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Real Food for Your Life!
Love this!
4 years ago

Photo: Teach your kids the healthy alphabet.

4 years ago

There is no diet that will do what healthy eating of real food will do.

Skip the diet.....Eat Real Food.

4 years ago

Your body deserves to be taken care of today and every day. Eat Real Food to nourish it deeply. As it says above....Your Body Will Thank you

4 years ago

Beautiful visual reminders, thanks for sharing. It is true eating real foods is a gift and there are many ways to eat real foods even on a budget so hopefully everyone will feel inspired to give it a try and keep it as a way of life.

My latest article
4 years ago
What Is Real Food to You?

What Is Real Food to You?

Real Food is what feeds and nourishes you. But, you might have your own definition of real food depending on what you want or need in your life. You may crave energy. You may want strength. You may need balance or healing. Some people would consider beauty or love essential food for their lives.

Real Food for me and for this particular article is food in its most natural state; it is unprocessed or undergoes minimal processing. Real food does not need a label or fancy packaging.  A lemon is a lemon. An onion is an onion. Real Food is whole food that is life sustaining.

Whole Foods: “Foods that have been minimally refined or processed, and are eaten in their natural state. In general nothing is removed from, or added to, the foodstuffs in preparation. Wholegrain cereal products are made by milling the complete grain.”

Our bodies were designed to digest real food. To me, the best real foods are in a special class called powerfoods.

Health Benefits of Real Food:

1. Full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to build and nourish the body.

If you research supplements carefully you will find that the better, more expensive supplements include a wider and more sophisticated array of ingredients. Manufacturers are actually trying to get the combination and chemical structure closer and closer to the whole food state. You might ask at some point: why not just eat the food?

2. No added fat.

Too much fat makes you fat. The high levels of fat added to processed foods and junk food is the ‘bad’ kind that has now been shown to increase heart disease and obesity. Real foods like nuts, on the other hand, do have fat in them, but it is often the ‘good kind’ that has been shown to actually help weight loss.

3. No added sugar.

White sugar (and similar high processed sugars) makes you fat, creates anxiety and depression, increases diabetes, causes heart problems, rots your teeth, and suppresses your immune system. Processed foods almost always have sugar added to them since companies know it is addictive, and they want you to eat as much as possible. Most real foods (except meat) have carbohydrates in them, but usually in lower quantities. Even when whole foods contain higher amounts of carbohydrates and sugars, like fruit, for example, the soluble fiber in real food slows down our bodies’ absorption of both. We call these smart carbs. Translation? You get energy, but without the problems that come with excess sugar and carbs!

4 years ago

4. No added salt.

To much salt is hard on the kidneys and creates high blood pressure. It ends up being one more toxin the body must deal with.

Real foods have minimal amount of naturally occurring sodium which is actually good for the body. Most processed foods have added salt to increase the flavor (even if it is very sweet) so you will eat more, and eat more often.

5. Real food looks, smells, and feels great.

I love strolling through the produce department of the supermarket or health food store. Seeing mountains of reds, greens, oranges, and yellows is not just a feast for my eyes, but for my nose as well. Even my body resonates with this offering of real food nourishment. I fill my shopping cart with these lively fruits and vegetables.

Going to the farmer’s market is even more fun! It is colorfully alive with tables filled with vibrant green lettuce, bright red tomatoes, cherries and apples, fuzzy peaches, yellow beans, sweet blueberries, juicy raspberries, and pickling cucumbers. Just thinking of all of this wonderful fresh food is making my mouth water.

Paying at the grocery store is not as much fun: waiting among lines of moms, teenagers, and businessmen with their carts piled high with packages and cans.

This picture is of me showing what I feel is real food compared to what real food is NOT. Click to watch the complete demonstration.

Next page: 7 Guidelines to Get a Real Food Program Going

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4 years ago

Except for the healthfoods alphab that has muffin (melon would be better, marshmallow would be worst) I would have to agree.

4 years ago

Good point John.

Seems like not so many people relate to this Real Food thing. Not many people have left comments on my article which is disapointing because I am so passionate about real food.

Winter Goodness
3 years ago

I have rediscovered my mom's corningware casserole dish! My fave thing to slide into the oven is a combo of many sliced, diced veggies in a bit of veggie broth. Last night I prepared zuchinni, onions, orange and yellow pepper, ginger, broccoli, and sprinkled with lemon pepper, mixed pepper and a bit of sea salt. In the oven for 35-40 minutes and piled steaming hot on a bit of angel hair whole grain pasta! This smelled so good that I forgot to melt some cheese on top!

What to do?
3 years ago

I phone the Pharmacist this morning slept only 3 hours, was coughing and my eyes were bufff lol, no fever, and blowing white, sorry.  So she told me it is an allergy, to what?  no answer.  Finally he went to get the pills one a day for 10 days.  And I bought cough drops without sugar.  I tried to drink a lot.  Lemon, and little honey and boiled water.  Today I will buy ginger to add.  So, I don't like traditional medecine neither pharmacists. 

What do you have to suggest me?


3 years ago

I'll come back ?

3 years ago

Mariemissy: I gave up coffee years ago and started making my own "tea" in the morning and have not been sick since.

In one large cup add two lemon wedges. A good amount of FRESH Thyme and Rosemary and the ginger. Steep and enjoy a delicious way to keep the sick bug away!

3 years ago

Diana H.: I only know Falafel to be deep fried and is considered a middle Eastern "fast food". Is there a healthy version?

3 years ago

It is an allergy to cherry blossom, I drink a coffee when I get up.

I drink MatchaTea.

Ty Cynthia.

3 years ago
Vegan Cooking - Vegan Recipes & Resources

Morning Green Juice #1
By Kristen Marie |
Morning Green Juice #1

Last week I decided to complete a 3 day juice cleanse at home. I was interested in both the health benefits of juicing and wanted to reset my diet, which had become slightly unhealthy after a coupl

3 years ago

Hello everyone, this is what I did, and what I will do on next Monday.

I am a juice woman. 

Oh I am eating too.  But these years, this one 2014 we have to really take good care of what we are eating, we have the privilege to know what to do.

Ciao and a great weekend for you all.


Marie                   same as everyone here.

3 years ago

Hello folks!!  This is what I drank yesterday before smimming with the so kind dolphins, (2)  My friend was with me,.. it is not his first time.  Good luck with all these schools of food to be healthy, I read that in 2015 no meet anymore for the ones who are here.  We know so we do.


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