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Symptoms of not getting enough magnesium
3 years ago

Magnesium is crucial and affects so many systems in our bodies. But our soil is greatly depleted from magnesium, so even if you are eating foods that are supposed to be magnesium rich, you may not be getting enough. Health care researchers feel most of us are deficient in magnesium. Here is a link to some good info on what happens when we are deficient and what to do about it.

3 years ago

I have a sensitive digestive system, as well as needing lots of magnesium to stop restless legs and spasms and find magnesium cytrate too laxative although others may not. In her book, Dr Dean recommends Magnisium glycinate if you're sensitive and don't care to use the external magnesium oil.(which I sometimes do) Glycinate is more expensive but also better absorbed and you can take as much as you need. Only thing that prevents restless legs for me. And is essential in utilizing calcium!

3 years ago

Very informative, LeeAnn. Thanks for sharing.

enough magnesium
3 years ago

green tea has it all, i.e. magnesium too, but also:

" According to researchers at the University of Kansas, green tea's antioxidants (the main one called " EGCG " ), are 100 times more powerful than vitamin C..." ,

---figure that !

3 years ago

Did you know that if you take calcium,and eat it too, that it depleted your magnesium. It is true.
You need a careful balance of the two.If you eat dairy then do not take calcium as well..I take Mag. for cramping and have still had cramping.So tried not taking both and it works..Try it

3 years ago

INteresting link for magnesium LeeAnn.  It's something I would not normally think about.

The three ideas I brought out of the article was that processessed food are deficient in the mineral, modern farming methods cause depletion, and the Dr. Dean, if she had to choose a single supplement would choose magnesium.

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