everyone.

7 years ago

Hi Mr. Tabby - good to heer that you are safe and dry.  Mom's are good at purtecting us.



7 years ago

This is Mr Tabby ... we are dry ... something big called flooding took everythig away down the road into the water ... Mom cannot find the people place. But we just got lectricity and innneernet so maybe that is enuf??  WE MISS YOU ALL

9 years ago

Wow that is one handsome cat.  He's kinda cute for a young one. 

Welcome, Koko.  Nice to meet you.  Don't worry about Henry.  He'll get used to you.

Davey Jones

9 years ago
Ohhhh! So pretty!


9 years ago


This is my newest boy, Kokamo or Koko for short. I am a Ragdoll.

I flew to Florida from Maine to be with my new family, I am very sweet, smart and a little shy.  I am a little afraid of big Henry cause hes big and scary. I talk and say ma ma just like a human baby. I am one year old.

10 years ago
MaudieMy name is Maude Penelope. I turned 1 year old on October 31. I like to play games. The other day I pretended to be a joey, sometimes I pretend Mom is prey and ambush her. I have been known to "build" hideouts to jump out and surprise Mom from.
10 years ago

My name is Big Ben, but everyone calls me Benny.  I'm Bubba's litter mate.  I'm a long haired grey tabby.  I have a favorite pillow for napping.

Big Ben

Maine Coon and Other Long Haired Fluffy Cats
10 years ago
| Blue Label
Bubba on the shelf

I'm Bubba and I'm 1 year old.  I came from WV  and

am the only black long haired cat in a litter of 5 boys.


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