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What foods are good to bring on a road trip?
12 years ago
I'm taking a trip with my son this week, just wondering if 'yall had any ideas on food to bring with.  Has to be not messy or perishable, I was wanting to maybe bring some wrapped sandwhiches any ideas?
Hi Rana
12 years ago

How long is the road trip?

When I travel I always go with a bag of food even on airlplanes as I want to eat healthy and not have to eat what is on offer.  And while on the road not only is it a healthy eating consideration, it is a financial one too.

I always make sure I do have some fresh foods that are on the low perishable end. 

Apples & oranges, celery sticks, carrot sticks and sugar snap peas (the ones you eat in the shell)

I may even have a salad already prepared in containers for each person with the salad dressing on the bottom, not mixed in and take some plastic forks.

I would make my own trail mix with dried fruit and roasted nuts and seeds.  I put carob chips instead of chocolate chips.

There are a few quick ideas, I will return with a few more ideas later after I know how long your trip is.  And I am sure someone else will have some good ideas.

I agree
12 years ago
Finger Foods!  I would also include bottled water.  Juices have a great deal of sugar (albeit natural, it's still sugar), and can actually make you more thirsty.  As far as the foods go, Diana covered it in the previous post.  Have fun on your trip.
12 years ago
well, the trip itself is about 10 hours, which isn't too bad, but we will have a cabin w/ cooking stuff in it all week, so i will have to pick up some easy to prepare items. Thanks for all of the ideas
12 years ago
I like finger foods and use small tortia wraps to make simple fare of thinly sliced ham and horseraddish pickles. They have enough protien to keep you satisfied but enough zing from the pickles to tantilize ones taste buds.
I also like to take fruit and some raw veggies and insist on water but will add a wedge of lemon or lime to them to give more adventure and allow one more taste to make you drink more. Staying hydrated keeps one more alert and watchful when driving on long trips. Julie

Are we there yet? How many more minutes?
12 years ago

The truth is, when taking a long trip in the car with small kids, the snacks are also an entertainment. Therefore it is essential that they healthy and fun.

My favourite are clementines: kids love that they can peel them themselves, they're yummy and they make the whole car smell good. Also I always prepare a variety of small containers with celery and carrot sticks, grapes, popcorn or cereal. We all drink plenty of water and stop frequently.

12 years ago

Now I am getting excited; when are we leaving? Yes, Miriela you are so right.....lots of fun snack foods.

Rana, have a fun journey and let us know how it went when you get back.

camp menu
12 years ago

We just got back from a long trip, camping, and a wedding. I packed a lot of dry foods like fruit leather, dried tropical fruit mix, soy nuts, cereal, bars, crackers. I took along some fruits and vegs (apples, pears, broccoli, carrots) and a heavy loaf of whole wheat bread and peanut butter.  I also prepared some dry one-pot dinners for camping like dried soups, stir fry, a couple of pastas. Also quick breakfasts like premade bags of oatmeal and dried fruit so that all you have to do is stir it into boiling water.

Packing everything into my car was a concern for me, so I took drink ingredients that I could mix with the water I was taking.

Nice to hear from you Jes!!!!!
12 years ago

Sounds like your trip went really well. 

I like the extra tips you gave us, I will remember them for my camping trip this summer. Little bags all ready to go is perfect and when you know how many you are preparing for then it is easy.  Much better then fiddling about with 3 or 4 different bags. Thank you for reporting back.... I always like to hearing how things work out with our recipes and tips.

Looking forward to hearing from Rana now.

hey everyone..
12 years ago

thank you for all of the advice, the trip went well. I packed up a good part of the trunk w/ a flat of h2o (which lasted the entire trip and kept me hydrated and feelin good) i ended up grabbing some of the oatmeal packs which worked out nicely for breakfast and then for the ride we had carrot sticks and fruit. My son actually invented a sandwhich (he put cheese and potato chips in bread and made a chipwhich) very cute Thanks again for all of the advice

12 years ago
i don't know why the above post showed up was me
12 years ago
Rana for getting back to us.  Strange the way Care2 can do things like that, but we know it is you and so do you.
12 years ago
Your heavy loaf of WW bread reminded me of a dark rye loaf I made once that had chocolate in it. Very moist and heavy and really delicious. I've got to look for that recipe. It was especially for camping and lasted for up to a week in a pack.
10 years ago

This folder got me this morning as I am thinking of what to take on my long trip of 43 days to China/Tibet.....not exactly a road trip from Edmonton.

I know there is lots of food in China but I do have my own preferences so I am busy putting together a few big containers of packaged dehydrated raw foods.  Being vegetarian and liking to eat raw can be challenging when travelling to countries like this.

Any tips?

10 years ago
Diana--Take lots of pictures and don't be afraid of the local food!
10 years ago
NUTS! and dried fruit! But I'm sure you know that! One tip, please check what China will allow into the country and what they won't. They may not be very strict, but I know when I have gone to Australia (probably the strictest in their policies) they will not allow raw foods or bananas into the country at all. So it would be good to check. Usually if the stuff is prepackaged and roasted it's OK. Oh, and just as another tip - Avocados travel great and make a really good makeshift mayonnaise for sandwiches!
10 years ago

Thank you Annette, I will take lots of pictures for sure.  I am not afraid of trying new food as I like to experience everything about places I travel to.  When one goes to countries where you cannot drink the tap water it is a serious concern. 

10 years ago
Is the water a problem in that area? I had no idea--but I do know not to drink water in Mexico! 
10 years ago
Same thing in India - you don't even brush your teeth with the tap water! And close your mouth in the shower... Be sure you have plenty of bottled water at all time.
10 years ago

Yes Helen, you are so right about the water....not even brushing teeth with it. 

And yes no raw food, only prepackaged sealed food. hmmm

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7 years ago

you MUST bring larabars. They are 100% natural like 3 ingredients but MAN do they full you up. You can use my code to get 5 dollars off at it's KOB762. I buy them in bulk now. hehe

7 years ago

I know at this time of year in Canada many are on their way some where.

I always take lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that can be eaten without any preparation.


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