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Coffee for what???
13 years ago
Coffee is not my preferred beverage but for many it is and not doing them a favour by giving an artificial energy boost and ……well read this article written by a colleague of mine for all the details. Americans consume 160 billion cups of coffee per year and about 120 million pounds of tea - or approximately 36 million pounds of caffeine. 85% of persons 18 years or older are consuming caffeine with a mean intake of 186 mg. caffeine per day (2.2 cups of coffee). Of the 120 brands of coffee, cocktails and cola beverages, nearly every one of the 60 million sodas consumed has caffeine - but with children and youth being the greater consumers and so oblivious to the health hazards hidden within these innocent looking cans - they may as well be smoking. Caffeine, like chocolate, is a close cousin to nicotine. While trying to quit smoking, one cup of caffeinated coffee or tea and even flesh foods, will trigger the demand for a cigarette. Detrimental effects? While books have been written about this, suffice to say that the throat, stomach, heart, brain and its nervous system suffer the most. The chief problems are the lack of quality sleep (though one may have the eyes closed!) and muscular tremors. Decaffeinated coffee is worse. - like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. If methylene chloride is still used in the extracting process (which most extractors have given up - I think!) or even the more popular "water process", Caffeol (the oil which gives coffee its flavor and which is used in tanning leather!) is a concentrated astringent and irritates all the mucous membranes, the liver, kidneys and bladder. Often the result of heavy caffeol doses in the bladder urine gives rise to bladder cancer. I can always tell by the mucous irritation whether one is drinking caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. Weight for weight the kola nut contains more caffeine than the coffee bean and leaves the brain even more fatigued. . Caffeine is an alkaloid - a vegetable poison - and causes all the problems associated with alkalosis, including allergies, sensitivities and a predisposition to arteriosclerosis and gout. It causes a compensatory depression, increases pressure in glaucoma, destroys stomach pepsin, high blood pressure and increases the heart rate. Not containing one atom of nourishment, caffeine can only whip an already tired horse and forces the system to borrow from tomorrow's reserves. - with interest. Caffeine interferes with the recharging process. Proof of this is the morning "hangover" headache - tell tale of the state of exhaustion in the nerve centers. In the old days - just before an auction - horses were frequently injected with a small amount of caffeine to stimulate them and to keep their heads high and their actions spry. When the next day the horse's head was down low again, the owner realized he'd been duped. Both the theobromine of chocolate and the caffeine of coffee and tea stimulate, excite and quicken the living machinery and force one to feel strong, active and quick-witted. Unfortunately it also helps produce lumpy cysts and fibroids in the reproductive machinery. . The responsible chemicals for this are purine, uric acid, xanthines, caffeine and theobromine. Purine is also found in all dead flesh and is chemically almost identical to that found in coffee, tea, chocolate and cocoa. Uric acid is C3/H4/N4/O3, Caffeine is C8/H10/N4/O2 and Theobomine of cocoa is C7/H8/H4/Os. To reduce breast, uterine or ovarian lumps (solid nodules - like the pearl) complete abstinence from the xanthines, purines and uric acids is essential. And abstinence will also help people with hypoglycemia. Time to clear the cupboards and make a mid-year resolution to eliminate one more bad habit. Good luck! . Written by: Dr. A. Van Beveren, Ph.D., CNC, CNS Nutritional Biochemist/Physiologist, Health Integration Centers, LLC
13 years ago
*twitch twitch* My "breakfast" of choice is coffee, my diet pill and my workout...nothing get's the blood pumping like that! (then after my workout I have a piece of fruit, of course)
13 years ago
There was a wonderful segment on NPR a couple months ago about all the great benefits of coffee. Please mind you Diana, that there is always the option of decaf. The coffee shop where I work uses the swiss water process instead of using chemicals to remove the caffiene. Much safer and much more natural. As for the sleep, I choose the full strength stuff...3 cups a day, my last one at around 8:30. I sleep like a baby. Let us have a vice. Everything else is already illegal.
All in Moderation
13 years ago
Coffee does have some benefits; if you have nothing else, a small cup will help with an asthma attack; but yes, it should be consumed in moderation like all other kinds of "drugs"...
Coffee and Tea
13 years ago
While I agree that too much coffee and caffeine does indeed have detrimental effects, I, for one, would have suffered a lot more if I hadn't had some caffeine to help ease the severe migraines I've since childhood. While I've heard that caffeine can trigger migraines for some people, I (and my youngest son) have had them since we were very young and definitely not coffee or tea (or soda) drinkers then. Research is discovering many, many health benefits from tea, so I think perhaps the ill effects of the smaller amount of caffeine in tea is offset by the benefits. As far as caffeine increasing the craving for a cigarette, I don't think I can accept that too well. I smoked for over 20 years, quit cold turkey in 1989, and haven't had a cigarette since. Nor have I had any craving for one upon drinking coffee or tea. Perhaps the psychological habit of smoking while having a cup of smomething is what they mean, but I never found it triggered a phsyical craving for a cigarette. Potentially dangerous chemicals can be found in anything and everything. And individuals react differently. By the way, as a side note, theobromine in chocolate acts as a mild diuretic in humans, but animals metabolize it more slowly, which is why chocolate can make them sick.
13 years ago
I don't see anyone here who is willing to give up the old As for me and my house , we're avid coffee/tea drinkers and always will be. Lots of herbal teas and now they're even starting to make herbal coffees... Salute! Blessings, Dana~
Now THIS is a topic
13 years ago
With coffee we don't mean that brown brew that the Germans drink or that coffee coloured stuff that you can get refills till you burst which Starbucks and the others serve. Nosiree. With coffee one means that which the Italians drink. Columbian (best in the world) or Central American coffee which tastes like coffee and brews like coffee. My favourite is a double esspresso with no sugar and very little milk. Now THAT is coffee It will waken the drousy, get those with bad hearts into a state of palpitations and generally get you going. I live off the stuff and, when not esspresso then Columbian ground coffee is always (24/7) in the pot on the brew here. So drop in those who like REAL coffee and others had better make a big detour. Is it healthy? Probably not but I enjoy good health otherwise (if one sees past the present size, which fell 800grammes today
I still like it.
13 years ago
I am not a coffee drinker per se. Have it once in two weeks, maybe less. Infact, I keep reminding myself that caffeine is carcinogenic. The article u have posted is very illustrative. But I still love cofee in all forms. Did you know that black coffee actually helps in stopping diarrhea or loose motions. You can stay hungry all day if you have a cup of black coffee in the morning.
I love coffee!!
13 years ago
I tend to have less of it in the summer.. but in the winter.. look out! It tastes so good first thing in the morning... on cold mornings, that is. I like iced coffee (like iced tea).. my mom got me turned on to that. I always curled my nose at that before..but it's actually good.
13 years ago
My father drank coffee from the time he was a kid and he was a healthy person for most of his life. My mother is 80 and still drinks several cups of regular coffee a day. Italians drink lots of coffee and have a very healthy lifestyle. Coffee actually has a lot of good things about it. I started my son (now 25) on coffee when he was in middle school because he had some problems focusing. I had read that coffee was good for some people with ADHD because it has a calming effect on them. For my son, it still is true. He needs to start his day with coffee. He has a healthy diet and bikes to work every day. You know, I thought this was about healthy cooking - not long diatribes about various foods.
Coffee for who?
13 years ago
Everyone has their own opinion about whether coffee is 'good' but it seems that they are just describing how coffee acts in their own unique body and whether they like the taste! I myself cannot drink coffee. It gives me TOO MUCH energy - so it makes me feel unbalanced. I have friends though, that for them it is quite useful to get going in the morning. they have a different body than me, different metabolism. I get concerned for my friends though, if they have to drink a lot to MAINTAIN their energy. That by definition is an addiction and will cause trouble later. MY OPINION - stop arguing about this! To each his own. Lets get on to some more recipes.
13 years ago
I used to be an avid coffee drinker but gave it up as I wanted to become healthier. I decided to completely changed my diet. I replaced coffee with health teas that I now love just as much as I used to love coffee. I had always been a healthy person, but when I hit 40, I got tendonitis and I tried all sorts of things to try to heal it, none of them worked. But within days of changing my diet, the tendonitis in my wrist went away and the tendonitis in my let is almost completely healed after a few months. Now I can go hiking again!!! It's all about having enough alkaline forming foods in our diet to let the body function well. Coffee is VERY acid forming and isn't a good choice if you're health-minded. Coffee is also addictive--something that I'm happy to not be a slave to anymore.
Hot Subject!!!!
13 years ago
Wow I had no idea what a hot subject this would be! I had only just posted, responded to a recipe in another folder; came back and there were a few postings! 24 hours later – 11 people have responded. Obviously a good subject. I agree coffee with Randy, in that coffee gives me too much energy, creating an imbalance and that everyone has their own unique body. As everyone’s body is so different Larraine that explains why your parents have been able to drink coffee with no adverse affects. As Leigh said she sleeps like a baby after her cup of coffee; I have a friend who will drink a number of cups just before bedtime and can actually sleep in the next morning! And yes Alicia I have heard about it helping with asthma….maybe that is why my asthmatic friend drinks so much coffee although she does still have attacks but perhaps it would be worse. As April & Randy pointed out it is addicting…is that not a concern? As with all things it is a matter of balance. Ok for the record I do have the occasional iced coffee (Julieyou reminded me of it) and Cappuccino – although I do have it decaffeinated. So as a few people mentioned I am looking forward to more healthy cooking and recipes.
coffee for what?
13 years ago
I guess because it is good. Coffee is so varied and delicious and with anything, have it too enjoy and not by the gallon. A wonderful roast of quality coffee is devine and a treat and natural. Goodness.
any suggestions?
13 years ago

Just stumbled on this thread i had missed earlier. I myself despise the taste of coffee--i must dump in sweetener and vanilla soy milk just to make it tolerable. But caffeine is a natural brochodilator, and it works so brilliantly for my asthma that a cup of strong coffee does more to halt an attack than any prescription inhaler i have ever had. (besides, i prefer not to use drugs if i can avoid it, and i consider caffeine less of a 'drug' than ventolin, albuterol, etc) Does anyone know of anything else, herbal or homeopathic or whatever that would benefit my poor constricted bronchii the way caffeine does? Because i would welcome another option. 

Coffee and Panic Attacks
13 years ago
I noticed that coffee was one of the triggers of panic attacks for me. I was consuming about 4 cups of espresso every morning. I have since switched from coffee to herbal teas and the occassionaly glass of Chai Latte. I still have a few panic attacks (mostly from my phobias) but they are less frequent now.
13 years ago
i like coffee when i get up in the morining tom get my day started, when the weather start to get colder i like my hot coffee to keep me warm inside.
13 years ago

There is a south american tea called Yerba Mate.  It is highly caffeinated, but will not cause jitteriness.  Among its many benefits, it relaxes the bronchial tubes, increases oxygen flow, and has even been said to reduce allergies.  It also helps your body burn calories more effectively and curbs hunger (not for too long!).  It tastes great and can be served either hot or iced.  All it takes is a teaspoon and maybe a bit of honey. Check a local coffee shop. Good luck.

13 years ago

Lara L.

Mullein, also called Lamb's Ear is supposed to help relieve inflammation. I took a course called ethnobiology with the head professor of native american studies, but i also looked online because i don't want to give you any false info.

Its a really cool plant. It has really fuzzy leaves- hence lamb's ear.

Double edged sword
13 years ago

I enjoy a nice cup of coffee with honey and soy milk every now and then.

However with my recent job and killer schedule, i have gotten into the habit of having a coffee every morning.It's a vicious circle though. I feel tired in the morning, so I have a coffee...another in the afternoon, and then I can't sleep, so I'm tired in the morning.

I do like the taste, however the false energy really is killing my kidneys and my face breaks out really badly.

Acupuncturists and Chiropractors have told me to STAY AWAY from caffeine, but until this work schedule changes, I think I may have no alternative.

Also, it gives me energy, but makes me really edgy and gives me the shakes.When the energy wears off, it's crash and BURN!! I sleep about 14 hours come Saturday.

13 years ago
Thanksgiving Coffeeand shade grown, as well as fair trade, is much better. A percentage of the money I spend also goes to a good cause.

Coffee and asthma
13 years ago

Try a small piece of chocolate, instead, suck on it slowly, will soothe a throat irritated by the persistent dry cough, and will ease your spasm.

If you have a good herbal shop nearby ask for liquorice powder, take about 1/4 to 1/2 a tsp, mixed with honey, lick it off, will do the trick too.

otherwise, try tea, black if you prefer, add 1/2 inch ginger chopped, 1 clove, 2-3 Holy Basil (tulsi) leaves to the water, boil, strain, add sugar if preferred.

Am asthmatic too, have been for the past 27 years, and yes prefer to turn to natural remedies than medicines.

Wish you all the very best
Warm regards
Kirti K
wow thanks for the replies
13 years ago
I actually have used mullein for about 10 years ^_^ it is a good mucus-clearer but doesnt do anything for sudden attacks. And the mate, tea, and other suggestions are lovely but these things all have caffeine, and i thought the point was to stay away from that. Is there something about coffee itself, or is it just caffeine in general that we should avoid?
Detrimental effects?
13 years ago
Lara, There is the info you are asking about in the first posting of this folder, look under the heading Detrimental effects? here is a bit of it: ........Decaffeinated coffee is worse. - like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. If methylene chloride is still used in the extracting process (which most extractors have given up - I think!) or even the more popular "water process", Caffeol (the oil which gives coffee its flavor and which is used in tanning leather!) is a concentrated astringent and irritates all the mucous membranes, the liver, kidneys and bladder. Often the result of heavy caffeol doses in the bladder urine gives rise to bladder cancer........
13 years ago

lol not hard for me, i never drank coffee and I rarely drink tea. Gave sodas up years ago so no caffeine there anymore. lol Nice not to be hooked lol


13 years ago
Enough of the coffee attacks already! While I don't think that anyone should drink a pot a day, a little coffee is a wonderful thing. It sharpens the mind, acts as a minor diuretic (something that a lot of women appreciate!) and tastes good. 
Hot Beverage Concoction
13 years ago

I know a lot of people depend on caffeine, but the truth is it robs you of a lot of vitamins and minerals. If you're spending a ton of money on supplements and drinking coffee (or tea for that matter) in the morning, you're wasting money and resources. Caffeine prevents vitamin and mineral absorption. If you're worried about osteoporosis and you're drinking caffeine, that calcium supplement and/or milk beverage aren't doing you any good.

I've been caffeine-free for 15 years, it's been tough growing up a tea drinking addict but there are alternatives. I put this post under "weird recipes" before I saw this thread:

Since I can't have any caffeine at all and I adore those specialty coffees I put together a concoction of my own:

Caf-Lib (which is mostly chicory), Ovaltine, powdered milk, little cocoa and Carnation's Hazlenut Powder Whitener.

I also add some soy milk and sugar to top it off. It's great for those who can't have coffee in any way!

13 years ago
I wasn't a coffee drinker til I went into the army.  Then I really started drinking the java.  Of course, you had to really watch it in the mess hall.  There were times that it would be so strong that you literally had to get coffee flavored milk.  When I was stationed in Germany is when I really started drinking it.  I found out, the hard way, that if I drank enough I didn't have to worry about constipation. 
Tea for two -Transfer of posting from another folder
13 years ago

22 new, 52 total Naturallynice M.
August 04, 2004 12:01 AM
Both coffee and tea are more about being a social beverage.I think the census of just how "healthy" coffee is undetermined, as their has not been a report that come out with any rock hard evidence.
Though, tea over all is a very healthy drink (unless someone knows something I don't) The properties in many teas are very healing. Both immediate, such as, Mint Ginger , Chamamile (sp), and long term, such as, Green Tea. Personally, I find all of the above need very tiny amounts of sweetner added for my taste buds.
13 years ago
solution nasal spray is supposed to be could at loosening mucus in the lungs. Just heard that, so don't know if it really works.

Green tea is very good. When mixed with different herbs and spices it is good that way, too. I like Sobe's green tea drink readily available in gas stations and such where the choice is not always the best.  Green tea is beneficial health-wise.

coffee is evil
13 years ago
for me.   My body does strange loop de loops with caffeine.  So no chocolate, no pop, no Coffee!   Its herb tea all the way.  Once I did this exchange. I felt great!
Herbal Teas -transferred from another folder
13 years ago

Gari A.
August 04, 2004 3:59 AM
Naturally questioned the status of coffee - I can promise you (with or without statistics) Nat that it is very bad for those who get palpitations quickly and probably bad for everybod. The next mode will be an anti-coffee mode and they'll tell me again that I died 25yrs ago

Using common sense and feelings, too much coffee really does get you going (especially when drunken as I do in double esspressos with no sugar and hardly any milk) and too much of it rocks the old stomach for a while unless diluted with the litre of water that I should but fail to drink. The effect varies from person to person and I personally can take more as I otherwise take great care of my stomach and never ever worry or get pent up (it CAN be learned).

When it comes to teas then the Swiss are champs at that. They have all the herbal teas and then masses of fruit teas of all mixtures and colours. The properties of each tea (esp the herbal) are given on the packet and can have beneficial effects when taken in moderation.

Bach (the Austrian who had a tick about Sage) reconned that Sage leaves boiled for 3mins on the dot to rid them of the oils then left to cool would prvent cancer if lots were drunk each day.

I have a little book with 49 types of complaint or deficiency and which teas to use to cure them. Only trouble is - it is in German so drop me a line if you are interested in any particular usage and I'll translate one by one.
Camomille contains Azulen which works against inflamation

Nettle Tea is the fastest cleaner-outer in the business and is good for colds and hardy fevers that just will not go away. When flu is around, I take half a shot of single malt (burns infections to death) followed by a few cups of nettle tea (be ready to run).
[Needless to say, single malt is to be swallowed as it is without ice or water]
Actually, all plants that activate the waterworks are good for this and the so-called aphrodsiac vegetables so only this so celery, asparagus and similar all work too. Also recommended against flu are Linden, Elderberry, Camomille

For Vitamin A deficiency, try Hedgerose, Elderberry and Blueberries (or whatever called locally).
For Vitamin C deficiency, Rosehip, Hedgerose, Cresse (the stuff that grows in streams) and all the berries of dark red or blue nature which are edible.

Gotta move on now but drop a line if more needed  

Another transfer
13 years ago

1 new, 6 total Kamini G.
August 03, 2004 6:18 PM
i always saw people who drank tea of coffee... couldnt seem to do without it. esp. in the mornings...they couldnt seem to function w/o that hit in their stomachs. so even when i was little i just stopped. i hated being pressurised esp when i was a guest to have just a little and so i started telling them i dont drink it...and then made the statement a truth by just stopping it altogether. function just fine without tea or coffee. matter of fact all the women in my house - including my sis-in-law dont drink tea or coffee (my s-i-l and i love cold occassionally we indulge..)
I have to admit
13 years ago

I do love the taste and aroma of coffee so very occassionally like a few times a year I have a cup early in the day.  If I have it past noon, I am speeding all night.  In fact I have had very psychedelic nights after an afternoon coffee; beautiful colours in all sorts of patterns.

Anyone else have this experience?

13 years ago
I wish!
13 years ago
No, in fact I drink about half a cup before going to bed so I don't "stop up" sinus-wise.  Helps me breath cleanly too all night (helps keep things open so the Cpap can work).   Guess I am hooked since I drop right off to sleep as soon as I lay down.
13 years ago
One more thing, I have tried to both stop and cut back. Once I get to a certain "level" the headaches start and I am unable to function. Meds don't offer relief at all. But then, I rarely drink more than a cup a day and sometimes a bit less.  From what I have read, this is not so bad.
Long time drinker, first time blogging!
13 years ago

I was never really into coffee until about 4 or 5 years ago.  I am not a morning person by any means but I am working a job that requires me to get up by 5:30am.  (Got to get the kids ready and off to school before work...)  Hence the reason why I started drinking coffee.  I needed that boost in the morning. 

Now coffee is almost the only reason why I get up in the morning.  To wake up knowing that my coffee pot is full because of course I got a delay option on the coffee maker, makes me so happy.  (Of course my main reason to get up is my kids)  The aroma of coffee is a wonderful thing. 

If I don't have at least 1 cup of coffee during the day, I do tend to get a headache.  On the flip side, when I drink coffee I tend to "crash" by 3pm.  The trick is I have to either go for a walk/not sit down or I take a little "Nappie" 

Yerba Matte
13 years ago

I saw the post earlier about yerba matte, and it's a wonderful drink! But... it does cause jitteriness. I thought I was going to explode while laughing. I loved it! And it tasted good, especiall roasted with honey!

I do like my coffee, but have stopped drinking it, mostly. I'll have a cup now and again (mostly during Tim Horton's "Roll up the Rim"), but between coffee and pop I have very little. I stick to juice, water, and milk.

I feel less sluggish and can sleep better since I stopped drinking the two.

13 years ago
hmm. i never got that effect. but i agree. this is the best thing to sip on for an anytime pick up--or just the any time. i really live on the stuff. my dad likes to brew large batches and add organic apple juice for sweetness and added dimension. i will often use it inplace of water in recipies (soups/rice even deserts i say DRINK YERBE MATE!
13 years ago

The jitters ?  Morning Thunder tea, or a strong Oolong tea will supply as much if not more caffeine then a normal cup of coffee. Some teas pack a whallop...and watch those soda pops some of them or wicked too.

13 years ago
For me I think it was more than just the jitters. It was amusing. The guy I was dating at the time thought I was on some sort of drug. I guess, in a way, I was. I felt like I could run around the world! (Try daring someone to pull that stunt!)
13 years ago

I like coffee, a lot, I love the smell of a good coffee. I drink it only in the morning though, one cup, with milk, and rarely during the day, mostly with company (someone said it is a social drink )

I find it interesting that coffee doesn't really have any effect on me, whether it's a latte or a double espresso, doesn't make me jittery and doesn't interfere with my sleep. Also, each time I was pregnant, I'd stop drinking it completely with no trouble at all.

By the way, I don't believe decaf is better for you then regular coffee, on the contrary.

I like green tea very much.

13 years ago


You are right about "certain" decafs.  Some are decafinated using "solvents" other than water and some remnant of those get left behind.  If it doesn't "proclaim" that water (or cold water) is used to decaf, it is best to use another "brew".

Yes decaf Is not better for you
13 years ago

as Mike has said, it is full of chemical solvents.  So if you are to drink coffee it is better to drink the real thing.

I am unable to drink coffee as it makes me feel as though I have taken a drug to induce speed; I am already rushing around the palce and don't need any help in that direction....quite the opposite is required.

13 years ago

I think coffee means alot to alot of people (especially when it's gooood) so I think until solid evidence comes out the it definitely causes something aweful, like cancer, it's here for good.

13 years ago
I know what you posted there infers that it could cause cancer, but keep in mind moderation...  tests were done on sugar substitutes years ago, they gave a rat like a toothpaste tube full a day of that crap, ofcoarse the rat got cancer!  I know that if I drink more than 1.5 cups of coffee a day I won't sleep at night, so that is my own regulator.  I think once you go past 3 cups, you're definitely messing with your nervous sytem in a bad way.
coffee talk
13 years ago

Wow, what a thread!

I'm back and forth with coffee.  When I find myself "needing" a cup I know it's time to stop for awhile.  I'm not having any this morning, for that reason! 

When I make it myself I use 1 scoop of regular and 3 scoops of water-process decaf.  I have suggested this to people who want to cut down on their caffeine intake but still want some in their lives. 

Here is a website for hand-harvested coffee, grown on a coffee plantation in Mexico by a friend of mine who hires local labor and pays them a decent wage.  I actually find his Green Decaf to be just about perfect for me since I was used to the fully-decaffeinated stuff.

Happy Brewing of whatever floats your boat!


Do you ever wonder
12 years ago

How much Caffeine is there in?????

How much caffeine is there in [drink/food/pill]?

According to the National Soft Drink Association, the following is the caffeine content in mgs per 12 oz can of soda:  

Afri-Cola 100.0 (?)                                          Jolt 71.2
Sugar-Free Mr. Pibb 58.8                                Mountain Dew 5.0 
Diet Mountain Dew 55.0                                  Mello Yellow 52.8
Tab 46.8                                                          Coca-Cola 45.6
Diet Cola 45.6                                                  Shasta Cola 44.4
Shasta Cherry Cola 44.4                                  Shasta Diet Cola 44.4
Mr. Pibb 40.8                                                  OK Soda 40.5
Dr. Pepper 39.6                                               Pepsi Cola 37.2
Aspen 36.0                                                      Diet Pepsi 35.4
RC Cola 36.0                                                   Diet RC 36.0
Diet Rite 36.0                                                   Canada Dry Cola 30.0
Canada Dry Diet Cola 1.2                                7 Up 0

By means of comparison, a 7 oz cup of coffee has the following caffeine (mg) amounts, according to Bunker and McWilliams in J. Am. Diet. 74:28-32, 1979:

Drip 115-175
Espresso 100mg of caffeine
1 serving (1.5-2oz)
Brewed 80-135
Instant 65-100
Decaf, brewed 3-4
Decaf, instant 2-3
Tea, iced (12 ozs.) 70
Tea, brewed, imported 60
Tea, brewed, U.S. 40
Tea, instant 30
Mate 25-150mg

The variability in the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee or tea is relatively large even if prepared by the same person using the same equipment and ingredients day after day.

Reference: Variability in caffeine consumption from coffee and tea: Possible significance for epidemiological studies by B. Stavric, R. Klassen, B. Watkinson, K. Karpinski, R. Stapley, and P. Fried in "Foundations of Chemical Toxicology", Volume 26, number 2, pp. 111-118, 1988 and an easy to read overview, Looking for the Perfect Brew by S. Eisenberg, "Science News", Volume

12 years ago

Hi all,                                                                                                           Just wanted to say that my world would no longer be a happy place if there was no coffee, I have a passionate affair with coffee every day! I love its colour, its taste, its aroma and everything that it can be used for as well as to drink! However, I do agree that too much is dangerous, but that can be said for everything, so again, moderation counts.                                                                                        Obviously, I have to say that I only buy fair-trade coffee, as I believe coffee growers tend to get a raw deal from most consumer corporations. I'm the same with chocolate. I would also like to add that I am a huge fan of herbal and fruit teas, not only for their taste, but for their stimulation and medicinal qualities - prevention as well as cure.                                                                                                         This forum is great, I can't say it often enough! lol, yours in coffee, Morgaen xx

Thank you!
12 years ago
 Thank you for the interesting information,especially about decaffeinated coffee!I don't drink coffee-well,maybe 2-3 times a year.My reason for rejecting it is the fact that it takes away the calcium in our bones.It's extremely dangerous for women endangered of osteoporose,women like me-blond,with fair complexion and delicate body structure.So,I give you another strong argument against coffee!
12 years ago
Help !  I have just been served some Mocha Fudge, and I want to eat the whole pound of it now  
Guilty pleasure? Try tea!
12 years ago

Coffee for me is a guilty pleasure. I do have to keep consumption to no more than three cups a day, even the decaf, because of high blood pressure.

But tea not only contains much less caffeine, it is also quite beneficial. Researchers are finding, for instance, that it is something of a preventive against various types of cancer. And contrary to what was thought just a few years back, the healthful effects are not restricted to green tea but are common to all teas.

Brits drink a lot of tea and seem to be a hearty bunch. But I guess tea doesn't do much for your teeth (especially if you load it down with sugar).

I drink a lot of tea :-)
12 years ago

with milk, no sugar. I don't like coffee, if I "have" to drink it (in social gatherings) I take it white, no sugar. The best coffee I have ever had was when the pot of an electric coffeemaker wasn't washed and I didn't know that but cooked my teawater on it anyway - so one teaspoon of brewed coffee into one liter boilin water...

But I appreciate coffee in cooking a lot. Mocha desserts and candy and coffee to cook meat in (sorry).. maybe not healthy, but good

One thing I wondered in the list of cafeine
Tea, iced (12 ozs.) 70
Tea, brewed, imported 60
Tea, brewed, U.S. 40
Tea, instant 30
One would think it's all the same. Tea is tea... so why has American tea less cafeine?

American tea less cafeine
12 years ago

Ketutar, it is probably the same reason that beer in America has less alcolhol the English beer. lol

Seriously tho, I am not sure but suspect that it is the type of tea used, where the original tea comes from and then the way it is processed.

it is to do with
12 years ago

the ingredients used.

Certain commodities are considered to be harmful etc, but government Health Ministers don't agree all the time on how much they are to use in what products. So I guess America considers Caffeine to be a higher risk to health than the British health ministers do.

The same goes for why "Twinkies" cannot be exported to Britain from America because of certain ingredients and Health Ministers' legislations, and the same reason that American alcohol is much lower in ABV% than British Beer, YAY for British Beer!

12 years ago
Thank you for that explanation Morgaen; I am sure that is correct.   From my experience in working with herbal foods I see the way countries have different regulations. 
I see...
12 years ago

so they have "tampered" with the coffeine amount... Ok. I thought it had something to do with where the tea grows or something. That there's natural variations in the coffeine amount due to the soil or something...

Thank you for answering


12 years ago

teas like Oolong etc, although weak appearing at first, pack a whallop when it comes to the bitter white stimulant

  The darkness of a tea is normally the "tannin" or tanic acid content.

12 years ago
When we start talking about tea; we enter into a whole new discussion as there are so many other things in tea that can be difficult for the body. If any one wants to discuss that in a new folder then I am sure it would be very interesting.
12 years ago

Diana has received 79 new, 780 total stars from Care2 membersDiana has been awarded 112 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Diana H., just wonderin' .... what other things in TEA can be difficult for the body?

See: Medicinal Teas East and West

12 years ago
i think i'm going to brew a pot, now that ya'll mention it!
12 years ago
According to a recent study, coffee is also the top source of antioxidants for most Americans: Coffee antioxidants are good to last drop Coffee is number one source of antioxidants Which I think is probably due to the fact that coffee is, after all, a plant-based beverage (so of course it has benefits ), and Americans drink more of it than of any other plant-based beverage. I like coffee, and I like tea, and I believe neither is going to suck the life out of you or cause health problems if used properly. The Arabs have been drinking coffee, and the Chinese have had their tea, almost as long as they've had civilization, and if they can do it for that long without whinging and cringing, well, I'm certainly not going to label them ignorant heathens just because they aren't Americans and they "don't know what they're doing to themselves." I'm pretty sure they don't like poisoning themselves any more than we do. (From a look at American "traditional" foods, possibly they like it much less. ) Personally, I find that different types of coffee and tea from different regions of the world have quite different effects on me, and the method of preparation makes a difference as well. I hate to generalize that either is inherently bad or inherently good -- after all, too much of anything is bad, and too little of anything won't give you benefits. Crystal Star and Crossbones - free-spirited jewelry, clothing, gifts, and more -sail to the tide of a different sea-
12 years ago
There are researches done in Asia (majorly in  Japan and Taiwan) say that coffeine consum our calciums...  Women more than 35 should be awared of coffee consumation as it will fragilise your bones and teeth.

For people who drinks tea regularly and massively, darken or yellower teeth without way to bleech would probably a unpleasant side effect.  Other than that, whatever tea you are taking, better separate it from the time you take medecins for at least 45 minutes as tea nutralize effect of medcin.

I am not here to say what to do or what not to do, simply whatever you do, do it with moderation!

Have a nice day!
12 years ago
I was addicted to coffee, too.  It took me 6 months to get cured!! ...
12 years ago
Even though I only drink about a cup to a cup and a half a day, I am completely addicted (not that I need it craving-wise, but I get horrible headaches if I go more than 24 hours without a little; a half cup will do each day for a few days).
I love both
12 years ago

WoW! What a discussion!

I'm not going to disscuss any scientific sides of tea/ coffee. I just wished to say I love them both. I never drink strong coffee and seldom more than 2 mugs a day (I hate super small coffee cups!).

Tea- that's different. Sometimes I drink up to 6 mugs a day. And this is not only Black or Green tea. Every morning we make some different kind of Herbal tea (mostly from our own garden) Later it is different depending on the mood or "call" of the body. I hve no problems with that because there is a selection of more then 10 sorts of tea or "tea" on my kitchen shelf.

What's more we, Lithuanians have several alternative drinks to black coffe we call coffee as well. I might give you some tea/ coffee recipes but it seems this thread isn't for recipes...

12 years ago

Manic Monday

Wow!  I walked into a hot debate!  I've not posted here yet; I'm new.  I just have to throw in my 2 cents, though.  I stand up proudly and say I LOVE COFFEE!!!!  I'm a single, homeschooling mom of 4, and if I couldn't have my daily 2 pots (yes, I know that's A LOT!), you may as well point me to the nearest cliff, 'cause I'm going over!  There is no way I could function without my coffee!  In today's world of multi-tasking kids, parents have to keep up somehow!  An old friend of mine does, however, market an "alternative" coffee called Gano

12 years ago
I must say this, while I was a smoker (been away from it for over 3 years now), the coffee helped keep my lungs clear.  The perscriptioin drug Theo-Dur does the same thing with many more side effects (and is much stronger). The coffee then actually helped me off of my need for the drug and kept me alive until I was strong enough to stop smoking.   A cup of the stuff a day is probably not going to do much damage and is a small price to pay for the horors I got rid of.
12 years ago

Here is something from my files I put together.

Some interesting facts about caffeine:

• Caffeine may cause weight gain in the form of heavily sugared and creamed coffees.

• When a caffeine beverage is consumed within an hour after meal time, the caffeine can cut iron absorption by 40%. 

• Tea contains about half as much as coffee.

• Three cups of coffee raises the heart rate and makes the heart beat faster thus increasing blood pressure.

• Caffeine raises metabolism.

• Caffeine may affect insulin and blood sugar levels.

• Caffeine can cause irritability, headaches, diarrhea, frequent urination, nervousness and may also upset the tummy and aggravate ulcers.

• Recent reports suggest that caffeine raises both blood sugar and insulin levels leading to temporary signs of insulin resistance which makes weight loss more difficult

• Some experts believe that insulin resistance increases your risk of both heart disease and type II diabetes.

12 years ago

 Tea contains about half as much as coffee

This can depend greatly on the "type of tea".  Black Pekoe maybe ?

Oolong, and brands made to boost the amounts (morning Thunder and such) can contain as much or more (also depends on how [stonge] one makes their coffee {percolating dramatically increases both caffein and fat content of the coffee brewed}).

My bad
12 years ago

    Mixed Teas     /        

Coffee (5 oz. cup)


40 - 170


Cola (12 oz. can)45 30 - 603.75 Black Tea (one tea bag)40 25 - 1105.00 Oolong Tea (one tea bag)30 12 - 553.75 Green Tea (one tea bag)20 8 - 302.50 White Tea (one tea bag)15 6 - 252.00 Decaf Tea (one tea bag)1 - 40.50 Herbal Tea (one tea bag)00.00 

Oolong's is not as high as I had thought .

12 years ago
   the chart didn't come through right...I am  
12 years ago
 Caffeine may cause weight gain in the form of heavily sugared and creamed coffees.-----
use that no sugar creamer or canned milk with no sugar.  (yes I know the non sugar stuff has bad stuff in it but that's all the stuff I use in a day.

• Three cups of coffee raises the heart rate and makes the heart beat faster thus increasing blood pressure.

I only drink 2

• Caffeine raises metabolism.  I need this

 Caffeine can cause irritability, headaches, diarrhea, frequent urination, nervousness and may also upset the tummy and aggravate ulcers.
Been t
his way all my life.. wouldn't know the difference

• Recent reports suggest that caffeine raises both blood sugar and insulin levels leading to temporary signs of insulin resistance which makes weight loss more difficult

12 years ago

I have always found that coffee never tastes as good as it smells! LOL... I only use coffee beans for a base around my candles.. like sand.. or pot pourri  

I am glad I don't have the addiction in some ways.. because I always hear of people trying to kick the habit..  other days.. that pleasure on their face with the first sip.. well.. I kind of envy them LOL!  Have a great day everyone!

came to coffee late
12 years ago
I was in my 30s when I started drinking coffee.  I drink coffee every morning, but now I do decaf.  I don't really need it to wake up.  I need it because I love it!  Now that I'm dieting and going vegan I can't depend on Starbucks.  I would love to have a frozen mocha frappuccino!  I think they can make it vegan, but it would still be around half my days worth of calories.     Someday again...
12 years ago

you learn with coffee(to stay awake to study)

you earn with coffee(business meeting in a cafe)

you start with coffee(the day..the bowels)

you end with coffee ( tired and need rest )

you impress with coffee(grand Latte with your Date)

you depressed with coffee(bad day)

 coffee is your friend in need friend indeed..

Hmmmmmm... Coffee... Much maligned...
12 years ago
Have to weigh in here... ;-D

As an avid home roaster (I've got 2 working roasters, a 3rd on the drawing board, and 15 varieties of green/unroasted bean in the "coffee cellar"), and someone that has spent some time studying the chemistry of coffee... I have to disagree with the opinion that coffee is a "bad" thing...  This has neither been borne out via study nor has it been proven anecdotally... (Sodas... Im with ya... Ick... especially "diet" sodas...  Haven't had one in 15 years...)  Coffee has a VERY complex chemistry (800+ organic compounds).  To make a blanket statement about coffee being "bad" is not really well founded...  I drink about 6-8 8oz cups of coffee a day (don't usually drink past about 1-2 PM...) I sleep like a baby... My health is fantastic... Cardiovascular system is in great shape... Digestive tract is great as well...  Consumption at these levels is not uncommon in Central/South America, the Med (for those of you that have had Turkish or Greek coffee... There is nothing finer during a quiet morning on the Plaka in Athens...), or Europe...

I also disagree with the opinion (as do many others) that "Columbian" coffee is the best on the planet... Sorry... It ain't so...    There are some nice Columbian beans out there, but nominally, what folks take issue with is the roast that is used... For some reason the Starbucks folks tend to roast always to Full City+ and greater... Most of the varietal characteristics of the coffee (e.g. the "oils") are vaporized (it smells GREAT when roasting, but...) at greater than Full City (at 2nd crack or so)...   Used to be a Starbucks basher as well, but it's occurred to me that while I don't necessarily agree either with their business practices or their roasting approach, they have raised coffee consciousness a good bit.  Im starting to see a strong resurgence of mom-and-pop cafes in areas where SBUX killed off most of the competition years ago...  After all... It's not just the coffee that's healthy for you, it's COFFEE culture... :->  Sitting in a cafe... Relaxing with a good cup of coffee and friends... Even if coffee has neutral health benefits, this alone will, in my opinion, significantly lengthen your life...



coffee for what
12 years ago

hi everyone,

coffee is good, I should say was good, once...It is still good. Only, it got too commecialized over the years, which has advantages too, I don´t know... The good reputation coffee had and certainly still has, depending where, is deeply rooted in the subconscious of mankind, ( over the centuries, if one reads some history ). So today, seldom does someone say, " we meeet for chocolate" , even if  they drink a hot chocolate in the end.  So we drink coffee I dare say more by habit than for sipping,  ( with due respect, certainly ), this unlike 30 years ago and more. So, for a chat over it... If you walk through the souks in Morocco, Ethiopia or Istamboul, you still have those fragrances wafting about...True fragrances !...They were rich, they contained all their elements, and  they were exuding their natural aroma,  that " doubtless " diverted us from  that desire " to resort to " a cigarette ALONGSIDE...Today, some spray coffee aroma at the entrance. Fun.

In a nutshell, thank Gott, tea, green tea and herbal teas prooved to be unfakable. And good so !

For health, drink T E A  !!!

For fun on Broadway,  either...Coz, state of mind, mood and so on, makes us get the same effect, the same pleasure, from a chat over coffee or tea...The habit should be tea though...And if green tea, so much the better as the effect soon and immediately sets in.

Hope, I did not derive too much.

Thanks everyone !

12 years ago

coffee beans

Indeed I love coffee~

Want a drug that could lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and colon cancer? That could lift your mood and treat headaches?

It is a daily routine for millions of Italians - the morning cup of espresso brewed on the kitchen hob or downed swiftly in a cafe on the way to work.

Dr Trombetti says Coffee contains tannin and antioxidants, which are good for the heart and arteries, she says. 

It is good for the liver - and can help prevent cirrhosis and gallstones.

And the caffeine in coffee can reduce the risk of asthma attacks - and help improve circulation within the heart.

There is no denying that coffee is not for everyone.

If you drink too much it can increase nervousness, and cause rapid heartbeat and trembling hands.

Pregnant women, heart patients, and anyone with a stomach ulcer are usually advised to avoid it.

But Dr Trombetti is adamant that a cup of milky coffee could make the ideal start for the next generation of coffee lovers - Italy's drowsy school kids - stimulating their brains ahead of a day that often lasts from 0830 until 1600.


Coffee is a drug
12 years ago

Coffee for a boost is very unnatural.  It is a drug and addictive.

For me, it irritated my stomach lining and restarted my acid reflux.

As far as neurological problems go, it is a temporary relief.  But so are some illegal drugs.

11 years ago
gee, I'm one of those people that really need to drastically cut my intake of coffee; must say the caffeine really doesn't bother me anymore (guess been drinking it too many years) but I know it triggers my kidneys, it's just an old habit.  It's hard trying to find something healthier to replace our old habits.
very interesting stuff here on coffee!!! Marya
11 years ago

Ok Diana, I read all these posts on coffee, wow how surprising some of the facts were. I only got to say one thing here folks, If I don't have my coffee, I get the worst head--aches you can have, I mean I have to take a towel wrap it tight around my head, with my coffee I actually get throbbing head-aches... So my body must be demanding for the coffee. I smoke quite a bit also, Well I will try to gradually cut back from my coffee, drinking 10 cups a day now, or nore....starting today, I am cutting back...I will drink more water. You know water does clean out your system, gives energy also I hear from a friend. Well you all have a lovely day....Marya

Hey coffee lovers, try this instead..Marya
11 years ago
A friend of mine told me to drink a glass of red wine each night, is a good source for the body. instead of coffee, drink black tea-add honey.....yes yes more trimmers...Marya
11 years ago
   Certain Wines give me a headache like that of missing my cup of coffee per day does.    I've been told it might be the sulphur in the wine...
Drinking good coffee
10 years ago
I have read the reports about soy as well and don't use it because it just doesn't do well in my body. However, when it comes to coffee, again, moderation in all things. I truly believe if one or two cups of coffee warm your soul, then one should dismiss accounts that it is bad for you. Every body is different. Tell your friend to try it black with some flavored liquid Stevia. You can get Chocolate Raspberry, Vanilla Creme, Lemon Drop, etc. It is very good like this. I make my morning coffee with organic coffee in a french press pot. It doesn't get real strong. I also add some powdered ginger to the coffee before I add the hot water. I have come to enjoy a little coffee and drinking it this way does not give me any indigestion at all. Tea will sometimes, as well as Teeccino. I also find if I am real tired after school, a cup from my local natural market with half caffiene coffee and half decaf and a little half and half, relaxes me yet at the same time enables me to be a little more alert for the trip home.
10 years ago
Coffee Associated With Lower Liver Cancer Risk
Drinking coffee appears to lower the risk of developing liver cancer, according to findings published in the medical journal Gastroenterology.
10 years ago
How Do You Like Your Coffee?
Coffee drinkers who get their jolt on the run from a paper cup are missing out on a ritual steeped in history and character.
10 years ago
Green Coffee Promotes Weight Loss?
Coffee made out green, unroasted coffee beans promotes weight loss, according to a new study on compounds that are naturally present in the beans.
10 years ago
Lower Gout Risk for Coffee Lovers
Drinking four or more cups of coffee a day may cut the risk of having a painful attack of gout, say Canadian scientists.
10 years ago
Black Gold: The Story Behind Your Morning Brew
The economic scope of in the international coffee industry is jarring. It is dominated by four multinational corporations: Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft and Starbucks. Coffee is the second most actively traded commodity in the world.
10 years ago
Coffee Can Be Good for You, Experts Say
Drinking coffee can help ward off type 2 diabetes and may even help prevent certain cancers, according to panelists discussing the benefits -- and risks -- of the beverage at a scientific meeting.
10 years ago
I do not know if this was posted earlier or not (please forgive me if it was), but for those of us that suffer mild to severe asthma attacks; getting caught somewhere without one's meds or emergancy inhaler is a horrible fear (experience).  A good strong cup of coffee is a GREAT emergency treatment (especially for the atopic person) when needed (acts a lot like Theo-Dur [Methylxanthine]).
10 years ago

Just another reason my poison of choice is White and Green Tea.

For those who haven't tried it the tea balls are very pretty to share with friends.. just buy the clear tea glasses and try a white tea bloom. .. the hand made tea balls bloom into a pretty flower with water. Very cool.

If that isn't your style go for the green Jappanese Sencha tea, for loads of Antioxidents and Vitamin C. Just make sure your water is warm and not boiled since boiled water will make the tea very bitter.

This post was modified from its original form on 16 Jun, 11:53
10 years ago

I also enjoy tea, Julianna; white tea is one of my favorites, very delicate and the Sencha green tea is good for weight loss ... the Japanaese use it as their "every day" tea ...

If the wate ris boiled TOO HOT it will make the tea bitter.

tea balls
10 years ago

I am getting to be an acquired tea drinker and have not tried

so many good ones out there yet but the tea balls that Julianna

mentioned sounds like my cup of tea! Where would I buy them ?

We do have a Trader Joes here where I have bought many interesting teas lately.  Thanks for your input

10 years ago

I like coffee for the flavour. I drink about a cup a day, when I need that quiet moment, you know..

I make it in a french press with freshly gound beens, stored in the fridge, and just the sight of the foam on top of the coffee makes me smile. I love the nutty flavour - sometimes I enhance it with 4-5 chardemom shells.

In the summer time, if I have some cold left over coffee, I blend it with a lot of milk, some sugar, vanilla and ice to get a delicious foamy ice-coffee.

10 years ago

I guess everyone here has a definitely view on whether or not caffeine is good/bad...for your health!  I won't make mine a long post, but an important one.  No matter what is said/written about is the #1 question that I get asked with EVERY doctor I see (and that's quite a few)....from my dentist!  (and a few others too numerous to mention).

Yes, that question even comes before "what do you eat?"  or "when was the last time you've had a physical ...or alcohol...or even drugs!"

End of comment......Kathy

10 years ago

Good point Kathy!

One more reason to look at why you are drinking coffee.

Coffee linked with high blood pressure risk Mon Aug 27, 2007 1:26pm EDT 

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The likelihood of having to start drug treatment to control high blood pressure, or hypertension, seems to be increased among coffee drinkers. 

The researchers therefore followed 24,710 Finnish subjects between the ages of 25 and 64 years with no history of drug treatment for hypertension, coronary heart disease, or stroke. Self-administered questionnaires were used to assess daily coffee consumption. The subjects were followed for an average of 13.2 years. During that time, a total of 2,505 individuals started antihypertensive drug treatment

For the whole story: Reuters August 27, 2007  Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition March 2007; 85(3):718-23


Coffee for what???
10 years ago
In answer to Lara L. peppermint tea is good for asthma. My daughter's pediatrician recommended it to keep her from having to use her albuterol so often and it really does help.
9 years ago

Yes Judi I have heard that about peppermint tea as it helps keep the respiratory system clear.

Coffee/tea (excluding herbal) bad for the environment.
9 years ago

On the supposed health benefits of coffees and teas, I will remind the readers that the same things were said about tabacco.  There is always that doctor willing to try and find the positive side of bad substances.

My opinion on the subject, which I find ironic because while many of my fellow community members wish to reduce global warming by buying locally and to improve their health by eating a less toxic diet, they because of addictions do just the opposite.

Coffees, teas (black and green), mochas, lattes, etc., etc. hot or cold are drinks that have many toxins based on my conversations with a doctor who way back in the 1970s started doing research on the stuff, both caffeinated and decaffeinated, the latter being more toxic than the former, but less habit forming.

Also the trendy brands are often shipped from the other side of the world... not helping global warming.

I have given up soda pop and bottled water (except in "emergencies") to help reduce greenhouse gases during the transportation.  I drink none of the habit-forming toxic drinks above either.

So I ask, are you willing to make a real sacrifice for the environment and give up that drink that comes all the way from Indonesia, Congo, or Columbia?
8 years ago

Richard, 1st I apologise for not seeing your post.  YES I agree; there is more at stake then our personal health.

Decided to look this discussion up; as when I asked someone if they drank coffee and they said "yes, don't you?"

I never drink coffee and have never been an addict of it...I am unable to as it makes me feel like I am on 'speed' which I am only guessing what it feels like to be on 'speed' as I never did take it.  Just in the form on caffiene.  Anyways, I have my own food addictions to deal with.

8 years ago

I am guilty of loving my daily cup of coffee! I have not drunk any for the past 5 days though, as I have been on a fruit fast and only allowed myself herbal tea/peppermint tea, instead! I try to get organic/fair trade coffee, and have found one store that stocks it for a fairly reasonable price. I have missed it this week, though. I do not add milk or sugar, so I do not personally consider it unhealthy if I hold myself to just one cup a day, but i know there is a big debate on if plain coffee is or isn't healthy!!

8 years ago

Sande, I am not certain that one cup of coffee per day is unhealthy for everyone especially when it is without all of the addtiions.  For me it would be because of my constitution; for another it may be ok.  We are not all the same.

What I would be wary of is drinking coffee to create energy...that is not natural. In the end that would run the body down as there would be this unnatural pull on the body's resources to be alive.  And that is what I hear most people are doing; using it to wake up in the morning or to stay awake during the day.  That seems odd to me.

Our body knows how to be awake when it is suppose to and how to be alert and how to rest. 

8 years ago

Gosh this discussion has been silent for too long!

8 years ago

Last week, I had a nasty cold.

On Tuesday, my ex came over with his coffee mill, coffee pot, and a jar of beautifully roasted coffee beans. (He's a good friend of a fellow who owns a cafe - all of it is gourmet-grade, organic, and grown in Mexico, unless one of his friends has been overseas).

I had two cups of coffee. No milk or sugar for me - a good coffee doesn't need them! It honestly made me feel a lot better, even though forgot to take all my meds that day. Heck, it worked even better than the meds!

I do believe it is best in moderation - so I'm a social (coffee) drinker only.

I don't agree on those who say the best coffee is from Colombia, or anywhere else. I think it's better to just get whatever is grown nearest to you (under decent conditions, of course). I live in Mexico, and I must say, we have excellent coffees here! Of course, that's just my opinion.

I also believe instant coffee is not the healthiest option. Decaf is not the greatest idea either. They're just too processed to be really that good for you, I think.

Thanks to my ex (and his friend from the cafe) I got used to certain types of coffee - which are actually tastier and healthier than the usual stuff. My now-gone cold attests to that.

8 years ago

Well Citlalli V. What a great and interesting story about coffee and it being beneficial.  I certainly have not heard about that before.  I have heard and I believe someone says it above that coffee can be helpful for asthsma.  So I am thinking that is respiratory and your cold was a respiratory problem.  Thank you for sharing your story.

7 years ago

This rather got lost but there are some good points here and please do add yours.

The caffeine fix
7 years ago

I drink coffee from time to time, I like iced mocha. My husband has to have his every day, regular in the morning and decaf in the evenings. If you drink in moderation I don't think it will harm most people. My daughter has found that she can not tolerate caffeine at all, she gets lumps in her breasts. She has had to cut all sources of caffeine, including chocolate and regular tea. So just decide if it's hurting you or not. If it is, even a little that you know of, you probably need to quit before it gets worse.

How To Give Up Coffee
5 years ago

by Steve Pavlina (adapted)

Method 1: Coffee to Herbal Tea
First, switch from coffee to tea. You still get the caffeine from tea, but not as much. Enjoy some good quality tea — not Lipton!  If you find it too hard to switch so abruptly, then make the transition over a period of weeks equal to the number of cups of coffee you drink each day. For example, if you drink 4 cups of coffee a day, then switch to 3c coffee / 1c tea for the first week, then go 2c/2c for the second week, then 1c/3c, and finally 0c/4c for the fourth week.
Next, make the transition from regular tea to caffeine-free (not decaffeinated) herbal tea. Herbal tea isn’t really tea, but it’s close. Celestial Seasonings offers a wide variety of flavors. I recommend getting a variety pack to see which kinds you like. You can do the switch abruptly, or use the gradual method above. Now you’re caffeine free.
Method 2: Coffee to Grain Coffee
Switch from coffee to grain coffee. Grain coffee is to coffee as herbal tea is to tea, and grain coffee is naturally caffeine-free. Grain coffee isn’t real coffee, but it’s a ground mixture of things like grains, nuts, dried fruit, and natural flavors that you can put into a regular drip coffee maker and make something that looks and tastes similar to coffee. Some grain coffees I tried were very bitter and well… disgusting. After trying a few different types, I found one I really liked: Teeccino. I buy it at Whole Foods. This has the best taste of all the ones I’ve tried, and it comes in a variety of flavors: vanilla nut, java, hazelnut, chocolate mint, almond amaretto, etc. Sometimes I mix different flavors together to make interesting concoctions. While I still usually prefer the rich taste of a good cup of Sumatra coffee, this stuff isn’t too bad. It tastes similar to coffee, but it has a unique flavor of its own, and it’s not acidic like coffee is. I typically mix a little Rice Dream (rice milk) into each cup to make it creamier.
A great way to transition to grain coffee is to mix it with regular coffee as you scoop the dry grounds into your coffee filter. So if you use 4 scoops of ground coffee normally, then try 3 scoops of coffee with 1 scoop of grain coffee for the first week, and continue to transition gradually as in the first method above.
Part of the addiction of coffee drinking is having a warm beverage, so the two methods above focus on that. I really like having something warm to drink, especially during the winter. I even have a small mug warmer on my desk. I usually alternate for weeks at a time between Teecino and herbal tea. Today I’ve already had two cups of Vanilla Nut Teeccino.
I suppose you could try a similar process if you’re addicted to soda by transitioning to something else like water or juice, but I’ve never found it hard to give up soda.
I don’t recommend decaffeinated coffee or tea because known carcinogens are used in the decaffeination process, and decaffeinated drinks are still highly acidic. From what I’ve read on this, I’d say you’re better off with caffeine.
When you give up caffeine, you’re likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. If I’m doing 4c coffee a day and then go cold turkey, I get headaches and backaches, and generally my emotions are out of whack for several days. But I still personally prefer to transition quickly rather than gradually. I’d rather just get the withdrawal over with.

I also feel that caffeine blocks too much of my intuition and creativity. I miss subtle sensory input, and my thinking becomes too linear. Sometimes linear thinking is OK though. If I have a lot of menial tasks to complete, and I already have a clear to-do list to follow, drinking a cup of coffee can get me through them quickly. But if I have to sit down and do high-level work like developing my next quarterly plan, caffeine will make a mess of my thought process and dramatically reduce my ability to concentrate. My mind races too much on caffeine; it’s hard to stay focused on just one thing.

Additionally, caffeine definitely disrupts my sleep habits. Even if I have a cup of coffee in the morning and none for the rest of the day, I don’t sleep as well. I wake up in the middle of the night, or it’s hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. When I consume no caffeine, I sleep more restfully and wake up easily. I also don’t experience so much midday sleepiness.

5 years ago

People sure can get testy about their coffee! LOL I have always loved the smell of coffee but could not stand the taste of a cup of coffee no matter how doctored up! It also gave me bad headaches! I get motion sickness while traveling and read that coffee will help with this kind of headache. I decided to try it and it worked! I have to drink it iced with sweetener and almond milk, to get it down. LOL I make my own at home and put it in a thermos to go. I started buying organic beans from Costco and grind them myself, because I read that ground coffee gets rancid quite fast so they add preservatives to keep it fresh. So the only coffee I drink is when I am traveling. I also have asthma but don't think coffee has ever helped with that. But I'll stick in another use, that I am doing for a liver cleanse. I have had amalgams removed and have had issues so I am doing a heavy metal cleanse and liver cleanse. This is what I am doing.

5 years ago
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Coffee: The Great Energy Sapper
By Frédéric Patenaude

Compiled by Frédéric Patenaude. Published in Just Eat An Apple magazine, Vol. 2, #2

Most of my readers are aware of the evils of coffee, and probably all of them have given up this habit. However, I often meet raw foodists or vegetarians who, otherwise following a healthy lifestyle, still drink coffee. It's their guilty pleasure they say. Others still have an occasional cup of green tea, maté, guarana, or other caffeinated beverages. Some may even think that these beverages are healthy. For many, it's chocolate, which gives the same strange "pleasure" as the beverages.

The effects of caffeine on the body are well researched, but you never hear about it in your newspaper. You never hear about it anywhere because the whole nation, if not the whole world, is addicted to caffeine. Doctors, journalists, scientists, writers, everyone drinks coffee. Those whose job is to inform us are usually heavy coffee drinkers. And few of them ever rise up to speak against this popular drug. But one did, his name is Stephen Cherniske, and he's a scientist who spent 10 years of his life researching the effects of caffeine on the body and compiling them in a shocking document, "Caffeine Blues."

On the first page of this book we can read: "Caffeine can't provide energy, only chemical stimulation and induced emergency state that can lead to irritability, mood swings, and panic attacks. Caffeine's ultimate mood effect can be letdown, which can lead to depression and chronic fatigue. Caffeine gives the illusion of heightened alertness by dilating pupils, quickening heart rate, and raising blood pressure. In fact, caffeine does not increase overall mental activity."

I have read "Caffeine Blues" and selected the most relevant information and quotes out of it for this article. The Great Caffeine Hoax You may have read somewhere, or have been told in school, that as long as caffeine was consumed in "moderate" quantities, it did not pose any threat to health. You were reassured. Once in a while, you may even read somewhere in the newspaper about the "benefits" of drinking coffee. So far, so good. Who could ever say anything against coffee? Mr. Cherniske responds: "I had been told only that caffeine was a mild stimulant and its association with health disorders was unproven. I was also told that caffeine is not addictive. Since I knew from

5 years ago

Sorry for the post I copied and pasted...

It is longer than this.

Marie who came at Care2 firsr on July 2007 I had to  change my name a couple of time.

5 years ago

Thanks for the great coffee info Cindy!


Coffee for what???
5 years ago

A strong cup of coffee with a teaspoon of lemon juice added is a good headache cure.  If you don't drink coffee regularly it will be more effective, but can be helpful in any case. 

5 years ago

Sounds interesting will give it a try

Coffee Addict
5 years ago
I am such a coffee fiend.  I can't give it up, no matter how much I want to.  Interesting that decaffeinated coffee is much worse, didn't know that.  Thanks.
Coffee for what???
5 years ago

I have to admit that I like a cup of coffee especially first thing in the morning to get my day started, I usually have about 3 cups a day which I don't feel is in excess, I drink it black with no sugar, occasionally I will have a Latte

5 years ago

Coffee is for Bugs not Your Body!

Caffeine is a natural insecticide that plants have been using to protect themselves from insects for thousands of years!

That caffeine in your steaming cup of coffee has been put to much better use in driving away or killing insects in your backyard, rather than getting you going in the morning.

7 Reasons to Cut Down on Your Coffee or Caffeine Consumption

1. Caffeine was developed as a poison.

Over millions of years, plants have developed various powerful compounds to stop insects from stripping away every bit of greenery from the planet. Many plants are obviously poisonous or extremely inedible to protect themselves. Other examples of slightly toxic substances include oxalic acid in leafy greens and capsaicin in chili peppers. When you consider the fact that we consume 12,000 tons of caffeine a year, the amounts in these other foods are miniscule in comparison. A good rule of thumb for health is to avoid or reduce poisons.

2. Caffeine exhausts the adrenals.

Whereas a dose of caffeine in a small insect may stun or even kill it, in humans it just gives us a little “buzz.” This stimulation is what many people depend on to get themselves going with their morning coffee, but it is short lived.

Since it really is just stimulation, an excitement of the nervous and glandular system, it’s not producing any long term energy; and as soon as that little high wears off, you are reaching for another shot.  Do this enough times and your nervous and glandular system, particularly the adrenal gland, is exhausted.  You have to keep increasing the “dose” to have energy and eventually nothing works and you crash.
Read more:

5 years ago

I grew up with caffeine & drank about a pot of coffee before she went to work...I think she drank 6-8 pots of coffee per day (she drank it black). I, on the other hand, do not like the taste.

I am def a caffeine lover and it's surprising that it's a natural insect repellent. What is odd is that my body for some reason attracts not sure it's working!!! lol

I drink a lot of Mountain Dew. That's one of my addictions (eek). But in the US, Mountain Dew is at the top of the list for soft drinks with the most caffeine content. (I think it's only 2nd to Jolt). My thing is the taste...if I can find something that is not as bad for you but tastes exactly like it, I'd be good lol.

5 years ago

Thank you Diana, what you say about coffee and tea.  I prefer to drink water.  I start my day with a lemon juice.

5 years ago

Sorry Diana,  I am not giving up my daily morning cup of joe for anything or any amount of money.  I like it.  Alot. 

5 years ago

I like coffee with "Sunday breakfast". I drink 2 or 3 cups and call it good. Tea is awesome. So many choices.

5 years ago

Good day everyone and all!

It was me it is still me with Marie Kane.  I had a internet virus and I lost everything had to make it back again.  Thanks!


5 years ago

I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Most days, I have brain fog and I cannot even lift my arms without difficulty. I discovered Starbuck's espresso, though, and things are definitely looking up. I get 4 shots of espresso over ice each morning, and, while drinking that, I feel better for the rest of the day. There is no down side. I helps me approximate normal and have some degree of energy to get through the day. I'm grateful for it. Of course, if I didn't have Hashimoto's, I wouldn't drink it every day. I wouldn't need to.

4 years ago

3.  Caffeine is addictive

The fact that you can get caffeine withdrawal symptoms if you stop is an obvious symptom of addiction. Most people don’t want to be addicted to anything!

You probably think you don’t drink enough to be addicted, but research shows you probably already are. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine showed that low to moderate caffeine intake (as little as one small cup of coffee per day) can quickly produce withdrawal symptoms.

4.  Caffeine often comes with sugar and other health hazards.

Raw coffee beans by themselves don’t taste good, so sweeteners are usually added. This is usually white sugar or some artificial chemical that tastes sweet.

Some people consider white sugar to also be a chemical poison. To read all about the dangers of sugar and to how to stop your sugar craving, see: 7 Tips to Stop Sugar Cravings

At the very least, sugar is definitely a dumb carb and not a smart carb. Other than the simple sugars, it has no micronutrients like vitamins or minerals to help your body. Also it has a high glycemic index so it goes quickly into the system, creating insulin spikes and insulin resistance, which eventually leads to weight gain.

5.  Caffeine toxicity has been linked to, well, almost everything.

The above four points are pretty well known. Caffeine toxicity, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be as commonly discussed. If you do a medical search for “caffeine toxicity” on Google Scholar, you get 44,000 entries.

Caffeine has been associated with studies in a lot of conditions including:

  • irregular heartbeat
  • insomnia
  • psychosis
  • anorexia
  • sleeplessness
  • headaches
  • nervousness
  • irritability
  • depression
  • bedwetting
  • birth defects in rodents

Read more:

4 years ago
4 years ago

But I like my coffee.

4 years ago

just amazing, fantastic, beautiful, John S., !!! It totally goes with my opinion of coffee even though I seldom drink coffee, never because of " caféine " though, just like that, there entered a phase in my life where I didn´t even notice I no longer drank coffee as Often as I used to until, this, just to say how great what John S., posted. ---



unless one lives on coffee so to speak, and unless our immune system is weak -whatever the cause-, coffee has never been harmful to health..noone´s died from coffee or  "cafféine" , and there sure is good coffee on the market, but speaking of " the " coffee of 50 years ago and more, coffee can even destroy "bacterias" inside the body  the natural way as it´s organic ------so our body collaborates, both cafféine and body being organic (they friend each other)  whilst it cannot make head or tail of the unnatural things contained in coffee today and that probably are what makes coffee unhealthy, but again there doubtless is enough good coffee on the market...And by the way, if you flush well with enough water, juice or even a good beer (in all, three litres and more ) so nothing remains sticking to the walls of the stomach, don´t worry at all...

So, again, coffee may have become harmful to health today, but this is because it no longer contains its own natural elements that once benefited (or may have benefited) the body or the organism if you like...

Just many of the good things contained in it are extracted to name but the good flavour that once would waft out of the cup unlike it´s the case today...But noone´s died from coffee, no case is known...

Think of the people in Yemen or Syria, they live 100 years, coffee may have played a part in that...who knows ?!...but remember, there´s nothing that has but advantages, be it either a coffee bean or whatever, for nothing is able to exist without the  extremes or antagonisms in it, because of  the balance all that exisits on Earth needs to " be " what it is ...

(sorry for the too many colours, was no intention...)

This post was modified from its original form on 11 Mar, 4:43

This post was modified from its original form on 11 Mar, 4:46
4 years ago

I find, it´s sometimes sad to read, --quote but not verbatim--:  " hey, Diana, am not going to give up my cup of coffee " and things like that...Diana cannot have the intention to try to make anyone change their mind, right ?!...

What ? you wanna say that Diana created this group with all the wonderful enlightening topics with the idea behind to thrust her views or experiences on one ?...All opinions are respected and we learn from each other, but be thankful for what Diana is doing and has done for all of us here, constantly keeping boredom at bay in this group for you and all of us to have fun and expand the horizon...Noone will soon knock at s.o.´s door and say " hey, it´ s about time, you dropped coffee " ...

...Feedback can also be negative, sure, but it needs to be constructive or else it´s no feedback as the term carries its meaning...

4 years ago

Everybody knows that too much of a good thing is bad - I'm thankful for all this information and I'm impressed by the fact that Diana keeps up discussions for (more than) a whole decade - but this does not destroy my habit in enjoying a good café au lait or an espresso once in a while. Yes, I drink tea, also, there are so many delicious kinds of brands - and I'm almost convinced that nobody will change the social benefits that coffee and tea have when new people get to know each other. Anyone here who would like to have a glass of lemon juice with me ? Suggestion for the next discussion: the pros and contras about pepper!

I wish everyone - coffee drinker or not -  a Happy Day!

4 years ago

I don't often check this group but I'm so glad I did.  Thanks so much to so many for the great tips on asthma (coughs) and alternative treatments.

4 years ago

OK I will jump in again.

I am one of those people who DON"T LIKE the TASTE of coffee.

Never drank it as a child and don't even like the smell that much. I threfore don't have to worry about any bad health effects.

The odd time I have drank it (with LOTS of milk and sugar and very little coffee) I kind of like the buzz since it was very mild.

4 years ago

Thank you Mongi and Wolfgang for your compliments in relation to this group. 

I am sure the occassional cup of coffee will not hurt anyone and it may just be medicine for some. We are all different with individual needs. 

For me it really does not work if I want to have a peaceful but good working day and of course if I want to sleep at night.  

Wolfgang, I suggest that you start a discussion called: Pros and contras about pepper since you are interested in that subject. I am sure there are others that will be too.


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