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Thank you for the information Diana.

Scary Facts About Food Security & Climate Change + Infographics

Scary Facts About Food Security & Climate Change + Infographics

What are we doing to help our world food situation?


Something is wrong when almost 1 billion people in the world are undernourished and more than 1.4 billion adults are overweight!


We waste 1/3 of all our food; our food system has gone terribly wrong.


It is even more frightening when I realize the world’s need for food is rapidly increasing while climate change is endangering food production.


I am not an economist advising world leaders on policy.


I am a consumer and advocate, all I can do is control my own little world and encourage others to do the same.


These are the steps I take to insure my own food safety and those of our children. Do you practice any other food safety steps?  Before reading on, check out the infographic below for some startling facts about food production and what that means for us globally.

1.  I don’t eat any junk or processed food in packages.

Related: Are Food Cravings & Addictions Ruling You?The tremendous amount of packaging that comes with these foods is filling garbage landfills and creating methane gas, one of the most 

powerful greenhouse gasses.


2.  I grow or pick my own food in season and buy locally whenever possible.

Much of the food we import for our grocery stores comes from countries where..

Read more: 

I don't generally shop at WalMart anyway...and don't shop on Black Friday anywhere. I admit before I retired I did take advantage of the great deals offered to teachers for bulk purchases of basic school supplies...50 notebooks or 50 packs of paper for 10cents each got me. I'll spread the word about this boycott. Thanks, Diana, for letting us know about it.


here is a link for the trailer to the new movie about GMO's.  It is called Genetic Roulette and I hope it will be shown far and wide to expose this GMO craziness!  Wanted to share in case anybody missed it.  I cant wait to see the full movie too.  Have a great, informed day, everybody.


Thanks Diana.  I signed this petition against the "poison apple".  More than ever we have to stay vigilant about these foods sneaking into our lives. 

Tell the USDA: Don't Trust the Makers of the GE Apple!

A Canadian company is asking the USDA to approve their GE apple that will not brown when exposed to oxygen. Can you join me in asking the USDA to reject this unnecessary and untested product, the latest in a long line of potentially unsafe GE foods?

We all know that if you slice an apple and let it sit out for a while, it starts to turn brown, but that doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, aside from a color change, brown apples are no different from their uncut counterparts, but now we have an overly high tech solution for a non-existent problem.

Join me in telling the USDA that apples that don't turn brown aren't welcome in your home.

These new genetically engineered apples are so ridiculous that even apple trade organizations and apple growers are opposed to them. They point out the fact that these non-browning apples might seem fresher than they actually are, which would be misleading to consumers.

We need to tell the USDA that consumers all over the country agree with the apple growers: we don't want to see GE apples i

Tell the USDA to Reject the GE Apple!

I have a right for safe food!


please take a look at this new petition: I have a right for safe food!

We are taking action for more transparency about food information. Help us help you!

Thanks from the heart,


Raise money to open our non-profit local food store! Enjoy a scenic ride through Toronto parks to The Living City Farm at Kortright, farmed by Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. Eat some great food, get a farm tour, visit the Kortright Centre.
E.P. Note: I might bike - not sure I can last the 30 km though ... so I will give it some thought. I will volunteer for the event for sure!

Henry M. Better lives for more children, families and communities. Together we can unite for children. Every child is important and you can change the live of a child for the better. Inside us all is something strong enough to change the world. To refresh those without water, to care for the sick, to give a child joy – one small act of goodwill. It’s inside us all. Can you find it in your heart? Please sponsor a child with NIRP-Uganda and stand with me as a NIRP-Uganda goodwill ambassador. Because in one child’s eyes, your goodwill will change the whole world. See the list of some of these children that need your help and support. See the link:

Ask World Leaders to deliver their promises to Haiti:
Help Hyperlocavore Yardsharing

Hi folks!

We need your help! is a yard sharing site helping people share space, tools, time, strength, knowledge and good times to build resilient neighborhoods in these tough times.

Can you pledge and help us reach our goal? Or maybe you can go to the site and share our request with your communities!

We launched - a free yard sharing community to help people become more resilient and healthy where they live as the economy started to tank. People really needed tools and help to become more secure in response to the economic downturn and it's immediate impact on their lives. The response has been huge! Yard sharing is taking off across the country. Our work has been central to the explosion of interest in "sharing" solutions.

We give people the tools and supports necessary for anyone with a net connection and the English language to start immediately. People from all over sign up every day. No overhead, no city planning commission meetings or approvals, simply find a few people in your area with our help, start communicating with your group and soon after start growing your own fresh food with friends, family members, neighbors or members of your faith community.

Anyone who has tried to get a spot in a community garden knows the wait lists can be years long. Community gardens are often destroyed when developers take new interest in the land after a community has rebuilt a dead space. Community gardens have had trouble accommodating the upsurge of people interested in creating resilience by growing their own food and often the plots are too small to substantially supplement a family's diet. People everywhere are becoming more concerned about the quality, safety and climate impact of their food choices yet for many of us eating organic food regularly is financially out of reach. We are about addressing this.

Yard sharing allows people to combine resources to bring down the cost of growing and eating fresh produce. It has been a criticism of the sustainable food movement that it does not connect with people who have trouble affording sustainably grown food. Yard sharing can help alter that disconnect. It has been estimated a family of four can save $2500.00 a year by growing their own but, many lack space, strength, skills, tools or time. Some of us have physical limitations which make it difficult to garden. Gathering in yard sharing groups can help in all of these circumstances.

People are also sharing fruits from trees, tools, seeds, cuttings and compost by creating neighborhood networks on Young urban/suburban farmers have also started to use the site to find a client base for their neighborhood yard farms. Locavore chefs are signing up to find their own back yard garden suppliers.

Yard sharing gardens have a substantial list of benefits for people, families and communities:

  • Yard sharing cuts down on greenhouse gases by limiting the travel time of fruit and vegetables to your table.
  • Yard sharing is a great way to connect with your family, friends and neighbors.
  • Yard sharing helps you eat more veggies.
  • Yard sharing can be a workable solution for people with physical limitations who want to eat better and more cheaply.
  • Yard sharing is an excellent way to teach children about food and biology.
  • Yard sharing is a great way to get cheaper produce to older people on a fixed income.
  • Yard sharing is a way to avoid pesticides and other chemicals on your food.
  • Yard sharing is a fun physical outdoor activity to share.
  • Yard sharing helps to create independent local food systems that are less sensitive to the price of oil.
  • Yard sharing is a way to revive communities hit hard by the downturn by creating ways for communities to interact in resilience building activities.
  • Growing things and breaking bread together breaks down the isolation of neighbors.
Yard sharing works for:
  • apartment dwellers
  • busy parents
  • older people
  • frugalistas
  • foodies
  • tree huggers
  • farmers lacking land
  • land holders lacking farmers
  • curious kids
  • people worried about climate change and peak oil
  • folks with a disability
If you would like to see my background and experience please visit my LinkedIn page Of course, if you have further questions please send me a message!

Here are a few interviews I've done.
Podcast Interview with hyperlocavore on Vox Civitas
Video interview with hyperlocavore on Twitter Road Trip
If you would like to read more please click on the kickstarter graphic above. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME and CONSIDERATION!

Liz McLellan

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Your Health. Your Choice. Your Right. - Canadian Campaign
Protect Your Right to Choose Safe & Effective Natural Health Products. Please complete the form required to send a printed postcard with a personal message to your MP.
Nourish America and CAN-DO Community Greenhouse

Hi everyone,

We at Nourish America have been working with CAN-DO, a partner organization, to build a community greenhouse at Crow Creek Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The tribe at Crow Creek has suffered from malnourishment and poverty for quite some time, and we're hoping that this greenhouse will help remedy both problems.

If you want to learn more, please visit our website at, and check out CAN-DO, too. Thanks so much!

This is an Avaaz announcement.

Let's fund the largest climate event ever

The vote's in!! 96% of us want to go all-out and beat the climate crisis with a giant 'global wake-up call' on September 21.

To make world leaders stand up and really listen, we need to know that together we have the resources to pull it off with thousands of events across the world. If together we can raise $150,000 (€100,000) by Monday, we'll be able to organise what could be the largest climate event ever with:

- an online world map and event registry that links all the September 21 climate events together;

- a global phone database so that thousands of us can flood leaders with calls demanding climate action in Copenhagen;

- experienced media professionals to get our message out, neutralizing the mighty coal and oil industries.

Join 5000 of us to donate even a small amount:

Donate Now!

Promote healthy food in schools!

Help ensure that the reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act assures healthy food choices in schools by signing this petition.
"We believe that federally funded nutrition programs should provide all children with the healthy food they deserve. This includes low fat and safe dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Schools should be soda and junk-food-free zones and serve food that complements and furthers parents' efforts to feed their children healthfully."

I signed this morning as I got the same email. This is worth supporting for our American friends...they deserve the same good care we get in Canada.

If enough of us sign, we'll cause a stir in US media and help change the debate:

Americans are hearing a constant barrage of propaganda that Canadian healthcare is a nightmare. Canadian healthcare isn't perfect -- but it works far better than the US system.

Dear friends,

Obama's movement for change in the US is collapsing -- in large part because of lies about the Canadian healthcare system!

It's incredible, but Obama's health plan, and with it his entire Presidency, could be derailed because big corporations and the radical right manage to convince Americans that our health system is a nightmare similar to "Soviet Russia".

We need a huge popular outcry to show the truth -- how proud and grateful we are in Canada to have a public healthcare system that works. Sign on to the message to America and forward this email -- if enough of us sign, we'll cause a stir in US media and help change the debate:


US healthcare is run by large corporations - it's the most expensive in the world, but ranks 37th in quality, and 40 million Americans can't afford any care at all. It's an awful system for people, but corporations make enormous profits, so they're fighting to keep it. If they win and Obama fails, the Democrats could lose the Congress in elections next year. If this happens, progress on every global issue is endangered, from climate change to the war in Iraq.

We have no time to lose. Industry lobbyists are ramping up their smear campaigns right now to make sure the Obama plan is dead on arrival when Congress meets in September. Americans are hearing a constant barrage of propaganda that Canadian healthcare is a nightmare. Let's say it ain't so below:

Canadian healthcare isn't perfect -- but it works far better than the US system. Let's stand up to the lies, and help save Obama's movement for change with the truth about Canada's healthcare system.

With hope,

Ricken, Brett, Benjamin, Alice, Graziela, Paula, Paul, Pascal and the whole Avaaz team.

Here's some links for more info:

Myths about the proposed health care reforms

How health care works in Canada

Extreme tactics of the conservative right

Canada's health care system under attack,0

Paul Krugman on health care

The extent of the health care lobby

Take Action to Stop GM Wheat - Dites Non Au Blé OGM! - Canada
Send your letter to the Minister of Agriculture today! Fill out the below form to send an instant email to Honourable Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. Feel free to edit the letter and add your own comments
have you ever seen horse meat at your local market?



"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing  because he could do only a little."

Thank You Canada

The majority of Canadians feel the costs of the commercial seal hunt, economic and otherwise, outweigh its meager benefits. It is time to transition Canadian sealers into sustainable, profitable industries. This is why I introduced Bill S-229, calling for an end to the commercial seal hunt while respecting treaty obligations and protecting the rights of Canada's Aboriginal People.


Full story:


Take Action before April 8, 2009! Canadian sugar company Lantic Inc. (Rogers Sugar and Lantic brands) is deciding right now to either accept or reject Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) sugar beet and stay GM-Free. Lantic Inc. is the only sugar company in Canada that processes sugar beet (grown in Alberta) and the GM sugar beet will only be planted if Lantic allow it. Lantic sugar is currently GM-Free. Will GM sugar beet be planted in Alberta this April?
This is an e-mail I recieved which relates to the Future of food below
Monsanto Bills being fast-tracked in US Congress...Will affect Organic Farming in the US and how much longer before Canada follows.
If these two bills pass (fast track), this will be the end of organic farming as we define it today. These bills are backed by Monsanto (who else?). And all in the name of food safety - preventing food-borne diseases by requiring that certain pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers be applied to all crops grown for food. The introductory statements that summarize these bills certainly sound as if the govt has our best interests at heart.

But how deceiving, as usual! These bills supposedly even require that people who grow veggies for their OWN USE must apply certain sprays! I don't see how they can enforce this last, but they CAN enforce the major and small organic growers throughout the country to use these sprays!

Please contact your US representative and senator to let them know how you feel about this move to take our food choices away from us, to benefit not us, but Monsanto and other business in the chemical industries.

When you contact these representatives and senators, remember to have the bill number handy, so they will know what you are referring to.

Flo Deems


The Future of Food

The Future of Food

It's not looking good......

Corporate America is hard at work- mostly off radar - to do what it did to the banking system to thefood system.   

How much of your own food do you produce?

Where would you go to get food if all the stores were closed?

A surprisingly large number of people in the so-called "developed" world answer "zero" and "I don't know."

If you're depending on Corporate Amerika to make sure your food supply is safe, you may be making a fatal mistake.

Go Green!

"Go Green" is the one I would choose because of the facts and the name alone speakes primarily of it's solution. For others who do not know of this cause if you get that chance to take part or choose to take part in going towards a green way of doing things,so to say,the best way I feel to do this would be to strickly stick to the facts,I feel efforts concerning this cause is worth a better change in life. Giving up your "wants" can be worth a better world,in my opinion. But, I do have faith and my prayers will handle as I said before to some of my friends on this subject,prayers can take care of what I can't and that will help in taking care of me, so prayers and faith everyone, my choice, "Go Green"!

Yes Elena, sounds like a good project and I also do not qualify do to my age.

Diana. Hope it's ok to post this next one here: I thought it was an amazing idea and I'm sorry my age does not qualify me for it :

Dig In! Building a Workshop on Food Sovereignty
Announcement! Join us for our Workshop Development Retreat Nov 6-7 in Ottawa! Click here for information and to apply. Dig In! is a youth-led project

Direct link to webpage:

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Thank you Elena, I signed it.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (NOP) announced on August 5th that 15 of the 30 accredited organic certifiers they recently inspected failed the USDA audit and will have 12 months to make corrections or lose their accreditation

Found this interesting and a great idea:

not far from the tree ensures that Toronto’s fruit doesn’t go to waste. When fruit tree owners can’t harvest their bounty, we dispatch teams of volunteers to harvest it for them. One third goes to the fruit tree owners, another third goes to the volunteers for their labour, and the final third is distributed (by bicycle or cart) to community organizations in the neighbourhood who can make good use of the fresh fruit.

FreeRice "For each word you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program." llaci  send green star

Tibet's Crisis cause by Hindi IE UK EU SA AU NZ Narcotics Terrorism.


It would be more effective if we told China not to support Narcotics Royalty Shell Games of Conquest of Earth. Land Grabs of that time signaled Israel Palestine aggression & a return to 1raq.

All activity (in China) was directed by Anit Semetic Narcotics Terrorists of the European Union Organized with the use of Actors, Film Studios & with Mark Thatcher. It's no coincedence that the films of Tibet came before the Chinese took over Tibet.

Remember, the Russians took the Vatican relic after 2001? All events are linked because they were Organized by one group of People, Narcotics Terrorists.

Trade talks with China are unproductive because China belives it's going along with the Western Campaign for Dominance or the need for Westerners to pound their chest. China's economy can support itself, as it's doing. From Western Film, "the world is not enought",

China is meticulous when it comes to Business Contracts because it's only link to Democracy is with the written Business Contracts, so there's no reason to blame China for producing bad products when the United States Companies thet contract the bad products requested & did not specify non-hazzordous production of products. Chinese are very sensitive to intent.

Information here on Allged Crimes & Criminal Activity is also at

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Leaders wavering on Tibet

On Monday, thousands of people in 84 cities worldwide marched for justice for Tibet--and delivered the 1.5 million-signature Avaaz petition to Chinese embassies and consulates around the globe. (Click below for photos.) Avaaz staff have engaged with Chinese diplomats in New York and London, delivering the petition and urging action. And a growing chorus of world leaders is joining the call.

China is on the fence--indicating an openness to talks with the Dalai Lama, while at the same time pressuring other governments to support its continuing crackdown. Each day, more leaders declare their stance. It's time to redouble our efforts--click below to send a personal message to your head of state, urging support for dialogue with the Dalai Lama--and check out the photo gallery from Monday's day of action!

Together, we've built an unprecedented wave of global pressure. The Avaaz petition is one of the biggest and fastest-growing global online petitions on any topic in history; since it launched on March 18, it has been signed by 100,000 people per day--an average of more than 4,000 per hour, day and night.

Politicians understand that there is power in numbers. We need to show them that they have more to gain by listening to their own people--and heeding the cry for help from Tibet--than by giving China a pass in the lead-up to the Olympic Games. Take action now

We're privileged to be alive at a time when people anywhere can reach out and support people everywhere--instantly. If we have the power to make things better, we have a responsibility to act. Thanks for what you've done so far, for the people of Tibet and for a more humane world for all.

With hope,
Ben, Ricken, Graziela, Galit, Paul, Iain, Pascal, and the Avaaz team

Join a Global Day of Action for Tibet this Monday!
Dear friends,

In the last 7 days, over 1 million of us have signed a global petition supporting human rights and dialogue in Tibet --the fastest growing internet petition in history!

As China's leaders decide whether to respond to Tibetan grievances with increased repression or dialogue with the Dalai Lama, an International Day of Action has been declared for Monday, March 31st. In 4 days, thousands of people in cities across the world will march to Chinese embassies and consulates, and stack hundreds of boxes containing our petition outside them. 1 million signatures makes a mountain of boxes--it's a powerful way to deliver our message.

Help make this day a truly global show of support for Tibet--click on the link below to find out about rallies taking place near you or simply post a message of solidarity with the Tibetan people:

We have just 4 days left until the petition delivery, so we're redoubling our efforts to build the petition even larger - to 2 million signatures - in that time. Please encourage all your friends and family to sign the petition by forwarding them the link, below:

This is the most promising moment in decades to address the injustices of Tibet - but already the media is moving on to other stories. We need to seize this moment with a massive statement of global support this Monday--for the next four days, let's pull out all the stops for Tibet.

With hope,
the Avaaz team

Tibet: The pressure is rising

The global outcry over Tibet is rising fast - In just 5 days, 793,406 of us from 192 countries have come together to call for restraint and dialogue with the Dalai Lama. Even more amazing, we have told over 5 million of our friends about this important campaign - that's 1 million people per day!

A personal email from a friend is a powerful thing – it is helping to drive the global tide of concern. Let's push now to tell 5 million more friends, get over 1 million signatures this week, and deliver the largest global online petition in history to the Chinese government.  Just forward the email below to a few more friends and family with a personal note from you…

Dear friends,

After decades of repression, the Tibetan people are crying out to the world for change. The spotlight of the upcoming Olympic Games is now on China, and Tibetan Nobel peace prize winner the Dalai Lama is calling to end all riots and violence through restraint and dialogue--he urgently needs the support of the world's people.

China's hardliners are lashing out publicly at the Dalai Lama--but we're told that President Hu Jintao may believe dialogue is the best hope for stability in Tibet. China's leadership is right now considering a crucial choice between repression and dialogue that could determine Tibet's--and China's--future.

We can affect this historic choice – for President Hu, China's global reputation matters.  He needs to hear from us that the 'Made in China' brand and the upcoming Olympics in Beijing will succeed only if he chooses dialogue over the hardliners' repression. An avalanche of global people power is moving to get his attention. We're closing on our goal of 1 million signatures and the largest global online petition in history - click below to join the global outcry, and then forward this email to friends and family right away:

China's economy is dependent on "Made in China" exports that we all buy, and the government is keen to make the Olympics in Beijing this summer a celebration of a new and respected China. China is also a sprawling, diverse country with much brutality in its past, so it has good reasons to be concerned about stability -- some of Tibet's rioters killed innocent people. But President Hu must recognize that the greatest danger to Chinese stability and development today comes from hardliners who advocate escalating repression, not from those Tibetans seeking dialogue and reform.

We will deliver our petition directly to Chinese officials in New York, London and Beijing, but it we must reach our goal of 1 million signatures first. Please forward this email to your address book with a note explaining to your friends why this is important, or use our tell-a-friend tool to email your address book--it will come up after you sign.

The Tibetan people have suffered quietly for decades. It is finally their moment to speak--we must help them be heard.

With hope and respect,

Ricken, Pascal, Graziela, Iain, Paul, Galit, Milena, Ben and the whole Avaaz team

Here are some links with more information on the Tibetan protests and the Chinese response:

Crackdown in Tibet, but protests spreading:

Dalai Lama calling for dialogue and restraint, and an end to violence:

Leaders across Europe and Asia starting to back dialogue as the way forward:

Chinese Prime Minister attacks "Dalai clique", leaves door open for talks:

Protesters deliver cry for free Tibet March 21, 2008 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday called for China to show restraint in dealing with protesting Tibetans as almost 1,000 demonstrators marched to the Chinese Embassy from Parliament Hill to demand an end to violence. 

In a message delivered to the protesters through Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, the prime minister expressed Canada's concern about China's handling of the uprising in Tibet.

Harper joined the Dalai Lama in calling for non-violence and reconciliation in response to the rebellion in the Himalayan region.


"Canada calls upon China to fully respect human rights and peaceful protest," he said.   For the full story from the Edmonton Sun:

Act now to end the violence: Protesters deliver cry for free Tibet
Edmonton Sun,  Canada - 8 hours ago
Protesters have demanded the International Olympic Committee remove Tibet from the Olympic torch's relay route. Violence erupted in Tibet on March 10 after ...
Harper urges China to show 'restraint' in Tibet
Harper urges China to use 'restraint' in Tibet The Canadian Press
Canada's prime minister urges China to use restraint in Tibet International Herald Tribune
Globe and Mail -
all 39 news articles »

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48,480 new signatures in the last 10 hours.

361,608 have signed the petition in the last 48 hours. Help us get to 1,000,000

Support Tibet - Sign the Petition now!

After decades of repression, Tibetans are crying out to the world for change. China's leaders are right now making a crucial choice between escalating brutality or dialogue that could determine the future of Tibet, and China. The time has come for monumental change in the region.
We can affect this historic choice, but it will take an avalanche of global people power to get the government's attention. The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has called for restraint and dialogue: he needs the world's people to support him.
Be a participant in the process toward peace. Make your voice heard by signing our global petition to Chinese President Hu Jintao now:
Please also join our group for Tibet - "Stand with Tibet!"
In unity,
the Avaaz team - The World in Action

312,899 have signed the petition in the last 48 hours. Help us get to 1,000,000
Act now to end the violence:


Take the Pledge and Help Us Save a Million Gallons of Water a Year
Water conservation begins at home. Reduce the global demand on our precious water resources by taking the Water Conservation Pledge! Our goal is to save one million gallons a year. Count Yourself In!

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Don't burn food: biofuels standards now! Increased demand for biofuels is driving up food prices and accelerating climate change, as rainforests are destroyed to grow fuel. But with strong global sustainability standards, we can ensure that biofuels help, rather than hurt.

This weekend, the twenty biggest economies, responsible for more than 75% of the world's carbon emissions, will meet in Chiba, Japan to begin the climate change discussions leading up to the G8 summit this summer. Before the summit, let's send our leaders messages urging the adoption of global standards for biofuels.

Sending your message is easy. Enter your information below, and your leader will automatically be targeted in the form to the right. You can then either type your own message, or send our pre-written version. Either way, join a global cry for biofuel change--urge your leader for biofuels standards now
Sign the Emergency Petition
I never really undertand war. This does look very serious and I know that fighting is never the answer. The group that starts these petitions do what they say they will and do deliver and get results which is why I support them. 
Gaza Conflict - Ceasefire Now!

Israel and Gaza are on the brink of war. A ground assault has left many dead, and the rain of rockets only spreads. Israel is now considering a full-scale invasion of Gaza, which has never worked before. The only answer is a ceasefire deal, already suggested by Hamas and supported by 64% of Israelis and some senior cabinet ministers. With international help, this could make civilians on both sides safer.

Peace itself is at stake in the coming days, as are thousands of lives. But both sides know they are in a battle for global legitimacy, and international opinion matters. We need to raise a massive worldwide outcry for a Gaza ceasefire now - sign the emergency petition below, we will deliver it to senior Israeli and Palestinian leaders and in a billboard campaign.

We call for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal to stop the bloodshed and agree to an immediate ceasefire, and for the international community to engage constructively and help broker a fair deal for the safety of civilians on both sides.

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Thank you, Diana. I know ... scary!

Thank you Elena, yes we should know if our source of food is from cloned animals!

Imagine the FDA approving it.

Laura Lynn products sold at Ingles sell milk that have a label that reads "that the FDA has approved cloned milk....blah blah blah." Guess that tells me a lot about the milk she sells.
Demand Labels on Cloned Foods!

Health & Wellness  (tags: cloned foods, labeling, unethical, FDA, animals, nature, research, ethics, government, dishonesty, congress, politics, propaganda, suffering, diet, disease, health, nutrition, safety, risks )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 50 minutes ago -
With little data to go on, the FDA has decided that milk and meat from cloned animals and their offspring are safe to eat. This means that as of today, the livestock industry is free to ship these items to your supermarket with no labeling. Demand labels!
Menu for Hope
Menu for Hope is an annual fundraising event in support of the UN World Food Programme.  It's an online raffle with lots of great prizes and it's for a very worthy cause.  Last year, they raised almost $61,000!

Details and where to get your virtual raffle ticket(s) are at:

Dennis B.

Have you had enough of petitions, rallies, and protests that have not worked? 1:27 AM

I consider this a health related matter which concerns single payer universal health care.

Have you had enough of petitions, rallies, and protests that have not worked? The Republiklan party and their klanservative members appears insulated from the public and unresponsive to the public. However their contributors do not appear insulated from the public and can collapse under pressure to a withering telephone campaign threatening mass boycotts of their products until they get their friends at the GOP to do what we want.

Would you and your organization consider joining these telephone campaigns and spreading the word to your membership, and fellow progressive groups? I have created these campaigns to peacefully take back America.

Call GOP contributor and war contractor General Electric Corporation at 203 373 2211 and ask for the public relations department. Tell the person in public relations that you want the GE CEO to get Bush to end the war in Iraq and then Bush resign with Cheney and until that happens you will not buy any GE products and that you will tell your friends about this.

Call GOP contributor Rite Aid at 1-800-325-3737 and tell the person to get the CEO to get the GOP to enact HR 676 Single payer universal health care and repeal Medicare Part D and place the drug benefit in Medicare Part B covering 80% of drugs with no extra premiums, no extra deductibles, no means tests, no coverage gaps, and remove the means test for Medicare Part B and until that happens, you won't buy ANYTHING from Rite Aid.

Call GOP contributor Wendy's restaurants at 614 764-3553 and Tell the person in public relations that you want their CEO to get the GOP to help enact a $10/HR MIN. WAGE into law and until this happens you will not go to a Wendy's Restaurant.

I set up a progressives forum for progressives and liberals
only. Get as many progressives and liberals to join as you

I do not seek donations. You can use the board for free and no
I'm not telling you to stop using this board. Use both. 
 [ send green star]

Diana and Donna.

And ... Marion - had no idea either. Thank you for the information!

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Thank you Marion, for bringing awareness in me about fistula; I had no idea.

Thanks Elena, I signed...the world does not need to lose Alaska to such crazyness.

End Fistula

Please take a look at the following link:

If you can help or help to bring awareness to this affliction it would be greatly appreciated!

Every small effort made can help end the suffering in someone's precious life.

Thank you


Thanks, signed.
I just heard about an outrageous plan to develop one of the

world's most important ecosystems in Alaska's Arctic region. And

I took action immediately! Will you do the same?

The Bush Administration is trying to sacrifice the fragile

Teshekpuk Lake area to the oil industry. Nearly ninety percent

of Alaska's Petroleum Reserve is already open to oil and gas

leasing, but there are some places, like Teshekpuk Lake, that

are simply too valuable to sacrifice to the oil industry. Native

communities in Alaska, wildlife biologists, sportsmen's groups,

and environmental leaders oppose this plan, and so do I.


Here's the good news: there is something we can do to save

Teshekpuk. Click below to take effective, quick action, for


We are doing well; last night it seemed that 10,000 was so far away; now look what is happening.

14,707 have signed the letter, help us get to 15000

Urgent: Canada's Illegal Climate Plan!!!
Urgent: Canada's Illegal Climate Plan-Sept 20 Deadline!!!! Environment  (tags: conservation, pollution, environment, climate, greenhousegases, energy, destruction, weather, wildlife, world )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 4 minutes ago -
Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act legally requires the government to produce a plan that meets Canada's greenhouse gas emissions targets. Prime Minister Harper hasn’t even tried. We have just 24 hours to make our voice heard Please sign & send letter...
This is the biggest global climate petition, we need more signatures to win over waverers and save the next Kyoto Protocol. We're sending the petition to leaders and negotiators all round the world. We will be heard. Please add your name today!
Saving the Rainforest and Giving back at the same time.
This is not a petition just an FYI on a Great Cause to Support! First of all there is a company called Monavie that is helping to preserve the rainforest. Monavie is a nutritional supplement juice with a blend of 19 fruits and the acai berry is the main fruit. The people in the Amazon have been getting paid .50 cents for every heart of the palm they cut. When they do that, it kills the trees. Monavie is paying these people more by growing and harvesting the acai berry. By doing this it is helping to save the forest. Monavei also wanted to do something special and give back to the people of Brazil. They have created a non-profit project called the M.O.R.E. project. The M.O.R.E. project is helping the homeless children and single mothers and fathers. You may visit for more information. For each bottle of Monavie sold, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the M.O.R.E. project. I am trying to create a group for Monavie but have no idea what I am doing. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
 ANTHONY G. StarsButterflies 
Please Help Support a BAN on Primate Testing in Europe 

To: All European Citizens who care about Animals

This is a critical time. The European Commission (EC) is currently revising the law - known as Directive 86/609 - that governs animal experiments across Europe.

86/609 is a hugely powerful Directive that has power of life and death over millions of animals across the continent - setting out minimum standards for how and whether animals can be used in experiments.

A staggering ten million animals are used in outdated and wasteful experiments in European laboratories every year. The Directive is supposed to ensure “the protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes” but the huge numbers show that it’s just not doing that.

There is a real possibility that with enough support the EC will ban all primate tests as part of the revised law.

Written Declaration 40/2007 urges the European Parliament to use the revision process of Directive 86/609/EC as an opportunity to establish a timetable for replacing the use of all primates in scientific experiments with alternatives. The Declaration will fall on 7th September and the signatures of half the MEPs in the Parliament is needed by then.

If you care about animals visit the following website to urge them to sign Written Declaration 40/2007.

If you want to do more:-

Please write to the European Commission and ask them to ban primate tests. To help, a prepared letter can be found at

The address is:-
Mr. Stavros Dimas
Commissioner for Environment
European Commission
B-1049, Brussels, Belgium

Please tell all your friends and family to do the same.

For information on Alternatives to Animal Testing and why they work visit the Dr Hadwen Trust

For further information:-

Thank You
Tony, Nottingham, England  [ send green star]
Help Stop the Secret Deals for Increased Integration with the U.S. George Bush, Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon will be meeting behind closed doors in Montebello, Quebec, on August 20-21, 2007. Their agenda? To change...... visit site  
 Jo C. Jo has received 7 new, 19 total stars from Care2 membersJo has been awarded 46 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Toxic Products Tuesday, 7:32 PM

Please Sign My Petition To Stop Dangerous Cosmetics and personal care products.

And please past it on to any friends or family. This really does affect everyone.

"Meanwhile, mark your calendar: 7/7/07 will be the next step to save planet earth."


We are having success!!!!  See what I got this morning from the Avaaz team.

It's working. The G8 agreed to start global negotiations for a new climate change treaty this year. And by taking action together, we-- the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who created the biggest global climate petition in history-- helped make it happen. These global decisions are influenced by a thousand factors, but we know-- from meetings and conversations with key G8 figures-- that our voices were heard.

Now the real work begins: making sure that the treaty is strong enough to matter.

We have some spectacular plans in store. First up: on July 7, a global concert called Live Earth, focused on the climate crisis, will reach an estimated two billion people--a third of the world's population. And Al Gore, a key Live Earth organizer, wants to use this moment to propel the movement to a new level--by joining with Avaaz to organize Live Earth events around the world. Watch for an email next week with more details on how host an event.

(Know someone who might be interested? Remind them to sign the climate petition at and we'll let them know about the Live Earth parties.)

We knew stopping a climate catastrophe wouldn't be easy. We didn't know if progress was even possible. But look how far we've come already:

  • In February, we ran TV ads on three continents, and brought 100,000 climate signatures to a meeting of the G8 environment ministers. The chair waved our petition in the air, and vowed to make climate change the G8's top priority. Soon after, G8 President Angela Merkel followed through on the promise.
  • In the weeks before the G8 summit, as Germany lobbied other governments to support a strong climate deal, President Bush tried to block an agreement entirely. Avaaz members burst into action, pushing the petition to 375,000 signatures in ten days. We brought the petition to Germany's top G8 negotiator, chair of the talks, with a simple message: stand firm. He promised he would.
  • During the summit, we talked to top officials in the US, UK, France, and Brazil. We marched peacefully in Germany with banners in eight languages. And finally, last week, the news broke: the G8 had agreed to a UN-led, global process to reach a new climate change agreement.

    We didn't get everything we wanted from the summit--no binding emissions targets. But this is a turning point. Governments are finally starting to listen to their people. It's a part of the larger movement that Avaaz is helping to create-- on issues from Iraq to poverty to human rights-- to ensure that global decision-makers cannot ignore global public opinion.

    It's a movement made possible only by the internet, by a sense that our world stands or falls as one, and a shared belief that, together, we can create change.

    Now, we turn to the future. The word is spreading. Live Earth is approaching. We'll contact everyone who has signed the climate change petition about hosting a Live Earth event-- so if you know someone who might want to get involved, ask them to sign it now:

    Meanwhile, mark your calendar: 7/7/07 will be the next step to save planet earth.

    With hope,
    Ben, Paul, Galit, Graziela, Iain, Hannah and the whole Avaaz team

    PS: For the full story, check out our Blog

    This week, the leaders of the biggest polluting countries in the world are meeting in Germany at the G8+5 summit. Between them, their countries produce over 70% of global warming emissions. But while climate change is the top issue on their agenda, the Bush administration is trying to prevent any serious commitment to action.

    Your voice is needed now to tell world leaders to stand strong on climate change. Sign our petition to send a message that the world is calling for action to avert a climate catastrophe.

    Please sign the petition: member Ayla Kiran hand-delivers Avaaz's climate change petition to Dr. Bernd Pfaffenbach, Germany's top G8+5 negotiator. Background: Avaaz members peacefully march in Rostock, Germany before the G8+5 summit.

    Hunger is a real issue in this world.  It is such a paradox that our North American countires are filled with obesity when there is so much starvation all over the world. 

    I suggest that we all eat less for not only this day but every day and give some of the savings to a charity of our choice.

    Anyone else into doing this?

     Kactus K. Kactus has received 27 new, 30 total stars from Care2 membersKactus has been awarded 83 butterflies for taking action at Care2

    Hunger Awareness Day - - June 5, 2007!! 5:53 PM

    WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING??  [ send green star]

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    Europe to Test 100,000 Chemicals upon Millions of Animals 4:41 PM

    22 May 2007

    TO: All People Who Care

    I am a private individual posting this message to help Laboratory Animals.

    A new European Chemical Testing Policy called REACH has now been finalised by the European Union.

    Under these proposals Chemicals of every imaginable kind - from those used in industrial processes to the ingredients of consumer products - will be tested on millions of animals from mice to fish to dogs, causing untold suffering.

    Still worse, because of this reliance on outdated animal techniques, reliable and relevant information will not be provided and our safety will not be assured.

    This is URGENT because Testing is about to start.

    If you believe that REACH should make more use of Alternative Testing to test 100,000 Chemicals that have been in general use since before 1985 then please take action now.

    If you are a European citizen please contact your local papers and own MEP asking them to promote the development of humane non-animal test methods under the REACH legislation, which is the best hope we have for sparing animals the misery of a testing laboratory.

    For a sample letter visit the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) at
    (Select Campaigns, Chemical Testing, Get Active then Writing to the local press).

    For all Non-European members, you can still help. Please tell all your colleagues and friends in the UK and Europe about REACH. Write to your own local papers to try and inform others about what is going on in Europe.

    More information on REACH can be obtained from (search on REACH)

    Everyone can help and you can make a difference.

    Thank You

    Tony, Nottingham, England
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     Dana M. Dana has received 24 new, 41 total stars from Care2 membersDana has been awarded 21 butterflies for taking action at Care2 07/17/07 - 11:11 GMT Saturday, 10:51 AM

    Hope you all do not mind that I have taken the liberty of starting my own thread, but this is for something that is really important.  Please see the link below for information about a global meditation for one hour to heal the earth all across the planet.

    July 17th, 2007   [ send green star]

    G8 - Keep Your Word to the Poor!

    This Friday, the finance ministers of the world's richest countries meet to plan the G8 summit in Germany. Two years ago, they pledged to double aid to Africa--but despite their promises, aid from the G8 has actually gone down, and 20,000 children every day are still dying preventable deaths.

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu has signed on to a letter organised by Avaaz and our friends at the Global Call to Action Against Poverty. The letter will be featured in big ads in the Financial Times and German press on Friday morning, so that the finance ministers are reminded of their promises before they meet.

    Let's show how many of us want the rich world to keep its promises to the global poor!

    Sign the letter now!

    "I cannot say I'm convinced, but what I can say is that it's a very likely, very plausible hypothesis," said Soto, who did not participate in the new research. "More and more, cancer looks like an environmental disease."

    Twenty-nine of the chemicals are produced in volumes exceeding 1 million pounds annually in the United States.
    Seventy-three are present in consumer products or are food contaminants - 1,4-dioxane in shampoos, for example, or acrylamide in French fries. Thirty-five are common air pollutants, 25 are in workplaces where at least 5,000 women are employed, and 10 are food additives, according to the reports.

    There are probably many more than 216, the research team said, because only about 1,000 of the 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the United States have been tested on animals to see whether they induce cancerous tumors or mutate DNA. Such tests cost $2 million each.

    Because epidemiological studies are difficult to conduct and full of uncertainties, human data are "still relatively sparse," the researchers wrote. Only 152 studies worldwide have examined whether women exposed to contaminants are more likely to have breast cancer - compared with nearly 1,500 that have explored the links between diet and the disease - and most of the 216 carcinogens were not included.

    "Despite this large remaining gap, research in the last five years has strengthened the human evidence that environmental pollutants play a role in breast cancer risk," the researchers wrote. They said the existing studies suggested "substantial public health impact."

    Human evidence is particularly strong for PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls - compounds widely used in the 1940s to late 1970s that still contaminate fish and other foods - and for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, found in diesel and gasoline exhaust.

    Solvents in dry cleaning, aircraft maintenance and other jobs also may increase breast cancer risk.

    Some of the chemicals named as breast carcinogens already are regulated to protect public health, but some, particularly those in consumer products, are not.

    The scientists conducted the review hoping to lay the groundwork for new human studies, as well as to persuade regulators to use existing animal data to strengthen regulations and require more testing of chemicals.

    "Animal models are the primary means of understanding and anticipating effects of chemicals in humans," they wrote. "All known human carcinogens … are also carcinogenic in animals."

    Emerging evidence suggests that the roots of breast cancer are in infancy or the womb. More animal and human research should focus on such early exposure, said Patricia Hunt, a Washington State University School of Molecular Biosciences professor.

    But Hunt and Soto urged society not to wait for scientific proof to reduce exposure to the chemicals.

    "When you look at their list of chemicals, we are exposed to all of it," Soto said. "We know humans are exposed to mixtures, and studying mixtures is very difficult. We will never have the whole picture, and it will take many, many years to collect epidemiological evidence, so we should take some preventive measures now."

    Although virtually all women are exposed to the chemicals, some may be more susceptible because of differing metabolism or ability to repair DNA.

    Experts have long suspected diet plays a role. But the new research found "no association that is consistent, strong and statistically significant" for any particular foods raising or reducing breast cancer risk. There is substantial evidence, however, that regularly consuming alcohol, being obese and being sedentary increase risk.

    About 178,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year in the United States.

    The reports are at .

    In my opinion, based on what I have encountered

    Common Chemicals Linkes to Breast Cancer - #1 Killer of American Women in 40s
    Common Chemicals are Linked to Breast Cancer - Of the 216 compounds, many in the air, food or everyday items. 

    y Maria Cone

    More than 200 chemicals - many found in urban air and everyday consumer products - cause breast cancer in animal tests, according to a compilation of scientific reports published today.

    Writing in a publication of the American Cancer Society, researchers concluded that reducing exposure to the compounds could prevent many women from developing the disease.

    The research team from five institutions analyzed a growing body of evidence linking environmental contaminants to breast cancer, the leading killer of U.S. women in their late 30s to early 50s.

    Experts say that family history and genes are responsible for a small percentage of breast cancer cases but that environmental or lifestyle factors such as diet are probably involved in the vast majority.

    "Overall, exposure to mammary gland carcinogens is widespread," the researchers wrote in a special supplement to the journal Cancer. "These compounds are widely detected in human tissues and in environments, such as homes, where women spend time."

    The scientists said data were too incomplete to estimate how many breast cancer cases might be linked to chemical exposures.

    But because the disease is so common and the chemicals so widespread, "the public health impacts of reducing exposures would be profound even if the true relative risks are modest," they wrote. "If even a small percentage is due to preventable environmental factors, modifying these factors would spare thousands of women."

    The three reports and a commentary were compiled by researchers from the Silent Spring Institute, a women's environmental health organization in Newton, Mass.; Harvard's Medical School and School of Public Health in Boston; the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y.; and USC's Keck School of Medicine. Silent Spring Institute Executive Director Julia Brody led the team.

    In response to the findings, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a breast cancer prevention group that funded the work, pledged an additional $5 million for developing research tools to root out environmental causes.

    Reviewing hundreds of existing studies and databases, the team produced what it called "the most comprehensive compilation to date of chemicals identified as mammary carcinogens." No new chemical testing was conducted for the reports.

    The researchers named 216 chemicals that induce breast tumors in animals. Of those, people are highly exposed to 97, including industrial solvents, pesticides, dyes, gasoline and diesel exhaust compounds, cosmetics ingredients, hormones, pharmaceuticals, radiation, and a chemical in chlorinated drinking water.

    "Almost all of the chemicals were mutagenic, and most caused tumors in multiple organs and species; these characteristics are generally thought to indicate likely carcinogenicity in humans, even at lower exposure levels," they reported.

    For many of the compounds, the federal government has not used animal breast cancer data when conducting human risk assessments, which are the first step toward regulating chemicals or in setting occupational standards to protect workers. Companies are not required to screen women who work with the chemicals for breast cancer.

    "Regulators have not paid much attention to potential mammary carcinogens," the researchers wrote.

    Toxicologists say that other mammals, such as rats and mice, often develop the same tumors as humans do, and that animal tests are efficient means of testing the effects of chemicals. Environmental regulators, however, often want conclusive human data before taking action.

    Animal studies generally use high doses of a substance to simulate a lifetime of exposure, and then the results are extrapolated to the lower levels that people are exposed to.

    Ana Soto, a Tufts University professor of cell biology who specializes in cellular origins of cancer and effects of hormone-disrupting contaminants, said there probably was a link between breast cancer and exposures to chemicals in the environment, particularly early in life.

    "I cannot say I'm convinced, but what I can say is that it's a very likely, very plausible hypothesis

    Slow down Patt, that is a very quick decision to make based on the fact that most of us did not even know about this. I certainly did not till just a few minutes ago....give us a chance.

    If you were to leave we would be short of one person to help bring awareness to such things.

    Suggestion: add this info about For Mother's Day, I Want an End to Breast Cancer to our new folder Mother's Day!

    And we love you!  You are my friend and that means a lot to me so do not consider leaving!!!!!! Ok?

    This post was modified from its original form on 11 May, 10:38

    16 mothers on Care2 think this is an important news aticle ...

    I am so disappointed ... that I will probably be leaving Care2 in the next week

    Goodbye everyone ...

    I am so sorry that you don't care enough.




    Thank you Jim, what a good idea!


    If you do any online shopping, please don't leave money on the table that could go to charities. I have deals with over 1500 merchants (Staples, Amazon, etc) to contribute to a basket of the best charities that serve the Arts, Animals, Education, Health, Humanity or the Planet.  Please go to and click the cause you want to support.  When you shop this way, each store has agreed to donate up to 25% to a basket of the best charities determined by an independent third party, Charity Navigator.  It won't cost you an extra dime, and in many cases you will save money using the exclusive coupons they offer. 

    Make these merchants step up to their responsibilities.   This is a concrete way to make the world a better place for us and generations to come. 

    Please let me know how you liked the shopping experience, and how I can improve this site to attract more people to shop with a conscience.  Please forward this to all your friends on Care2.  You can use the Referral Blaster on the site to let your non-Care2 friends know about this.  There is also a safe shortcut you can download that will sit on your desktop that will always take you directly to this marketplace.

    Let’s start to feel good about where we spend our money!

    United Nations Report / Switching to a Plant Based Diet Is Better for the Environment Than Driving a Hybrid Car 
    This is a well written, pro-vegetarian piece that responds to a United Nations report about the environmental impact of livestock. “ every scale from local to global,” the report found raising cattle for food to be among the top three significant . . .
    Delicious Peace / The Ugandan Coffee Rooted in Muslim, Jewish and Christian Cooperation, and the American Who Discovered It
    “She asked me a simple question,” he recalls, ‘Would you buy five sacks of Ugandan coffee?’ I rolled my eyes and thought, ‘Oh no, another Peace Corps worker who made some promises that she should not have made.’ I could hear the desperation in her voice.”
    Why should you adopt a VEGAN diet?

    Devastating video clips - please do not miss them

    Dr. Ben Kim's Natural Health Newsletter
    Thursday, March 1, 2007

    Dear reader,

    I have a favor to ask of you today. 

    A few hours ago, I watched a feature length
    documentary called "Earthlings," narrated by Joaquin

    I was overwhelmed and deeply saddened to view such
    gruesome footage - much of it caught by hidden cameras
    - that does so much more than words can to expose the
    unconscionable acts of cruelty that humanity regularly
    inflicts on our fellow living creatures.

    This is not about encouraging everyone to adopt a 100
    percent vegan diet.  This is about becoming clear on
    the impact that our daily choices have on the ways in
    which other living creatures are treated. 

    My request is this:  would you please view the clips
    found on the following page and share them with as
    many people as you know?

    I greatly appreciate you taking the time to consider
    my request.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ben Kim
    Box 20185, Barrie, ON L4M 6E9, CANADA

    psoriasis petition

    I have this disease please help....

    Judy C.
    Judy has received 32 new, 37 total stars from Care2 membersJudy has been awarded 446 butterflies for taking action at Care2
    Save the Children of Romania petition 7:27 PM



    Judy C.

     [ send green star]

    Here is a video sent to me by my ex-husband....he always was a very creative guy and caring about the earth. into your browser, you will be able to watch the first track of our 'CONCERT FOR INDIA'S ENVIRONMENT' video. Please share the link with your friends!


    Samaritan Peace Pledge

    I pledge God's peace
    under heavens and stars
    upon this earth underneath
    seeking salvation from afar.

    One Muslim and Jew
    both heard children cry
    since peace takes two
    so no more die.

    These Samaritans asked us
    pledging from their foundation
    for our children's trust
    fighting world abuse situations.

    You are all Janets
    causing ripples and waves
    affecting our whole planet
    to our children save.

    Join me fighting depravities
    Global Peace Film Festivals,
    a company sponsoring festivities
    as 501 Charity integral.

    This problem is big
    as profiteers from loss
    exploit ecology, defraud dig
    stealing tomorrow, children's cost.

    Know global investments offshore,
    and non-profit endowments onshore
    help fight slavery, war
    or scams hurting more.

    Consider we just surrender
    to pimps enslaving children
    cutting down our timber
    destroying Earth's fragile garden!

    I cannot pretend disease
    is an imaginary event
    nor ignore my unease
    as children cannot vent.

    I ask you friends
    volunteering for peace who
    profit from good Samaritans
    working tirelessly for you.

    The founder contributed $500,000
    leading where peace trods.
    Samaritans lets hold hands
    and walk with God.  


    Janet McCall


    Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari, Chairman of Board/Founder
    Nina Streich, Executive Director/Film Festival Developer
    Global Peace Film Festival, Inc.
    1000 Universal Studios Plaza, Orlando, Fl 32819  

    Until December 31st, Bristol - Myers is donating a dollar to AIDS research every time someone goes to their website and moves the match to the candle and lights it.

    You can only do it once, so please forward this link on.


     Oneworld U. Oneworld has received 7 new, 7 total stars from Care2 members

    Happy with what you eat? 

    In a world of plenty, why do nearly 1 billion people still go hungry? How do our choices of what to eat affect our communities, the environment, and workers halfway around the world? As so many of us sit down to holiday feasts this month, OneWorld's Perspectives magazine takes a closer look at the links between agriculture and poverty and assesses the impacts of
    growing trends to buy organic, local, and fairly traded products.

    Farm to Table - New Perspectives E-zine from

    send green star]

    How to Stuff a Stocking for a Soldier

    "Everbody can do something,” she said. But often, people don’t know what soldiers need. AT&T phone cards are high on the list, as are toiletries, DVDs and snacks, she said.

     Karen N. Karen has received 6 new, 46 total stars from Care2 membersKaren has been awarded 6 butterflies for taking action at Care2

    Using green companies to solve global problems 
    Please join my group.

    This group is to promote a global exposition and concert tour that intends through the sponsorship of innovative green companies to contribute 100% of ticket sales to global solutions.   [ send green star]

    Nathan has received 2 new, 380 total stars from Care2 membersNathan has been awarded 4 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Nathan B.
    Need Help Fighting global warming 10:15 PM

    I am an online entrepreneur and my activist partner and I are both
    members of  a community devoted to environmentally friendly living,
    and we need your help.

    We are putting together a website to help environmentally minded people like you to fight global warming

    Would you take a moment to give us your questions about
    global warming so we can make sure we address the issues
    that are of most importance to you and others who care about
    global warming?

    Just go here:

    We will take the questions you provide and use them to create
    audio interviews that draw a clear connection between daily life
    style choices and one's personal ability and power to fight
    global warming

    In exchange for you taking the time to give is your questions, we
    will give you a free copy of "One Change," a short 10 min. audio
    that shows you the "'One Change' you can make that is scientifically proven to fight global warming."

    Just go here to get your copy of "One Change" and send us
    your questions about fighting global warming:
    Thank you for your help!

    Nathan Brown   [ send green star]
    Don't you want Clean Water?

    EPA Clean Water Act petition

    What is in your drinking water?
    Help keep the good stuff and eliminate the bad stuff here.
    We need "to collectively change the world even though each induvidual, separately, makes a difference."-- paraphrased from speech by Huey Walker in Flashback with Dennis Hopper, Keifer Sutherland and Carole Kane.
    I thank you in advance for your cooperation,  the back button on the computer to feature your signature W/O donation) and hope to see you at my new page focusing on conservation, ecosystem preservation and the use of our natural resources WHILE replacing more than we consume.

    Details are on my site
    sharing the light,
    Erica Hidvegi
    enlightenment advisor

    Signed.....What a very sad story; nay your efforts be rewarded with results!
    Take Action, Stop Children Services & Family Court Abusing i

    Friends I like to inform you of the posting of my 2nd petition on the web. I respectfully ask all of you to join me in petitioning the House of Representatives to order an immediate inquiry on a National level, to investigate every State, Children Services Administrations.


    After careful consideration I thought that it would be selfish of me to only fight for my niece Geneva. There are so many horror stories out there, and many families don’t have a voice to represent them; or anyone standing in their corner just to say I care.


    I used my family story in this petition to alert our representatives throughout this great country of ours to show how ruthless this administration can be along with the family court institution. I for one am not please in the direction this country is heading; and if we truly want to preserve democracy in this country we must stand as one, and become one voice!


    We have criminal element that’s operating within our Government and we must all ask congress together to take action and overhaul both administrations. They are targeting innocent children and their mother’s and this type of practice is unethical and must cease to exist. Regardless of what social status that we are in life, we are all Gods’ children.


    We the people,

    Ask the United States Congress to probe into the vast corruption within our children services and Family Courts administration throughout this great country of ours. Click on the link below to sign this petition. Let’s rid ourselves of this social cancer that’s destroying our way of life.



    I thank you all for signing this petition: The kidnapping of Geneva Johnson.

    This particular petition is aim at NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I’m petitioning him to do his job to protect and serve. He refuses to investigate the crimes that I’ve reported, he refuse to even reply to the numerous letters that I had sent him through certified mail.


    Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the people has spoken, please investigate the crimes in your city and free my innocent 14 year old niece, whom your city had abuse horrifically.


    Please sign the petition below if you had not done so already-The kidnapping of Geneva Johnson.



    Thank you, all in advance for your consideration and your help. Please forward both of my petitions to everyone on your contact list. Let’s work together and become one voice. United we stand and divided we fall.



    Elena has received 93 new, 1179 total stars from Care2 membersElena has been awarded 408 butterflies for taking action at Care2Elena has 4 Golden Notes. Elena P.

    Calling Mother Earth 6:56 AM
    Hope it is OK to post this here!  

    Slow Food organizers schedule annual meeting and arrange fundraiser


    SLOW FOOD FUNDRAISER: Every two years, Slow Food organizes Terra Madre, a world meeting of food communities in Turin, Italy.

    This year the Terra Madre (Mother Earth) takes place from Oct. 26-30 and, from around the world, 5,000 small-enterprise food producers who grow, create, distribute and promote food in ways that respect the environment and protect the health of consumers will gather to discuss, share, learn, taste and appreciate. Some of these delegates will be from Toronto.

    To raise funds for delegates to attend Terra Madre, Slow Food Toronto is holding a summer-perfect fundraiser event at a very interesting site -- the Brick Works, a grouping heritage industrial buildings you may have noticed as you whizz by on the Don Valley Expressway close to the Bloor St. E. exit. The Brick Works are a project of Evergreen, a non-profit environmental organization, and part of the evening's fun is exploring the site, including having a sneak preview of the cultural centre being created there by Evergreen to show how nature makes our cities more livable .

    But the evening is not all serious stuff, it's fun and good, clean fair eats. The line-up of chefs is stellar and includes Jamie Kennedy, Michael Stadtlander and Anthony Walsh with top Ontario wines and beers and taste treats from SOMA Chocolate, Monforte Cheeses, Fun Guy Mushrooms, Forbes Fine Foods and more.

    For tickets at $75 per person, visit The Don Valley Brick Works is located off the Bayview Extension at 550 Bayview Ave. Call 416-596-1495.

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    Great Causes to Support!

    You know how I try to keep this group on topic and not a notice board....I really do not like to delete worthy cause but if I don't this group would be more of a notice board then a Healthy Cooking group. 

    What I see, is that we need a place for all the things we like to support and tell others about.  So here it is a folder for petitions etc about health subjects. 

    I am looking forward to this and will be a contributor my self.