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Index to Indian Recipes & Ingredients
13 years ago
| Recipes

In this Healthy Cooking group we have accumulated a wonderful collection of Indian recipes. 
Chefs from all over the world have flown these recipes in for our pleasure Our biggest contributors to these folders have been Karuna and Kamini from their Indian kitchens sharing a wide variety of regional dishes.   
Of course there have been many others: Charlene, Kirti, Angela, DeeDee, Gari, Marni, Julie, Leo & tips by Eli.

There are so many recipes that we now have 3 folders of recipes. To make it easier to find recipes in these folders, we have created an index for each folder.

The Delights of Indian Cuisine
Delights of Indian Cuisine #2
Delights of Indian Cuisine #3

Also, there are so many different names for many of the Indian Ingredients and so clarification would be good so Kirti has some information on this vast subject to post here as well. Kriti says: I will be posting a list of Indian Ingredients (condiments, seasonings, masalas, veges and fruits, et al) with their English equivalents (or closest ones) and hope that it will make your cooking a wee bit easier.

May we all enjoy the Delights of Indian Cooking.  Please feel free to give your reviews as they are important to the cooks.

The Delights of Indian Cuisine
13 years ago
The following recipes can be found in the above link and are in order of posting:
2. Punjabi green beans - Charlene
3. Mango sorbet - Charlene
4. Curry Powder – Diana
5. Rasam – Kamini
6. Lime Rasam – Kamini
7. CHAPATIS – Diana
8. Dal Shorba (consistency of thick soup/broth) – Kirti
9. Okra Subji - Kamini
10. Chicken Saag – DeeDee
11. YOGURT–  Diana
12. RAITA – Diana
13. Yoghurt – Kamini
15. PAPPADAMS – Diana, Kamini & DeeDee
16. Rotis/fulkas – Kamini
17. Stuffed parathas – Karuna
18. Onions and fenugreek paratha - Karuna
19. Fenugreek seeds and papad sabzi - Karuna
20. Parathas – Kamini
21. Samosas Angela
22. Samosas – Karuna
23. Samosas – Kamini
24. Coriander - Mint chutney – Kamini
25. Onion coconut Samosas – Kamini
26. Baba Ganuj and pepper dal – Karuna
27. Baba Ganuj – Crystal
28. Dum Aloo (Spicy Potatoes) – Karuna
29. Tea Masala – Gary
30. Kadhi – Karuna
31. Puran poli (Sweet stuffed chapatti) – Karuna
32. Chaas or buttermilk (under Jaggery and dals) – Karuna
33. Dahi wada (Curd based dish) – Karuna
34. Chutneys (Green Coriander, Date chutney) – Karuna
35. Dal Dhokli – Karuna
36. Eggplant Raita – Marni

Explanations: basic ones
13 years ago
The first of the posts:

Biryanis: an exquisite oven preparation with meats/vegetables, herbs and seasonings

(also curry): a spicy meat or vegetable preparation, usually with a little thick gravy

Kebabs/tikkas: meat and vegetables marinated and cooked in small pieces on a skewer in a tandoor

Dals: preparation made from a variety of grams (whole and shelled), lentils and pulses

Pulao: preparation made from fine Basmati rice, usually has vegetables pieces or (meat/chicken) cooked with it. Usually served accompanied by a Raita.


Tandoor: an oven made out of mud and heated by a slow charcoal fire
Masala: a combination of dry spices or wet ones like ginger, garlic, onion, chillies and/or tomato paste

13 years ago

  1. Saunf (moti) : Aniseed
  2. Bari elaichi: Black cardamoms
  3. Kali mirch: Black Pepper
  4. Laung: Cloves
  5. Shahi jeera: Caraway seeds
  6. Bhuna jeera: Roasted, ground cumin seeds
  7. Rai: mustard seeds
  8. Kalonji: Onion seeds
  9. Jaiphal: Nutmeg
  10. Javitri: Mace
  11. Jeera: Cumin seeds
  12. Dhaniya: Corriander
  13. Haldi: Turmeric
  14. Dalchini: Cinnamon
  15. Kasoori methi: Dry fenugreek
  16. Til: Sesame seeds
  17. Safed mirch: White Pepper
  18. Choti elaichi: Green cardamoms
  19. saunf: Fennel
  20. Sirka: Vinegar
  21. Pudina: Mint
  22. Lasun/lasan: Garlic
  23. Adrak: Ginger
  24. Anardana: pommegranate seeds (dried)
  25. Hing: Asafoetida
  26. Meethi neem ke patte: Curry leaves
  27. Gur: Jaggery
  28. Tej patta: Bay leaves
  29. Khus: Poppy seeds
  30. Amchoor: Dried Mango Powder
  31. Sondh: Dried Ginger powder
  32. Nariyal: Coconut
  33. Imli: Tamarind

13 years ago
Left hand side column Indian name, right English.

  1. Aloo/batata: Potato
  2. Bund Gobi: Cabbage
  3. Gajar: Carrots (the pink/red variety is preferred up north)   Hari saijan ki phalli: drumsticks
  4. Jimikand (suran): Yam
  5. Kadoo: Pumpkin (squash)
  6. Khira(kakdi): Cucumber
  7. Lauki, Dhoodhi: Squash Family
  8. Mooli: Radish
  9. Phool gobi: Cauliflower
  10. Pyaaj/Kaanda: Onion
  11. Tamatar: Tomato
  12. Fransi beans: French Beans
  13. Shimla mirch: Capsicum (green bell peppers)
  14. Pahari bund gobi: Purple/red cabbage
  15. Makkai (bhutta) Corn (maize)
  16. Kamal kakdi/bhey: Lotus stem
  17. Baingan: Brinjal/Aubergine
  18. Bhindi: Lady Finger/Okra
  19. Palak: Spinach
  20. Shalgam: Turnip                      
  21. Sarson:  Mustard Leaves
  22. Hara Pyaaz: Spring Onions
  23. Sem: Runner beans

Veges, herbs..spices
13 years ago
The lists posted above are not exhaustive.
There are veges that are regional, as such giving English equivalents is near impossible.

Spices vary as per region and cuisine, some are used alone, some blended toghether to form delicious mixes

Common fruits come up tomorrow!

Till then God Bless
Fruits 1
13 years ago
  1. Kela: Banana
  2. Aam: Mango (at least 50 major varieties)
  3. Amrood/peru: Guava (pink and white)
  4. Tarbooj/kalingar: Water melon (deep pink/red)
  5. Kharbooja: Melon (white)
  6. Phut: Honey melon (orange)
  7. Seb: Apple (at least 10 major varieties, ofcourse many more are hybrids)
  8. Angur: Grapes (green and purple)
  9. Sitaphal/Sharifa: Custard Apple
  10. Annanas: Pineapple
  11. Chikoo: Chikoo
  12. Aadhoo: Peach
  13. Khumani: Apricots
  14. Aamla: Indian Gooseberry
  15. Ber: Indian Berry (2 common variety, red/orange small, big and yellow)
  16. Karaunda: Currant (red sour)
  17. Santara: Orange
  18. Narangi: Mandarin/Chinese Orange
  19. Mosambi: SweetLime
Common Fruits 2
13 years ago
  1. Galgal/Chakotra: Gapefruit
  2. Papita: Papaya
  3. Nimbu: Lemon
  4. Ganna: Sugar Cane
  5. Bel: Indian Passion fruit
  6. Nashpaati: Pear (melt-in-mouth variety)
  7. Naakhe/Naakh: Another variety of pear-green not too soft or creamy
  8. Kaamrang: Star fruit
  9. Kadhal (Ripe): Jackfruit
  10. Shehtood: Indian Wild berry (purple, dot like clusters
  11. Anjir: Figs (in fruit form is greenish-purple in color)
  12. Singara/Singhara: Water Chestnut (purple-green thick skin with about 4 spines/thorns-heart shaped-creamish inside)
  13. Aamla: Indian Gooseberry
Dry Fruit (nuts and company)
13 years ago
  1. Badam: Almonds
  2. Kaju: Cashew nut
  3. Akhrot: Walnut
  4. Kishmish: Raisins
  5. Manakka/Sultanas: Big black raisins
  6. Khumanis: Dried apricot
  7. Anjir: Figs (dried is blackish-purple)
  8. Khajoor: Dates
  9. Moongphalli (in Mah/Guj (those from Baruch in Gujarat are famous): also known as Seeng/SeengDana): Groundnuts/peanut
  10. Pista: Pista
Apologies for delay in posting
13 years ago
Sorry folks for the absence of the posts for so long, will be back to posting once work pressure eases up, kinda like burried under too much work at the moment what with it being Quarter/financial year ending and so on..

Till then...
God BLess All of U

Love, peace, happiness, joy, and togetherness!

13 years ago
I find this incredibly helpful!!!!
13 years ago

I am really happy that you find it "incredibly helpful"     

Thank you, it was with that intent in mind that the index was created. Just saw your post in between test and certs...will be posting more soon,

if you have any queries, pls feel free to ask, there are a number of people comfortable and knowledgeable abt Indn cuisine who can help you out, Karuna and Kamini and Diana are always there!
Well done Kirti!!!!
13 years ago

It is so good to have this here.  I still have Delights of Indian Cuisine #2 & #3 to make an index for. They are coming just haven't had much time.  If anyone else feels inspired please fell free to do it.

Kirti, I see that there is something that needs to be corrected.  Would you like to repost that one on the flours and I will delete the other one?  What do you think?

You deserve more then the one star I sent!!!!


13 years ago
ok...kirti...matter of fact i have an exhaustive list of about 170 or so ingredients with their equivalent names in tamil, hindi, english, gujarati, marathi, kannada, telugu, bengali and mebbe a couple of other languages...will not post all of will take me too much time...but will post the english/hindi(or other vernacular) equivalents soon. it is quite a project.
Flours (corrected)
13 years ago
  1. Besan:Gram flour
  2. Aata: Wheat flour (whole) used for chapattis, puris
  3. Makkai ka aata:Maize flour (not to be confused with the refined version of corn flour, that is used as a thickening agent for soups and icecreams)
  4. Jowar and Bajra: Classified as millets (notably used in Rajasthan, and traditional Maharastrian cuisine)
  5. Maida: (also Self raising flour) refined flour (used for cakes and the like, for bhaturas, luchis (small puri like-made in bengali home typically seved with sweet bengal gram) samosas, naan (tandoor baked bread), etc
  6. Sooji/rawa:Semolina
  7. Rice Flour: (different variety of rice are used) used for idlis & dosais

Diana, here you go...*Smile* many many thanks for the stars!

13 years ago

So finally here is the Index of recipes in Delights of Indian Cuisine #2

1. Dhokla – Karuna
2. Chicken Curry Stir-Fry - Julie
3. Chicken Biryani - Gari
4. White dhokla and idli- Karuna
5. Masala bhath - Karuna
6. Idlis – Kamini
7. RICE DOSA - Karuna
8. Poori - Julie
9. Chollah - Karuna
10. Spinach rice - Karuna
11. Indian-Spiced Fish/cucumber Relish - Gari
12. Bisibelebhath (delicious mixture of dal rice) – Karuna
13. Mint Raita - Gari
14. Muthias - Karuna
15. Stuffed Mushroom/cashewnut & paneer filling- Karuna
16. Pao or Pav bhaji - Karuna
17. Making Paneer at home - Kirti
18. Paneer and Green Peas  - Kirti
19. Sarson ka saag - Kirti
20. Masala Dal / Spicy Lentils – Karuna
21. Gobhi Masala (Cauliflower exotica) – Karuna
22. Onion fritters – Karuna
23. Okra with curds – Karuna
24. Peas in cream – Karuna
25. Khichdi – Karuna

The above from: Delights of Indian Cuisine #2

Now all that is left to index is Delights of Indian Cusine #3

nice idea.
13 years ago

Lovely ideas both the index and the gloossary.

Congratulations both for such painstaking work.

11 years ago

I was having some difficulty ... and I found this to be very helpful ... 

11 years ago

We have a wealth of wonderful Indian Recipes here in this group  

I have been cooking Indian meals at least a few times a week and thank the members here for inspiring me.

I wonder if you are all aware of where they all are. 

Indian recipes in our Healthy Cooking here are the links: 

The Delights of Indian Cusine

Delights of Indian Cuisine #2

Delights of Indian Cuisine # 3

Desserts - mainly Indian

2 years ago

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2 years ago

Yumm thanks! I love Indian food