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Vegetarian lifestyle Transformation
13 years ago
| Nutrition

How do you become a vegetarian without killing your digestive system?

I tried it on my own once, after I got out of the hopital from pancreatitis. And, at 1st, I thought I was having a reoccurrance of the pancreatitis. But, it was hitting much lower than that. Then it hit me that it was my digestive system more or less shutting down.

Do I have to get off meat slowly or what?  I am also a Diabetic, Type II. I have read that diabetics should never do without meat. Is that a line of hocky in order to keep me diabetic and buying meds. or is it for real?  But, they do tell you to start eating more fruits and vegetables. I've been diabetic for about 6+/- years and I'm still confused about all of this. I'd go to a dietition, but they cost money that I don't have and plus they are programmed to tell you things that keep you diabetic. If I could find the right combinations of food to eat, I could at least get a better grip on my diabetes and lose some weight, or actually get rid of my diabetes. Being a type II, I have a chance to get rid of the diabetes. If I don't get it under control and lose some weight, I will turn into a Type I. If that happens, I'll never have my life back and I'll always be a diabetic.

I've also read that meat is the root of all diseases. So, I figure that I need to eliminate all meats(well,red meat in particulare, anyway).

Can anyone help me, here?

13 years ago
Hi, this is Lester.  I was reading your story about wanting to get off meat.  I have been a vegetarian for 36 years.  I got off all meats all at once.  Now I have been a diabetic for 4 years and still have not touched any meat. I am a type 2, I keep it under control with a prescription med and diet.  I also supplement with natural herbs.

Vegetarian lifestyle Transformation
13 years ago

Hi Lester,

My last doctor's visit proved to be strange. When I showed my doctor that I was taking a cinnamon capsule with my meds., he took me off my current meds and put me on another med that does not work for me at all. But the cinnamon capsules seem to bring my bloodsugar up instead of down. So I quit taking them. The only other solution  I can think of, is to change my eating habits all together. When I asked him what to do about eliminating meat from my diet, he had no solutions, whatsoever. Go figure. He's a doctor, I think. I figured if anyone could help me, it would be him.

I am seeing another doctor tommorrow morning(per hubby's request). Maybe, he can help me.

13 years ago
here're a couple of links you can check out which might help you:
i think it's a really good idea for you to see another doctor. i have to say though, at least in usa, med school students are only required to take one nutrition class (this may be changing.. we can hope!) so, often times doctors are unable to give sound nutritional advice. best of luck finding a solution!
13 years ago
Hi Rebecca,
That first link that Celene sent is very helpful.  It spells out the pros and cons of eating meat.  As long as you can get your proteins, iron and b vitamin from another source it would be better.  I get my proteins from vegetables such as beans, peas and I also use the soy products, milk and meat substitue from soy.

The second link Celene sent is not clickable, maybe something was left out.
13 years ago
i just now clicked the second link and it worked for me. i hope it'll work for you, rebecca; both are full of valuable info for you
About the Informative Links
13 years ago

Thank you very much, Celene, for the links. They were very informative.

I was never aware that we were never supposed to be omnivores. But, now that I think about it, in the beginning of the Bible, the Garden of Eden didn't have any animals to eat. God didn't tell Adam & Eve to slaughter and eat the animals. They ate fruits and vegetables. Helllooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, now that I have eaten those poor animals all of my life, my body doesn't know how to do without that heavy part of the meal. I guess it will have to adjust, won't it?

Imagine trying to be vegetarian with an omnivore who insists on his meat. This might go over like a fart in church. He likes hassling me over new things. He thought it was great when I failed the last time I tried be vegetarian. Maybe, I can get around him this time. Then I'll have the last laugh.

13 years ago

I would agree with you about getting off the meat to help you manage your diabetes, let alone get rid of it.

However, I caution you, diet alone will not help...I know it's easier said than done, but exercise + diet is what works. I know it's been said before...And I have to have it said to me sometimes...especially since I am the scholarly sort who prefers to read and sit on the computer. But find an exercise you enjoy and stick with it. If you can get your hubby to exercise with you, so much the better for him as well as you.

However, I would also recommend something else: do your own thing. If the hubby continues to rib you (no pun intended), then keep on doing it. If he can't hack the veggie thing, then it's his own problem, not yours. No sense in caving in to someone's teasing even if you love 'em to bits. I apologize for my bluntness...but it had to be said, IMO. It's your body, not his.


13 years ago

You have been given some good info by Lester, Celene and Kat.

It seems to me your question is more about diet and diabetes; we have 2 very good folders packed with good information.  Here are the links:

Newly Diagnosed Type II Diabetic 

 Healthy recipes for diabetics

It seems to me that some of the above information would be good in that first folder, so if all of you posters (Lester, Celene & Kat) would like to copy the relevant info into that folder, it would be helpful for other diabetics looking for information.

Vegetarian lifestyle Transformation
13 years ago

I saw a new doctor today. He changed my meds and added some new meds. He thinks there might be a problem with my colon and wants to run some tests. I'm already feeling a little better and my bloodsugar went down considerably, just that fast. Blew me away!

I got a really great feeling about this doctor. He cares! That's really rare these days. I really hope I'm right about him. I'm tired of feeling sick all the time.

He fully agrees with me getting off the meat. He told me that he wants to help me do better and feel better. Oh, He's also my hubby's doctor. Now hubby can't get away with anything. The doc and I have him where we want him now.

I may or may not get rid of my diabetes, but now I feel that I have a much better chance of getting it under better control.

Thanks to all of you for your advice and your links. I've got to get used to new dishes and flavors and no or little salt. This is a great group and all of you are some awesome people. And as for bluntness, I'm usually very blunt, too. When you flower up a message, it sometimes gets lost. Sooooo!! Send me no flowers, and I'll understand you better.Ha!! Ha!!

With Best Wishes to All,


13 years ago

That is great news!!!!

So you are ready to get started on a new way of eating.  There are so many good folders here to explore.  Here is one that is a must Easy Vegetarian Ideas

herbs and vitamins
13 years ago

do you take a digestive enzyme at all. Garde of Life has a great one that is vegetarian, this mite help. also there are more herbs and vitamins that can help one to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. alpha lipoic acid, gymnema sylvestre, chromium, juniper, fenugreek, bitter melon and vanadium in the form of vanadyl sulfate. too bad that cinnamon didn't work, i know it does help a lot of people, but everyone is different. maybe some of these mite help maybe you have already tried them just some suggestions.

13 years ago
also taking some probiotics mite help too... if your having digestive problems while trying to go veg.
Thanks for the Suggestion
13 years ago

Thank you Crystal for the information, but I have tried all of those herbs, and unfortunately they didn't work either. I keep wondering if I really am a diabetic. I've been thinking that either I am a type I and have been for a very long time and we just never caught it til just lately (yeah, right) or there's something else gone haywire and it's messing with my bloodsugar.  I've been extremely tired here lately and easily agitated. My new doctor is going to run a whole bunch of tests to see what's really going on. I hope he succeeds. No other doctor has been this interested in finding out anything.

I've always been real active and hard-working, until I met my husband. He talks me out of doing alot of things. So, I end up just sitting around. He's also the last one to offer any help with anything. I don't even feel like me anymore. This has to change. Maybe that's all that's wrong with me. Maybe if I get active like I used to be, everything will disappear, healthwise. And just leave him sitting in my dust. Whatta you think?

Tips for a Vegetarian
13 years ago

Lots of good tips here for you Rebecca and I will add some more!


There is a whole arena of foods that you probably have not yet discovered that will fill the gap.  For instance there are dozens of varieties of grains and beans.  Also things like tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds and a whole vast range of vegetables that I am sure you have yet to discover. 


So my main suggestion would be to go to the supermarket or better yet go to an Italian or Chinese food store and cruise through the fruit and vegetable department and buy something that you have no idea what it is but like the look of.  I love my veg.


I enjoy going to Chinese food stores as they have so many odd things that fascinate me.  Chinese greens are a wonderful addition that are full of some many nutrients.  For some insipration see this folder GREEN LEAFIES!

Vegetables help with digesting protein, especially raw vegetables that are filled with lots of natural enzymes. Go to  SALADS FOR ALL SEASONS

13 years ago

Often digestive problems with vegetable proteins comes from poor combinations or preparations.  Beans for instance really do need to be prepared carefully to get the goodness from them.  Often digestive problems with vegetable proteins comes from poor combinations or preparations. 


Beans for instance really do need to be prepared carefully to get the goodness from them.  I will rarely eat beans when I am out as I find most establishments do not know how to prepare them. See our great folder on this vast subject: Beans, Beans & more Beans!!!!


Most of all have fun with your new food and your husband may find your enjoyment contagious.

Also as you say exercise is an important part of being healthy and so is enjoying yourself a way to good health.


Thanks a Bunch, Diana
13 years ago

My doctor put me on a 1600 calorie diet. The nurse gave me a list of daily meals to follow to the letter. She gave me a list for people from the far South. Diabetics are not suppose to eat any organ meats, and on the 1st day, chitlins is for lunch. I don't think so. That's pig's intestine.I can't even imagine eating that. There's some meat on this menu, but not as much as I was eating. I guess they are weining me off of meat. There's also some muscles,shrimp, and clams and some fish. I can eat the fish, but the rest of it I have a hard time keeping it down. That's even when I like them, too.

I used to think that I couldn't eat an egg unless it had the yoke. I had an omelet the other morning and it was delicious. I really don't think I'm going to miss the yoke as much as I thought.

Since I got off of my herbal supplements, phytoestrogen and Evening Primrose, and some others that I was taking, I feel so much better. I don't know if I had the combination wrong or the herbs were not what I needed.

I figured that I'd be starving on this 1600 calorie diet, but I feel comfortably full. In fact, I have to check the clock to make sure that I'm not missing a meal. Lots of fruits and veggies. I'm not missing my sugar free snacks(cookies, candies

, pies, etc.).  I love it. I can already see the grocery bill going down.

Well, I'm going to bed now. I got alot to do tomorrow.

Lots of hugs,    Rebecca 

Hi there again!
13 years ago

I'm sorry for not getting back to you all sooner. I went back to the doctor a week ago and I've lost 6 lbs. in 2 weeks on this 1600 calorie diet. I'm feeling much better. The doctor put me on another sugar pill along with the pill that I was already taking. He says my triglycerides are way too high so he gave me a pill for that. And he gave me another pill for my hypertension as well. He didn't find anything wrong with my colon, though.But I'm doing better in that area. Bad diets can really do damage if your not careful. I'm beginning to feel like a walking medicine cabinet! LOL I'm not a couch potato anymore. LOL



11 years ago
Hi Becky 

So good to hear how things are going.  Great news to have lost weight eating a healthier diet!!! and not starving!  How is it going?

Good food can heal almost everything, so perhaps in time you will not be a walking medicine cabinet.

11 years ago
Very true.....good, healthy veggies and fruit can work absolute wonders
in healing the body. I'd also like to add something I knew about 6 yrs ago, but was just reminded of tonight in another group.


If we're feeling down on ourselves, or allowing anyone else to do this TO us-it effects our achievements even tho we don't consciously realize it. An example, in short---I know someone who left a bad relationship after many years, and they were very obese. Not long after they left, the weight started to slowly come off without even trying-because their surrounding environment changed-they were no longer being abused mentally and physically. So; they changed their lifestyle to accomodate how they then "felt" (meaning-better) and lost the excess weight.

So please do not allow hubby to undermine you in ANY manner.

A word about using holositic/herbal supplements~

1) if your body doesn't need them, it will most likely reject them-causing one to feel sickly.
2) unless one has the "exact combination" correct-they can do more harm than good.

I've learned these "rules" in animal medicine, and it's pretty much the same in human medicine.....

We can get all the protein and good health our body could ever need in fruit and veggie sources.
11 years ago

I appreciate all that has been said. Rebecca listen to all and be discerning too. I think if you have a great GP and is very interested in  you well high fives to you and them.

I had a professor dealing with me and he was a disgrace. The educator told me nothing and said if you leave then you wont get anyone like me again. I thought OMG.

The professor had absolutely zilch interest in me as I think I knew too much and he never offered me anything nor encouragement. He just pffffffffft me off or blew me away.

I said to my GP I am going to sack him. Sack to me is quite a strong meaning rather than saying I am finding a new doctor.

I have been a diabetic since I diagnosed myself in May 2000 and it s been a bit hard  dealing with it all. Its a rather mysterious problem.

Last year after nearly a year of study and trying to get well thru an accident not to do with diabetes I decided like Kathy said to have an attitude

I adopted this Attitude and shifted my mental thoughts. I also decided to really take note even more on nutrition. This time I was like 'ROCKY" with a keen edge.

I have lowered my readings over three mths by 2.5 and I eat mostly vegies. I dont eat white potatoes EVER but sweet potatoes only. I also have realized just how disasterous Aspartame and artificial sugars are for spiking diabetes and effecting more body organs then drinking it for joy. So since the beginning of the year I have not eaten junk foods. I havent eaten cakes, biscuits and I occasionally eat regular yoghurt and find one that has a reasonable low sugar content WITHOUT aspartames and artificial sugars.I drink lots of water. Coffee spikes BP so I only have a few cups per week or just one. I drink tea. breakfast is porridge which apparently is good for diabetics and add hot water with a teaspoon of skim milk and a sprinkling of cinnamon on it. like 1/4 teaspoon a few grains.

I walk that is the easiest thing to do.

I have a great attitude which you need ot get to 'win' and I am hoping to REVERSE my diabetes. I am a type2 already I have lost a lot of weight and they will I hope be surprised. I havent weighed myself at all but my clothes all of a sudden hung on me.

We can beat this if ew are pro actived and focused on us without be OBSCESSED. Relax and take note.

Thre are many folders in here regarding ASPARTAME and the like. Dont fall into the trap of believing what they say regarding artificial sugars ok or  you will never reverse  your diabetes.Squeeze juice in water if  you need too. I dont water is sweet. I read  ALL NUTRITIonal panels till I find the right one. I eat a bit of tuna and less meat than that. Mainly fresh vegies n fruit in season..dont eat outside the season. Dont eat rice or pasta or spaghetti at night. buy only wholemeal and if you do only eat a tiny amount. Look  for  Basmati rice only.

Do do alot of research on here care2 and in google

just switch your mind to a new programme and mindset

WE will kick this! The meds for me are costing more and more each month. The pharmacutical companies and the like rub their hands in glee.

best wishes


11 years ago

here is a highly informative web site

also it has information re type 1 as well Plus other information. Perhaps your husband might like to read up on this too.

You mentioned that you didnt think you had diabetes. I dont present very many symptoms either. Interesting huh? Tiredness is caused by either eating to much food like you do at Thanksgiving or Christmas and that reason is because of the high GI. Foods that are empty calories or foods that are high on the Gi or too high causing a quick conversion into sugar will make you very tired. Empty Simple Carbs arent good but Complex Carbs are. It takes a bit of concentration but in the end you 'will get it'I promise.


11 years ago

When you eat veggies that are cooked over 105 degress it kills all the emzimes and there for you are not really getting all the good stuff from them you should try and eat about 85% raw and 15% cooked alittle to get the benefits of all the nurtrients in them.


11 years ago
Rebecca has received 1 new, 147 total stars from Care2 membersRebecca has been awarded 64 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Rebecca D., adjusting to a "no meat" diet and including grains, beans, lentils, etc. will take some time. If you've read Paul Pitchford's book "Healing With Whole Foods" ... he describes the "adjustment" and the various problems people have with digesting grains and pulses, how the body goes thru the transition period ...and, don't be surprised that it takes a few months!
You mentioned getting off your supplements and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) advises that supplements stress the liver and spleen and people should often take a break from ingesting supplements.
Hang in there ...
10 years ago

This folder is full of good tips!

Often people ask me how to go forward into a Vegetarian way of eating.....well this folder is full of intelligent tips.

Are you working towards a Vegetarian way of eating?

9 years ago

I see that this folder is missing some very important information; we have a number of good folders filled with wonderful vegetarian recipes. Here they are:

Easy Vegetarian Ideas 


Vegetarian Main Courses... 


Vegetarian Ideas #2  


Vegetarian Crockpot Recipes


Vegetarian Recipes for Kids

9 years ago
Thanks again Diana. I'm still struggling through the transformation which came about abruptly in my case. And it's two of us going through this.
9 years ago

Here is another link you can read

9 years ago

Jalena, I gentle with yourself and just do your best.

It is so worth it in the end to be healthy and food is the important key.

I'm new here
9 years ago
    I just joined this group but I'm finding some great Info on vegetarianism and diabetes. I too dignosed my type 1 diabetes, but I'm a former med student as well and have a diabetic son. We are predisposed to be diabetics in our family. My daughter is showing signs of pre diabetes, but I have been able to keep it from going rampant overnight. I use green tea 4 times a day with 1/4 tsp fresh ground cinnamon, 2 cups of black coffee made with purified fitered water daily along with a veggie diet and most of my protein coming from soy. Some from beans, but soy is great. I have other issues, but with my insulin and current medication schedule, I've lowered my A1c from 10.3 to 7.9 in a year. I never thought I could do it, but my pups have helped me keep walking with the arthritis, and they wait for me. We do 10 miles a day. I think they have saved me from myself. Stress has a HUGE part in keeping sugars up and also fried foods are a no-no with us as it tends to keep it up and clog arteries and hurt kidneys. I alreay have kidney damage to my auto-immune. My diabetes is secondary. I have found digestive enzymes in papaya to work well as my pancreas is almost nonfunctional altogether. gatroparesis can also be an issue to those of us with dibetes. It's a paralysis of the stomach. Fruits and veggies have been perfect for me. My family still consumes milk products. I eat yogurt for my bone health and drink goat milk from a friend's pet goat, but we are trying to go off these as well. Soy milk helps, but sometimes I crave yogurt. I feel lucky to have diabetes because it made me start taking better care of myself. Is it bad to still eat chocolate? Lol it's my passion. I don't have it very often, but I really really love it.
9 years ago

Hi Brenda, have you tried making yogurt from goat's milk?  It's dleicious! I get mine from our local farmers' market and I'm hooked; I can't eat supermarket yogurt any more!

No I haven't
9 years ago
    That sounds WAY yummy! Where can I find the recipie?
Vegetarian Lifestyle Transformation
9 years ago
Brenda M,
If you really had been a med student you should have learned better about proper management of diabetes and nutrition. An A1C of 7.9% is abysmal-- you are clearly NOT well controlled at all with your current eating patterns. "Controlled" diabetics keep their A1Cs below 6.5% (well-controlled ones at below 6%, like non-diabetics). Caffeine from coffee wreaks havok on blood sugars, so your 2 cups a day are contributing to your problem. Eating lots of fruit also pumps up your blood sugars (fruit contains the fruit sugar fructose, which is a one-step conversion in the body to the blood sugar glucose-- table sugar is sucrose, which is also a 1 step conversion in the body to glucose-- get the picture?) You need to maximize your intake of green veggies and legumes, take in some fruit but make sure it's less than half the quantity of your vegetable intake, and get in plenty of lean sources of protein (fat-free dairy is an excellent choice, tofu, etc.). You also need to take in plenty of vitamin B12, as you can only get adequate amounts of this from animal sources, and if you are choosing to be a vegetarian you will be deficient in this essential nutrient in no time. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that chocolate is absolutely OFF the list for any diabetic. Go see a registered diatician who specializes in diabetes management, and quit fooling yourself. Since your children have glucose intolerance issues as well, what they're learning from you will screw them up unless you straighten up and fly right. Good luck!
9 years ago

Tinna, this was taken from a very early post from this thread.  As you will see it says that meds school students are only required to take one nutrition class.  ( by the way...I don't mean to be typing in red but it's what happened when I copy/paste from the earlier post) I do not know if that has now changed but even doctors are not very up on nutrition.  Brenda is new to care2 and although you seem to know what you are talking about, you came on a bit my opinion.  I have no real medical backrground other than I was a HHA for a short time so I know nothing along the lines of nutrition...well, I read the box..  I have been working on changing my life time of bad habits.  Not an easy thing.  Brenda at least knows she has to work at it and is doing that.  I don't mean to sound like I am coming down on you but that is how you sounded to me when addressing Brenda. 

This is the earlier post:

here're a couple of links you can check out which might help you:
i think it's a really good idea for you to see another doctor. i have to say though, at least in usa, med school students are only required to take one nutrition class (this may be changing.. we can hope!) so, often times doctors are unable to give sound nutritional advice. best of luck finding a solution!

Brenda, you sound like you are really trying to take on your illness.  So many times I see friends or family depending on pills to do the work for them and continue the same behavior that got them sick in the first place.  Or didn't worrry about what ran in the family ....not going to happen to them.  Good luck with all your efforts!


Managing diabetes via diet
9 years ago
My father lived with type 1 diabetes for 40 years, and I've lived with severe hypoglycemia for 30 years. Every doctor we've ever seen has given us one bottom line for managing our conditions.

Every 2-4 hours eat enough sugar and carb to get your blood sugar levels up above crashing followed by enough protien to maintain it till your next meal. An example small meal would be an apple and a cup of cottage cheese. Stay away from caffeine (coffee, chocolates, black teas, etc) and foods not created by nature. Otherwise, all things are acceptable as long as they're in moderation.

I've managed my condition without medicine for years following this simple guideline. My father was insulin dependent, but using this diet his levels were mostly controlled during the daytime hours.

Good luck finding the right combination for you!
9 years ago
I've started keeping cottage cheese and freshly made peanut butter and apples around for those hunger outbursts. Sometimes they happen in the middle of the night. I also am trying to get use to the "feeling fullness" of not eating meats.
I also have gastroparesis
9 years ago
    Tinna, I know you mean well, however, I have 6 kids, and when my endocronologist saw me for the first time, my gall bladder was decaying in my body cavity and my A1c was 10.7. I am a former med STUDENT not a DR. I have a nutritionist and my diet mainly consists of Fibrous fruits and veggies only. My stomach is completely paralyzed AND my pancreas is non-functioning. My auto-immune produces eventual complete sysrem organ failure. It's not just diabetes. My son maintains an A1c of 5.3 which is Excellent and the standard is 7.6 or better. I have gone from 10. to 7. in a year. With paralyisis of digestive organs. I do eat chocolate that is dark or organic flavored with stevia that runs at the health store I go to for around 3 dollars a bar and my coffee is de-caf my friend. It's a bad idea to judge those you don't know. I took 2 nutrition classes and every 3-6 months, I meet with my registered dietician so she can see what is working, what is not. I write everything down that I eat even if it's a bite of something. There isn't anty othere way for me to live except to fight for my life everyday. I also have no immune system as it is working against me not for me. I have gamma globulin IvG and until 2 months ago was back on steroids which isn't good for your glucose records either. I work closely with a team of 9 docs monthly for my condition. I don't subscribe to bitterness or judgement, but I wasn't supposed to live past birth. My parents were even offered a new baby when they adopted me because I wasn't to make it through the night. If my collected glucose goes below 175 at night, my husband has to give me a glucagon shot. I have these weekly. Sound like brittle diabetes? It's not. It's just how my gastrintestinal system empty that requires me to test every hour to hour and a half every dady and night. My latest A1c is a miracle for me. CGM hasn't even gotten a pattern we can work with and I do eat as heathful as I can. I am undoubtably human, and therefore, I make mistakes. Chocolate soymilk doesn't raise my sugars as high as a baked potatoe with skin, so I drink it occaisionally to curb my cravings. I take multiple shots including Iron and B vitamins monthly because of not being able to digest. I am just glad to be here with my kids and if you find fault with my LIFE, that is your opinion. Nothing else. I eat 3 servings of fruit a day. The rest is mainly vegetables. 3 servings sometimes 2 of dairy. I DO what my doc tells me. You can't correct type 1 diabetes by diet alone. IF the pancreas doesn't produce insulin, the hormone need to unlock your cells to get rid of sugar, the result is ketones and dehydration, sometimes so severe that it leads to death. I have NOT had ketones in a year even if I've had highs for a week due to illness like pneumonia which I get a lot. It's NOT a medical myth. I promise you otherwise JDRF wouldn't exist. A life without insulin would be wonderful, but we aren't there yet. Good luck in your life, What works for one, may or not work for all. 
Foot note
9 years ago
    Also, Tinna, A very well known pediatric endocronologist named Dr. Michael T. Swinyard has said there is now reason to give yourself a treat, once in awhile, you just have to adjust your insulin. Look him up on the web. My Dr. is Dr. Robert W. Day and is well known to be the best in his field. He has no problem with my diet as he is the one in which I have my nutritionist. My son's doc is Dr. Mike. He has dibetes as well and isn't a stranger to diabetes so he also knows what works and what doesn't. My son had chocolate cake from a chef at Primary Children's Hospital while he was in the hospital on his birthday. The current literature is for a more balanced diet, but half of your plate should be veggies, a quarter fruit, and 3 oz. of lean meat. It changes for individuals, but this is the basic as well as 3 servings of low to no fat dairy. Stem cell research can help us, but it's not approved yet. Again, I stress, ADA wants an A1c to be at LEAST 7.6 not 7.9 for people having hypoglycemic episodes a better than 7.6 is great, but sometimes unattainable for some people. I feed my family a balanced diet NOT what I eat, because my diet would be bad for my 9 year old dibetic son. My 4 year old we've been able to keep away from her A1c from coming up(it is currently4.2,) but she is predisposed. We do NOT have junk food in our home. I carry fast acting sugars, my son carries glucose tabs. He didn't follow "normal" symptoms either. I had him tested during his stay for RSV when he was 16 months old. His A1c at the time was elevated, but the docs weren't concerned. 3 days later, he was severely dehydrated, had a fever of 107, yes, that wasn't a typo, and had a sugar of 1,250 and life flighted in a coma to Primary Children's where docs couldn't figure out what happened. I suppose THAT was due to diet too. He was in the hospital for RSV and on IV meds. Like I said before, he is doing great. I make sure of that. I don't have to "grow up and fly right" as I am following all instructions I get from our health care professionals.
Vegetarian Lifestyle Transformation
9 years ago
Brenda, Since it is apparent that you and I live in different countries, I now understand better why it is that your numbers are so bad yet you have been led to believe that they are as good as they can be. I wasn't judging you, I was pointing out what has been proven in the medical field now for WELL OVER A DECADE-- that an A1C of LESS THAN 6.5% IS THE GOLD STANDARD FOR GOOD DIABETIC CONTROL PER THE ADA. Anything higher than that promotes INCREASED COMPLICATIONS. The numbers you keep quoting as "standards" are from 20 years ago! We've known since the 1990's that the old standards were useless. Since you seem to rely upon the web for your information, look up the DCCT Trial for some additional insight. Having an autoimmune condition does complicate matters considerably, as does living in a country where rationing of care is the norm, such as yours. There are all sorts of meds out there that help attenuate the effects of diabetic gastroparesis so as to prevent the extreme highs and lows you seem to be experiencing, some of which have recently come out over the past 3 years. They can be expensive, but pharmaceutical companies have compassionate usage programs for those who need the meds but cannot afford their ridiculous prices. I feel sorry for you, but since you felt compelled to post bad advice on a global website that could adversely lead others to follow your lead, it is my duty as a doctor to clarify the bogus points you brought up. Also, you were the one who made a point of posting that you had been a medical student, which was a blatant effort to convince others who might be reading your post to regard it as something more than a personal anecdote. I wish you all the best. Incidentally, the phrase is "staighten up and fly right", which still applies. I have seen much needless suffering as a result of naive individuals believing everything they read on the net and following the advice of "testimonials" such as yours. Kindly refrain from attacking me in these posts again. I have dedicated my entire life to helping others, not only medically but spiritually as well. Best of luck to you and your family.
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Brenda, here's our

Yogurt! folder with lots of ideas and instructions.

I found illustrated instructions for "


khyar b'laban) a fabulous Middle Eastern summer dish, made with yogurt, garlic, sliced cucumbers, salt to taste and topped with crushed mint.  It is served chilled.

3) As a liquid (or portion of the liquid) in baking soda-raised breads, waffles and pancakes

4) As labneh (sometimes also known as laban, although strictly speaking, laban is yogurt), a Middle Eastern soft cheese, (an easy yogurt cheese). It can be made by hanging lightly salted yogurt in a clean cloth, permitting the whey to drip into a bowl.  It is delicious served with pulverized spearmint and olive oil as a dip with lightly toasted pita bread. For illustrated instructions: how to make labneh .

5)  As ayran (pronounced I-Ron), a wonderfully refreshing cold summer drink commonly consumed in Turkey where I drank it with gusto.  In the words of Tekin Topuzdag, a cheese making friend in Turkey who sent me this recipe by email:

"How to make is extremely simple: Mix yoghurt with (about quarter amount of yoghurt) water and pinch of salt. Mix them well in blender (good sign of mixing is: bubbles, lots of them). Serve with ice in hot summer days."

6) As a starter for cheese

7) As a starter for yogurt (see above for how to do this)

Check any Middle Eastern cookbook for a variety of uses.

9 years ago
thats a really useful site. does anyone have experience using animal/vegetable/microbial rennet?
Thank you Blue B.
9 years ago
        I will have to try that this weekend. It sounds yummy. I just got a bunch of blueberries from my greenhouse and maybe I can add them to my new yogurt. I'm way excited. I love kefir but was unaware you could make it at home. That's great info. I can't wait. 

Tinna, I'm sorry. I may have been a bit sharp with you, but the reference to former med student wasn't that someone would follow my advice, but possibly be able to help me with information I may not have yet. I had to put school on hold due to my son having seizures. I ended my 93-94 year and Our docs are both educators. My 4 tear old is in the national study, but is showing not to have the gene for type 1 as neither does my son or I have. My weight is under control, my son is doing great. ^.5% as an A1c is great. Mine hasn't been that good since my pancreas and stomach shut down. I welcome any advice from anyone, however, I don't appreciate being judged by those that haven't met me. I don't believe in judging either, but I may have and I do apologize. I cannot digest meat, but have no issues with dairy so far. I have a potassium allergy, and I take a ton of enzymes and shots. I don't drink caffeine, but I do drink fresh green tea. Herbal teas as well. The coffee is for the bioflavinoids. As is dark chocolate occaisionally, but I do admit the craving of milk chocolate. I NEED a better way of just hanging on. I have done what the text books and research has said, now I've been thinking outside the box for the fetter part of two years because my doc said I didn't have more time.I refuse to believe that and want to at least see my baby girl go to school and my 16 year old graduate. I don't fear going, but I want to be able to stay just a few years longer and if being a Vegan is going to help me as per the request of my doc, I will try it. I have seen docs from everywhere in the UK and the US. and they all tell me the same thing. My mom didn't give up on me, and went Vegan when I was growing up and came off when I could eat meat and egg products again for those nutritional concerns you mentioned. I am in the phase of my life that  I am again mostly vegan. I have no choice. If you have links you think may help, please send them. That's why I came here.


Not eating Meat?
9 years ago
I ran across a health article on why some groups live longer. Wow, Passion for life, Faith, community ,family and DIET.
They are mostly vegans and eat only organic meat from time to time. Not by choice, I slowly stopped eating to ton of meat. Now, we only have it once in awhile. Tofu is such a good filler too.
Keep your body full of antioxidants too!
Good Luck!  organic

'Brazilian Super-Berry Gains Health Status - Health News Story - KNTV | San Francisco'
> The link:
9 years ago

Brenda, many people have changed the diagnosis to a positive outcome by completing changing their diets; have a look at "The Kushi Institute" 


Yogurt was sooooo good.
9 years ago

     Thank you so much to the links. I'm going there after I tell you thanks. I heard that changing diets can help long term health problems back in school. I've been almost totally vegan for the last 2 years. I've seen a major change in energy levels, the need for insulin, yes I will always need that, because my pncreas does not produce insulin anymore. And thanks for the great yogurt recipie Blue B. And the prayers. I don't want anyone to feel sad for me, that's not what life is. I just wanted to comment on what has worked for me as a lifestyle transformation to vegetarianism. Life is what it is and I love it. I am part Irish, Scottish and Native American, and I was taught to embrace all aspects of life growing up. I wasn't supposed to make it past childhood, but here I am. I wasn't supposed to have kids, I have 6. We are all here for a reason, no matter what anyone's opinion is.  Care2 is by far the BEST network I have found that has helped me overcome my dietary challenges, and help with a cause. I am an animal advcate these days as well as a tutor, trainer, and most importantly, a mom. I have great days and not so great days. Thanks for the wonderful recipies.

9 years ago
A Lesson for Omnivores: Vegetarian Myths, Debunked



"I may be a vegetarian, but I still love the smell of bacon," says Taylor Clarke in his hilarious piece on Slate in which he debunks myths about vegetarians. While it's worth reading the entire article, here are some of the main points in handy list form:


  • They know meat tastes good.
  • They don't automatically love tofu; it depends how well it's prepared.
  • Most of them aren't salad freaks.
  • They don't expect friends to bend over backwards to prepare vegetarian food for them at dinner parties/barbecues.
  • They are not silently judging their meat-eating friends.
  • Yes, they do enjoy food.

Any former vegetarians out there? What happened? Why'd you go back to meat?
Best Vegetarian Blogs?
Vegetarians: What dish could (briefly) turn you back to meat? 


9 years ago

I am vegan for many years.

Yes, bacon has a very fragrant smell. So does barbecue. I can imagine how the first caveman ancestor was tempted to taste an animal that was charred by fire.

But you know what! I don't crave any meat or dairy based food and I definitely can not imagine "turning back". I guess it is all in the mindset. I don't think of animals as food anymore.

For survival...possibly...if I had to I might eat an animal. It would be difficult and I would have to force myself. Like the plane crash victims in the Andes forcing themselves to be cannibals to survive.

9 years ago
Yes Vivian, it is so much easier when you just know that is where you are.  For me my body simply chose to be a plant eater...very simple so I do not have to try to do anything.  I feel so lucky.
9 years ago
Below is a discussion that began in Turkey Dinner for Christmas or Thanksgiving where I gave my recipe for a full turkey dinner and Tom knows that I am a vege eater so he was a little surprized.

Diana: I love the ChickFillA comercals have you seen them?
Im afraid if I excluded meat from my diet I would just not get enough nutrition to maintain a full day tell me about how long it took to make the transition from carneverouse to vegetar.
I suspect you did not go cold turkey.


9 years ago

Hello Tom, I have not seen those commercials.  I did not go through a big transition period. What happened was that when ever I was out or in the supermarket I found I was always choosing the vegetarian body chose.  After a number of months of this going on I realized I must be eating a plant based diet. 


Interestingly, after 2 years I found myself craving fish so I waited for a couple of months to see if it went away and it did not so I had some and have been having it occasionally ever since. My main diet still is plant based; just once in a while I will have a small peice of fish...usually when I am out.  It just seems that my body wants it. What my body mostly wants tho are plant foods and that is my main diet.


I am still very certain that it is better for the body to mostly eat a plant based diet. Just read that amazing book, THE CHINA STUDY and it is in B & W that a vege diet is important for good health.


Here is an excerpt from the author:

“People who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic disease … People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease. These results could not be ignored,” said Dr. Campbell.

7 years ago

So Rebbecca, how are you doing?

Is there anyone else going through this transition?

... just over a year now..
7 years ago

What great discussions and helpful members! I just wanted to jump in here, fairly new to this group and my no-meat lifestyle as well. As my subject implies; I'm been meat-free for a little over a year now and it's been a great decision for me. I am still overweight, but also keep my fat/sugar/calories in check and have been dropping the pounds slowly. High blood pressure used to be an issue for me, but is no longer, though I still watch my salt intake. I have recently increased my exercise because I want to keep diabetes at bay and it helps the pounds come off a bit faster. I'm 43 and am just now starting to feel like I'm "on the right track" health wise. It's a great feeling.

I look forward to reading and learning more from this group. Thank you for your shares. Keep up the good work all!!

7 years ago

Hello Karlyn! and welcome to Healthy Cooking. It is never too late to move forward in eating well. They don't really teach us that ever!

How long have you been a vegetarian?

Please do look around as there is a wealth of info by lots of members and ask questions...I like that.

7 years ago

I've been meat-free for a little over a year. Thank you Diana. Looking forward to being a member here. 

Desiring a Meat-Free Diet
6 years ago many wonderful things here to check out! I was raised on meat and more or less my body is now rejecting animal products. I see it as a pretty good thing considering I don't like the taste of meat (except for ham & sausage lol). I've always doused it in A1 sauce so I can't taste the meat too much haha. Since my early 20s (I'm 33 now) my body has been rejecting anything made from a cow...whether it's meat or dairy. I have tried some soy products that I saw in the store and in high school the hamburgers were actually made of soy and I really loved them the best. My thing is that I'm in a farming/hunting community...not much here that is available everywhere else. Like our store has the Morning Star products but maybe only 1 or 2 things of their entire line of products. I've seen non-dairy cheese and tofu but like the Morning Star products, there's only like 1 or 2 different types of each. Talk about extremely limited as far as soy products go. I've never tried tofu...not sure what it's like really. I tried the Morning Star burger crumbles...hated it lol. I've been really struggling trying to come off meat products. Not because I don't want to, but because my options here are so limited. But I love the regular veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, green beans, butter beans, cucumbers, carrots). My dad killed my liking of corn...he had it at every freaking meal! So now I can't stand it. I'm trying to like other veggies but they are pretty new to me so I'm really not sure. But I do love the veggies listed.

5 years ago

Love this topic so much that I wrote an article for Care2's Healthy Living:

Many vegetarians think all meat eaters are completely wrong.
Many meat eaters think vegetarians are crazy.

8 reasons why people become vegetarian
8 different types of vegetarians
3  major questions meat eaters ask
My own story
What are your options?
5 tasty vegetarian recipes

To

5 years ago

Great article!

You know, as I was reading this I remembered something about how young calves were transported. Well I looked at the pic of the cow in the article and remembered right away...often the calves are stuffed in a barrel and then transported to a distant barn or pasture location. No kidding either. Back at our old farm, a local neighbor farmer did this very thing! I was so repulsed when I saw heart just dropped!

And then they wonder why people like me prefer animals over people...grr... Sorry...had to rant lol.

5 years ago

Thank you Rachel! Love to see your comment where the article is posted.

5 years ago

30 plus years ago I started interacting in with a group of vegetarians and I became one overnight.  I did not do it properly I think, because it was about that time that my digestion started to have problems.  It was years before I totally balanced myself out.
From what I can see though, I was  doing it a LOT BETTER than many young women who seem to think being vegetarian is eating pasta and desserts. 


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