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Meatless Monday
2 years ago

What it is

Eat your veggies to fight global warming!

Meatless Monday Canada is a joint initiative between several groups interested in helping Canadians make one day a week meat-free.

The first Meatless Monday happened during World War I, when Americans were encouraged to give up some of their staples foods to aid the war effort. During World War II, it became a way to help supply food for war-torn Europe. Decades later the purpose has changed but the method is much the same – get creative, get meatless one day a week.

Today, the movement is spreading across the globe and across Canada as people become more aware of the environmental impact their food choices make.


It’s not about going vegetarian. (Though that is a great choice.)

It’s about healthy, sustainable eating. It’s about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s about doing what we can to slow down global warming. And it starts with you.


But why is this initiative so important?

Animal agriculture is responsible for a whopping 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. That’s more than all forms of transportation combined – on the entire planet!

The emissions come from methane in animal manure, nitrous oxide from fertilizer used to grow animal feed, and the cutting down of forests for grazing land.


Are there health benefits from going meatless?

Reducing your meat intake can lessen your own risk for developing chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

The Meatless Monday Canada Team

Watch the video of our launch at the Taste of Health conference in Vancouver, as reported by our US partner


Associated with Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, the US initiative promotes the health benefits of reducing meat consumption also.

Other Meatless and Meat-free Monday events are happening worldwide. Become part of a global movement.

If you’re interested in helping, please contact us


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2 years ago

Eliminating meat from your diet just once a week pays off environmentally.

Why Meatless Monday matters:

2 years ago

Meatless Monday always trends on Twitter and I never knew the reason behind it. Thanks for the share!

2 years ago

Yes a very good reason and so easy for anyone to do.

meatless monday
1 year ago

I think meatless monday is a great idea!  It's not fanatically saying that meat is evil so you must not tough it but it is giving a gentle experience.  For the health of the planet we MUST consume less meat but to try to push stopping on all the different cultures of the world is next to impossible.

meatless monday
1 year ago

It is definitely a good first step

Meatless Monday with posted Carrot Casserole
1 year ago

I for some reason the current topic was Carrots. Oh well. I posted 2 recipes, one a vegan meal, the other a side dish on the Carrot topic discussion. They are both delicious. I go meatless several times per week and the main dish carrot casserole is one of my Go To meals.  One might also substitute another whole grain instead of the Brown Rice I usually use.


It really is good.  The side dish one, I double the cheese to make it more of  a meal.  Also very delicious.

Almost all Cook Books today have a vegetarian section right along with the meat and cheese dishes
1 year ago

 I started going more meatless because all my cookbooks I mean all of them. old and new have a vegetarian section in them and they are nutritionally sound. These aren't vegan though.  Personally I do not believe a vegan lifestyle can be maintained, or at least not without a great deal of effort and being very careful about your choices and being very nutritionally educated so one doesn't inadvertantly suffer serious nutritional shortfalls resulting in permanent damage.


Anyway, I started experimenting with them and I liked a great many, so I had no difficulty choosing vegetarian  several times per week.  I probably could go completely meatless with the exception of consuming seafood.  There is absolutely no doubt about the incredible health benefits attained by consuming fish.  Way healthier than vegan or vegetarian alone.  The longest lived people on the planet who also enjoy the best health in old age are not vegan or vegetarian.  They areseafood eaters. 

1 year ago

By the way Diana H. , For some reason I didn't know we got butterfly points for participation in any of the discussions.  I admit the only reason I am on the at all is because I really like being able to actively donate to charities without writing a cheque everymonth.  I can far more afford my time.  So, I participate in all opportunities to collect  butterfly points as possible.


You can count on me sharing more of my vegetarian recipes-as seems to be the general theme of this site.  I have at least 100 or so cookbooks. 

1 year ago

Great to hear from you Heidi and yes isn't is great that we get butterfly points so we can donate. I do a lot of that,

1 year ago

Need some inspiration? Try one of these for tomorrow: Vegetarian Crockpot Recipes

1 year ago

More Meatless Monday ideas: Beans, Beans & more Beans!!!!!

Meatless Monday
1 year ago

I like to check out pinterest for recipes, just a quick search for meatless/ meat free monday brings up some great ideas like this site: and I can't wait to give this a try as I love mushrooms:

It's not a Monday today but I'm looking forward to a vegetarian dinner of slow roasted aubergine, garlic, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas with a sprinkling of fresh mint!

Next Monday though, I think that we'll use up some of the lentils in my cupboard and go for a lentil, sweet potato and coconut soup

1 year ago

Everyday is meatless for me and I love it

1 year ago

I am new to the group but I have to say I am impressed! You all have given me so much to try and think about. Thank you!!

1 year ago

Meatless Monday is a great idea thanks for opening our mind to the concept with the great information shared.

1 week ago

6 days ago

We had savoury pancakes for Meatless Monday once - Totally awesome

it was filled with Brown lentils and Mushrooms with green peppers and onion

6 days ago

I'm so mindful about my meat these days that I was looking at a grasshopper and instead of admiring its beauty like I usually do I was contemplating what was the best way to prepare it :O) I wish I was kidding. Otherwise I think I'm going to give Dr. Axe's maple glazed carrots a try this week.

6 days ago

Oh Roxana! That has me giggling out loud! There are many who would believe ha you would be creating 'bad karma' from even eating a grasshopper. Carrots look good....maybe a little too much maple syrup tho.

Erin B. Those pancakes sound awesomely delicious! Can you share the recipe with us?

5 days ago

Glad I made your day. I remember someone mentioning the chitin in grasshoppers working against digestion so even though I'm open to the idea...not something I'm rushing to do ;O)

Yes eating less meat does improve your "animal karma" because yesterday I called over a cat on the bike path and despite him in active pursuit of something in the woods he took the time to come over and petted me instead by rubbing against me in a complete circle about three times and happily flicking his tail all the while before returning to his pursuits. I wouldn't have thought much about it but the cats in this area are very feral in nature and don't tolerate much touch or even human attention.

I thought that too about the maple syrup but I'm not so sure anymore. I actually had to reintroduce some natural sugar in my diet which has had the effect of correcting a lot of digestive issues and sleep problems I was having for the past month or so. I learned on a recent podcast that a high protein or fat diet is too stressful for people with hormonal issues spiking the cortisol levels. The trick is to find that magic # so as a rule of thumb I half any sweetener recommendations in a "healthy" recipe.

4 days ago

I just saw this...official theme song of Meatless Mondays?

3 days ago

That is funny about the grasshopper Roxana.

Carrots sound very good. TY.

3 days ago

Middle Eastern Twist on Pumpkin season....I would find an alternative to agave though.

Today is Meatless Monday
2 days ago