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Has Healthy Eating Affected You?
12 years ago
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Hope Johanna does not mind being the inspiration for this new folder but I love what she said so much.  I realize there must be many others with some good stories too.  Eating well has made all the difference to me and my life.

5 new, 12 total6 total Johanna B.

I've been very careful about eating a lot of colorful foods lately, trying to grow most of them myself, and I have to tell you, I've been feeling better and better - month by month.  It's been a real eye-opener for me, when I was married I was the original - open a box and make dinner - type of person and my foray into healthy, fresh, organic foods has made a difference not only in my health, but also my outlook on life.  I feel younger and stronger than ever and have even just decided to go back to college.  I don't think I would have if I had the chance 5 or 10 years ago.  It's great to feel as good as my teenager   [ send green star]

healthy eating
12 years ago

I didn't even mention I lost over 80lbs without even thinking about it - healthy eating turned my life around!!  I would recommend for anyone that is interested - or if you know anyone that needs a push in the right direction read the book "Superfoods Rx" By Dr Stephen Pratt and Kathy Matthews.  That is what really got me started and made such a huge difference in my life.  It's very informative & I go back to often for tips.


Improved Health
12 years ago
My health is getting better too, since I changed my eating habits.  It isn't a diet like the fad ones, but one I can live with, a routine of things that promote wellness.  I don't get as much organics as I want to, but do my best.  Since I quit most the junk I lived on for many years, I noticed changes shortly afterwards.  In 2000 I started transitioning myself from the unhealthy lifestyle, and began to notice my moods getting more even, my roommate said my skin looked better, and I saw my hair looking better too.  Now I can see the improved skin, too, and my energy level is much better.
   In Dec. '03 I went to a wholistic nutritionist, he has knowledge and wisdom beyond any I've talked to, and does this test that shows what's going on inside, ph levels and other things, which calculate out to the reserve energy that's left after the body processes what's been taken in.  My 1st reading was 29%, the next reading shot up to 43, then 49, then 53, and fluctuated downward for awhile, then got into the 60's, and has hit 70 twice!  This means, after digesting, cleansing, and whatever else it does, I have enough energy to stay alert.
   I noticed the affect some foods have on me, as well as certain beverages.  Being aware of this is very important, so we know what to avoid, or, if it's something we really like that may not be very good, we can cut down on it.  This program is very good, and allows for an occasional enjoyment of the less healthy things, in moderation. Life would be very boring if we stuck to a rigid system of any kind. Something starchy, like potatoes, I only have once a week, because they also make me tired.  Starch converts to sugars and is hard on the system, it affects the salts levels too.  Having taste buds sure complicates life, -lol-!   If we were more like cars, we'd get the right fuels and never fuss over taste!
   Other things tire me out also, and some make me downright cranky, so when I get the urge for them, all I have to do is remember what it does to me.  I can see why society is so messed up, just in their moods, aside from the physical symptoms, because these things affect chemicals in the brain!  Thought processes are interfered with, and it's no wonder all these various things like ADD are popping up!  Oh if only they knew!  Processed sugar is one of the worst things we could have, especially for children.
   As long as our foods are wholesome and pure, not genetically modified, our health will improve in amazing ways.  We must be diligent in fighting for our rights to natural, organic food, and safe materials to store them in.

12 years ago

Good to hear the rest of your story Johanna. for Healthy Slenderness!

And Ariel, I love your story.  Yes moods are so much more effected by what we eat then most people realize.  ahhh yes  taste buds....actually I like the taste of everything I eat and it is healthy.  Everything you say is what I know and practice too mostly.  Of course I have my own variations.

12 years ago

I think for people who are stuck in the rut of unhealthy eating it is important to let them know that healthy eating is not only good for you - but good tasting!  Once you stop with the fast food and the processed foods and starting tasting things the way nature intented you begin to realize how much better it is and how truly delicious it can be.  We just need to get away from boxes and learn about more than dressing drenched iceburg lettuce.  It's an ever changing journey and its well worth the trip.

12 years ago

The strange part is I've never realised that the change in my health is due to the change in my eating habits, but I feel it must be. I've always had a very low immune system so I'm usually ill most of the year and I don't heal quickly. However since I've been with Rohan (my husband) I've noticed that my health is better and when I am sick, I'm never as bad as I used to be.

Before I met him I lived on one cup-a -soup per day, not because I couldn't cook, but because I didn't see the point in cooking for me only, especially as my son was very young and ate different things to me. Of course I made sure he ate well.

Since Rohan enjoys cooking and he's very good at it, he's done all of it over the last three years.

 People tell me they cannot afford to eat healthily and can only afford to feed their kids blank, chips and peas most nights, but we are on benefits as Rohan can't work and I'm looking after him and the kids at the moment,   so we have very little income yet we eat healthily because he makes everything from scratch as we do not have enough money to buy expensive processed foods.

Rohan cooks a variety of cuisines but we tend to eat a lot of asian, cajun and mexican dishes as we like a lot of flavour. All our meals include meat, veg and fruit, and we either have rice, pasta or cous-cous.

On the rare occasions that we eat potatoes they are baked, and chips are cooked in the oven. (chips are fries for the americans).

It always surprises me when people say they find healthy foods bland and uninteresting, there are so many different herbs and spices which are perfectly good for you that it seems impossible to create a bland dish.

Chilies are wonderful, as there are so many different kinds, they can be added to almost anything, and they vary in strength. Also not only are they incredibly good for you, they are a natural anti-depressant as well as an aphrodesiac, however, be warned, they are highly addictive!

There's a lot to be said for the humble little chili pepper!

Bon Apetite anyway,


12 years ago

I've been a pretty healthy eater most of my life, but I did have to adjust my diet a year ago and have noticed SUCH an improvement!

I was having stomach problems every single time I ate, and right after I'd eat I'd get really tired and kind of grouchy. 

So after I did my research I decided to cut out gluten from my diet, and what an impovement!  Aparently I am allergic to it, because since I cut it out, I eat meals pain-free (after I got over the pain in the butt realization that I no longer would be eating pasta, bread, pizza, etc.) I have more energy and I no longer have depression.

12 years ago
 What a good point!!  I've heard that myth also, that eating healthy is expensive and have found it to be completely untrue!  Of course you can spend a mint - here in America, going to specialty markets and buying pricy "health foods"  but as a single Mom, going to school and living very close to the cuff, it IS much more reasonable when you learn to cook from scratch.  I've grown herbs in tiny little pots for flavoring and I'm not above checking the bargain bins at the grocery store for day old produce.  I can't tell you the amount of times I've picked up something like a head of cabbage for ten cents that looks kinda icky, but after pulling off a couple of leaves it was perfectly fine.  Stick more to the veggies - more to rice and dried beans - I've fed a family of 3 on less than $30.00  a week grocery money - it can be done - and your mood improvement is worth it, plus less visits to the Dr mean (at least here where it cost me $40.00 everytime I walk through the door) more money in the long run.  So worth it!!!!
12 years ago
I've had a similar experience to Vanessa's.  I've always eaten real and healthy food.  However, the last few years I have been learning that some foods (healthy ones) are not good for me.  I mentioned in a previous post that consuming soy results in my experiencing arthritis-like pain.  I, too, avoid gluton.  There are others.  It comes back to listening to our body, and our emotions and our minds.  Voila!  Good luck to each one in their search for better health.
12 years ago

Johanna, I like this statement of yours very much!  Once you stop with the fast food and the processed foods and starting tasting things the way nature intended you begin to realize how much better it is and how truly delicious it can be. And what I find is that most junk food simply does not taste yummy to me anymore and when I do indulge, I actually crave a salad or a piece of fruit.

Ariel, Yes our bodies will naturally heal themselves when given a balanced diet, with as much organic material as possible, which includes clean water.  I know that to be absolutely true!

And yes people do need to be patient; just think how long it took to get into that unwell state…often many years so why would it not take some time to regenerate.  

Morgaen, What you say here is so correct!   It is It always surprises me when people say they find healthy foods bland and uninteresting, there are so many different herbs and spices which are perfectly good for you that it seems impossible to create a bland dish. It is easy to make tasty food when you learn how, so there does need to be some educating which is what this group is about.

Vanessa, you say I was having stomach problems every single time I ate, and right after I'd eat I'd get really tired and kind of grouchy but now have more energy and no longer have depression. This is what people often do not realize is that food can affect the emotions and food is suppose to supply us with energy.

Linda, What you say is so key.  It comes back to listening to our body, and our emotions and our minds.  And this is not always easy at first when we have been listening to our cravings instead.

Like Ariel, I hearing these inspiring stories and could listen to them all day!  So please feel free to share your story here.

12 years ago

Before having kids, I never really gave that much thought to what I was eating. When my older daughter was ready for solids I felt responsible, I just had to make sure she ate healthy food. Equally important for me was giving my kids good eating habits.

It happened gradually and almost unintentionally. We make much better choices now.

As an added benefit, over last 4 years I lost 35 lbs (and most of my back pain), and my husband lost 25 lbs.

12 years ago
Lots of healthy and natural foods has its wonderful affect. I do notice when I drink pure and natural grape juice, that it lowers my blood pressure. I just feel better. I can go on and on... but will mention the grape juice and the wonders of it. I think it is the red concord grapes, and I am not sure of the values that it holds, but it seems to be good.
12 years ago
Diana, as you know i was recently told to go on a low salt diet because I had BP spikes. My doctor and I went over my dietary habits and we realized that it was only in the time that i didnot cook myself -travelling a lot and staying in company Guest houses -doesnot allow you to--that my BP actually did a dance.

Before that my diet was healthy and balanced, a little of everything, chicken and fish maybe once in 15 days...more salads, stir-fried veges and soups and broths (and my standard Indian meal of dal, roti, sabzi, dahi/curd). I have cravings and surprise, surprise, they are for salads and soups and maybe the occassional pasta and low sugar desert.

On that diet, i felt healthy and fit-i have allergic bronchial asthma-spasms/attacks didnot lay me low for too long last time.

Am going back to my old diet and hopefully will recover my past fitness and health.
Thank you
12 years ago

Mirela, yess Healthy Slenderness is what we say in my work and you are a living example of that. 

Wade I have heard and read all sorts of good things about grapes, it would be good to have some concrete info on it.

Kirti, I am so happy to hear that you have turned over a new leaf in your eating.  And yes craving salads!!!! If I miss a day of having a salad, I crave it big time the next day.

How has it not???
12 years ago

Healthy eating isn't just a "twist my arm grimace and get on with it" thing to me. Never has. Apples have become the new chocolate. Roasted garlic is the new potato chip. I have my few indulgences, but I rarely crave the fatty things anymore.

I have the typical symptoms: more energetic, less illness, less headaches, weight loss, etc etc. It has also made me more aware of my surroundings and the people and objects in it. I hate to see waste of any kind, and have been trying to develop better ways to see the entire environment, and not just my refrigerator, a better place.

I now have the motivation and self confidence that comes with doing what is right for myself and the environment. It may be a little more expensive, but it's well worth it!

12 years ago

eating mainly fruit with a little amount of nuts the last couple of weeks has been an interesting experiment on my body. I would have to say that I have a great deal more energy and my body is slightly detoxing itself, mainly through urination.

I did however have a glass of beer last night at a foreign party here in China. One glass was enough for me to feel the effects it had on my stomach, especially because it was cold and cold drinks are especially harmful when trying to digest food. It was an experiment though and I learnt a great deal about my body and what happens when certain " toxic " foods/drinks are placed into it.

be happy, Stacy

Yes Krystal
12 years ago

How has it not indeed!!!  Well said.

Eating whole food raw and cooked in healthy ways certainly has changed my life.

Stacy, good mention of cleansing happening and just simply getting in touch with what the body likes and does not.

12 years ago

Hi, Diana and everyone!

Wonderful testimonials which, to me, all confirm the importance to eat healthily!

I believe healthy food = healthy life. Period.

Once my body was so toxic (years ago), that I went on a strict alkaline ONLY diet for an entire year. Didn't deviate (except for the start-up time! lol). Was very difficult to do. Went through the typical healing crisis repeatedly, yet the results (proven medically!) made it all worth while.

Now I juice most every morning, and do a healthy juice fast occasionally when I "feel" toxins building up again.

So nice that some of you have fresh gardens to pick from! And, bravo, to all of us who shop healthily!

May you dream of living life fully and bring it back into your daily life.



what is an Alkaline only diet?
12 years ago

Sorry, I have not heard this mentioned before, what do you have to do?  Why do you have to do it?  What are the benefits?

Why do people always assume meat is bad for the body? If  chosen wisely, cooked correctly and in a healthy way and eaten in small portions, meat is a commodity that is extremely good for you, especially with certain proteins.

I know that protein can be  obtained from other foods, I have nothing against vegetarianism and I was a vegetarian for years, because I thought I did not like meat and I also believed the myth that meat is bad.

It turned out that my mom was a bad cook, and tended to buy fattier meats as they were less expensive - according to her. She would leave the skin on the chicken when roasting it, and still baste it with butter or oil. No wonder I was fat and unhealthy along with the rest of the family.

My husband cooks food properly and healthily so now I can eat meats and not feel slow and fat. I'm still over-weight (it took time to go on therefore it will not go away over-night), but the excess weight is coming off, slowly so I'm convinced that meat cannot be as bad as people make out. It is the type and quality that matters as well as how it is prepared and cooked.

We are on a budget we spend £40.00 per week on shopping (not just food) for the family (6 of us) that is $71.00 at the current conversion rate. We buy meat, but only enough for each person to have a little with the rest of the meal, which is why we bulk up with pulses, pasta, rice and cous-cous. We also save money by buying our meat in bulk, monthly from the local butcher who owns several local farms, and their own abattoir, therefore passing their savings onto me.

Please do not think I am having  go at vegetrians because I am not, I just think someone needs to stand up for meat occasionally.

I agree that feeding my children a healthy diet is a responsibility my husband and I carry with a happy heart it is so important to instill good eating habits into our children especially as so many children are now obese before  they are 5 years old! Sad but shockingly true.

My co-parents at toddler groups are shocked to discover that my children love fruit and vegetables, hate refined sugar and processed white bread (incl half and half bread) and fried chips (fries if you are American).

It is not difficult, we just never buy those things so they never had the chance to get used to them. The only time we eat white bread is if my husband has made it at home as a treat, but he usually bakes wholemeal bread. Oh and we don't use a bread-maker machine, he does it all by hand and has been doing so since his mother taught him at the tender age of 4 years. I still meet people who fall over in shock when they are told these things.

I hope that with a healthy diet I will eventually become a size 12, (8 to Americans) and my children will never become fat.

Good Luck to all

Love Morgaen

12 years ago
I meant to add that for those who do not like very spicy foods, mild salsa can be very effective to add colour and flavour to chicken,  and fish without being too painful. Plus tomtoes and onions are full of anti-oxidants etc.
Healthy eating effected me!
12 years ago
 YES!Certainly healthy eating effected me.I feel full with energy,I don't eat so much but I don't feel tired any more.I feel fresh.Also my stomach problems disappeared!I feel like a totally different person.I feel GREAT!!!
Without a doubt
12 years ago
Healthy eating, and RE-learning I could enjoy whole,raw foods, and slightly cooked foods(I'm vegetarian, so no danger there)has changed my life(and health) drastically!

I did not "diet" so to speak, therefore it took quite a long time for these changes to occur-but I lost 139Lbs, and was also able to "lose" all of my meds but 2!(I was on 7)

I still have 11-13 more pounds to go till I'm at what my Dr feels should be my "goal"(tho I wanted more to lose more-she said no cuz I have a fair amount of muscle...LOL)and I feel with these changes that came easy in my eating-I can do it.

I have always enjoyed fruit and most veggies, and when cooked(or raw)in a tasty manner-it makes it much easier to become healthy...and simply FEEL better in EVERY way!

12 years ago

I am still learning, a long slow process, one borne of some pain and  anxiety (eating disorder to a small degree;   I nearly suffocated after one binge).  Now, even though I still go to the buffets now and then, I have learned to eat a big salad first, full of spinach, tomatoes, and such.  It dampens my overeating urge (so does slowing down and not trying to "shovel" it all in at once).  I haven't lost weight yet, but I have stopped "growing" (sideways).

cholesterol alert
12 years ago

10 years ago, at the naive age of 26, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol.  At the same time, I had excess acidity in my stomach and my liver was having some problems with helping in the digestion process.

6 months later, my cholesterol was back to normal and so was my liver.  My stomach acidity still remains, but is a bit better and improving.

I didn't do anything except 2 things to cut down the cholesterol, avoid fats and fried foods.  I started eating no-fat yogurt and made sure that all the products I bought with fat were of the lowest-fat type in their catagory.  As for the fried, it was extremely hard.

My liver got better for the same reason.  I was also missing digestive enzymes.  I ate more fruit and still take organic enzymes at meals.  I also alternate between artichoke and milk thistle herbal tablets at big or dangerous meals.  This has helped my liver.

My stomach will probably never be totally cured.  But there is an upside to that.  My stomach is my radar for food that will bother me.  I often look at food and my stomach gives me a signal that the food will bother it.  herbal supplements that have helped me with acidity and indigestion are: ginger, artichoke, milk thistle, marshmallow root, and mexican sandalwood tea. 

I still buy low-or no-fat products and avoid milk products (well, sometimes we do need chocolate or ice cream and I love cheeses) that are heavy.  I pick my cheeses and yogurts wisely.  I am completely off fried and it is quite easy.  Looking at fried makes my stomach churn.  Simple enough.

I also take garlic supplements and eat much more organic than ever.  Legumes in a diet are paramount.  Ginger and turmeric are great spices.  4 fresh fruit a day is great.  I often put them in the blender as part of my protein shake.  Soya is a great dairy replacement. 

My next mission will be alternative amino acid protein sources.  i eat meat every day, although I select wisely.  I want to cut it down to every other day. 

Before I forget, I take vitamin E and C every day.  I also take Omega 3 fatty acids, eat bread with flax in it, take a carotenoid complex (vitamin and selenium.  These are anti-oxidants that are not harmful.  Only the selenium would be harmful in big doses. 


Healthy Foods
12 years ago

Healthy eating has no effect on me! I eat soups and

seafood most of the time. That includes fruits and

veggies. I joined the group a few minutes ago and

WOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!! 376,330 members Slimah

Now eating better
12 years ago
I started the South Beach Diet about six months ago, mostly to lose weight.  I have lost 35 pounds now, but also it's gotten me to eat less meat and "bad" fats, and many more fresh fruits and vegetables with a less load of carbohydrates!  I'm feeling MUCH better!  DebbieC.     
12 years ago
A change in my diet when I was diagnosed as a NID Diabetic (type 2 allowed my dose of control drugs to be cut by 50% within the first 6 months of treatment, and over the past few years this has been reduced to just 25% by following the Glycemic Index of this just shows how diet can influence health.
12 years ago

My and I read The China Study book and it changed the way we eat. Since Oct. 10 we have eaten no meat aand are trying a raw diet of 75% raw and 25% cooked vegan  diet. So far so good my husband who has body pain from old injuries says he is about at half the pain he used to have we have both lost weight and feel great.

We drink barley juice in the morning and I juce enough for 3 glasses of fresh juice aday.

effecting me
12 years ago
yes i'd have to say healthy eating has effected me. it has made me feel younger, healthier, more enegetic, and has changed the way i feel in general. i just spent the week evaluating what has snuck into my cupboards lately and there sure was  alot of just. i cleaned out my cupboards and went shopping.restocked with everything healthy.hit the organic sections of the store. passed up the meat department for the most part. my children are not vegetarian. no salt added tomatoes, tomato pastes, veggie broths, tofu, seaweeds, miso,s,soba noodles, brown and jasmine rice, whole wheat flour, fair trade coffee(paul newman makes a good one)  i restocked all my staples and have everything i could possibly need to make healthy meals. my kids were like mom wheres all the food. i said in the cupboards. they replied wheres the soda's and cookies and stuff. i said at the store. LOL i just couldn't let them continue to eat that stuff. good thing they love my cooking. i make alot of things that appeal not only to the stomache but also to the eyes and the nose. i find they are more likely to try something new if it looks and smells good. i save the california rolls for when i'm in the mood. the only one who eats them besides me is my 3 yr old daughter. she likes avacado so she will try anything she sees it in. as for pasta's and sauces i steam and put veggies in a blender and add then to the sauce and they don't know. breakfast i make them breakfast burrito with very little egg and add fried cabbage, fresh spinach, garlic and onion and they love them. there are alot of ways to disquise healthy foods from even the most picky eaters and i rest easy knowing they are eating healthy.
O yeah !
12 years ago

all or almost all folders here are great stuff... They give one the stuff to write. Me, always sounding as if I were behind points all the time. But this " only I " know:  I never write just to please. So, also this,  is honest.

Now, sure.  Healthy eating doubtless  affected me positively.

I´ve been vegetarian for more than 20 years. Meanwhile vegan, this, since 5 years. And since then I have but spoons and forks and a smooth knife for vegetables. I can´t do without the fragrances of the spices wafting about. Seasoning couscous, seasoning chick peas, seasoning salads.

Just  fun , eating healthily...



Healthy eating
12 years ago

This has been a struggle for me, but one that I continue.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last spring - an autoimmune disorder that creates pain throughout the body, and while researching, came to the conclusion (though not many seem to agree) that it can be caused by a buildup in the body of toxins consumed in our foods.  By making changes in my diet, I've avoided having to use medications to control the fibromyalgia.  Through an on-line group, I was shocked to learn that many people with this disorder take 10, 20, even 30 medications and are unable to work because the pain is still so bad.  I'm still working - only part time while I learn to maximize my health and quality of life.  And I'm still an active volunteer too.  I'm not active physically, but that has to do with physical disabilities.  Even so, I've done research into different types of exercise, and am hoping this year to start yoga and water aerobics.

I still have a long way to go, but have made changes such as eating more fruits & vegies, less meat, oil and fats, and making more things from scratch.  I enjoy putting together "recipes in a jar" mixes so that I can have "convenience foods" without worrying about health issues.  We now eat 2-3 vegetarian meals each week, though it took some experimentation to find things that my kids would eat. I tend to use lots of spices, herbs and chilies in my cooking too.

I moved to a house last year, and started a small garden,which I hope to enlarge this year. I had gotten to a point where I wasn't eating more than once or twice a day because I had simply lost interest in food - and I put on even more weight, believe it or not - something I've discovered is called the "starvation response"!  I found that my interest in food, and my appetite, improved when I was eating fresh foods from my garden or the farmer's markets.

  Last summer, I did some home canning, and was able to enjoy the benefits of my garden through most of the winter.  Especially the home canned tomatoes; and the broth that I saved from canning all the vegies.  I froze the water from the vegies in ice cube trays, then packaged it - and used it through the winter for soup, stews, etc. It added so much flavor to everything.

I have found that eating healthy is more expensive - but this is probably because I try to buy organics, which are more expensive, at least where I live.  And my two teens have been pretty resistant to change as far as processed foods are concerned.  I talk to them all the time about the benefits of healthy eating, and they are starting to change.  My son several weeks ago asked me to buy fruit instead of his favorite processed snack (woo-hoo!!)

If anyone has tips for me - please share them!!

Many blessings!


Change of diet lowered my cholesterol
12 years ago

10 years ago, when I was still quite young (LOL!) OK, I was in my late 40's but thinking I was 35, my body did a slight crash. I went through some tests and found out I had a high cholesterol reading. What a surprise! I also had high blood pressure. I was diagnosed with asthma as well and given medication for that.

I went to a nutritionist who put me on a Mediterranean diet + soy products because I was lactose intolerant. I already ate whole grains all my adult life. Switching to Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lots of soy products cut my cholesterol down to a safe reading. I loved adding more veggies and fruits. I add seeds, nuts and beans often to meals or as snacks and sprinkle flaxseed meal into my baking. I never had to be medicated for it.

Later they discovered my asthma was really high blood pressure. So I have a beta blocker for that and feel great; my BP is normal.

*A couple of years ago, I tried switching to canola oil instead of evoo and I gained 10 pounds. When I switched back it melted right off. Cutting the transfats really is meaningful. SmartBalance mayo and margerine are also a lifesaver!

Food isn't a diet, but a lifestyle.

12 years ago
I grew up as my mother's daughter, and she was a gardener that provided the best darn tasting veggies to the table.  She didn't train me or brainwash me or any of that--when I grew old enough to move out on my own and went to buying these things from the chain supermarket, the stuff they sold me just plain ole didn't taste so good.

Nobody has to sell ME on the benefits of homegrown vs. processed--my tastebuds testified to it all.

As to meat--I'm a meat-eater, too, and I think the whole deal depends on how much of it you eat and where you got it from.  Supermarket meat is hormoned out the wazoo, so if you're a hunter/fisherman too, or your own rancher, so much the better.  I used to raise chickens in the back yard on the edge of town before it became illegal to do so under ordinance, so I can testify also that homegrown chicken and homegrown eggs taste noticeably better than supermarket, too.

And I fish.
12 years ago
Michelle, I have recently gotten problems with high blood pressure, but my blood analysis came back [b]NORMAL[/b], as in NO high chloresterol at all.  I'm wondering now about that BP "spike" phenomenon reported after eating at a restaurant, though because my doctors' appointments have been usually in the afternoon and for convenience I eat out at a restaurant first on the same trip.

Now that y'all have clued me in about that, I'm going to not do that prior to my next visit.

I dearly love the taste of olive oil and every summer I will grow my own soybeans for the purpose of making edemame.  That's just a Japanese term for slightly steamed green soybeans in the hull oh so slightly salted.  All you do is slip them from the hull and pop 'em in your mouth.  Yum!
12 years ago
Read "THE CHINA STUDY" By T Colin Campbell it will enlighten alot of things about eating.
11 years ago

Hello everyone,

Ever since my diagnosis for an ovarian cyst was confirmed, everything from stress to medical history to diet had to be re-evaluated and even modified if this thing was going to shrink, naturally. I have put alot of hours into researching what makes my body system surge too much estrogen, specifically what foods to avoid and what foods to get more of.

I know poor eating habits, or those less than what my body considered healthy, over the last eighteen years did exacerbate the environment of my pelvic region to develop an ovarian cyst; but now I really need to know a few more things about diet and joined here.

Besides over-production of estrogen, my system is not properly digesting proteins resulting in an overflow referred to as by doctor medical standards-- 'trace amounts of protein being passed through urinary tract'.  I heard that breaking down of proteins requires maintenance of proper enzymes and metabolic chemicals to interract accordingly by eating lots of iron found in vegetables and red meat. I cannot digest the red meat, bothers the digestive tract too much so besides multi-vitamins, where else but ere is a good iron rich recipe I can sink my teeth into ?

11 years ago

Hello Erica, thank you for sharing your quest.  Your question is a good one so I made it into a new topic; hope you don't mind. Where can I get good iron rich foods

11 years ago

I this folder, as all of you have filled it with stories about how it really does work; to eat in a healthy manner.

It is so inspiring and I hope; all new people to this group find this
folder and get to read your wonderful stories...I thank each and every
one of you for contributing. all of you!!!!

and look forward to hearing more.............

11 years ago
Yes, I believe in the healthy eating part. Although, I have had some strange incounters as to where I think I am eating healthy and ends up changing something in my Triglycerides, or cholesterol numbers. I can cook just about anything, but I am still learning the healthy ways of doing it, I have seen many good ideas in this group and would like to hear more, I Like what I see and hear, Thanks!
The effects of healthy eating.
11 years ago
Yea, it made me more alert in what I need to do to better myself inside and I've even alerted my friends -became a spokeperson. Something I never thought I would be doing.
11 years ago
Kevin & Theresa; I do enjoy hearing these things.
Has Healthy Eating Effected You?
11 years ago

Yes. When I was 16 years, I had to lose 10 kilos (almost 20 pounds, I believe). I went to a group in my city for support and started a diet. I eat more fruit, more vegetables. My hair and my skin were better. I feel healthier.

Then I visit a cousin in Houston and lost all my efforts. I miss my country and I suppose I eat every meal that was connected with Argentina, more sugar.

11 years ago

Steven Shapin reviews the history of vegetarianism, from Pythagoras to Hitler to organic Zambian green beans. "Recent epidemiological studies suggest that adult vegetarians tend to have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, lower rates of obesity, and, more controversially, higher childhood I.Q.s -- though vegans tend to have lower I.Q.s than their carnivorous peers, and the nature of the links between vegetarianism, health, and I.Q. is unclear."  01/29/07

Eating healthy
11 years ago
I've been eating healthy for a few years now. It started with giving up soda when I was in high school (I'm in college now). Since then, I've learned a lot about food and how it affects my body. Everyone always comments about how much energy I have, and I attribute it to healthy eating. I do have more energy that before and I work out a lot. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and lean meat. The only thing I can't give up is chocolate! I'm also on a budget since I'm a college student, and I find that choosing healthy foods at the grocery store doesn't cost any more than buying processed foods. I've gotten so used to eating healthy that I just can't eat junk anymore. It is especially hard since my family and my boyfriend's family eat like true southerners- lots of butter and casserole! But my healthy ways are starting to rub off on the people around me, and I've been trying to educate my family on the importance of food. I truly believe that you are what you eat. If you eat unhealthy foods, you will be unhealthy because you aren't getting the nutrients your body needs. If you eat healthy, nutricious foods, your body just feels better.
11 years ago

for Healthy Eating!!!!

Nicole you said it so well, thank you for sharing your success....and you are so right it does start to rub off on those around you.  I often have long term house guest and the one thing they all say is that they find themselves eating healthier during and after their stay in my home.

Has healthy eating affected you? results and ideas
11 years ago
Sure has, and I've come to it very gradually. I'm the healthiest person I know, and making it through menopause with some help from flaxseed and herbs. I get much of my produce from my organic garden and eggs from my free-range chickens ( I sell those, too, and my regulars just love them.) Have found that my unsweetened elderberry syrup is quite effective in flu season, so I don't need to buy Sambucol (elderberry extract tested effective against flu viruses, including bird flu). Some of you have noted ill effects from various food groups such as gluten, dairy, soy, nightshades. Have you heard of the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique? (NAET) Check out the website and find a local practitioner. It's acupressure used to convince your body that a substance is, in fact, user friendly. Effective even against severe sensitivities, I've had great success with it both for myself and my massage clients. As to meat, I would say that humans are omnivores by design, but factory-farmed meat is an abomination to the animals and to us. Meat should be wild, grass-fed or free-range, to contain the full range of beneficial fats and micronutrients, and NOT the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, germs, etc. ad nauseam. Did you know that it's only grain-fed cattle that harbor the overgrowth of the fatal E.coli variety? If cattle are switched to hay or grass, the number of such bacteria in their stool drops a thousand-fold within a week. Such a simple fix for our contamination problems downstream of cattle farms. (And so unlikely to be instituted without overwhelming pressure from consumers) I love trying my healthy recipes on unsuspecting coworkers and friends. Subtle improvements can be made even to old favorites, like using coconut oil or red palm oil for shortening in baking. And the range of possibilities in world cuisine is amazing! Cookbook junkie, here, signing off now.
10 years ago
yes it has, I have lost pounds and feel good all the time, I am off red meats, dairy,poultry,sea food, and I am still going strong, haha..I love it...I hade HBP real bad, but since I did what my Dr. said to do, I did and now I am healthy and off my HBP pills and I am on no meds what so ever so I am back to normal for now, but sometimes I fall off track and need to stop that. haha...Hugs, Angela
10 years ago

Thank you Nancy and Angela; it is always inspiring to read such positive things about eating healthy.

Nancy I will check out the site you mentioned for allergies when I have more time.

10 years ago

Healthy Eating  freed me from irrascibilty ( though always a calm nature ) and strengthend me in every way over the years.  Been upbeat all my life, but  eating healthy ( vegan nearly 12 months ) effected me positively in every way. 

Eating healthy is free delivery of natural energy. As it contains all.

10 years ago

I love this group. I'm always getting new ideas here.

Over the years I've fluctuated between eating very healthy, and slipping back into my old ways which wasn't terrible, but it included some junk food and satisfying my frustrations and sweet cravings with things like chocolate, cake, pie, you know what I mean.

I had a work injury 3 years ago that resulted in a complete life change when fibromyalgia appeared. Chronic pain meant medications, depression and less exercise which caused undersirable weight gain. I decided to do battle against this condition and focused on getting more exercise and eating as healthy, and as organic, as possible.

I've lost 27 lbs. so far, over 6 months, and started seeing a naturopath recently. I'm on a yeast cleanse now and learning how to satisfy my cravings by substituting healthy alternatives for almost everything that's white. I'm looking forward to the day my taste buds don't want salt anymore, but I've gotten used to carrots and apples when I want something sweet.

I know my immune system has been boosted since I didn't get any of the colds and flus going around. I've stopped taking most medications, my energy level is improving, I feel more positive and I'm looking forward to shopping for smaller sized clothes.

My pain level fluctuates, but I'm hopeful that will change too.

10 years ago

Mongi & Trudy for sharing your experiences.  Trudy I think that by simply continuing to eat healthy food our taste buds begin to look forward to healthy food and the other stuff just is not so good any more.

MS & Raw Foods
10 years ago
He refuses to bow to debilitating MSBy: ED MOORHOUSE (Sun, Apr/15/2007)

TABERNACLE — In 1997, Matt Goodman was employed as a personal trainer and was an avid hiker, skier and outdoorsman.

That same year, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease that could have threatened his very active lifestyle.

Yet, nearly six years after he was diagnosed, Goodman hiked 1,600 miles along the Appalachian Trail through Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania. His dog, Jerry, a pit bull-beagle mix, was his only companion.

Goodman, a Gloucester County native who now lives in Tabernacle, said his hiking trip is proof that a natural lifestyle is the best way to combat a debilitating disorder.

“I was a personal trainer. I was always the star athlete. I could run real fast, but I couldn't do that anymore,” Goodman said during an interview at his home last week. “If I walked too fast or too far, it would feel like there was a clamp on my legs.”

Goodman, 35, was 25 years old when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a chronic, unpredictable neurological disease that affects the central nervous system.

He said he eventually decided to stop taking medication to treat the disease, so he turned to yoga, meditation and a strict diet of raw foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

“I had a real bad flare-up (in 1999) and I stopped eating cooked foods,” he said. “I felt that starting to eat raw food was the beginning of the self-healing (process). It took about six months before I started to feel a lot stronger.”

In June 2003, Goodman began hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. He said he covered more than 25 miles per day and carried 40 pounds of supplies on his back. His multiple sclerosis never bothered him.

“I see MS as my guide,” Goodman said. “It has forced me to find balance in my life. It's about having harmony and being thankful.”

After four months of hiking through 11 states, Goodman ended his trip in Virginia. He has since chronicled his experience in a self-published book titled, “Holy Sh!t: How I Did It,” and speaks to others about his healthy lifestyle at events across the country.

“The MS will always be there,” Goodman said. “My legs have been bothering me for months now, but I feel better than I did (when first diagnosed). It won't be debilitating if I don't empower it.”

Goodman sticks to his raw foods diet and exercise program with the help of his wife Sandy, a raw foods chef.

He said he hopes his story inspires others and shows them that anything is possible.

“I don't tell people you can cure yourself, but you have to believe in it and work hard,” he said. “I trust nature, spirit and God. You have to put your faith in that and trust your instincts.”


For more information about Goodman's book, visit


Blissed be, Annie 

10 years ago
Thanks for posting that article Anne. It certainly is inspirational!
10 years ago
Living a Meat-Free Life: Many Healthy Food Alternatives Available for Vegetarians, Vegans
The choice not to eat meat is a personal one that people make for different reasons. Sophomore David Smuhl said he became a vegetarian more than two years ago for political reasons.
Food Choices.
10 years ago
When I was little I had alot of health problems.I think I spent about half of my young life in hospitals and doctors offices. When I was eight years old we moved to a farm and began to grow our own food.I sincerely believe that my body healed itself during the five years we lived there.After we moved away we started to slip back into unhealthy eating habits and even though I never became ill again I didn't have much energy.
Several years ago,as an adult,I began to listen to my body.I have never been a person who craved red meat and I realized that it was really silly to eat something that my body didn't appear to need.I now eat chicken,turkey,and fish almost exclusively and also enjoy meatless meals.This feels right to me.The thing I crave most of all appears to be fresh fruit.Peaches,apples and berries are available here in their season but many of my favorites have to be imported from Florida or Texas and get here still so green and hard that I could use then in place of a hammer.This is my biggest frustration in trying to supply my body's needs.
Also I have to put in a word for my mother.Last year she was diagnosed with kidney disease.Bravely,for someone who was addicted to them,she stopped drinking soda.I had been forced to stop drinking sodas after my own bout with kidney didease at the age of seven and just never got back in the habit.In fact,the carbonation makes me feel ill.My mother would drink nothing else.Since she started drinking water,over the course of a year,she has lost an incredible amout of weight and gained alot of natural energy now that she no longer relies on the artificial energy.Thus I am proved right about one of my biggest soapbox issues,the dangers and detriments of soda.Now I've just got to work on my boyfriend,lol.
10 years ago

Eating for Fewer Than One - Calorie restriction, the newest eating disorder. By Kate Taylo

This may be  "controversial" insofar as it compares anorexia to Calorie Restriction.

10 years ago

Having the use of a juicer or even a blender has brought fast results.

It encourages me to take some of the green based supplements or unpleasant tasting herbs that I may need for a specific condition.

Blender also encourages me to not skip breakfast due to being busy or having a lack of appetite.

I am not & have never been a breakfast person.

I also effort to avoid the really high sugar fruits to avoid the shakes I get from too much of it @ one time.

It sure has!
10 years ago

I have recently bought a juicer AND recently got a job as an office manager at an organic food marketing and distribution company. Basically, I can have all the locally-grown, organic produce that I can handle. Right now that means sweet potatoes, winter squash, pumpkins, kale and other greens...

I've seen a huge difference in my energy levels with this type of healthy eating.

My favorite juice is: carrot, beet, celery (or cucumber) with ginger and apple. Mmmmmmmmmm

10 years ago

I love hearing how Healthy Eating Affected You!

Tillie, I also find that a blender and juicer helps get good nutrition with healthy results.

Tena, that is one of my favorite combinations too.

Giving Thanks
10 years ago

"You are a spark of God's own fire." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

By 1993, after only seven years on Wall Street, and only 11 years living in New York City, my health began to break down.  After visiting many of the top physicians in the Northeast, I learned no one could or would diagnose me, at least correctly.  I also learned that all the traditional medical community had to offer was medication.

After finally locating a splendid nutritionist, Paul Rizzo, and a REAL physician, Dr. Leonid Gordin (whose work is available on, a diagnosis was given and my journey to renewed health began with ONLY organic, non-processed foods, with about 50% of the time being "raw," or uncooked.  Within a year, of enormous stress I will add, my health rebounded about 75%.  I wanted more.

And so began my deep journey into "living foods" and its lifestyle.  After completion of the "Life Change" three week program at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL, my health was completely back.  In fact, I de-aged, felt better than I could remember, and committed myself to a "living foods" diet and lifestyle.

Since then life has presented its usual tosses and turns, however, I can say without hestitation, that without the lifestyle I now lead, those tosses and turns would not be the graces they are...every day.  Nor would I experience as I do daily the beautiful bliss of being.

For me, raw foods are a spiritual journey, one that has gifted me over and over again with renewed life, love and bliss.

Giving thanks for all graces, Ani 

10 years ago

Thank you Ani for telling your story; I always wondered what led you to your excitement about raw foods and now I know! 

It is so wonderful the way our whole life can change as a result of a lifestyle change in what we consume on a daily level.

For me raw food is an important part of a healthy food regime and I do eat a very high % of raw.

10 years ago
Recently went on this diet and in three months, lost 18 pounds and brought my cholesterol down from 246 to 189, sugar from 112 to 91, and blood pressure from regular of 135 over 85 to 110 over 78. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I also go to Curves three times a week and on the off days, walk back and forth to the grocery store (2 miles total). It's basically a low fat, low sodium (especially) diet with an emphasis on whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruit and soy or low fat milk. After the first week, you have one day a week that you just eat grains and fruit 3X day. No food after 5:30 p.m. On two days, you can add meat (2-3 oz), preferably fish or chicken or turkey. I didn't realize prior to starting this diet that sodium really, REALLY stimulates your appetite. I'm using other spices and things taste great. Sodium also causes your body to store water, lots of it. I have NOT been hungry once in last three months. Just wanted to share. I'm learning to prepare more of my own foods so I can keep a handle on the sodium issue -- restaurant food is loaded with it, not to mention fast-food places. I have developed a new love for beans and enjoy getting heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo in Napa, California. They're on line. Check em out. It's easy too. I soak the beans the night before I'm going to cook them and since I'm not tolerant of casein in dairy, I put in two tablespoons of lemon juice (a la Nourishing Traditions cookbook) to almost sprout them. I rinse them and boil for five minutes, skim foam, and simmer for about 3 hours. Prior to starting, I usually cook up some pancetta or Canadian bacon (a small amount) along with some garlic and lots of onion. The pan juices are incredibly good. I think your body knows when you're giving it some really good stuff. I lost my previous note due to a mis-click, so am ending now. Hope if you try it (Rice Diet Solution) you'll have as much success as I have. I'm still going - have about 10 more pounds to go. Lost 2 dress sizes. Wooo woooo!
9 years ago

Susan that is a great story!  To lower you cholesterol and blood pressure is so good.  I lkie the awareness you had about salt stimulating the appetite.  Certainly shows how what you eat makes a big difference.

Love to hear more about your progress.

9 years ago

Thanks for your encouragement Diana. Actually, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! After I got my good 'report card' from the doctor, I felt as if I had arrived, as if I had been there, done that and could coast ever after. As anyone who is trying to watch their health knows, this is the 'road to perdition' for sure. My next report was not so good. I am now trying to regain the ground I've lost. I don't like taking patent medicines so am using policosanol for my cholesterol and cinnamon for my blood sugar. I'm trying to eat a lot of home-made soups because they are good for me and loading them up with veggies. Still going to Curves 3X a week. Will let you know how it goes another time. The story continues.......................

9 years ago

Don't you just love the way eating a healthy diet does actually make a difference?!?!

I love hearing people's stories; please tell us yours.

Feeling Better
9 years ago

 I feel better when I eat, healthier. I feel more energetic during the day and I sleep better at night! Thank you! 

8 years ago
I was just saying to someone yesterday that learning and implementing what I learned about Acid/Alkaline way of eating changed my life!
I am in good mood only when I eat good food,,,organic, no meat etc
8 years ago

Hello everyone!

There is as much diets that there is people on the planet, kindof!!

But, for everyone, raw food is the best medecine, the most ancient one.  

I tested many diets, I learned what is good for me and not.  It is for everyone the same.  Some don't have to test many.  I had.  Now that I know.  I am eating the way it is supposed.  I dont't eat meat, it is dead food.  And most of us ate too much.  Sometimes we eat because it taste good.  I didn't have parents who sho me to eat the right way.  A lot of meat and fried etc.

Now that I know, it is very hard to go back to what poisoned me.  My love came back with Popeyes Chicken, and I only had a vegetable juice I made earlier, but NO, I am drinking rose tea.  Bag ones.  I have to go to the Health Food.  The have them in vrack and organic.  Herb tea too and so many good organic food.   They have soap and everything to clean green lol.  I started to clean in the table kitchen, it is my love things but he is happy that I will make it clean with a new tablecloth.  So he used to have good food and Juicing For Life, after he had throat cancer 15 years ago.  So he needs to get back to healthy food too.  So I will make all possible to help him.

I love you all;  I didn't read all but I am sure you have the good recipy.


Marie *cook*

I am in good mood only when I eat good food,,,organic, no meat etc
8 years ago

Hello everyone!

There is as much diets that there is people on the planet, kindof!!

But, for everyone, raw food is the best medecine, the most ancient one.  

I tested many diets, I learned what is good for me and not.  It is for everyone the same.  Some don't have to test many.  I had.  Now that I know.  I am eating the way it is supposed.  I dont't eat meat, it is dead food.  And most of us ate too much.  Sometimes we eat because it taste good.  I didn't have parents who sho me to eat the right way.  A lot of meat and fried etc.

Now that I know, it is very hard to go back to what poisoned me.  My love came back with Popeyes Chicken, and I only had a vegetable juice I made earlier, but NO, I am drinking rose tea.  Bag ones.  I have to go to the Health Food.  The have them in vrack and organic.  Herb tea too and so many good organic food.   They have soap and everything to clean green lol.  I started to clean in the table kitchen, it is my love things but he is happy that I will make it clean with a new tablecloth.  So he used to have good food and Juicing For Life, after he had throat cancer 15 years ago.  So he needs to get back to healthy food too.  So I will make all possible to help him.

I love you all;  I didn't read all but I am sure you have the good recipy.


Marie *cook*

8 years ago

not cook but  

tons of evidence of the importance of eating well!
8 years ago

Both through personal experience and through the work I've done with Nourish America as an organization, I've seen how eating well can impact the way that people work. We have countless testimonials from parents and teachers who are astonished at how well-behaved and healthy their kids are once they begin taking multivitamins and eating nutritional supplements. We at Nourish America are whole-hearted believers in the power of nutrition in creating lasting change!

8 years ago

Healthy food is really good for haelth.....may I knw more benefits of green vegetables?

hi there
8 years ago

hi everyone
i joined care2 today and i was attracted to this particular group.
I was wondering if you could give me some tips.
i'm 16 years old and I spend an year without doing exercise due the fact that my school is being rebuilted, and i dealed with a lot of stress with tests and etc.
Conclusion: I gain a little weight and i must lose it now
my BMI is about 26, which means i a bit overweight.
I'm on vacations now and I go jogging 3 times a week, but i know that I need to be more aware of what I eat too.

Any tips for a teen who is still on the growth process and need to lose weight?

8 years ago

Hello Sarah, there is lots of good info here about vegetables; here are tow places to start:

Vegetables are good for you!!!  GREEN LEAFIES!

Isabel, basically if you eat a healthy balanced diet then the weight will slip away naturally and this is especially the case for someone as young as you.  In my line of business we call it Healthy Slenderness.  Look at this discussion

Diets do not Work

Then read more of what is said in this discussion and What is Healthy Cooking to you? 

After that just look around in this group at all of the good info and learn and make sure you are eating a good diet of healthy food.  One of the discussions I highly reccomend is Alkaline - Acid Balance

Let us know how it goes.

8 years ago

Thanks Diana.
You helped me a lot

8 years ago

You are welcome!

I love reading what everyone says here.

7 years ago

All of these stories are testimony to how Real Food is the real medicine for the body.

Love to hear your story....

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Healthy Eating
6 years ago

Almost 30 years ago I became very weak and sickly and was forced to create good long term eating habits. Today I'm glad that happened because I feel good and when I compare myself to friends or people in my age group I feel GREAT! Randy Fritz Nutritional Consultant

Healthy Eating
6 years ago

Hello. A few years ago, my mom was given a fist full of "statin" drug samples from her doctor to help treat her high triglycerides. I persuaded my mom to get a second opinion from another doctor, and to this time talk to her (female doctor) about diet and exercise. My mom would eat a lot of sugary food like snacks and ice cream, but did not eat much dinner or her main meals that included vegetables. After her second opinion doctor agreed to try mom on a healthier diet (I cooked for her healthier meals), she did this for three weeks before seeing the doctor again, and her triglycerides were excellent. She felt so much better and energetic, she was also getting out and walking more with her sister and coworkers. Right now, I am trying to see if diet and lifestyle changes may be able to prevent whatever it is causing a recent severe vertigo episode she had last Sunday, which resulted in her having to go to the ER,, not being able to walk at all or hold herself up due to severe weakness and spinning of the room from this vertigo sickness, losing a lot of fluid due to violent vomiting during the vertigo, and basically her being the sickest she has ever been in her life. I myself have experienced a huge change when I cut out a lot of the sugar from sodas and the white flour foods. I started drinking the low sodium V8 juice and spring fact, during the past week while helping my mom through her vertigo, my body started craving vegetables and other healthier food choices. I began to feel stronger and have more energy after cutting away some of the sugary foods/drinks and eating more vegetables. Last night, I had a little serving of salmon and a nice bowl of stewed tomatoes (less sodium) and later V8 low sodium juice for my snack. I felt "cleaner" and more alert.

6 years ago

Statins are the scourge of the earth IMHO. I did a huge amount of research on STATINs when I discovered I could hardly walk b/c my muscles in my thighs just wouldnt keep me upright and I was puffing so badly I thought I was losing it. My dr said oh but your cholesterol is high... I said well it appears that it might be marginally but these meds are nearly killing me. I then met others who were in the same boat and had the same reactions I did and they kept on going not 'daring' to challenge their drs. I do and still do but before I research it or after. I take and your mother could have taken a natural way but of course she found it by not hitting on refined flours but mainly simple sugars which turn into fat and cluggs up your system, puts a strain on your kidneys, liver, pancreas, bowel, not to mention stomach and esophagus. It was a good thing she listened to you and you  did what you needed to do. As to vertigo you dont mention what other meds she is taking but my take on all this is perhaps her sugar levels were high and when you cold turkey and it seems like you said she did, meaning she stopped eating sugar ladened junk food ie icecream and all that, and when you stop eating high volumes your sugar level drops and perhaps this is what has happened OR she  is off statins and that too can make  you whoosey too as well as some Bd Pressure meds.

I from time to time have vertigo but for your mum I believe its being dizzy. Vertigo can be to do with meds. Has while your mum has been in hospital did she have a test hba1c? Which is a blood glucose fasting test?  I hope so b/c that will also let the Drs know and you too what is going on in her system/health. I hope your mother now realizes that she just cant eat junk all the time and daily. She also needs to have a vitamin deficiency test too to see what vitamins she is lacking. A good multi vitamin with minerals is a good starter to get her up and well again.

Drinking water is a good thing leaving out the copious amounts of coffee people drink to excess. Water will help her lose weight, keep her organs in tune and working and 'fix' things within her that she might find amazing.

I take a Blackmore's Cholesterol med. Its an alternative without the side effects of trad meds. My cholesterol is good as well as my blood glucose levels. With that I also take chromium piconolate 400 msgs a day which is the optimium level.

I believe that each and every one should take interest in their own bodies b/c nowadays Drs dont have the time to devote the time and explainations required for patients to fully understand their problems so I believe that they give you the information and you do your research for as long as it takes. I have discovered a BP med Im taking isnt good for Diabetics nor is it good for a range of other things ew eee.... and I told my Dr and btw she is an excellent dr too..... and i had to return 2 weeks later and then during that time I believe she did some even deeper research on that drug. Im now off it b/c of what i said it could and did do to me. It was to do with blurred vision, balance problems, cough, bowels and the list goes on. The jury is still out as what I will do next or we will do next but I am now on more alt. meds that traditional meds.
I know quite a bit about health issues esp. mine.
Good luck...I hope your mum is now on the right track and is eating well. Walkings good!

6 years ago

Everything in moderation and balance is the optimum in creating a healthy body and mind without going so strictly that youre boring or so strictly that you dont enjoy anything.

I am often told I look 20+ years younger than I do which is a lovely compliment. Although I havent got the 'body beautiful'  in the eyes of some who are hell bent on being svelte, I dont do too badly. I eat well, drink water mostly and from time to time have coffee/tea. I dont drink wines that often b/c my friends dont much either. I dont drink by myself..thats no fun.
But its my skin and Im sure the water drinking that helps as well as not eating junk food all the time or whatever or ingesting artificial sugars which I am a grand zealot about.
All these things plus a great outlook on life or attitude that is open and optimistic brings about a well balanced person and a person who others see as well and healthy and perhaps they feel those people have that 'zing' in their step that reflects health. When eating junk foods, chunking up on sugars and not eating healthily it reflects back on your face and skin not to mention ailments and then after a while your skin loses its elasticity and you begin to age.
Vitamin B is my turn around. It was this BP medication and upon researching it I discovered from quite a few sites and enquiring at a different pharmacy about this medication that it isnt good for diabetics AND it depletes all vitamins and minerals out of your body but focusing on the B vitamins, thus making you depressed.
I was in total shock at reading this and I asked a pharmacist. Yes she said it is DOES that and more........
I began taking Super Vitamin B Complex and within that month I was 'alive' I was well again and back to being me. The difference was astonishing and I still am gobsmacked at the little finding I discovered that made me well again. However, the downside was, I was to go to a Neurologist and a Cognitive therapist to 'fix' my problem. I have never gone nor did I make an appointment b/c for $9 I cured ME. Its astounding I know but this is the reason I believe we must take steps in order not to push the rug under the couch and forget about it and leave it up to our Drs b/c they dont have time now, not like decades ago when they had more time. They dont now b/c there are more people who are in demand but I do say to do research on here and in medical books which i have and borrow from the library. You will find your answer..believe me.
Now I am doing research over the next hurdle or for anyone else who is wondering what is wrong with them.
''Forewarned is forearmed.'' isnt that right?


Hi Summerannie
6 years ago

Hi Summerannie: Thank you for responding to my post. My mom also decreased refined flour foods like regular pasta, rice, and white bread. We did buy more wheat and whole wheat. Her experience with the triglycerides happened about 7 years ago, but since then her eating habits gradually went back to what she used to do, which wasn't healthy. Her vertigo symptoms started maybe a week before she had the severe vertigo episode Sunday, February 27th. She does take medication for high blood pressure (Norvasc) and another one for rapid heart rate (Toprol or Metoprolol). She has been taking blood pressure medication for many years, but started taking the other heart medication a few years ago. The doctor who treated her at the hospital when she had the vertigo knew that she was taking medication for high blood pressure....but, he still prescribed for her meclizine. Meclizine is used a lot to ease vertigo symptoms like nausea and the "room spinning" however, Meclizine is an antihistamine. Antihistamines are bad for people who have high blood pressure. We did not know that Meclizine was an antihistamine, but when mom started to have bad side effects from this medication, I did a little research and found that it was an antihistamine. Her blood sugar was a little high when the doctor examined her at the hospital during her vertigo, they asked her if she was a diabetic. As far as we know from previous examinations, she is not a diabetic. She has not had a blood glucose fasting test. We can ask about that from her regular doctor. As far as vitamins...during her vertigo, the hospital found that she had a very low potassium level. We were told that her potassium level was a 2.5, and I think the minimum potassium level should be 3.5. So, that is another possibility of what could have contributed to her condition. Her vertigo was very severe on that Sunday, I have never seen her this sick. The room was spinning so fast to her. Her mind was out of it, she kept repeating our street address...she was very confused mentally. She became so weak and could not hold herself up. It was like she went from being a healthy looking 65 year old to someone who looked like she had a horrible disease. The way she looked reminded me of when I would see news reports about elderly people who have been greatly neglected by maybe their nursing home, and the news reporters would show them looking so sick and very weak and slumped in a wheelchair...that was how she looked on Sunday when she became so sick. Her skin turned into a grayish color. She also had blurred vision and she could not walk. When the hospital had given her fluids through the IV, they gave her magnesium sulfate and another fluid bag of potassium chloride. She also took potassium orally in liquid for and also they gave her a shot of something to calm her nausea. Her normal color began to come back into her face after two hours of being at the hospital. The doctor ordered her some hospital food before she went home to make sure she was able to eat and keep the food down. She ate really good...she seemed pretty hungry by that time....and the food stayed down. The food the hospital ordered/gave her;however, was a bit unhealthy with a few exceptions. They gave her fried chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed cabbage, cornbread, banana pudding. She did not eat the fried chicken, and only a little of her pudding...but she ate everything else. Thank you so much for your advice and response. I will write down some of your suggestions and look at vitamins for her. She hasn't been taking multivitamins, but she did purchase potassium vitamins and also I think she has purchased MegaRed omega 3 capsules.

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Related to a previous post about multiple sclerosis
6 years ago

related to a previous post:

That wikipedia article is heavily skeptical, though, because the cure is simple but the surgical treatment is a bit risky.

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protein sources?
6 years ago

I am looking for protein sources apart meat, fish, pulse, soy....

6 years ago

Beans and nuts have protein.  Almonds especially good; it is good monosaturated fat.

6 years ago

Beans and nuts have protein.  Almonds especially good; it is good monosaturated fat.

Healthy Eating
6 years ago

I have struggled with health issues my whole life. I've been on BP med for many years with lots of side effects. I started drinking green smoothie 2 years ago and started eating what I felt was much healthier, lean meats, more fish, lots of veggies, less fruits, due to the sugar content, because the Dr told me I was pre-diabetic, nuts. But still I was struggling! I then read The China Study, and Dr Furhman's books, one is Eat To Live, I decided to become a Nutritarian. At 1st I cut out all meat, ate waaay less cheese, eggs once in awhile, my hubby has free range chickens, started using brown rice, and more beans. Cut out all processed foods. I didn't eat many but quit eating crackers, and breads. I lost a few lbs and had more energy but still struggled with breathing issue. I decided to cut the dairy out because it was allergy season and I was using the nebulizer a lot. Wow, what a difference! If I even eat a little bit of dairy I am stuffed up and start coughing up crud. In the over 5 months I have not eaten dairy I have no used the nebulizer even once! That is pretty amazing! I went on a 5 day fast and my BP went to normal with no med. I was thrilled! I hadn't eaten eggs in several weeks and my hubby wanted them for lunch so I made a pan with lots of fresh veggies on top. My BP spiked way high within 2 hours and stayed that way for over 3 days! I no longer eat eggs!! My Bp is back to normal and I will continue to eat this way because the med gave me many side effects, dizziness, headaches, lack of energy, to name a few. I have been studying and tracing back when I became so ill, and it was when I was 10 years old and 1st went to a Dentist and got a mouth full of amalgams. Within a few months I had my tonsils out and then a couple of months later I had a severe bowel infection, after that I started having migraines, and petite mal seizures. I have struggled ever since, I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr, RA, and fibromalygia. I tried lots of meds, but had very bad reactions to all of them so just dealt with the pain with lots of prayer! God actually healed me of the RA and migraines, but that's another story! Eating this way has helped me have so much more energy and I'm doing way better than I was! I have now lost over 35lbs and hope to lose more. I am now on a new journey, I have found a Holistic Dentist and have an appointment in Oct, for a consultation. I am going to have my amalgams removed and see what happens. I know that I will need to be doing a de-tox, and I plan on fasting after to let my body recover. We shall see! I know that eating healthy has made a huge impact on me, and my whole family! I got my parents eating this way and they are both off of several meds, after just 2 months, I am hopeful they will get off even more of them as time goes on! They both have Type II diabetes, High BP, and my Dad had a heart attack a little over a year ago and is on many meds for that. I'm so thankful they are both still with me and hopefully eating healthy, they will be here many ore years! Two of my daughters are now eating this way also, along with their children, my oldest daughter is getting rid of MRSA, and feeling so much better! The youngest daughter has lost 20lbs and got rid of a stomach problem that caused her pain for many years! I am thrilled with our results and know that it is just from what we are eating!

6 years ago

Wow Cindy, you have been through it! I totally understand what you are saying as I went through a similar journey with my health and food. Different symptoms but similar path.

6 years ago

I was delighted last week to get the results of my liver test - showing improvement since the test a year ago. I made an extra effort to eat more fruit and vegetables and it has paid off.

Has Healthy Eating Affected You?
6 years ago

Yes, always!  I was very fortunate in growing up in a family with much better eating habits than I know many people were aware enough to have in the 40s and 50s.  We had a big garden, ate so much good fresh food, lots of raw salads, veggies not overcooked, not too much fried food (and I grew up in the South!).  Through the winter when we didn't have the garden, we had home canned and jarred vegetables, fruits, condiments, that had been prepared throughout the summer and fall from our garden's bounty.

So the change I made in overall eating when I became an adult in becoming fully vegetarian wasn't really a big change, my having been mostly vegetarian by preference all my life.

The one big change I can credit to a healthier eating choice is having stopped drinking cow's milk, using it on cereal, etc.  I had sinus problems for several years, and when cow's milk went out of my diet this condition improved at once.  Rice milk, which I began using and still use, doesn't provoke mucus production...cow's milk does.

6 years ago

That is great news Jenny; just shows how we can make a difference in our health by what we eat.

Miranda; how wonderful that you ate well all of your life and just made minor adjstments to your diet. Yes milk is so mucous forming. I love almond milk the best!

6 years ago

Had to add a new Affect of eating Nutritarian. I have had horrible cysts for over 20 years. I have had a couple lanced and I have quite a few ugly black marks that have never gone away where the cysts erupted. These marks are almost all gone! Big improvement, and I haven't gotten a new cyst in months! Also, my back itched and when I went to scratch it I noticed a mole I had, that had grown and was giving me problems was way smaller! I had my hubby check it out and he agreed, it's waaay smaller! I also have 3 clear but fairly large moles on my face, they are also shrinking. I'm so excited and happy with these improvements!

5 years ago

I recently read here about dangerous levels of pesticides in veggie burgers.  I had been living on them, thinking it would help me lose weight.  It was making me gain weight.  They were actually making me gain weight. I quit eating them after reading the info here and I am now losing weight. Thank you!

5 years ago

I didn't know that veggie burgers could cause weight gain; don't eat them routinely, just occasionally  but now will stop eating them. 

5 years ago

If you read the labels on a lot of those they have LOTS of chemicals! I don't like any of the processed stuff! It's easy to make your own black bean burgers and veggie burgers and they taste so yummy! I was buying hummus but have decided to not buy anymore and start making my own also with sprouted garbanzo's. When we eat fresh, minimally processed foods, with as many raw foods as possible, our health improves by leaps and bounds! Good luck to all of you in healthy eating!

5 years ago

That's basically it, Cindy. 
Also, I have thyroid disease and I guess the news about soy and thyroid is true.

5 years ago

I became a vegan one month ago. I no longer experience severe joint pain (no longer limping) and I am losing weight without dieting. This is kind of remarkable, since I also have Hashimoto's Theyroiditis. Everything we eat now is organic. My husband, who initially wanted no part of what I was doing, has recently reported that eating organic foods only has made him feel better that he has ever felt before after eating a big meal. This is great.

It really works
5 years ago

It's a lot easier to eat vegan and less messy. There are way more foods, considering there are really only, what, a dozen meats?  I just don't want anybody to kill anything for my sake to eat it.  The last lobster I ate nearly killed ME, lol. I love my dog and couldn't eat an animal again cause of my love for her.  I don't want to be desensitized ever again to the fact that I could've hugged what I just ate...

5 years ago

I agree. One huge spiritual question that has been in my mind for many years is should we eat meat. I mean, everywhere you go, people are eating meat. Isn't this wrong to kill other animals to eat them? Well, getting better after becoming vegan is my answer from the spiritual world. Yes, it's wrong. Live longer and feel so much better by doing the right thing and learning to live and let live.

Has Healthy Eating Affected You
5 years ago

I try to eat healthy and excerise, and I am hoping that it is doing me some good, it has affected me in as much as I have more energy.

Affection ;)
5 years ago

Healthy eating has made me affectionate!  Short story, when I was little, the biggest treat was to have guests over to my parents yard and to have a fruit salad.  We had a few fruit trees and there was a lot of nature in that one city yard...

healthy eating
5 years ago

I was in my teens when I made the realization that what I put in my mouth actually had a significant effect on my mind and my body.  Before that I just ate what was put in front of me and what tasted good. It seems amazing to me now that I could be so unaware but that was a different time when there wasn't even a fraction of the knowledge or awareness about nutrition as there is now. 

Has Healthy Eating Affected You?
5 years ago

Yes. of course. I love eat healthy food, My weight is lost much

and felt comfortable

5 years ago

Healthy Eating gave me my life back. I was so ill I was disabled for 10 years and it was impossible to live an ordinary life at all. Mostly I was a healthy eater already but had to find the specific foods to nourish my frail body. I am happy to say that I have been fully living life for over 11 years and I just keep getting stronger.

5 years ago

I was so fortunate to grow up eating a diet largely comprised of fresh foods from our garden during the warm months, and a winter diet of those foods preserved.  I became totally vegetarian in my 20s, having always had a natural inclination towards veggies, fruits and grains, never caring much for meat.  I will be 70 this winter.  I have no physical problems beyond slight arthritis.  I take no medications.  I have the same blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart rate, I had when I was 25 years old.  Along with always having gotten plenty of regular physical activity, having work I loved, the love and support and encouragement of a wide circle of loving family and friends, a great marriage, I'm sure my healthy eating habits are one of the big factors in my continuing good health and vitality.

5 years ago

sign , thanks.


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