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Allergies & Substitutions
13 years ago

Often we find a recipe that we like but it has an ingredient that we are unable to tolerate; often there are some good ideas as to what to substitute. 

Here is one such discussion transferred form the soup folder.  Any other questions in this line please post here.

 Krystal Z.   Red Wine Monday, 9:21 AM
There was one recipe that called for red wine vinegar, but it looks so good! Unfortunately, I'm allergic to red wines and vinegar's, so I was wondering if there was a good substitute for this ingredient.

This forum always makes me so hungry!

 Mike K.    Krystal Monday, 12:48 PM
does your allergy extend to juice too ? 

Here is a site with some subtitutes, mostly with juices and rice vinegars: Red Wine subs          

Krystal Z.   Mike K Monday, 12:50 PM
Honestly, I'm not sure. I wasn't aware there was juice with red wine in it? I'm sure I'd find out if I had any!

When the wine's cooked, it's not so bad. I can stand the headache i get with it, although it's still uncomfortable and I still feel nausea creeping into my system.

I'll definately try this out. Thank you!

Mike K.    Krystal Monday, 12:53 PM
you are welcome.  I just meant I hope your allergy was not with the "grape" part of wines (since wine is made from grape juice).  If the juice does not give you any problems and the rice wine is ok too, this may be the answer.

Diana H.  Krystal, I like that link Mike sent you.  If grapes are the problem then perhaps it is something else needed and you said it was the vinegar not just the wine.  Vinegar is not something I am unable to tolerate at all.  I have a couple of things I use.  Mostly lemon juice and occasionally Umeboshi vinegar which is not really a vinegar but it is quite salty.

Krystal Z.    MIke and Diana 12:14 PM

I haven't had a chance to try it yet. But thank you both. It's not the grapes that bother me... I think it may be the tannins (sp?) in the wine that do it. Some coffees and teas give me a headache as well, but nowhere close to red wine.

 Mike K.    2:47 PM
Sometimes it is the Sulfides (mainly in red wines) that cause problems (H2S ). Black teas & coffee contain a fairly high concentration of Tannic Acid (tannins).
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Ginger Sensitive
13 years ago

Fresh ginger really does a BAAAAAD number on my entire digestive system.  I can tolerate a very small amount of ground ginger, but not much.  I've noticed that quite a few of the recipes posted here include fresh ginger, and I have been reluctant to try them out.  Is there something I can substitute that will give approximately the same taste without the belly-ache?  Usually I just leave all ginger out of anything I cook, but I realize that alters the taste.  So if there is something else I could use, I would appreciate knowing about it.


Rebecca M.    

13 years ago
couple things...about the wine, if tannins bother you, go for a more expensive fruity wine.  cheep dry wines have LOTS more tannins while higher quality fruity wines do not.  For those that are bothered by the sulfas, go with an organic wine that clearly states on the label that no preservatives were used.  otherwise, in your recipies, just use chicken broth or vegetable broth, it won't taste exactly the same but it will supply flavor and liquid.  For ginger, you could use some lemon juice and/or lemon zest, which will give you a similar flavor.
13 years ago

Good tips Angelique.

Rebbecca, sorry I am one of the ones who puts ginger in so many dishes as I love it and for many it actually aids digestion.  Is'n't it great the way we are all different!  I agree with what Angelique has said about lemon and the zest.  Where is may not work so well is with some Indian dishes.  I would simply leave it out in them and add a little more of the spices that you enjoy.

11 years ago
Coconut oil can be used any where butter is called for. It's a tasty substitution
11 years ago

Diane, Good Tip and as you say it is tasty. 

There is lots of good info posted in The "good" oils by Patt about coconut oil and how beneficial it is.


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