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Degenerating Or Regenerating?
5 years ago

Fascinating Facts About the Regenerating Body:

• Cells in our digestive system, from the stomach to the large bowel, are replaced every 5 minutes.
• Gums are replaced every two weeks.
• A new liver every five months.
• New covering of skin every four weeks.
• Our red blood cells live 120 days.
• Our heart is replaced every six to nine months.
• Your liver is capable of renewing and repairing from as little as 25 percent of its tissue.
• New studies are indicating that even brain cells may regenerate.

This is the miracle of the human body: the miracle of regeneration. The body looks the same in the mirror every day, but this is only because we can’t see the tiny parts being replaced.

Is Your Body Degenerating Or Regenerating?

We know that in a fashion we are creating a new body by slowly getting new cells every day. The question is whether our new cells will be a healthier or less healthy.

The quality of the new cells is dependent on the raw material, the food that was available when the replacement cells were being formed. If you feed the body the proper food and nutrition, the new cells being formed can actually be stronger and healthier then the old cells ever were.

This is called regeneration. If you feed the body poorly, the result will be cells of an inferior quality. This is degeneration.

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5 years ago

Until what age though?  I'm hoping for the best! lol

5 years ago

Great info.  I found the complete Care2 article at:   
I THINK i'm regenerating.  We will find out at some point in the future.

That's why stem cell research is important
5 years ago

Interesting that many practices done in emergencies prevent more occurrences, maybe someday they will figure it out.  

5 years ago

Since the day I turned 30, my body has been in a shocking rapid decline. I'm assuming my body is in the degenerating phase. My diet has always been high in processed foods, caffeine, and sugar.

I knew since that time something had to change. I am now currently trying to make healthier choices. Although I am still an avid Mountain Dew drinker, that's about the only thing that is wrecking my body. I'm more aware now of what I'm eating and what the foods I eat are made of.

I'm down to where only two types of animal products do not affect my digestive system: chicken and fish/seafood. My diet is mainly comprised of vegetables and grains. I am mostly vegan aside from the rare consumption of chicken or fish/seafood.

Hopefully my body will begin to regenerate now that my food is much more pure.

5 years ago

I am proud of you Rachel for going for it in a very real and nourishing way, for you!

5 years ago
I enjoyed reading the fascinating facts for regenerating body.
What are the Top 5 Degenerators?
5 years ago

I think I eat healthy, almost all organic.  I want to know what not to do.  What are the Top 5 degenerators?  I have always been in pretty good health.

The complete article
5 years ago

Randy F.

  I clicked on the link you provided, and I got the message "page cannot be found" from the care2 website vs. my browser.  Are you sure about it?  I would love to read the entire article.

5 years ago

Hi Heidi. If you click on the link in Diana's first post, I believe it is the same article.

5 years ago

Thank you Rachel for that; sorry I have been way too busy.

5 years ago

You're welcome, Diana...glad I could help

4 years ago


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